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John Carreyrou

Bad Blood by John Carreyrou Book Summary

NATIONAL BESTSELLER • The gripping story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos—one of the biggest corporate frauds in history—a tale of ambition and hubris set amid the bold promises of Silicon Valley, rigorously reported by the prize-winning journalist. With a new Afterword covering her trial and sentencing, bringing the story to a close.

“Chilling ... Reads like a thriller ... Carreyrou tells [the Theranos story] virtually to perfection.” —The New York Times Book Review

In 2014, Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes was widely seen as the next Steve Jobs: a brilliant Stanford dropout whose startup “unicorn” promised to revolutionize the medical industry with its breakthrough device, which performed the whole range of laboratory tests from a single drop of blood. Backed by investors such as Larry Ellison and Tim Draper, Theranos sold shares in a fundraising round that valued the company at more than $9 billion, putting Holmes’s worth at an estimated $4.5 billion. There was just one problem: The technology didn’t work. Erroneous results put patients in danger, leading to misdiagnoses and unnecessary treatments. All the while, Holmes and her partner, Sunny Balwani, worked to silence anyone who voiced misgivings—from journalists to their own employees.

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Book Name Bad Blood
Genre Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Language English
E-Book Size 11.98 MB

Bad Blood (John Carreyrou) Book Reviews 2024

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A true page turner. A fascinating account of the rise and fall of a company with cutting edge technology that was too good to be true.

Great books. Couldn’t put it down for 3 whole days

Amazing! Seems fiction but trust me that every word on this book is real. Must read

Excellent. Reads like a thriller

"Thank You Carryrou". They may have chanted something else but millions who were somehow affected by this scandal and everyone who enjoyed this great book chants “Thank You Carryrou"

Excellent. This read was great despite the disappointing, selfish and downright illegal actions of Theranos and it’s founder. At times the story read like it was made up it was so unbelievable! The entire time I could only think Elizabeth Holmes was the world’s best salesperson. Good for the honest people out there bringing this story to light especially with the harassment, scare tactics and personal costs. It’s a shame Elizabeth’s desires and wishes were not reality. What a game changer had it been!

Interesting story, poor writing. For me, the most interesting part of this book by far is its main character. To do what she did at the age she did it is truly remarkable. The sheer audacity of it is mind-boggling. I wasn’t a fan of the author’s writing though. I thought at times he included irrelevant details about a person, at other times he put too much weight on his own perspective, and at other times put too much emphasis on what was basically hearsay.

How did it take so long?. Amazing account of deception. Who joins a “Board of Directors” and never bothers to find out whether the thing actually works or not? Supposedly smart and accomplished people. Excellent reporting and storytelling.

A Must Read. There is so much more information in this book that can’t be found anywhere else.

Merry www. W w

The title. The title is antidisestablishmentarianism and its android app is the antidisestablishmentarianism way to much antidisestablishmentarianism

Amazing story. Fantastic true story that reads like a novel

Gripping read. A wonderfully told true tale of megalomania and greed. The author did a great job in having the book read like a thriller. He’s also a great writer. I wish, though, there were more on Holmes’s psychology. While I appreciate Carreyou saying he’s not a psychologist, his consulting some experts on this sort of behavior would have strengthened what we readers take away from the immoral behavior of Holmes and company.

This is an important book to read. Big Thanks to John carreyrou, ex-theranos employees who helped him and his team in getting the truth out. This is an important book to read.

Bad Blood. Riveting from cover to cover. Outstanding investigative reporting that kept me enthralled and hungry for the next page. An easy read even though about such a lofty scientific premise. Absolutely loved it!!

Couldn’t put the book down. Excellent book on fraud and deception by Elizabeth Holmes, on the American public and big time investors. A 2 day read.

Fantastic read. The book is very well written. I started reading this on vacation and couldn’t put it down. I finished the book in 1.5 days.

Great!!!. Great. Couldn’t stop reading it. Let’s see how the movie turns out!!!

Bad Blood. Great read!

Awesome. I read this and I absolutely love it I totally recommend this

Excellent book.. Eye opening on the darker side of Silicon Valley.

Good. Good book.

Super book. I knew all the info about this story before reading the book and I still throughly enjoyed reading it!!

Gripping. As a longtime Silicon Valley viewer, and even participant in, the “reality distortion field,” I could not put this down. The tactics are familiar. But the ethical lines crossed here were stupefying and I commend the whistleblowers for sticking to their guns. The reputations of those who bullied and intimidated them I hope are forever tarnished. And a lesson for all: trust, but verify.

fact intensive book. What an amazing story, very intensive research based book. Well worth the read to be educated on the story. A bit of a slow read at times, it I believe this is necessary fo the overall story.

I couldn’t put this book down. I normally don’t write reviews, but I’m compelled to because this was such a gripping story as well as fantastic journalism. The book is a testament to the importance of scientific integrity, investigative journalism, and checks and balances.

Excellent. Excellent and inspiring in the way of upholding honesty and integrity. Also, fascinating and a touch terrifying in how far corps are allowed to go. Highly recommend.

A thriller. What a story. I’m strictly a biography reader but this was a real “true crime” book. Hard to put down. I devoured it in 4 days.

