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Ethan by Dale Mayer Book Summary

When one door closes … second chances open another …

Ethan was lost after a major accident abruptly shifted him from a military life to a civilian one, from working with dogs to odd jobs … In that time, he’d spent months healing from his physical injuries. When he connects with Badger and the rest of his Titanium Corp. group of former SEALs, Badger offers Ethan an opportunity he can’t refuse. A chance to do the work he used to do … with a twist.

Cinnamon works from home as a project manager plus is heavily involved in global dog rescues—dogs of all kinds. When Ethan walks into the next door’s vet’s office with an injured shepherd in his arms, she sees another lost soul—just like the canine ones she helps.

Ethan knows he’s about to take a dangerous step, but he’s on the job, and no one—on the job or not—hurts animals while he’s around. This poor shepherd has taken enough abuse, and Ethan fears she is only the tip of a nightmare he’s determined to uncover. But he knows she’s going to lead him in the right direction. 
He has his sights set on saving one dog in particular, Sentry: K9 File 01.

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Book Name Ethan
Genre Military
Language English
E-Book Size 901.55 KB

Ethan (Dale Mayer) Book Reviews 2023

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A wonderful start to a new series!!!. I received a complimentary copy of this book and I also purchased a copy. I just love all of Ms. Mayer's work. This is a great story about Ethan who takes an assignment from Badger to locate a former military K-9, Sentry. Through a series of unfortunate events, Sentry's whereabouts are no longer known. A Commander is wanting to make sure that these former K-9s are receiving the best possible care because of their service to their country. Ethan goes to Texas to Sentry's last known whereabouts. He sees and rescues a female shepherd and takes her to a local vet clinic. There he meets Cinnamon, a local volunteer rescue worker. The chemistry between these two was evident right from the beginning. This story is a great one. I made myself put the book down in order to fix dinner. I was glued to my e-reader as the story was so engrossing. It was a highly intriguing plot that just hooked me in right from the beginning. The story was also written in my favorite dual POV format. This really helps me as a reader to understand the character so much better seeing how the character thinks about a given situation. I highly recommend this story to anyone. I look forward to reading more in this series.

Great story. Thanks for writing this story about the dogs and all of the wonderful people who care about them. ETHAN was both interesting and enjoyable. I loved it!

K-9 Files Ethan. Wonderful book. Enjoyed the vet/dog relationship and the need to both recover from the issues caused by starting over in a new, yet familiar, world. Looking forward to reading the others in the series.

Ummm. I honestly don’t know what to say but I’m soooo happy with this book. It was a great romance but it wasn’t overdone with all the extra stuff. I highly recommend this book!!!

Ethan the K-9 files. I loved this book. Could not put it down. I have a shepherd and know how loyal they can be. I’m looking forward to reading all in this series

Ethan by Dale Meyer. Loved it

Great story. Very well written story that brings covers the reality of what too often happens to special dogs who serve our country! Loved reading it!

Ugh. No continuity. I realize dogs were involved but they took up a big chunk of the story. Characters were not fully developed.

Good reading. Nice story that flows well.

Promising, but didn’t fulfill. Love the idea of a military working dog story, it’s a great topic to explore the relationship between the handlers, soldiers, and the expertly trained dogs that serve. That said, this story is a little flat. Personally, I don’t think you can name a main character “Cinnamon” and then have no one ever question the name. It’s a dang rare name. Cinn is an unremarkable character whose family, friends, job, history, thoughts, dreams, etc. are never present. She has dogs, she talks about rescuing dogs, and she runs with her dogs. That’s it. 3/4 of the way through the book we find out she’s a redhead. No other character development. The military/retired soldier angle doesn’t get a lot of depth, either. The dog whisperer parts are the best parts of the book, TBH. Ethan has some excellent scenes caring for and bonding with badly treated attack dogs, all of whom had their own emotional journeys to trusting again. There was more suspense in “will this abused dog accept a new master?” than “will these main characters survive the drug war full of interchangeable bad dudes they are in the middle of?” The story has good bones, it just isn’t satisfying for me.

Ethan The K9 Files. A great mystery and entertaining book.

Ethan, The K9 Files. The start of a new series. Heroes, Navy SEALS who can no longer serve due to life changing injuries, find a new mission. K9 soldiers, dogs trained for military service, have been retired and now are missing. Ethan is the first SEAL to look for a missing dog, K9:01. The goal: to find the dog and to make sure he is safe, whether in an appropriate home or working for good. Ethan is a former K9 trainer and a dog lover. He meets Cinn, a dog rescuer. The two meet challenges and obstacles to make rescue their dog and more. Dale Mayer, author of the series SEALS of Steel, Heroes for Hire, and SEALS of Honor, has another great series emerging. This book follows SEALS of Steel and there are a few characters from these other series. These are stand alone books (and wonderful). The characters are rich and inspiring, the plot page turning (yes, I missed sleep to find out what happened next), and am eager to read the next book (and the next and the next . . .). I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

The K-9 files. It almost rated a four, but then I read the Epilogue. By definition, an epilogue is a continuation of the story. It puts a fine point on and clears up loose ends and lets the reader know how the story turns out. THIS epilogue had nothing to do with the story it was connected to. No, instead it was an introduction to the next book in the series. There wasn’t even a mention of the main characters from the previous story. You know what that means? It means it wasn’t an epilogue. I was all ready to read that last little bit...have my happy sigh, and close out the book. Instead, I was left ripped off and tricked, and disappointed. Please don’t do that to your readers. Give them what you “advertise”.

