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Bytedance Pte. Ltd

CapCut - Video Editor by Bytedance Pte. Ltd Book Summary

CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing app that helps you create incredible videos. 「Easy to use」 Cut, reverse and change speed: getting it just right is easier than ever, posting only your wonderful moments. 「High quality」 Advanced filters and flawless beauty effects open up a world of possibilities. 「Top Music Hits/Sounding incredible」 Tremendous music library and exclusive copyright songs. 「Stickers and text」 Top trending stickers and fonts let you fully express your videos. 「Effect」 Get creative with a range of magical effects. Terms of Service — Privacy Policy — Contact:

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Book Name CapCut - Video Editor
Genre Photo & Video
Language English
E-Book Size 238.78 MB

CapCut - Video Editor (Bytedance Pte. Ltd) Book Reviews 2023

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I love this!!❤️. I was looking for a place to edit my videos and i saw capcut and i was like "Ooo!!I want to try this!!" So i downloaded it and its awesome!!There are no adds and its really smooth!!This is my #1 application to use for my videos and then i told my friend it and now were both obsessed with it😂 I definitly recommend this to edit your videos but i only have it on phone so i only say this for the phone.

I love this app.... I love this app! I can make templates with my pictures and make videos and send them to my friends or even my family!

The best. CapCut is what you call TikTok. It has all the sharing options I read it five stars because it is a fun exciting thing that I look forward to at the end of my day. I do wish that they had more more like filters like TikTok and a little more like Twitter and Instagram I kind of wish that it was coming by nation convert ation of all of them. Thank you.

Best app ever!!. I love this app! It’s can make a boring video so lively and fun! And I love the transitions available 😍

Surprisingly good. You can’t TikTok without CapCut at this point

I love it. I love capcut so much i use it for everything

This app is awesome. It’s just easy to use and really good

I LOVE CAPCUT. CAPCUT has really good quality

So good. No glitches scams or ads it’s like ticktock but it’s so much easier

It’s okay. It’s good I use it to edit everything but it’s not letting me in the app no more and it’s glitches

Vast editing app I’ve used. Love it 100% 💰❤️

Yessir. Yessir

Best. Best

Idk. It’s not letting me do a project and it said my photo storage it to full and I delete photos like a lot and it still doesn’t work idk what to do

I love this app but al so. When I wanted to do a video with A app I did not have any so I got the app and it worked out great I Love the app and now I’m just so happy but can you add more songs like on YouTube and use peoples songs thank you

Idk. Idk

GREAT APP. Really good app do anything with it

Ratings! <3. This app is simply amazing 🤩 no complaints just amazing !

great!. i love this app and the templates made this app way better! the easiest editing app i’ve ever seen in my entire life! they could probably add some things to make the app better, but this is all you could need.

So easy and I love it. Thanks CapCut

Obsessed. So fun and so easy

Love it. I love this app

It’s a good place to edit. 5 stars

AHHHHHH. I love cap cut because it’s free and u can make your own templates a use other people’s templates it also has color filters.

CristinaCalloni. Love it

✨great!✨. I first got this app a while ago, and I didn’t understand how to use it. Now I’m a bit older and I understand! It’s such a fun app I’ve made some great edits and videos with this! The best part is.. you don’t even have to pay to make edits or TikTok videos!! I ❤️ CAPCUT

Good edit app. 💗

I love capcut. Easy,fun, and you can make yourself proud

Why did I rate this 5 stars?. It’s the best editor I’ve used in 6 years

The best. It's the best video editor 👍

The best for JDM edits. So I have a YT channel and this app helps me with editing and the best part about it it’s FREE but pro version cost money but a great app for editing

Capcut is my hero. I really like capcut is because I can edit all my memories like when my mom passed away I always use this app to edit her and to always remember that she’s with me no matter what and that god is with me no matter what please try capcut out it’s amazing

You guys rule. You guys rule because you guys send me the filters and things to edit my vids

Amazing. Amazing

Good. Good

Cxbbb. Foggy

Good.. It’s very good.

