The Law of Innocence Book Reviews

Michael Connelly

The Law of Innocence by Michael Connelly Book Summary


Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller is back on the job in this heart-stopping thriller from a renowned #1 New York Times bestselling author.

“One of the finest legal thrillers of the last decade” —Associated Press

On the night he celebrates a big win, defense attorney Mickey Haller is pulled over by police, who find the body of a former client in the trunk of his Lincoln. Haller is immediately charged with murder but can’t post the exorbitant $5 million bail slapped on him by a vindictive judge.
Mickey elects to represent himself and is forced to mount his defense from his jail cell in the Twin Towers Correctional Center in downtown Los Angeles. All the while he needs to look over his shoulder—as an officer of the court he is an instant target, and he makes few friends when he reveals a corruption plot within the jail.
But the bigger plot is the one against him. Haller knows he’s been framed, whether by a new enemy or an old one. As his trusted team, including his half-brother, Harry Bosch, investigates, Haller must use all his skills in the courtroom to counter the damning evidence against him.
Even if he can obtain a not-guilty verdict, Mickey understands that it won’t be enough. In order to be truly exonerated, he must find out who really committed the murder and why. That is the law of innocence.
In his highest stakes case yet, the Lincoln Lawyer fights for his life and proves again why he is “a worthy colleague of Atticus Finch . . . in the front of the pack in the legal thriller game” (Los Angeles Times).

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Book Name The Law of Innocence
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Language English
E-Book Size 1.09 MB

The Law of Innocence (Michael Connelly) Book Reviews 2024

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Lots of Twists. When you think you’ve got the plot and people figured out, the story changes. I’m not a big reader but I stuck with this due to its constant movement.

Politics. Connelly unfortunately made his political leanings well known and in his attempt to ridicule and demean “Trumpers”, the book became less of a story and more of a political statement. His subtle jabs added nothing to the storyline and was unnecessary. Yes, finished the book and it was okay but then maybe my take is because he tainted the story midway.

The Law of Innocence. Enjoyed reading. Held my attention.

One of the Best Legal Novels. Could not stop listening. Very well written and you expect nothing less from Michael Connelly. The Lincoln Lawyer at his best with a sprinkling of Harry Bosch. Highly recommended.

Great Read. Mickey Haller never fails to make his cases come alive.

One of MC’s Best. Excellent read. Mickey is on trial for a murder he did not commit. With the help of his team plus ex-wife Maggie, his defense must stave off crooked cops, twisted evidence, missing witnesses while being incarcerated.

The Law of Innocence. Enjoyable book that holds interest for most of book.

Captivating. Well written, fast paced story. Turns and twists to the plot. Enjoyable read.

Terrible ending. The book started slow and finally picked up a third or halfway through. I was expecting a grand finish, but it was disappointing and a let down when the charges were dropped with no resolution, evidence, or rational reasoning other than “FBI investigation.” A little unbelievable. I don’t care about Connelly’s political views, so was surprised to read about them in the book. Initially, it was annoying because it added no value to the story and I didn’t see the point of why it was included, but after harping on it several times in the book it actually detracted from the storyline and likely influenced why I didn’t like the ending. There are better books out there.

Great read. This one kept me on my toes. Enjoyed the book.

Thriller. Great book. Exciting to the very end!

Excellent!!. Excellent Read! In true Connelly fashion, kept me on the edge of my seat. Had to ration my reading or I would have finished it in a weekend! Looking forward to the next Mickey Haller adventure! I have read all of the Lincoln Lawyer books and most of the Bosch series, love them all. A huge fan!

So consistently great !. Could not put it down ! I expect so much of my lawyer now if I ever need one, so compelling and smart.

Excellent!. A must read. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down.

Can't Recommend. Have read so many Michael Connelly books that I really enjoyed, so this one was so disappointing. The drama was forced, the narration in the audio book was just awful, and simply not enough depth and intrigue. If I had a quarter for every "your honor, this is not fair", I could take a short vacation. The legal action was not realistic and overly simplistic. Just missed on this one, a real shame.

