Bridgerton Collection Volume 1 Book Reviews

Julia Quinn

Bridgerton Collection Volume 1 by Julia Quinn Book Summary

An enchanting collection containing the first three novels in New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn’s beloved Bridgerton series set in Regency England—The Duke and I, The Viscount Who Loved Me, and An Offer from a Gentleman—now a series created by Shondaland for Netflix 
The Duke and I
When Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings, agree to a fake courtship, they think they’ve found the perfect solution to their problems. Romantically associated with one of London’s most desirable catches, Daphne’s prospects among the ton will soar. For avowed bachelor Simon, an attachment to Daphne will deter would-be brides and their ambitious mamas. Their plan works like a charm—at first. But amid the glittering, gossipy, cut-throat world of London’s elite, there is only one certainty: love ignores every rule. . . 

The Viscount Who Loved Me
London's most elusive bachelor, Anthony Bridgerton is determined to wed. But one obstacle stands in his way—his intended's older sister, Kate Sheffield, who is driving Anthony mad with her determination to stop the betrothal. Kate is quite sure that reformed rakes do not make the best husbands, and Anthony Bridgerton is the most wicked rogue of them all. She’s determined to protect her sister—even as she fears she may not be able to resist the reprehensible and oh so desirable rake herself . . .
An Offer from a Gentleman
Sophie Beckett never dreamed she'd be able to sneak into Lady Bridgerton's famed masquerade ball—or that she would be spinning in the arms of her "Prince Charming"—the debonair and devastatingly handsome Benedict Bridgerton. But when the clock strikes midnight, Sophie’s enchanting evening ends. Since that night Benedict has been able to think of nothing but the bewitching young woman, and he’s sworn to find and wed his mystery miss. Yet will another unexpectedly steal his heart—and his chance for a fairy tale love?

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Book Name Bridgerton Collection Volume 1
Genre Historical
Language English
E-Book Size 4.64 MB

Bridgerton Collection Volume 1 (Julia Quinn) Book Reviews 2024

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Accomplished author. This author is quite accomplished! Her character development is really good. This is my first reading of romance novels. I guess we all need to believe in happily ever after.

Good BUT could have been different story lines for stories. I really enjoyed reading this book. I have not seen the show but I heard it’s very sexual, nothing against that but I hate when things are just too repetitive with no story line. The book was not like that I felt it had a good valence of romance, sex, and storyline. The reason I gave it a 3 was because it had several different stories which I liked BUT the story lines for each were very similar almost identical. So each story was good but very similar to the previous

Love love it. If you are a fan of romance novels. This series is a must.

Bridgerton Series Volume 1. Such wonderful love stories! Warms my heart!

Cute stories. Not as steamy as the show but good nonetheless

GREAT. Funny, brilliant and Superb!!!!

Would have given 4 stars but #3 was not worth it. I enjoyed the first three novels in the Bridgestone collection, the first two, however, more than the third. The first half of the third book was an almost laughingly plagiarized Cinderella story —cruel step mother, father passed away, ugly step sisters, sneaking off to a ball, etc etc.

This will keep you reading.... Excellent read!

So happy for Netflix. I spent Christmas night watching the entire series on Netflix. I was very pleased to find out there was a book series. I have completed the first volume in 4 days. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to read the rest.

Outstanding!!. Absolutely loved it!!!

Hate. No deaths

Ready to start reading the next book. I rediscovered my love of reading when I started reading these books.

OBSESSED. I’m completely entranced, I’ve grown to love these books in such a short amount of time. I can’t get enough, I need more (onto reading the next 6). Can I just say - BENEDICT 😍

Love and intrigue. Simply marvelous! Each story had me wanting more. The Bridgestone family is a true delight. Thus far all three books are my favorite Can’t wait to read the other five books I this series

Great read. I enjoyed everything. The words used. The flow and pace of the story, the way it was told in multiple points of views with many reactions happening all at once. Romance, the way it’s grounded in real emotions but still fun. The sexual content was not so much as to make it vulgar. I quickly swept through most of the series and can’t wait to read other titles that pertain to this world

IN LOVE <3. definitely recommend if you are into things with romance but also drama . But I’ve recommended this to people who actually go for something completely different, and they were deeply invested !!

Great Read!. Engaging, entertaining, captivating. I enjoyed reading about the Bridgertons.

Great fun!. All fun reads!

my new obsession. i thought i loved the 1st book. HA! I LAUGJ AT THE FOOL WHO DOESNT SAY 2 AND 3 ARE JUST AS GREAT IF NOT BETTER. cant wait to read the rest of the series. worth spending $20 for 3 ebooks. WHAT A STEAL😩

Is too good …. Is an intoxicating trip. Like a perfume the scent of good written romance keeps you going.

