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Elle Kennedy

The Risk by Elle Kennedy Book Summary

New York Times bestseller! A new standalone novel from international bestselling author Elle Kennedy! 

Everyone says I’m a bad girl. They’re only partly right—I don’t let fear rule me, and I certainly don’t care what people think. But I draw the line at sleeping with the enemy. As the daughter of Briar’s head hockey coach, I’d be vilified if I hooked up with a player from a rival team.

And that’s who Jake Connelly is. Harvard’s star forward is arrogant, annoying, and too attractive for his own good. But fate is cruel—I require his help to secure a much-coveted internship, and the sexy jerk isn’t making it easy for me.

I need Connelly to be my fake boyfriend.

For every fake date…he wants a real one.

Which means this bad girl is in big trouble. Nothing good can come from sneaking around with Jake Connelly. My father would kill me, my friends will revolt, and my post-college career is on the line. But while it’s getting harder and harder to resist Jake’s oozing sex appeal and cocky grin, I refuse to fall for him.

That’s the one risk I’m not willing to take.

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Book Name The Risk
Genre Contemporary
Language English
E-Book Size 2.43 MB

The Risk (Elle Kennedy) Book Reviews 2023

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love. i read the chase yesterday and i just had to read the risk so i bought it and i stayed up till 1am and i had to wake up at 6 ,was i late ? yes. but was it worth it? also yes.

INVESTED. OMG i fell in love.I was sooooo invested that when they went through that rough patch i got goosebumps and teared up.I loved both of the characters :D

One of the best. Loved this one!!!

So good. This was better than the Chase. Love Brenna and Jake and would love a second book on the rest of their story

Wow wow wow. Is was perfect!! It had everything you could ever want!!!!!

I wish I had more stars to give than just 5. I wish I had more stars to give than just five. How many ways are there to laugh? I could Google the answer, but instead, let me tell you just a few of the ways I engaged in LOLing my way through The Risk. I snickered, snorted, giggled, unlady-like gwafed, most likely brayed like a donkey, cackled, had bursts of uncontrollable bouts of laughter where I read and reread the same sentences over and over just so I could partake in tears-rolling-down-my-face laughing just to name a few. This book hit my funny bone in all the right spots and this is just the beginning of why I loved this book. Brenna and Jake are two formidable characters who are evenly matched. Their wit, carisma, self-confidence, really just about everything about their person is so likeable it's hard to find anything lacking about either one. It also makes for a great game of cat and mouse when you have two people so evenly matched in the witty brain game. Their chemistry is off the charts right from the get go. Even better, neither is ever offended from the sarcastic comments they throw at each other, which only amps up the tension between the two. Their story really begins with Jake asking Brenna to back off from seeing one of his players. However Brenna doesn't take directions from anyone. "She's bold and fierce, and those qualities combined with her beauty make her a force to be reckoned with."-Jake Their back and forth once Jack puts a kibosh on her booty call is a beautiful tango, but when Brenna, the unfathomable Brenna needs help landing an internship and her only ace in the hole is Jake, she does the one thing she never thought she'd do. She claims him as her boyfriend. Their fake relationship begins, however, their back and forth really began back when Jake began his meddling, but both are too proud to really own up to it. Jake Connelly attends Harvard, the enemy of Briar- currently -since they are close to competing for the championships in hockey. Brenna's father, Coach Jensen, coaches for Briar where Brenna also attends, so to say that Jake is the enemy is putting it mildly. Jake's focus has always been hockey, since he was five years old. As current captain of the hockey team he's looking out for his teammates, so when he confronts Brenna and asks her to leave one of his teammates alone it's all in the interest of his team winning this years championship. Hello, wave a red flag in front of a bull. Little did he know that Brenna would end up back in his life numerous times after that encounter. Little did he know that Brenna would become more than just a girl he knew of from Briar. Little did he know that Brenna would ask him for a favor that would change everything going forward in his life. "For some reason, the way Jake seems to get along with everyone rubs me the wrong way. It's hard to think of him as THE ENEMY when faced with evidence that he might be a decent guy."-Brenna The Risk not only is filled with lots of laughs, but it has lots of heart. There was a point I had to set my ipad down and wipe my eyes, so definitely be prepared for an emotional ride. Along with the tears of laughter and just plain tears, you'll have bouts of anger. Brenna meets with one of the most sexist (you read that right, sexist, not sexiest-vowels are extremely important here) person I think I've ever had the chance of reading or meeting and honestly I've worked with several in my lifetime. This character tips the scales mega-douchiness. This is one more reason why I love Brenna's character she is the bigger person., Be prepared through and hold on to whatever you are reading, because you are going to want to toss something. Brenna and Jake make it through lots of obstacles all while consorting with "the enemy", but at the end of the day is any of it realistic, can they really be more than just partners in crime? What they've had is fun, but could it ever be more than just helping each other out? The Risk checked off every box on any list I could possibly come up with. It is a fantastic read.

