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Could Have Been Us by Corinne Michaels Book Summary

New York Times Bestselling author Corinne Michaels returns to the Willow Creek Valley Series in this stunning small town, brother’s best friend romance. 

Fifteen years ago, I fell for Jack O’Donnell.

I was just a girl, but I knew my brother’s best friend was the only man I’d ever love. 

On my eighteenth birthday, when I asked him to kiss me, I never imagined it would change my life so completely. 

I gave Jack everything that night. 

In order to move on, we had to go our separate ways and pretend like nothing happened... as though it wasn’t the greatest moment of my life.

But even that wasn’t as heartbreaking as the secret we were forced to keep. 

I’ve tried not to think about how much I still love him. How I long to be back in his strong arms or the way his hazel eyes make my heart race. 

Until he kisses me again. And this time there’s no turning back. This time I know what it means. 

We belong together and there’s no use denying it any longer. 

But our feelings aren’t the only thing that won’t stay buried, our past resurfaces and threatens to destroy our second chance at happiness. 

When our love is tested once again, will we be strong enough to stand together?

Could Have Been Us (Corinne Michaels) Book Reviews

My Oh My!!!Oh my, this must be what they talk about with a book hangover. Or just a hangover lol. This wrecked me from the first chapter. I mean no easing in, just holy cow right from the start. But even though I was gutted a few times (thanks for that Corinne), I loved this so hard. Jack and Stella stole my heart. Their struggles, their love, and their fight back. Loved. Not to mention I love this family (with one glaring exception-jury is still out on the other). This isn’t going to be one of those reviews where I tell you everything that happened. This is going to be one of those reviews where I tell you pretty much nothing, tell you it was beyond amazing and you seriously need to read it. And how it ended?! I’m going to try to be patient while I wait for the next in the series!.Score: 5/5

Fun & Easy read!This book was perfect for easy reading when you’re sick of watching TV. It had just enough “romance” while maintaining an actual plot that kept me engaged enough to finish it in a day and a half. It wasn’t a heavy subject matter, and I needed that, I haven’t read a romance novel in forever and now I know why I liked them in the first place. This read was a perfect escape from the too serious life going on around me. It wasn’t juvenile and the characters even had some dimension. PERFECT for an ESCAPE from reality..Score: 5/5

Loved it! All the best feels!Each time I read a book by Corinne Michaels I am reminded why I love her books so much. She is an amazing writer that gives us beautiful and poignant stories with unforgettable characters. In Could Have Been Us, the second book in the Willow Creek Valley series, we get a friends to lovers story that was full of the feels. This story was touching, emotional and completely captivating. I do, however, recommend reading this series in order for best reading experience. Both books are so worth reading and highly recommended by me. Stella has loved Jack for as long as she can remember, but he does not feel the same, right? She tries to move forward, but her heat will always be his. They share a history no one knows about, but they carry with them every day. I want to share so much but this story must really just be experienced. I devoured it in one sitting and my heart hurt and soared while reading. Their journey is not easy by any means, but it is theirs and was so worth the read. A must-read for sure. Happy reading!.Score: 5/5

Allllll the feels!I keep thinking I won’t allow Corinne Michaels to tear my heart apart and yet I still dive right in to the next book she writes! From the very beginning, you are pulled into Jack and Stella’s story and you are captivated. Be prepared for ALL the feels and have some tissues & wine handy! Loved it <3.Score: 5/5

New FanI am so hooked on this family! I love how expressive the author is and I swear it’s as if I’m watching a movie I never want to end. On to the next book🥰.Score: 5/5

Loved Jack and Stella’s Story!Could Have Been Us is book 2 in the Willow Creek Valley series by Corinne Michaels and I loved this book so much. I can’t remember when I’ve cried and smiled so much. This book has all the feels. It will grip your heart from the first page. Jack and Stella’s story is so beautifully written. It is pure perfection. I can’t recommend this book enough!.Score: 5/5

JackI loved Jack and Stella!! They had such good chemistry. This book had so much emotion and humor. This is in my top reads!! I can’t wait for the next in the series!.Score: 5/5