Ya si. Weno y barato

Good but could be better. I love CapCut, and it has really nice software except there’s not a very wide variety of music. I wish there was a lot more. Also, the videos could be able to get longer that would make me very satisfied with pleasure on being able to make a video past three minutes on the camera that is everything bad I think could be on CapCut. Thank you for reading this. -Layla, early 2023

Hehehe. Hhjejdje


I love Cristiano Ronaldo, edit. 5/5

I love it!!!! Just one thing. So usually I see people make edits and it has good quality but when I record the quality is so good,but when I export it it,the quality changes for some reason.I know you guys work SO hard on this app but can you find a way for better quality? By the way I know there is a Fuatre for better quality but for me it does nothing Bye!

Good but ………………. FIRST OF ALL this game is good but the creator should make it like you can post it because what’s the point of editing if you ain’t gonna post it like I’m kinda getting bored of the template because you can’t make friends but I should not get my hopes up I now that the creator isn’t gonna read this so anyway if you read this thanks 😁

Love. Cool

My review. Great app for editing

yes. Ilysm

Plo. It’s good but we don’t need to pay for anything please take that off

Great app I use it every day now and get creative!. :)

Easy to learn!!. So many choices all in one app!! Love it!!

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amazing. i love it

AMAZING. This app has allowed me to fufill my editing dreams although I wish everyone could have pathetic pro things

✰✰✰. CapCut is amazing I use it all the time for my edits!!!!!!!!!!!

Really good!!. I don’t normally do reviews but this app is really good, I don’t edit really so I’m not a pro at it but this app just makes everything so simple

Love. I love it but I do not know how to get templates work

CapCut. An awesome app gonna give it for 3👍👍👍 up 🤙

It is just really good. 👍👍👍

Amazing. At first you might have to figure things out but I’ve been using capcut for years to edit and it’s amazing definitely recommend

V. God mode innit

Great editing app!. I have been using CapCut for roughly 5 months now and it has been great for my tiktok account! The only problemcis that the text feature is a little bit hard to use... Though i still rate it 5 stars! I recommend downloading CapCut if you're a tiktoker or youtuber or post on any type of social media! Consider downloading it!😁😁😁

Harriet’s review for Capcut. This app is really amazing I’m not lying I use this for TikTok and I have over 1000 views because of Capcut well done

Incredible 💗💗💗⚡️✨. I’ve been using this app FOREVER and now I know everything (nearly) that’s on there I realise how easy it is! It’s incredible for things like family editing (particularly Roblox) and has the BEST templates! I can’t even count how many videos I have made with this app and will probably never go to a different editing app! My mum works in social media and occasionally uses this app too! You can change around your videos loads and is just incredible! You can create mini movies, incredible edits for YouTube, TikTok and other social media sights, you can create a longer video for YouTube or TikTok or whatever social media sight and you can just be creative! I totally recommend this app and would only love if they added more sounds or popular sounds at the moment! But apart from this it’s the perfect app for me and hope everyone else loves it too!

CapCut. Rlly good I use for my TikTok’s

Great!. This is the best editing app ive ever had!

I like that app. You not like that only one time use that app and see it’s you so like it FROM : AZAANRAHEEL6OFFICIAL

Hi. Super app

Amazing 🦆🥄👍🏼. I live making edits of my favourite streamers on here and the uploading them to tik tok. :))) Very useful. Slight issue though I was trying to make an Edit of this one streamer, Ranboo, and i was trying to make an effect round his body but it didnt work as it didn't recognise him as a person as he wears a face mask. Not to big of an issue and probably only efects me. You should definitely download it :DDDD

This app is amazing 🤩. so l love this app because all u do is editing well that’s what it’s for so l like it because l am planning on doing big vids to be famous and l was famous last time so ❤️

Better songs!!!. Cap cut is really good but it needs better songs! E.g tick tick songs. ‼️

Jessica Japan. Love this app very easy to use

The update. The update made it worse they deleted shake and I can’t use graphs I don’t like this update

chunkyhunkyrotez. this app is AMAZING! it can be a little bit laggy at times but not often, other then that I completely recomend capcut for beginners and advanced editors. 🫶🏻

