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The Trouble With You by L. A. Cotton Book Summary

From USA Today bestselling author, L A Cotton comes an angsty YA/NA enemies-to-lovers sports romance. Cocky football players, school rivalry, and the girls who get in their way. Get ready … The Raiders are coming!

Hailee Raine only has to survive one more year.

One year of life in her football obsessed town.
One year of nauseating school spirit.
Just one more year of her cruel step-brother Jason; and his cocky, arrogant, football-playing friends.
She hates them. Especially, Cameron Chase, the guy she thought was different.

Cameron Chase has the world at his feet.

He has it all; good looks, talent, and the charm to go with it.
He has colleges lined up at the door, all wanting a piece of Rixon Raiders star wide receiver.
Until something threatens everything he's ever worked for, and only one person can quiet the war raging inside him.
But he's supposed to hate her; his best friend's sister.

She's off-limits.
She's trouble with a capital T.

Then Hailee finds herself in the middle of a football prank gone wrong...

And suddenly hating each other never felt so good.

The Trouble With You (L. A. Cotton) Book Reviews

BE PREPARED TO BE SUCKED INTO THIS BOOK AND NOT BE ABLE TO PUT IT DOWN!!!This book!! GAH!! I WANT TO SCREAM IT OUT TO EVERYONE “READ THIS AWESOME BOOK!!” I was really excited about this book!! I love L.A.’s writing!! I knew it would be awesome!! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!! Then...I...did!!! 😮 I could NOT stop reading!!! This book is sooo good!!! Cameron is such a honey (after he’s done being mean)!!! Jase is such a poop (cruel and hurtful)!!! Asher just goes with the flow, so he can be a honey or he can be a poop (meany). Depends where things are flowing at the time. I don’t want to strangle him, but sometimes I want to slap him. Speaking of slapping, sometimes I wanted to slap Hailee upside the head. I mean there’s a reason she hates football, but Cam is out there....why aren’t you watching him?? But anyway, I’m not going to tell you all about the story. You have the summary and you should enjoy reading the book without knowing everything that’s about to happen. That’s why I avoid reviews sometimes. But I need to say BE PREPARED TO BE SUCKED INTO THIS BOOK AND NOT BE ABLE TO PUT IT DOWN!!! YOU’RE GONNA LOVE IT!!!!.Score: 5/5

So freaking cuteIf you’re looking for a easy, angsty, teen romance this is it. not the most creative storyline but let’s be real, if you’re looking for a deep professional read you should not be browsing the free romance section in apple books. if you liked this book i would 100000% recommend the Fallen Crest High series by Tijan!.Score: 5/5

The trouble with youBy l.a cotton What an amazing read, angsty and funny , will keep you entertained ! Bookbub.Score: 5/5

“You’re oxygen and he’s drowning”Oh my lord, this book will have you in your feels. I loved Hailee and Cam’s story. This book is so much more than I thought it would be. Hailee is a strong, beautiful girl about to turn 18. She has a love for art and HATE for football, especially Raiders. For the past six years she has been tormented and bullied by her step brother and his two best friends but they can’t break her, they won’t break her. She has walls built so high their antics will NEVER get in until Cam. Cam was the one Hailee thought was different when she first moved to Rixon but he quickly proved her wrong. Now he’s the boy she can’t stop thinking about and the looks he’s dishing aren’t his usual. Cam has his dreams at his finger tips. Senior year and then college ball with his best friend. He wasn’t suppose to feel the way he does, he wasn’t suppose to want the one girl whom has been off limits. When something threatens all his dreams of ever coming a reality he can’t ignore that she is the one person he finds himself needing. “She kept me sane in the quiet moments, the moments where my thoughts turned dark and went to places I didn’t want to be.” If you love young love, angst, bullying, pranks and HS alpha football drama this book is for you. This book will leave you breathless and wanting more, so much more. Jason story is next and it can’t come quick enough!.Score: 5/5

