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Educated by Tara Westover Book Summary

#1 NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, AND BOSTON GLOBE BESTSELLER • One of the most acclaimed books of our time: an unforgettable memoir about a young woman who, kept out of school, leaves her survivalist family and goes on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University
“Extraordinary . . . an act of courage and self-invention.”—The New York Times
NAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW • ONE OF PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA’S FAVORITE BOOKS OF THE YEAR • BILL GATES’S HOLIDAY READING LIST • FINALIST: National Book Critics Circle’s Award In Autobiography and John Leonard Prize For Best First Book • PEN/Jean Stein Book Award • Los Angeles Times Book Prize
Born to survivalists in the mountains of Idaho, Tara Westover was seventeen the first time she set foot in a classroom. Her family was so isolated from mainstream society that there was no one to ensure the children received an education, and no one to intervene when one of Tara’s older brothers became violent. When another brother got himself into college, Tara decided to try a new kind of life. Her quest for knowledge transformed her, taking her over oceans and across continents, to Harvard and to Cambridge University. Only then would she wonder if she’d traveled too far, if there was still a way home.
“Beautiful and propulsive . . . Despite the singularity of [Westover’s] childhood, the questions her book poses are universal: How much of ourselves should we give to those we love? And how much must we betray them to grow up?”—Vogue

ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR: The Washington Post, O: The Oprah Magazine, Time, NPR, Good Morning America, San Francisco Chronicle, The Guardian, The Economist, Financial Times, Newsday, New York Post, theSkimm, Refinery29, Bloomberg, Self, Real Simple, Town & Country, Bustle, Paste, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, LibraryReads, Book Riot, Pamela Paul, KQED, New York Public Library

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Book Name Educated
Genre Biographies & Memoirs
Language English
E-Book Size 2.78 MB

Educated (Tara Westover) Book Reviews 2023

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Good read. I enjoyed it, it had its moments where I felt like it lagged a bit. But overall very powerful and inspiring.

I am shook!. Honestly, this is one of the best books I’ve read in years and I read avidly. Tara Westover tells her story in such a raw and beautiful way- I could not put the book down. If you are female, this should be required reading. Do yourself a solid and get Educated.

Enthralling. Beautifully written account of a brilliant mind which could easily have remained buried within the confines of self-righteousness and ignorance, as so many children unfortunately are. Tara is a true fighter and I loved to read her story.

...Every Unhappy Family is Unhappy in its Own Way. This exquisitely written book details some of the most harrowing and jaw dropping descriptions of abuse I have ever read. Children are sacrificed to be literally ground up by the machinery of death on the capricious whims of a man whose mental illness in no way absolves him for freely choosing to utilize his precious children like junkyard machine parts. Keeping them out of school for endless forced labor, he relishes tormenting torturing gaslighting and brainwashing them all. More baffling still is his wife, who gains power in her own right but doesn't exercise it to free her children from the hellscape created by she and her husband alone. Had this initially impressive woman made better choices early on, perhaps more of them would have broken free of the Cult of Dad. Mom's willful (and self-serving) obeisance and blindness to multiple tyrants under her own roof terrorizing her younger children is hard reading. As are the horrific mind games and manipulations rolling down to the next generation and perpetuating great sickness and "in the name of God" too. Her father and violent brother should be incarcerated. Numerous felonies are described as her brother gleefully and repeatedly threatens, rages, torments and viciously assaults her (and others), while almost to a person, still expecting complete adherence to the family first creed. And YET, so beautifully written are the thoughts and carefully examined reflections of this young woman who overcomes seemingly impossible odds to gather to herself true freedom and release. I hope she will offer us her exceptional talents again in any way that brings her joy and peace. May she continue to find comfort and strength in her chosen family. Her life-well-lived, thriving and unabashedly embracing herself in a great and healthy self-regard is what she unreservedly deserves and I wish it for her with all my being. I anticipate more to come as she continues on the way of healing.

OMG!. I LOVED everything about this book! I don’t even know what to say! ❤️❤️

Stunning!. This book was beyond amazing. I was gripped by every page. I want to scream to anyone and everyone I know to read this book. I loved it soooo much!!!! I will never get over it.

