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A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire

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A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire by Jennifer L. Armentrout Book Summary

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout comes a new novel in her Blood and Ash series… 

Is Love Stronger Than Vengeance?

A Betrayal…

Everything Poppy has ever believed in is a lie, including the man she was falling in love with. Thrust among those who see her as a symbol of a monstrous kingdom, she barely knows who she is without the veil of the Maiden. But what she does know is that nothing is as dangerous to her as him. The Dark One. The Prince of Atlantia. He wants her to fight him, and that’s one order she’s more than happy to obey. He may have taken her, but he will never have her.

A Choice….

Casteel Da’Neer is known by many names and many faces. His lies are as seductive as his touch. His truths as sensual as his bite. Poppy knows better than to trust him. He needs her alive, healthy, and whole to achieve his goals. But he’s the only way for her to get what she wants—to find her brother Ian and see for herself if he has become a soulless Ascended. Working with Casteel instead of against him presents its own risks. He still tempts her with every breath, offering up all she’s ever wanted. Casteel has plans for her. Ones that could expose her to unimaginable pleasure and unfathomable pain. Plans that will force her to look beyond everything she thought she knew about herself—about him. Plans that could bind their lives together in unexpected ways that neither kingdom is prepared for. And she’s far too reckless, too hungry, to resist the temptation.

A Secret…

But unrest has grown in Atlantia as they await the return of their Prince. Whispers of war have become stronger, and Poppy is at the very heart of it all. The King wants to use her to send a message. The Descenters want her dead. The wolven are growing more unpredictable. And as her abilities to feel pain and emotion begin to grow and strengthen, the Atlantians start to fear her. Dark secrets are at play, ones steeped in the blood-drenched sins of two kingdoms that would do anything to keep the truth hidden. But when the earth begins to shake, and the skies start to bleed, it may already be too late.

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire (Jennifer L. Armentrout) Book Reviews

Worth ItSo good! Doesn’t take you forever to get into like the first book… I love Cas.Score: 5/5

Just keeps getting better…5 / 5 — Forewarning that the first 100-ish pages go in circles a bit but that doesn’t overshadow the masterpiece that this book is. So many layers to this story & so many character developments that keep you DYING to peel them back. And the PLOT TWISTS! Oh my God! Such an incredible story/series that just keeps getting better. Again, think GOT. So much action & the cliffhanger at the is killing me. Starting the 3rd immediately..Score: 5/5

Amazing!!I flew through this series and I can’t wait for the 3rd book.. so many emotions came to life as I read this book wow I highly recommend.Score: 5/5

Amazing!I loved every minute of both the first and second books in the series! I couldn’t put them down!.Score: 5/5

So intriguing!!Anxiously waiting for the final book in this serious; Jennifer is an amazing author that captures you from beginning go end! Purchase and enjoy, You won’t regret it!.Score: 5/5

I’m in loveIf I were to marry a book, I would marry this one. I honestly don’t know what to say because this entire book was an emotional roller coaster and I enjoyed it so much, I’m also probably going to reread it again which show how much I loved this book..Score: 5/5

Amazing!!!!This book was so great! Definite must read. I’m sad that the next one doesn’t come out sooner..Score: 5/5

OUTSTANDINGI have don’t nothing other than read as this book has consumed ALL my time. So so good!!! How will I wait until the 3rd one comes??.Score: 5/5

AmazingI loved this book. This is one of the few stories I have read that I started reading it all over again the second I finished it. Both the first and second book of this series are amazing. I can’t wait for the third book to come out..Score: 5/5

Extremely repetitiveOkay, to start- the series is phenomenal and I could not stop reading the first book. But this second book as been somewhat of a let down. It’s so repetitive I have a hard time reading without getting distracted by something else. Poppy is still in copious amounts of unrelenting denial for no reason. She knows the truth of her kingdom and what Casteel had done to save her, and she has been given very little reason to continue to fight back against him and continuously try to escape. The conversations and arguments are on what seems to be a long loop, of the same explanation given by casteel and the same questions being asked over and over and over again by poppy. She’s frustratingly daft throughout the entire book and there are many pointless monologues and scene builders throughout the book that just take too much time and space in the book to read. I often skipped pages worth of their conversations and inner monologue to end up still reading the same things and getting just as much information skipping 10 pages as I would have reading them all. I love the story but I’m sincerely hoping that the potential isn’t wasted in the third book.Score: 3/5