Must ReadIts official - my heart is now property of the Rixon Raiders and the girls they love to hate. An enemies to lovers, angsty, emotional read that has you cheering “5 star read” from the football stands. This story takes place in a town where the high school football players are treated like Royalty. Hailee and her best friend Flick want nothing to do with her step brother Jason and his best friends Cameron and Ash. Hailee is artsy, tough, free spirited and hates football. Cameron is a football star and popular. And for the past six years they have been waging a war against each other by bullying and pranks. "He loved nothing more than to piss me the hell off and I loved nothing more than spending my days plotting my sweet revenge." Cameron continues to push away Hailee and his feelings for her while Hailee has become hardened because of the bullying. They should hate each other. "He was my step-brothers best friend. A Raider. Not to mention, he was one of my tormentors. Cameron Chase was everything I hated." I loved this love- hate, angst filled relationship between the Main characters. I also loved the sub characters and the football scenes that have you in the game! Hailee's loyalty and love for her best girlfriend is so real. Camerons bond with Jason and Ash is like a brotherhood. Family secrets and issues are revealed and will have your heart breaking for them. "I never wanted to break you," I confessed."I only wanted you to see me" Many plot twists and layers unfold and every character is written perfectly. You cant put it down! Looking forward to the next in the series! "You're a Raider now" I am "proudly waving my homemade signs" for Cameron #14, Asher #42, Jason #1, Hailee (Sunshine), Felicity and of course author LA Cotton!!!!.Score: 5/5

Secrets can lead to sweet surprisesAwesome book! Ive always lived her books an this one has topped the charts again!! Live the beginning of the new series she always leaves us wanting more. Haliee and Jason have a troubled relationship. Its toxic. The sister/step-brother combo are at each other’s throats with pranks that are awful it hurts. When things come to light its life changing. I love the way I never saw the twist coming. It kept me on my toes. Its great to see how she added in the setup for her next book!! I cant wait. No cheating and a HEA. Enjoy!!.Score: 5/5

AddictingCam and Hailee have sparks from the beginning. Mostly due to anger and tears or torture but when times get tough they get to see how much they need to be together. It was an amazing angst filled story that I couldn’t put down..Score: 5/5

Another must read from LALove love love this new YA series by LA! This enemies to lovers sports romance is full of drama, angst and so many emotions. I couldn’t put in down. I had to know what was going to happen next in the Jason/ Hailee feud and of course if Cameron and Hailee were ever going to admit their true feelings. This was high school pettiness, football jocks thinking they are above all, and girls being b*$ches. This story did not disappoint. I’m going to be sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next book!.Score: 5/5

WowThis is a amazing read that will have you hooked all the way throughout this book. This was a read that I wasn’t able to put down because was whiting to ,know what would happen next. This is a fast pace moving story that will have you glued to each word and feel the flow of the words that will have you hooked to this new series. I cane wait for the next book in this series..Score: 5/5

Warning* addictive*This was a first Read by this author for me and I am Now a fan! Enemies to lovers, or a bully romance trope, is one of my favorites! I highly recommend this book! The story line was great and addictive! Great characters and can’t wait to read about the other characters in future books!.Score: 5/5

Kept me hooked until the very end.Such a good book from page one. Can’t wait to see what happens next.Score: 5/5

4starsI loved Cameron and Haliee together. I also loved that Haliee never backed down from a prank. She gave as good as she got. Can’t wait to see what’s next..Score: 4/5

Love this seriesI loved this book out of the series most but it was really close❤️read it in one sitting.Totally recommend, 100%!.Score: 5/5

