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The Discovered by Maggie Sunseri Book Summary

Her magick was hidden to keep her alive. When that power is unleashed, only one witch can protect her.

All Áine wants for her 22nd birthday is a night out in New York City with her normal, human friends. But when her roommate stumbles into oncoming traffic, Áine breaks the bind on her extraordinary, witch-born power to save her. With Áine’s magick now freed, her world shifts, and the voice of a male witch commands her to run.

Hunted by dark forces, Áine is taken to Aradia, the witch realm, by the mysterious and captivating witch, Daelon. A man of perfect control, Daelon needs Áine’s trust to protect her and train her to wield her magick. But Áine considers her “gift” more of a curse and wants nothing to do with the realm of her mothers’ murderers. Even worse, Daelon’s shielding ability makes him the only one impervious to her clairsentience—the ability to read others’ true nature.

As Daelon’s undeniable magnetism puts her under a spell of its own, Áine must decide how much trust and control she’s willing to relinquish. Because as enemies descend, it’s becoming harder to tell if her fierce protector is really a friend… or a foe.

For fans of Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer Armentrout, The Discovered is the first book in a paranormal fantasy romance series that features dangerous, sexy romance, a mind-bending multidimensional universe, and a witchy spin on what it means to have hope in the face of sorrow and darkness, and to have faith amid cruelty and deception.

Buy The Discovered today and join Áine on her journey through Earth, Aradia, and the astral realms on her world-saving quest for love, truth, and all things magick.

The Discovered (Maggie Sunseri) Book Reviews

Hard to FinishI hate leaving a book unfinished, but this one almost made me quit. I really enjoyed the concept and main character, but the love interest seemed far too controlling and the storyline was so slow. I read the entire book only to still not know nearly enough about the overall storyline to continue….Score: 2/5

SeriesAbsolutely love this series!! I read all the ones available in this series in TWO DAYS.Score: 5/5

Can’t wait for more!!!What an incredible read! Witchy people and lovers of fantasy and romance will definitely find something special here. Fantastic world building and super relatable characters. The ending blew my mind!!! The kinky witch action left me desperate for more. Can’t wait for book 2!!!.Score: 5/5

Easy to devourI found this book a few days ago and have already finished the two following it! I could not put this book down! The twists and turns and discoveries you make are riveting. The character development Aine and Daelon go through feels realistic and relatable, even on a fantasy level. The challenges they face in the quest for peace are interesting and not just black and white like many fantasy good vs evil novels. The books have nice depth and the representation of both POC and LGBT is wonderful! Worth the read!.Score: 5/5

LOVED ITI wanted to read more book this year and this reading this one has made me super excited to get back into reading. Loved so much and recommend to everyone.Score: 5/5

Read this if you have any taste!It’s been years since I found a book that made me absolutely ravenous for more. No lie, I read this in a single day. Between Áine’s sarcasm, tenacity, and internal conflicts and Daelon’s tough facade, impenetrable secrets, and tenderness, it is impossible for the reader not to see themselves represented in this book. The slow burn romance had me hooked from the main characters’ first interaction. But beyond the steamy chemistry and action scenes, there is a thoughtful spiritual web woven throughout the entire story like I have never read before. I'm really looking forward to the further exploration of these roots of Aradia and how deeply Áine will delve within them. Áine’s powers push the boundaries of what “all powerful” means and her journey of self discovery- in magick, sexuality, love, trust, and power- has only just begun. I was whisked away into Aradia for that one, blissful day of intense reading and I am eagerly awaiting my return! 5/5 stars for the start of a series that has made me excited to read again!!.Score: 5/5

Phenomenal WritingEverything about Maggie’s writing draws you in and keeps you begging for more. Magic, romance, mystery, danger- she delivers it all with depth and vulnerability, making you feel like you’re on the same adventure of self discovery as the main characters. Throw in some fantastic world building and steamy sexual tension and you’ve got your new favorite fantasy series!.Score: 5/5

