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The Evening and the Morning

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The Evening and the Morning by Ken Follett Book Summary

#1 New York Times Bestseller
An Amazon Best Book of 2020

A thrilling and addictive new novel--a prequel to The Pillars of the Earth--set in England at the dawn of a new era: the Middle Ages

"Just as transporting as [The Pillars of the Earth] . . . A most welcome addition to the Kingsbridge series." --The Washington Post

It is 997 CE, the end of the Dark Ages. England is facing attacks from the Welsh in the west and the Vikings in the east. Those in power bend justice according to their will, regardless of ordinary people and often in conflict with the king. Without a clear rule of law, chaos reigns.

In these turbulent times, three characters find their lives intertwined. A young boatbuilder's life is turned upside down when the only home he's ever known is raided by Vikings, forcing him and his family to move and start their lives anew in a small hamlet where he does not fit in. . . . A Norman noblewoman marries for love, following her husband across the sea to a new land, but the customs of her husband's homeland are shockingly different, and as she begins to realize that everyone around her is engaged in a constant, brutal battle for power, it becomes clear that a single misstep could be catastrophic. . . . A monk dreams of transforming his humble abbey into a center of learning that will be admired throughout Europe. And each in turn comes into dangerous conflict with a clever and ruthless bishop who will do anything to increase his wealth and power.

Thirty years ago, Ken Follett published his most popular novel, The Pillars of the Earth. Now, Follett's masterful new prequel The Evening and the Morning takes us on an epic journey into a historical past rich with ambition and rivalry, death and birth, love and hate, that will end where The Pillars of the Earth begins.

The Evening and the Morning (Ken Follett) Book Reviews

The evening and morningI enjoyed this book so much, I'm going to go back and read Pillars of the Earth again! Fabulous!!!.Score: 5/5

Dark age characters speak in 21st century dialogueGranted we don’t wish the author to emulate Canterbury Tales, but really, this book reads more like a Made for TV movie. Book is comprised mainly of dialogue and sounds like it was written for YA audience. Predictable plot and thin characterization..Score: 1/5

SimplisticPedestrian. I have High School English students who write with more sophistication..Score: 2/5

...Hi fictional writing is engaging, thought at times long winded or biased disguised as character commentary..Score: 3/5

The evening and the MorningI loved how Ragna, the heroine was portrayed..Score: 5/5

I enjoyed them allFrom The Pillars of the Earth to The Evening and the Morning I have read them over and over again...hoping to catch something I miss the last few times.Score: 5/5

DisappointedLoved all the other books in this series. This one though was chapter after chapter of the bad guys doing horrible things. Ending was too predictable..Score: 2/5

Fantastic!I've loved these books..Score: 5/5

Great bookJust a great read that immerses you in the year 1000 in England. The characters are beautifully detailed and you become a front row observer of lives well lived, and long gone. This book works beautifully to set up the King’s Bridge series. Do yourself a favor and go for it. It’s one of those books you are quickly hooked into, that you will want to binge, though I tried to stretch it out. Just a wonderful read...enjoy!.Score: 5/5

Loved it!Great book! Similar to “Pillars of the Earth”, but still wonderful!.Score: 5/5

Not His BestI’ve read quite a few Follett books, and this was a disappointment. I felt the dialogue was off key and the story was rather predicable and flat. Follett remains one of my favorites, just not this book,.Score: 2/5

The Evening And The MorningAn excellent romp through England at the end of the Dark Ages and a great compliment to the original Kingsbridge Series. Well built characters and descriptions of the time. The only disappointment was the mostly predictable ending. More importantly, Follett gets away from his political commentary of the Century Trilogy..Score: 4/5

Expect to stay up all weekEvery twist keeps the pages flipping. Could barely put it down..Score: 5/5

A Master StorytellerAfter hungrily devouring The Pillars of the Earth and it’s sequels, I was afraid I would never find another novel I enjoyed as much. Thank you, Mr. Follett, for writing The Evening and the Morning! I sincerely hope there is another Kingsbridge novel in the near future! I yearn for more!!.Score: 5/5