Addictive read!The drama! The Angst! The battles! The secrets! The swooooooon! Whew, this book is one hell of a ride! L.A. Cotton starts off the Rixon Raiders with one heck of a bang in The Trouble With You. I carried this book around with me all day reading because I didn’t want to look away for even a second. Every second something was happening, whether that was the war that exists between Hailee and her stepbrother Jason or Hailee falling for the “enemy” better known as Jason’s best friend Cameron. I was so sucked into the lives of these young adults in the football obsessed town you couldn’t have pulled me back to reality if you tried. Typically I’m not a big fan of lots of drama but L.A. Cotton has this down to a fine art. It was entirely captivating. Keeping me on edge, needing to know what could possibly be coming next all the while unraveling the other side of these bullying football gods. That’s one thing you’ll definitely be learning. Nothing is what it seems and secrets are around every corner. As things heat up in this war, things also heat up between Hailee and Cameron. With explosive chemistry that flares brighter by the second these two were a match made in star crossed heaven. Even with everything that swirls around them there’s a certain unique sweetness that exists between Hailee and Cameron. And after that ending I am DYING for more!.Score: 5/5

Great high school dramaThe Trouble with You is the first book in the Rixon Raiders series. This book started the series off with a touchdown. It is everything I look for in a YA romance: football, school rivalry, angst, drama, friends to lovers, and cocky guys. I loved the characters. The female lead is Hailee Raine, her step brother, Jason, is the quarter back for their high school football team. They don’t get along and always play pranks on each other. Jason has even been know to involve his friends in these pranks. Cameron is one of his best friends and he seems to enjoy making Hailee cringe. Hailee hates Cameron and the way he treats her. Then Hailee gets into a football prank gone wrong and the guys, especially Cameron, have no choice but to help her. He knows she’s off limits and that she’s trouble because of her step brother. They say the line between love and hate is thin. Cameron and Hailee have to figure out how to handle all those feelings. Hailee is a great heroine, she is strong and doesn’t take crap from anyone, she is loyal to a fault, pretty, sweet and sassy. Cameron is everything you’d want in a high school football player; cocky, sexy, and a little misunderstood. This was a quick read for me. I literally couldn’t but this book down and stayed up way too late to get to the end. This book can be read as s standalone but I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one..Score: 5/5

Sports romance + enemy to lover + best friends sister ❤️❤️❤️My first read by LA Cotton, definitely won’t be my last. It was some of my favorite romance genres all rolled into one. Sports Romance + Enemy to lover + Best Friend’s sister! The author shoved so many angsty and slow burn moments into this book that I felt like I needed a cigarette when they finally did the deed....I don’t smoke. I LOVED this book so much, I can't wait to reread it when I get my paperback in! Hailee is strong and feisty, never backing down from a fight! Her and her step brother have a rivalry unlike any other I’ve ever read about. She takes his punches standing up and is already forming a plan in her head as it’s happening. It’s not just him that she has to deal with though. Being a Rixon Raider, he basically has the entire football team at his disposal when it comes to torturing his “sister”. His right hand man is none other than Cameron Chase. The chemistry between Hailee and Cameron is undeniable; they barely touch and heat spreads like wildfire between these two. You can feel the heat leap off the pages and can’t help but get excited for what’s to come. Cameron at one point has to choose whether to keep playing football and get a scholarship OR do what he can to help the people he loves. I love the choice he makes, I can see the man he will become because of the choices he makes during the difficult times of his life. The twist at the end, I saw it coming but wasn’t sure when it would happen. Glad it ended that way and excited for the next book in this series. Even though this is a series, you could definitely read it as a standalone. I’m a serious book series junkie though, I need them more than I need tacos....and that’s saying a lot!.Score: 5/5

So addictingOnce you start just can’t stop reading. It’s high school senior year for Hailee, her best friend Felicity, her step brother Jason and his two best friends Cameron and Asher. Hailee is a beautiful, talented, strong and tough girl and survived all the pranks that Jason and his best friends had pulled on her for the past six years. Jason, Asher and Cameron are part of the school’s football team, Raiders. Jason is a star quarterback and Cameron is the wide receiver. Hailee doesn’t have many friends or go on any dates since Jason had declared her to be off limits. Cameron has feelings for Hailee but can’t express his feelings because of his friendship with Jason. It was a love hate relationship between them. Will Cameron and Hailee overcome their issues? This is the first book of this series. Can’t wait for the next book!.Score: 5/5