Incredible story!5 Stars Could Have Been Us by Corinne Michaels is the second book in the Willow Creek Valley Series and it was phenomenal! I know I say this with every story Ms. Michaels writes but Stella and Jack were magical. Their journey put my emotions through the wringer. One minute I had the biggest smile on my face and the next the tears wouldn’t stop. This review is going to be short and sweet because I don’t want to ruin anything with my excitement. All I will say is that Jack was the epitome of the perfect hero and Stella was an incredible heroine. I seriously never wanted their story to end. It was beautiful and emotional and everything I thought it was going to be. I am so excited to see where Ms. Michaels takes this amazing series next!.Score: 5/5

Jack & Stella were absolutely amazingWhat can I say about this book besides it’s Corinne so it’s fabulous. Corinne has such a beautiful way of weaving a story together that while your heart may break for a short while, she will absolutely heal it in the most beautiful way. I knew I was going to love Jack & Stella after reading Return to Us. And this book didn’t disappoint. Jack & Stella were just the perfect couple. I loved that we got so much of the book with them together. The heartbreak that they go through is so hard but seeing them go through everything together just made this book so much more for me. Every book Corinne writes gets so much better than the one before. I don’t know how she does it but I just hope these amazing characters keep talking to her the way they have been. I’m so in love with this family and how they have handled what’s been put before them. Right now Jack & Stella are my favorites but I wouldn’t be surprised if Josh & Delia take that spot next. It’s what Corinne does, she makes us love these people as if we really are a part of their lives..Score: 5/5

The best story Corinne has given usAll the feels in one beautiful package! This story was the best rollercoaster I have ever been on. Stella and Jack’s story hits you in all the right places. Could Have Been Us has taken the top spot of my favorite Corinne story..Score: 5/5

Emotional overload and I loved every moment!Could Have Been Us is an amazing emotional overload that I didn’t think my heart could take, but I loved every moment. Corinne broke me then put me back together in the most beautiful and breathtaking way! Stella and Jack are two amazing people that had to make tough choices and sacrifices because they were pushed too far even though they were bursting with such a special love. They have this magnetic pull and such an intense connection. They are stronger than they realized and I adore them both. You need to read this book for the tent, the pedicure, the waffles and Kinsley alone. This story made me cry so many sad and happy tears and I never wanted it to end. Tracey, Life Reads With Friends.Score: 5/5

My new favorite book!!Its official! Could Have Been Us is my favorite book from Corinne Michaels! She has absolutely outdone herself! I was completed blown away with this book. The title of this book holds so much , after reading their story, it has a completely different meaning that I thought. Jack and Stella's story was nothing like I expected. Instead of your normal brother's best friend romance, we were given an emotionally heartbreaking story of love and second chances. Jack and Stella's history starts years ago. In the very first chapter you will get your heart ripped out. We see bits of overlapped from Return to Us, which helps with some questions I had about Jack and Stella. This book consumed me, I was left crying at parts and laughing at others. It was a perfectly written book that will stay in my heart for a long time. Its definitely one of my favorite books this year and deserves 6 stars! All the Parkerson brothers are now in Willow Creek, so we get to see a lot more of everyone. The stage is set up for the next book and I can't wait to see what's in store for Delia and Josh. I can't wait to get our updates of first 2 couples too!.Score: 5/5

All the Feels!Another fantastic read by Corinne Michaels. This one will get you with all the FEELS! The heartache, tHE HOPE and their chemistry will captivate you. A great addition to this series and a must read..Score: 4/5

Could Have Been usOh, this book... Could Have Been Us tugged at my heartstrings right from the prologue! Stella Parkerson fell for Jack- her brother's best friend- when she was just a little girl. When she turned eighteen, they had one night together, but went their separate ways afterward. But Stella and Jack never were able to forget that night or move on. Twelve years later, their past and their present meet up again, and they are forced to face their feelings. Could Have Been Us may just be my all-time favorite book by Corinne Michaels. There was so much emotion involved with these two characters, and I felt and loved every little bit of it! Stella and Jack were so real to me~ and I so needed these two to find their happily ever after. I cannot wait for Josh and Delia's story next!!.Score: 5/5

New favorite coupleStella and Jack are now my favorite couple that Corrine has written. Their story is so full of love and heartache. You will need tissues for sure but the tears are well worth the read. They are so real and you will be engrossed from the start. You will forget that you are reading a book and be drawn into the story. Stella and her brothers are so relatable as a family that you will wish you could be a part of them as well!.Score: 5/5

