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Meghan March

The Fight for Forever by Meghan March Book Summary

New York Times bestselling author Meghan March utterly addictive Legend Trilogy concludes in The Fight for Forever.

You can only keep what you can protect.
That’s all I’ve ever known. It’s the way I’ve lived my life.
Now, everything I never knew I needed is at risk, and I’m not letting  anyone take it from me.
I won’t let anyone take her from me.
They say love is a battlefield, so I’m ready for war.
This time, it’s the fight for forever.

The Fight for Forever is the final book in the Legend Trilogy and should be read after The Fall of Legend, book one and House of Scarlett, book two of  the utterly addictive Legend Trilogy.


“Holy hell.....this book was freaking INCREDIBLE, this couple was nothing short of PERFECTION and their story was an EPIC MASTERPIECE!” -Goodreads Reviewer


“Fast-paced, suspenseful, sexy, dramatic and mix in some twists you have all the ingredients of an engaging read and The Fight Forever had it all.”-Totally Addicted to Reading

“The Legend Trilogy is enthralling and addicting, and The Fight For Forever is the perfect ending, one that keeps you guessing and gasping until the very last pages.”- Catherine Cowles, author

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Book Name The Fight for Forever
Genre Romance
Language English
E-Book Size 3.63 MB

The Fight for Forever (Meghan March) Book Reviews 2023

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Amazing!. 5 Stars Title: The Fight for Forever Author: Meghan March Series: The Legend Trilogy #3 First things first-if you haven’t read the first two books in the series, you’ll need to before starting this. Ms. March has done it again. She has made me completely and utterly fall in love with her characters and her phenomenal imagination. The Fight for Forever was an EPIC conclusion to this trilogy. I felt so many emotions and felt so much love. Legend and Scarlett are two of my favorite characters Ms. March has ever written. Their chemistry is unbelievable and you can feel the love they have for each other in every word that’s written. In The Fight for Forever, we get all of our questions answered and then some! We get to see two characters who are so different in so many ways, come together and fight for the love that they share. Highly recommend reading this trilogy!

The Ladybug and the Fighter bring us an epic conclusion to their story!. Once again Meghan brings another trilogy to an epic conclusion! After the cliffhanger ending of book 2, my mind was reeling with so many thoughts about what was going to happen. Everything I was left wondering about gets answered in this book. I totally loved Gabriel and Scarlett together. Individually they are forces to be reckoned with, but together, they are unstoppable. Neither one having a real family but finding one in the people they surround themselves with. And I loved the people they surrounded themselves with. Especially Bump! Someone dangerous from Gabriel's past has resurfaced and everything he has built from the ground up is in jeopardy. Can he keep Scarlett and Bump and all those he loves safe while figuring out how to get rid of the threat? I was literally glued to the pages of this book to see if Gabriel and Scarlett would find their much deserved happily ever after. The twists and turns came fast and furious and all kinds of things happened I didn't see coming! Meghan lays some clues as to who is going to pop up in her next duet and if I am correct, I am SO excited!! I hope at some point there will be a story for Q and perhaps Flynn?? I loved seeing a bunch of characters from Meghan's other books, it was good to visit with them again. Holy moly, this trilogy was amazing!! I loved the ending, I had such a big smile on my face! I can't wait to see what Meghan has in store for us next!

It was okay, not my fav.. Let me just start by saying I am obsessed with Meghan’s books. I’ve read all of them and usually would give them a 5 out of 5. This book just didn’t do it for me. The 2 main characters are okay but I didn’t feel they had a lot of chemistry. The storyline also didn’t grab me and I didn’t have a lot of use for the secondary characters either. All in all it wasn’t bad but it’s nothing compared to Forge & India, Lachlan & Keira or Creighton & Holly’s stories.

Best yet. She does it again! Each book is better than the last and this one is the best yet. I loved the conclusion to Gabriel and Scarlett’s story and even more loved the secondary characters - I’m rooting for Flynn’s story!