Five stars. Couldn’t put it down!

Loved loved loved. I read these books years ago (many rereads). Love how the author can make you laugh with her spectacular group of characters! Just watched the tv series and will be rereading these books again!

The Bridgertons. Loved it! Easy reading for sweet romance that takes you away from the trials of 2020 and transports you back to another time & place! The characters entice you and you can see them in your mind, while the author brings you into this lovely family called the Bridgertons. You won’t regret this fanciful piece of literature!

Couldn’t put down!. Fantastic books that keep moving! Vividly told, you feel like you are part of the romance and drama. Loved it!!

Predictable but satisfying. *Be advised, the only couple that doesn’t act out in violence towards one another is the bridgerton parents* Once you figure out which trope the writer is using, the books are very plug and chug lazy. That being said, the language is witty enough to garner a giggle or two and the characters are developed enough (usually) that they are easy to fall in love with. If you are expecting twists and turns or hoping to be intellectually stimulated, these are not for you. That being said, the predictability makes these an excellent set of comfort novels for the average romance lover with enough steam to keep you reading.

I Adored This Collection. I was inspired to read this series by the mini series, but the books were wonderful! I loved getting to know more about the characters and their interactions with one another!

Perfect. I couldn’t put the book down often reading late into the night making it hard to awaken in the morning!!

Unexpectedly Great Series. Honestly, it’s like Jane Austen tried to pen Fifty Shades. It’s wild and I love it. I wanted to read the first book after watching the Netflix show, but I finished reading the series in four or five days.

Oh the Bridgertons. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Predictable. Every book is the same just with different character dynamics

Back in time. I adore these books! It’s as if I am right there isn’t he room with the characters. I can’t put books down!

Excellent series!!. If you have watched the Netflix series, the books are a must! Wayyyy better and lots more information of course!

Exhilarating. Very fulfilling book being a Hopeless romantic such as myself.

Amazing. Couldn’t stop reading. Need more!

Don’t bother. Poorly written. Some of it appears to be copied from other books. No character development

❤️. I could not put this book down!

Wonderfully Romantic!. Sucked right in! Love the romance of this time period where so many relationships were arranged. Wonderful writing looking forward to the next stories.

Romance novels at their best.. Sometimes a lighthearted romance is just what you need. These are predictable but delightful.

Enjoyed!. I’ve all the number 1 volume of the Bridgertons and enjoyed every story by Julia Quinn. She’s one of my favorite romance writers in this century!

Magnificent!!. What a ride this series has been. Super sweet romance stories about a charming family. Hot scenes and secrets...what else could one ask for in a super hot romance novel!

A treasure. I love that each book after the first one tells us about each Bridgeton child as they find their loves.

Throughly delightful. Wonderful books. Better than the tv show. I love all three.

I was apprehensive but I loved it!. I’ve always usually been one for cheesy victorian romance fodder, and so in a moment of weakness I purchases this volume set. I purely did it out of curiosity, having never even watched the Netflix show but I was pleasantly surprised along the way. The first book is good. Simon and Daphne’s chemistry is solid, though not the strongest and I find it the most forgettable out of the three. The second I’d say is the most compelling. Anthony’s internal conflicts are interesting and Kate has a very recognizable voice. I found their dynamic very enjoyable, very much a enemies to lovers done right. The third was my favorite, though I am biased. The concept in it of itself is cliche. It’s basically cinderella, but I’m a sucker for those types of things. Benedict and Sophie to me had a very strong connection from the beginning, and that made even the stupider parts of the book very enjoyable. Overall it just felt as if they really enjoyed one another as people and I found that refreshing. Overall, are these books classic literature? No. They’re sappy, victorian smut romance books and they do a good job of being just that. The dialogue is good, the characters become recognizable over time and you grow to find the cameos of previous couples and characters really charming. The only criticism I have is for the few randomly placed lines about toes. I found it hilarious, but it really took me off guard and out of the moment. They’re very few though and easily overlooked (or not if you’re into that i guess). Still, the books are good in all the ways they should be good and I already bought the second volume!