Daniel’s review. I love this app so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️😘😘😘❤️❤️🥰🥰❤️❤️😘😘❤️

Would’ve been 2.5. My older sister had this app and she made really cool edit with this and I wanted to have a go she’s told me that she uses templates and it made her life way easier so I just said like whoa I should get this and I got cap cut it was free and once I installed it there was no template button and she told me apparently that she’s been using it for three months and she just recognised template button now but then she downloaded it on her other iPad well she had on her phone but then she downloaded it on her iPad apparently does template at the start no it’s not for me for some reason and it’s really hard. Then I search it on CapCut but it’s not available in this region but we’re in the same place so pls help me creator PLEASE

Love it!. This is helping a lot with Tt (TikTok) so tysm!

Review. I love this editing soo it has made editing so much easier for me

a few problems…. The app is great, it’s free and is also really easy to use. I’ve noticed that some stuff have been removed such as, the basic option in video effects. I don’t know if it’s there and I haven’t looked properly but for some reason it isn’t there, I also can’t find the splice button and again I’m probably not looking enough. I do recommend the app tho, it’s great for editing even when your a starter, it really has helped me with my edits so thank you ☺️

Capcut. >>>>

Should be free. not bad app

CapCut. Omg this app is a life saver. I’ve always wanted to edit and capcut is a perfect change to do so 5 stars ✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️

Amazing app. Amazing, intuitive easy to use and give great results! Love it!

Amazing. So many things to do it’s the best I love you Capcut!x

Amazing. The CapCut app is so good and the editor is so good like I gained 5 subs yesterday and 3 subs today

OMG. Worlds best mobile editing app

CapCut Pro. CapCut used to be all free. Now it’s gone Pro. And i’m disappointed. I know there are still many free effects and filters to use, and i understand the app has to make money, but it seemed to do fine being free for a long time before. I don’t understand why it suddenly has to start charging in order to use everything. It’s unfair for those who can’t afford it. I relied on this app. And it honestly was the best i had ever used, but now, it’s just gonna be one i won’t really use anymore thanks to this new Pro version with a limited choice on everything.


Love it. Amazing

The best app ever. I love this app it is soooo easy to edit and make videos 🫶🏻🫶🏻

I love the different templates. I wish I could give it more than just 5 stars

Great. Easy to edit and has great templates.

Best app. Capcut is one of the best editing apps i have ever used! I would recommend it to anyone who is a beginner at editing. It’s great for YouTube vidios! For example I work for Bloxburg maniac and he has become recanised (he has 17k subs you should check hime out). But I use capcut for the vidios I help him make and it always comes out perfect (litrally I know people say nothing is perfect but when I say it’s perfect ITS PERFECT!) I recommended it to all my friends and they now use whenever they want a relaxation hour or so!

can u add folders?. this is such a good app and every single feature i adore - i’d rate def rate this 5 stars otherwise. i think folders should be added, so that certain edits go in certain folders for organisational reasons. i make a lot of edits and it’s hard to find particular ones so i think adding folders would make it The best.

... It’s alright

Thanks capcut. Makes video editing soo easy

Latest update is useless. Audio and sound have stopped working unless you sign in with other accounts. Reports no internet. Previous version didn’t require this. Absolutely hate it when app vendors build up a good audience then do a release to say right, we want your data. Avoid.

CapCut. It is a amazing app to you’s u can make fun videos with friends and family xx

It’s good but its missing a few things... This app is very amazing. I’ve used this for a lot of editing and in my opinion its great. However, you should make more songs so people don’t have to extract everything. I am a victim of this and it is kind of annoying. That’s just a suggestion. I mainly do not have any complaints about this app because it has helped me a lot.

CapCut review. I love this app! However it doesn’t work on some platforms so beware of that.

Thanks. This is the best editing app thanks CapCut 🤩👍

Good. So good

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It’s not working. I’m trying to get the little edits to put together like hi hey wow are you single and then I add photos I can’t it won’t pop up at the bottom of my screen

terrible update. you have to pay for everything now

Great app. Great editing app So awesome best app ever

so gooooood. it so good i have been using this app like forever it’s so good so please never shut it down love y’all 😍

gud. very gud

Dear capcut. Hello capcut im Ella i make lots of edits with ur app but it’s now pretty hard cause of all the new effects can u pls change that up it’s pretty annoying tbh so bring back old capitals pls.