WOW. As always I loved this series. Great characters full of passion. I was not excepting the ending which is great.

There’s no turning back once you meet Legend.. 4 stars A trilogy that is like riding a roller coaster. There’s angst and heart, love, and questions. In The Fight for Forever, we get all of that plus the answers we’ve be waiting for. Meghan March is somehow to weave these stories that have me glued to the edge of my seat, craving all of the answers and yet not wanting it to end. Gabriel Legend is an alpha in the truest sense of the word. He’s protective and sweet. He loves Scarlett with all that he has. Which, when we first met him, there was definitely an edge to him. One that I wasn’t sure if it could be softened. I should have known better though. This trilogy delivers on every aspect. But you have to be in it for the long haul. There’s not turning back when you meet the man that is Legend.

4.25 Ladybug stars!. The Fight for Forever is a fantastic conclusion to the Legend Trilogy. The whole series is an addictive, action packed, passionate, highly satisfying, and captivating story! Viva Gabriel Legend <3 I truly love reading Meghan March's alpha males books, she definitely knows how to write them as I keep coming back for more.

The fight for forever. Love this book series!!! Great story that’s funny, romantic and has a good ending! I wish there was a 4th book that was about wedding and having a baby!

The Fight for Forever. This entire trilogy was almost as wonderful as the others I’ve read. It still made me cry at the end! Meghan March is a fabulous writer! Love love love her books!!!!

I Can’t Help Myself!!. I can’t help myself. I’ve said it before, and I am 100% certain I will say it again, but I don’t care.... THIS IS MY FAVORITE TRILOGY by this author!!! I shamelessly jump ship every single time because Meghan March keeps giving me these amazing couples to fall in love with. And if that’s not enough, she then completes the stage with amazing side characters that-before I’m even done reading the one in my hands-I am hoping get their own story so I can gobble it up too. In my opinion, that’s a great sign that you’re reading a really amazing author and is one of the main reasons why she is an automatic one-one click for me. This is not a standalone, so if you haven’t read the previous two books (Book #1-The Fall Of Legend and Book#2- The House Of Scarlett) keep reading this spoiler free review and then go get yourself acquainted with Gabe and Scarlett. I’m not getting into detail with this book because there’s no need. You know what you’ve read so far. I’ll sum it up by saying -the important things that you look for when you reach the end of a trilogy that you are completely invested there.....TENFOLD!!! It is well written, with twists and turns and love and steaminess and determination and loyalty and.....I could go on and on, but I won’t. If I could curse in a review, I would, because sometimes saying those “naughty words” makes it more impactful, more satisfying but I guess I will have to settle for saying- It was a freaking amazing end to the two freaking amazing previous books, and I’m a die-hard Meghan March fan that can’t wait to get her hands on whatever she has next. I would highly recommend this book and any other book this author has written. Fair will be hooked!

The battle is on!!!. The fight to end all fights!!!! This books was such a perfect way to wrap up Legend and Scarlett’s story. Odds are stacked against Gabriel Legend in his long awaited rematch with Bohdi Black...and odds are even more against his romance with Scarlett Priest. Between Gabriel’s past rearing it’s ugly head, to Scarlett’s troll that Lee’s threatening her...they just can’t seem to catch a break...

4 Stars!!!. Finally! We have the conclusion to Scarlett and Gabriel with A Fight for Forever! It was a long torturous wait but it was worth it to finally have the ending here. So much happens in the Gabriel’s past and he’s slowly letting Scarlett in. Will these two be able to make it out on the other side in one piece? So many twists and turns throughout this trilogy and it’s finally coming to a head. It takes you on a journey like none other and leaves you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. Ms. March is an incredible story teller and if you haven’t read this series or her stories before, jump on it and dive right in! 4 stars.

Great Read!!. March does it again!!