All three. Love the stories, but the descriptions are rather repetitive

Too much fun: Bridgerton novels 1-3 (Daphne, Anthony, Benedict). I watched the first season of Bridgerton, and knew there were major differences between that season, and the novel from which it was adapted. One error common to both versions: the eldest unmarried daughter is Miss Family Name. Any younger sisters are referred to, and called, Miss Given Name Family Name. Jane Bennet was Miss Bennet, her sister was Miss Eliza Bennet. When Lady Whistledown is writing of the Bridgerton brothers, except Anthony, they are The Honourable Messers. Bridgerton, as sons of a viscount. Their sisters are also referred to as Honourables. I can enjoy the written and the filmed versions of the ‘Regency historical’, The Duke and I, for ‘themselves’. I suppose the producers of the filmed version had to have more explicit sex to draw in viewers, but after the first couple of times, it was boring same old-same old, except for location. Other ‘enhancements’ were more enjoyable. Ladies’ daytime headgear does seem to have been left out, but this is alas not unique to this author or period. Ladies and women of other classes just did not go around, with few exceptions, without a headcovering out of doors until WWII, but resumed for a couple of decades afterwards. Inside, until the 18th century, women of the middle and upper classes women generally wore headgear of some sort inside. May I say the dress on the cover of this collection is a style from just the wrong part of the century? Alas, authors seldom have control over cover art, more’s the pity. I like reading internal dialogue, and I adored the wit of the characters. The family love is obvious: they unite against outsiders’ criticism even while they may squabble amongst themselves. I hope Violet gets her own novel at some point: she deserves more than a sort or a novella. I look forward to the next two collections, and I will likely wander enjoyably through her other series, as the characters & the plot complications seemed interesting.

Great. Couldn’t stop reading it! Witty and funny, you love the characters more and more.

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Most amusing. While lacking the linguistic skill of Austen, this author makes up for it with her humour and skill with erotica which Austen would envy!

Great fun series. Very enjoyable and entertaining series. The characters are very likeable and their escapades can be quite funny. Easy reading.

Really bad. I couldn’t get all the way through any of the three stories. Can’t believe I spent money on this. I tried opting for zero stars but was unable to submit the review.

Brilliant. Brilliant

Bridgerton. Loved it

Perfect romance novel!. Hard to pick a favourite of the 3 book series- I couldn’t put them down!

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Save your money. I enjoyed the série on Netflix and decided to read the book. It is rare but the série was more enjoyable than the book. For me a great romance novel, the author will set the scene, create the emotion and tell the story; well in the case of the 1st book, the 2 first elements are missing.

So glad the books are nothing like the tv show. I watched the Netflix show, and didn’t like it (the level of voyeurism is so creepy that I was able to watch the whole first season in one night by simply adjusting the playback speed to 1.75 during all the sex scenes). So I got the feeling that they had tweaked the story just for revenue (sort of like what happened to the blockbuster Pride&Prejudice of 2005). I decided to read the books to find out for myself, and I was right. No, it was actually worse, sadly. The Bridgerton show is veeeeeery loosely based on the novel. They made up an eerie amount of stuff (I can’t think of a reason other than trying to lure more audience), including characters that are completely invented, or different from their original purpose. (And I’m not talking about the colour-blind cast, which I did not mind at all). Plus, Lady Whistledown was revealed right at the very end of season one, and (despite having guessed her identity a couple of episodes back), I lost any motivation to watch yet another season. Anyway, about the books: First things first, DO NOT READ THE 2nd EPILOGUES IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SPOILERS! Go back and read them after you’re done with the whole series. Now for the actual subject of this review. I find the stories kind of plain (like the witty author declares: girl meets boy, stuff happens, girl marries boy), but the dialogues are brilliant - which IS the way I like them. There’s little in life that is predictable (thanks, covid), and I find consolation in friendly quips, lovers’ tiffs, a good duel, and knowing that things are going to be alright in the end. There are some racy parts, which are very à propos and blend in nicely with the excitement of the narration (contrary to the tv show, where sex scenes are just randomly sprinkled just to add colour, thus depriving them of the appropriate importance and depth). Definitely a page-turner! Spoiler alert! The controversy about the forced insemination is very interesting, and I think it’s (you guessed it!) better developed in the book, for the show makes it look like they hadn’t talked about it before, but in the novel it’s clear that a) it was not planned, and b) it brought a fated (and very human) closure to a vicious circle that didn’t seem to have a way out. The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. In the end, I am glad to have read vol. 2 and 3 before Netflix ruined them for me (and I usually LOVE Netflix, that’s probably why I’m so upset about this!) I will certainly read about all the other siblings (already pre-ordered the upcoming collection)

The talk of the Ton!. These books are honestly so splendidly written you feel like you’re a part of the Bridgerton family! I can’t say that I love them enough!

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Summary of Bridgerton Collection Volume 1 by Julia Quinn

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