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The Secret by Lexy Timms Book Summary

USA Today Bestselling Author, Lexy Timms, brings you a billionaire with a past he pretends didn't exist and a private life he doesn't want to share with anyone—except with one girl from his past that doesn't remember him.

The SECRET of happiness is FREEDOM. The secret of freedom is COURAGE.

The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past as better than what is was and the present worse than it actually is.

Billionaire CEO, SIMON DIESEL, owns one of the largest companies in the U.S. Little is known about him—he keeps his personal life out of the media despite their efforts to try to find out who the single, handsome billionaire is. He graduated out of Stanford with top honors, and while there invested in an online company that turned into a fortune. No one knows he was just a regular kid growing up and got into Stanford on a scholarship. He's determined to prove to himself that he can do it.

He never expected that the girl he lost his virginity to would show up in his office, looking for a job. He also never anticipated that she wouldn't remember him. Now he has to hire her, just to prove he's the same kid from high school—just a whole lot richer.

The Secret (Lexy Timms) Book Reviews

ReviewsI decided not to get it. Grammatical errors are a big turn off.Score: 2/5

OkBoring and predictable.Score: 1/5

OkThe book itself is ok. A few grammar and punctuation errors but other than that, the book was OK. Although the guy in the cover is absolutely hot🤤.Score: 4/5

Not her best workThis was certainly not one of Lexi’s best works. :(.Score: 2/5

Attention grabbing.The ending of this book had me like “😮😮”. Why must it end like that😂🤌🏾. But overall the book was very attention grabbing. I just wish it were longer, it was more like a novel to me. I do recommend reading if this is the type genre you like..Score: 4/5

BaloneyWhat a stupid way to end a book, I will not continue reading this series with such a bad ending to book one..Score: 1/5

UghPoorly written and a waste of time. Don’t bother..Score: 1/5

Bad endingHeather is a cry baby & liar. She wouldn’t know a good man even if you pay her. The ending was a huge disappointment..Score: 3/5

Love this author but this series was ehI think the story had the makings to be good but left me disappointed in the end. There were a lot of typos and sentence structure issues and at times I felt like the writing was just a little off. I received the first 3 books for free and then paid for the remaining..Score: 2/5

SecretsI need to stop reading your books. I love how you write your stories, but so tired of the harsh way you end each book. It doesn’t make me want to read the next one because it will end the same way. We read to get fulfillment, not get mad or upset over endings..Score: 3/5

OkThe book needed more content it was hard to stay focused on what I was reading..Score: 3/5

Horrible!!Thank goodness I didn’t pay for this book! Ugh!! The female main character, Heather, appears to have multiple personalities!! Oh Simon, stay away Simon!! Back and forth! Worse ending ever! Do not bother unless it’s a free download and then, you’ll be shaking your head when you finish it!!.Score: 1/5

Waste of a readSpent all day reading this book only to have it end very stupidly. I get wanting to have a series of books that lead into one another but this was pure trash. If the “secret” was that she was his childhood sweetheart this author needed to put a bit more effort into this book and captivated her audience..Score: 1/5

Disappointing EndingThe story wasn’t terrible but I won’t follow up in the series due to the ending. I can only predict the endings of the next 2 books will be equally as disappointing. Nobody likes to be angry with an ending of a romance novel..Score: 2/5

The SecretThis was a chapter. A book(story) has a beginning , middle an end, There was a story concept which was sort of gripping but it disintegrated into a definite non-end. Not a well edited book. Repetitive story line, ‘’QUOTH THE RAVEN’’ where this author is concerned!!!.Score: 1/5

SecretAwesome and stunning.Score: 3/5

Omg girl!This was a GREAT read! Took me longer to read this one than normal but I had a lot going on. Highly recommend this one!.Score: 5/5

Terrible EndingIt doesn’t make any sense!!.Score: 1/5

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK..... BUTI need to know what happens!!!! Heather slams the door in his face and it’s the end of the book?!?! You can’t do that to us! 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 please finish the story!!.Score: 5/5

The Secret = Lexy TimmsHot!!.Score: 5/5

No.I love reading. I have read thousands of books from beginning to end BUT I couldn’t been get through this one. It was choppy and the characters had no real depth. No info on the child or the reasoning for divorce or the breakup. Don’t waste your time..Score: 1/5