My Favorite Couple. I had so much anticipation for this book and I was not let down! I loved Brenna’s confidence in The Chase and she was no different in The Risk. Brenna knows who she is and doesn’t let anyone change that. Jake was the ultimate book boyfriend. Like Brenna, he was goal-oriented and went after what he wanted. Together, they were a perfect match! I loved the banter and angst between these two.

So good!!!. Read it in a day and a half it was so good

Hottie & Jakey. I loved meeting Brenna in The Chase and couldn't wait to read her story (and find out who is worthy of her heart). Though this is book 2 in the series and can be read as a standalone, I definitely recommend The Chase since that's where our hero and heroine are first introduced. Sparks were already flying between Brenna and Jake from the moment they meet and the witty banter continues in The Risk. Their back and forth was so delicious and I loved that they each gave as good as they got. Jake is not over the top alpha, but he's also not an overly sweet or coddling kind of guy. He's pretty selfish for the majority of the book, but I respected his dedication and drive to hockey and his future. Brenna is actually pretty similar in personality, which is why the relationship still worked for me. I would have loved even more hate/love between them and felt that the enemies to lovers vibe fizzled out a little too quickly, as did the fake relationship aspect of the story. Brenna's back story was much more emotional and poignant than I thought it would be and the storyline with her father (though a little prolonged) provided a lot of insight into her actions. The push and pull at the end wasn't too angsty, and I was glad that it resolved fairly quickly. I would have liked a little more groveling, but that's not Jakey's style. ;) Overall, I really liked Jake and Brenna, but I'm not sure I *loved* them. Catching up with Summer, Fitzy, Hunter, and Hollis was wonderful and fun, but it was the little nods and mentions of Garrett Graham (forever my favorite Off Campus guy) and Ryan Wesley (#Wesmie!) that left me with a dopey grin on my face. The storyline between Hollis and Rupi was good comic relief, but I will admit that Rupi was too over the top for me and began grating on my nerves. The entire storyline with Hazel also felt pretty unnecessary and was too cliche and predictable. I would have loved more about Nate Rhodes, especially some insight into his uncharacteristic reaction during the finals, and it seems like all signs are pointing to Hunter to be the focus of book 3 in the series. Elle Kennedy likes to surprise us though, so who knows where the series will go. I just know that I wish it didn't have to eventually end. *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book*

The best book. 💜

Chemistryi is hard to find and even harder to fight. I have been a huge fan since the ff-Campus series when the Deal came out, and was hooked by this hockey players! Usually, authors do not manage to keep the readers entertained after the second book, or hey do not manage to really differentiate the new characters from the formers, mostly you see them merge somehow, but Elle is not like that. Every single book is different, every single character is different, and stands on its own, and let me tell you, these two, these two were AMAZING! It was so funny to follow their banter, but also I loved their deepness. They were not shallow they were confident but had issues, but you know what I loved the most about it? Even though they had issues we did not know about it. Elle did not make the story to evolve around that, and we found out only towards the end, and even then the story was not fixated on it. She did not need the heart-wrenching drama to make her book sell, no, them tearing each others' throats and drooling after each other was enough to do the job! It was sexy, It was funny and I am once again mind blown. I loved that we saw Summer and Fitz, but I would have loved to see some of the OG characters, hopefully will come in the future books! I enjoyed Garret's singing praise, but please let's bring them home! Indeed it is! I loved these two and I LOVED LOVED LOVED Brooks' and Hunter's presence, cannot wait to read their book *hoping the next one is one of theirs*.

