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Your Love Is Mine (Maine Sullivans 1) by Bella Andre Book Summary

"You know you've read a wonderful story when you can't stop smiling afterwards. Your Love Is Mine is such a great start to the Maine Sullivans!" 5 stars

Flynn Stewart, an award-winning screenwriter, seems to have the perfect Hollywood life. Until his dark past comes crashing back when he learns his long-lost sister has passed away—and he has a six-month-old niece named Ruby. Flynn vows to give the little girl who now means everything to him a better childhood than he or his sister ever had. So when he finds out that Ruby's nanny is trying to sell their story to the press, he takes his niece as far from Hollywood as he can.

One of seven siblings in Bar Harbor, Cassie Sullivan has always been grateful for the love and support of her tight-knit family. Because of them, she had the courage to create a successful candy confection business. So when a friend of her cousin needs a place to stay with his baby for a few weeks, she’s happy to offer him her cabin in the woods. But from the first moment she meets Flynn and Ruby, her heart is lost to the gorgeous man and his adorable little girl. 

Flynn has never met anyone as cheerful and open as Cassie. Instantly drawn to her, he finds himself telling her things about his past that he’s never spoken of to anyone—things that make him certain he could never be worthy of her. Only, Cassie isn’t about to let the pair who have stolen her heart go without a fight—using all the light, love, and laughter she can give them. 

Will the nightmares from Flynn’s past continue to haunt him and and steal away the joy of a future with Cassie? Or will Cassie’s love, and the support of her big family, be powerful enough to help him face his long-buried demons and conquer them at last?

YOUR LOVE IS MINE is part of Bella Andre's USA Today and New York Times #1 bestselling series about The Sullivans. While it can easily be read as a stand-alone story, you'll likely enjoy reading the other books too.

"Sweet, charming, heartwarming and sexy in all the right ways!" 

"Your Love Is Mine had me at man with a baby! And combined with a fierce, sexy woman? Wow! From start to finish, Your Love Is Mine takes hold of you. The story had all the elements I love: romantic, sexy, funny, and poignant. Flynn, Cassie, and Ruby will steal your hearts!"

"What an emotionally captivating story! Your Love Is Mine is a terrific start to the Maine Sullivans."

"It's impossible not to finish Your Love Is Mine with a massive smile! Bella Andre books are magic."

"Bella Andre does it again, wowing me with her words. Your Love Is Mine took me on a beautiful and emotional journey about love, family, acceptance, honesty and what is truly important in life." 

The Look of Love
From This Moment On
Can't Help Falling In Love
I Only Have Eyes For You
If You Were Mine
Let Me Be The One
Come A Little Bit Closer
Always On My Mind
Kissing Under The Mistletoe

One Perfect Night
The Way You Look Tonight
It Must Be Your Love
Just To Be With You
I Love How You Love Me
All I Ever Need Is You

Every Beat Of My Heart
Now That I've Found You
Since I Fell For You
Sweeter Than Ever
The Best Is Yet To Come
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
You Do Something To Me
Every Time We Fall In Love

Falling In Love All Over Again
Your Love Is Mine
There Goes My Heart
More Maine Sullivans are coming soon!

Bella Andre is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of “The Sullivans”, “The Morrisons” and “The Maverick Billionaires” series. Her novels have been #1 bestsellers around the world and she has sold more than 8 million books so far! Known for "sensual, empowered stories enveloped in heady romance" (Publishers Weekly), her books have been Cosmopolitan Magazine "Red Hot Reads" twice and have been translated into ten languages. There are more than 50,000 5 star reviews for Bella Andre's books on Goodreads! Married with two children, Bella splits her time between the Northern California wine country, a log cabin in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York, and a flat in London overlooking the Thames.

