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Just Me by Lexy Timms Book Summary

We all need somewhere where we feel safe…

After leaving her abusive husband, Katherine Marshall is out on her own for the first time. She's hopped from city to city to avoid the man who made her life a living hell. When it seems she's finally found a new place where she begins to feel safe, she slowly grows confident that her life is looking up. A chance meeting with Ben O'Leary sets her life on a course and her soul on fire.

Ben launched a business that went on to viral success while he was in college, and now as a thriving entrepreneur, he's most interested in maximizing profits. A billionaire living the dream But all that changes when he sets his eyes on Katherine. Things between the two heat up as they fall hard and fast—that is, until she gets an unexpected surprise that will test the strength of their relationship.

You & Me - A Bad Boy Romance

Book 1 – Just Me

Book 2 – Touch Me

Book 3 – Kiss Me

Just Me (Lexy Timms) Book Reviews

EntertainingThe story line itself was a good story line. I read the first 2 books but didn’t see buying the third . There were a lot of typed issues as well as grammatical issues. Storyline kept me reading..Score: 3/5

Edit it!I knew it wasn’t going to go well when there were editing mistakes in the blurb at the beginning. A few errors and a few pages in, and I gave up. Edit it, and I’ll try again..Score: 2/5

Just MeLexy has done it again. I couldn't put this one down and I can't wait for the next book. Bring it on!!!.Score: 5/5

Just MeI love Lexy Timms books...this one was ok. It was a bit slow to start but got better as I read it..Score: 3/5

NoDo not start this book as you will be extremely aggravated. I feel like I’m reading something my 14 year old wrote. The character storylines and descriptions change throughout the series and the grammar is HORRIBLE. Ughhh very very disappointed. The cliffhangers were unnecessary because if you got rid of the fluff and fillers this could be easily one book. Def a ploy for money by the author. Will never read another one by her..Score: 1/5

Just MeThis book is not up to Lexy’s standards. I was able to put the book down several times, whereas with her other books, I couldn’t put them down!.Score: 4/5

Good themThanks for the story about domestic abuse, but it was repeated some scenes and could have different and interesting situations between characters. Recommend.Score: 4/5

Just MeThis series should have ended with book one..Score: 1/5

OK read, but...I understand wanting to tease people into buying the next book, but this didn’t even seem like an actual book. More like a trailer for the next book. There was no real point other than to introduce you to the characters and situation with the ex. Even a series book needs to have substance to it..Score: 2/5

TiringPut me to sleep.Score: 1/5

Couldn’t Stop Reading!The first book was free on my app and it definitely got me hooked! Bought the other 2 of the series bc I had to know more! Wish it never ended! I was reading it on all of my work breaks and as soon as I’d get home, I was reading! 100% recommend!.Score: 5/5

Promising story lineI really like the development between Katherine and Ben, but there are a lot of instances where the whole story isn’t kept straight. Just random little moments, and there are a lot of editing errors. I find myself getting caught up in the story, and then there’s a random error that doesn’t make sense and I lose my enthusiasm for the book..Score: 3/5

Not well editedFire whomever was paid to edit this book. Way inconsistent story line and the cliff hanger is just odd - like Who Shot Bobby from Dallas - too steep of a drop. She can’t even keep the characters straight. I will never read LexY Timms again as she obviously doesn’t care to read her own work before publishing which speaks of contempt for her readers. Spoiler - heroine starts out with ice blue ices for first two books in series and then brown eyes in the final book! What in the world? Grammatical errors and character inconsistencies....I just wasted my time..Score: 1/5

Just MeLexy Timm’s Just Me is one of my favs! I was wrapped at the first chapter and couldn’t stop reading until the final chapter. This romance included passion, suspense, and that all around good guy Ben to make one think a happy ever after is possible. I can’t wait to read the concluding books about Katherine and Ben..Score: 5/5

Great storyGreat way with words. Really love the way the story was told. Need to get the next book now tho!!!! Can’t leave me hanging like that!!!!.Score: 4/5

Sucker endingDon’t read unless you’re ready to buy more books. The book ends mid story. I hate books like this..Score: 1/5

No. Just no.The entire book was boring. Monotonous. I don’t even know how I finished it. And then it’s a cliff hanger for another book. Blah..Score: 1/5

Great ReadQuick and easy read with a good story line. Absolutely loved The main character’s personalities and how they came together. Now, I just need book two to see what happens..Score: 4/5

