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Jett by Sawyer Bennett Book Summary

Jett Olsson isn’t looking for anything serious and she’s not looking for anything at all, so why does it seem so hard to keep it professional?

I love my life—the thrill of being on the ice as part of the Arizona Vengeance, the rush of winning, the adoration of the fans. And if that adoration means I don’t have to spend the night alone, well even better. I’m content being single and always ready to mingle.

But the day Emory Holland walks into a Vengeance team meeting my attention is caught like never before. I can tell right away she’s full of smarts and sass, and the fact that she’s hot as hell sure doesn’t hurt either. She immediately shuts down my advances, so I opt for the road less traveled—straight to the friend zone.

My approach works like a charm, and when she invites me into her bed for a no-strings, friends-with-benefits arrangement, I vow to give her everything I have. She’s been hurt before, and if I’m able to help her heal while giving her a spectacularly satisfying time *pats self on back*, then I’ll be happy.

Or at least that’s the lie I keep telling myself as the time ticks down on the final buzzer of our “relationship”. Now the real question is, can I score the winning goal in a game neither of us realized we were playing?

Jett (Sawyer Bennett) Book Reviews

A great romanceThis book was such a wonderful nugget of romance! I loved that it focused on Jett and Emory without any unnecessary drama. I couldn’t put it down!.Score: 5/5

One Sweet ReadThis next book in the Arizona Vengeance series is playboy Jett’s story. Jett has a instant attraction to Emory the new media gal, but she’s a little preoccupied with being a single mom and has no room for a complication. A sweet romance with all the perfect feel good vibes. Jett and Emory are beautiful together and their chemistry is off the charts!.Score: 4/5

Hockey at its bestI listened to this book on audio , the narrators were some of the best I’ve heard!!! I did not want this book to end . Jett is the sexy hockey player but then he meets his match ! Emory is not looking for any work complications , she is not impressed with Jetts advances , or is she ? Jett is shocked when he find out that she has a kid , he swore he would never date someone with kid, or will he? Will these two find a balance ? It’s fun to be along for the ride and find out!!!!.Score: 5/5

Sweet story!I love it when two people don't want to start anything with each other but life and fate has different plans for them. The last thing Jett and Emory want is to get involved and open themselves up to a potentially complicated relationship. And Jett definitely is not interested in dating someone with a child. Until he meets Emory's daughter Felicity and boy how his mind changed about that. She pretty much stole his heart instantly and he fell in love with her. I love how after spending so much time together and then giving in to their attraction and physical chemistry, both Emory and Jett find they actually really want to spend more time together and have so much more than a physical relationship. I really love these two characters and I especially love them together. But I think I love how amazing Jett is with her daughter even more. Totally made me swoon. This is a sweet and wonderful story!! This series is always such a pleasure to read and I love all the players and their now significant others as well..Score: 5/5

Obsessed With Jett!Obsessed from page one! Jett is yet another addicting read from Sawyer Bennett. If you are not reading the Arizona Vengeance series you are missing out big time. These alpha male hockey players are such a tight knit group of friends as well as teammates. They add so much to each book in this series. Jett Olson is a second line right winger on the Vengeance. He is such a loyal, caring, funny, steadfast teammate. But Jett has never been one to rush into a relationship. He is only twenty-six years old and he has plenty time for that later. But when he sees Emory Holland the new social media influencer for the Vengeance, his attraction to her immediate. Emory Holland has so much on her plate. Having just started a new job, a young daughter and a complicated relationship with her ex-husband she doesn’t have time for any more complications. Least of all a relationship with a co-worker. But when Jett continues to press her for a date they settle on a business dinner, which leads to finding out that Jett is nothing like she thought he would be. And the attraction between them is sizzling, fun, refreshing, intriguing and so much more…that they finally settle on a friends with benefits relationship. I simply adored Jett and Emory and their story turned my insides into marshmallow. I had been eager to get Jett’s story and it didn’t disappoint. I found both characters impossible not to love. It’s humorous and poignant and heartfelt with just the right amount of heat. This is one you won’t want to miss, so start reading this addicting read..Score: 5/5