Your Love Is Mine (Maine Sullivans 1) (Bella Andre) Book Reviews

Enjoyed this sweet Sullivan romanceWell written with a good storyline and characters, the meeting of Cassie and Flynn starts off very interesting you will enjoy the ups and downs and sweet Ruby..Score: 5/5

Beautiful love story!Bella Andre does it again wowing me with her words. I love everything about this book! This story, these characters, these words all took me on a beautiful and emotional journey about love, family, acceptance, honesty and what is truly important in life. This new Sullivan family from Maine continues the legacy of being one of my top three book families ever! I can't wait to get each and every one of their stories! If this one is any indication, I am going to love them just as much as all the other Sullivans. Sparks fly when Flynn Stewart and his baby niece Ruby move into Cassie Sullivan's cabin in Maine for some much needed away time from his crazy LA life as a screenplay writer. And oh my heart, their time together with Ruby is so genuine, sweet, heartwarming and loving. Cassie and Flynn's chemistry can't be ignored though and even if Flynn may not have been looking for love, he sure finds it with the sweet, amazing, and strong Cassie. They have their private time with each other that is sexy, steamy and beautiful; but it is their time together with Ruby when it is the three of them that is simply everything..Score: 5/5

Uplifting!!Cassie Sullivan is always a cheerful person and has now opened her cabin to Flynn Stewart and his daughter. The chemistry between these two is off the charts from the start. Now Cassie has her work cut out to prove to Flynn he is loved and deserves to be loved in return..Score: 5/5

Your Love is MineWow, what an inspiring story. Beautifully written and the story line should touch so many people’s souls. Thank you..Score: 5/5

The Sullivan’s of Maine story!Love, love, love this story! We finally get to meet the Maine branch of the Sullivan family. They are no less talented, but a little less well known. Cassie is full of love and goodness, but is a strong woman who knows what she wants. She is a candy artist extraordinaire. Flynn is a famous Hollywood screenwriter who is fighting the demons of his past. What he doesn’t realize is he is no longer the same person he was as a teenager. Becoming an instant parent to his 6 month old niece changes his lifestyle and his focus on the future. The undeniable chemistry between Cassie and Flynn moves their relationship forward. Deciding they are worthy of each other’s love takes a little longer. Bella Andre creates a world I want to live in everyday. Thank goodness there are so many Sullivan to write about, it promises many more romantic, heartfelt, and loving stories to come!.Score: 5/5

No one is as sweet as RubyFlynn Stewart, the award winning screenwriter, has his life turned upside down when the death of his sister makes him the parent to his infant niece, Ruby. To escape the scandal that ensues from this even Flynn connects with Cassie Sullivan through her cousin Smith Sullivan. Cassie fortunately has a cabin in the woods in Maine that is perfect for Flynn to escape to while he continues to write the screenplay he is on deadline for but also to get away from the paparazzi and a nanny trying to sell his story. Little does Flynn know that trying to write and learning how to parent could change his life again by meeting Cassie. Cassie loves her life as a candy-maker and while she is immediately taken by Ruby but also a little taken by the mysterious Flynn. Cassie and Flynn each have some battles to work through, especially when Flynn decides to actually confront his past but the story that comes out of this will leave you in tears. You will love hearing more from the Sullivan family and will absolutely fall in love with Ruby and the entire Maine Sullivan's!.Score: 5/5

Your Love Is MineAnother great book! I’m hooked and ready for Rory..Score: 5/5

Another Sullivan!Another wonderful Sullivan family to fall in love with!!! I have been with this author from the beginning of the Sullivan’s and I am never disappointed. This is the Sullivan family of Maine and the first introduction to Ethan and Beth Sullivan and their five children. The first story belongs to Cassie Sullivan. Cassie’s famous cousin, Smith Sullivan, has a friend who needs to escape the craziness of Hollywood for a while. He has adopted his deceased sisters baby and the paparazzi are just too much. So Smith offers him the use of Cassie’s cabin in the Maine woods. When Flynn first arrives at the cabin in the woods, he is full of tension and dark thoughts. Cassie immediately becomes a beacon of light in his dark life. But can he spoil her goodness with his secrets and his past? Just like she always does, Bella gives us a strong woman who loves her man and isn’t giving up! Cassie falls for Flynn and Ruby and she will hold on no matter what. Love this entire series, every single story is it’s own unique HEA..Score: 5/5

