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Get fast access to Google Search with the Google home screen widget. The Google app keeps you in the know about things that matter to you. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets. More ways to access Google: • Google Search widget — Search from your home screen or lock screen with the new Google widget. Choose from 2 widgets, giving you a quick search bar in both sizes, and shortcuts to choose how you Search with Lens, Voice, and Incognito in the medium size widget. • Google Lens — Search with your camera, copy and translate text, find similar apparel, identify plants and animals, scan QR codes and more. • Voice Search — Search conveniently and quickly using your voice, no typing needed. • Incognito — Search in Incognito mode whenever you want. It’s always a tap away from the homescreen. Search safely and securely: • All searches in the Google app are protected by encrypting the connection between your device and Google. • Privacy controls are easy to find and use. Just tap your profile picture to access your menu and delete recent search history from your account with one click. • Search proactively filters webspam to help ensure that you see safe, high-quality results. Search and browse: • Nearby shops and restaurants • Live sports scores and schedules • Movies times, casts, and reviews • Videos and images • News, stock information, and more • Anything you’d find on the web Get personalized updates in Discover: • Stay in the know about topics that interest you • Start your morning with weather and top news • Get real-time updates on sports, movies, and events • Know as soon as your favorite artists drop new albums • Get stories about your interests and hobbies • Follow interesting topics, right from Search results Learn more about what the Google app can do for you: Your feedback helps us create products you'll love. Join a user research study here:

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Book Name Google
Genre Utilities
Language English
E-Book Size 273.69 MB

Google (Google LLC) Book Reviews 2023

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Leave me alone I don’t want to google. Leave me alone I don’t want to google

I won’t say google That bad. So when I tried to look up a song it waits 100,000 seconds until it’s says I’m sorry I do not recognize That song Well maybe you would Like to know that The song I am playing Is SUPER EASY to find IF you knew the song I understand EVREY song I want to know is not on there BUT that song Is On there I KNOW FOR A FACT IT IS so if you can please help me say /? Or /HELP If want me to stop say /! Or /STOP I hated to say that |:

Some links don’t work. I can’t open a link to insta from Google it woke a few days ago but not anymore. Plz tell me why

Inappropriate Headlines. Too many inappropriate headline stories about women in skimpy clothing, nude, exposed bodies, etc.,. Shame on Google for this disrespectful content!!

Horrible, cant even answer a simple question. Gave me a bunch of useless information when I searched an example of government balance

Collection Problem. I don’t know why you change the collection I mean there was a button to go straight to the collection and now because of an update it took me 5 mins to find it after finding it just looks unprofessional everything just everywhere and also it keeps giving errors and fails please bring the old collection back.

Stop the censorship. Search results are very incorrect and biased. I uninstalled and stop using this terrible app. Evil company making money off scamming and lying to us.

FRAUD! Sellers BEWARE!. Buyers can report your items never recieved as soon as you ship them and the buyers will receive the product and a refund all from your pocket. BE AWARE.

Won't work. Seems like a great app, but whenever I try to search up an image or translate text it says "Something went wrong" io.grpc / 7 I have my wifi on and I've tried unistalling the app multiple times and it NEVER works.

Hard to navigate. This latest iteration of Dropbox does not work well at all. When I look for a file, it is almost impossible to find it. I know into which folder it is in. However, trying to find that folder is not easy. When I go to Dropbox, I expect to find the list of folders and files on the root level. Then I can choose the file or folder from there. It should work as smoothly as it does on the computer. Opening Dropbox on the iPad finds me facing a complete mess of stuff. I don’t even know which icon to choose. The layout is not user friendly.

Review. Great service and wonderful waitress, Amanda right in top of things. Great personality

Great move! Thank you!. Jason, G, and Carlos were amazing! I cannot say enough about how great these men were moving my items from point A to point B. They took the care to make sure all if my personal items were wrapped and safe during the move. They made a very stressful time for me a whole lot easier . Thank you! I will definitely be calling and asking for these men again to help when I move once again to my permanent residence.

Why I love google. I love how when I ask Google they kiss me all the answers. I need you to translate any language and make it look like English that’s why I love Google

My bad I found it. My bad to everyone it was just moved I got frustrated

Song recognition doesn’t work. The only reason I installed this was for the song recognition by singing humming or whistling which is one of the apps main ad points. Deleted pretty much immediately because it absouloutly dosnt work. I’ll stick with safari thank you.

