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The Cellist by Daniel Silva Book Summary

#1 New York Times Bestseller

“The pace of “The Cel­list” never slack­ens as its ac­tion vol­leys from Zurich to Tel Aviv to Paris and be­yond. Mr. Silva tells his story with zest, wit and su­perb tim­ing, and he en­gi­neers enough sur­prises to star­tle even the most at­ten­tive reader.“—Wall Street Journal

From Daniel Silva, the internationally acclaimed #1 New York Times bestselling author, comes a timely and explosive new thriller featuring art restorer and legendary spy Gabriel Allon.

Viktor Orlov had a longstanding appointment with death. Once Russia’s richest man, he now resides in splendid exile in London, where he has waged a tireless crusade against the authoritarian kleptocrats who have seized control of the Kremlin. His mansion in Chelsea’s exclusive Cheyne Walk is one of the most heavily protected private dwellings in London. Yet somehow, on a rainy summer evening, in the midst of a global pandemic, Russia’s vengeful president finally manages to cross Orlov’s name off his kill list.

Before him was the receiver from his landline telephone, a half-drunk glass of red wine, and a stack of documents.…

The documents are contaminated with a deadly nerve agent. The Metropolitan Police determine that they were delivered to Orlov’s home by one of his employees, a prominent investigative reporter from the anti-Kremlin Moskovskaya Gazeta. And when the reporter slips from London hours after the killing, MI6 concludes she is a Moscow Center assassin who has cunningly penetrated Orlov’s formidable defenses.

But Gabriel Allon, who owes his very life to Viktor Orlov, believes his friends in British intelligence are dangerously mistaken. His desperate search for the truth will take him from London to Amsterdam and eventually to Geneva, where a private intelligence service controlled by a childhood friend of the Russian president is using KGB-style “active measures” to undermine the West from within. Known as the Haydn Group, the unit is plotting an unspeakable act of violence that will plunge an already divided America into chaos and leave Russia unchallenged. Only Gabriel Allon, with the help of a brilliant young woman employed by the world’s dirtiest bank, can stop it.

Elegant and sophisticated, provocative and daring, The Cellist explores one of the preeminent threats facing the West today—the corrupting influence of dirty money wielded by a revanchist and reckless Russia. It is at once a novel of hope and a stark warning about the fragile state of democracy. And it proves once again why Daniel Silva is regarded as his generation’s finest writer of suspense and international intrigue.

The Cellist (Daniel Silva) Book Reviews

Very DissointingVery disappointed in the Cellist. So disappointed I could not finish it. It’s the last Daniel Silva novel for me..Score: 1/5

Not Even close to Being His BestNot only was this tedious reading, sadly the author allowed his bias to permeate the story, which from the beginning to the end was convoluted and extremely far fetched. Perhaps it is time for Gabriel (and possibly his creator) to retire and live on their past laurels. In sum, the book was a bore..Score: 2/5

Stay Out of PoliticsFar too much slanted political unverified garbage..Score: 2/5

Way too political… last buy for meGood fiction provides an escape from the everyday drudgery. This book was way too focused on “current events” like covid and politics. The author should keep his political views out of his work and focus on better storytelling and character development..Score: 2/5

First rate until the last 25%Well written and exciting, good character development. Unfortunately, the novel was ruined by the author’s hatred for Trump and his supporters, as well as his fawning over the new president, while never mentioning any of his many flaws. It made for a real downer of an ending, as if Silva abandoned his great writing skills for political hackery. Alas, I cannot recommend this novel, perhaps the final Gabriel Allon book..Score: 3/5

Excellent as usual!It is fast paced, moving from one location to another, many of them my favorite European locales. The spate of negative reviews seems to me like a concerted effort to demean Silva for daring to criticize Trump and speak the truth about the current situation..Score: 5/5

The CellistReally Really REALLY good!!!.Score: 5/5

The CellistI have always enjoyed books by Daniel Silva. I read fiction to set aside the problems of the day. The beginning of every book says it is fiction and not based on any people living or dead. Well, this certainly is not the case here. If you want to pontificate, get a job with MSNBC. As I write this I have been reading about how our present leader completely abandoned the people who helped our country in Afghanistan in real time and real life. Is there truth in what Silva says about Donald Trump in this book? Absolutely!! Do I think everything said in here is true. Oh..that’s right, this is fiction so he can write whatever he wants with no repercussions. I give this book 2 stars only because I find some of the plot intriguing but please, keep your political views to yourself or go write nonfiction..Score: 2/5

Don’t waste your timeI loved this series and have read them all. This is a boring story and a stance on personal political beliefs. What a shame. How did he not know this would alienate half his audience at least?.Score: 3/5