Sugar and SpiceHooray for the Maine Sullivans! Cassie is a very sweet Sullivan who makes the most amazing candy creations. When her cousin, Smith, sends screenwriter Flynn Stewart and his newly adopted daughter to stay in her cabin, he has no idea just what he sets in motion. These two have chemistry for days! And Cassie falls in love with little Ruby on sight. But Flynn has secrets he’s been keeping that make him feel unworthy of Cassie. A wonderful introduction to the Maine contingent of the Sullivan clan..Score: 5/5

MehThis story kept me entertained. I enjoyed it until it got kind of cheesy at the end. Also, Flynn’s constant worrying over his past got annoying...especially since his parents were the screw ups, not him. I also found it weird that at 6 months old, Ruby was doing things that babies don’t usually do until they’re 9-10 months. I’d actually rate this book 3.5 stars, but I rounded up to be nice..Score: 4/5

Another captivating and touching love story!So touching and heartfelt. I couldn’t put it down!.Score: 5/5

TestTest.Score: 5/5

YOUR LOVE IS MINE (Maine Sullivans1)What a wonderful story.I laughed, cried & could not stop reading. It grabbed my hear. The characters were great. The Irish family was awesome. The care, love for each other. I so recommend that it be read. ThankYou.Score: 5/5

Book 1 Cassie and Flynn in MaineFlynn never seen life coming at him. Running from his past, but his sister gifts him the gift of life. Moving away from the Adult living in LA to the comfortable family living in ME. Flynn meets Smith’s cousin Cassie, a candy maker, and finds love, life and happiness. This is a wonderful story..Score: 5/5

YOUR LOVE IS MINEYOUR. LOVE. IS. MINE....Belle Andre Instant love Cassie had for the baby, Ruby. She was renting a cabin to Flynn and his niece. She rambles when nervous, and his replies were always ‘fine’. Three weeks ago his life change, a sister who at sixteen chose the life same as the parents. Wanted to protect and help her thru the years, now a 6 month old niece, he has adopted. Could he do this, he was something he created, from a past he ran from two decades ago. He wrote dialog, could he write one of how to talk to Ruby. Now a call for help, he couldn’t get Ruby quiet and he desperately wanted some sleep. She had the answers, if not her mother would have. Her mom and Cassie, to him they were a baby whisperer. Beautiful story, that will tug at your heart, a man known for writing dialog, at lost of what to say and do for this little one. GivenARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion..Score: 5/5

A Sullivan in LoveAnother heartfelt and endearing love story that read in one day. It doesn’t have as much passion as some of the other Sullivan’s but still a connection that could not be ignored..Score: 4/5

Here come the Maine SullivansI have loved every one of the Sullivan stories so far, and I was so excited for Flynn and Cassie’s story. Although this is book 19 in the series, it’s the fourth spin-off, which revolves around the Maine Sullivan’s. Flynn, an award winning Hollywood screenwriter, becomes the guardian of Ruby, his infant niece and must escape in order to gain privacy for the both of them. Cassie, a candy shop owner, agrees to let Flynn and Ruby stay in her cabin, and the moment she sees him, their attraction sizzles. I don’t know what it was, but something about this story fell a little flat for me. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it just didn’t wow me like the others did. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one..Score: 4/5

Your Love Is MineARC for honest review with no compensation Your Love Is Mine is book 1 in the Maine Sullivans and book 19 in the Sullivans series by Bella Andre and a great start to another series!! Cassie Sullivan candy maker extraordinaire, sunshine and rainbows type of person agrees to let a friend of her cousin Smith who needs to get away from Hollywood use her cabin...what she doesn’t expect to find is a hot, sexy man with an adorable baby girl and attraction like she’s never known before... Flynn Stewart a Hollywood screen writer has it all...women, awards and money galore but nobody knows about his past...until he is notified that is sister is dead and she has a baby girl, Ruby. With the Nanny trying to sell his story and the paparazzi wanting to know who the baby’s mother is, he knows his past may be catching up to him and he needs to leave Hollywood to get his and Ruby’s lives sorted out. With the help of his friend Smith Sullivan who sends Flynn to his cousin Cassie’s place in Maine. Can Cassie show Flynn that sometimes the past needs to be faced and overcome so life can move forward and maybe find the HEA that’s been missing all along....Score: 5/5

