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Ashley Flowers

All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers Book Summary

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • In the propulsive debut novel from the host of the #1 true crime podcast Crime Junkie, a journalist uncovers her hometown’s dark secrets when she becomes obsessed with the unsolved murder of her childhood neighbor—and the disappearance of another girl twenty years later.

You can’t ever know for sure what happens behind closed doors.

Everyone from Wakarusa, Indiana, remembers the infamous case of January Jacobs, who was discovered in a ditch hours after her family awoke to find her gone. Margot Davies was six at the time, the same age as January—and they were next-door neighbors. In the twenty years since, Margot has grown up, moved away, and become a big-city journalist. But she’s always been haunted by the feeling that it could’ve been her. And the worst part is, January’s killer has never been brought to justice.

When Margot returns home to help care for her uncle after he is diagnosed with early-onset dementia, she feels like she’s walked into a time capsule. Wakarusa is exactly how she remembers—genial, stifled, secretive. Then news breaks about five-year-old Natalie Clark from the next town over, who’s gone missing under circumstances eerily similar to January’s. With all the old feelings rushing back, Margot vows to find Natalie and to solve January’s murder once and for all.

But the police, Natalie’s family, the townspeople—they all seem to be hiding something. And the deeper Margot digs into Natalie’s disappearance, the more resistance she encounters, and the colder January’s case feels. Could January’s killer still be out there? Is it the same person who took Natalie? And what will it cost to finally discover what truly happened that night twenty years ago?

Twisty, chilling, and intense, All Good People Here is a searing tale that asks: What are your neighbors capable of when they think no one is watching?

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Book Name All Good People Here
Genre Women Sleuths
Language English
E-Book Size 3.31 MB

All Good People Here (Ashley Flowers) Book Reviews 2023

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Amazing read!. Excellent book! So many twists, just when you think you have it figured out.. Wrong!

10/10. Thrilling with a turning event every page. Keeps you guessing the whole way through. Well done!

Rose in Mo. Decent crime thriller but sentence structure was awkward and vocabulary lacking.

Wow!. I just kept following through the perfect ping-pong match of this crime! I have to say that as a frequent True Crime/ Crime Junkie listener, I like when cases actually have an ending so this was perfect!

Omg!. Still can’t believe they way it ended!

Great book. Hope there is a sequel!. This was a really fun read. I really enjoyed all the twist and turns in this book. Because of the cliff hanger I would absolutely love it if there is a sequel to this book.

Loved it. Easy read read it in one day. Wished the ending was different. Hoping for a sequel after that cliffhanger!

Twists and Turns. Never a dull moment and there are so many surprising twists and turns that keep the reader anxiously waiting for the next surprise which it never failed at! Often leaves reader with open mouth and gasps of shock at what evolves over the course of the book! Thoroughly enjoyed!

Perfection. This book is seriously the first book I’ve read in decades that was truly amazing and addicting! Every twist surprised me! It was fast-paced and kept me hooked, but somehow every character was very well-developed. Please write more Ashley!!

Wow. Twists and turns like no other. Stellar selection

Horrible ending.. Had a generally good plot and a few good twists but the ending was awful. No closure. First half of the book moves slowly so no payoff is really disappointing.

Great then not. This thoroughly-engrossing book is ruined by a conclusion that is idiotic. Too convenient, too quick, too simple. The miraculousness of all the story’s strands coming together just in the nick of time makes deus ex machina endings look plausible. It feels like the author grew bored with her story and had to hurry up and finish so she could run off and produce a new podcast. The positive review in The NY Times is inexplicable to me.

Good book, worst ending ever. I really enjoyed the first 95% of this story, but it was the worst ending of any of the 500+ books I’ve ever read. Maybe it’s supposed to be a cliffhanger? I’m not sure, but it didn’t work at all. It felt unfinished and abrupt.

GRIPPING. I couldn’t get enough of this book. It sunk its teeth into me early on and I was so engrossed in it that I barely noticed the time flying by. This is one of those books that I thought I had figured out early on, but with every other page there was a new twist or turn. I couldn’t put it down!! Highly recommend for any true crime fans.

Good but unhappy with ending.. I likes the story line and the detail with which this book was written, but the end before the epilogue left me frustrated. I would like to know if the end was left off for a sequel, or if the reader is just meant to make whatever assumption they have.

Twisty and great. I really enjoyed this book! I was nervous because the reviews I read had me thinking I would be left on a cliffhanger, but 3 murders were resolved, the characters were intriguing, and I really didn’t figure it out until the last few chapters. Ashley Flowers always delivers, I’m so glad I read this!