The book is fine. A little redundant. A little beloved character inconsistent. Not really legally sound or inspired. Feels like maybe a different writer. 5 stars offset all the snowflake trumpers who got their feelings hurt over a half page honest assessment of their ilk.

Terrific. Another hugely entertaining book by Michael Connelly. Characters are well drawn and interesting. Mr. Connelly is the DEAN of crime novelists.

One of his best. This book was one of Connelly’s best. Tightly written and fast-paced. Well argued. Really enjoyed it.

Fantastic. Beautifully and skillfully written. A masterpiece for Michael Connelly. Wow, I couldn’t put the book down.

The Law of Innocence. This was a good mystery and kept me entertained. It is not the author’s best work. Too many improbable twits and turns. Fitting in the pandemic was a reach. Fun though.

Good read. 2nd half of the book is better.

Great book. This is a fast moving good reading book. It certainly kept my attention.

The Law of Innocence. Too politically bias. If you’re looking to write a leftist book choose a different genre. Keep politics out if it. People use these books to escape the real world not hear your political narrative.

Stick to what you do best. I have loved every Connelly book until now. Reading good fiction is an escape. I was on board until jury selection. The Trump reference was derogatory and not necessary to the story. Haller making a note of a potential juror being a Trump supporter and therefore not worthy is insulting and just not relevant. Connelly is a successful writer and producer and doesn’t need to pander to the left or right to sell a story.

Great. Love the Lincoln lawyers books fantastic!

Wildly different!. Not anything close to what I expected as a story and I loved it. Kept me riveted to the end. Mr. Connelly left his box a little and it was well worth the read!

The Law of Innocence. I would not recommend this book to my two daughters who are also fans of the author. It was slow going and didn’t get interesting and exciting until 3/4 of the way through the book. I did love the ending and finding out who was a good person and who wasn’t.

Cowbells, not politics. It takes a special kind of cluelessness to decide that what Americans want right now is more political opinion and polarization. Yet the author - who is typically a strong favorite of mine - decided to go there. Less politics - More cowbells. (Google “SNL cowbells” if the reference escapes you).

Lincoln lawyer does it again. Good book.... follows series well.

Great legal manual, poor murder mystery. I think the author “borrowed” this legal exercise from a real case, then tried to fit a thin and poorly designed murder story to it. The triad is very interesting to read. The murder story itself is preposterous. A lawyer shoots a former client in his own car in his garage for a nine year old debt? Seriously?

Another Haller Classic. Loved every minute of this book, took me through all the emotions all the way to the very end. Connelly has done it again. Thank you!

The Law of Innocense. This seemed like the author was in a hurry to finish the book. The antagonist was not developed at all. His name was brought up, but the reader never got to meet him or see his evil characteristics. The girlfriend from Hawaii was a wasted character. Nothing about her advanced or enhanced the movement of the plot. This was a weak effort: same old same old.08

Author has “jumped the shark”. Too bad the story line had to include the author’s political views on current events at the time of the writing of this novel. Especially because the “news” agency promoted as credible in the novel (CNN), has turned out to be thoroughly corrupt, from top to bottom in the organization. I have enjoyed reading over ten of michael Connelly’s books up to now. Fascinating details, great character development, seemingly wonderful insight to the legal system. But the subject matter concerning the Los Angeles narrative has lost all its allure, in my opinion. Harry Bosch and michael haller are destined to pursue mask mandates and vagrant littering issues in the future. No bail, catch and release, police defunding are all policies that will submerge the true aim of law enforcement and prosecution for many years to come. This reader has now “let go”. Good bye, guys.

Excellent As Always. After reading a few negative reviews I was a bit put off, but then chose to read this book and decide for myself. I have read Michael Connelly for many years and he never disappoints! This novel certainly did not disappoint. It is well written, and the information about news events and the pandemic lend reality. We live in difficult times!

The Law of Innocence. Excellent. Michael Connelly is a fine writer in addition to a great story teller.