Be ready for your emotions to be set on fireStella and Jack’s story is so intense. Believe me you will want to start this book when you have time to sit down and read until the very end. You will go from a high to a low, laughter to crying, angry to happy. These characters are so much fun to read about and learn more about each of them than we did from Return to Us. Well developed story and characters that draw you into their story and make you want to be friends with both of them. Buckle up and get ready because Corinne has delivered another outstanding read..Score: 5/5

Jack & Stella’s StoryI honestly don’t know how she does it, but each book Corinne writes is even better than the last. Jack and Stella’s story starts with them making a huge sacrifice that has them keeping a secret years later. They hooked up on Stella’s eighteenth birthday but didn’t tell anyone since Jack is her older brother’s best friend. This one was angst filled, but sooooo good. I don’t want to spoil anything but your heart will break as the consequences of keeping that secret come back and bringing their relationship to a test. I loved this book—with all the family drama, the heartache and the steamy romance. Cannot wait for Josh and Delia’s story.Score: 5/5

Amazing bookI think all I can say is Wow! Corinne Michaels never disappoints with her books but this is one of her best. Jack and Stella have loved each other from afar for years. Since she is his best friends sister, he does everything he can to stay away from her, but there is a secret they are hiding. This story has all the emotions from the very beginnings and once you start, you won’t want to put it down. I also enjoyed that the story starts about 3/4th of the way through the story in Return to Us and we get to see a different point of view. (this is a standalone so don’t worry if you haven’t read that book, but for those of you that have, you have to wait a bit to see what happens). I can’t say enough how fantastic this book was...definitely one of the best books I’ve read so far this year!.Score: 5/5

Absolutely stunning!Could have been us is nothing short of spectacular! I am absolutely amazed with this captivating story Corinne creates. Once again you will cry tears of sadness and tears of joy. The tears were there clogging my throat with her magical words. You will 100% fall in love with this book. I mean who doesn’t love a story about the brothers best friend falling in love with his little sister. The secret that pulled them apart is the same secret that brought them back together 12 years later. Neither one of them can stay away from each other anymore they are done denying there love. Jack and Stella are perfection. When you step into the Willow Creek Valley world you feel like you are there and can just picture your surroundings, you feel like you are a part of the book. Absolutely love all the characters in this book, I can not wait for more. Absolute perfection!.Score: 5/5

❤️❤️❤️ So Much Love for Stella and Jack! ❤️❤️❤️ Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic’s ReadCorinne has reduced me to a bundle of tears... and I love her for it. Stella bad Jack have huge baggage from their early years. That baggage has kept Jack at bay for twelve years. Things finally come to a breaking point and now that make the choice to be together and their shared past makes them that much stronger. But what happens when the past comes back and pulls you both in? Well it’s the greatest ending Corinne has ever written and I’m so in love with their story. “Sighs” 5 In Love ❤️ Stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Score: 5/5

The best book yet!!These books just get better and better!! This one however tugged at my heart the most. Phenomenal read!!.Score: 5/5

#michellesbookstoreadWILLOW CREEK VALLEY SERIES... CORINE MICHAELS ... All the feels!!! Corine never disappoints.. she is always my favorite to read and every book continues to be better then the last! You will absolutely love Jack and Stella! Their love is felt as you read! Laugh out loud, tears, smiles, and more!! Can’t say enough about this book besides read and enjoy! Can’t wait fir Delia and Josh! @corinnemichaels.Score: 5/5

This is one of Corinne Michaels best books!Prepare yourself for a heart-wrenching and heart-warming story. Corinne Michaels punches you right in the gut at the very beginning. I think it might be a record for me, tears within the first 5% of the book. LOL!!! This book deals with something tragic but also beautiful and it’s written so wonderfully. It’s real and raw and will pull all your emotions out. Jack and Stella. Stella and Jack. What they went through and what they continued to put themselves though. These two are meant to be. I loved them and I loved catching up with the other characters and getting some glimpses of what’s to come in this world. This is one of Corinne’s best books! Go read it right now, after you grab some tissues..Score: 4/5

Hang on tight for an emotional ride!Wow. Just wow! Corinne once again brings her readers a deeply emotional, intense story that will keep you glued to the pages of this book. Jack and Stella's story was SO much more than I could have ever imagined. Hang on tight for a story filled with every emotion you can imagine. There were many times while reading that my heart was breaking for these two people, but then there were just as many funny and snarky moments that Corinne is the queen of writing. I was dying to know if Jack and Stella were going to be able to overcome the challenges and obstacles that lay ahead of them, and so I couldn't put the book down until I turned the very last page. This book is the perfect blend of feelings. I loved getting to see all the Parkerson brothers again, and really fell in love with a couple of new characters we were introduced to. I love how Corinne has laid the groundwork for Josh's story next, and I'm dying to see how that one goes! AND make sure to download the bonus Jack and Stella scene once you've finished reading their story. These Parkerson siblings are really stealing my heart!.Score: 5/5

