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War Storm by Victoria Aveyard Book Summary

The #1 New York Times bestselling Red Queen series comes to a stunning conclusion in War Storm.


Mare Barrow learned this all too well when Cal’s betrayal nearly destroyed her. Now determined to protect her heart—and secure freedom for Reds and newbloods like her—Mare resolves to overthrow the kingdom of Norta once and for all . . . starting with the crown on Maven’s head.

But no battle is won alone, and before the Reds may rise as one, Mare must side with the boy who broke her heart in order to defeat the boy who almost broke her. Cal’s powerful Silver allies, alongside Mare and the Scarlet Guard, prove a formidable force. But Maven is driven by an obsession so deep, he will stop at nothing to have Mare as his own again, even if it means demolish everything—and everyone—in his path.

War is coming, and all Mare has fought for hangs in the balance. Will victory be enough to topple the Silver kingdoms? Or will the little lightning girl be forever silenced?

In the epic conclusion to Victoria Aveyard’s stunning series, Mare must embrace her fate and summon all her power . . . for all will be tested, but not all will survive.

Plus don't miss Realm Breaker! Irresistibly action-packed and full of lethal surprises, this stunning fantasy series from Victoria Aveyard, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Red Queen series, begins where hope is lost and asks: When the heroes have fallen, who will take up the sword?

War Storm (Victoria Aveyard) Book Reviews

Outstanding.This series swept me off my feet in a way that few books can anymore. The ending was fantastic as well. I would love nothing more than to thank the author for bringing my love of books back into focus for me with this incredible series..Score: 5/5

LovedLoved the whole series. I read them really quickly, it’s best to read in one sitting as much as you can, because it can get really confusing if you stop and start a lot. The ending was good, but of course the romantic in me really wish for a little more resolution between Mare and Cal. I also really wish more could’ve been done for Mavin, but I understand why the author chose to end it as she did..Score: 4/5

DisappointedLet me start by saying that I am still a fan of the series despite this final book. And if you have read the series up to this point, I would still encourage you to read it and finish the series. (But I would also encourage you to stop reading this review if you haven’t read the book yet, because spoilers lie ahead) All that being said, my issue with this book isn’t necessarily the ending itself (what happened to the characters, the war, etc.), but more with the way it was written. For example, we don’t even get to read through the entirety of the final battle because Mare (pretty conveniently, if you ask me) passes out from blood loss after killing Maven. Which, I think I would have been fine with if we had been shown it happen instead of told about it. For example, instead of Mare waking up in a bed and being told she almost died, it would have been better if we got to have the perspective flipped and saw Cal finishing off the war in the Square, only to find Mare’s nearly lifeless body next to his brother’s corpse. I think learning about it from his perspective (not to mention the cliffhanger from just having had mare’s perspective) would have been a million times more interesting. I could give lots of examples like this from the book, but the point is - I feel like this ending was rushed. We just get told a lot of information at the very end, all of which is vaguely hopeful, but not at all the concrete resolution I think we were all hoping for after reading over a thousand pages. I think it’s more disappointing because this is the end of the series. We will never have any true resolution to the characters. We’ll never know if Mare and Cal ended up together, if Norta was able to become a free republic like Montfort after all, or even if the Lakelands and Piedmont surrendered or if it was just a cease fire (This irks me the most - I think after reading A THOUSAND pages of this war story, we should at least end the series knowing for sure if Norta is safe for now or potentially on the brink of another attack! - I assume not because Mare is in Montfort in the ending, but the writing was so vague that who really knows?) All this to say, it was a great series, but it felt like the ending should have given us, the readers, more. Specifically for Mare. Considering the whole story truly revolves around her, I think we should have had a better ending for her (even if that ending was that she somehow had to die for Norta to be free - I really thought that’s what Jon meant all along with his, “you will rise and rise alone” spiel. Speaking of which, that was ALSO NEVER RESOLVED!) I just think this book had a lot of great moments and great potential, but it just fell flat in the end. All in all, I left the series disappointed..Score: 3/5

Absolutely awful :)The title says it all. But what can you expect out of Victoria Aveyard? Even just meh would be a huge step up for this horrible, overhyped series, but it was absolutely terrible. Don’t waste your time with this trashy series. If you’re looking for a good series to read, try the Lunar Chronicles, THG, or the Arc of a Scythe series. But don’t read this series. The author is horrible and her books equally so..Score: 1/5

War StormIt was a very good book with a lot of detail, and I thought that it was a very good ending to the series. Even though I would have preferred to have a fifth book. I hope that the new Book is a sequel to War Storm. Thank you for the amazing series Victoria Aveyard..Score: 5/5