I tiredI tried so hard to like this book. There were too many internal thoughts throughout the book and it’s the same thing over and over just wrote about differently. I thought ok… maybe when they introduced more characters in the book (being secluded with dealon) then it will be than just the MC thoughts and feelings (always the same) but when I reach 200+ pages and nothing has progressed, it was kind of disappointed. The suspense is great and it makes you want to finish to see what the MMC was hiding and who this “Julius” was. I stopped, read again, stopped, read another book, read again until I completed this book. Sadly, I won’t be purchasing the next. Very good writing but I wish it wasn’t so drawn out and if it’s going to be that long… keep it exciting until the great reveal..Score: 3/5

The Discovered by Maggie Sunseri (Book 1)Maggie Sunseri’s incredible sci-fi was a great reading experience, very enjoyable because beyond being science fiction, it also embraced family love & loyalty, romance, mystery, betrayal, & suspense as well as the encompassing history of her characters & the magick of Aradia‼️👍. As a young girl, Aine was sent to Earth to hide her from the evil that tragically destroyed her mothers & homeland. Now at 22 & out in NYC with her human roommates, Aine uses her witch-born powers to save her friend’s daughter life!Immediately after that her existence is discovered by the same evil force from her past & while struggling with an attacker, another man appears, chants a spell & whisks them both from Earth to the safety of his cabin in the Kingdom of Aradia! Daelon explains he is a good witch sent to shield, protect & train her to use her tremendously strong, legendary powers! Although still distrusting Daelon’s motives at times, a budding romance begins putting them in even more danger! Will they, along with an untold number of other plotting good witches, fight to end the evil reign & restore Aradia to its former peace & beauty!? Grab your copy of The Discovered by Maggie Sunseri now! You’ll love her characters, plots, twists & turns galore, & her gorgeous descriptions of Aradia & the meditative realms Aine visits to escape & regain strength & confidence in her powers❤️🙏. I believe you’ll agree with my 5-star rating, as well as preorder the next book in Maggie’s series, The Coveted, Book 2, coming in February, 2022! I can’t wait to find out what happens next, can you!? Carol R. Florida USA.Score: 5/5

Daelon can like … get itLoved this first book!!! Daelon first of all, so fine, he is literally my ideal book boyfriend bc let’s be real, who doesn’t want someone to just take charge like that??? I’m also excited to get to know more about another mystery man in the coming books 👀 Basically, this book hit all marks for me, it was spicy, a little kinky, and FULL of magick. What more could a girl want? The story line itself was one of the most unique fantasy/romance stories i’ve had the pleasure of reading. I was excited for each page and loved how we were experiencing the world as Aine was. I cannot WAIT for the rest to be released..Score: 5/5

Spiritually powerful fantasy and romance novelSet predominantly in the witch realm of Aradia, the plot follows main character Áine as the knowledge of her own power and the realm is revealed alongside Daelon, the witch training her to control her magick. An engrossing read, I finished it in days as it became virtually impossible to put down. While often storylines seem to either go heavy with the romance and erotic, deep into the fantasy world-building, or more high-brow into the insightful and philosophical commentary, The Discovered effortlessly combines all of these for something far more original than the norm. The book has immensely greater depth than the typical book found in the genre of sex and romance (yet it also very much delivers in that area), and I have a feeling the themes the author is constructing are only the tip of the iceberg for the rest of the series. In regards to Áine’s clairsentience, I was especially struck by how the novel was able to speak so beautifully to those who have experienced trauma and addiction for instance through its resonant metaphors surrounding both the gifts and tribulations of uniqueness as well as sensitivity. For anyone who has struggled with the impact of their own emotions and/or felt different due to the reach of their feelings, they finally have a significant and invaluable place of understanding that lies within this story. Further speaking to the author's talent, seamless LGBT representation contributed to the kind of empathetic and inclusive lens on the issues discussed that felt truly unprecedented in allowing readers to be seen and understood. Given how captivating the Discovered was and how it seems to flawlessly transition to the next book, I can't wait for the rest of the series and the opportunity to witness the rarity of a stand out author making such an indelible mark with their art..Score: 5/5

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