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The Google app keeps you in the know about things that matter to you. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover. Chat with Gemini to supercharge your ideas. Use text, voice, photos and your camera to get help in new ways. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets. Feature highlights: • Use your camera to identify what you’re looking at – whether that’s a colorful butterfly, a spiky plant, or anything else you’re curious about. • Translate over 100 languages on things like road signs, menus, and any other words you can point your camera at. • See something you like? Use your camera to find out where you can buy it. • Refine your camera searches by adding words – whether you want those shoes but in ‘blue’, or want to learn how to ‘repair’ that broken bit on your bicycle. • Search by singing, even when you’ve forgotten the lyrics. Hum a song into the Google app to find out what it is. • Use your camera for homework help. With step-by-step guides and videos, you can learn ways to solve math, chemistry, biology and physics problems. • Chat to get help learning in new ways, writing thank you notes, planning events, and more with Gemini Here's what you can do with Gemini: • Get help with writing, brainstorming, learning, and more • Summarize and find quick info from Gmail or Google Drive • Generate images on the fly • Use text, voice, photos and your camera to get help in new ways • Make plans with Google Maps and Google Flights Get personalized updates in Discover: • Stay in the know about topics that interest you. • Start your morning with weather and top news. • Get real-time updates on sports, movies, and events. • Know as soon as your favorite artists drop new albums. • Get stories about your interests and hobbies. • Follow interesting topics, right from Search results. Search safely and securely: • All searches in the Google app are protected by encrypting the connection between your device and Google. • Privacy controls are easy to find and use. Tap your profile picture to access your menu and delete recent search history from your account with one click. • Search proactively filters webspam to help ensure that you see safe, high-quality results. More ways to access Google: • Google Search widget — Search from your home screen or lock screen with the new Google widget. Choose from 2 widgets, giving you a quick search bar in both sizes, and shortcuts to choose how you Search with Lens, Voice, and Incognito in the medium size widget. Gemini is coming to select users and countries in the Google app. See the region and language availability in the Help Center: Learn more about what the Google app can do for you: Privacy policy: Your feedback helps us create products you'll love. Join a user research study here:

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Book Name Google
Genre Utilities
Language English
E-Book Size 308.15 MB

Google (Google) Book Reviews 2024

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Don’t see Gemini tab. I have a Google subscription, but I don’t see the Gemini tab in the app

Church. Fg

Molly Maid Team review. Melissa and Quentin did a great job in my home today. They worked well together using a well thought out, organized plan staying completely on task. Very personable. It was a pleasure having them in my house. Thank you.

Can’t use mobile. Won’t let me use mobile safari

App. Need update

Updates. Why is there a stupid update every single day? Can you guys get your act together and consolidate things so there’s one update a month or maybe every two weeks? Every time I go onto the app it makes me update it and it’s a huge waste of time

Over talkin’!. It’s hard to hear when y’all talk over each other ALL THE TIME!!

Not worth it. Really not worth it, combined with Apple and/or TikTok, you will have ZERO privacy

It's okay. So I searched up my symptoms and it LITERALLY SAID I HAVE CANCER so then I go to the doctors and I just had hives

Beluga is not overrated. Google is not a good app it said that beluga is dumb and overrated and I DISAGREE. Google is one of the worst apps

Strange issue. I exclusively used google for a long time to search things simply because it was the most reliable. And that has come through again because for research, google Gemini is the most powerful AI I’ve used so far. I’d give the app five stars but for whatever reason they did not integrate Gemini into the IPad version of the app (its in the phone version). Transparency sake the app is 5/5 if you are just using it for google. I just am pointing out the weirdness between the features, especially since google directs you to the app and then it’s actually just not available silently

update. option to move search bar to the middle & bottom

Love. Get.

Tracked my location. They tracked my location without my permission I tried to turn it off in my settings but it still tracked. Had many bugs I just didn’t like

Google is a lies. Google lies because it says cheerleading is not a sport and I know for a fact it is a sport it is dangerous you can die in it

Blank white screen. Hello, if you see this is very important issue to me so i hope something can be done about this issue sooner or later. You see as of recently i have been experiencing this issue where i open up one of my google tab's for some reason, instead of it showing me what’s on that tab/page it’s nothing but a white/blank page almost like the page isn’t loading. I have already tried resetting device and it didn’t fix anything, so i ask of you to please look into this issue please, thankfully it went back to normal, but i still fear that this could happen to me again or someone else. Thank you.