Once burned, twice shyI love the emotions and thought process in this book. Jett is a player who is not ready to settle down. But he really wants to go out with Emory. Until he realizes she has a kid. Then he backs off and becomes more business like and friendly. But the chemistry still remains. Emory is a buttoned up career woman who knows what Jett wants and isn't willing to give it to him. She's had a bad experience in the relationship department and she doesn't want to go through that ever again. So when Jett spends more time with Emory, Jenna and Felicity, he falls hard. While she is still hesitant, she is willing to have a no strings relationship. But over time that all changes and Jett becomes more than a way to scratch an itch. When Emory's new life is threatened, how will Jett respond? And what will Emory think of that response? Can they work together and play together? Or is this bound to fail with no separation of work and home? And let's not forget we have a new potential female lead in Jenna. Hopefully, we will see more of her in another book paired up with her own hockey player.Score: 4/5

Loved it!Jett was an excellent addition the the Arizona Vengeance story line. I really liked how Emory cared for those around her and integrated Jett into her world. He was a great hero and I enjoyed how his character developed over the course of the book. Again, it was a great, easy read. I thoroughly enjoyed it!.Score: 5/5

What a twist!What a twist! Jett has always been a player and he definitely takes it as a challenge when Emory doesn’t fall for his usual ways, part of the organization or not. Emory has relocated to town for this job, but it works out great between her past and her sister’s accident and gives them both the fresh start they need. While she finds Jett attractive, she knows that nothing can risk her job security for her daughter, but when he finally breaks her down, he is in for the surprise of his life when he finds out that she has a child. Initially deciding things wouldn’t go anywhere due to said child, Jett finds that he has a good time with Emory as just friends, and that’s exactly what Emory needs to decide to let loose a little after everything in her life and have a friendship with benefits with Jett. Per usual though, things get messy, and feelings get involved, and that combined with Emory’s ex-husband coming back into the picture really threatens this couple’s HEA. Thankfully, everyone comes to their senses and things work out for this couple, and the ending is a little flat for me in that it was anti-climactic than her usual book endings, but I’m excited for the next installment since I can’t get enough of this team! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book..Score: 4/5

Fall in love with this hockey team. again.There isn’t a bad or even just ok book in the bunch. I. Loved. This. Jett is all the amazingness you Can handle. And Emory is just plan fabulous. He sees her and is immediately attracted to her. She shuts him down. Now he’s even more intrigued. But. He’s some got one hard and fast file and he’s gonna have to break it to get the girl! Loved it!.Score: 5/5

Great readI love this series and Jett and Emory’s story was better than I was hoping for if that possible. It was believable and kept me interested. I love to read and listen to this wonderful story and addition to one of my favorite series. You couldn’t help but root for both these two to realize they belong together and could trust each other. Felony and Jenna are great additions to this story and also getting to visit with some old friends. Hoping we get to see more of Jenna. I can’t wait to get Riggs story, sawyer Bennett never disappoints and always keeps you wanting more.Score: 5/5

Sooo good!5 Stars Jett by Sawyer Bennett is the tenth book in the Arizona Vengeance series and oh my goshhhh it was so good! Even though it is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. Ms. Bennett is a pro at writing hockey romance and I feel like this series continues to get better and better with every book that comes out. Jett is a professional hockey player and enjoys the single life. He is not looking for anything… well that is until Emory knocks him off his game. She is everything he swore he never wanted. I loved this story so much! Jett and Emory were everything. So much chemistry between the two that my heart would literally start beating so fast. I honestly cannot wait to see where Ms. Bennett takes the series next! Highly recommend reading this book!.Score: 5/5

A great addition to this series!A great addition to this series! I really enjoyed this friends to lovers storyline. Jett and Emory have great chemistry. Add in a dash of angst and you’ll be hooked until the end. Narration was fantastic!.Score: 4/5

No Complications Are The Best Kind Of ComplicationsJett Olsson, member of the Arizona Vengeance, is known on the team as a player. He works hard, is committed to his team and their drive to win another Cup, but is NOT interested in a relationship! He’s interested in one night stands. This all changes when the team is introduced to the new VP of Digital Marketing. She’s smart and gorgeous, but immediately shoots down Jett’s flirtations. But Jett is persistent… Emory Holland was recently hired as VP of Digital Marketing for the Vengeance. Emory works with the players to improve their social media. She hopes to gain more National and international followers for the new expansion team. While she doesn’t know a lot about hockey, she “studied” it extensively prior to being hired. She’s looking for a new start and has a very strict rule against dating coworkers. Yet Jett is persistent. It’s only when he goes to pick her up for a “business” meeting/date, that he discovers she’s a single mom. He doesn’t do single moms—EVER! It’s only after the flirtatious behavior stops, that Emory decides she really does like Jett as possibly more than just a friend. Can we just say SWOON!!! Holy smokes! As a single mom, I get how tough it is to balance everything. Your child comes first and foremost, then job and family. It leaves very little time for dating or a social life. I, too, felt badly when my son was young and he didn’t have anyone to attend “Donuts For Dads” or any of the various other activities that required a dad. When Jett arrived to the dance as the “knight”, not replacing her delinquent dad, I cried tears of joy. That was so unselfish and sweet! It was also the “little things” that Jett did that may seem minimal, but to a single mom…they mean EVERYTHING. I loved that Emory was a strong woman and not afraid to go to battle for her child. I loved her vulnerability and openness with Jett. I lost my own heart to Jett when he said…”Then let me be that layer of cardboard behind you”. Wow, just wow! Amazing book! I can’t wait to hear more about Baden. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own..Score: 5/5

