Southern Bred and Dead Book Reviews

Angie Fox

Southern Bred and Dead by Angie Fox Book Summary

A haunted church. A ghastly death. Can Verity clear up the case before she’s buried way over her head?

Verity Long would really like a day off. Between uncovering the culprit who capped her gangster ghost housemate and dodging the bomb her boyfriend just dropped on their relationship, her spiritual calling has gotten complicated. But when she steps out for a little fun at a church fundraiser, she has another mystery on her hands when a family friend plunges from the bell tower.

With her pet skunk and a spectral mobster buddy in tow, Verity charges back into the world of furious phantoms. But as she follows a shocking trail of clues through a dangerous speakeasy, a possessed movie theatre, and a spooky mob safehouse, she could end up sleeping with the ghostly fishes.

Can Verity lay everything to rest before a mysterious murderer reads her last rites?

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Book Name Southern Bred and Dead
Genre Cozy
Language English
E-Book Size 2.34 MB

Southern Bred and Dead (Angie Fox) Book Reviews 2023

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Heartwarming Tale of Family, Love and Redemption. Angie Fox’s 9th installment in her Southern Ghost Hunter series, Southern Bred and Dead, is a beautifully crafted story that explores some of the most complex human emotions and relationships. Protagonist Verity Long returns in this story that seeks to answer questions about the unfortunate demise of her long dead, ghostly sidekick and roommate, Frankie. As the unlikely duo begin exploring the events surrounding Frankie’s death, they uncover a decades old secret that changes everything. The story line of this book was so well written, taking two seemingly unrelated events and weaving them together in a lovely examination of complicated family and personal relationships. Fox’s novels are always easy to read, drawing you in from the first page, and holding your interest until the last word, and this one is no exception. For those who have enjoyed this series, all of the favorites are here, Ellis, Frankie, Lucy the skunk, Beau, and, yes, even Virginia. The lush Sugarland backdrop doesn’t disappoint, either, and the good ole Southern institutions of family, faith, friends, and great food bring the details vividly to life. Southern Bred and Dead is also a great stand-alone book, and for those who aren’t familiar with the series, you have eight additional full-length, and four novella length stories to binge read. If you enjoy colorful mysteries that are rich in details, with a generous side of romance, and a paranormal leaning, you’ll enjoy these delightful tales.

Drawn out more than usual. This book is boring in comparison to the others in this series. I hate the attitude of Verity towards Ellis who I’ve grown to love throughout the series. Not that he’s even really mentioned much in this particular book. After this one I’m ready to find another series of books.

Can’t get enough of this series!. Angie Fox is absolutely one of my go to authors when I want mystery and a bit of romance. We've been building up to the mystery of Frankie's killer for a long time and we found out who at the end of the last book, but not the why. This book sees Frankie trying to confront his killer and at long last we find out the why, and it was a shocker. We also see that Verity and Elis are a bit on the outs after the events in the asylum and an unlikely person is determined to see them happy together. Add in a bit of the adorable Lucy and some hoots of secondary characters and you have yourself one great book that I couldn't put down! Highly recommended!

Love reading this series!. Southern Bred and Dead is the newest book in the Southern Ghost Hunters series. Verity has 2 deaths to solve this time and ends up solving a few other mysteries along the way. Frankie, Verity's business partner and gangster ghost, plans to finally solve his own murder. I liked the characters in this book along with some of the new characters. Maybelle is a hoot and made me laugh. You also get to meet Frankie's brother Lou. As always I loved Verity's pet skunk Lucy. Hopefully Verity and her boyfriend Ellis reach an understanding in their relationship. Good read for anyone and I highly recommend it.

Wonderful book!. Definitely a keeper! This is the best one yet. I love her beginnings. You’re interested right from the start. Haunting story about Verity and Lucy her pet skunk and of course Franky. It’s funny, shocking and a little scary with witty and fun characters. Enjoyed very much!

Southern Bred - awesome ❣️. The latest Angie Fox Southern Ghost Hunter book starts off with a great laugh. I won’t spoil it, but it involves Lucy, Verity’s pet skunk, and a pink purse. Verity is a Southern gal who has a sweet pet skunk named Lucy, a 1920’s mobster-ghost sidekick, Frankie, and a sheriff boyfriend. Frankie can help her see and experience the past and that’s allowed Verity to solve several murders, both in the ghostly past 1920’s and present. Verity is a little sassier in this tale and Frankie has become a little more sensitive as they close in on the person who shot Frankie all those years ago – and why. Along the way, Verity and her boyfriend, Ellis, have some rocky times, which really worried me. Her ex-boyfriend, Beau, who is Ellis’s brother – another whole story there! – is also hip-deep in this book and becomes a real surprise. There is no way to guess at how this story ends, but you won’t be disappointed.

Southern Bred and Dead - Verity, Frankie and the gang are back & better than ever!. Southern Bred and Dead - Verity, Frankie and the gang are back & better than ever! I was so excited for this next installment of the Southern Ghost Hunter series to come out! My only complaint is that I read it too fast and now I have to wait again for the next book, lol. First let me say that I have loved All the books in this series (and all the others by Angie Fox as well), but there is enough background given that you “could“ read this as a stand-alone, but don’t do that to yourself! It’s so much fun watching the characters unfold as the series continues. It’s a very natural progression that doesn’t feel rushed or an afterthought as some books can do. The hard part about a book review is trying to say how good it is, without giving too much away! You will find all your favorite characters from the series - Verity, Ellis, Frankie, etc. ... and one that might not have been always be a favorite- Beau. And yes, of course everyone’s favorite skunk Lucy is back too! (I just really want to snuggle and play with her one day). I felt a little more suspense and darkness in this story but still with the trademark Southern humor. I LOVED finding out more of Frankie’s story & finally more about how he died. As always, he’s a bit of a bad influence at times, but you can’t help but love him anyway. Verity is her warm hearted and tenacious self and, as always, saves the day in the end. I highly recommend reading this book and Angie Fox in general. I love her style!