This or Waze. Traffic reports are found on Waze, while this provides a local business perspective!! Both are great!!

Top of websites covered. The recent update now shows a banner that covers the top of the websites. Please fix it. It was a good app but not now.

非常好👍. 非常好👍

Literally spyware. Do not download anything made by Google if you care about your privacy.

Some bad words. Here’s why. Sometimes I see some bad words in google which I am not pleased exactly I perfer that stuff being removed otherwise this app is pretty good🙂

App bug on iPad.. Worked with Apple support and Google support, when launching the app stories won’t appear unless I am signed out of the Google account. It only happens on my iPad. I have screen shots if you want them. Please fix this.

Fake wikis?. Omg THE FAKE WIKIs,Imma quit…I was searching for stuff to make me have nightmares(Don’t ask why) and I opened a wiki and went to Roblox to try and summon a nPC and I tried New and old summons but it didn’t work…Fake WIKIS?THEIR FAKE 4/5 for telling me why have bumps on my tongue

Political bias. Searching information is difficult with political bias and paid advertising by large corporations.

Google. Best app ever 💋

Cf yrs. I like teddy bears😁

Slow and buggy. This app is slower than Safari, sends me spam notifications about stuff I am not interested in, has no useful features, crashes, and the embedded browser has problems showing websites reliably.

Not much bugs/glitches puts emails in order great for finding things that you don't now. 10 out of 10

My most satisfying interstate move,. I was very lucky to find Blue Line Moving to help me move my home from Florida back to New York. I was even luckier that the people who helped me move were Alexender Sabbat & His Team. They worked hard and made me very satisfied. I have moved four times before. This was an interstate move and it was the most satisfying one. It is your luck to find them. They are undoubtedly five stars.

Google. At least google isn’t like Wikipedia to where anyone can change a article

I deleted off of my phone.. The new update is horrible!! I want to open the app, immediately have a place to search. I don’t want to have to take extra steps. I don’t want Gemini!! Safari it is from now on.

An adware replacement of authenticator. Why I had to download this adware to approve the sign in to my account provided I have already set up my 2FA with phone number and authenticator app? Why you are changing my default 2FA options without prior notifying?

Search bar. I would like the google search bar to be on the top like it was before the update.

i kinda like. when i first get my phone it’s normal then i have les storge then i have to delete some apps to get this app

My daughter was looking up porn. It’s really easy to get on porn pls make it so you have to say your age.

I hate this app. I hate this app because supports Israel and guys please read this if you’re reading this do not ever ever ever download this again guys before you download this read this review and give it one star rating and guys do not ever ever ever go to McDonald’s Starbucks don’t buy Coca-Cola Mountain Dew and delete Google don’t get Airbnb delete all those stuff and don’t buy any chips you can only buy sea salt and vinegar I hope you’re reading this by guys

Why is this for 17+?. It's a child friendly app because it is not a game

Reading articles is hard. It’s full of ad overlays and crashes half way down the page if you can actually read the piece. Seriously why do you need to have 2/3 of the page full of advertising. Has anyone actually bought something based upon a pop-up ad or clicked on it on purpose?

Bruh.. Chrome is better.

Layout change 👎👎👎👎. This is garbage

Not functional. I’ll click a link to open a web page and the page opens full screen…but fully full screen. There is no X to get out, can’t swipe sideways or down to get out of it. I have to force quit the app and go back in

Worst Home Screen. This is by far the worst Home Screen, stop trying to be creative and leave it simple as it was if the was a not star option I would have chosen it

Awesome customer support by Anthony and Chris. Anthony is very helpful and he is on time and fix the issues. Also he is the one I am looking for most of my work

Adriana. Nikita Enginieer, please call me 713-705-5060.asap

Not updating news feed. For this app to have all these updates it does not update the news articles that appear on the feed like it’s supposed to, it keeps showing articles that are 3+ days old after I hidden them. Some articles that are weeks old keep showing up long after I’ve cleared them off. So it’s clearly pointless to go on there looking for new or updated news articles to read.