Grab a box of tissues before starting this book!Make sure you are sitting down on THE FIRST PAGE, and bring a box of tissues with you! This could possibly be Corinne’s best work yet! I laughed, cried multiple times, and had both a broken and mended heart by the end! Jack and Stella have a secret they’ve been keeping for twelve years. This secret eats away at them and keeps them apart until they can no longer stay away from each other. They are like two magnets being pulled together. Will bring together risk exposing their secret? I can’t wait to watch these two throughout the rest of the Willow Creek Valley series! This was the second book of this series..Score: 5/5

5 heartbreaking and beautiful stars!Wow! I definitely didn’t see that coming! Could Have Been Us starts off with a bang! Not literally, but I honestly didn’t expect Jack and Stella’s story to begin the way it did. Stella has been in love with her older brother’s best friend for years. Jack has also been in love with Stella for years, but no one knew. They reconnect at her brother’s wedding and decide to give their relationship a try. This story was an emotional journey that I absolutely loved. I adored both Jack and Stella and understood their reasoning for everything they did. I will definitely be recommending this book to all of my reading huddles. I think everyone who enjoys a well written, angsty love story will love this book!.Score: 5/5

Another winning story...Could Have Been Us is the second anticipated story focusing on Stella Parkerson and her unrequited love for Jack O’Donnell, the best friend of her older brother, Grayson. Their story shows how each fought their feelings for each other since childhood due to circumstances and loyalty. Then, an earlier consequence forces them to address those pent-up emotions. As a fan favorite of Corinne Michaels, this book lived up to the hype when it came to Stella and Jack’s story. It would not be a Ms. Michaels’ book if it didn’t involve yelling at her characters and crying along with them. Family, albeit dysfunctional, is an important and central support, which bolstered the ability for Stella and Jack to finally confront their long-suffering love for each other. My only frustration is that she cannot write her next installment fast enough. The conclusion of this book gives us a glimpse of the next story, Delia and Josh..Score: 5/5

Amazing bookBest book of 2021! I absolutely loved this story and the characters of Stella and Jack. I took my time reading it to savior each moment and let myself feel the words as the characters did. Stella and Jack spent a night together on her Eighteenth birthday that would forever change them. A secret that they held close to them while they lived their lives apart. Stolen glances whenever they were near. They were soulmates kept apart by never wanting to deal with their inner pain. When Stella and Jack are faced with a tough choice they do what anyone in their position would. Put someone else first,and in turn possibly break their hearts all over again. Stella and Jack have a love so strong that when they finally give in and let themselves love each other, it is stronger than anyone thought possible. Could Have Been Us by Corinne Michaels is a story about love, loss, healing and above all else family. This is a story that will tear at your heart, and then put it back together again. I highly recommend it!.Score: 5/5

There are no words!!!I don’t think I’ve ever loved two characters more! Stella and Jack are a true team and equals in their love for each other. Once Jack allows himself to be with Stella he loves her hard with everything he has. Stella is such a strong woman, stronger then she even realizes and like her mother says, you just can’t help but fall in love with her!! This author and series is beyond addictive I’m counting down the days until Josh and Delia!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Loved!I cried. I laughed. I had my heart broken and put back together..Score: 4/5

A must Read!!!Corinne Michaels has done it again, she has gone and left me speechless. One thing I know about Corinne Michaels is that she gives it her all when writing a book, Could Have Been Us proves it. This isn't your typical friends to lovers, this book is filled with all the feels with a twist you never see coming. Stella is my favorite heroine to date by Corinne Michaels, she is that character that is so strong. She is fierce and does anything she can to make sure to follow her heart, even though it might be breaking. She never expected to call for her brothers best friend, but when she does, those feelings are impossible to ignore. Jack was amazing, he knows he isn[t suppose to feel what he feels for his best friends sister. Jack would do anything for Stella, and that is what made this book amazing. Jack accepts Stella for who she is and for what she stands for. Stella never once lets anything keep her down, she falls and gets up on her own. If you are looking for a book that has all the feels, this is it. This book truly deserves so much more than 5 stars!!.Score: 5/5