UM BUY IT NOWWHEN I SAY THIS BOOK IS AMAZING.... I kid you not. Literally has such a twist at the end I was shaking of excitement. This is a lengthy book and most of this genre can hit slow spots but it was just one of those books you can’t put down. I can’t believe what a good price this was and how fabulously interesting it is. PROPS TO JENNIFER👏👏👏 I LOVED IT QUEEN.Score: 5/5

Even more perfect!The first book was perfect, yet this one was even better. My husband was mad at me the whole time I binge read these books because I refused to talk to him. I was filled with dread the closer I got to the end because I never wanted it to stop! It truly left me dumbstruck and wanting more immediately, it's going to be a real struggle waiting for April!.Score: 5/5

JUST GET ITYou won’t be sorry because I know I’m not!.Score: 5/5

ExcellenyExceptional writing. Great love story. Well developed characters. Can’t put it down..Score: 5/5


Still good but some receptivenessI was sad for this book to end, and already pre ordered the third one. I agree with another persons review where I just hated how naive and annoying poppy was for always doubting hawkes love and devotion to her. All the things he’s done to protect her, he’s killed when one slandered her name, but she was always like - it’s not real, he doesn’t care about me, and why would I like that if I don’t care for him, but maybe I do blah blah blah. I wonder if the author reads the reviews, because I truly hope the third book doesn’t have as much of that annoying thought in from poppy. Other than that, completely loved it! I’m excited to read the explanation of who she truly is. Can’t wait for April!!!.Score: 5/5

StunningEnchanted with this book! Written in amazing detail and complexity. Following not only the characters emotions and thoughts, this book has an amazing story to enthrall every reader. Thank you so much for it!.Score: 5/5

BeautifulPoppy constant second guessing was somewhat annoying ,however completely understandable. Beautifully written..Score: 4/5

Great seriesThis was a can’t put down kind of book for me! I loved Poppy and all the characters. Great book/series.Score: 5/5

Really enjoyedNot as soon as the first one in my opinion but still a great book! plus more 🌶 scenes ^ ^.Score: 5/5

PerfectI’m so upset I finished and have to wait on the next one to come out. I’m excited to see what is in store for the next in the series..Score: 5/5

NO WORDS!!!! SO UNREAL AMAZING!!!Utterly speechless. This series is UN- FREAKING-BELIEVABLE. I would buy this series 100 times over if necessary. Sooooooooooo good. Wish I could give this 10,000 stars. Like OMG....so good. Can’t wait for the next book..Score: 5/5

Waiting (impatiently) for more...If you are a fan of the wonderful Sara J Maas’ multiple series, you will definitely enjoy getting into these books as well. I can’t wait for this third book to come out!.Score: 5/5

A must readCould not put the book down!.Score: 5/5

Absolutely enthralledI devoured this book!.Score: 5/5

Amazing!!A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire was even better than the first book! The ending is simply amazing!!! It’s the perfect type of cliff hanger. ❤️ Can’t wait until the next book! Also there’s a Facebook group you can join after finishing this book!.Score: 5/5

Best one yet of the FBAA seriesI think this one may be better than From Blood and Ash. There was less world building need so the action started right off. I fell even more for Casteel and Poppy. Separately and together I love them. Poppy is fierce and doesn’t put up with anything and I loved watching her find her voice and place and heart. I also really love Kiernan. His wit and love and loyalty and general hotness makes him my new book crush for sure. Again all in all great book and definitely working its way up to my top like 5. Again totally suggest everyone read this but it is definitely not for kids..Score: 5/5