Hate it. The new update that put my Google search bar at the bottom of my phone has made my life so much more frustrating… definitely grounds for deletion

Forced to download this app for 2FA. It also won’t send me a text message and says “Unavailable since you have more secure options”

To many security methods. I lost my acc due to my password being changed and it didn’t let me into my g mail to verify that it’s me with the phone number it says I used it to many times and to wait but it still doesn’t work

Age. The age is not right for only 17+

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Why?. When I was LITERALLY on duolingo I tried to go on google and type the sentence but all it gave me was a whole new word! Google saying " ItS pErFeCt ThAt We KnOw EvErY lAnGuAgE!!" IF YA REALLY DO SHOW ME THE SENTENCE I GAVE YOU IN SPANISH! ITS NOT THAT HARD WHAT TELLING US YOU KNOW EEEEEEEVERY LANGUAGE ISNT HARD?!? I think you need duolingo to teach you every language in the world!

U can do anything. Ok so I got it and I

Good. Good very tired👍

It’s good. It’s good to look up something and I like it

Fix the search option. Lately your search feature is broken. Idk if they told you.

Ok. It is very hard to use and the google account is annoying

Good. It's quite good and it has no ads (unless you're using it on the youtube website) but this review has 4 stars because I keep swing the Google Ads when I already have it! Well it's not your fault google it's Apple's fault

A bug in the app. Please fix a bug where if you try to leave a app, the button doesn’t appear at the bottom of a website

GOOGLE. Getting better, slowly.

Oh my god. This is so,so,so cooooooool so one day I had to go to eat somewhere I used google 😋 than I want to the place it was really good and yummy 😋 I loved it!!!!!!

Ok. I love it 🌹

Ramesh Batra. I had few sessions from Daniel Easton in the form of CBT for anger management. I admire his professional skills and his empathy which enables him to see through my agonising problems. I felt very relaxed during my sessions. I am enormously benefited by ways and means of handling such issues in my personal life in future. I am pleased to write a review and wish Daniel and his team good luck in this profession.Thankyou once again for your help.

Love it. Very very usefull.

None can live without. This app let me get photos and put them on cap cut and make YouTuber can live without this app

Full of bugs. App is full of bugs not counting all steps walked 15,900 steps and app only shows 6,500

Ella. Good to find a nice idea for what ever you need

S. Sb cy sX eh Dafh pilots i ewhi ma y Zen y fit a X ed m uss A s

Make A Google Account. Full Excited Healthy and Happy

Google is now racist against white people. Google is now racist against white people. I feel discriminated against and will never pay for Google services again.

No back button anymore. Why has the back button disappeared please?

Updated. Oh dear. What have you done to ruin what was a good app. Moved everything around for no reason. Cannot go back after clicking on a link Disappointing

:). Good

𝔸𝕝𝕣𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥. 𝕀𝕥'𝕤 𝕘𝕠𝕠𝕠𝕠𝕠𝕕 𝕘𝕖𝕥 𝕚𝕥!

I just wanted to give a review. Lol

Google is fine. Google is and ok app. It can help me with general knowledge and maths question ex. However if you want to search a medical question then do not trust it and just ask a doctor because a lot of the time it’s fake news spread by teenagers on TikTok. It’s not all true info just remember that

RECOMMEND. This is literally the best it’s helped me a lot thank you google you’ve outdone yourself

Don’t use google. I’ve recently found out a new search engine just like Google called Ecosia. So basically every 50 searches you do it plants a tree somewhere in the world and you can keep track of how many trees you have planted

Google. It’s just Google.

It’s a 5and 3 qorters. !

Why people love google. They love it bc they can do anything bye

I love everyone Я люблю вас очень ❤️. Мне всегда было очень хорошо Don’t worry about me worry about yourself ❤️ それが私の脳の仕組みです😃✌🏻 Love you loads x Dont worry Im just gonna sleep now love yaaa x

FFS!. I am SO sick of this app. I constantly search and nothing happens. No loading, no results - nada. I close the tabs and close the app and it still doesn't work. It's really pissing me off. When it does work it's much slower than it used to be.

Good. Vary good have you heard about the to people who got in a fight at Briscoe primary school one needed to go to jail

I love google. I fink Google’s ai is the best from animals to got

Suge anime. Bro when i was at the barbers 😅 this s boy came up to me and said what anime do you want to watch then my response was jujitsu kaisen then GO ON GOOGLE then g type suge anime 😍 i love google.

Song search. Song search is low key life changing!!!

Please fix popups that dominate the screen. Useful app & I use it mainly to read the news. But every other page I open dominates the screen with a pop up, asking me to subscribe or accept cookies. The trouble with this is that it dominates all navigation controls. So the only way to go back is to kill the app. I can’t believe such an obvious and trivial UX issue is not dealt with.