BEST APP EVER get it now. PERIOD.. You should get it because it’s free and it’s just amazing if you have it, you get the feeling IT IS JUST SOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! I just can’t it’s just that good🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗💗😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

CAPCUT IS AMAZING!. People always “capcut is for starters” I’ve been editing on capcut for a year now and I’ve been loving even if you think you know all the tips YOUR ARE WRONG! I learn new things every single time I use the app. It’s all free you don’t pay to use cool effects or upload and no watermark this is truly the best editing app you can get! I 100% recommend this app!

W. Ong

good. good

I LOVEEE ITTT. It IS THE BEST LOVE IT YOU CAN DO ANYTHING you can do LIKE VIDEOS LIKE LIKE YEA and edit then even YouTubers I’ve this app

Im not paying form animation. I would’ve given this app a high review until have to pay for animation and glowing text which is what this app is known for as a tik tok creator/editor im not paying and uninstalling most likely until its free

Best editing tool. Love love love

Cap cut. Cap cut was the first editing app I used and it was so easy! It has so many different effects and templates. When I posted my edits on social media (you don't have to) everyone asked what editing app I use and when I say the were shocked when I said cap cut they were. I like it a lot but that's my opinion maybe go try it out and see if ur the same with me? This is done by an actual person. Lol I don't work for cap cut

Good. It’s great loads of ideas thank you

Cap cut is the best!. I’ve been working on it for two years. Thanks to CapCut I have been able to because I’m a pro. Thanks to CapCut!

Capcut pro. I downloaded this editing app just because it wasn’t one of those apps with the payment 😭

Amazing!. I highly recommend if you make any YouTube videos or edits it has so many feautures!

It’s an amazing app!. I definitely recommend this

bruh. I hate CapCut because it isnt letting me use the templates! it says “Video Isn’t Available” How do I fix this???😢

Nice. Very highly wonderfully amazingly nice I just don’t enjoy the name of this app being placed at the end of all my videos. But this app is still Very highly wonderfully amazingly nice

Perfect but just a few touches.. [please start reading your reviews-]. First of all, CapCut pro: a lot of people have been writing bad reviews about the exceedingly lack of feature unless upgrading to CapCut pro and all that.. I understand you guys want to earn money with this amazing app you made since I bet you put a lot of effort into CapCut but I think it’s time you think about CapCut pro a bit.. Second of all, there’s a thing that happens when I’m editing a project and I go and add a photo but then it says that I have no photos so then I have to kill the app and go in the project again. It’s really annoying so please see what you can do about this sometime. Overall, I think CapCut is an amazing app but would just need a few slight touches. Thank you for reading.

Easy app. Very easy and helpful

Terrible!. Was so good until the new update! SOO many glitches now and they’ve added a premium version! Completely ruined the app! After that, I’ve had so many glitches and they completely delayed my audio! So annoying! CapCut was the only editing app I could use that was free! Change it back, this is so annoying! I have no money for it and my channel is useless because now there’s a maximum number of overlays! Really upset!

Over all its good. I like it alot

So good!. Best app ever! No complaints but I was asking maybe like more filters?

To good to be true. It is awesome idk why

Love this app. Love this app easy to use once you know how !

I movie is a better app than tnis!. So when im trying to edit my video,i want to make it shorter i want to shorten it to the middile of the video but when i do that the audio automatically changes it to the start while my video is in the middle and it doesn’t match! This app is really bad and its frustrating me,this is just so dumb.

The new update. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED CAPCUT!! It was always so easy and simple to use and the fact that the effects were free was just the overall best. But now the new update has been such a bummer. Like yes you can still use the old effects, but now CapCut has just gotten money hungry with their new update with the pro feature which I truly dislike. That’s was what made CapCut so great. Was the fact that it was a free editing tool.