Love these 2!. I need more of Brenna and Jake. These 2 are my absolute favorites! Such a great book!

So fun and steamy!. I cannot get enough of Elle Kennedys writing. Seriously. I obsessed. I can’t recommend her work enough. If you liked the Off Campus series, sports/ hockey romance novels, and spicy content look no further! You’ll find everything you need here, from laugh out loud moments to heartbreaking real-life conflict that leaves you in tears.

keeps getting better. this whole interlaced story keeps getting better and better

I’m sorry Garrett. Jake Connelly STOLE my heart!. WooHoo! The Risk was freakin' amaaazing! I am so in LOVE with this book! Just as the author said it would be, it was one wild ride that I did not want to get off of! The storyline, the characters, the creative dialogue... all PERFECTION! This series is such a gem. There are so many wonderful characters that you fall in love with and want more from. Hunter, Mike, Nate, Brooks, Hazel... I want it all. More Briar U and definitely a Harvard spin off! I just can't get enough of this author's stories and her beloved characters. Though I have loved all the hockey players, no one has come close to how I feel about Garrett Graham until now. Jake Connelly stole my heart! The confident way he carries himself, his witty personality, and that wicked, wicked mouth. He is so incredibly sexy. He made me want to lick my Kindle! Brenna is a force to be reckoned with. She is strong, smart, and oozes sexuality. Brenna is the kind of girl that takes what she wants and doesn't apologize. The elusive, charismatic, team Captain didn't stand a chance against her! I loved the forbidden love story between Jake and Brenna. Their chemistry was off the charts. Gah, the angst! I devoured every minute of it! Their sarcastic banter and flirty relationship was fun and made my heart sing. The Risk had it all! It even had a bit of an emotional element to it that brought a tear or two to my eyes. It was so touching! *sigh* Elle Kennedy continues to be one of my most favorite authors. I can't wait for, The Play. I am dying to know who the hero and heroine will be. Eeeek! Counting down the days until October! ♥ Review by Lys

Loved it. Love their story, I think is your best one so far. And I know this one is a stand-alone book and the 3rd book is going to be similar story but of their friends, however I’d love to see book 2 this story.. I’d love to read about their love after he’s away and she’s finishing school.. great book though, wish I could give it more stars ..

:). Loved it ::))))))

*4.5 Stars* SO GOOD!. I loved this story! I love the fake dating trope! Add to that hockey, college, off-the-charts chemistry, and a dash of enemies-to-lovers, and this book was sure to be something I enjoyed! It was so much fun and I really enjoyed the little twists sprinkled throughout the book. They drew me into the story even more. I love sports and I know how rivalries go. They are brutal and sometimes unforgiving. Elle did a brilliant job at bringing this to life in this semi-forbidden romance. Jake was so perfect. He was sexy, confident, but could also be a sweetheart and make me swoon at all the right moments. Brenna was just as perfect. She’s confident, strong, and refuses to give up when everything is against her. Their chemistry was off the charts and they had a lot to work through. I loved every bit of their story. I absolutely can’t wait for the third book, The Play. Can it be October 7th right now please? If you haven’t read the first book in this series, The Chase, or the Off-Campus Series, do that now! They are so good and you’ll love the whole gang! Grateful to have received a complimentary ARC copy to honestly review.

unexpected. this book was good in its substance of very good detail.

Takes on the hard parts of life in a great way.. I can’t say enough great things about this book. The hard hitting life events, challenges of being a woman getting into a male dominated field, and the chemistry and romance. This book flowed very well, is written with excellent editing and writing. It truly has everything. I want to say more, but also don’t want to spoil it, so if you are debating reading this book or series, stop debating it and read them!

Soooo goood. Wouldn’t change a thing

Amaxinf. After reading each book, I think I can’t love the next one as much, but I do! I love the characters, hockey, and hottt people! Love these books, especially this one!