Thank you, John Carreyrou. Because of this book, I am now reading again. This book is amazing. The investigative effort uncovering fraud and deception sheds light on how to not perform under pressure and deadlines (Elizabeth Holmes should be permanently exiled from organizational leadership). Alternatively, John Carreyrou demonstrates how to ethically perform under pressure, quarterbacking a cross-functional effort that educates, entertains, and delights. Thank you very, very much. GBMV

Couldn’t put it down. Great book. I read every morning, but mainly newspaper and magazine articles. This book felt like a very large and great article. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop.

Bad Blood. Excellent research, interesting writing, great story.

Gripping, fascinating. Seriously could not put this book down for two straight days. While at times it can be a little confusing keeping straight all the various individuals at play in this sprawling real-life conspiracy, it is so satisfying to see how it all plays out. Genuinely shocking and TRUE story that I’d somehow never heard of...highly recommended if you’re a non-fiction or even a true crime seems like every detail is present in this account.

Superb writing!. This book had me on the edge of my seat, beginning to end. I couldn’t put it down. Carreyrou’s portrayal of Balwani made me abhor this stalwart bully . Elizabeth.... there was no room for sympathy, or even empathy, at the demise of her ‘dream’. How they used, abused and intimidated people is unimaginable. I only hope Carryrou does a sequel to this book to let us know what becomes of these two despicable crooks.

Professional fact finding. The experienced author knew when the company line wax disingenuous. He found others reputable sources to develop the truth. It was a page turner hat will keep you attention.

Bad Blood. Excellent read from beginning to end.

Great Read!!!!. Read this book in three days. It was hard to put down!!

Interesting Read!. Compelling read from start to finish!

Just Great!. This is the best book I’ve read in some time. I literally couldn’t put it down. Highly recommended!

Spell-binding. Wow- what a piece of investigative journalism.

Bloody fantastic. Bad Blood paints a vivid picture of the Theranos scam. It is an incredible story!

Amazing!. Captivating and very well written.

You Cannot put it down!. I read the book as if it's a fiction! I still cannot believe how silicone valley gives such fraudulent initiatives to thrive :(

The best I’ve read in a long while. Wow! Every letter was so captivating that I found it difficult to let go while I worked. Thank you carryrou.

Better than Fiction. Riveting page turner. Well-written and researched. Looking forward to the HBO documentary and the movie.

Bad Blood. The story of how an alluring and smart young narcissistic woman sociopath Elizabeth Holmes spun a personality cult around her concept of the ideal product that performed blood diagnostic medicine and how the rich and famous one by one fell to her allure to her spell by investing hundreds of millions of dollars on a company that never had a worthy technology capable of delivering on the wild and delusional dreams that were spun to them. No one with a serious medical or technical investing background ever performed any due diligence on the Compnay’s technology and secretly guarded product behind Theranos. If they had, this massive fraud would have been laid bare many years before the Wall Street Journal reporter in New York would have had to be the sleuth to slay the the lies that had by then snowballed into colossal proportions.

secrets and lies series. What is the name of the book where the girl gets stabbed to death bc the other girl didn’t like her dating her ex?

Bad blood is an amazing book. Reads like part spy thriller and espionage tale and it’s hard to believe it’s true- very sad so many patients and employees suffered and amazing so many supposedly smart business people were bamboozled. Too bad the non-believers’ warnings were ignored and praise to the whistleblowers- or who knows how far this farce would have gone. Carreyrou great author- describes medical terms do lay people can understand and structures book so that while a page turner and suspenseful - reader never gets lost. Bravo

Very good. Good

Chilling corporate scandal exposed in the most gripping fashion. One of the few books which I could not put down once I started reading. Five stars from me for the narrative, exposing the truth and the technical details.I picked this book as it stood as an intersection of a major corporate scandal exposed in a thrilling way. I started reading it and finished it in less than 6 days . The book highlights how important it is to stick to integrity, have the highest work ethics and be honest in everything which you do especially when you deal with patients and healthcare. Ian gibbons, Tyler Schultz and Alan Beam all stand as a testimony to do the right thing no matter in what situation you are in.John tried his best to provide both sides of the story which makes this book all the more grounded in reality

Greed indeed. Notable Politicians mention in this read.

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A Powerful Must-Read!!! Riveting!!!. A well-researched and chilling true story about power, abuse of power, and a cover up of epic proportions. An eye-opening account of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos’ quest to overtake the medical testing sector by “selling” a useless device as a revolutionary product. An absolutely riveting story on the scam of the century. My hat’s off to Carryrou on his integrity, persistence and fearless quest for the truth! This book is a must-read!!!

Great read even 4 years later. Couldn’t put it down.

Amazing 10/10. It took John is an amazing investigative writer. I could not put this book down. It took me 3 days to finish this book. That because I have a day job and housework to do. But every moment I have a chance to read the book I did. My hats off to all the courageous people that talk to John. You guys are heroes. 🙌 I can’t wait to see the movie 🎥 I just hope to be as good as this book. What a roller coaster ride this book is. I just hope Elizabeth Holmes and her boyfriend Sunny Balwani go to jail.

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Summary of Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

The Bad Blood book written by John Carreyrou was published on 21 May 2018, Monday in the Small Business & Entrepreneurship category. A total of 4,521 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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