OMG Jack & StellaThank you Corinne, you did not disappoint!!.Score: 5/5

Got a Tissue? You’re gonna need it.This book has you tearing up 6 minutes in, and emptying a box of tissues by the end. The undying love and affection between the little sister and the best friend, and all they go through to get TL where they are, almost seems like it is a retelling of someone’s life history. The love, the passion, the turmoil, the heartache, the laughter, the friendship... it is all pieces of the puzzle that make this story one that should be and will be read again and again. Jack and Stella definitely will have you wanting to return to Willow Creek once more..Score: 5/5

Gut wrenching and sound crushing in the best way possible!!!When Jack and Stella’s story started off with a chapter of heartache and tears (for me and the characters), I thought for sure this book would rip my heart out of my chest. It did that. And so much more! This book was emotional on a level I have never experienced while reading a book before. The Parkerson siblings are gonna be the death of me...and I will gladly accept that outcome as long as they can have stories more and more amazing each time. I didn’t think Corinne Michaels could outdo the Arrowwood siblings, but she is clearly on a mission to prove me wrong..Score: 5/5

Stella and Jack!!!Where on Earth does Corinne Michaels come up with this stuff???? It's like she never runs out of ways to put my heart through the wringer, yet I readily keep coming back for more. I LOVED this story so much. I love that she can create characters, such as Jack and Stella, and use them as weapons to gut me, and then make it all better with a beautiful HEA. This book contains a story so heartbreakingly beautiful and completely unexpected that I am still at a loss for how I survived reading it. Jack and Stella are two of the strongest characters I have read in quite some time. The secret that they carry with them is one that I never saw coming. The way these two characters find their way back to one another can only be described as kismet. If you crave angst with a side of heartbreak followed up with a delicious HEA then this book is definitely for you!.Score: 5/5

Grab the tissues & tequila🚨Before reading make sure you have the following:🚨 TIME-because you will absolutely not want to put it down; Kleenex—you will need on more than one occasion; your favorite beverage-because YES! Corinne will break your heart, put it back together and fill it with so much hope and happiness for them…and she will sprinkle in some laugh out loud moments;) Stella & Jack’s journey is filled with regret, guilt and love for each other that can’t be denied. I was so onboard with Jack’s plan for their future OMG scene: ‘Three hearts beating, two breaking with the knowledge of what is to come.’—this scene gutted me😢 Their sacrifice is such a painful yet beautiful gift. Corinne did a wonderful job with both sides of their situation. We get to see the good, bad, ugly and beautiful sides..Score: 5/5

So worth it!!This was the most beautiful story. These characters have such an amazing and awestruck connection, that it brings tears to your eyes. I loved their story. I voluntarily reviewed this book from the author. I’m in love with this book..Score: 5/5

Awesome!Corinne really outdid herself with Could Have Been Us. I laughed. I cried. I cheered. I love Jack and Stella. I love this series and am patiently (or not) awaiting A Moment for Us..Score: 5/5

Corinne Michael’s Best Yet!I think this book was Corinne Michael’s at her very best. I have several of her books on my favorites list and this is going to the top. She has a way of writing that draws you into the story and you feel every pain and heart break, every tear that falls, and every bit of love that is shared between her characters. Stella and Jack were phenomenal. My heart broke for them within the first ten sentences of the book and by the end it was whole again and so happy for them. This is a must read book by Corinne Michaels!.Score: 5/5

Beautiful and Emotional BookOh my heart!! I couldn’t wait to read Jack and Stella’s book especially since the way things ended in Return To Us (Grayson and Jessica’s book). I certainly wasn’t expecting Could’ve Been Us to start off the way that it did and that unexpected and tearful beginning really set the tone for an unpredictable, emotional and amazing storyline. Corinne Michaels is the queen of writing books that tug at your heart strings and this book is no exception. Jack and Stella’s journey is a rough one as these two go through a few ups and downs. There’s so much depth and meaning to these characters which makes me love them even more. Corinne Michaels weaves a beautiful story about second chances at love that I devoured within a couple of hours. I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series..Score: 5/5

AmazingWow is all I have to say about this book. Corrine Michaels puts it all out there for Stella and Jack. Their lives have been entwined for years. Knowing their story and history..... amazing. It’s a must read. You fall in love with both of them. You hurt and love for them. You want what is best for them and how the find happily ever after. Just read it and love it!!.Score: 5/5