5 Legendary Stars!. The Fight for Forever is the third book in the Legend trilogy and picks up where book two left off. This book was full twists and turns and I ever knew what was going to happen next. I loved that Gabriel and Scarlett were a unit. Their love was really and they leaned on one another instead of shutting each other out. All of the side characters were fun and interesting too. I would honestly be interested in reading any of their stories. Well, not Chadwick’s. I’m not interested in what his future holds. This was a fun, suspenseful trilogy that I think everyone will enjoy, I will definitely be recommending it to all of my reading buddies.

Fantastic!!. The Fight for Forever is the third book in the Legend Trilogy and it was the absolute perfect ending to this series. Gabriel and Scarlett’s love story is probably my favorite of Meghan March’s so far. This book wrapped up the story so well, and it had all the added twists and turns you come to expect when reading one of her books. You will be on the edge of your seat until the end and loving every nail biting minute of it.

This has all the makings of a really good movie!. Do you ever read a book and just know that it has the makings of a really good movie?! If you haven’t, then read this trilogy! Every little thing was so accurately described that I didn’t even have to work to imagine what was going on; it literally just played in my head like a movie. Now THAT is how I like to read a book. The amazing storyline, the plot twists, the vivid detail... IT IS ALL THERE! Do yourself a favor and dive in headfirst. It’s well worth it!

Winner!!!. Legend and Scarlett are the couple determined to beat the odds and we are lucky enough to tag along on their journey. As the final book of the trilogy, we are given big surprises and major plot twists. Once again, Meghan March does not disappoint.

Had my heart racing. I was hooked immediately. This was emotional and had my heart racing. There were also some very funny parts. This story could have gone in so many different directions. I can’t say much without spoiling, so I won’t. But I have a feeling I know why Meghan took the story in the direction she did. Scarlett and Legend come from two different worlds, but they fit together perfectly. I loved this trilogy and I can’t wait to see where Meghan takes us next.

The Finale. Wow! This was an awesome ending to another hit Meghan March trilogy. Always guaranteed to be a hot steamy read with drama and action. Loved the visit from a special character.

What a ride!. Ahhhh. The end of another trilogy. This trilogy was quite the ride. The buildup, suspense, and cliffhangers were intense, and the end result (even if it was a little rushed in my opinion) was worth it. All in all, this is another good book by Meghan March. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Twist and Turns. Thank you Megan March for delivering once again an exceptional series The twist and turn keep you on the edge of your seat The love story keeps you swooning. Prepare to binge read and have a book hangover.

A love for forever!. So this is the perfect ending and send off for Legend and Scarlet. I never want to say too much because ya know spoilers. I will say Meghan never disappoints. I love the way she’ll sprinkle in other characters from other books. Even though I’m sad to see the end of Legend and Scarlet’s story I’m excited to see where the pop up and with who.

Oh, Yes!. Y'all. Every single time that Meghan March introduces a new couple, I think, 'This is my favorite couple of Meghan's!" Let me tell you, friends, this might be it. Scarlett and Gabriel and the group of people that they love are the deal, and THE FIGHT FOR FOREVER, the perfect wrap-up for one of my new favorite set of books from Ms. March. Each of the two previous books has been a great read in their own right, but this one has all of the action, all of the love, all of the feels. Scarlett and Gabriel are turning the typical Cinderella story on its ear, coming together as the power couple that no one was expecting, and writing their own happy ending. Edge of my seat much? To the very last page, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Meghan kept me guessing right up to the end, paving the way for what I am hoping is the story that I cannot wait to read. Was that my jaw on the ground? Why, yes, yes it was, as Meghan proved once again that she is at the top of her game as one of the reigning queens of contemporary romantic suspense. If you're a fan of Meghan's, then you know that this book, and, indeed, the whole Legend trilogy, is a must-read. If she's been on your TBR, then go, right now, and grab these books. Go. Now. You can thank me later... ❤️

A Must Read!. If you haven’t read this trilogy by Meghan March you are seriously missing out. Each book she writes keep getting better and better. Gabriel’s and Scarlett’s story has been full of twists and turns since the beginning but it’ll keep you hooked from the first page. The level chemistry and passion between these two characters is palpable right off the page. Meghan March keeps amazing me and I cannot wait to see what is next!!

