Murder in the Manor (A Lacey Doyle Cozy Mystery—Book 1) Book Reviews

Fiona Grace

Murder in the Manor (A Lacey Doyle Cozy Mystery—Book 1) by Fiona Grace Book Summary

"Very entertaining. I highly recommend this book to the permanent library of any reader that appreciates a very well written mystery, with some twists and an intelligent plot. You will not be disappointed. Excellent way to spend a cold weekend!" --Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (regarding Murder in the Manor)

MURDER IN THE MANOR (A LACEY DOYLE COZY MYSTERY—BOOK 1) is the debut novel in a charming new cozy mystery series by Fiona Grace. 

Lacey Doyle, 39 years old and freshly divorced, needs a drastic change. She needs to quit her job, leave her horrendous boss and New York City, and walk away from the fast life. Making good on her childhood promise to herself, she decides to walk away from it all, and to relive a beloved childhood vacation in the quaint English seaside town of Wilfordshire.

Wilfordshire is exactly as Lacey remembers it, with its ageless architecture, cobblestone streets, and with nature at its doorstep. Lacey doesn’t want to go back home—and spontaneously, she decides to stay, and to give her childhood dream a try: she will open her own antique shop.

Lacey finally feels that her life is taking a step in the right direction—until her new star customer turns up dead.

As the newcomer in town, all eyes are on Lacey, and it’s up to her to clear her own name.

With a business to run, a next-door neighbor turned nemesis, a flirty baker across the street, and a crime to solve – is this new life all that Lacey thought it would be?

Books #2-#9 are also available!

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Book Name Murder in the Manor (A Lacey Doyle Cozy Mystery—Book 1)
Genre Cozy
Language English
E-Book Size 4.1 MB

Murder in the Manor (A Lacey Doyle Cozy Mystery—Book 1) (Fiona Grace) Book Reviews 2023

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New beginnings. Lacey felt an overwhelming sense of ending after receiving her divorce papers, an especial insult in the spousal support clause that her husband demanded two years support from her as the higher earning spouse. An impulse takes her back to a village where she had a final holiday with her mom and father. England is a chance for a new start, with a new business. Some tangled messes with her neighbors might shake her, but she and her doggy companion could well be on their way to a new and different life than they left behind. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout I bought a copy from Apple Books

Good but..... The author is driving me crazy. She keeps referring to the main character’s stove as an “Arga”. That’s a river in Spain, not the British appliance manufacturer, Aga! Get the details right. Then there are all the other errors in the text that affect the reading experience. Oh, and she likens puff pastry (a laminated dough) to scones (a biscuit dough). If she doesn’t cook, maybe she could get some advice so her scenarios are more believable

Great mystery. Enjoyed this book very much and am on to the second book!

A quirky “British “ mystery.. The crazy American woman came through and straightened it all out. A little perplexing, a little fun, and very out-of-the-ordinary.

Good plot. Good plot an enjoyable read

Murder in the Manor. This is a lighthearted mystery with likable “good guys” and “shady bad guys”. Enjoyable, short fun.

Suspenseful. I liked the storyline and it kept my interest. Good read on rainy days.

Murder in the Manor. This story keeps you entertained! The twists and turns it takes keeps you hooked trying to figure out just who did the murder.

Murder in the Manor. Hard to put down. I didn’t want it to end because I won’t buy the sequel.

Enjoyed. Transports you to a new place. Great mystery and keeps you wanting more.

Awesome Book. This book is great!

Ambivalent. I really enjoyed the start of the book: the characters and the situation were engaing. However, after the murder, this was just one more mystery where the cops are incompetent, the heroine has flights of fancy that solve the murder and the heroine’s friends have shallow reactions to the accusations she mistakenly makes. It’s very frustrating that an otherwise interesting story relied on such hackneyed tricks. However it was very nice that the book wasn’t full of typos and grammatical errors.

Time to go Karen. This is duckica

Murder in the Manor. Great start to a new series. I was engaged through the whole thing!

Thoroughly enjoyed it.. First cozy mystery I have read and I enjoyed it.

My heartfelt gratitude. Well written. It’s a perfect book for me to read in bed. I actually read more of it during the day whenever I’m free. I think I’m getting that same enthusiasm I had before my life took a huge turn. Fell in love, suffered & now free again. I used to love to read novels. I graduated from romance, horror to crime dramas. From Barbara Cartland, Stephen King to James Patterson. Thank you. I look forward to reading more of her books.

Very good. Once I started had trouble stopping, really enjoyed the novel. Thank you for offering the book for free.

Murder In The Manor. Really enjoyed the book. I like a good murder mystery. And the characters. I felt like I was there amongst them. Thank you!

Murder at the manor. Great story, love how ever of its together!!

Super cute. Really enjoyed. Great starter for a series. Really like Lacey and hope to follow her in future books.

When you think you’ve solved it…. Great book! Every time I’d read a new clue I thought I had it figured out. I was guessing till the end and enjoyed ever moment!