Forces me to download to sign in. Only here because I can’t do 2 factor through my phone text only through the app

Concerns. Installed the app and went to open an email to find out that Google search has gone to be my default browser without any option although I had duckDGo set for years. I do not like that Apple has allowed Google to make this happen. Data stalking needs to stop

Sign in requests - STOP. Please stop asking me to sign in.

Harry Clifford is dead. Ok

My reaction. Never tried it

I’m a crafter. And I personally liked it bc I need to go to a craft store and it told me and I love that

Humming songs. This has helped me find songs by humming on more than one occasion! Worth 5 stars just for that alone

Use to be fantastic. Slow and laggy- freezes on ads I think it is just trying to do to much no point trying a triple combo jump until you have a kick turn correct. Get the basics 100% before all the ad ons Using latest 15 and all up to date google 🤷‍♂️

Angry. I download lots of songs that I can use in kareoke and it takes quite a bit of time . The next day they have all disappeared 😡grrr

SUCH A GOOD APP!. I use this to watch p0rn it’s so good great qualityb

Okei dokie but enough…. So Google is one of the greatest research engine in the world but there is a problem: after some time will change your systems and if want to change them you need a account. So I asking one thing: STOP CHAGING MY SYSTEMS! OKAY? Thanks!

Really helpful. It helps me do…. EVERYTHING


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Google pay. Apple store par Google pay hi nhi h 😁

Number one app for searching. Who do we turn to if we want to do a search on something What app do we use for researching a product or looking up something on the internet Most of us us Google and that is a fact We Google and that’s why I give it 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

SpIeS!. DeY aRe SpIeS!

Idk why I deleted it lol😭😭😭🤚🏻🤚🏻. Idk why I deleted it bc it’s soo good oop I’ll finish this later

App is freezing on Iphone 15. App freezes when I open it from a widget in homescreen, takes a reset for it to work

Poor UX & UI. Good data.. Good maps and review information. Bad way to access it visually. Please consider a more minimalist visual design. There is far too many inputs and info thrown up across the screen at any given time.

Advantages and Disadvantages. Very high technical app with almost infinite things to search but I’m not 100% sure if it is always right.

I spend too much time here… but no Gemini toggle?. While others are glued to their social media I find the feed Google presents so compelling I spend too much time in this app. Reading voices better than default Safari one. Questions though: - Why no Gemini toggle like iOS? I want to use it like Copilot in slide-over mode - Why no reader mode… let me guess - ads? - Why no Dark Mode tied to system?

Google. Good

Want to be able to choose which camera the app uses. It defaults to my telephoto which makes using Google lens annoying

cool app. so Ive been using google for a while and it’s pretty good. it’s overall cool I use it for looking at my fruit.

Search bar location. I enjoy the app. It’s my go-to when I need to search for information. I’m also a creature of habit. So I hate the new bottom location of the search bar. Can you make it an option to put it back to where it used to be please?

Sadly Useless. I feel like my own weak feeble memory is better than this app. Have never had any luck finding anything and the suggestions it gives are beyond ridiculous.

Google app is not stable. It is die every one or two weeks

Very poor regarding camera access.. I am using Google Home and the Nest app on iPhone 12 Pro Max. The Nest app is so much better than accessing camera video through Google Home. It takes ages to Load cameras, you can not go forward and back to look at the whole footage in case something was captured and not highlighted. I keep getting messages saying that the cameras are off line. The new Google cameras can only be seen through Google Home and not Nest, which is really annoying. I would much rather be able to access cameras through the Nest app.

Forces u to get pooo. Oooo

Google home. Had Google Home set up to Ebony at my house but Netflix told me to turn off my router and reset the Netflix connection now lost everything and I’m trying to get it back. Please help.

Love it. I use it all the time so helpful

Good most of the time. Good most of the time, other times it is completely messed up and telling me to go the wrong way.

Featured Articles Contain Spoilers for TV/Movies. Once you go to type in the search bar, Google opens up to a list of featured trashy clickbait articles written by companies that pay Google to be there of course. Most of them containing spoilers to TV shows or movies I haven’t yet watched/finished in their damn title. Google, you’ve squeezed every penny out of every orifice imaginable. Just give it a rest and maybe stop the ads before I’ve even typed my search in. Scum.