Fabulous. Best book I ever read. Love Haller. Please write more books with Him.

Gratuitous. The story was pretty good and I am a LL fan. However, the gratuitous references to Trump and Trump supporters were unnecessary and took away from the story. Also, does no one go to church or have any morals?

The Law of Innocence. Too predictable. Too cliche. Author trying to make too many political statements. Total waste of money.

The Law of Innocence. Great to have Haller back! Page turner as usual.

Purple peanuts. Do you ever see something in the toilet and you think it’s a purple peanut but it’s actually just a giant poop nugget? I have this experience all the time and therefore it makes me feel unsafe. My friends Think that I am the most beautiful in the world. But I look like a hairless cat. I eat with baby spoons and eat baby food. I am a baby. Sometimes I rip my teeth out and then bleed I love sticking my hands in succulent plants. I also love popping pimples on my grandma’s face!!!!!!!!!!

Entertaining. Great reading while in lockdown!

The Law of Innocence. Loved this book!

Not much. OK pretty good mildly entertaining it might’ve been better if he could’ve just resisted that political rant in the middle of everything- I get enough of that on TV

Had good tempo until the political punch thrown at the reader by the author. If I wanted to read political fiction, I’d read a newspaper. Michael Connelly discredits his good run.

Fan gone. I was excited to hear that there was a new book in 2020. I couldn’t believe I missed it, but then again, it was 2020. However, after reading reviews, I have decided not to purchase. Many of the reviews say that Connelly intertwines his political views into the storyline. I don’t care what side of the fence you’re on, keep it out of the entertainment. We want to read a story, not hear opinions or read insults to others. You lost a fan MC.

Boring and politically motivated. A boring and rambling novel. Couldn’t finish it. Politically slanted toward the liberal bias.

Weak. Conelly should keep his political opinions to himself. Fair to midling for the Lincoln lawyer series

The Law of Innocence. Good craftsmanship but story is hackneyed and reads like a plot from a long running tv show that has jumped the shark and resorts to having the protagonist being charged with a crime for which they are obviously innocent and their road to redemption.

Not so fast. I really did enjoy the book until you made false statements. Unfortunately you chose to discredit our president. I remember specifically when our president was addressing the nation regarding the China virus. At that time he admitted they knew little about the virus and stated, with Dr Fauci at his side, that maybe it would be gone in a few week. He did not want to alarm people and they would share more as they were working with the WHO and the CDC. Dr Fauci said there was no need for masks. The president was relying on Fauci's expertise. Later he was told the virus could be serious and people in China were dying. He closed off travel and the media called him a racist.

Skip the politics. I really enjoyed the story, but the political bias ruined what had been a good read. Connelly’s Bosch novels have begun having the same political slant. Too bad.

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One of the best LL stories. I’ve read every Lincoln Lawyer and Harry Bosch novels and this was one of the best. Nice to see Maggie McFierce play such a prominent role.

Awesome like always keeps you where you can’t put it downb. .

The Law Of Innocence. Great read

Most disappointing Connelly I’ve read.. All along the novel, the reader is lost in legal technicalities that are very hard to follow, let alone understand. Empathy of the judge and help to Haller’s case becomes a running gag. I would have preferred Haller being found « Not Guilty » by a master stroke and confess afterwards having fooled everybody and done the murder himself, à la « Roger Ackroyd ». That would have been a masterpiece. The dropping of the charges was a lame ending. Connelly is entertaining but he is no Agatha Christie...

Excellent Read. Very good thriller, the characters are are believable. The ending is not satisfying. But it is good to see Michael Connelly still can put out another good one.

Best Lincoln lawyer novel. The best I have read of this character and the timely backdrop of the COVID crisis we are all living in struck home. I couldn’t put the book down

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Summary of The Law of Innocence by Michael Connelly

The The Law of Innocence book written by Michael Connelly was published on 10 November 2020, Tuesday in the Mysteries & Thrillers category. A total of 5,412 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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