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Daniel Silva

Portrait of an Unknown Woman by Daniel Silva Book Summary

In a spellbinding new masterpiece by #1 New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva, Gabriel Allon undertakes a high-stakes search for the greatest art forger who ever lived

Legendary spy and art restorer Gabriel Allon has at long last severed ties with Israeli intelligence and settled quietly in Venice, the only place where he has ever truly known peace. His beautiful wife, Chiara, has taken over the day-to-day management of the Tiepolo Restoration Company, and their two young children are discreetly enrolled in a neighborhood scuola elementare. For his part, Gabriel spends his days wandering the streets and canals of the watery city, bidding farewell to the demons of his tragic, violent past.

But when the eccentric London art dealer Julian Isherwood asks Gabriel to investigate the circumstances surrounding the rediscovery and lucrative sale of a centuries-old painting, he is drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse where nothing is as it seems.

Gabriel soon discovers that the work in question, a portrait of an unidentified woman attributed to Sir Anthony van Dyck, is almost certainly a fiendishly clever fake. To find the mysterious figure who painted it—and uncover a multibillion-dollar fraud at the pinnacle of the art world—Gabriel conceives one of the most elaborate deceptions of his career. If it is to succeed, he must become the very mirror image of the man he seeks: the greatest art forger the world has ever known.

Stylish, sophisticated, and ingeniously plotted, Portrait of an Unknown Woman is a wildly entertaining journey through the dark side of the art world—a place where unscrupulous dealers routinely deceive their customers and deep-pocketed investors treat great paintings as though they were just another asset class to be bought and sold at a profit. From its elegant opening to the shocking twists of its climax, the novel is a tour de force of storytelling and one of the finest pieces of heist fiction ever written. And it is still more proof that, when it comes to international intrigue and suspense, Daniel Silva has no equal.

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Book Name Portrait of an Unknown Woman
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Language English
E-Book Size 2.84 MB

Portrait of an Unknown Woman (Daniel Silva) Book Reviews 2023

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I have a bone to pick with the author. I was happily reading two other books when I was notified my pre-order of “An Unknown Woman” was available for download. I have read all of the Gabriel Allon novels, and could not resist opening this one. Now I can’t put it down because the story, the characters, and the atmosphere of the book are preventing me from doing so; they are just too good and too absorbing. I am 71 and I am encouraged to believe that there will be more books in this series, since Mr. Silva is a good deal younger than I, and his imagination seems inexhaustible. I don’t want to think about a time when I might not have a Daniel Silva novel at hand.

Nice change of pace. Definitely one of my favorite Allon books. Love that it was different than most of the others.

Portrait of an Unknown Woman. Meh . . . Not as bad as the last two books, but doesn’t hang together very well, plot-wise. I miss the old Silva’s cutting edge, but time passes.

I gave up. I have read a lot of Daniel Silva’s books I enjoyed many of them. This was not one of those. It just wasn’t engaging.

Fake paintings, fake suspense.. The Gabriel Allon book a year schedule has run its course. This one gets bogged down with the names of too many obscure artists, forged paintings, and a dull storyline. Author Silva definitely has a thing against women, and this strained effort keeps the negativity going. Most of his female characters are always in jeopardy and are often pawns in a scheme or are outright murdered. Wait until the book is on sale or for the paperback if you prefer physical books. This novel lacks excitement. How often do we have to read about the nasty goat or the old lady and her spells? Perhaps it’s time to send Christopher and Sarah on their own adventure. They’re the only characters with any mystery and energy.

Israel, for the future. This book was entertaining for a while. It became weighted down by all of the details of the art world. Gabriel Allon is better when he is working with his old team from Israel racing around the Globe.

Appropriate. Not one of Mr. Silva’s best. I found the plot to be difficult to follow, especially the first half of the book.