MasterfulI literally read it in a weekend. It disrupted my sleep, eating and everything else schedule. I was enthralled and entertained through out. I’m a fan. Now that I’ve read the precursor to pillars of the earth. Time to go back and re read that. And spend a little more time with Ken.Score: 5/5

Once again, excellentRoller is one of the best authors I have ever read..Score: 5/5

Engaging readLoved this prequel... the author leaves us wanting more...Score: 5/5

The Evening and The MorningAbsolutely wonderful lesson of that time in history! As I devoured this book I forced myself to chew/read slower and slower wanting to relish every word!.Score: 5/5

Great readerI have taken this book everywhere reading it bit by bit. Just finished it while my husband was walking a trail off of the 4 wheeling trail we are on in Arizona. The internet is great up here in no place so was able to download another of his books faster than at home..Score: 5/5

Another Great NovelI enjoyed this book very much and I don’t like to read..Score: 5/5

Oh Brother...While I am a huge fan of Follett, this book was more than a challenge to finish. I would have to agree with other reviewers that it does not feel authentic to Follett’s work. I’m sorry to be negative - “The Morning and The Evening” reads more like a grocery store Romance novel. This teetered on ridiculous....Score: 2/5

He did it again, another great book!!A little slow in the beginning, but I kept going, and like all his other books, I couldn’t put it down. I even found myself waking up in the middle of the night to keep reading. Now I feel I need to re-read “Pillars of The Earth.” Thank you Ken Follett!!.Score: 5/5

Great read!This was a long book, but I couldn’t put it down. It captivated my interest. A picture of life 1000 years ago was fascinating. People are people. Personalities are the same, just different circumstances for good or evil..Score: 5/5

Hard to describe how much I enjoyed this book!Stunning and captivating. A ‘page-turner’ to be certain..Score: 5/5

Another hit!I loved everything about this book. I will now re-read the other three books in the series..Score: 5/5

Awesome prequel. It all made sense and I’m hopeful there is another.Hoping for more!!.Score: 5/5

2 stars only because I generally like hKen FollettI tried hard to stay with the long boring descriptions that lead to non events, but finally gave up one third of the way. Unreadable. Huge disappointment from an author I generally enjoy reading. Try again.Score: 2/5

Hi HumI love Follet’s books. This was my least favorite. Took me forget to get through it..Score: 2/5

Needed more character developmentThe book was good but felt rushed. There could have been more development of the characters. The story was also almost too predictable, there were few events that I didn’t see coming. Skipping over the year 1000 was disappointing, it was an eventful milestone in the church and should have been mentioned. At the end of the book there could have been a few more pages to tie it to the first book in the series. Overall, a joy to read. Sad to see the series come to an end..Score: 4/5

Bad Love StoryI've read nearly every one of his books and this is comparatively disappointing. It is one long love story wrapped in not terribly interesting English history. I would not have read it had I know. Read the last page of the book and you'll know then entire story. If you start reading this will disappoint you greatly. This is a sign of a faulty book. My guess is that the entire book is ghost written..Score: 2/5

Great ReadGreat story! Never disappointed when reading this author’s work..Score: 5/5

History repeats itselfAfter reading both Pillars of the Earth and this prequel, I see what Ken Follett is trying to do here. The (really good) plot, has mostly the same characters running around trying to survive or wreak havoc at the same place, only a couple of hundred years before Pillars. How similar are the characters ? Well, I hope it’s not too much of a spoiler but there’s a talented builder who is extremely likable, theres a socially responsible prior, theres a princess in distress, there the poor worthy underdog who loves her. The bad guys include an evil Bishop, a self serving earl and his evil mother. One of the main characters is a redhead from Cherbourg. There’s an abandoned child too, believe it or not. plot-wise, this book is more of the same, which got me into thinking that there must be a point to it. The point is that the real story is about technology and how it challenges the worthy few who can understand it and how it changes the lives of people affected by it. Of course technology is terribly boring. No one wants to read about a draining canal or a boat or a bridge (hell, no one wants to read about a cathedral, right ?) so it’s wrapped up in this extremely entertaining plot, where history repeats itself endlessly. Unfortunately, Follett’s writing weaknesses are also repeating themselves endlessly with useless recaps, and exhausting description of emotions. So is this a good read ? Absolutely. Definitely. A masterpiece ? No..Score: 5/5