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Thought provoking and emotionalJETT is the tenth instalment in Sawyer Bennett’s contemporary, adult ARIZONA VENGEANCE erotic, hockey romance series focusing on the members of the professional hockey team the Arizona Vengeance. This is twenty-six year old, right-winger Jett Olsson, and the Vengeance’s Vice President of Digital Marketing and Analytics / single mother Emory Holland’s story line. JETT can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary. Told from dual first person perspectives (Jett and Emory) JETT focuses on the building romance and relationship between twenty-six year old, hockey player Jett Olsson, and the Vengeance’s Vice President of Digital Marketing and Analytics / single mother Emory Holland. Emory Holland is new to the Arizona Vengeance, and the Phoenix area but a business meeting with Jett Olsson stirs something in our story line heroine but dating a player means crossing the line. Giving in to her emotions, Emory offers Jett a friends with benefits type of arrangement, an arrangement that is about to turn into something more. What ensues is the building relationship between Emory and Jett, and the potential fall-out as Emory’s past returns wanting a second chance. Emory Holland is a divorcee; a single mother whose ex is no longer in the picture, and as such, Emory struggles with issues of trust, as it pertains to her hearts, and that of her seven year old daughter Felicity. Emory knows Jett’s reputation off the ice is a bit of a player but Emory’s heart wants more than she could have ever thought possible. Jett Olsson never expected to fall hard for a woman, having seen his fellow teammates fall hard and fast but something about Emory draws Jett like a ‘moth to a flame’, a moth that is about to get burned when Emory’s past threatens our heroine’s well ordered life. The relationship between Jett and Emory begins as a business arrangement; co-workers of a sort who both work for the Arizona Vengeance. Emory is unsure as to the reactions of the franchise but Jett wants nothing more than to claim Emory as his own. The $ex scenes are intimate, passionate and seductive without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. We are introduced to Emory’s seven year old daughter Felicity, her sister Jenna, and he ex Shane Kelly, as well as team owner Dominik Carlson, injured player Baden Oulett, defenseman Riggs Nadeau, and several members of the Arizona Vengeance. JETT is a story of family, relationships and love; of camaraderie and friendships; second chances and moving on. The premise is thought provoking, emotional and real; the romance is provocative yet tender; the characters are sassy, determined and spirited..Score: 4/5

JettThis series has kept me spellbound from the start. Jett while a great addition lacked the spicy, messy angst that the others had. It was not special. When there are so many in the series the page turning commitment has to shine through. It felt glossed over. But the story for Emory had some feeling to it, with her sister and her ex. Just could have been so much more! Rushing the story did not do it justice and Jett was a real sincere guy but with no real background to go on…he was not given the story he deserved. Just my opinion..Score: 3/5

Jett and Emory"Then let me be that layer of cardboard behind you." Heading to Arizona to reconnect with the Vengeance is always a fun time. Jett and Emory are both not looking for anything serious or complications. When Jett finally breaks Emory down and she invites him to have a no-strings, friends-with-benefits arrangement he agrees. Only things get complicated when Emory's ex-husband returns and she starts to pull away. Jett and Emory had a nice build-up from co-workers to friends to lovers. The chemistry between them was hot and could not be denied. Jett stole my heart when he constantly seemed to step up for Emory's daughter Felicity. It was great to be able to catch up with the other Vengeance players and their partners. I was not a huge fan of the way that the book ended. I am looking forward to more Arizona Vengeance in the future. 4 Maple Leafs ... Jett (Arizona Vengeance, 10) is a friends-with-benefits, single mom, sports romance told from the first-person point of view and can be enjoyed as a standalone but I recommend enjoying the whole Arizona Vengeance series..Score: 4/5