Love the Maine Sullivan’sI received this ARC for an honest review. I have been a fan of Bella Andre for many years, and she has never disappointed me. This story is spin off of the Sullivans’ books. This series is about the Maine Sullivan’s. I enjoyed this book. This book is about Flynn and Cassie. Flynn is a screen writer. He specializes in horror films. He adopted his niece,Ruby, after his sister died of an overdose. The media was driven to get the scoop behind the adoption, so he decided to get away. His friend Smith Sullivan arraigned for him to rent Cassie’s cabin for a few weeks. When they first met, Flynn was standoffish and rude. Cassie is an candy artist. Flynn was having a terrible night with Ruby. She kept crying and screaming. In a near panic, Flynn called Cassie for help. This the start of Flynn’s and Cassie’s relationship. He started to trust Cassie. When he met Cassie’s mom at the restaurant, she fell in love with Ruby. I’m not going to give any more away. YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS..Score: 4/5

Grabbed me by the feels!I really loved this story. It has so much feeling it. This story is very much about family. The good one’s and the bad one’s. This story just reached in and grabbed me by the feels. It’s a sweet romance with some heat. I received an advance review copy for an honest review..Score: 5/5

Refreshing Romance at its Best!I absolutely loved Cassie and Flynn’s story. Cassie was so sweet, no drama or trauma but was such a healing personality. Flynn was such a refreshing hero. He had loads of emotional issues but realized with the help of Ruby then Cassie that he was not doomed to repeat the past and ended up a worthy partner. Would love to see more of their story in their siblings upcoming books. This chapter of Sullivans’ will not disappoint! ARC provided in exchange for honest review. -Blender.Score: 5/5

Your love is mineAbsolutely amazing. The story was perfect. I loved how Ruby started to change Flynn’s life before he left for Maine, but watching the transformation after meeting Cassie was amazing. There was laughter, sorry and lots of love. I have loved reading the Sullivan series but this book is definitely at the top of the list as one my favorites..Score: 5/5

Your love is MineThis was a sweet story. We meet Cassie in the other books of the Sullivan's. She bakes candies and other creations. Flynn just finds out his sister has dies of over dose but has a baby girl name Ruby. Flynn needs to write his new screen play so he takes Ruby to his friends Smith Sullivan cabin to lay low with having a baby to care for. Cassie takes one looks that Rudy and Flynn and it's love at first sight. It's hard to fight there feelings for one another, so Cassie tells Flynn she loves him but does think his good enough for her. Will Cassie change her mind when she learns of Flynn past well who he really is ?.Score: 4/5

Your Love is MineThis is the second time that I have read this book. I loved it even more this time. I have always enjoyed reading about the Sullivans. I have read many books about them. Bella Andre has a great way of writing and makes you feel good when you read her books. I look forward to reading more of her books and definitely would recommend this book and her other books to people to read..Score: 5/5

Favorite Sullivan’sI have enjoyed all of the Sullivans for different reasons, some more than others. So far, Cassie and Flynn are my favorites. I’m not sure why I like them so much. Cassie is exactly what you expect, open, honest but not a pushover. And who wouldn’t be infatuated with a man so in love with a baby but out his comfort zone. This was an easy read and didn’t want it to end. If the rest of the Maine Sullivan’s are as interesting and entertaining as Cassie and Flynn, their stories can’t come soon enough!.Score: 5/5