Soooo good!. Just when I thought I had something figured out, Ashley threw me for a loop! Such a great book!!

Get this!. I bought this book because I love Ashley flowers and crime junkie. So amazing that she released this! I finished this in 24 hours... And I never do that!

Loved. 10s across the board!

Ehh. Quick read but the “twist” is predictable and it follows to closely to another well known real life event. Ending is horrible. Ashley should probably stick to podcasts.

Amazing!. This book has me engaged from the start, and the story had lots of twists and turns. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ending but overall do recommend this one!

EDGE OF SEAT. THE ENDING…. ASHLEY 🫢🫢🫢🫢 So well written, cannot put down.

Like the book a lot. Well developed characters, good plot twists. I didn’t mind the ending that bothered some of the other reviewers.

Could not put this book down. Loved the story line and all the characters. Thank you Ashley flowers for making this for us crime junkies.

Great story!. It was great all in all I was staying up late reading to know what happened!! But the part I want to know is what happened to Margot in more detail . I wish there was more !!!!! Great work Ashley!!!!

Ending???. Alllll good until the missing chapter at the end. Some loopholes that seemed attempted to close but we're still unclear and one BIG cliffhanger and loophole that had no reason being there! Pretty disappointed with the ending because otherwise it was a great plot and well written

Poorly written, big leaps, cheap plot. I’m sorry I wasted my time reading this cheap murder mystery. Don’t recommend

Riveting mystery of a small town. A journalist for a large Indianapolis newspaper is heading back to her small hometown to care for her uncle, Luke, who’d raised her with his wife Rebecca after she’d been exposed far too long to her fathers violent alcoholism and found the love, safety and a secure childhood and life with her aunt and uncle who she’d always considered her parents and never yearned for more. When she was 5 years old her best friend who’d lived across the street from her was murdered. The small town had suspected the mother and shunned the entire family including her twin brother who was a very troubled and odd kid. The rumors of how the little girl died and who had done it were outrageous grotesque and it was no surprise that the mother had written a suicide note and was found with a gun and wound through her head. Even after her death, the son abandoning his parents and terribly cruel town at 17 and his daughters unsolved murder the father, Billy remained in the town. On Margot’s second day back to keep an eye on her uncle and working from home another little girl had gone missing nearly 20 years to the days of her little friend, January’s murder that prompted the journalist to become extremely immersed into investigating January’s death, the connection between these two little girls that she had no doubt and was unwaveringly convinced they were committed by the same perpetrator and she was determined as relentless in her story, proving the missing links and filling in the blanks missing to solving this case. As her uncles dementia becomes worse, the case becomes more entangled and other little girls deaths begin to show up in other areas that had undeniable links all that Margot’s story was missing was the hard to prove FACTS connecting them all. Aside from circumstantial evidence, a strong conviction these horrendous assaults sexually physically and brutal lives snuffed out at such young innocent ages Margot was running ragged trying to cope with the decline of her uncles demise, his increasingly horrifying insinuations of his knowledge of what happened to January during his moments when his typical character and personality or what she’d assumed was his typical authentic self would be replaced by a cold hair raising stranger who made her fearful and wonder what was it her knew and could he have murdered her friend? Making her more confused were the myriad of theories opinions and gossip from the townspeople and the poor police investigation from the beginning. When she begins to make one solid connection after the next threats begin surfacing warning her to leave and having been gone for so many years from her small town that she once had such nostalgic and sweet memories of she no longer finds it as innocent and safe nor the people as compassionate or the church going kind folks she’d identified her town and it’s residents as. When the truth is revealed from her hard investigative courageous work the facts are so shocking they left me literally gobsmacked utterly dumbfounded and awed. Phenomenal twists turns sharp whiplashing in unbelievable circumstances taking readers down crazy paths to bring them to an incredulous revelation you’d never even imagined was coming. Thrilling beyond words!!!

Loved. I love Ashley, I found the crime junky podcast a few months ago and was immediately hooked. I am no big reader but I wanted to try this book. It caught my eye and I couldn’t put it down. Great story. Nothing boring about this novel.

My GOODNESS!!!. This book is definitely worth 5 stars! Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen there was a twist! Kept me interested from the very start! I hope Ashley writes more books, I’m ready to read the next one!

I need more…. Like now. It was a great book that kept me hooked the entire time… until the end. I don’t want to spoil anything but the last chapter leaves you hanging and very unsatisfied . What happens to Margot?