Two Stars off for a horrible endingThis book is well written and engaging ... BUT.... what would have been a 4-Star book was ruined by the last page in which the female lead makes an abrupt, unsatisfying, and out of character decision that robs the reader of the expected HEA (Happy Ever After) or HFN (Happy For Now) ending. When a romance author uses tried and true tropes to tell us a familiar story of romance, they owe us the happy ending. This author/editor team threw in a cheap, unsatisfying cliff-hanger to sell the next book in the series. That's how you turn a 4-Star book into a 2-Star book..Score: 2/5

SecretThe book was ok until the end. I am furious with the ending… how can you end a romance novel like that. Would a woman ever act like that after what was said in regards to the previous night. Psycho? Stalker? This is the second or third series that I’ve read from this author and realizing that I’m definitely not a fan. Will not be reading anymore of them..Score: 1/5

The effect of fateI think the main characters in the book don’t notice it but the narrative parts of the story relay it a lot and it’s easy to see in the past. It made me think of my current and future fate..Score: 3/5

Ends in a cliffhangerThe book was not bad, but it wasn’t amazing either. It was a good read, kept me entertained, finished it in about 3 hrs. Some of the reviews here say that it ws slow to start. I thought it was fine actually. I didn’t like that Heather, the main character, was giving the male lead, Simon, mixed signals. She was hot and then cold. Saying things were a mistake about 3 seperate times, and then she would be the one to give him hope again. The ending was the same thing. They have this experience that bonded them, and it ends by her being cold again. Sounds like steryotipcal “girl” drama. Overall it was good, but it does end in a cliffhaner..Score: 4/5

The SecretIt is a good book, but the end had me confused.Score: 5/5

UghLead female is a liar and incredibly immature and downright mean and rude. Nothing about this makes me want to purchase the rest of the story. The guy is so nice and does everything to help her and she won’t even communicate and slams doors in his face..Score: 2/5

The SecretFreaking stupid stupid stupid! Dumbest book! The ending was just bull crap! Made me hate the Author! Totally retarded! How and why do some people think they can write? If you can’t think of an ending don’t bother to write the story!.Score: 1/5

Fantastic start to a new seriesLexy has done it again! Another great series. Simon hires his high school sweetheart who says she doesn’t know who he is. He’s determined to prove her wrong. Their spark is undeniable!.Score: 5/5

Not a satisfying read!Worst ending ever. Nothing I hate more than reading something only to have it end so suddenly. Of course you need to purchase the next book to find out what happens and the next one, and so on..Score: 2/5

Okay...Plot is great. The style of writing is horrible or maybe just not my thing. Too many ups and real climax. At the end of the book there is a cliffhanger but I’ve read it so many times before in this book that I don’t care to read the rest of the series. I would not recommend reading this book. You will get annoyed easily..Score: 2/5

The SecretThe author needs a better editor.Score: 2/5

Good until the endingThe ending of this book was by far the WORST ending I’ve ever read. The book was lovely until the ending. I will not read another book in this series for fear of having to read a perfectly good book ruined by the last page. Would have given it 5 stars if the ending were better.Score: 2/5

Not that great.Meh..Score: 2/5

Author needs a friend who will be honest with herwritingThis is a meh book. Lots of frustrating ( and not in a realistic good way) parts. Looks like she forgets or confuses her characters. Hey Lexy, if you need an honest critique of any future projects hit me up... I may be able to save you from mediocre reviews..Score: 2/5

Not worth itGlad this book was free... the ending was a let down..Score: 1/5

Wow idkSo the story line was ok the drawn out inner monologue waisted a lot of space on the page to make it 800+ pages or so.... the over dramatic female character was too over done. A not so great cliffhanger but for a free book can’t complain too much....Score: 3/5

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The SecretTell the author the ending of this 1st series was a joke. She made the female character a compassionate and loving person and after her lover saves her son from a crazy ex-husband, she slams the door in her lovers/ bosses faces when he asks to talk about their relationship. Levi Timms endings in many of her books are out of character of their personality. It’s like she is trying to find a dynamic cliff hanger ending. But by doing this, I am not going to finish the series as it destroyed the love story and the females personality..Score: 3/5

SecretsJust awful!!!!.Score: 1/5

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It’s okIt’s a good book, a little too exhausted of the story line but a good read. The end is terrible though! Like she ran out of ideas to carry on. Shame really..Score: 4/5

I’llllloookGab Link.Score: 1/5

The billionaireBrilliant but the ending was a bit harsh..Score: 5/5

FlakeyWell the hero is one of the richest men in the world yet he comes across as pathetic, the story is flakey with massive holes and is very jumpy. Think the author got bored half way through as it starts to sound like a school girl is writing it and the heroine has split personality disorder!.Score: 1/5

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