Not worth your timeI tired to finish this book but it is just too awful. My standards are usually pretty low when I download a book for free, yet this one has too many glaring issues for me. It is incredibly repetitive, has several editing issues and is just too basic/bland for my taste. I am shocked it has a higher rating..Score: 1/5

Just UsThe story was pleasant enough, but was suddenly and unpleasantly chopped off at the end. This book needed to be proofread before release..Score: 4/5

So good.So good couldn’t stop reading..Score: 5/5

Good story!I really enjoyed reading the story! I would have given it 5 stars but as soon as it got to the good part it ended! I wish there was more to the story, maybe about how Katherine got away and found her way back to Ben. UPDATE: never mind. I just realized there are more books hahah I’m definitely purchasing the rest!!.Score: 5/5

Great story!It’s a cliff hanger, but a great storyline and good characters !! A must read !!.Score: 5/5

Love In The MakingI love how two very different people find one another and fall in love. Just wish the ending was really the end with true happiness and the villain had changed his ways..Score: 4/5

Hard to readI usually love this authors books, however, there was a lot of switching between first and third person. as a mediocre writer, even i know to be careful of that. kind of made it hard to read :/ trying to give it a chance.Score: 3/5

Love this bookI love this book I would love to read the rest of the books in the series!.Score: 5/5

Great storyThis was a great romantic read but lots of spelling and grammar mistakes as well as over repetitive statements that seem like page fillers and get boring after a while but the series is worth continuing..Score: 4/5

Just MeLoved the book and of course the characters in it. Too bad it ended. Will always read more of your books. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

Quick read, but predictableQuick and easy read, but my heart wasn’t into this story. I love Lexy Timms books though, but this story was too predictable for me..Score: 3/5

UghHorrible book, Grammar is terrible. The author might need to go back to school.Score: 1/5

Just meOh, what a great story of change and growth and love? The battered wife who gets enough courage to leave only to be found again and again. This time seems different and better💜. It’s a cliffhanger, so be prepared to want Book 2!!.Score: 5/5

CliffhangerThe overall story is good, but a lot of unnecessary repetitiveness. Needs to be edited as the spelling, inaccuracies and grammatical errors throughout tend to distract from the enjoyment. Overall, I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series as I was caught up in the anticipation of what was inevitably going to happen..Score: 3/5

Just meThis book is like chapter 1 in a novel. It is not a complete story. You will have to buy the next book to continue. I hate it when readers are not told this up front. Fortunately the story is an average one that I can take or leave..Score: 3/5

Eh...Needs an editor. Too repetitive in describing what the characters are feeling or how their lives are currently or in the past. After the fifteenth time reading how insecure she is we get it....Score: 2/5

Just me - you and meGood storyline with the cute billionaire romance. Of course there’s a cliffhanger and it’s definitely worth reading the rest of the series as you get hooked and need to know the ending..Score: 4/5

Good story but not a fanThis was a decent story but the m not a fan of books that don’t end and make you buy the next book (or two or three) to find out how things end..Score: 3/5

Just meBy Lexi Timms Great story really want to know what happens with Ben!.Score: 5/5

DisappointingThere were a lot of grammatical errors and I felt like there were a lot of opportunities the author missed. The story had a lot of potential, but the ending was so abrupt and unfinished. I didn’t like this book..Score: 1/5

CliffhangerAm an advent reader of Lexxy Timms but this riled me a tad. Just like other books, I could not drop till I was at the last page but that ending tears out my hair🙄😤😩.Score: 3/5

MehIt jumps around a lot. I wanted to to like this book but I think it’s not very descriptive and they didn’t really get to know each other they just kind of fell in love ..Score: 1/5

OkaySpelling errors and such a slow moving plot I stopped reading it and I NEVER give up on books..Score: 2/5

Good Start to the SeriesJust Me had interesting characters. I plan to read the others..Score: 4/5

Just you and ImeLeaves you hanging..Score: 1/5

LoveIt’s a very intense on the edge of your seat book! It definitely gives light to what some women go threw trying to get out a abuse! I can not wait to see what Tim does!!.Score: 5/5