Great read. I devoured this book in 2 days, very well written!

A must read!. There is much to relate in this book if you have a parent that struggles with a severe mental illness. This book is brilliant and a must read!

Educated. Thought provoking!

Loved it. Took me to a different place-

Compelling Account of a Life!. This book was a quick read, full of personal accounts of the author’s life. She writes extremely well, stating both happy and sad moments that shaped who she has become. She has lived a lifetime in her few years on this planet; I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to learn about her. Excellent book!!

20 stars if I could give it. SO good!!!! I could not put it down!

Amazing. This is the most inspirational story I have read so far in my entire life and I am so grateful it is shared with the world. 10/10 this book is phenomenal in every way.

Awesome!. This is an awesome, eye-opening, educational book about one woman’s lifecycle from obedient daughter to a self-sufficient strong woman. I loved reading about her highs and lows and what she learned in school and about herself and her family along the way. Highly recommend.

Great Read. Excellent read for people that are not used to reading. Loved the story❤️

WOW. One of the best books I have ever read - so well written. This book is so knowledgeable and there is something everyone can take from it.

Eye opening. This incredible true story of a girls battle between family and questioning a restricted and abusive upbringing. Her struggle with the locality to the family she knows and what she believe is right is week written. I talk about this book all the time, it is an important book that I’ll list rates the danger of families who try to hide their children from childhood and education

Must Read.. Still one of my favorite books to date. Incredibly difficult to read at times, the level of detail left me thinking all day, sometimes good, most of the time in shock. Truly inspiring story! Highly, highly recommend.

A MUST READ, especially for SURVIVORS!. A heroic story of finding self through neglect, sexism, and generational domestic, religious, and narcissistic abuse*. A must read for survivors or anyone who needs some encouragement to break free. I encourage the author to include hotline information for domestic abuse, child protection services, YWCA, and any other agencies that apply at the end of each chapter that abuse was apparent so when victims read this book they have immediate information to reference for help, if it’s needed. *Narcissism and Narcissistic abuse is apparent in all forms of personality disorders, such as BPD. Learning about this form of abuse and getting specific counseling for it will help in your healing.

Educated. Years ago I worked with children who lived in a similar family dynamic. I felt then , and do now that they were bullied by a father who ruled with intimidation, anger and self righteousness. He pulled his kids out of public school to homeschool them when whispers of abuse began to surface. After reading this book, I wonder anew, if they or some of them-survived or if they became willing participants in a a false history that asserted the evil of public schools, doctors ,counselors, and the government. This book gave me hope that those bright intelligent kids found a way out to become what THEY wanted to become. I started this book in the morning and read into the early morning to finish it. A 5 star read.

A beautiful and painful read. A beautiful and painful read. I became infuriated by the negligence and ignorance and blind loyalty perfectly described by the author. I turned each page worried for the lives of her and her family..

Educated. Heartbreakingly beautiful. I could not put it down.

Fascinating and addicting. One of the most interesting book I’ve ever read.

Educated. Must read. Fascinating story that deserves to be heard. Thank you Tara.

Seed of Life. What a sad and remarkable story! The journey Tara travels is so full of pitfalls and traps, that she’s able to survive is a miracle! And not only survive, but achieve so much! Every wise woman or man will tell you that education is the seed of life. That strength and contribution come from forming and nurturing young minds. As an American, it amazes me, that even today, this opportunity isn’t available to all of our beautiful children. Movies like “Hidden Figures” and stories like this should convince all of us we need to do better for our future.

Good read!. An amazing story!! That was told very well and I enjoyed it!!!

4.5 - Slow beginning, but. I’ve had this book since the beginning of 2019, it’s now 2023. The beginning was slow, although, the story was good. It just was hard to get into. I’m glad I decided to try again because it was truly inspiring. I connected to the writer on many levels. I’m glad that she found people who helped her get to where she wanted to go, even though, she didn’t believe she was deserving of it. I’m a believer of education and this book reinforced my belief in it. Be patient, it’s a good read

Loved it. I loved everything about this book. The amount of self motivation this woman has is truly inspirational. This book is one of my favorites!