Wow. I absolutely enjoyed this one. I highly recommend. Brenna and Jake are my favorite characters in this series.

I always love going back to Briar. Elle Kennedy has totally done it again. I’m completely smitten with this charming story in the Briar U series. Real talk. Brenna is my favorite character in the whole Briar universe. She was funny, confident and a complete ball buster. Her dynamic and chemistry was fantastic with not only the hero in the story but every single character she was in a scene with. I love love love it when authors write heroines that can hold their own with an alpha, and Brenna is definitely that. This series has a string of some of my favorite book boyfriends of all time. Jake is right there with them. He was equally confident, sexy, and the perfect amount of alpha for me. I loved how he pursued Brenna. He admired her fire and attitude but didn’t let that side of her push him away. The chemistry between the two was soooo good. I could have read about these two forever. I can think of one thing I didn’t like about this story. It put a smile on my face long after i finished reading and I’m dying for the next book in the series. Kudos Elle.

Great read!. One of the best reads I have had in awhile ... very funny ... couldn’t put it down.

5 stars for this book!. I love this book than the first one ❤️. I want to know how they work out LDR! Please can you write part 2?

LOVE!!!. the bracelet… that’s all i have to say

I WANT A SECOND BOOK PLEASE. This book is honestly the best book ever to be written into this existence. I felt so many waves of emotions and feelings (some I never knew existed if that makes sense haha) but this book is honestly my favorite book ever. I’m crying knowing I have finished it! I hope there will be a second one looking out into their future and what happens because I think that’ll be the best ever!! Thank you so much for this wonderful book! It truly has helped and healed me in ways I needed the most!!

Great read. Great book,I loved all the characters!

Loved it. I really wish Ms. Kennedy could publish a book every month because her books are just awesome. They have everything, they are funny, emotional and addicting! I loved this book, such a great story with characters I wish were my friends! The Risk may take over “The Deal” as my favorite book...

6 out 5. Funny, sexy, sweet...still swooning. Elle Kennedy always does a great job of addressing uncomfortable subjects—this time misogyny and substance abuse. Wish we could have gotten more back story to Jake and more epilogue but overall a satisfying and addictive read. Know I’ll buy the next two books just to continue reading about Jake and Brenna ❤️

One of the BEST hockey romances ever! An absolute MUST READ!. NO SPOILERS! The Risk is my new FAVORITE addiction! Elle Kennedy completely blew me away with the amazing storyline and characters, and I loved her writing style and sense of humor. She managed to incorporate everything I love about new adult/college romances into The Risk, and I couldn’t have loved it more! The storyline was fantastic. Elle Kennedy writes the BEST hockey romances I’ve ever read, and The Risk has been one of my top favorites from her so far. I honestly don’t like or watch hockey, but I’m a sucker for a hockey romance, and The Risk has been one of the best ones yet. I was completely addicted and consumed with Jake and Brenna’s story from beginning to end, and loved every moment of the ride. The characters were phenomenal. Period. Jake and Brenna completely stole my heart, and I fell head over heels in love with them and their story. They have been two of my favorite characters that Elle Kennedy has written so far, and I loved them even more than I thought I would. I loved Jake and Brenna’s personalities, their sizzling chemistry together, and how their relationship progressed throughout. I loved reading The Risk from Jake and Brenna’s point of view, and all of their banter and interactions with each other. Simply put, Jake and Brenna were made for each other, and I loved going on their incredible journey with them. Most of the secondary characters were highly entertaining as well, and made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion. They added so much hilarious commentary and witty banter to the story, and I loved them dearly. The Risk was a fun, sexy, entertaining, and swoon-worthy standalone in the amazing and addictive Briar U series, and I would HIGHLY recommend it! Elle Kennedy has done an extraordinary job with the Briar U series so far, especially Jake and Brenna’s story in The Risk, and I’m so excited to read the next standalone in the series, The Play!