Mr. Follett does it againI devoured this most recent installment of the Kingsbridge saga just like the others. What the characters lack in depth and nuance, they make up for in tugging at heartstrings and stoking fires of anger and resentment. Follett is a master storyteller, as he proves here once again..Score: 5/5

The Bad Guys Lives the Best Years of Their LivesI’ve started to notice a trend with Ken Follet’s “Kingsbridge” series. The bad guys lives the best years of their lives. It makes for a depressing and unfulfilling read because there’s no repercussions until the good people have suffered, lost every battle, and given up. Then the antagonists finally screwed up somewhere and pay a small price for all the evil they’ve committed at an old ripe age that garners only a few pages of turmoil. Less than .05%/100.00% of the series was written for the karma on the antagonists. Follet’s message is clear: a good person does not have the ability to save another. Evildoers achieves greatness and you wait for them to implode upon themselves..Score: 2/5

Love All Books by Ken Follett !!Do you have these books in Paperback ??.Score: 5/5

Volume 4 is excellent!After reading the Kingsbridge trilogy and then the Century trilogy I thought that Follett was probably done with this genre, so I was pleased to pre-order and immediately read the prequel. It is a terrific read as were the others, only disappointing because it ended. I hope he has the energy and motivation to do another such series!.Score: 5/5

Thrilling rideThe characters and plot pull you in and draw you close. Follett never seems to disappoint..Score: 5/5

IuksI.Score: 2/5

The evening and the morningVery Sloowww read. volunteer123456880.Score: 2/5

A Fizzing FormulaIf you read the trilogy you have already read better versions of this book. Essentially same story with different names and dates..Score: 3/5

AgainKen Follett again delivers an enjoyable read that’s hard to put down..Score: 4/5

Ken Follett is the best author in the world. I hope he can give us another wonderful book.Ken let’s my imagination run wild with many ups and downs. Love your writing and I have read every book you have written!❤️.Score: 5/5

Same story againAnother story where the two main characters love each other but can’t be together for whatever reason. Pretty much a retread of every book in this series. What’s more disappointing is the presence of a nunnery and the significant role it plays. Not that I have an issue with a nunnery at all. But there is NO mention of a nunnery in PILLARS. The nunnery doesn’t assume a role until WORLD WITHOUT END. PILLARS was 50 years long with no mention of nuns in Kingsbridge. Yet this prequel puts the nunnery front and center 200 years prior? An oversight by the author and editors..Score: 3/5

PrequelA worthy companion to the subsequent trilogy. Somewhat abrupt ending..Score: 4/5

Captured my interestI found the book extremely interesting and looked forward to grabbing reading time. I enjoyed the weaving of the characters throughout the story..Score: 5/5

Follett is back on topVery much in the style of Pillars of the Earth. A well written saga..Score: 5/5

Stunning and All-EncompassingI’d been waiting for this novel since Follett announced its release - three years ago. I has no doubt in my mind it would be as masterful as the rest of the series. I finished it in a week. Now I’m sad it’s over. Incredible!!!!!.Score: 5/5

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Huge fan!This book is like all his books, EXCELLENT! Can't wait for him to write another one!.Score: 5/5

A real,disappointment!Have enjoyed all of his previous books but this one lacked plot interest and the writing was almost immature. When you have read the Outlander series, you know what descriptive writing should be. There was a total lack of substance in the writing and it was a waste of my money!.Score: 1/5

Awesome!Was an excellent start to a fantastic series!.Score: 5/5

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