Beautiful. Emotional. One of my top reads!5 Beautiful Stars Stella and Jack have been in love with each other for years now, but know they can’t ever act upon their feelings. Doing so will trudge up years of secrets that has the potential to ruin everyone’s lives. The first chapter Ms. Michaels will rip your heart out of your chest, throw it on the ground, and stomp the eff out it. By the final chapter, you feel like you can breathe again while having the biggest smile on your face. This story is everything and has definitely made my top reads so far this year. Bring on Josh and Delia! Angela - Alphas Do It Better Book Blog.Score: 5/5

Jack & Stella!! Swoon!Could Have Been Us is a MUST READ!! Oh this book has all the feels!! Book #2 in the interconnected Willow Creek series.. Jack & Stella’s story will pull at all of your emotions. I didn’t expect the journey Corinne took us on in with these 2. Stella- the youngest sibling of the 4 Parkerson brothers and the only girl & always off limits has been in love with her brothers best friend Jack since she was a child. Both have a secret that my break your heart.. Don’t worry it will melt back together! Excellent Book!.Score: 5/5

Incredible book - beautifulI don’t have the words to adequately describe just how amazing Could Have Been Us was. Its a 10 star read ...... It’s a story that will grip your heart and emotions from the prologue until the very last page. It’s heartbreaking but also an incredible love story. Grab your tissues and get ready to swoon over Jack, laugh at the banter and have your heart break in a million pieces but it will be mended with love by the end! This was a story unlike any other I have read and one that will stay in your heart. I truly loved Jack and Stella ♥️ Willow Creek Valley has given us another amazing family to fall in love with. Looking forward to learning more about the other Parkerson siblings!.Score: 5/5

LOVE IT"Could Have Been Us by Corinne Michaels is the kind of book that had me trying to put my finger on what makes a book GREAT; what elements provide the reader with an easy, engaging read even when the subject matter is heavy.... and despite days of searching for the right words to describe my love of this story and this author being a must-read for me... and I can come with is READ THIS BOOK! Jack and Stella's story had my full attention from the opening words to the closing moments. Jack is Stella brother's Grayson'ss best friend... she has loved him for as long as she can remember. I really do not want to give away the direction this story goes as I want the reader to experience it.... but I will say when the past comes to the present these two are forced together in a way they never imagined. I do want to say I loved how Michaels had the reader really thinking about how people process experiences differently but that it is important to remember that is not a gauge of emotional connection. In the end, the how Jack and Stella craft a happy for prefer for them if well I will say it again READ THIS BOOK! Parkerson family story is a twisty one... and we do get to see a glimpse of humanity in Mrs. Parkerson. I am so excited for Josh and Delia's story in A Moment for Us! If you have not read it I highly recommend Return to Us, though it is not necessary to love this book." ~ Denise Shh Mom's Reading®.Score: 5/5

Corrines’ BEST book yet!I am so full of emotions and I can almost guarantee you, most of this review is going to be about that because I am not okay. I am not. I feel like I am in this unparalleled reality that I had no clue about, and I feel like that reveals a brutally honest review. With that said, I have so many feelings coursing through my mind and I am trying to process each one individually because they are running together. I have found myself pacing around to try and get all these thoughts more simplified to where I can put them down so, please just bare with me. I will read anything that this author puts out; that even includes HARD NO'S for me. I know how this author works. I know she allows her characters to speak through her, I know they direct their own stories, and I know 9x out of 10 she is going to wreck me and try to piece me back together. Let me be the first to say, if you think you know how Stella and Jacks story is going to end up, you are wrong. So very wrong. Could Have Been Us is adeptly named. No other title says more than this one. This one swallowed me whole, and then spit me out as if I was nothing. I mean I shouldn't have been surprised because I was less than 3% in, and was sobbing like a baby. Less than 3% in and Michaels had my undivided attention. So if you think you are in tune with your feelings, you are wrong. So very wrong. Could Have Been Us will eradicate every emotion you thought you had and show you that LOVE, love is the ultimate gift. Yet a gift, that possesses the ability to decimate you. I applaud this author, not only for her immense talent, but for taking Stella and Jacks story to a height that most people wouldn't touch with a 10 foot poll. Could Have Been Us is LOVE, and nothing but that, from storyline to plot, from the depth to the complexity of everything. Could Have Been Us is life, plain and simple. Michaels showcased her best work to date, and she has her work cut out for her to reach the amazingness of Stella and Jacks story and I can't wait for it. **I RECOMMEND.Score: 5/5