The CellistBig disappointment even though the other books in the series were great. Boring. No real plot. Author just using as a chance to express his political opinions..Score: 1/5

Great to be back with old friends.As I begin to read this new Daniel Silva book, I feel like I’m getting reacquainted with old friends. Seems like we’re just catching up on what’s new since his last book. It’s so familiar that it’s comforting yet so challenging to read that it’s always an intellectual experience. Daniel Silva is a great storyteller and weaves historical topics into his books. I’m always entertained and educated at the same time..Score: 5/5

The cellistNothing worthwhile on this beloved character also gets strangely political in end with no real purpose.Score: 1/5

Pathetic , Cello Concerto in F minusAbsolutely pathetic! I would give The Cellist zero stars if that was an option! Boring, unimaginative and a thorough waste of time! I stuck it out until the end because I’m just that kind of guy! I wasted my money and time! Time I will never recover, but I will waste no more money on a book by daniel silva. See ya! No upper case letters for this bum!.Score: 1/5

Couldn’t finish itI’ve always enjoyed Silva’s work and am eager each summer to read the latest. But not this one. Do yourself a favor and skip this title. This book was a combination of COVID fear mongering and CNN propaganda. A once great author has lost touch with what made him great..Score: 1/5

Not up to usual standardsDid not hold my attention the way many of his earlier books did. Pacing was very slow..Score: 3/5

The CellistSo many great ones, I guess a dud happens once in a while..Score: 1/5

Will never buy Silva againGabriel Alon has gone woke and it’s awful. We read these books for pleasure and escapism. Instead we r confronted with a script Rachel Maddie would be proud of. Awful..Score: 1/5

The CellistDisappointed - same writing storyline formula. I have been a Daniel Silva fan since the beginning and ended speed reading thru certain parts of the story because of the familiarity of the characters and their respective actions..Score: 3/5

The CellistHave read all of the Gabriel Allon series and now wish Silva would have finished him off in the end so I would not even be tempted to buy the next piece of political rubbish he publishes. If possible to write a review and give zero stars I would have. Mr. Silva you have probably alienated 50% of your readers but at this point I guess you have made enough money on us not to care. If you really think the ideals of our current administration is what made our country great you are very misguided.Score: 1/5

Deserves 0 starsSo disappointed in my favorite author and my favorite character. Sadly, its time for Gabriel Allon to retire as well as his author. Will never buy another Silva book again. Hope the price of being so outrageously politically biased was worth the cost, Mr. Silva, because I think you’ve lost a good many of your loyal readers..Score: 1/5

Not his bestNot his best work, plot was weak, ending strange and disappointing.Score: 2/5

My Last SilvaRegardless of one’s political leanings I enjoy books for adventure and enjoyment. I resent Silva’s departure from excellent novels to lower himself to this political display.Score: 1/5

So sadI’ve always enjoyed Silva. He is (was) a master story teller that always captured my attention and imagination. This book was trash from the beginning. A boring and weak storyline with little action. It was very clear from the beginning all he wanted to do was push a political stance. It was almost pathetic to see how low he went. It’s like he was writing angry and couldn’t see through the cloud in his brain. I hate all this country has been through as well but wow…to write a book so laced with political opinions was kind of shocking. Not the professional author I loved in the past. An avid reader, I always finish books. I made it through 90% before I was bored, annoyed and stopped reading. Don’t waste your time with this one..Score: 1/5

Political and BoringWhy make it so political. We read these books for fun…just stop with the politics - it’s boring..Score: 1/5

Silva Just Lost a Loyal ReaderI’m done. Once the author departs from fiction and imposes his obviously left leaning bias, his works lose my interest. And I’ve read them all..Score: 1/5

Regret my purchaseThe not so subtle and frequent interjection of the author’s political leanings and “pc preaching” added nothing to the storytelling except to muddled and already weak plot. The book is boring and not at all entertaining..Score: 1/5

Great Read!Enjoy!.Score: 5/5

AlternativelyMany readers appear to be put off by Silva’s recounting of recent events in America. I can understand not appreciating something that doesn’t fit your personal narrative. I liked the book and hope it might open some closed minds. Alternatively, one might enjoy some of author Don Winslow’s books..Score: 4/5

Worse Silva novel everI have throughly enjoyed every Silva novel he has written until this one. Hopefully people that read his far-left trappings remember that Silva is writing fiction. I’ll never read another one of his books..Score: 1/5