Wonderfu! Book!. If it’s mid-July it’s time for another Daniel Silva thriller featuring Gabriel Allon, and this one is a beaut! Allon, the former Director of Israeli Intelligence, is retired in Venice with his wife and two children. His friend, London art dealer Julian Isherwood, has a meeting scheduled with a woman who has raised concerns about the provenance of a piece of art Julian’s gallery has sold. In short order, the woman is murdered by unknown assailants, Julian is accosted, and his hotel room is searched. Who would he reach out to investigate but his old friend Gabriel Alone - master spy, artist, and art restorer extraordinaire. As often happens in Mr. Silva’s stories, a string is pulled that unravels the whole garment. What starts as an investigation of one painting ends up leading the protagonists all over the world to uncover an operation of enormous proportions. It’s a thrilling ride, to say the least! For longtime Gabriel Allon fans, it’s nice to see him starting to decompress after so many years of bearing the weight of his country’s security on his shoulders. He’s enjoying life, but slightly bored. When he’s asked for help by Isherwood he’s back in his element in a flash. This is the Gabriel we’re used to! I have a feeling his future will include some intriguing clandestine operations, interspersed with happy family times - a great combination and a fitting “retirement” for our favorite spy. I’m admittedly a great fan of Mr. Silva’s writing and this series, and so look forward to these books being released each year! They’re literary crack - I finished the book at 1:30 am as I couldn’t put it down. I received a complimentary advance copy of the book from the publisher in the hope that I would write a truthful review, and here it is. I loved the book, and have purchased an additional copy to donate to my library, and a Kindle version to be read again on my e-reader. If you like international thrillers, I highly recommend Portrait of an Unknown Woman!

Gabriel Allon: Portrait of an Unknown Woman. Another winner by Daniel Silva. I recommend.

Another year gone by.. Another years wait is over, but already another one begins. A true page turner as one would expect from Daniel. Well done, sir, and thank you. The only down side was several pages of gratuitous drivel towards the end of chapter six.

Very Good first half. Renowned Israeli spy master Gabriel Allon is recently retired and living in Venice with his family. On Chiara’s orders, he is enjoying an intermezzo from work, both from the spycraft and the restoration business he is an employee of now. Unfortunately, the rest is short-lived. Julian Isherwood has sold a painting to an American investor that has questionable origins, if a French woman, who contacted him upon knowing of the painting’s sale, is to be believed. If the painting is exposed as a forgery, Julian will be ruined personally and professionally. However, the fallout won’t stop there, for the art world is small and intricate. Julian asks Gabriel Allon to investigate who is behind the painting’s resurgence, who stands to profit, and who has gone to such lengths to stage a car accident to remove an unwanted witness from raising valid questions. Portrait of an Unknown Woman turned out to be a mixed bag. The first half was laugh-out-loud funny and a breeze to read. Silva has found a turn of phrase that I love, with well constructed literary images lacking in his earlier novels. I thought up to that point that it was a return to top form by the author after the last two duds. Silva kept the usual padding to a minimum, and the pace was on par with the action. However, the second half of the book was extremely dense, as it delved into the intricacies of a Ponzi scheme hedge fund that used forged paintings as collaterals to secure massive loans with which it paid dividends to its investors. It wasn’t the same level of boring as the financial discussion turned out in The Cellist, but it was dense enough. I guessed the culprit since his first appearance, though, fortunately, it didn’t affect my enjoyment of this novel. I’m starting to wonder if this franchise has run its course. Since Silva found new political leanings, he avoids the kind of foreign policy criticism and sure fire commentaries about American administrations that made this series wildly successful. I used to look forward to reading each new installment, waiting for Silva to anticipate world events and make his incisive analyses of the implications for countries the world over, and the Middle East in particular, but that is no longer the case. The world has turned vastly unpredictable, and Silva quite the opposite. Gabriel Allon used to be formidable, now he has been reduced to playing a standard detective with great connections in the criminal and the spy world alike, at least that has been the case in the last three installments. I’m not sure that Allon being retired is good for this franchise; let’s hope I’m wrong and Silva finds his footing once more. Overall, Portrait of an Unknown Woman has some pluses and minuses in its ledger. The first half is extremely good, while the second half becomes increasingly dense.