PERFECTIONAside from a few typos I can not believe how amazing this book truly was. I read it all in one day and can not believe how instantly it was on my top 10 romance novels of all time. You must read!.Score: 5/5

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Wasted money...Okay, this was bad.. like really bad. Not very often do I not finish a book but this book just got one my nerves. It was overly dramatic, the main characters were horrible with no development, Flick the best friend was nothing a friend should be, the brother was a legit crazy, and Cameron was the farthest thing from a man. It was unrealistic! It was not worth reading! It was awful!.Score: 1/5

Enemies to loversWarning about this book you will get hooked on the first page, never want to put it down, you will fall in love with the characters, and you will never want it to end. The Trouble With You follows the story of Haillee and Cameron. This book is an enemy to lovers and a brothers best friend romance. Haillee is an awesome character. I love her so much. She is the strong female lead I've been waiting for. Her best friend Flick is amazing as well. Lets just say I want to be best friends with them. Hailee and her step brother Jason are enemies and his two best Asher and Cam join in on the pranks both siblings do on each other. In the beginning I didn't like the three of them because I thought they were kind of mean but over time I got to know them and ended up loving all of them. Cam is just a sweetheart under his though exterior and is really protective over Haillee which I love. I really enjoyed how Cam's and Haillee's progressed throughout the story. It was funny, emotional, and everything I could have asked for. It went above and beyond my check list which never happens. This book has dual POV so you get an inside of both Cam's and Haillee's minds and they are stated which is a bonus. I really recommend this book if you want something that will keep you on the edge of your sit. I can't wait to read more by L.A. Cotton and read more of what this series has to bring..Score: 5/5

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Couldn’t put it downThis book is amazing from the first page I couldn’t put it down, it was so much more then I expected l.a.cotton has out done herself again on this book, I couldn’t recommend you read this enough loved loved loved it can’t wait for the next 2 books to come out, don’t forget to check out her bonus scenes on book+main..Score: 5/5

UnsureI struggle with my response to this book. On a basic level I get why people liked it, but the bullying, harassment, public humiliation, assault on a young girl was extreme. I mean being ruffied, stripped naked, photographed and put on the internet... seriously? That is illegal and people go to jail for it. Not matter how “strong” the character, romanticising these behaviours in YA books is scary. God help the #metoo movement if this is the standard used, even in fiction..Score: 2/5

Loved it fav read of 2019These are the books that I love and when they are done this well it gets me so excited for others to read this book and I am now hanging for the next book. The way this book ended so can’t wait for The Game You Play. This had it all enemies to lovers, drama, a nasty step brother, the best friend everyone loves and just an amazing YA story. I loved Haliee she was a lovely character but even if it wasn’t her she still stood up for herself and the people she loved, she learn’t that she didn’t always get it right but she was a strong character. Haliee went through so much and at the cost of her step brothers rivalry and her brothers best friend. Cameron he was such a complex character, you hated him, loved him then hated him and again and then finally you learn to love him, the thing with Cameron he had so much going on and I was just hanging to find out what was happening with his family and wanting to know his struggles. I loved the chemistry between Hailee and Cameron and you could see how they could work as the book continued but the back and forth and hatred pouring off these pages and me so enthralled in the story. One of my favourites by La Cotton absolutely loved it massive 5 Rixon Stars for me..Score: 5/5

Great readStayed up all night reading this! Great book. I was laughing and crying alone with the characters.Score: 5/5

Hooked line and sunkerI’ve stumbled across this book by accident. Thought I’d read but get bored with it... I was wrong. I read this book in one night! I couldn’t put it down - safe to say I’m tired as f today but totally worth it! I have the next hook on preorder now cause I HAVE to continue on, I’m hooked. Hurry up September! 🙏🏼.Score: 5/5

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The best yet!!!Wow! I didn’t honestly think I could love a book anymore than the Wicked Bay series from this author, this book has exceeded all expectations. Thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. I just need more now..Score: 5/5