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Just perfect!!!Brother’s best friend ✅ Sexy, broody hero who can’t get his head out of his a**✅ Smart mouthed heroine who puts sexy, broody hero in his place ✅ These are just a few of the reasons I loved Could Have Been Us!!!.Score: 5/5

Could Have Been Us - Must Read“I’m going to give you a future,” I vow. “With you.” “For as long as you want me.” “Forever.” ⁣ Jack and Stella have been friends for a long time and been in love since she was sixteen. After one night together their lives changed forever and they promise to keep their secrets buried and go their separate ways. Twelve years later when being around each other all the time becomes too much for them to resist, they finally give into temptation. When their past secrets become unburied, they will have to prove how strong their love is and stand together. ⁣ An extremely emotional ride from beginning to end that tissues are a must. Jack and Stella have had so much heartache and the pain that they have had to endure was unbelievable. I was completely invested in the story and had tears in my eyes for eighty percent of the book between ugly tears and happy tears. You could feel the chemistry between Jack and Stella vibrating off the pages and could tell that they were soulmates that just needed to finally get past their pain and heartache. I had an extreme book hangover after this one and recommend it to everyone. A TOP 2021 READ! ⁣ Audio: Jason Clarke and Ava Erickson did an amazing job of bringing the characters and story to life and made it seem like we were living right in the story..Score: 5/5

Jack is mine!Jack and Stella were not my favourite, they are kind of opposites but they fit together perfectly. Yin to the others yang. Their story was a long time coming and for them to finally get together was perfect. I loved the huge plot twist that happened in the first chapter. I didn’t see it coming and it was absolutely perfect. So many romance books you can see the plot twist coming but Corrine surprised us with a doozie in the first chapter and it leaves you wanting to read more and I loved that about this book..Score: 5/5

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All the feelsThis book captivated me and took over my life and I wouldn’t change that for the world. From the first chapter I knew this was going to be a very special read, one that will certainly stay with me long after the final words had been read and a story that will certainly be on my best reads of 2021. After finishing Return to Us I was excited to get to the bottom of the secrets Jack and Stella kept and let me just say, I wasn’t ready for what emerged but I loved everything about this emotional, heart wrenching book that I couldn’t put down. Stella and Jack have kept a secret from some of their family and all of their friends, it’s a secret that gets harder and harder to keep, a secret that could easily destroy them both so what happens when they find themselves in a situation that means telling everyone what they have kept hidden for 12 years. Will finally breaking free from the secret make or break them..... Corinne Michaels knows how to weave her words to captivate us and honestly i didn’t think we could get any better than some of her previous books but Could Have Been Us is a whole different ball game, she has taken romance to another level with Jack and Stella’s story. This book has all the feels you want in a great read, it has wonderful characters who share an intense chemistry, it’s witty, it’s heart wrenching and with every page a different emotion hits you. If ever a book deserved more than five starts, this is the one !!!!! Now I wait patiently for the audible release..Score: 5/5

Beautiful storyThis was so much more than a romance book. So much more than second chance romance or longing for each other or brother’s best friend. This book splits your chest wide open. I felt a vast array of emotions. The situation in which Jack and Stella find themselves in is utterly heartbreaking. They have so many secrets. So much history. And I just loved them so much together. I can’t say much, but I can say that I am so happy I got to read this ARC. As always I devoured this book, because the way Corinne writes just pulls you right in. I loved it so much, it was just so beautiful. And now I’m left in anticipation of the next book 😅.Score: 5/5

OutstandingHaving read and loved the first book in the latest series by Corinne Michaels and reading that ending, I couldn’t wait to dive into Could Have Been Us to see what happens. I devoured this book in almost one go, getting frustrated when real life got in the way. From the first chapter until the last I was hooked on the story that Ms.Michaels wove about Stella Parkerson and Jack O’Donnell. Stella has been in love with Jack since she was a teenager. These two have a great deal of secrets and history between them. Jack has sworn to keep away but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. The chemistry between them is just as intense as it was and finally they give in to the feelings that they have tried to ignore for so long. They can no longer lie to one another or themselves, the love they once shared still burns bright. However what happens when their pasts comes back to haunt them, will it destroy them or bring them closer? Cannot wait for this series to continue…..Score: 5/5