5+ Legendary Stars!. A perfect ending to an awesome trilogy! I think that, like a lot of others, reviewing the last book in a series is the hardest to do. These books are so good that I do not want to give anything away. I want everyone to experience it for themselves. The Fight for Forever picks up right from the cliff hanger in book two. The flow of the story line keeps you sucked in making you not want to put it down. I found myself saying just one more chapter and then I am going to bed a few too many times, lol. Being told from the dual point of view of the main characters keeps it fresh. And I love the way that Meghan writes her characters. It makes me feel that I actually know these people. Plus she has a way of weaving in snippets of your favorite characters from her other books. Incredible! This book wrapped up the trilogy with a big bow on top! Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.

This couple is everything I love from MM!. Wow, just wow! Meghan March loves to write trilogy’s that have us waiting, wondering and on the cusp of hyperventilating....and I love reading them!!! This Legend trilogy was amazing, absolutely everything I hoped for and more! This couple, I adore! Strong, swoon worthy alpha hero. A heroine who enthralled you. Oh how I loved Scar... You seriously feel like you’re in the pages of this book! Highly recommend this book and series! Stamp out some time because I promise, you won’t stop reading once you start! Powerful, hot, must read! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love this series!!. Mrs. March did it again!! This series is amazing!!I read all three books in three days!! My only request is please give us more babies out of the hero/heroine!! I really thought we would get one with Scarlett and Legend considering how much she talked about it In the story. I will continue to buy every book she puts out, though, because she is an amazing author!

Epic!. An epic ending to an amazing trilogy!!

Awesome Read. Great book and great series! Expect nothing less from this author.

So good!. OMG! Sigh of relief I can finally concentrate on something else...this is the much anticipated final book in the Legend Trilogy. It had me all over the place and Meghan definitely keeps upping her game with every book she writes! You won’t be disappointed! Loved!

Couldn’t put it down. Hot! Couldn’t put this down. The suspense is strong and the couple is amazing. Well done MM. well done!

A suspenseful conclusion!. Holy heck how in the world could this series get even better? Well, it sure did! This amazing conclusion to the Legend Trilogy will keep you engrossed in how these two fish for their forever and bring twist you are not expecting! I loved that I could not predict who was who or who did what and it kept me on the edge of my seat (literally) until the conclusion!

Nail Biting Suspense. I turned the last page on Scarlett and Gabe’s story on a giddy high! The final book in the Legend trilogy certainly did not disappoint. Endearing characters (new and familiar) compliment the main couple beautifully. When Gabe’s worst fear materializes, he literally gambles with his life and future to save his nightclub while protecting those he loves. Scarlett faces her own troubles when an online stalker remains unidentified and a local socialite tries to steal Gabe’s affection. This couple faces each challenge head on but will their relationship survive when lives are on the line? The nail-biting suspense is worth every moment.

Legend is a legend.. The fight for forever Meghan March Reviews on goodreads. Amazon. BookBub. B&N. iTunes. The book addicts. Epic ! That was a Epic ending to a wonderful story !! I love all of Meghans books. She never lets me down. This is a great story. There is love ,loss , there are going to be times you want to scream. And times if your like me you just can’t put the book down. You have to know what’s happening, what’s going to happen. I love all the relationships in this story. Between Legend and Bump. Bump and Scarlett.. big Mike... Q. Omg. I could Go on and on. This story has the best characters ever !! I hope there are more because I really think Q and Flynn had some serious chemistry!! And that surprise person from previous books !! Yes !!! Epic woman epic !! As you can tell I loved this one !! Can’t wait to meet this wonderful woman at music city woth the belles in 2020 !!

