The Initiation Book Reviews

Nikki Sloane

The Initiation by Nikki Sloane Book Summary

No one knows how new members are selected to the board of Hale Banking and Holding. But there are rumors of a sordid rite of initiation.
Whispers how one woman and nine men disappear into a boardroom.
This time, that woman will be me.
The Hale family owns everything—the eighth largest bank in the world, everyone in our town, even the mortgage on my parents’ mansion. And now Royce Hale wants to own me.
He is charming. Seductive. Ruthless. But above all, he’s the prince of lies. My body may tighten with white-hot desire under his penetrating gaze, but I refuse to enjoy it.
I’ll make a deal with the devil to save my family and sell myself to the Hales. But Royce will never own my heart.

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Book Name The Initiation
Genre New Adult
Language English
E-Book Size 1.01 MB

The Initiation (Nikki Sloane) Book Reviews 2023

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OMG AMAZING. This book series is SO FREAKING GOOD!!!! Must read. I loved it because it was different and unique, not like any book I’ve read before!

Ummm.... Dark and twisted. When Royce warns her that he will do anything to gain the company, he isn’t kidding. As if the initiation didn’t almost make me ill, the pre-nup negotiations are twisted. What is wrong with Macalister?! I just hope this ends with Marist totally getting her revenge on the entire Hale family and company. Maybe she needs to go to school and do some plotting! I didn’t think I would want to read the next book because this was disturbing, but I have to know what she does. She obviously has no one to help her, but she is clever. And, arrogant men seem to let their power slip them up! Bury them Marist. Also, makes me wonder what really happened to Macalister’s 1st wife. Can’t imagine any good relationship ever happening in that house.

Initiation. Absolutely amazing! Every page I was on the edge of my seat. The twists and turns of the book are crazy! Nikki you are becoming my favorite author. Thank you. I can’t wait for Obsession already pre ordered.

Waste of time. If this writing is the best this author is capable of then she need not quit her day job!!! Everything predictable and without any imagination or forethought don’t waste your time reading

Gut wrenching. This book was absolutely nerve wrecking, mind boggling and anxiety laced. So so good.

Love. Very intriguing!

The Initiation. Quite the thriller, I couldn’t put it down. Amazing plot, I’ve never read of that plot in another book. Twists and turns in a hardheaded no nonsense money only family.

The initiation. A wow!! Never knew what the old guy would do next! OMG! Beautifully written! Laraine

Great. Great read. Great storyline.

Effed up, disturbing, disgusting, violating. This was my 1st “dark romance” if you will and at first I loved it. But when the bomb dropped and it got into the initiation I was absolutely mortified, appalled, disgusted. It’s not sexy and scandalous it’s flat out effed up and disgusting and wrong. It gave me a major anxiety attack bc just reading it made me feel violated and unsafe and sad. I had to take a 2 hour break to control my breathing and crying. I felt like I was going to throw up and my heart wouldn’t stop pounding in fear. I just wanted to finish it and the ending (a cliffhanger) made me even more sad, violated, and uncomfortable. If you’re into really disturbing books, this is for you. But I will not be reading any more of this series. I am very disappointed, disgusted, and upset after reading this.

The Initiation. I love this book & the rest of the series. I’m going to be honest I had a love & hate relationship with it at first. But as I got more into I enjoyed it. It was lovely overall!!!

Absolutely. This series is genuinely fantastic. I read an exorbitant amount of books, especially in this genre. I think this first in the series was free as a promotion but I absolutely would gladly pay full price, and have for the rest of the series. The pacing is perfect, the story is at first a bit incredulous (because, fiction) which is fine! But it develops into a complex story with believable yet intense relationship dynamics with a tension that stays consistent from book to book, through every plot twist. The drama doesn’t at all come across at as gimmicky, and as the characters navigate each move, it’s genuinely hard to know which direction things will go; when it seems obvious, I find myself, as the reader, afraid to hope it will be what I want in case it’s not, as well as wondering if maybe I really do want it to be different than I hope. I never knew who was making what move for what reason, and if what’s on the surface is really what’s going on, which just underscores the excellent story telling and keeps the pace moving. The antagonist is very well developed, a complex character that we see a few facets of with glimmers of a few others, and as the reader I’m never sure which one will turn front and center. The protagonist is not shallow, she’s smart, calculating, earnest, and you really care for her. She’s not incredibly deep but she is interesting and she is steady and consistent throughout each pace and each book. The other main character really similar in that they aren’t shallow, they’re smart & cunning, not incredibly deep or complex but steady throughout, but well written so that you’re not sure if what you’re seeing is what you’re seeing, but you hope think :) The story itself is smart, and the writing, are consistent, and do not falter. No dialogue or conflict is labored or overly written, and the sex is hot. The series is truly a pleasure to read. So glad I found it.