Great read. It’s not often a second book is better than the first in a series but The Risk was SO much better than The Chase, I was actually hesitant about buying it considering I didn’t enjoy the latter as much. But, I took a chance and the author once again did not disappoint. I really enjoyed this and I am definitely looking forward to the new book coming in October!!

Want and need more!!!. Loved loved loved this one - I want a sequel showing them in three years!!!

A Very Caliente Couple. The Risk checked all my boxes!! Absolutely ADORED THIS COUPLE! JAKEY & HOTTIE!! Yes, YES, YESSS!!! Their chemistry was on fire!!! <3<3<3

Love love love. I absolutely love brenna and jakes relationship and it’s build up. I love their sarcasm and the balance of cute moments with serious ones. So well written I just like this relationship so much♥️

4.5 Stars - Oh my gosh, this was so good!. Oh my gosh, this was so good! I’m giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars. This review is for an ARC, and reflects my honest opinion. I’m pretty sure I liked Brenna in the previous book, and Jake seemed okay from the small snippets we saw of him, but actually being in their heads, and seeing their connection made me love them! Brenna kind of reminded me of myself a tiny bit; she was sarcastic (that was the me part), but she was also pretty confident most of the time. And she had to be considering what she wanted to do for a living, and the people she was constantly surrounded by (hockey players). Forbidden romance/fake relationships aren’t usually my go to genres. Although to be fair, this wasn’t super focused on the tropes overall. I felt like they were touched upon, and then kind of abandoned. I also don’t think the summary matched the book’s plot all that well. Without spoiling anything, I’ll say those things happened, but it didn’t play out like I expected. I am not a sports person at all, but I love sports romance books. And hockey players seem to be my kryptonite! I absolutely loved Garrett and Dean from Elle’s Off-Campus series, and I think Jake’s a close third behind them. He was pretty freaking swoony. He was an alpha with a confident swagger, and I wished I was Brenna way too many times while reading. Jake’s definitely going on my book boyfriend list. Beyond Brenna’s sarcastic humor, there were also funny situations, and lines that made me laugh out loud. This book was pretty long, but I read 1/3 of it in one evening and finished the rest the next day. I didn’t want to put this down; it was that good. If you like sports romances, I highly recommend you check out Elle Kennedy ASAP!

good.. main characters have good chemistry and the writing is creative and captivating. love this author.

An awesome addition to the series!. Enemy-to-lovers is one of my favorite tropes in romance, add it to an NA written by Elle Kennedy and we for sure have an amazing story to read. I fell in love with Brenna in her first scene in The Chase and couldn’t wait to read her story. She is everything I hoped and so much more, with so many layers to peel during the book. Jake was all of that we would expect, the cocky player, the clueless friend, and our hero. This book is magical, at the same time it’s a light read and you’ll truly enjoy it, it has darker and emotional moments that add depth to their love story and family relations. We have a lot of side stories with other players and I hope the next book will be about Hunter. I’ve been waiting for his story since he first appeared in Elle’s universe.

The risk. Superb!

5/5. It’s an amazing book

Favorite Book of 2019 (so far…). FAVORITE BOOK OF 2019 (so far...) What can I say about this book other than drop everything and read it!!! But first if you haven't read any of Elle's other book in this series, The Chase, then I suggest you start first with that. Or even start with her Off Campus series first since there are some great references to characters in that series as well. There is just something about this author and this series. I just love sports romance and hockey in particular. Which is weird to me since I'm not particularly a fan of hockey; I don't watch it on TV or anything. Well, I might during the winter Olympics, but that it. The Risk is book 2 in Elle's Briar U series. This time around the focus is on the hockey coach's daughter Brenna. Brenna is a no-nonsense girl with her head on straight. But she's not always been that way as we quickly learn. But being the daughter of the coach, she is fully behind her school's hockey team and has a love-hate relationship with their closest rival Harvard. Jake just so happens to be the team captain of Harvard's hockey team and a big no-no in Brenna's eyes. Jake has 1 focus and that is hockey and what it will take for his team to make it all the way. And that includes butting his way into the personal lives of his teammates. But Brenna doesn't particularly like it when Jake sticks his nose into her business. This story is superbly written and quite entertaining. I found myself fully vested in the characters stories. I loved Brenna and Jake. I look forward to the next installment in this series. Will it feature Hollis? I sure hope so!