What an ending!. This is book 3 in a trilogy, so if you haven't read here! In this epic conclusion we get the final installment of Gabriel and Scarlett's story. I knew where we left off in at the end of book 2, this was going to be an on the edge of your seat type of read. Gabriel's past has caught up to him and he has lost everything once before. Can he protect Scarlett from the demons that haunt him and want to take everything from him? This story will give you all the feels and keep you holding your breathe until the end. Great read!

Amazing!. Never disappointed with her books!

Binge Binge Binge. Gabriel and Scarlett started out slow in Book 1 but went off the charts in Book 3. I'm a devoted Meghan March fan and I always one click her books. This trilogy is SO GOOD! Once you start be prepared for a binge read. You won't want to put it down.

Everything!. This book picks up right where the last book leaves us all on the edge of our seats. The ending of this trilogy is everything you hope for and then some!

So good!. Where do I start?! This was an epic conclusion to the Legend trilogy, and just like always, Meghan zigs when I expect the storyline to zag. It’s always an epic page turner when Meghan completes a trilogy and this one was no different. I also find myself wanting to know more about all the secondary characters that were introduced throughout the series. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Perfect finish. The Fight for Forever is book three in the Legend trilogy and it is soooooo good. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on Scarlett and Legends final book and it was worth the wait. Out of all Meghan’s characters, these two are my favorite!!! As always, it is full of twists and turns that I never saw coming! Just when you think you know what is going to happen, you will be proved wrong. I absolutely love the connection between Gabe and Scarlett! It hearts up the pages! This is a MUST read!

This fabulous conclusion to for Legend and Scarlett deserves 10 epic stars!!!. This fabulous conclusion to for Legend and Scarlett deserves 10 epic stars!!! 10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I mean. Come on! This was awesome! I love angst in a book. And I especially love when angst doesn't come from said couple. Outside factors are the true angst in this trilogy! Their pasts. Money. Crime. I can wholeheartedly recommend the legend trilogy! And unequivocally state YOU WILL LOVE THIS! Highly recommend. PS: cannot wait for Q and ______'s story! Eeep!!!

Fabulous Ending to a Legend-ary Trilogy 🥰. Gabriel Legend is a rare breed of romance hero which taps into the two brains of most women: the primal and the maternal. When you mix alpha with underdog, you get an irresistible combination of a man you would go against the world for and a man you want to make your world. This story has drawn some major comparisons from a few of my favorite Disney princes—both bipedal and with paws. I adored the Tramp vibes when Legend tries to be a part of Lady Scarlett’s world of wealth and wonder. I loved the Aladdin feels from the way he tries to win over and fight to protect the princess in the ivory tower. I even found myself deep in some Herculean hero worship of the man who was born an outcast but destined to become a god among mortals. Gabriel and Scarlett’s chemistry as a couple mesmerized me, not to mention how magnetized I was to the brilliant cast of individuals we were introduced to throughout the series. This trilogy was world-building at its finest: cameos by well-known, well-loved MM characters as well as multiple layers of family, frenemies, and foes added into the mix. Scarlett Priest captured my heart in a way few book heroines do. She’s a mix of money, mercy and class that seems to be a hard balance to strike within the world of the affluent. Don’t get me wrong: I’m pro-capitalism (with a conscience guiding it, mind you 😉), but money can turn even the most pious and precious of people into different creatures because of the pressures to “put on,” so to speak. Not Scarlett Priest. Her desire for a #lifeismessy kind of existence and her appreciation of how money cannot afford the most precious of things in life (love, loyalty, and unfettered joy and satisfaction in what you already have) strummed my heartstrings deeply. Relatable heroines are vital to an enjoyable reading experience for me and Scarlett gave me that in spades, especially in The Fight for Forever. How did The Fight for Forever contend with this reviewer? 5 stunning, fight-to-the-finish stars! An easy-to-read love story is great from time to time, but I enjoy having multiple subplots to suss through as I cheer on the central characters towards their HEA. Like many other MM productions, this book and this series satisfied my need to trek through the many hills and valleys of a couple’s journey and pushed me to cheer on the couple with even more fervor as the series wound down. If underdog alphas and humble Park Avenue princesses are your idea of a good time, TF³ and the rest of the Legend saga will thrill you beginning to end. FULL REVIEW AVAILABLE on Kali’s Book Reviews!