CapCut. I love this app it is so fun thanks for making it

CapCut is the best!. I really love CapCut! It makes editing easier, and if you’ve always wanted to be an editor but don’t have a laptop or a computer, well this is definitely for you!

good but buggy. I’ve had a great experience with CapCut! It’s very easy to use and has lots of features! My only problem is that I occasionally run into bugs. Some examples include: Video not starting at the start of the time-line bar Text not rotating when I turn with 2 fingers Video appearing as black but with all effects/text visible CapCut is a great app but one feature I recommend is: Faster upload/download cloud speed I would rate it 5 star if the bugs were gone. That’s all i have to say. Thanks for reading my review!

Amazing. Amazing everything and I love the templtes

Best Apps 10000%. Love this wonderful apps wholeheartedly Making video the way it is meant to be 100000%

Not showing fast it needs to update. Could u please fix that cause my sister has updated but I can’t I even deleted the app and got it back

Wow just wow.. All I have to say is that this is an amazing app. Free and easy! It’s super efficient and I love using this app.

Best video editor. Love using this app. Easy to edit and love the templates.

THE Worst. deleted everything I made :(

Very good. It is helpful for editing! Get for YT so get it

Cap cut. It is good for editing and making edits which is why I like it FIVE STARS!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

what?. where are the templates? Everyone has them but me.

Fun. So fun to easy. Make clips that are heart warming, funny and hold lots of memories.


Recommend. Extremely good app for free beat editing app

Brilliant. Great app ever

Alright. It’s helped a lot but when I tried to transfer it once I accidentally used a pro tool and I couldn’t find which one was on pro so I lost 6hours worth of an edit

Good. Really good editing app becuase it easy to control lots of opsions and good quality and the good thing is you don’t need to screen record the the video you can save it to your camera roll or import it to TikTok

add anime effects and why add pro. amazing but why add pro and please add anime effects for edits i would be amazed

It’s good but has a big problem.. I love this app. I’ve done all my edits on it and it is a good app. But I was making an edit and I was adding a lot of overlays and after 5 overlays it said “maximum overlays reached”. It’s not letting me add any more overlays and it is really frustrated me. I have not found a cure yet but I hope to find one soon.

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Eh. I love capcut so much but while others got updated to version 7.8.0 im stuck at version 7.7.2 and dont say its because my device is older because i have and iphone 11 and my sister had and iphone 7 and hers is updated but mine isn’t. It doesn’t give me the option to update it either please fix this 🙏🙏

Super Fun and Easy 2 Learn. Gotta say I’m having so much fun editing with this application. Just finished my first project and already I’ve learned how to do so much. The application is very user friendly and has so much to offer; the kicker is im not even using the pro version. Feels like i ve just barely scratched the surface of what ill be able to make with this application. Looking forward to future ventures

Help me out here. Why can’t I download without billing info I would rather not but my billing info in thank you very much

✨cap cut ✨. It is good for editing but it takes up a lot of space it is not the easier app to use but I will recommend u to use it specific if u use TikTok

One of the best. No words to describe how awesome this is!!

Amazing. This app gives me good quality any edit I do

THE PERFECT APP FOR IG CONTENT. I am a Premiere pro user and when it comes to making work for my client, specifically with captions, I would use this because of how easy it is; Especially with emojis & animations on the text. Anyone looking for that app to use captions and animate it like you see on all the popular Instagram videos, this is the app. I have been looking for a while and it’s great to finally find it.

Best free video editor. For the amount of tools and options you have to edit your videos, hands down best free app in the store

I can’t find shake. How many how much times I try I just can’t shake I look everywhere and I can’t find so I’m wondering is you took it out of the app but the editing stuff is good but sometimes it’s hard to find some stuff

Great. I don’t like pro that much but the rest is good 🤩

AMAZING STUFF I DIDNT KNOW ABOUT CAPCUT. CapCut is the app I used for my first ever edit / YT Channel now you can go check my channel out with all the preppy stuff I have made there!! Channel: ItzYxsmin it has a preppy pfp and banner!! Byee 💞🧸💗🍦💖💝🐻

The best app 💜. The best app ever & so many options & easy to use 💜💯

I love it!!. CapCut is amazing for making edits and editing videos! It’s an amazing, entertaining, and helpful app. If your looking for an app you can use to edit stuff, choose CapCut. Thanks for letting so many people be able to use this app.