Couldn’t finish itOne word review: Yuk.Score: 1/5

PROOFREAD YOUR Own STORIES ALREADY!The STORYTELLING IS GREAT! Too much repetition of course, AGAIN! GRAMMAR and PROOFREADING total FAIL ! You have to put the pieces together. ALL THE STORIES are ….Same sequence, different characters, locations,and events. Every story needs attention from this author..Score: 5/5

Just MeEnjoy Lexy Timms books! This story was slow to start for me but yet I wanted to know more. I know the next two books in the series won’t disappoint. I look forward to reading how this relationship all turns out. Kpg86.Score: 4/5

Glad I didn't waste money on itI couldn't even get halfway through the book before I stopped. I even skipped some pages because it was just repeated stuff. I'm all for giving details but this book has a lot of filler that could be removed..Score: 1/5

Just another lousy romance novelWasn’t a big fan, lots of detail insight on the small stuff. Climax wasn’t even great, all that build up over crap writing.Score: 1/5

Just MeI thoroughly enjoyed this book until I got to the end and discovered .. not the end! I wish the authors would finish a book instead of trying to force me to buy the next two or three books to get to the end of the story! Sorry... I won’t be buying the next two books to see what happens!.Score: 3/5

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Very goodI loved the story but the only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars was that it ends with a cliff hanger leading into another book..Score: 4/5

Not the ending I was hoping forThe plot was good and the characters believable but I really didn’t like the end. It ended so abruptly which was very unsatisfying..Score: 3/5

Utterly predictableThank heavens it was free! One of the most predictable (yawn) books I’ve ever read. Even the s*x was bland. Author should also research the psychology of people leaving abusive relationships ... such an inaccurate portrayal..Score: 1/5

Not badThe story has a good premise but there is a little too much detail at times. Who cares what colour the trash bin is?! Also, whoever proofread this should be fired. So many mistakes..Score: 2/5

Just MeKatherine Marshall is on the run from her abusive husband. She is trying to start over and is starting to feel safe. She meets Ben O’Leary and decides to give him a chance. As they start to get close her husband shows up. What will happen? Will Katherine run again? I can’t wait to find out what happens in the next book..Score: 5/5

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Just MeAbsolutely no reason this couldn’t have been one book. It’s not a trilogy, it’s one story, same characters. Characters that have no chemistry and are badly written. So many plot holes and grammatical errors..Score: 2/5

Just MeI enjoy Lexy’s writing, keeps you interested and wanting more. Initially I was disappointed with the ending until I realised it was a cliffhanger with the second book continuing Katherine and Ben’s story now I’m impatient to read Touch Me..Score: 4/5

Just meKatherine slowly settles into life in her new city but keeps herself quiet sheltered in regards to getting out and getting to know people, she meets a friend and starts to enjoy life. Not wanting to start a relationship but Ben just happens to be so easy going that she just can’t help but find a happy place with him. The cliff hanger that the books ends on has left me searching iBooks on the daily waiting for touch me to be released!!.Score: 5/5

Just MeKatherine’s story had me hooked from the start, the emotional storm she rides during the book holds you tight, it makes it impossible put this book down. Lexy Timms takes a very sensitive subject and covers it so well, ending the book on a cliffhanger has made me hungry to read more..Score: 5/5

A little predictableAn easy weekend read, if you don’t notice the proofing errors, and story inconsistencies; written in third person, but the occasional ‘me’ or ‘I’..Score: 3/5

Just Me - Lexus TimmsAlways enjoy Lexy’s books. Easy to read with a bit of suspense..Score: 5/5

Just MeDefinitely needs to be proof read. Very rushed writing which was disappointing..... at breakfast their hot drinks get delivered twice!!.Score: 2/5

Terrible editingHad potential but failed miserably. So many things don’t add up, couldn’t finish. Pique is not peak, allowed not aloud..Score: 2/5

DisappointingIncredibly badly written. Not edited either. Long and tedious descriptions. Don’t bother..Score: 1/5

Loved itLoved that it touched on such hidden issue exposing the control factor and how the heroine fights her demons and fights for love.Score: 4/5

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Just MeThoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to the rest of the series..Score: 4/5

FabulousAmazing as always, loved the full series!!!.Score: 5/5

It’s ok...This isn’t a standalone book so if you do read be warned it ends on a cliffhanger and you’ll have to buy the next one 🙄.Score: 2/5

Good readBit disappointed that it finished on a cliff hanger.Score: 5/5

Parkhead-67From start to finish I was caught.Score: 5/5

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