Literally one of the best reads I have had I a long time!Story kept me intrigued more so than any other I have read in quite some time. Time well spent!.Score: 5/5

Unexpected writingOver and over I caught myself thinking of the approach this author took that felt modern and current- female forward vs old school tired. So fun and exciting to read!! Cannot wait for the 3rd book!!.Score: 5/5

SO GOODThis is literally one of the best books I’ve read in a while. The characters are *mwah* and the storyline is actually interesting. HIGHLY recommend for anyone who loves fantasy and romance. (P.S. THE ENDING I CANT I NEED THE NEXT BOOK RIGHT NOW).Score: 5/5

I really wanted to like this but I didn’tI was honestly shocked at how much I felt this book fell short when it’s so well rated. The concepts aren’t unique unfortunately and the world building tends to distract me rather than add to the story. I really thought a lot more was going to happen in this book than what did happen, the first 1000 pages seem to drag on and on. There were many conversations that happened over and over as if they were happening for the first time - like the conversation about why Casteel wanted to get married quickly. I feel like a lot of people like this book cause of the sex but it can be placed at some really insensitive and bizarre times? I for one wouldn’t have sex while people are getting murdered around me. I think their banter is repetitive and the whole book just doesn’t seem to go anywhere until the last few hundred pages. I think this series had potential but it really needed to cut down some of the scenes that didn’t add anything to the story besides Casteel saying he was intrigued and Poppy saying she wanted to stab him..Score: 3/5

Must readJust wow..Score: 5/5

Couldn’t put it down!This should be in the diet section because I was so engulfed I forgot to eat. Just the right ratio of adventure and romance. Has plenty of “I did not see that coming” moments but not so much that it’s annoying. My absolute only critique is they try to drawl out the “will-they-won’t they” scenario so, some of the banter and arguments can kind of get repetitive..Score: 5/5

Amazing!I’ve never been so engulfed in a series since I was a child. This series has kept me on my toes every step of the way! Breathtaking!.Score: 5/5

Amazing!!I could not put this book down - even better than the first, which was also amazing. This book kept me guessing after each page and I kept wanting more - there are so many theories I have for the final book and I can’t wait for it to come out!! Definitely worth your time!.Score: 5/5

Slow burnI just. Can’t find words. Amazing!.Score: 5/5

Chefs Kiss 🤌🏻Just finished and I’m about to read it again ! Decadent. This book is hot fudge brownies and wine for the soul..Score: 5/5

This book is literally drugsI started the series because of the obvious fascination booktok had with it based of the *scenes*, but the writing was just so detailed and I was roped in from the first chapter. The tension, the characters, the plot development and twists. This book series has made it on my top 5 favorites. If you plan to read this series, make sure you have no other obligations because it will be ALL you think about..Score: 4/5

OMGLove at first read.Score: 5/5

Love it!!!!Best book ever!!!!.Score: 5/5

Man.Long but I can’t stop..Score: 5/5

Just wow.. must read!I love this series. It’s so good. Couldn’t stop reading! This series need a movie or a show lol..Score: 5/5

Did not disappointSo excited for book 2 and they delivered.Score: 5/5

Don’t readMain character is sex up idiot !.Score: 1/5

I couldn’t put it down!Oh my gosh!! I have never been so engrossed in a book…like ever! I could not put it down! Like Poppy I have so many questions and I can’t wait to start the next book..Score: 5/5

Incredible storytellingI could not put this book down. I loved the relationship between Cas and Poppy and how utterly unapologetic she was in inflicting bodily harm. The entire world was beautifully crafted and easy to follow. Definitely ranks up there with one of my favorite books..Score: 5/5

LOVED ITIt was AMAZING!!! As someone who’s just getting into reading books, I was hooked!!.Score: 5/5

Best Book EverThe best book I ever read in a long time..Score: 5/5

Remnant888Not impressed with the sign in processw.Score: 5/5

Couldn’t put it down!I flew through both books is 3 days! Can’t wait for #3!.Score: 5/5

