Mischief Under the Mistletoe (A Holiday Romance Boxed Set)Stephanie Rowe

Mischief Under the Mistletoe (A Holiday Romance Boxed Set)

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Mischief Under the Mistletoe (A Holiday Romance Boxed Set) by Stephanie Rowe Book Summary

★★★★★ "Will make you believe in love, happiness and the magic of Christmas." Five-star Amazon Review

A Christmas romance treat! For the first time ever, a three-book holiday romance bundle from New York Times bestselling author, Stephanie Rowe. Fun, sexy, and heartwarming, these three stories about the magic of Christmas are full of romance, laughter, and the deeply satisfying happily-ever-after that Christmas is all about. 

★★★★★ "I absolutely loved this story! What a beautiful and classic romance story with a Christmas theme beautifully woven in." ~Amber S. (Five-star Amazon Review)

★★★★★ "Characters were full of depth, the heartwarming storyline had meaning, and it kept me wanting to turn the page. Great Christmas tale." Five-star Amazon Review

A Real Cowboy for Christmas
Fall in love with a  charming cowboy sheriff and the single mom he rescues on a Christmas hayride. 

Wrapped up in You
Enjoy all the happy feels when a chance meeting on a snowy ferry ride in Maine ignites a romance that started with a moonlight kiss a decade ago. 

Jingle This!
A steamy, sassy romance between a hot-as-heck boss and the irreverent, anti-romance copywriter hired to write stories about Christmas love and diamonds. 

★★★★★ "Where do I even start with how much I enjoyed this book? It was funny and sexy and I couldn't stop reading it once I started!!!" ~Janet W. (Five-star Amazon Review)

★★★★★ "Sheriff Dane would definitely be my first choice as a Christmas gift with his charm, good looks, and protective nature for those he loves." ~Five-star Amazon Review

★★★★★ "I was so touched and drawn in. A fairy tale love story that left me happily smiling and shedding tears." ~Vickie R (Five-star Amazon Review)

★★★★★ "This book is great! I cried happy tears all through the last two chapters and the epilogue." ~artist (Five-star Amazon Review)

★★★★★ "Super funny and super hot…I was either laughing or fanning myself throughout." ~Jenae111 (Five-star Amazon Review)

BIO: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Rowe is "contemporary romance at its best" (Bex 'N' Books). She is a 2021 Vivian® Award nominee, as well a 2018 winner and a five-time nominee of the RITA® award, the highest awards in romance fiction. With more than fifty published novels, Stephanie has been touching readers' hearts and keeping them spellbound for more than a decade with her contemporary romances, romantic suspense, and paranormal romances.

Mischief Under the Mistletoe (A Holiday Romance Boxed Set) (Stephanie Rowe) Book Reviews

A sweet swoony holiday collectionA Real Cowboy for Christmas - 5 stars. This was a sweet instalove with a side of complicated family romance. Jaimi is a single mom who was unaware she had 9 half-brothers until her mother’s deathbed confession. She decides to go to the small town where they live just to see them but not to meet them. Dane is the sheriff in Rogue Valley and the best friend of one of Jaimie’s brothers. There is instant chemistry when Dane meets Jaimi and her daughter but forever seems out of reach. This is book 6 in the Wyoming Rebels series. The Stockton boys (and girl) will grab your heart and not let go. Sometimes the things in our lives that first appear to be disasters turn out to be unexpected blessings instead. The book has a little bit of everything just like you would expect from a good romance - sweet moments, strong family bonds, sexy times, real life issues, imperfect characters, and so much love. The Stockton family loves hard and they love by surrounding you with goodness and strength. This story gave me all the feels. Wrapped Up In You - 4 stars. This was a sweet second chance romance. Cole grew up on Mystic Island where his family ran an inn but left 10 years ago after two deaths caused enough pain for him to shut down emotionally. Willow grew up in a famous family and feels heart broken and unable to trust. When they were both 15 Cole and Willow shared a magical emotional (non-sexual) night together that neither one forgot. They meet again on the ferry to the island more than a decade later - Cole to get the inn ready to sell and Willow to find some Christmas magic and to feel like a normal person. The story was well written and the characters had depth and substance. Their individual pain and the healing from being together was palpable. This was a good start to the Mystic Island series. Jingle This - 3.5 stars. This was a snarky workplace sort of second chance romance. Kyle is one owner of a marketing firm. Three years ago Kyle and Angie, one of his employees, had chemistry and seemed to be getting closer but he chose to date her sister instead of Angie. At the beginning of the book Angie was dumped instead of proposed to by her boyfriend Roger, who’s also her boss. Usually Christmas loving Angie is not feeling the spirit this year and she’s supposed to write a daily serial about the holidays, love and diamonds. In order to save the account, Kyle decides it’s up to him to help Angie find her holiday happy place and insists on being with her all the time. Being together so much revs up their chemistry again. The story was well written but the characters did not have as much depth as I normally like and while the story was set between Thanksgiving and Christmas it did not seem very Christmas like. Kyle and Angie grew on me as characters and midway through the book I was routing for their HEA and for Roger and Sheila to get their comeuppance..Score: 4/5