Cupcat. Very easy to use 😍

Please give 2k/4k quality. Reason why I gave you just 1 star is because there is no option to export in 2k/4k quality. Please enable the 2k/4k export quality for me.

eh. takes up so much storage and it sometimes glitches whenever im in the middle of making an edit

Amazing. Everything is great it’s Easy, Free, cool, strong, I can’t imagine not using it

The best. The best app ever it helps me all the time when I try to make tick-tock‘s

Love it!. Great video editing app!

CapCut. I really love this app and it’s really helped me!

Cap cut. It’s fun it’s cool and it’s awesome 🤩

Cap cut pro? Im upset. I have been using this app for years and and now everything is ruined Now it feels like nothing is free which is disappointing, i am ANGRY , pls get rid of it😡

things disappeared??. while i was editing i was looking for the motion blur effect but i couldnt find it?? alot of other effects disappeared after the update or they just got moved?

So. Could you add the Template button IN the app for Canada please?

CapCut. I really like CapCut it made me get a lot of views and really easy to use

The best editing app. This is the beat editing app ever

Only one problem…. The whole « pro » subscription is pretty annoying cause they gatekeep such good features like the better cropping. The bot cropping doesn’t even work so it’s the only way to crop properly

Amazing!. 100 percent recommend it’s every helpful in editing!❤️

It’s my favourite editing app ever I give it a 5 star. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

nice.. CapCut is a really nice app for me, I really like it and I got the pro version of CapCut! Thanks a lot CapCut 😌😃 I would give this app a five stars ✨

Good editing app but can be glitchy. This app is amazing for edits, it’s very easy to use but there has been this new glitch that’s only been happening since the new update where you’re unable to add any overlays. It says “maximum overlay tracks” but i have not added any. Please fix this 👍

Best. Best app


Very great for my edits on TikTok. Bruh

The BEST app for beginners and making quick videos. I downloaded this app to make a pretty last minute video for a school assignment. It is the EASIEST to use (I have never made a video before, and it took me seconds to figure out). It allows you to simply add in videos, photos, overlay audio, and crop anything. This app saved my life for this assignment. I have never left a review before, but after the ease of that experience I just had to. Highly recommend!!! If I can easily use this app, ANYONE can.

GOATED. Personally to anyone thinking about swapping to after effects DON’T DO IT cap cut is better and costs 0$. CAPCUT IS GOATED

♥️. Un incontournable! Essentiel pour monter audio et vidéo simplement 💋

HELP THIS IS TOO COOL, FOREVER MY BEST EDITING APP🫶🏼. capcut improved so much!smooth slow motion, rich of free effects and free editing choices, im always proud of capcut and i’m proud to be a capcut editor too! try the app literally if u haven’t :) !!!

was a 5. it’s really good but after they added the pro stuff it became from a 5 star to a 3. Do better

how to update new cupcut. I want to update

Realy good. This app is the best for editing

love love love. BRO I JUST LOVE IT

Montage. J’adore ce programme de montage vidéo 👍

Editssssssssss. This is the easiest editing app I have ever used. Only reason it’s not 5 is because there is a subscription for certain stuff now

The Best. Your already can do everything that you want and it’s so fun

ITS SO GOOD 🤩. CapCut is very handy bc I have a youtube channel and I always post a billion vids on it! It’s a easy and quick editing app! But it does lag sometimes. Great app though!

CapCut. CapCut is a really cool and good game. And it’s all free. Thank you

amazing. great edits

CapCut is amazing!. I love using this editor for my YouTube and edits I make and it is very easy to understand and very efficient in editing! 100% recommend

Its good but... Really easy and simple editing app! But the thing is it’s laggy and I can’t work on some of my edits properly :( please fix!!!

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Summary of CapCut - Video Editor by Bytedance Pte. Ltd

The CapCut - Video Editor book written by Bytedance Pte. Ltd was published on 14 April 2020, Tuesday in the Photo & Video category. A total of 285,400 readers of the book gave the book 4.72959 points out of 5.

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