A love we all dream of havingThis story touched me in away most books only wish they could. I can't think of another author that has written a character that I can identify with so deeply. I get Flynn Stewart. I understand his actions. I feel his pain. I relish in his success. But most of all I am so happy that he let himself love. Everyone deserves real love, even those that have never experienced it in their past. Maybe them more than most. Flynn is the perfect candidate to become a member of the Sullivan extended family. How many of us wish we could be part of the family? I can't believe that I am jealous after reading this story. Why can't I be a Sullivan??? I want to be part of a close knit family. I want to be surrounded by the deep love and devotion. Distance does not matter. Honest, love and acceptance make up this strong family no matter where they live. After all it was Smith Sullivan that suggested Flynn Stewart escape to Bar Harbor. Escape to Cassie's cabin. Find peace. Cassie has never seen one of Flynn's movies but that doesn't stop the connection. She knows he is there to get away from it all, to get to know Ruby, a baby he has adopted after her parent's tragic death. No one knows anything else. Flynn does not share his past, his present, his heart. Flynn can't deny the connection but he has choose not to act on it, or so he thinks. Your Love is Mine is a amazing love story. Your Love is Mine is a story of failed resistance. Your Love is Mine is a story of love conquering all, tearing down walls, catching someone when they fall. Your love is mine is what we all want even when we are afraid to admit it. We all have a little bit of Flynn in us when what we actually need is to have a little bit of Cassie in us. 3/13/2019 I can't believe it but this story was even better the second time around. I wonder how long it will be before I pick it up again..Score: 5/5

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Your Love is MineI absolutely adored this book! Bella Andre has done it again and I can’t wait to read more of this amazing author.Score: 5/5

Your love is mineEnjoyed Cassie and Flynn’s story. 👍👍👍👍😁.Score: 4/5

Awesome start to more Sullivan’sYour Love Is Mine Maine Sullivan’s #1 Bella Andre ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ What a beautiful start to Ms Andre’s newest series, the Maine Sullivan’s. This tight knit family of seven kids along with mum Beth and dad, Ethan are bound to have you falling in love all over again. She had certainly started off with a bang. Sweet Cassie is about to find her happy ever after. Flynn Stewart has always had a less than Stella life, but now he’s a successful screen writer with awards to prove it and women at his every turn. What he didn’t expect was a phone call saying he’s now a dad to 6 month old Ruby, his niece. Deciding to leave New York he takes an offered cabin in Bar Harbor that is one by Cassie Sullivan, cousin to his movie star friend Smith Sullivan. When Cassie is contacted by her cousin, Smith to help out a friend with somewhere to stay it was a no brainer, what she didn’t expect was a drop dead gorgeous man and the cutest baby she’s ever seen. Offering anything and everything she is disheartened by his sheer rudeness. But what she discovers in time is Flynn had more demons than becoming a daddy. With her go get em attitude and no back down policy it’s not long before Cassie breaks down Flynn’s walls. But what she discovers is a past so cruel, no child should ever live through. All of Flynn’s secrets will be bought out to love and understanding, just like all the other Sullivan’s. Beautifully written with so much heart fall in love with a new breed of Sullivan’s that in sure will keep us in our toes. Definitely looking forward to more Maine Sullivan’s. Each had a small story in this book so I’m looking towards meeting each one ..Score: 4/5

Great read.Another great read from this author. In this book we are inter juiced to the Maine Sullivan’s family. This books is based around Cassie Sullivan and the relationship with Flynn. Flynn has just found our his sister had past away from an overdose and had a six months old daughter. The nanny he had to help look after her was trying to sell is story and when found out he kicked her out. Smith Sullivan arranged with Cassie to stay in her cabin. Well that is all with in the first few pages. To find out what is the story of what Flynn is scad of getting out you are going to have to read it for yourself. Be warned once you read one book in the Sullivan family you are definitely going to want to read all of the Sullivan books. Definitely looking forward to reading more of Maine Sullivan’s as more of them fall in love. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book..Score: 5/5

Another good oneAlways an easy read, always the same sort of storyline but sometimes this can be good when you’re just after a HEA without too much fuss along the way. Always enjoy how much love flows between the main characters..Score: 4/5

Bella ExcellenceAnother of Bella’s fantastic stories. Love this one and can’t wait to read Rorys story..Score: 5/5

Your Love is MineA heartwarming tale with love, a baby and sweets. Flynn, a Hollywood screenwriter, is escaping Hollywood with his baby girl and the media storm of her existence. Cassie has a cabin in the country that Flynn is renting. Flynn has secrets and his baby is one of them, will he be able to break down his walls and let Cassie in? Wonderful addition to the series..Score: 5/5

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