Swift applications. Swift by microservices it states that Apple use this application from the rare and review feature is great for control the payment schedule on and the m3chip designed is extrodinary the https design is designated to a url of 1:1:1:1 giving customers monitored security performance and gateway technology the performance of Alan labs has really surpassed my expectations keep up the great set up

Worst app ever. Nothing works

shame on Google. i have to download it as Google asks me to do verification on it, and this is the only option available. What a shame!

Make a kids google. Kids are usein It Mace a kids one at is for kids You need one A KIDS apropeate One 1️⃣ for kids go

L da kid. Cool app I love the ai feature how you can make a animal appear so Cool just wish you could do any animal or a specific animal

I don't know. I don't now how it is cuz I don't have it. But it looks ok I guess

Continually provides Indian responses to Australian users. Heaps of people searching from Australia are getting useless Indian content - even ships not priced in Australian currency . This is a joke . Switch to a reputable search company who doesn’t track you - but can actually work out which country you are in .

Nice to use, not so nice at the same time. They took my private info and ate it like spaghetti 😢

Bad :(. It has so many bugs and is slow! I can’t study on it or anything, i have to use Microsoft and safari. Bad!

Retreat to beauty. Fabulous service and helpful knowledgeable staff. Especially Charlotte Godfrey

I like goggle. I like goggle Goggle is good


How do u rate Google low. It has everything u need is smth wrong with yall

Very SLOW. I like using it but it is so slow loading

Fk google. I keep getting redirected here from safari, like just let me use google in browser!

p. papawqaww

To. Decent

Conection. I think that google should not need Wi-Fi. Because every time I use google it says that I don’t have Connection but I always check my Wi-Fi and it says I have perfect Connection. So I think that google is WRONG because I’ve seen a professional about this issue and even they couldn’t fix it so I think than we should change google so it doesn’t need Wi-Fi.

Updated 4 days ago and it still doesn’t work!!!!!!,,,,,……. Updated 4 days ago and it still doesn’t work!!!!!!,,,,,……

Latest update is bad. The latest update keeps the search bar at the top of the screen when you’re scrolling through the cards, it’s pointless and takes up space.

Bug Fixes. You seem to have so many bug fixes, i think you need to call in Pest Control, as it changes almost on a daily basis Sent this some time ago, and you still appear to have bugs all over the place, updating every couple of days/. The programmers need a pay cut

i love you google 🥰. to whoever made google marry me

Absolute rubbish 2factor authorisation. So we’ll done Google had my account for 20 years now anything I want to sign in to wants 2 factor which is fine! I have 2 factor set up on my devices, but you will only let me use your Google 2 factor app 🤬 disgusting I’ve deleted all my Google stuff and will never use again. shame on you moving the goal posts and taking advantage of long time users steering them only into your own apps it’s actually disgusting

It was fine the way it was. I hate the changes. People should have the option of layout and what she see.

Pop ups. Full of pop ups nearly impossible to read articles, waste of time downloading it

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The updates made my smart devices stopped working. Loved this app but after the update 4-6 wks ago my smart home devices stopped working on my iPhone. It was working on my iPad until the latest update a few days ago I was hoping it was going to get fixed but for every update 1 or 2 of my devices will stop working

I’m so. I. II

Stinks. No fi about people

Doesn’t work. Nothing works.

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W app. I dont get why this app dosent have many ratings

Why the app does not follow my browser preferences. I hate that this app has their own browser why can’t it just follow my preferred browser or at least give me an option to disable the internal browser and use my choice of browser for websites.

Anna was professional and very kind.. Anna Loch Thank you for your support and professionalism. You are amazing Raul Balderas.

More features needed. We should be able to rate and review results because most of them are scams and have viruses

Yes sir. Good jobb

Nice. What else would you use

It has everything. Google has everything you need to search up even if it’s stuff that’s inappropriate and it still has it you just gotta watch out for scams I like Google so much❤️❤️❤️

Amazing App. So fluent and easy to use! Best google app!

Post. Great service Pedro

Google used to be my favorite app. Google was always my favorite and most used app on my iPhone. Except today when I opened the google app my search bar is now at the bottom and it’s now showing me the weather where the search bar used to be and every time I open google now I keep clicking on the weather. How do I change it back to the way it was?

