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Blaze by Chelle Bliss Book Summary

Lily Gallo prided herself on her pristine reputation. 
A dedicated bookworm.
An awkward goody-two-shoes.
Lover of fiction more than reality.

Jett Michaels had always had a broken moral compass.
A cocky egomaniac.
An unashamed womanizer.
Craving adventure instead of responsibility.

Lily never expected to come face-to-crotch with her old high school crush, and she never dreamed he’d make her an offer she couldn’t refuse. But what was supposed to be a platonic arrangement quickly spiraled out of control.

Can the inexperienced nerdy girl tame the notorious player? 
Or will he peel back her pages, exposing the wildcat hidden underneath? 

Blaze is the fourth full-length standalone novel in the Men of Inked Heatwave series.

Blaze (Chelle Bliss) Book Reviews

BlazeBlaze I in schoolenjoyed the book a lot Jett and Lily’s love story was long and finally came to be. Jett was good looking man and he knew it all the girls wanted him. Lily was a sky girl. She was a freshman and he was in’s a senior in high school. There families were close friends. Lily had a crush on him forever and he try to talk to her but she would run away. He joined the Navy and was gone three years came back home that’s when the love story begins. Read and find out what’s will happen. It’s a real good story..Score: 5/5

Disappointing endingThe story just stops. I do not like books that just stop. It would of been a great book but the ending ruined it..Score: 4/5

No ending??What happened to the end 🤔😭😭??.Score: 3/5

Jett & Lily are BLAZING HOT!!!!I have loved all of the Heatwave books so far. But this one is my new absolute favorite. The best one hands down. Lily and Jett are absolute perfection. Lily and her sweet innocence is so endearing. Her verbal vomit when Jett is around is down right hilarious. Lily has had a thing for Jett for years but he was a little older and she always thought he never noticed her. She was the nerd, the awkward one, the shy one, the quiet one. She thought she was way out of his league. But she would soon learn how wrong she was. Jett always saw Lily. But no one knew. He kept those thoughts and feelings to himself. He wanted her to grow and live. He has his work cut out for him in convincing Lily he means what he says about what he wants for his new life. I loved the slow burn for these two. The sexual tension and chemistry is off the charts. And of course the way it ends, I’m dying for more..Score: 5/5

This book is fire 🔥This book is AMAZING!!! Chelle Bliss does it again! So hot you just can’t put it down🔥🔥🔥🧡🧡🧡.Score: 5/5

Jet and LilyI really enjoyed the Gallo series however this one got a bit draggy with Lily being almost immature with relationships with her cousins and Jet..Score: 3/5

My new favorite Gallo couple!! Sweet and sexy!!Family is everything when it comes to the Gallo’s and no matter what happens, they are always there for you. When Jett returned home from serving his country, they welcomed him with hugs, kisses and pats on the back. Lily was especially glad to see him and her welcome was spontaneous and full of excitement. I loved the immediate connection they had at that moment which set the stage for their romantic story. I love Lily and Jett so much!! I love her sweet innocence, her smart mind and the fact that she loves to get lost in her books. I understand the closeness she has with her cousins, who are like sisters to her, and the special bond she has with her parents. I admire the courage she had to make a change in her life’s path and I love the eagerness to learn that she displayed with her new job at Inked. Lily deserves a special man who will be kind, thoughtful, loving and will take his time exploring their road to passion. Never in her wildest dreams would Lily have expected that man to be Jett. She thought she was invisible to him in high school, but she was mistaken. Jett had Lily in his sights back then, and thought she was beautiful, smart, funny and was in awe of her knowledge. He thought he was out of her league, and stayed away. But now that he was back home, he finally had his chance to show her how he had always felt..Score: 5/5

HOT!!!This series just keeps getting better and better. Chelle Bliss surprises me at every turn and let’s just say I was 4% into Blaze (Men of Inked: Heatwave 4) when my jaw dropped open at Lily Gallo and Jett Michaels awkward and hilarious encounter. I legit laughed so hard and said this is why I freaking love the Gallos so darn much! I quickly fell in love with Lily Gallo with her quirky, quiet and humorous personality. And don’t let this innocent, straight A, bookworm fool you. She definitely surprised the heck out of me when she flourished and came out of her shell. Lily’s had a crush on the sexy and notorious playboy, Jett Michaels since high school and I don’t blame her one bit. Everything about him was mmm mmm good!! What starts out as friendship develops into so much more and I enjoyed every single moment of their sexy story. Blaze is such a fun book with the perfect blend of humor, romance, hot sex and excellent dialogue..Score: 5/5

Incredible!! A must read!!I love Chelle Bliss & all her books and Blaze was no exception!! You have to love the Gallo family, there’s no way you can’t! This is Lily’s story (Mike & Mia Gallo’s daughter), her crush Jett Michaels (his parents are best friends with Joe “City” & Suzy Gallo) is back in town to stay after being in the service. They both want to move out of their parents house & decide to become roommates & the story goes from there. It’s funny, entertaining & makes you want to be part of this family. It’s a well written, amazing, wonderful book!! It can be read as a stand alone but I would recommend starting with Throttle Me, first book in the Men of Inked series. Trust me, you’ll be hooked once you start reading these books!!.Score: 5/5