I’m shookt. Ahahaha wow I wasn’t expecting this at all.. but I am interested in the outcome. Wow

Good but the sequel is creepy. This book has a dark-and-twisted vibe but nothing out of my comfort zone. However, if you can’t resist reading the sequel to a cliffhanger, avoid this book. The next book gets much much worse. The creep factor is so high that it’s more gothic or horror than romance or erotica, so I can’t recommend the series overall. I do highly recommend the Blindfold Club series by this author.

Great Book. Great Book

Wow. This was intense! I was shocked, horrified, and angry. The scary part is, this stuff really happens I imagine. Can’t wait to find out what happens in the next book.

Well Written. A very well written book, loved the characters and the twists were devastating. The only thing the author could’ve done better was delve more into the main character more. The focus on the relationship and the main character’s feelings throughout the book were very on point, you can feel as she feels the anger, lust, fear, etcetera. If you’re looking for a suspenseful love story this is a good book to read. I can’t wait to finish the series!

So good!. I got nervous with some of the reviews and comments I read but if you stick to the trilogy, it comes full circle. Took me 5 days to read the three books. It was manipulative and seductive, and certain parts dark but she goes through it and the ending was satisfying.

Not for me. I usually like Nikki Sloan’s books. However, this was too unsettling for me. I’m giving it a 3 because it was well written and kept me on edge. It was kind of like a movie you don’t want to watch anymore, but do anyway. I’m just not watching the sequels.

Crazy and sexy. Wow. People don’t like the dark part of this story but the plot sets it apart from any erotic novel I’ve read.

Amazing!!. This is such a crazy good book! I read it all in one night

Beautiful emotional. Best book series in years , i cant wait until nov

Too Good. I have read the first two books in four days and I’m a full time mom of twins! I’ve had absolutely no sleep in the past week because of these amazing books that are too good to put down!

Cringing. I’m wondering who are the audience that think the context of this book is not disgusting. Very distasteful and cringe worthy.

F**ked up but so good..... Its almost so bad its good! Absolutely sinful and not good for anyone not expecting dark twists and turns. Very much about control and domination but also about the true way the 1% live and stay the 1%.

Ahhh. Literally heart stopping, and amazing. Best book I’ve read in so long that I finished it in one day totally recommend. Although the ending ughhhh.

Interesting story.. I enjoyed reading this book. No, just no to the rest. Too weird for my taste.

Superb Intro to Boston’s Upper 1% & a New Series. This is the 1st book that I’ve read by Ms. Sloan and I am totally hooked! The book begins with a weird, shy, intelligent & virginal loner college sophomore, Marist Northcott, attending a party with her older sister, Emily. Marist & Emily are 15 months apart in age and often mistaken as twins. But their personalities are nothing alike; Emily is a friendly, confident, quick-witted and sexy bombshell. While on a whim, Marist had died her hair an unnatural shade of dark green during spring break. It had faded since she had last died it, but the hue was still there. Emily is going to the party to see her potential fiancé, Royce Hale. While Marist brings a book on mythology hidden in her purse to read! Royce Hale had declared Emily a “nobody” at the beginning of her 1st year at their exclusive private secondary school. That social stigma was still following her through her sophomore year of college. The Northcott & Hale families both have generational wealth. Royce’s family controls Hale Banking and Holding Company(HBHC) a 150 year old institution which started as a common bank. HBHC is now the 8th largest bank in the world and has financial & wealth management, commercial banking and expanding deeper in the global market. At the helm of HBHC is CEO Macalister Hale, Royce’s 50 year old father. Also with a recent retirement of an HBHC board member; Emily & Marist believed their father, Charles a longtime employee & high level executive at HBHC, was on the cusp of making it onto the HBHC board of directors. Tonight’s party was to celebrate Royce’s graduation from Harvard Business School. The Hales & Northcotts families have been longtime friends and the girl’s mother was best friends with Royce’s mother before she passed away. The ladies had often joked that their children would marry. Whether to honor his wife’s late wishes or not, Macalister Hale had long ago decided Royce & Emily should marry. By the end of “Initiation”, which covers approximately a year, Marist’s & the Northcott’s world has been forever altered. Emily becomes pregnant by 1 of her (married) college professors, Marist is no longer a virgin(maybe more on that later), the girls find out that their family is on the verge of bankruptcy and the mortgage on their 4th generation home about to be put in foreclosure. Due to Emily’s pregnancy, she is no longer a suitable candidate for marriage into the Hale family. However, Macalister Hale who had previously barely acknowledged Marist’s existence turns to her to replace Emily. To him it is really just a business transaction. Royce needs a wife of suitable social standing, intellect and character before he can ascend to a HBHC board of directors position. Marist, who is majoring in economics with minor in history, has learned that to the Hales everything is about power and control. She also still has a deep interest in mythology, the powers & weaknesses of the gods & goddesses and the strategies they used to control their power and standing in their time ruling over the “world”. With this background, Marist Northcott begins negotiations with Macalister Hale to save her family from bankruptcy and save the family home before agreeing to pursue any further consideration of a future with Royce Hale. The same Royce Hale that had made her social status non-existent and repeatedly turned from her and left, but first asks her to wait for him. Read this book to find out how Marist becomes Royce’s fiancé; helps her family begin to recover their financial stability by becoming the only responsible adult in the household, which does not really earn any favor with her mother and moves into the Hale family home. The title of this book is “The Initiation”. I can’t really give you any pertinent details on the actual ritual. But to get through it, Marist calls upon her interest in mythology to create an almost out of body experience. Read the book for a wild, sensual, & sometimes darkly erotic, journey with Marist and experience her growth & maturity in every facet of her life. Now she truly understands EVERYTHING is about Power & Control in the realm of the Hales!