Great Ending. Meghan March knows how to end a trilogy. This story was fast paced, full of drama and filled with passion. It was also exciting and suspenseful with lots of heart and soul. Watching Gabriel and Scarlett’s connection grow and solidify was endearing as was their love and respect for one another. Gabe and Scarlett, along with their family and friends, create a tight circle of love and trust. They are there to support and help Gabe and Scarlett when their backs seem to be up against a wall. While all ends well, the epilogue is the cherry on this delicious sundae. In all, this trilogy was very well written. Meghan March knows how to intertwine suspense and romance just perfectly.

Ok. Book was ok. Note to the writer, enchiladas and guacamole are dishes from Mexico, not Puerto Rico. All Hispanics are not Mexican.

Worth the fight!. Wow! I wasn't sure how that cliffhanger in the last book was going to play out....and oh, what a ride we were taken on. As Gabe begins his quest to right all of his wrongs, something he feels he needs to do to become a legit business man, and secure a love that he no longer can live without. What he didn't realize is that there were so many people willing to stick by him thru thick or thin, one of them being someone he once felt was a princess but for whom he now knows as one of the strongest people he knows. As his past rears it's ugly head, he takes on the fight of his life......he will either win it all, or lose everything. Don't miss out on this wild ride that will leave you on the edge of your seat and have you in swoon mode also!

Meghan March does it again. The Fight For Forever wrapped up an action packed great trilogy. From book one I felt so connected to these characters, and the ending did not disappoint.

Addictive!!!. Ahhh!! Every woman needs a man like Gabriel! What a rollercoaster ride of a trilogy this was! I read this one the fastest of all 3 books because I was dying to know how it would end. Yep, side note, this is book 3 of 3 so don’t read this as a standalone. You will not be disappointed in this trilogy!

The title says it all. What a turn of events. I never saw the big bang coming. And now, my curiosity is piqued. With the odds stacked against them, I found myself cheering for the underdogs. Legend and Scarlett are preparing for the fight of their lives. Legend will literally fight to save his club. And both of them will fight for their freedom, their future and their lives. Legend gives Forge a run for his money as my favorite Meghan March hero. You can't help but love him and want him to win.

The Perfect Conclusion. Oh how I loved this book and series. It gave me all the gooey feels. From the characters to the suspense, I couldn't stop reading. My absolute favorite thing about this series was Legend and Scarlett. How they supported and loved one another and those around them. Gabriel Legend truly is a legend in my book boyfriend world. A MMA fighter who has so much love and loyalty for his family AND has no problem expressing his feelings to his girl; he truly melted my heart. Let me not forget Scarlett. She was the perfect heroine. The perfect match to Legend. Strong to the core with a vulnerable side. When he was weak she was strong. Where she was weak he was strong. The perfect match. I loved them and watching them build the family they both craved. I loved everything about this book and series.

Whoa. EPIC conclusion to this trilogy. Legend and Scarlett are something else. They were stunning, captivating and I was completely sucked into to every word. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye but I know it’s more of a see ya sometime. Meghan March is masterful as she weaves a story of love, loss, redemption and self-worth.