SOOO GOOOD ! ReAd now. I stayed up till 4 AM to finish this book it’s so good!!!!!

Amazing book!!!!. It was so hilarious and cute and heart warming

The Risk. Absolutely loved it! 😍😍

Kary. Loved their story ❤️would love a part 2

The Risk. 3-stars

The risk. I honestly really liked the maturity of the characters, not too dramafied but just the right amount. It was an easy, nice read. Very cute!

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4 “Worth The Risk” Stars. As a staunch hockey lover and supporter of Briar U, Harvard hotshot Jake Connelly is public enemy number one where Brenna Jensen is concerned. If you’ve read The Chase you’ll remember we were teased by what was to come with their sharp back and forth. The teams are long-time rivals and with the amounting tension rising due to them being set to face off on the ice, it’s both a nuisance and inconvenience that circumstances have thrown them into a situation that requires them to enter a fake relationship. Admittedly the nuisance and inconvenience is one sided as Jake loves nothing more than rubbing Brenna up the wrong way. She’s feisty and self-assured, and his attraction to her means he’s more than happy to be her fake boyfriend if it affords him the opportunity to get to know her better with one of his mandatory real dates. The banter of was off the charts and I loved how these two bounced off one another. Combined with the fantastic secondary characters (shout out to Hollis & Rupi) who brought the laughs, The Risk has been my favourite outing with the series so far. There were some serious moments when it came to Brenna’s ex and her strained relationship with her father, as well as dealing with gender equality in the world of sports broadcasting. I felt these added to the substance of the story and made for a well-rounded read. The momentum to this series is well and truly picking up and I’m waiting with baited breathe for the puck to drop with the next instalment.

Absolutely hilarious, loved every second of it!. 4.5 Hilarious Heartwarming Stars! When I found out that the next book in the Briar U series was going to be the coach’s daughter Brenna’s book, I honestly couldn’t wait to read this! I loved her sassy smart mouth in The Chase so I just knew that this book would be good. And oh my goodness Elle did not disappoint! I was hooked from the word go, I read this in one sitting devouring Brenna and Jake’s story. I love a good enemies to lovers book and this will most definitely be added to one of my favourites. The chemistry between Brenna and Jake is off the charts, and the back and forth banter between the two just makes this book even more. It was without a doubt absolutely hilarious! I loved getting to see all the characters from The Chase too, and they had some hilarious moments as well, to the point I was laughing so much I had tears and was fighting to stay quiet so I didn’t wake my kids because I was reading so late. I am loving these characters and this series and I highly recommend that you one click this now.

Amazing. Perfection. Brenna & Jake are an amazing fit. This book has it all and I’m dying for another book of their story of their relationship in the future.

Brilliant. Sassy, comical and just so enjoyable

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Absolute number 1. My favourite book of yours - even tops deans book 😍

Favourite one yet!. Every book I read I love more, but this one is hands down the best one. Couldn’t recommend it more, I’ll definitely be rereading!

finished it in less than a day!. jake and brenna are so cute!!! the plot was a little boring for me but the overall story was great