Leaves you in amazing suspense!. Words can not explain how amazing this book is! It kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I experienced so many emotions in this book. First of all the beginning character set up between Royce and Marist was intense and very well done. You could feel the tension as soon as Royce stepped in the room. Nikki did a good job of making you think this beginning set up was going to continue from that point but to realize the next chapter jumped a year ahead was genius based on what Royce asked Marist to do. From chapter two it was an emotional rollercoaster for me that made my heart pound and had me pulling for Royce and Marist like I was some kind of obsessed cheerleader. The family dynamics in this book was great. From Royce’s crazy dad to Marists narcissist mother it was some great character set ups that emotionally attached me to this book. Im ready for part two.

Dynamic Duo. Loved the dynamic between Marist and Royce and am hoping that he turns out to be a hero and not the villain that he seems to be at the end of the Initiation.

The initiation. CHIIIIllllLD when I tell you this book had me HOOKED. I have NEVER reviewed a book before but I had to for this one. I had to put it down several times to just digest what I just read, it’s that good.

Filthy Rich Americans. Wow! Very well written and so dark & twisted you literally can’t put it down. Loved the well developed characters and mythology references throughout the books. The story just gets more intense and builds more suspense with each book. I enjoyed a series that wasn’t totally predictable for the first time in a long time even!

Amazing!!. I couldn’t put it down. An amazing read, I was hooked from the first scene. I read all three books of this trilogy in one day, it’s that addicting

A great escape!. A quick moving story with characters you’ll love then hate then wonder how you really feel. It is hard to put down and totally mesmerizing.!. What did I just read? What a page turner! I was up until 2am to finish the book knowing my alarm goes off at 6. The Hale family is some kind of messed up! Will definitely get the second book because now I have to know what happens next after that cliffhanger!

The Initiation. U have to have a twisted mind to read this. The family is beyond twisted

Dark and twisted, leaving you begging for more!. What did I just read? Drawn in from the get go and couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. A twisted storyline that will challenge your comfort zone yet so well written and developed that you’re invested in Marist and Royce journey. One truth that resonates throughout this story is don’t believe whatever they say and when you think you know what to expect.... BOOM!! That ending?!!! I’m begging for book 2, The Obsession. A definite must read!

eh. i find myself so into these books and then some weird random things happens in the middle and i’m instantly turned off. this is the second book by this author that i had to force myself to finish. won’t bother wasting my time and money again, which is really frustrating because i like how real the women are. but oh well, more out there i guess

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Amazing. Read the first two instalments of this series so quickly, couldn’t put them down. These are a thrilling read not to be missed, but I advise to wait until the third instalment is released because after jaw dropping way it ends you won’t want to wait!

OM Freaking GOD!!!!. I can’t believe she did that!! Nikki how could you leave us just hanging like that??? This book? It was beyond what I was expecting and having been written by Nikki Sloane you know it’s gonna be something! But, this. The Initiation was… out of this world. I loved it. Every decedent, filthy sexy minute of it. Or, well most of it. Macalister Hale was a creepy, dirty old man whom I want to hurt, very, very badly. Thankfully he wasn’t the male lead here, that award fell to his oldest son Royce. Royce and Marist were the perfect pairing in this edgy, angsty, hot story. They both come from wealthy families, but whilst Royce’s is at the top of the pecking order, Marist’s family is hiding a secret, one she ends up baring the brunt of. Machinations, lies and betrayals abound in this book and just when you think they have reached the worst and the end is nigh, so you can relax your way to a happy ending! That happens! I can’t tell you what, that is but I will say I was on the edge of my seat for the last 10% of the story, praying for a different outcome from what seemed to be zooming down the barrel of a ‘novel’s’ shotgun at me. I’m stunned and shocked, utterly shocked, in fact. I don’t want this ending. I can’t take it. Royce seemed so, so… genuine when he was with Marist, but he warned her. He warned us all!!! I just wanna curl up and cry it out. So, that’s what I’m going to do, and pray the next book gets here soon and maybe, just maybe puts me out of my misery.