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Wow is not enoughThis book rivals it predecessor there was more gore and love than I could expected. What an interesting turn about at the end of the book to I mean I knew it was coming to this but it was unexpected. I’m really liking the relationship between Castile and poppy and Karen their relationship is becoming more interesting as time goes. Can’t wait to see when if they win or if they can find Malik again. I would like to know what Ian can do as well..Score: 5/5

Amazing!I’m going to go crazy waiting to see what happens next! Loved this book!.Score: 5/5

The best!Best book ever!.Score: 5/5

100000000 X loved itSo amazing! No words. You would not be able to stop reading this book, the story and the characters are amazing. It captures you in and it makes your night home alone reading a book very interesting! I cannot wait for the 3rd book, I’m gonna be counting down the days till it comes out..Score: 5/5

Highly RecommendedThis book has everything I’m looking for when it comes to fantasy/ romance books. It has great world building and details that make me feel like I’m in the book, but not so detailed that it’s boring. And the most important thing, a non rushed relationship. Cas and Poppy’s relationship was very well built in the way that they didn’t just rush into the “I love you’s.” The fighting was amazing, and I love nothing more than a violent badass heroine who will not tolerate being looked down on. Poppy’s magic and past was so intriguing I couldn’t help but try to piece it together. Why was she so special? And with the ending of this book, it all makes sense. I will be eagerly awaiting the third book of this series. ♥️🇨🇦.Score: 5/5

Unputdownable!!I'm utterly speechless after finishing A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire. As always Jennifer L. Armentrout is one of my top favourite authors and when I finished the first book, From Blood and Ash, I knew immediately that the second book was going to be one of my most anticipated reads of 2020. This amazing fantasy series is a must read because it has action, romance and so many twist and turns that you will have a book hangover after reading it. Plus we get more Hawke/Cas. I definitely took my time with the second book and it paid off because there was so much going on in each scene that I wanted to absorb every detail to prepare myself for the third book. A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire picks up right where we left off in From Blood and Ash where Poppy has just learned she is now to become Casteel's wife. Not everyone there is too thrilled (Atlantians and the Wolven). Jen created an amazing world that she has created with a mixture of vampires and mythology of the backgrounds of the Atlantians, Descenters and the wolvens. Also I love how there is a map now! If you loved Poppy and Cas in FB&A you will fall in love with them more in AKOFAF. Out of all of Jen's couples I think these two are one of my favourites couples. Poppy is just as much stabby with Casteel and their character growth through the entire book was amazing. I loved every moment. You can immediately see how much their feelings has changed to more in this book because they are thrown into situations that come up and do it together as a team. Even though Cas betrayed Poppy they have to come together to defeat the Craven and the Descenters. I also found some of my favourite quotes are between these two, some hilarious and some jaw dropping moments right to the amazing romance Cas and Poppy have. As a huge fan of Jen's, not reading spoilers was the key to me finishing the book because I wanted to know every detail and also how it was important to the first book. It all intertwines! A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire was an amazing read that you will not be able to put it down! All 496 pages worth! There are lots of twist and turns you will not see coming, especially that ending! I'm still in shock. This book was perfection. 100% I will be recommending this book to friends. Now to patiently wait until the next book!!! If you are looking for your next fantasy read go start this series now!.Score: 5/5

CaptivatingAbsolutely incredible. Cannot wait for the next book I am in awe!.Score: 5/5

10/10Best book series I’ve read✨.Score: 5/5

AmazingThis book was simply amazing. It was funny, it was dark, it was intriguing, it has romance, love, friendship, heartbreak and sorrow. This book had everything I was looking for. Read it well into the night. You’ll never regret reading this series. I cannot wait for #3..Score: 5/5

A punishmentIf I thought the first in the series was amazing, this one exceeds astonishing. I’m so sad that I have completed this book months before the next one in its series is coming out! You follow the main character through constant ups and downs and new discoveries that you’re physically unable to put this book down! It was over too soon for me! I wish this series would never stop..Score: 5/5

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