Best Book EverPlease make more because i cant get enough of this author.Score: 5/5

MOVIE PLZ!!!!!!!!WILL THERE BE A MOVIE?!!!! If there is...... my reaction, “YEAAAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!!!!!!!” SO. PLZ. MAKE. A. MOVIE. Plzzzziepleasepleaasseeeee! BUT..... there it is, the but. BUT.... will Cal and Mare be happy together, or just be complicated for the rest of their lives?!!!??!!!!! Plz make at least a 5th book all about them and their “complicated” love. From your #1 fan🤩.Score: 5/5

War StormI LOVED this series but the ending was a little disappointing.Score: 4/5

Worst Ending EverI read all four books anticipating a great ending. How disappointing to read all these books to get a crappy ending. It left me feeling like the book was incomplete. Also, they made Mare look weak with her ability. She had a strong ability but always ended up hurt or in a dying situation. Why couldn’t she expand her ability like the others with electricity? I’m not sure I will read any more book written by Victoria. What a waste of money!.Score: 3/5

Grossly disappointedI pre-ordered this book with great excitement. I have finished reading it and it was truly painful to get through. I didn't think things could be worse than King's Cage when Mare was held prisoner for two-thirds of the book. I was definitely wrong. The author seemed to try too hard to be overly descriptive. I found myself nodding off several times. What a waste. To end a series with such a snooze fest is just disheartening. Not worth the money I spent nor the anticipated..Score: 1/5

War stormThis books was an epic way to end this series. This whole series is full of drama and action in a dystopian world. I would definitely recommend this book!.Score: 5/5

Disappointed, had higher expectationsIt’s just so sad to see a book series you love so much, end so badly. The plot wasn’t very interesting and at some parts I was snoozing off. Mare didn’t seem like herself in this book, no heroic moments, just timid ones. What’s worse is how we never know if Mare and Cal ever get their happily ever after. I mean after 4 books we still don’t know if they are together. I feel the author tried to make it way too realistic and political with meaning of what’s happening right know, that it just took over the whole book. There were barely any parts of the book where I was really in to it. Sometimes I had to leave the book and come back to it because of boredom. To be honest I expected more. I’m very disappointed. 😫😭😖😤.Score: 1/5

WowI fell in love with this series the moment I read the first book. I absolutely loved each character, I even have a place in my heart for Maven. His story was so tragic I couldn’t help but feel for him. The ending was a little anticlimactic though, but I’m so proud of how the characters grew. I literally love Mare. And I love how she’s not dependent on anyone, not even Cal..Score: 5/5

SO GOOD!!!I read Red Queen a few months after it first came out. Ten I had to wait for Glass Sword. Then wait some more for what I thought was going to be the last book, King's Cage. Then wait ANOTHER year for War Storm. And I finished it within a few days. And let me say- you readers will NOT be disappointed! The finale to this AMAZING story is shocking and nobody will see it coming. Victoria Aveyard has crafted this series with creativity, skill, imagination, and grace. I love this series so much and I hope everyone else loves it as much as I do..Score: 5/5

So disappointing.....Regret buying this book. The ending was awful and upsetting. I read all of the books for this series back to back. No pause! I wasted so much time. I won’t be reading any of this authors books. Truly disappointing..Score: 1/5

Hope there’s moreI think the ending could have been more explained, but the finale I get. The book is long but could have used more back stories because you really end up becoming invested in the cause. I do feel this could turn into more books so hopefully this won’t be the end. Maybe a movie!.Score: 5/5

War Storm Was A DrizzleThe plot kind of gave up in the end and most of the characters went downhill (Mare especially). I still can’t believe this was the last book because the finale was so unclear: There was no concrete resolution to the war or Mare and Cal’s relationship, no closure on certain deaths, and not even an explanation to where Silver powers came from. After 4 books! And to top it off, the author tried to make up for the rushed ending by pairing up every side character with a romantic partner, and it felt forced and unnecessary (like her brother with the park ranger on the last page). I used to love the series, but looking back after reading War Storm, Red Queen is overhyped and ultimately underwhelming (although the covers remain stunning)..Score: 2/5

Yaaaass!!It wrapped up the series perfectly! Nothing like waiting months and months for a book and it fill every expectation I had. Mare Barrow and Cal hit the mark once again. Amazing read. Kept me on my toes..Score: 5/5

The Perfect BookThis is just perfect. The ending shows just how strong Mare really is, not only her ability, but her will as well..Score: 5/5

DisappointedAre you kidding me.... I read all of the books when they practically first came out, and the series ends without a clear ending. So heartbroken for what could have been..Score: 2/5