A must read. Enlightening!

Great story. Incredible story.

Magnificent. Never has a book touched me as this did. Please read this.

Beautiful, heartbreaking, empowering account of self realization. At times hard to read , but every word strikes a chord of joyful release that sits within as Westolver finds herself and learns to love her. Proof of the indomitable human spirit.

No way. I don’t think anyone realizes that there is no way in any world where this author could remember the little details and stuff that she talks about. So what, if that’s the case, I guess that means I’m reading a memoir of made up memories, huh.

Raw & Jawdropping. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Aspects of it I could relate to.

Amazing!. so raw and real. loved reading.

Incredible Story, but. I rarely am conflicted about a book but this one has surely been one of those. I can’t imagine growing up the way Tara did so it seems a bit absurd to have any opinion on the matter, but I will say this book has a lot of “fluff” and inner turmoil that is difficult to read. I found myself constantly shouting in my mind “enough already!!” with the self pity and conflicted emotions and refusal to move on from a very traumatic life that was giving her nothing and taking everything. Even though I was rooting for her I’m glad it ended when it did because I feel like if she returned one more time it would’ve been a “I give up” moment. Hope she’s doing well though.

Amazing. Probably the best book I ever read

Education. Inspirational! I could not have done.

Could NOT put it down. Love this book.. This book made me feel less alone. My childhood life seems less ridiculous because of this book. And i finally see my estranged family with a new lens of ‘perhaps mental illness played an unknown roll”- something I’ve never thought about any family member but myself. I was raised by radicals. And then they became religious in a cult. And the abuse of childhood is so confusing when it’s practiced by several members in your family, and also done in “love” or “godly” authority. To those who believe the author couldn’t possibly remember the details of such specific moments- many people have memories as detailed as these. I know mine are. And I also journaled through much of my life and read and re-read my memories to cement them into my brain. I never wanted to forget what my loved ones had done to me.

Tough. Hard to read for many reasons, also interesting and inspiring.

Very good book. Love the book.

A - F: Scale. Overall: Good. Long. Unique.

Didn’t expect to love this book. My 12th grade English teacher assigned this book for us to read and I wasn’t happy about it because I like to read at my own pace and from my favorite genres. At first it was a slow pace but the stories and the lessons throughout the book locked me in. It being nonfiction also sucked me in. After I finished reading I wanted to know more and more of the story. It made me wish it was a fictional story so I could add more to the ending or have more details of the aftermath. Definitely recommend reading and you should read this book with an unbiased open mind. This is her trauma and story from being apart of an extremist Mormon household. So if you feel like this doesn’t resonate with you as a Mormon or Christian be glad you had a better religious experience.

❤️❤️❤️. Made me cry. 5 years into my own similar journey and I can’t stop taking quotes from the ending. May whatever is up there bless Tara as long as she lives. In solidarity. I hope she writes another book

Beautiful. A page turner

More than a memoir. What begins as a memoir transcends into a spiritual and philosophical account, influencing the reader to question their own ideas and beliefs.

Parenting. This is a story of parenting: bad parenting. Tara Westover states it is not a story of Mormonism; it is. A balance of faith, ignorance, prejudice and fundamentalism on one side with science and knowledge on the other. When faith denies science you need to chose one. Of course, you can keep both concepts at the same time by sidestepping the facts. (I.e. Virgin birth. God can will Mary pregnant. Biology be damned.). Raised by wolves seems almost Montessori. I thank the author!

Great Book. An incredible read of a girls journey to become educated after being sheltered and raised only with her families point of view.

Fantastic!!. I read this book I’m less than 24 hours, I couldn’t put it down. During my almost 10 years of education that culminated with my PhD, I have read many, many books, papers, essays, journals, etc, Dr. Westover’s memoir is entrenched in my mind as any of the physics writings I have read. Thank you to Dr. Westover for sharing your story

Superb!. No one there was such fervor around this book it is wonderful!

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Summary of Educated by Tara Westover

The Educated book written by Tara Westover was published on 20 February 2018, Tuesday in the Biographies & Memoirs category. A total of 19,007 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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