The player and the MediaJett is a player with the Vengeance and looking to score with the new VP of digital marketing Emory. He has no social media footprint and she has to bring him up to par, but she is not willing to lose her heart to a player. Emory only has time for her daughter Felicity and her sister Jenna and whatever he is offering she is not buying. Their attraction is jumping off the pages, but her past stops her from commiting or investing into a relationship. When her ex Shane shows up and proves to be the same unreliable person, the only person around is Jett. Their story is real and heartwrenching at times, but love always win in the end! Another wonderful chapter in the Arizona Vengeance family book! I volunteered to review this fabulous story..Score: 5/5

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Great addition to the seriesThis is one of my favourite hockey series, as I feel like I am coming home to family every time I read a book in the Arizona Vengeance series. I have been waiting for Jett’s story and it was worth the wait; it was a great addition to the series. From the first chapter to the last I was hooked on the story that Sawyer Bennett wove and couldn’t put down. I knew that the woman who would capture Jett’s heart would need to be someone special and that is what Emory Holland is. Neither of them were looking for a relationship and yet fate often has a way of throwing a persons plans into disarray. Such is the case for Jett and Emory. I adored Emory, she is feisty, sassy and determined to keep Jett firmly in the friend only zone; that in itself made for some humorous moments. Jett is a compassionate, kind, caring teammate who always try's to keep an eye on his fellow players, particularly Baden Oulett who was badly injured when he tried to do the right thing. He is like a big brother to some of his teammates and this added an additional emotional layer to the story. Jett does his best to break down the walls that Emory has erected around her heart in an effort to save herself from pain. He is so swoon worthy that you cannot help but fall for him and it was heartwarming as he worked his magic and finally convinced Emory to take a leap of faith with him..Score: 5/5

Loved it!4.5 stars Jett’s story is quite the ride. Its full of steam as well as some poignant heartwarming moments and I honestly loved every moment he and Emory share. Jett is a great addition to the Arizona Vengeance series and a highly recommended read, in my honest opinion. I really admired the way he was in this book. Emory may be working as a social media expert with the Vengeance and being with a single mother has never been on Jetts radar. These two do not do complicated. However they have undeniable chemistry that they can’t ignore. Emory is somewhat conflicted due to her past and with their growing feelings as well as the return of someone, she has to make some important decisions. Will Jett be a part of her future?. Only one way to find out, go 1-click. A really enjoyable read!.Score: 4/5

Enjoyable readJett is the resident Arizona Vengeance playboy, who meets his match and discovers there just may be greater things out there. A love story containing a plethora of complications, family loyalties, the ups and downs of single parenting and an insight to dealing with some darker sides of life. I enjoyed Jett for the most part, I had a slight issue with the age selected for one of the characters as it worked yet didn’t all the time, as well as the approach taken toward the family separation..Score: 4/5

Amazing Hockey Series.There’s not one of these hockey romances that I don’t like. Each book has a new couple that have different issues they navigate before they reach their own HEA. Even though Jett and Emory’s story is not as intense or angsty as some of his team mates romances, it’s definitely worth the read. What I enjoyed the most was watching Jett’s perspective on what he thought he wanted to where he ended up. Emory was also special in how she coped with her past and handled her career and home life. Together they were a perfect team tackling anything or anyone that tried to disrupt their inner circle. I love having a visual of who I’m reading about, and this cover is amazing, Jett’s one fine man! Another element that has me coming back to this series is we get updates from the previous characters and little hints who might be next. Emory has a sister, Jenna whom I’m hoping finds her own happy ending and if it’s with one of the Vengeance players, even better..Score: 4/5

All the feelsSawyer Bennett has once again given us another extremely hot hockey player to swoon over and this one goes by the name of Jett Olsson. This is book 10 in the Arizona Vengeance Series and for me this book is up there amongst my favourites in this great series. Jett loves his life, he loves playing on and off the ice but he can’t hide the attraction he has for the new social media specialist Emory who has just joined the team. Emory is a single mum living with her sister and her daughter, the past has burnt her as far as relationships go and she would never risk her daughter getting let down by yet another man but a no strings fun, friends with benefits might just work for both Jett and Emory. But what happens when the passion is scorching hot and you find yourself wanting to spend more time with each other, yes that’s right you are in a relationship so what will happen when they both wake up and realise what they have is very special, will they look to the future or will the past ruin what they have before it even begins….. This book ticked all my boxes, I swooned, I smiled and I found myself cheering this couple on, I really didn’t want this book to end and now I’m excited for the next player’s journey. Great addition to this must read series for all sports romance fans..Score: 5/5

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