JBah.Score: 5/5

HmmmLoved this series, felt like this whole book could have been summed up in a few chapters and put in the last book, dragged on.Score: 2/5

Disappointing EndingI started this series a few months ago finished the first 3 books in one week. I loved Mare and her rough heroine character, but she falls short in this book. She really wasn’t a presence unless Cal was involved (and even that was hard to read through as they basically didn’t acknowledge each other for majority of the book). I found myself skipping most of the battle scenes because the over descriptions made them confusing or hard to follow and absolutely hated the ending. Too many questions left unresolved and it felt messy/rushed - not what I expected given the lead up of the first 3 books. It was a great YA series and I had high hopes for War Storm, but am left unsatisfied to say the least..Score: 1/5

War Storm.....WTH?I couldn’t put this down throughout the series. However, the ending was extremely disappointing and made the entire series feel like a waste..Score: 3/5

A perfect ending to a great series...Mare Barrow, the Reds, the Silvers and the Royals of Norta are some of my all time favorite characters. I’ve loved each book and the writing is truly exceptional. I’ll miss the series but believe that this was the right ending at the right time. Thank you for such a beautiful story!.Score: 5/5

Great bookIt was a great book and I really liked it and would recommend the series to anyone but this book just didn’t have that thing that made me love the book enough to give it a 5 star..Score: 4/5

Amazing and disappointing at the same timeI enjoyed reading the book but the ending was somewhat predictable..... I didn’t got the satisfaction out of the ending, instead I got frustrated!.Score: 3/5

AWESOMEI started the Red Queen series about a month ago. After I read the first 3 books in four days. Took me two days to read War storm. Even though War Storm didn't end exactly how I wanted it to, it was an awesome ending to an amazing series. These books are so good and I highly recommend the read. Very sad the journey is done..Score: 5/5

Read Below!!The book was spectacular, as are the the previous ones. I spent months reading through these books and I truly felt like I was alongside Mare herself enduring it all. Especially in King’s Cage, when Mare had been stuck under Maven’s control for months. It truly took a toll on me as well, and I cried when I realized so much time had passed since she last saw everyone she loved. Gosh what a journey we have been on, and I cannot wait to continue with the movies that Victoria Aveyard makes in the future, hopefully. 😉 Wrapping this up, these four books were absolute spectacular, thrilling, and tremendously amazing, I have never ever read something so good, and I have read many books. Thank you Victoria Aveyard for putting me on this magical, unforgettable journey, may it never end. Also: was anyone else confused about how we never saw Maven’s body? We read that Mare killed him, but we never get full proof of it all. Kilorn even remarks to Mare in the last chapter that they don’t know where the body is, and it is never brought up again. Mare also says that she needs proof to know that Maven is actually dead, as she did with Elara’s body in the third book. We never get that proof. Hmmmm, just something to think a about...... -Lily K.Score: 5/5

Also Very DisappointedI can't believe how bad this book ended and how long it took to get to that bad ending. I loved the first three books, and could not put them down. I even re-read all three plus the two novelettes to have them fresh in my mind. The battle scenes are so drawn out, and the flipping alliances just get out of control. Also, if you have any homophobia, do not read it at all. I’m not, but the amount of homosexual material felt pushed and unnecessary. Eve and Elana is a beautiful story of love, but the rest just feel like political statements and are overdone, especially the ones tossed in at the end with Mare’s family..Score: 1/5

UghhhhhhhhThis book left so many questions unanswered I am dying rn. Like, there could be another book even bigger than this one answering all my questions. And I hated how in the last two books the chapters would just bounce to different characters! It was so annoying! No idc abt Evangeline, idc abt Cameron, and idc abt anyone that’s NOT Mare!im truly disappointed..Score: 3/5

In LoveI loved this book so much! I personally like how in the last two books we were given views from both sides of the war and how the chapters would end in cliffhangers so you would want to keep reading just to end with another cliffhanger! THRILLED with the results! Even when it ended it left me wanting more!.Score: 5/5

Amazing!Just what we’ve been waiting for. Does not disappoint..Score: 5/5

Unsatisfying endingI love the red queen series and all but this was pretty poorly written especially for an ending. it really felt like the book was just a filler which was really disappointing. is ___ (not gonna spoil) really dead? the reason i gave it 3 stars was because it wasn’t a completely bad book..Score: 3/5