K-9 Files. Great book! I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Ms. Mayer. She never disappoints. I especially love the addition of dogs. My favorite awards show is Hero Dogs. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!!!

Ethan - The K-9 Series. This is a great read for those that love animals and especially working dogs. The romance development was nicely intertwined with the the story of searching for a retired military dog. If you’re looking for spicy sex scenes, they weren’t needed to tell the story and, personally, I appreciated their absence. In my opinion, if you’re looking for a book that pulls you in quickly, shows love for dogs, and has a romantic element, I highly recommend this book.

Dogs and veterans. Great story, can’t wait to read more. War dogs and veterans and the need for love.

Fabulous action and suspense!. 4.5 Stars This is book 1 In the K-9 Files series and it features Ethan and Cinn. These two have a quick, strange friendship with an implied attraction. Any other book would have had me pulling my hair out at the slow pace of their romance but considering his personality, state of mind and her sort of prickly (not sure that’s the correct word to describe her) personality, their romance moved at the perfect pace. The story line was so good, full of action and adventure, that the romance took a back seat until much later in the book. The dogs were awesome and Ethan confidence in working with them was exciting. I love the concept and this first book in the series hits the mark! The story line has great flow and the characters are all mostly familiar from other series. I can’t wait to see what adventure the next book takes us on.

MWD suspense story. I was kindly provided this book as an ARC; in exchange for my honest review. This is book 1 in The K9 Files series. This book centers around Ethan and Cinnamon. (yep Cinnamon is a human not the K9...) Ethan out of the military and lost after a major accident abruptly ended his career and took the life of his working dog. Seemingly drifting, Ethan connects with Badger (see the SEALs Of Steel series) and Badger offers Ethan a chance to work with service dogs again… Tracking down several Military Working Dogs that have gone missing. Cinnamon works as a project manager and is involved in global dog rescues. (I suppose this “matches” them. Ethan finds a shepherd that’s injured and meets up with Cinnamon at the neighborhood vets office. And the story moves on from there. I’m going to preface this; I felt there was just not enough backstory and information in order for me to get firmly involved and committed to this story. The whole thing felt rushed and almost like an outline was followed and little boxes were checked off in what could have been a great beginning to a new series. Working dogs, in my opinion are the greatest heroes in the world. They serve and protect those they love, for cuddles and belly tickles (and maybe a few tennis balls..) I was very excited about this series and just didn’t feel it hit the mark. I have read everything Ms Dale has published, and I know her work usually flows much more smoothly. Also, I wouldn’t really classify this as a romance, but as more of a mystery/suspense story. I still think the book is worth your time and money. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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A twist on the normal veterans tail!. A great read

A great start to the series.. An awesome book in a new series and even got to see some of our favourite characters from other books that Dale writes. Ethan is damaged after getting injured and his trained dog killed. He doesn’t know where he fits in until he is given the task of finding Sentey K9-01. Cinnamon has her dogs, her house with land and her jobs of rescuing dogs from around the world and her day job. As Ethan finds a dog and chases down a lead bad guys target Cinn for the dogs. As her life in on the line it’s down to Ethan and two rescue dogs to do some damages control. A fabulous book that i read in one sitting. Can’t wait for more.

Great. Good story lots of action

Ethan. What an excellent start to this new series! Ethan appears to be a gruff loner but hidden beneath his exterior is a concerned, kind man who cares deeply for animals especially trained service dogs. How his story develops is written with great understanding and skill to make this an interesting and entertaining book and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

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Emotions Not Found. This whole book felt like a draft. There was no emotional connection and the relationship was poorly developed. Overall there was an empty feeling to the whole thing. Too much distance between story and feeling. More Tell than Show. The pain was obviously fictional to the point I could read it without cringing (which isn’t right). I want to be able to imagine, feel, the struggles the character endure. Put my self in their shoes. Not read the tenth person account of of a whispered story. This entire narrative felt forced and like the writer had forgotten to add in the other details that come with later editing. Also for the first time ever I had hardly any emotional attachment to the dogs involved, they were pure fiction, not real animals I could cry over if something happened. Then there were the massive plot holes and the anticlimactic overall story. This was pure sympathy fiction not empathy filled with hot air.

Good read!. Good start to a new series!

K9 Files:09 - Ethan by Dale Mayer. A damned good book. Eye opening & thought provoking. It might be fiction but it raises the question of post war treatment of veterans & their animals in all our countries, not just the USA. GH Redland City Australia

K9 book 1. I enjoyed the book very much and I felt everything that Cinn was going through and not every book needs to be hot and steamy it was about K9 and how we loose track of them after they come back from the war.

Ethan:K9.01. I loved this book! Full of emotion, had me in tears a few times, I thought it was well written with great insight into the bond between man and dog, especially those that have seen service. I am not sure what book others were reading if they disliked it but hey, each to their own. Allan, Mundoolun Australia

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You gotta love a military man. . You’ll express every emotion when you read this book. Good read.

Ethan - The K9 Files. As always Dale Mayer’s books always deliver!! I thoroughly enjoyed this first book in the series and am looking forward to reading the rest. If you love dogs, love alpha males and strong women, former seals, action and adventure you’re going to love reading this series too!

Ethan K9 series. Loved this book. First time reading Dale Mayer. Love dogs and strong men. Can’t wait to continue reading this series.

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Summary of Ethan by Dale Mayer

The Ethan book written by Dale Mayer was published on 10 April 2019, Wednesday in the Military category. A total of 1,051 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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