True love at its finest!!!This was such a great story! I’m so glad to have finally been able to read Lily and Jett’s story. It took me a little while to remember who Jett was but once I remembered it became of my new favorite books! I love how Chelle’s books are steamy with a real story behind it, there is love, action, and meaning wound in with all her stories, not like a lot of books out there where every chapter is just steamy romance, don’t get me wrong it’s great to read about steamy romance but it’s nice to read about an actual storyline within the books. Great job Chelle!.Score: 5/5

Loved it.Huge fan of all her books but this one was a fav. Funny and sexy. Like laughing in the treadmill funny. But steamy too..Score: 5/5

Heart worthyI really enjoy reading the Gallo family series. Some are really sweet. I tend to think Lilly’s story has that sweet and heart warming affect..Score: 5/5

Stupid CliffhangerThe book was okay but the dang abrupt, have to buy the next book to finish the story nonsense is asinine! I hate books like this. Just finish the freaking story! I won’t be buying the next one!.Score: 1/5

My new fave in this series!Okay I think it’s official now, Jett is my favorite of the Heatwave men! He’s just so yummy and sweet and perfect for Lily Gallo! Chelle just keeps on giving us wonderful heroes/heroines in this series just like the original. I love Lily and have been waiting for her book. She is 21 now and has had a crush on family friend Jett Michaels forever but she is a few years younger than him and didn’t think he knew she existed. Boy was she wrong. Jett is back from the Navy and has his sights set on Lily. After an interesting encounter at Inked, he asks her to be his roommate. And the rest as they say is history. Well it’s not quite that easy because what kind of story would that be? As always the Gallo’s are such an entertaining bunch! I just love the easy way they all are with each other and how they support and have each other’s backs, always. Amazing characters and a fantastic story, that while ending on a happy note for Jett and Lily, still leaves you on the edge of your seat for the next book. I for one can’t wait!.Score: 5/5

Holy Blazes!!! ❤️🔥❤️Holy blazes, loved this from the very beginning!! 😍😍 First off, that first chapter had me cracking up 😂😂 (can’t tell you how many times I’ve re-read it). And then Lily & Jett’s time together at Inked...classic! This is Jett & Lily’s story, with all the other Gallo’s thrown in, and then some. Their story was so much fun, both hiding feelings to begin with, and Lily being nothing like her cousins Gigi & Tamara. While they’re a bit wild-ish & experienced, she is the complete opposite, pure & sweet, smart & a bookworm. But she’s always had a crush/some serious feelings for Jett. Jett, who once upon a time was very active with the ladies, shall we say, now wants to put all that behind him and just focus on who he cares about most, Lily. Them getting there is quite a trip though. And I totally loved it!!! I love this family and I cannot wait for more!!! 😍😍😍.Score: 5/5

Phenomenal readAmazing! This book has everything and more in it. All around kept me interested and made me want to keep turning the pages, I found myself reading this wherever I went because I couldn’t put it down! Jett and Lilly are HOT HOT HOT 🔥🔥🔥 I promise you that you want to read this story. No Gallo book has ever let me down and this one is just as good as all the rest in this amazing series!!! Must read #HeatwaveBookFour #ChellBliss #GalloLove.Score: 5/5

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Amazing book for an Amazing SeriesI’ve been waiting for this book after I finished the rest of the series, and it didn’t disappoint! I can’t wait for the next book to come out!.Score: 5/5

Quirky funLoved Jett and Lily, they really do work together. Her quirkiness and his bad boy/alpha. A bit reminiscent of Suzie and City. Love these next generation books. Keep them coming!!!!.Score: 5/5

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Another must read with my favorite family!5 Stars What a read! I’m of course a fan of Chelle Bliss and anything Gallo related but Blaze was perfect. I was so excited to read Lily and Jett’s story. Reading about Lily in the other books got me waiting to see what would happen with her and it was totally unexpected and I hope we are going to get more of her and Jett! I need more, want more. The Gallos are just the best and this was another must read!.Score: 5/5

Ticked all my boxesI always know I’m in for a special kind of read when I catch up with the Gallo’s and Blaze (Men of Inked : Heatwave #4) was no different in fact for me this book is the best in this series so far. I picked this book up late last night and there was no putting down so be prepared to read it in one sitting because it will draw you in and air will captivate you. This is Lily Gallo and Jett Michaels story and boy do they have a tale to tell. Jett has served his time in the military and now he is back in town and from the moment he walks into Inked and comes face to face with Lily he knows this is where his heart belongs, this is the woman he needs to be with but Lily is a woman who scares easily so he decides he needs to take it nice and slow because she is worth more than just his time. I loved this couple from the first page, I loved the humour and the banter they share, I love how Jett wants to protect Lily and I loved the chemistry that was intense. Like all the hero’s from Ms Bliss we get a swoon worthy man who prepared to do what ever is needed to win the love of his woman and we get a quirky interesting heroine who you can’t help falling in love with. This book ticked all my boxes so I urge you to one click this gem of a read..Score: 5/5

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Loved LilyThis is such a cute, sweet, sexy story that I thoroughly enjoyed. It's a really easy read. Lily is so oblivious to how amazing she is and Jett has to really work hard to get her to see herself from someone's else's eyes. It's low drama with a few twists and turns. Their relationship blossoms and Jett is so patient with her. I expected him to be abit more brash but he's got a great balance between demanding alpha and a more sensitive gentleness. The family dynamic is just brilliant and we get to see lots of the wider family members. Always fun at a Gallo gathering! An intriguing ending and will feel like a long wait for the next story!.Score: 5/5

BlazeExcellent already downloading the next in the series loving it.Score: 5/5

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