Suspenseful Mystery. Another exciting adventure from Angie Fox in the Southern Ghost Hunter Mystery Series brings great satisfaction as you keep turning the page and can’t put the book down. The ghosts in this book kept this reader’s eyes wide open as Verity attempted to break though barriers to solve strange behavior, missing photographs, and tangled relationships. The plot gets more intense after a long time friend of Verity’s deceased grandmother falls from a haunted church steeple and her boyfriend’s police partner doesn’t believe her when she insists it was murder. A secondary plot has Verity helping Frankie to find his brother and solve the reasons behind his death. Family and relationships provide a strong theme in this series showing the strength and knowledge of the author concerning Southern United States society.This theme provided a uniqueness and charm that lightened the book. I received an ARC for review. I would highly recommend this book. I enjoyed reading about Verity and Frankie. I loved how the characters were able to strategize their way out of predicaments with the ghosts by having a general plan that was adaptable to the circumstances. I am looking forward to the next book to see what happens between Frankie and his relatives.

Southern Bred and dead. Fantastic. Wasn’t sure I wanted to finish it as it sounded like Ellis & Verity were going to break up. But did finish & it turned out great. Loved it.

Drama-llama and finally Frankie’s story!. So we are back with Verity and Frankie! Last book was a rollercoaster! I don't want to give any major spoilers of it, but we definitely found out that ghost hunting can be some seriously dangerous stuff. So in a big overview of what you need to know to dive into this beauty if you're new or want a quick refresh: • Verity Long has a vase that her ex-fiance (Beau) gave her as a gift, only it wasn't just a vase, it contained the ashes of a 1920s gangster name Frankie. • When she wanted to clean the 'vase', she washed the ashes from it with water and threw them to her flowers 'grounding' Frankie to the property and now he can't leave unless she takes vase with her (which, she apparently didn't clean very good) • Frankie can lend her his power to allow her to see the ghost side and when she is connected, she can *really* get hurt by anything that happens in the ghost side and also the normal one. • She is dating a cop, Ellis (ex-fiancé older brother... small town) but they are so cute and so in love with each other. Also, we found out that Ellis isn't too happy about Verity's new job but he told Frankie so we were missing 'the talk'. • Now we know who killed Frankie and he really wants to confront this person so he can maybe get unground from Verity’s house. So we start some weeks after what happen in Mint Julep (I think) and Ellis hasn't said anything about what Verity overheard and she has asked so they are in some weird limbo and they aren't sure what to do. She decides to have some little fun at a church charity where she is meeting one of her granma's friend who has something she wants Verity to have before she has to go hunting the person who killed Frankie. She feels some weird stuff at the church and meets with granma's friend who gives her a flower and when she is putting it away, the friend gets killed. Now, I'm trying to write this review as spoiler-free as possible but beware that it may have some mild content, so read cautiously. I have to divide the story in two parts, one is Verity's relationship and the other, the mystery around the dead person. 1. The first one made me hate Verity for almost 80% of the book and at this moment I'm not completely sold in that ending. I knew she was stubborn but I really wanted to bang her head against the wall to make her see reason or for something horrible to happen so she can understand what Ellis was saying. I don't think she gets how dangerous is what she is doing and especially doesn't get that is not that she is a woman and should have someone protecting her, but is Ellis wanting her to be safe because he loves her. I hate feeling like Ellis deserved better and I know this isn't a romance, this is a cozy mystery with a dash of romance, but still, I think that if you're going to delve into their relationship you either develop it better or cut it. Because this kind of not really solving anything definitely didn't work for me. 2. The mystery around what happen was super interesting, I loved how Angie combined these two storylines so seamlessly, it was a natural progression and loved the contrast between the last book where we got a lot of hatred from our 'bad guys' and this one. I really would love to see more about this storyline, I think there is more to be said all the places that we visited, I think she made some impressions and could use those new resources and I mean she does have a date ;) Overall I did like this book but for me, it's an in-between, like we needed this part done to get to the good stuff, as an introduction on what's going to happen in the future.

Southern Bred and Dead by Angie Fox. Southern Bred and Dead by Angie Fox Book 9 of the Southern Ghost Hunter mystery series. Best read as part of the series. Gangster ghost Frankie and Verity are solving another murder and chasing ghosts in this cute and sometimes scary mystery series. Lots of recurring characters that you want to meet over and over again (like the pet skunk Lucy) plus new parts of Sugarland that we haven’t visited (or broken into) yet. The ghosts at the church are chasing Verity and it’s never been more dangerous to be a ghost hunter. Verity’s cop boyfriend isn’t happy with her ignoring the danger either since he can’t see or protect her from the malevolent entities. It’s a race to solve the murder and figure out the multiple layers of mysteries to the resolution. Pulse pounding chills and what feels like family by the end of book 9. Can’t wait to find out what’s next.

Family. An excellent story about the past and finding family! Frankie has found out it was his brother Lou who killed him. The hunt is on to find his brother and get the answer to why did he kill him. Verity and Ellis have a few problems to work out and it is good for their relationship. You will about the mob and how it worked in Sugarland and find out about secrets and it all started with a picture being given to Verity about a wedding which had taken place years ago. Many things in the story will surprise you as secrets are revealed. Good comes from this as many will get the burial they were denied years ago. There are a few unresolved things but it will be nice in the next story in the series! Another winner for Angie Fox!

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Summary of Southern Bred and Dead by Angie Fox

The Southern Bred and Dead book written by Angie Fox was published on 28 August 2020, Friday in the Cozy category. A total of 335 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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