Standard app. Google was my go to web search app until now. The search bar now being located at the bottom of the screen is annoying and I can’t figure out how to move it back to the top. Until it’s fixed, I’m using another app for my web searches.

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Uh. My sisters search history…

Filtering doesn’t work. Filtering YouTube channels do not work in the feed. Please fix this issue. Thank you

I Hate google. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE so BAD features always kicking me out and so so glitchy ITS AWEFUL

I don’t need another app. Required to download so I could sign into my email. I’m annoyed.

Why did yall get rid of the search widget…. Mega inconvenient, got me opening so many unnecessary tabs on chrome

Calls pm Modi a Fascist. Deserves 1 star and Uninstall

Please put Search feature back to the top. A lot of users have commented the inefficiency for it and doesn’t seem Google is listening?? Why did Google change the search feature and put it on the bottom?

AUaH. Shehdh

Bro why??. Why when i come back to the app it’s literally blocked like it can’t move and i always have to install it again, it’s very frustrating and uncomfortable.

Really awesome!. Wow this is so cool I love it so much!!!!!!

DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. After the recent Gemini controversy I have realized google has a strong agenda. NOT MORE GOOGLE APPS AND PRODUCTS!!!!

JUST WHY. So google is amazing and everything BUT I am trying to do a presentation and I searched something and it just gives me a bunch of websites like just tell me the ANSWER STOP MAKING IT DIFFICULT 😣 3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐

What the heck is wrong with IT people?!. All google products work mostly to try and get all your personal data in a easy way for the product to be sold to you. They completely forgot to put money into keeping it easy and fun to use. It’s a nightmare to try and use their product. It’s creepy how they asked you to verify it’s you by accepting yes on all your other devices. Why do these companies turn into virus acting personal info loving sites that don’t even make good products. It’s too bad anti trust laws don’t get inforced so when these companies get this big and forget what to do they go bankrupt and a better company comes but no we get stuck with google .02 and Apple .02 that steal your info and slow themselves down when a new version comes out. For shame

No Gemini integration?. Asked Gemini if it had an app on iOS, it claimed it's integrated with this app, it's not and it's frustrating.

Ridiculous!!. The amount of updates is insane!! Every single time I’ve gone to use this app in the past week there’s been some sort of update needed! Waste of time and data just look something up!

You. Do you like water

Don't waste your time. Firstly, staff doesn't even know about Gemini. And their help on the google help section is inaccurate because the services for Gemini don't even exist. Google has become stupid like Siri, it's not what it used to be. So many services that they can't keep up with the ideas. Don't advertise if you don't have the end product.

Ads in discover feed. When most of the content in the feed is AI-generated and littered with ads anyway, is like a restaurant charging to read the menu

My Google Gmail is Not Goodd at the Moment. Hi bye

AmAzInG. Sooooooooooooooooooo good

The worst ever. Google is inserting the worst ever ads into my free jigsaw puzzle app with Game Hub. It covers the content and the only way to get rid of it is to shut down my iPad I have reported this three times with no improvement and no response.

Why can’t I access Google sites?. It is a Google app

Kinda slow. Every time i search something up it takes like 3 minutes to load

Where is it?. Where is the microphone for songs? You just hum it and then the song shows up. I don’t have it.

Works better. Much better after update. Thank you

Stupid. Very inappropriate

New look makes me not want to use. The search bar appearing at the bottom of the screen is annoying as it blocks the view of web pages. It won’t move off screen. How do I go back to the old version?

Keep closing webpages. Please stop closing my webpages!!

Yummy. Balls in my mouth

Virus. I have viruses help

It’s glitching. Very glitchy

It’s ok. How do you take the photos

Can no longer search for image source. Uninstalling for the reason stated in my title. This app is no longer useful to me.


Not giving me the same picture in this App. Fix this


Wow(fr). Je suis sur un apple je dois avouer que c'est juste parfait, c'est trop <> j'adore. Un jour, je ne pouvais pas me connecter a un réseau wifi, l'app réglages me disais que c'était correct et c'est en allant sur Google que Google m'a mis les codes et etc. Rien a dire, c'est parfait

Location?….???????????. This is new,It always asks for location and won’t Stop really creeps me out. I don’t like how YouTube vids is on google now that’s why I use YouTube to watch videos and I like articles I can read on google

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The Google book written by Google was published on 12 February 2019, Tuesday in the Utilities category. A total of 449,151 readers of the book gave the book 4.11164 points out of 5.

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