Fabulous beginning to a brand new series...I do love enemies to lovers and sports romance, and this first book in a brand new YA series, set in the world of High school American Football, was a really fantastic read. Hailee is a sympathetic and strong character who is resilient against the trials and tribulations brought to her in the shape of her nemesis Jason, who also happens to be her step say there is no love lost between these two would be an understatement. The step siblings have close friends who provide support and humor to the story; I thought Flick was a perfect bff for Hailee. Jason has his team mates, and in particular Cameron and Asher. I love the friendship between these guys even though it means that Hailee suffers as a result...and then there is Cameron who is the kind of person you want in your corner, but he has a lot going on, and whilst his attraction to Hailee is difficult to ignore, his loyalty to his best friend Jason together with the other angst in his life makes any future hopes impossible to consider. This was a really well written story with so much scope for future high school drama, fun and romance. There are clearly some new relationships developing. I’m certain Asher and Jason are both going to have their moment in the limelight in subsequent books; hopefully all the guys and girls will continue to feature in the coming instalments...A fabulous start to the series; I look forward to reading more...I received an advanced copy of this book from the author..Score: 4/5

Could not put this downThis is the first book in the new Rixon Raiders series.⁣⁣ I’m going through a YA, bully romance phase just now and the blurb for this book drew me in promising me everything I love. ⁣⁣ First off we see Hailee arguing with her step-brother Jason and initially I thought we were going to get a step-brother romance, but it’s not. Her step-brother really dislikes her and is always tormenting her. Hailee however, gives as good as she gets and fights back. At school it is much the same, except his best friends also help torment her but she does her best to stay away from them. ⁣⁣ After an incident with rival football team members, Hailee ends up the target of their jokes which in turn makes her spend more time with her brother and his friends. This is where the sparks start to fly and the push/pull with Cameron begins. ⁣⁣ Cameron has lots going on at home that he is struggling to deal with and Hailee is the perfect distraction for that, however, he finds that she is someone he doesn’t want to be apart from and that she brings calmness to his world of football and family responsibilities. He is also a total dream and I wouldn’t mind him as my next book boyfriend! ⁣⁣ Poor Hailee, she was the total victim but I liked how she held her head high. ⁣⁣ I could not put this book down. Cotton pulled me in with the slow burn and angst in this addictive read. There’s drama, family secrets and boys you will love to hate. I loved the side characters and can’t wait to see what their stories bring. However, I am not a fan of Jason so it will be interesting to see what Cotton does with his story, to see if she can turn me around.⁣⁣.Score: 5/5

Unexpectedly darkI thought that this was going to be another teenage cliche of a book, nerd falls for high school star but boy was I wrong! It’s dark and real - literally couldn’t put it down!.Score: 5/5

FricktasticThis was he first in a new series from the author and way to kick it off with a bang !!!! Brilliant storyline and relatable characters that draw you in. It was an effortless read and so enjoyable. If you haven’t read it yet then I hope you do...also check out any of l.a ‘s many books as they are just as great. Five stars.Score: 5/5

WowThis book popped up on my Facebook newsfeed a friend of mine shared it. I’d never read anything from this author before but the cover caught my eye and intrigued me so I read the blurb and quickly brought the book. I devoured it in one sitting I absolutely could not put it down it was left cursing and loving the characters. Such a fantastic book definitely 5 stars 😊 now going too see what else this author has..Score: 5/5

Dragged on and onI like the idea of football, especially in a saucy story. Bùt, I don’t particularly like reading through the half time pep talk or want to read a play by play of the on field action. The whole story also goes round and round with petty infighting that gets sò boring and still drags on until the end. Never ending childishness..Score: 2/5

Goes on and on.....It’s an okay book but it had a overly long burn to it just for the climax of the book to be rubbish (when they main people get together), if you have nothing to read then I recommend this. When I purchased it, the book was free it is not worth £0.99 let alone £2.99 honestly..Score: 2/5

Great StoryI really enjoyed this story. It was easy to follow along to and I loved that Hailey was strong and didn’t back down. I’m especially drawn to Jase and Flick and desperately want to know the story between them.Score: 4/5

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