The CellistDisgusted. So long Gabriel Allon!.Score: 1/5

Another winner!I read some reviews before i downloaded this book. I chuckled at the vitriol spewed by obvious right wing nuts and their pearl-clutching misplaced rage at this book… I have read ALL the books in this series, so I’m clearly a fan and couldn’t wait until this one was released, secretly hoping Silva would include the present day scourges America is dealing with - Trump and the pandemic. I read this in one weekend. Loved every exciting minute of it, just like all his other books. Make sure you read the author’s note at the end. He describes the reasons why this book had to be written. Now my next secret hope is that someone will make movies based on these books ;).Score: 5/5

The CellistThe political innuendo about Trump and Biden has no place in this book. I usually enjoy the author but will not finish this book or ever purchase another of his..Score: 1/5

Beyond terribleAn embarrassment. Is it a joke?.Score: 1/5

TerribleIncredibly boring. Keep your liberal politics to yourself. Never buy another one of your books..Score: 1/5

Faithful Reader No More!I have always looked forward to reading Daniel Silva’s new books, but this one really turned me off. What a social climber he has turned out to be! Obviously he wants to travel in only the best social circles. And what a miserable ending. He has Gabriel Allon going to the Presidential Inauguration, so he can deliver his political commentary. Perhaps he should consider returning to synagogue and develop some humility. After all, “remember thou art dust, and unto dust thou shalt return” (Genesis 3:19)..Score: 1/5

Fact or FictionBook was great for the first 2/3 but then the author let his political views hijack the book. Didn’t even finish it. In books as in sports….if I want politics I’ll read a political book or watch the news. Author ruined his own book..Score: 3/5

Political rantI used to love Daniel Silva and his Gabriel Allon. In this book, however, the author has presented his political views based on unproven theories and lies. This has beclouded my enjoyment of the book, that, excluding the political bias, would have been quite enjoyable. The end rant against the past president has spoiled it all..Score: 1/5

Disappointing.I have read and enjoyed every Allon novel until this one. Way too much Covid fear mongering and anti trump cnn garbage. Honestly it was tough to read..Score: 1/5

CellistHorrible. Congratulations Daniel you’ve sunk to new lows forcing your politics on your readers. Clearly the worse written book of your career. Very unlikely I’ll throw any more money your way..Score: 1/5

TripeWhat tripe - but totally understandable when you see that the author used to work for CNN, and his wife still does. I’m afraid he has a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome..Score: 1/5

The CellistI have always looked forward to Daniel Silva’s novels. I did not read the last one, and no matter how many times I tried to read this one, it was just too formula and boring. I won’t be purchasing anymore Silva books..Score: 1/5

Politically BiasedI used to enjoy Silva, but he has descended into hard left politics, so I shan’t be reading any more of his books. His gushing praise of President Biden was just too much..Score: 1/5

The CellistCan’t even escape divisive politics in fiction anymore. Such a shame because I previously enjoyed this author’s work. Won’t be purchasing anymore of his books..Score: 1/5

Stick to Non Political WritingYour views on politics should not be embedded in your writing. Much of what you proclaim has turned out to be false and the current democratic President has one of the worlds worst credibility issues ever in a short period of time. Otherwise a descent book..Score: 1/5

All very good until your editorializing at the end.It was all good until you laid I all of your own political spin at the very end. Stick to Gabriel and stop stoking the liar left narrative..Score: 2/5

I thought you were an author, not somebody who hates his readersIt wasn’t that good to begin with and then it went downhill so badly. First time I’ve ever left one of your books unfinished. Your liberal elitist garbage has always been evident but you finally took it to an unprecedented level. I’m sure you feel very superior but I’m confident your income is going to plummet after this. You probably don’t care as I’m sure you’ve run out of ideas so you’re caving in and trying to go out with one last work that strangely offends the most ardent supporters of Israel. There’s tons more that could be said but you truly sold out on this one..Score: 1/5

The CellistDon’t bother to read. Very biased and I’ll informed..Score: 1/5

The Ruination of Gabriel AllonHaving read and thoroughly enjoyed them all to date, I thought this was a good—not great—addition to the series...till we approached the end. But then Silva took a "hard left turn" that ruined the book and left a bad taste in my mouth. I definitely will never pre-order another Gabriel Allon book..Score: 1/5

The CellistOutstanding as always ..Score: 5/5

The CellistWhat a disappointment. Silva is usually such a talented author. Within 50 pages I started to think someone else must have written this particular book. There is a lot of recounting past history, and then recounting it yet again, the only purpose of which seems to fill pages. The story is fuzzy and half way through i realized I didn’t care what happened to any the characters..Score: 1/5

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A good readI have enjoyed all the novels in this series although the last few are not quite up to Daniel Silva’s earlier writings. Still a highly entertaining read as always.Score: 4/5

Allon at his bestVintage Gabriel Allon! Well told, gripping, and virtuoso story from Silva. Incredible that these books continue to be so good!.Score: 4/5

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