I liked the ending. I’m seeing some people saying they didn’t like the ending. If you wait until the end, you’ll understand. Maybe because I loved the audible, the book read differently to those that read it? No, I think it had a great ending if you are a true crime fan.

Wow, just wow. I haven’t read a book for fun in at least 15 years. But when I heard Ashley Flowers was releasing a novel I knew I had to read it and I knew it would be good. I’ve listened to Ashley since the beginning of her podcast Crime Junkie and truly believe she is THE best storyteller in the true crime genre. This novel proves she is simply one of the best storytellers in crime fiction as well. The twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat and just when I thought I had it all figured out- I’m bamboozled again and I loved every moment. Bravo, Ashley.

A Good Read. All Good People Here is an easy read and a good story. Well done, Ashley!

Awesome work!. Great job, ashley! Literally kept me guessing until the end! To put it into perspective, I’m not a big reader & I finished this book in 2 days! Couldn’t put it down! ❤️❤️❤️ more please!

Entertaining but embarrassingly unoriginal. I guess we shouldn't be shocked that Ms Flowers, no stranger to plagiarism, would lift the central crime in her novel so brazenly from a famous real life event. It's a shame, really, because her writing is workmanlike enough. But lazy is lazy, no matter the medium. Read and be entertained, but I can't help but wonder why she's not embarrassed to be such obvious.

OMG SO GOOD. truly on the edge of my seat from start to finish. OUTSTANDING

Great!. Very good read! Couldn’t not sit this book down! Finished it in two days! Just wished I could find out what happened to one character in this book. That’s all!

I loved the book all the way until the end!. I’m disappointed in the open ending! As soon as I finished I was upset, too many unfinished connects.

Good…until the end. This was a good book and a quick read! I finished it in about a day. It had twist and turns and I was very intrigued! However, the ending made me think a chapter was accidentally not published. I even went back and read the ending but still came up dumbfounded. I think I can see what the author was trying to accomplish with the ending but it fell short. Hopefully there will be a sequel published soon to actually tell how the story ends.

Great book!. Great storyline, just when you think you’ve solved something, there’s a plot twist. Constantly keeps you intrigued.

Must read. It’s been a while since I’ve been hooked this intensely on a book. If the next one could come out now that would be GREAT!!

Oookkkk. But what happened to Margo?!?! And Luke and Billy?!?! I’m surprised by the ending as many others were but it feels incomplete. The heroine has no ending.

A let down in the end.. Reads like it was originally a much shorter book that got padded to fill space. A lot of exposition and monologuing from characters who could have gotten it out in a chapter or less, sometimes felt like I was chewing through this book to try to push past how boring it got at times. the ending was really bad. Not a suspenseful enough ending to justify a cliffhanger, too vague and honestly uninteresting. SPOILER :ok so does she die? Does she escape? You don’t even really care by the end because the interest is just gone. just an unfinished book. The twists are fun and interesting, but the ending really ruins the whole thing. Disappointed. Feels like the reviews are perhaps biased to the authors non-writing fan base.

WHAT?. I was ready to give this book five stars. And then…it ended. There is nothing worse than an author that leaves (spoiler alert) a main plot line unfinished. Up until then the writing had my eyebrows jumping up and down as regular as an elevator, the plot twisting and turning, an excellent read. Bad decision, author.

Fantastic.. 👏🏼

Good Read!. This one kept me guessing. It seemed like it was going to be predictable for just a minute, then a twist would come every time I thought I had figured out a piece of the puzzle. Time well spent!

Captivating. A must read for all crime junkies! So many twist & turns!

Crime Junkie. Such a good book it really did have twist after twist. Had so many good moments of true crime cases intertwined as well!

Horrible ending. Really enjoyed the book. Until the end. Can’t understand why she ended it the way she did. It was like she just woke up one day and decided to stop writing. No real ending at all.

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Wow. Wowowow! this was just phenomenal. A thriller, with an amazing plot line and descriptive writing that draws you in. I could see it playing out in my head the whole time!

So good!. I’m a fan of Crime Junkies so when I heard Ashley Flowers wrote a book I immediately bought it! It was so good! Well written, leaving twists and turns at every chapter. Highly recommend! Ashley - keep writing new books! 🥰

Amazing!!!. I really enjoyed all the twists and turns of this book, I could not put it down!! I hope Ashley Flowers writes another book!

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Summary of All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers

The All Good People Here book written by Ashley Flowers was published on 16 August 2022, Tuesday in the Women Sleuths category. A total of 1,889 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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