Murder in the Manor. 5 STARS ⭐️ 🌟⭐️ 🌟⭐️ Excellent!!! Intense!!! Edgy!!! Fiona Grace is an exceptional author/writer!!! 1st iBook in this series of Seaside Harbor. And, surprisingly, it was free!!! I felt like I was right along side of Lacey. Mystery, with a little romance, set in England, the story/plot kept building up the suspense. As the characters developed, I found myself reading for longer periods of time. I did not notice any typos. If they were present, they did not deter from my concentration of devoured reading!!! Many twists and turns kept me intrigued that I ended up reading this story in 2 nights! I am looking forward to buying and reading the rest of this series. Fiona Grace—please keep up your fantastic various types of stories!!! I had read another different iBook of hers recently. And, it was also great. You, Fiona, do not disappoint this new reader and new fan of yours!!! 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰

Murder in the manor. The writing was a little simplistic but the plot was very good. It was @ bit unbelievable at how quick an American could open a shop in England and get a work visa. I just overlooked that. Thanks, g

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!. I don’t give a fig about people’s reviews about a book. I read a horribly scathing review about this book, but I was interested by the title…come on…MURDER IN THE MANOR…how could I go wrong? I kept waiting to get to the horrible parts, but there weren’t any; it was all good! Can’t wait to read book number 2 to find out about Lacy’s dad, her relationship with Tom, and her nemesis, Taryn!

Great book!. I have really enjoyed reading a book about my county...I love mysteries. Please write more books, in the future.

It’s ok. It’s an ok book. First it took several chapters before there was even a murder and then the suspects kept being changed over and over. Also some of the storylines were just too unbelievable.

Worth reading. Great read. Good author. Looking forward to more of her books

Lacey’s new life!. This book kept me guessing until the end! The cliffhanger in the end makes reading book 2 inevitable!

Couldn’t stomach this book. Terrible writing, unrealistic characters, editing errors, lackluster plot, the list goes on. Even the vet scene was ridiculous. Microchips do not connect you to a police report to show you that the registered owners are deceased. I do not recommend wasting your time on this book.

Fun mystery!. Loved the characters. Loved the story and mystery. Good intro to Lacey Doyle and her world! Will read this authoress again for sure.

Intriguing. It was a fun book set an a unique setting with wonderful characters that made me smile and laugh.

Murder in the Manor. Wonderfully written! Love the characters.

Chicken. It is amazing wmmdmcmene

Very entertaining reading. This book is one I enjoyed reading very much. It is a well written book. A mystery that kept me wanting to read.

Murder in the Manor. Loved, loved, loved this Cozy Mystery! Lacey’s trip “trip across the pond” to rediscovery some fond memories throws her smack in the middle of a murder mystery! I really enjoyed the story.

Read this series!. Love this series! Great writing whisks you quickly into the story. Strong, relatable characters, humor and mystery, enchanting scenery... Could not stop reading! If you enjoy a cozy evening curled up with a cup of tea and a book that unfolds with the whit and charm of a cherished old friend, look no further

Murder In The Manor. A descriptive and easy read and it was free! Liked the characters. Lacey is blessed that everything seems to easily fall into place for her. There is a second book that this story leads up to.

A who done it with a twist. Surprisingly captivating I couldn’t stop turning the pages. It was over too soon. I can’t wait to see what the next book brings

Bad book and narration. Implausible timeline for absolutely everything (she arrives in England and can’t find a room because it’s Easter and everything is booked - a few weeks later, she unmasks the killer at an Easter dinner. And that’s just one of many absurdities.) Breathy narration with half the sentences ending in an upward lilt annoying. I had to stop and just jump to end to see if my guess was correct. Thank goodness it was free.

Excellent, quick read!. I couldn’t put it down! I loved getting know each of the characters and envisioning scenery. The twists mixed in with the wonderfully descriptive narrative make me feel like I’m part of the story. I’ve now read book 2 of the series as well, and can’t wait to get into the next!

Top Notch!. From the beginning to the end a wonderful read. The storyline was well written and believable and fast paced.

Murder In the manor. Very easy to read, a good beach book but with a twist.

Good read. Fun story. Easy read. Nice description of setting and characters.

Good read. Well paced mystery with interesting characters. Other reviewers have noted the edit errors and so forth. Enjoy this as is. You’ll be satisfied.

Murder and Memories. Divorce propels Lacy into drastic changes and choices resulting in a whole new life. This cozy mystery is original and unpredictable. It’s a good read.

Great book!. A great story, well written with a plot that really draws you in.

Fell in love!. I fell in love with the town, a dog, an American and all the others along the way! Can’t wait to see what happens next...

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Exciting. Great book and loads of exciting advents

Murder mystery. Wonderful book

Murder in the manor. Loved it will read it again.

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Exciting. Loved this book & excited its part of a series. Couldn’t put this down.

Can’t help praising. A very good piece of work done by author. Characters were pretty interesting along with the story. Final few chapters were more interesting that others and they gave the story a pretty good ending. the part about Lacey’s stomach rumble was annoying to me. But the story was really satisfying. I really liked it.

Murder in the Manor. This was a wonderful read . From well developed likeable characters to the plot . Cozy up in your favourite chair and read this book

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Summary of Murder in the Manor (A Lacey Doyle Cozy Mystery—Book 1) by Fiona Grace

The Murder in the Manor (A Lacey Doyle Cozy Mystery—Book 1) book written by Fiona Grace was published on 15 October 2019, Tuesday in the Cozy category. A total of 2,821 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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