Slow at first but good at end. Silva’s main character is getting old, so are his books. This book is flawed by too many characters who are hard to follow. However, the book avoids most of Silva’s usual Jewish propaganda and is a pretty good read — especially at the end.

Great read. Good read from start to finish.

One of the Best in the Allon Series. So glad Gabriel has retired and can now take on mysterious adventures in the world of art. Perhaps we can see more of Magdalena? Loved this book and each one of its characters.

Wonderful. This is a wonderful story. Can’t wait for the next book.

What happened?. Losing his touch and done reading this once great series because he has gotten too political in his last 2/3 books…bye bye Allon

Portrait of an Unknown Woman. A dedicated reader of Daniel Silva, I found this read to be lacking in grabbing my attention until the very end. So it was a difficult read for me. I wanted to put It down several times, and move on to something more interesting.

Portrait. Allon is all about art after retirement. A fascinating look into art as a trading commodity and a good mystery to boot! It’s not his usual fare but Mr. Silva has concocted a great yarn nonetheless!

Portrait Of An Unknown Woman. Boring story. This is the third terrible novel in a row for Daniel Silva. The first was a weak attempt to exonerate the Jews for the killing of Jesus, which is in conflict with The Bible. The next was a political story, designed to shred President Trump and is a poor excuse for a novel. The most recent one is an attempt to start a new series of a changed life for Allon and is not worth reading. It’s too bad because his earlier novels were outstanding. I won’t delve into his future stories.

Portrait of an unknown woman. This series has run its course. There is no more room for the Gabriel Allen character to run. I’ve read each book in the series with the last two becoming worse and worse.

Back to form. After the massively disappointing previous novel, The Cellist, Daniel Silva returns to form with an excellent mystery and self contained story. Honestly, this was needed as my love for the series wained with the last novel plus I grew tired of “save the world” or “save the country” style stories. Thankfully, the author kept most of his political opinions out of the novel (not completely) and you can just enjoy the story and characters.

Captivating. If nothing else, an excellent expose of the fraudulent practices of some in ponzi practices prevalent in many ‘investment’ schemes. At best, a wonderful read, full of colorful characters, rich with the embroidery of a startlingly good teller of tales.

The Gabriel we all fell in love with. Thank you Mr. Silva for restoring Gabriel to us as the artist and restorer we first fell in love with in The Kill Artist. It was wonderful to once again be engrossed in the art world and to have our horizons broadened. Really enjoyed, one of the best Allon books IMO.

Decent read. The author has extended his Allon franchise into the character’s retirement with a pretty implausible plot line . Nevertheless it was a decent beach type read. I am still exasperated by the way the author lards up the word count in every book by repeating verbatim long descriptions of characters and events from previous novels. It’s lazy and disrespectful to the readers. Mr Silva must have a software program that fills in half the book before he even starts!

This one is a fake.. It can’t have been written by Silva. It’s mostly full of words about how stylish clothing, cars and places. There’s very little story here. You were once a great author. What happened??? That’s the real mystery.

Portrait of an unknown woman. Tired of political lecturing … want a a good story like your first ones in the series

Lost his way. Time to find a new series, Daniel what the heck the preachy political tone and watering down of the elements that made this character successful has run its course. No one wants to read your about your political views in a fiction book. Wake up! Oh wait you are woke.

Just in it for the money. His last book was a awful piece of woke; no reason to even try him again.

Excellent, as always. Loved it! It was refreshing to revisit old characters and places from prior novels in the series. The storyline was excellent, I couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for the next book.

Disappointed. Never thought I would find a Silva book boring, but this one was. His last 2 have been disappointing. All words and no heart. What happened?

Fascinating!. Silva is back in original form.

portrait of an unknown woman. another brilliant story by Daniel Silva. thanks for giving us a great read. Bill

Portrait of an unknown woman. Less bloody than other Gabriel Allon novels, more into the art scene, which I really liked

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Summary of Portrait of an Unknown Woman by Daniel Silva

The Portrait of an Unknown Woman book written by Daniel Silva was published on 19 July 2022, Tuesday in the Mysteries & Thrillers category. A total of 2,951 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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