I had higher expectations.The realistic emotions and relationships have developed into the best part of the series but the plot is where I felt the book fell short. The plot was a meandering stream where all the fight/war scenes lost their charm because of their uniformity. I kept expecting Mare to pick herself up by her bootstraps and assert herself as our heroine but I found that she faded into the background of the conflict except where Cal was concerned (and after all we don’t want to read about boring people but extraordinary people who change the world around them). The complexity of emotions was rich and made each character intriguing, especially as they’ve changed through the series, but overall I expected something more climatic..Score: 3/5

Absolutely WonderfulCurrently my heart is broken in two, but I would endure the pain many times more just to relive this story. I will admit, there were a few lulls, but considering all that was covered, it was understandable. The book is long, but it’s worth reading every page..Score: 5/5

Page turnerGood book! i couldn’t put it down! 💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉.Score: 4/5

Disappointing** This review will contain spoilers ** As many of you, I was so excited to read the final book of this series. However, once started, it went slower than I expected. I found myself getting sidetracked, not focused on the story, and ultimately bored. The ending was by far the most anti climactic ending I could have ever imagined. I wanted to read more details of Evangeline’s ending. I’d like to picture her and her brother and their spouses walking with a dark skinned Samos baby in tow. Or maybe Mare and Cal putting aside all this ridiculous unnecessary resentment and actually be happy. And be TOGETHER. But that’s not he case. I swear another book entirely could be written about the questions that have been left unanswered. I’m glad I read this on my phone, or I would have thrown my hard copy across the room..Score: 2/5

LOVE the series; ending was disappointingLet me begin by saying that I absolutely adore this series. With that being said, I felt that there was so much build-up throughout the story, and the ending was extremely rushed. Wonderful story with a rushed and disappointing ending..Score: 3/5

Loved the series, disappointed in this last bookThe first two books in this series I read in one weekend. This last one did not draw me in, and then left me hanging in the end. Extremely disappointing in how this wrapped up. So much potential and so much closure left incomplete..Score: 2/5

DissatisfiedIm very disappointed with the ending :(.Score: 5/5

WonderfulI’ve followed this series from the start. This book gave me the closure I wanted and I was completely fine with the way this turned out. I’m happy to be apart of Mare Molly Barrow’s journey, and I’m happy that I was here for the wonderful ending that I was given..Score: 5/5

Love it!I’ve always loved Mare’s story, but this is a series I will always cherish. The ending is the most satisfactory endings I have ever discovered. It is full of peace and satisfaction, something difficult to find in action books. While the story is heavy and dark, it ends beautifully. The author was genius in headswapping, I’m giving the reader to dive into Maven’s broken mind, or Cal’s lonely world, and I applaud such an amazing book..Score: 5/5

Rise red as the dawnThis book was AMAZING. It had such an amazing and heart felt ending. I am so sad I am finished with this series, yet so privileged to have read it..Score: 5/5

It was alright ...So honestly, i loved the book series so much. the ending was kindof poor and victoria aveyard should’ve answered more questions (like are mare and cal together? or what happened to norta? what about evangeline and montfort?) but it was in all an amazing book. i hope they make a movie soon omg.Score: 4/5

Amazing bookThis book left me wanting more after I turned the last page. The action is amazing, the romance is ever going and with a quick mouthed main character it’s by far the best series I’ve ever read!.Score: 5/5

CowsI absolutely love this series best book yet and I think we need more there is no way this can be the last book especially with that kind of ending we need more Victoria!!!.Score: 5/5

OBSESSEDIf she were to write 10 more to this series I would be first in line to buy them!.Score: 5/5

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!I have the hard back book and let me just say this while serious messed me up and I was all good and dandy till I hit a certain chapter were I guess it all began but I give props to the author because it was the first time I cried over a book multiple times I’m surprised I was able to go on after I finished it but the ending of the series messed me up even more I was a little disappointed but it made sense it gave a good message and I’m forever sad it’s over but I can still re read it tho :))).Score: 5/5

DisappointedI really loved the rest of the series and was excited to see how it ended, but it fell seriously flat. Spoilers Ahead I really struggled to read this throughout the different perspective changes. While it was at times useful to the story and interesting to see some of the internal thoughts of side characters, I found myself putting the book down when certain characters chapters would appear and it made it hard to continue on. The ending also felt so extremely rushed. We read so many pages leading up to this big war, only for it to end in the last few chapters of the book. We don’t even get to see how the war ends or how Cal reacted to finding Mare’s body with Maven dead. There’s so many untolds with this book. Do Cal and Mare find their way back to each other? Does Norta become a free republic? So, so many unanswered questions. It’s just frustrating to get this far into the series and have the last book fall so flat. All it would take is a less rushed ending, and this book would’ve been a million times better. I still love the rest of the series, even the rest of this book, but I just can’t believe this was how it ended..Score: 3/5

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