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A rollercoaster of a storyWell, the queen of angst is back with a bang! This is such a hard book to write a spoiler free review for, it's almost kind of impossible. There's so much to discuss but it would definitely ruin your reading knowing the plot going in. You've got two strong people who have been through a lot. Their lives are entwined from a very young age, their experience unique and emotionally traumatic. They've built their lives around it and as always the past seeps into the present. Stella is a tower of strength from the very beginning, she's had to be to survive. Jack has been fighting the attraction for so long it was always going to be explosive when he gave in. They are perfectly matched and the love and passion they have for each other is beautiful to read. The story will keep you hooked from the very first chapter. It's fast paced, fun, sad, sassy and filled with family moments. I do love all the siblings and I think the next book is going to be even spicier..Score: 5/5

A great storyI received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review. This is my third book by Corinne Michaels that I have read and I can honestly say I am totally in love with her writing. She draws you in from the opening page. This book was no different. I fell in love with Jack and Stella from the word go, their back story was heartbreaking and I really felt for them with what they had to go through in secret. This story is wonderfully written and really developed so well as I turned the pages. I loved that all the Parkerson brothers were still in this book as well as the fabulous Amelia. That girls character is just fantastic! Without giving away any spoilers Jack and Stella go on a very emotional journey which made me cry. I could picture every scene in my head and just when I had an idea of where the story would end up, I was wrong, which is a good thing as it wasn’t predictable. I thoroughly recommend this book but make sure to read Return To Us first so you can understand the characters better..Score: 5/5

Best book everI have loved every single one of Corinne books but this is by far my favourite! I have not been able to put this book down ,I cannot wait for the next in the series,!.Score: 5/5

ALL THE FEELS!Ahhhh this book gave me ALL THE FEELS!! I was gripped from the very first couple of chapters. I read them thinking "WHAT?!? I did not see that coming!"... Jack & Stella's journey is incredibly moving and emotional. As this is the second book in the Willow Creek series, we already know that Stella's family is pretty flawed. Her, along with her brothers, have been trying to escape the clutches of their father, his rules & the family ties. Yet when we learn more about Jack & Stella's story, as readers we realise just how deep and complex Stella's Father has tied her to the "family" ways & business. Jack & Stella's love for one another is intense. But it's a love that can never be acted upon for so many reasons. Reasons that will shred those heart-strings and tie them in knots. Reason's that will make you massively frustrated as some parts made me want to shout and bang their heads together. Another amazing read from Corinne Michaels. I cannot wait for the next book in this series; I am already so excited to see what we will be presented with next in the world of Ms. Michaels evil, yet extensive mind!!! 5 Stars.Score: 5/5

You need this book in your life! Epic!!This book consumed me - mind, soul and heart. And the angst. Oh dear God, the angst was so palpable I could feel it deep in my bones. From the very first chapter, Corinne Michaels will pull you through the emotional wringer and you will come out on the other side a changed person. There is no truer love story than the one of sacrifice and selflessness. From reading Return to Us you knew there were feelings and a secret love between Jack and Stella but believe me when I say you are NOT ready for their story! With the background Parkerson sibling story arc still continuing, we not only see Jack and Stella finally become “Jack and Stella” but see more of what a vile man their father is. Of the choices he forced them to make all for the sake of the family name. With a lovely set up for Josh Parkerson’s story (and one of my favourite tropes!) this was an all-consuming love story that would break the hardest of readers. Be prepared for your emotions to spill over..Score: 5/5

Great readI already adore the Willow Creek series ! And we are only on book 2 !! The Parkersons siblings and the loyalty and love they have for each other is definitely what makes these old so special ! Could have been us is Stella and Jack’s story and from chapter 1 you find the heart and the emotion that sets the tone for the book ! As you continue on the journey, the forbidden love and secrets create a rollercoaster of highs and lows. As in life in so many ways when you find that high a low inevitable follows knocking on the door that could flip everything on its head ! I laughed, I felt and I loved the relationships, not only Jack and Stella, but with supporting cast too, that build and develop and the arc of the story that is carried through ! I was torn and put back together ! It’s easy to see why the author has decided that Jack and Stella are he gave couple to write and it was with the ease of the writing that carried you through each chapter until you wanted more ! I can’t wait to see where the rest of this series goes ! 5 stars ⭐️.Score: 5/5

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