Loved them all!This box set by Stephanie Rowe has three romance books with Christmas magic. - A Real Cowboy for Christmas: Jaimi is a single mom. She travels to Wyoming to look for her brothers who don’t know she exists. Dane is the best friend with her brother and would do anything to protect his family. Can Jaimi open her heart to having a new family? Will Dane be able to teach her to trust her heart? - Wrapped Up in You: Cole and Willow shared a special moment 15 years ago. She has come back to the island to have her first real Christmas experience. Cole has come back to Mystic Island to break all ties once and for all. Little does he know that this time the magic of the Island will bring him what he needs. Will Willow and Cole remember that special day they shared 15 years ago? Will they reconnect? Super sweet story. Jingle This: Angie is a writer for a company and has lost the inspiration to write about unconditional love. She has just been dumped by her boyfriend. Kyle is part owner of the company Angie works at. Kyle doesn’t date employees, but will they see they have loved each other before they lose their chance. All are cute holiday stories. I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of this book..Score: 5/5

LOVE!!!This made me really wish it was Christmas time already 😊 This box set was awesome. I really enjoyed each couple. I mean who doesn’t love the Stockton’s right? This is just me but I highly recommend reading the series from the start. It’ll just make all the little things make sense. That’s just me though. There are so many emotions that you go through when reading each story. One moment you’re like yes this is perfect and the next you kind of want to strangle the characters lol the roller coaster of emotions is worth is though. Cuddle up with a good cuppa and read this box set lol I received an ARC from the author and I am voluntarily leaving a review.Score: 5/5

Mischief Under the MistletoeMischief Under the Mistletoe by Stephenie Rowe 3 romance novellas wrapped in a boxed set. All previously published. A Real Cowboy for Christmas by Stephanie Rowe Oh these Stockton men, and that includes extended family like Dane, are totally irresistible! Absolutely swoon worthy, lovable and emotionally driven. Family is everything. I would give this one 6 or more stars it was so good. 6th book in the Wyoming Rebel contemporary romance series of cowboy brothers who overcome a really rough upbringing. Each can stand alone but don’t miss any of the gorgeous, generous men. You won’t regret a second of your time with them. I really loved these two. Three with Emily. I felt sad for Jaimi just a bit because she is bitter about her mother’s death and afraid to move forward. Wrapped up In You by Stephanie Rowe A fantastic romance with depth and emotions that made me smile, laugh and cry. I really liked the hero and his instant recognition and attraction although he is not sure why. This made me fall in love a bit myself. Cole Charbonneau returns to Mystic Island, Maine to sell his family legacy. It's time to let it go and get on with life. On the weekly ferry he sees a woman go out on deck into the frigid cold weather. Admiring her ambition to get away from the crowds, he follows her. There is something familiar about her and he feels the need to protect her from the slippery boat deck and the cold. Willow Morgan has a reservation to spend Christmas on Mystic Island but quickly finds out that there is a mixup and she has nowhere to stay for the week. Asking to stay at the Inn that Cole has closed and is selling is a gamble because she knows they have a history together. Jingle This Angie got dumped by her boyfriend over Thanksgiving weekend. Christmas, joy and mistletoe is the very last thing she wants to see. Then Kyle walks in her office and she’s reminded that she’s been in love with him for three years. Maybe breaking up with “what’s his name” wasn’t such a big deal. Emotional whiplash but Kyle is so romantic he’s worth falling in love with. He’s sweet and concerned with her and says the nicest things. Humorous, sexy and HEA. Perfect short. “The couch felt a little cramped with him on it. Perhaps she should sit on him to make more room.”.Score: 5/5

A Box Set of Christmas LoveWow!! All three of these books are absolutely amazing! All three books have different tones to them. Stephanie Rowe captures a unique take for the different characters in each book from funny to witty and charming. “A Real Cowboy for Christmas” just makes you dream of what ifs. Who wouldn’t want Sheriff Dane to sweep them off of their feet at Christmas! “Wrapped Up in You” is just a wonderful love story from start to finish. I just can’t get over “Jingle This”. These are books I can definitely see Hallmark making movies out of! So amazing! These books are definite reads for the holidays!.Score: 5/5