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Absolutely amazing!! What an ending to a fantastic trilogy!. Wow! That’s all I can say right now about this trilogy. I cannot express enough how much I adored Legend and Scarlett‘s story. This trilogy is hands down, my favourite of Meghan’s yet! And believe me when I say I love ALL of her books. I am in complete and utter awe of her writing. How she comes up with these magnificent stories is beyond me, but I bow down to her truly great imagination. The Fight for Forever picks up exactly where it left off from House of Scarlett. I was on complete tender hooks from the get go! The twists and turns in this story had my head spinning and my heart beating at a frantic rate. I just had to know how this trilogy was going to end, so of course I devoured the entire book in one sitting. Now if you are a binge reader and have been waiting for the entire trilogy to be out before you start. You are all in for one hell of a ride! I am a little jealous that you get to experience Legend and Scarlett for the first time. I have well and truly fallen in love with this world and these characters. I for one am super excited for whatever Meghan has in store for us next! 5 Stars ⭐️

Incredible. Incredible final instalment to this trilogy. Scarlett and Gabriel are a fantastic couple and I loved their story. I’m looking forward to seeing what Meghan comes up with next.

Fantastic finish!. Oh man, there’s so much I want to say about this book but I’d get my wrists slapped for all the spoilers! I loved the direction the story went in. These two have really captivated me and I loved every single page. The connection and heat between them really packed a punch. I loved the set up in the middle book and this final instalment gave me everything I wanted and more. It’s absolutely brilliant from start to finish!

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Forever fought!!. Great conclusion to this trilogy. Loved everything about the characters, storyline and felt the connection between Scarlet and Gabriel. Thanks for another great read MM 🥰

Amazing series. What a conclusion to this epic series. As always Meghan March draws you in and continues to take you on a rollercoaster ride with Gabriel & Scarlett. They didn’t start in the most conventional way with Scarlett being kidnapped but they both found a family they didn’t even know they were looking for. Action packed, fast paced with loads of chemistry & twists you don’t see coming. A must read. One click now.

The fight for forever. What can I say? ⭐️x5 is not enough..... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😁

Mind blowing completely mind blowing! 🤯. I hope everyone is ready for this, epic conclusion to Scarlett and Gabriel’s story. This book was fast paced, heart achingly tender, explosively hot and completely action packed. It simply had me on the edge of my seat with my heart in my throat and white knuckling my Kindle from beginning to end. As with all of Meghan’s characters Scarlett and Gabriel both have there own demons to fight, it was amazing to see them battling it out together and fighting for each other so spectacularly. I am so happy with the outcome of this trilogy I don’t even have words to express how amazing this trilogy truly is!!!!!!

Meghan March has done it again!. Another legendary trilogy by Meghan March! If you know her insanely creative mind, you’ll know this is one not to miss!

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Epic conclusion!. Mind blown! 🤯🤯 Holy hell Meghan, you sure know how to pack action, suspense and romance into a book! The third and final book in this trilogy is explosive! Scarlett and Legend are up against someone from Legends past, who keeps them and us on edge, chapter after chapter! Just when I think I’ve got it figured out, BAM, something or someone else pops up! Not to mention the incredible love story that plays out and made me swoon hard! Gah, they were just magical together! 😍 Yet another thrilling and epic story from the queen!! Absolutely loved it!

Legend Trilogy. Wow wow wow and just wow again! Amazing books from start to finish. Meghan March has never disappointed me, her books are incredible and keep you glued! Definitely deserves more than 5 stars!

Worth the wait!. Meghan doesn’t disappoint in this conclusion. Love Scarlett and Legend, along their supporting characters. Highly recommend this series!

Amazing, brilliant, sexy, hot. Wow, did not see that coming. What an ending to an amazing trilogy. I have to say this may be one of my favourite couples. And the storyline keeps you at the edge of your seat. Will Legends past come back to take away what he loves most? Will we find out who is stalking Scarlett? Will there be a fight...... will he win the fight? You will have to read the book to find out. Amazing. Brilliant. Sexy. absolute recommend⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Summary of The Fight for Forever by Meghan March

The The Fight for Forever book written by Meghan March was published on 14 January 2020, Tuesday in the Romance category. A total of 935 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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