5 stars ⭐️. Amazing book! Can’t wait for the 3rd one!!

Suspenseful and spine tingling.. Slow to begin with but it definately delivers in the end.

WOW. What a mind screw. Loved this book it's hard to know who to trust and like about to get the second book can't wait to read it. I read this on till 2am before making myself go to bed lol

Initiation. Loved it, on to book 2.

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The initiatation. Oh my god . The tension that comes off Macalister is immense . Does Royce have a human side to him? Maybe time will tell .

Would recommend!!!. Crazy good read !!!

Grey granny grey. Wow. Loved this book. Can’t wait for the next

Well written and intriguing. I was compelled to buy the next book.

Well it’s different. I liked the storyline, hard assed patriarch. Royce knows his Father well plays the ‘ I don’t care, and you don’t control me “ son very well. Marist is just a pawn in an even bigger game than she realises. The boardroom is a whole other level, of power play. Can Marist turn the tables in this clever game of “ Who Dares Wins”. She has her own stake in the game to worry about. Certainly a page turner. Well written and edited. I got this book for free, don’t know whether I will buy the next two books in the trilogy????? Don’t know that I care for people’s greed buying and selling out on the person they supposedly are marrying.

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Tumultuous and Sexy. You know when you’ve read “THAT” book, the one that consumes your thoughts, the one that you want to read slowly to let it all sink in though you can’t help but binge read cause you just want to consume the whole gawd-damn thing; the one that you reread cause you can’t believe you finished it but can’t get enough of? Well, The Initiation by Nikki Sloane IS THAT BOOK and it has completely, whole heartedly, 100% consumed my every waking thought since I finished reading it! I’m still reeling from this hawt, sexy, sultry, read! The emotional highs and lows I experienced reading this book is the quintessential book hangover I experience every time I read one of Nikki Sloane’s books! When Ms. Sloane writes, she pulls you into her world completely immersing you into the pages of her book. Her words are seductive, the mood ominous, and her characters devastatingly complex. The Initiation is richly layered and unfolds the perverse world of Boston’s Cape Hill, Elite One Percent. Marist, our female leading lady, knows she isn’t the favoured daughter, and for the most part is barely acknowledged by her peers after Royce Hale blacklisted her from her peer’s social circle. One can’t help wonder if this was by design? It isn’t until Marist is 20 that Royce pays her any mind, and invites his potential fiancé Emily and Marist to his graduation celebration. The party has more than one purpose, not only to celebrate Royce, but to publicly showcase Emily and Royce as a future pair. But Royce has invited both sisters, the beautiful and well adored Emily and her misfit sister Marist, who would rather lock herself in the Hale library than socialize with her peers. It’s in said library that Royce confronts Marist and turns her world upside down. Royce has a request, he is insistent about it, and Marist can’t resist him, agreeing to what he asks of her. It isn’t until a year later that Royce comes back to collect on Marist’s promise to him. The timing for this unlikely pair is paramount, what Royce wants and what Marist is willing to give will be dependant on Emily, the potential future fiancé. Everyone holds a stake Royce’s Initiation, and no one comes out a real winner... “A DEAL IS DEEMED GOOD when neither side is happy at the end of negotiations...” - Marist And one more delightful little treat before I end this review, we get a little visit from Noemi and Jospeh from the Blindfold Club series! LOVE IT when Nikki Sloane drops fan fav characters in her current books!!!!! This is a must read for anyone who loves a good angsty read! Readers, eat your hearts out! This book will give you all the feels!

F**** up. It was the most bizarre book I ever read. Some things shouldn’t be normalized and made empowering, and what she endured is neither. No matter how the author tries to phrase it

Ends in a cliffhanger!. Wow just disturbing. Not for me. I also like cliffhanger endings to be stated up front in the blurb.

It’s no HEA. A decent read. Fast pase. Not interesting enough to read the rest of the series.

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Summary of The Initiation by Nikki Sloane

The The Initiation book written by Nikki Sloane was published on 28 May 2019, Tuesday in the New Adult category. A total of 1,994 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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