LOVED IT. 4.5 stars!! As always I fell in love with the characters that Elle Kennedy creates. Just when I think she can’t top one of her own characters she makes me fall for more. I absolutely love the stories that Elle Kennedy writes and The Risk is no different. The Risk was such a funny, sexy and great read. I’ve always loved the enemies to lovers trope so reading Elle Kennedy’s take on it AND a fake dating element had me hooked right away. Who doesn’t love both of those tropes? I loved Brenna and Jake, after their paths cross when Jake tries to warn her off one of his players, I was super intrigued on what would happen between the two and how it would happen. Their paths kept crossing even though they tried to act like they couldn’t stand each other. From reading the other book in the series, I could tell that there was chemistry between both of them and I was DYING to see how it all played out. Elle Kennedy didn’t disappoint. I loved every scene with them together. This book also portrays the misogynistic views that are still around in the sports industry. We see Brenna have to face this and I think the way she handled it was great. I think Elle Kennedy faced this issue perfectly. I really loved seeing the women characters in this book trying to break this view. As well as this, the book deals with some things that happen in the characters pasts and how you put the blame for things that are totally out of control on yourself. I really loved how this was written in the book and it really put things in perspective for the characters and even myself. As always, I’m in love with what Elle Kennedy has written and The Risk has definitely become one of my favourite books that she’s written. I just love everything about Brenna and Jake. I read this book in about 5 hours because I just could not put it down! I’m super excited for the next instalment and I am crossing my fingers and toes that the next book is going to be Hunters. I’m dying to read his story and see his happy ending play out because I think he deserves it after watching everything he’s gone through in this series. I didn’t think I could love anything like I love the Off-Campus series but Briar U is coming close…. *ARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review*

Loved it.. I was so into this book, I read it all in one go because I had to know how it finished. But now I’m disappointed there isn’t more. 😫 Would love a sequel to this!

Gold. Once again I’m in love!

Glitching. The book won’t download

Couldn’t put it down. Loved it. Couldn’t put it down until the end. Hilarious moments made me laugh out loud and warm and fuzzy.

Great read with all the right feels. 4.5 Stars for The Risk by Elle Kennedy which is book 2 in her Briar U series. Once again this author gave me a book I couldn’t put down and yet another couple to fall in love with. Brenna and Jake are perfect for each other problem is Jake plays for the wrong hockey team so Brenna ends up sleeping with the enemy..... Jake is making a name for himself and he is destined for the NFL, nothing is going to get in the way of his dream well that is until he meets and falls for a sassy brunette named Brenna. It was never meant to be real Brenna needed to fake date Jake but as they got to know each other feelings came into play feelings they weren’t meant to feel..... The chemistry is sizzling, the players adorable and I loved seeing Brenna win in her chosen career which by the way is normally very much a man’s world. This book has all the feels I look for in a great read and this series is becoming a must read for me. If you love hockey, sports romance or NA romance this should be an automatic one click you won’t be disappointed.

AMAZING. I loved this book so much, if you are considering reading it I’d go for it! I’m in NYC right now and all I could ever do was read it on the subway and when I had a chance to. It’s amazing end of story!

Yes yes yes. Ok I am so obsessed.! But who wouldn’t be I cried, laughed and felt everything they were feeling. Yes yes yes is all I can say. Another winner guys

Another great read. Another great read by this author! Loved it from start to finish and I can’t wait to start it again!

For all the loners out there. I have butterflies everywhere, there’s something so innocent and pure about this love. Elle Kennedy ceases to create a complex dimension of chemistry and intricate storylines.

Caitlyn <3. This book deserves all my stars!! I love Jake & Brenna’s relationship. I just can’t describe it. Elle Kennedy has done it again. I live for her books.

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Jake & Brenna. Enjoyed the chemistry between the two - it was great to see how sweet Jake really was with Brenna, something that he usually hid from everyone else. Brenna’s character was empowering in the fact that she knew what she wanted and went for it, no apologies. She’s fierce and bold and unapologetic. Jake’s character was also well written and he pursued Brenna even though he was captain of the Harvard team and Brenna’s dad coached Briar’s team. He has an easy confidence about him, a surety of who he is and what he wants. I felt like the only downfall was there was such a build up towards Jake’s future with the Oilers and then in the epilogue nothing was mentioned about him going pro at all or how things were with Brenna.

Really good !. Again it is a hit with me ! Love the humour in all of Elle’s book! So much fun !

I died of laughter. This book was honestly phenomenal. I could not put the book down it was that good. The humour of almost all the characters were too perfect and I laughed every time. The plot was amazing and this whole series is just so fun to read! Ready to spend all my money on this author!

The best. So good! Writing was excellent, couldn’t put it down. Had to call in sick!

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Summary of The Risk by Elle Kennedy

The The Risk book written by Elle Kennedy was published on 18 February 2019, Monday in the Contemporary category. A total of 4,284 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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