Christmas is the Season of Love in this Anthology by Stephanie Rowe!Christmas is the Season of Love in this Anthology by Stephanie Rowe! In Book 1 “A Real Cowboy for Christmas” readers revisit the Wyoming Rebels series. A promise to her dying mother leads Jaime to pack up her daughter and search for the brothers who never knew she existed. When she finds the Stocktons, she also finds true love in their best friend Dane. I purchased this novel as a standalone years ago but that did not stop me from rereading! Love this family. Book 2 “Wrapped Up in You” is the starter to the Mystic Island series. Cole is returning to his childhood home, Mystic Island one last time to wrap up loose ends. “Kate” is running from the drama in her life to the last place she remembers youthful innocence. A connection that started as teenagers flourishes when circumstances trap these two together for the week. Between the Island’s history of keeping those it claims and Christmas, Cole and Willow can’t help falling in love. Books 3 is a novella titled “Jingle This!” Angie is a writer tasked with chronicling true love after being dumped. When the client is not happy with her article and threatens to pull the project, Angie’s boss intervenes. Kevin takes it upon himself to help and a long ago crush builds into more. What follows is a cute easy read in the manner of a Hallmark movie. I received an ARC from the author and am voluntarily leaving a review..Score: 5/5

Fun Holidays.I read the Stephanie Rowe 3 books. What fantastic stories to get you in the holiday mood. I love reading stories that get me in the mood for the celebration season and these 3 did that for me. Truly a must read for anytime of the year. I received an ARC from the Author for my honest review..Score: 5/5

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Perfect to Get You Into The Christmas SpiritNothing like a little holiday day romance to get you into the holiday spirit. This box set contains 3 heartwarming stories and as usual Stephanie never disappoints. First up we have our favourite Stockton family and the sister they never knew they had. Jaimie comes to town and falls for their hot best friend the Sheriff Dane:. A real feel good Cowboy Romance. Next there is the story set on the magical island called Mystic Island where two people who shared a kiss 12 years ago as young teenagers are thrown together for a week. Follow Cole and Kate on their journey to finding each other again after all this time. Finally the absolutely humorous and endearing story of the writer Angie who loves Christmas and has an assignment of writing 24 articles on love. After being dumped Angie is totally jaded on the topic so first article is an epic fail but in walks her hot boss Kyle to make sure she begins to believe in love again and gets inspired. In their adventures to write the perfect story realizes she has been in love with him for 3 years and him her. Can she meet her deadlines and can they find true love?.Score: 5/5

All the Feels!This compilation of three short reads is a feel good collection that it sure to get you right in the feels! A Real Cowboy For Christmas: This is a feel good, quick romance packed with a lot of emotions! Imagine growing up an only child of a strong independent woman. Then you have a child of your own and the three of you are all you need. Now imagine your amazing mother’s dying wish is for you to get to know the family you never knew you had...nine brothers! Following Jaimi and Emily as they discover their missing roots in Wyoming was just the feel good Christmas story that I was looking for. For those of you that have read the rest of the series, you have probably been waiting for Dane to find someone. For those that haven’t read the series yet, the backstory is filled in enough to read this as a stand-alone. Couldn’t put this one down until I had finished, I loved it! Wrapped Up In You: An adorable little read about starting over and second chances. Did you ever have that special someone you just couldn’t forget? What if you had the chance to find out what it would be like to get a second chance at amazing? Now imagine that special someone is running from their past and you are the only thing that can make them feel safe? Would you take a chance and throw caution to the wind? You will have to read this to find out when the past meets the present. You won’t be disappointed! Jingle This: What an adorable romance! What’s not to love...unrequited love, a broken heart, friends to lovers, second chances...throw in a sleazy sister, a useless ex, a hilarious bff and you have this quirky, engaging, melt your heart tale. Loved it. Short, but sweet!.Score: 5/5

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One Not To Miss This XmasChristmas has come early with this great set of books by our much love swoon-worthy Stephanie Rowe, love a cowboy romance then you covered with A Real Cowboy for Christmas has you covered, our mistress of the cowboy romances has done it again with another brilliant read, be prepared to fall in love with an extra special Christmas with the Wyoming Rebels. Every one of these books in this series makes me wish I could transport myself there and start over with this family, be prepared for some tissues for this one though. Then be prepared for some either greater swooning and finding your next book boyfriends with Wrapped Up in You, this when gave me those warm tingles all over and last but definitely not last, Jingle This, and oh boy what a way to finish..Score: 5/5

Three times the pleasureAll 3 of these books are intense attraction at first sight and just draw you in from the very beginning and I can assure you that you won’t be able to put them down. They are feel good books with lots of holiday spirit. Jaime and Nate - 2 strangers with instant attraction and he shows her how family never judge and have each other’s backs . Cole and willow, reunited on a snowy ferry ride after not seeing each other for 12 years. So intense and you could feel the holiday spirit drawing you in. Angie is a writer who has lost her ability to write romance and is helped by her boss Kyle to find inspiration which leads to love..Score: 5/5

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