Can’t download. Won’t even load to allow download of this app

Топ. Крутое приложение

Dad!?. I finally found my papa

老推送垃圾广告. 垃圾信息实在是太多了

I want more things to put on your house. Hi there I just wanted to let you know that I got this app and I wanted more 3d stuff like you can’t even do a 🐶

Eh. Notifications wouldn’t go away so I uninstalled it.

Not Pleased with this App. I expected better with the Google name and quality it provides. I have several Google Nest Cameras and was pleased when they were all on one central location within the Google Nest App. Now the new Google Nest Doorbell Camera is no longer compatible with the Nest App and can only be viewed through the Google Home App. I am not pleased with the service or results. The Google Home App lags tremendously when attempting to view my camera feeds live and the history. Can someone in Google please shake hands with someone in Nest and get this situation corrected!!

Robot Verification. Im not being rude but when I’m doing my homework with the homework assistant I have multiple questions and sometimes I have to rescan it but instead it puts up the robot verification and I do it it’s correct so I research it again and the verification keeps popping up, it’s annoying because then I’m there for 10 minutes trying to fix it. Then I have incomplete work… PLEASE FIX!

Where are my collections. This is the worst thing ever. All collections and saved items are gone. That’s it for me I’m out of here.

Refresh button...issue fixed. First there is a refresh button then there is no refresh button then there is. Like magic. The system works.

Estoy. Es

Nice. Works ask anything

Please Fix the ongoing Crashing App. This app keeps on crashing, not sure if it’s just me. I’m using nest Camera & Google. 3/18/23 Hey support team, the app still crashes sometimes.

Stupid photos. YOU CANNOT SAVE PHOTOS!?!?!?!?! Why????

I mean. Park oon park in the park where you are located at the park where we can go park on your park park and ride the bus home with you on a bike park on a park park in the park with the park

Roblox. Ok so many people know about Roblox doors, door 50 and I used the thing and it worked, NEW UPDATE

Love this app, until you hid collections. I have loved that app for years now, but why did you go hide collections in the tabs? The beauty of this app is not to have to take care of hundreds of tabs and browse freely, and the collections where I have my cookbook and other useful references. If I need tabs, I have chrome installed! Product Manager, please do your job and don't try to recreate Chrome. Hint: it already exists and it's someone else's job. Don't kill the app by making poor product decision like you ended up killing Inbox!

Great app.. but missing one key feature. Please add bookmarks.

骗子. 没有之一,假的!套路就是看大家有需求,搞个app,其实一点没有,就是个假的,假冒的都算不上!然后找人刷好评,引诱人充值上当!这应该不是老外能干出来的,很有可能还是老乡干的!

Crashes on search function every time. Cannot search at all!. Hi. I am hoping you can fix this app. I moved from Apple Podcasts years ago after their huge debacle and never returned. But now google podcast search function crashes every time I try to run a search, no matter what I’m searching for. Apple SE iPhone, version 16.0.3 (20A392). Please fix! Thx

Googoo. Googoo is googoo

Scammed me. Indian scammers

Master pressure washing and painting. Emilio and his master painter did a excellent job on my iron fence.He cleaned all the mold and hand painted with a top paint .Emilio team did a quility job give him a call.

Sierra AC & Heating exceptional service. Service Tech. Tyler C. Performed outstanding preventive maintenance and service. Plus for knowledgeable advice. I will continue to use Sierra for all my HVAC and plumbing needs! JAH Sr.

Owner New Venice Pizza in Elkins park Pa. Been calling and contacting google for the past few month last asking them to remove a review that was left for my business. The review is full of discrimination and racism and harassment. But so far the have not done a thing. In addition the business is receiving many and many 5 star reviews but the star rating hasn’t moved a bit. Google rigs everything and manipulates reviews according to their desires.

Google- fix your things. I have a issue with Google it seems to lag every time I’m on it I updated it and everything AMD IT STILL LAGS!so I search something like “cats” and it’s like “choose the destination you want to go to!” AND IT JUST-NEVER MIND, JUST PLES FIX YOUR, ISSUE! SORRY!

Poor gps. This app makes Tom Tom look like a good investment

The refresh button is missing. Refresh button is missing please fix it


Don’t need “fast access to google.”. You may stop asking. Admittedly, that sticky footer is much less irritating than the giant, animated “login to google” one, but I’ll continue to post bad reviews for both. :)

This is pretty good. Hi, I am about 11 years of age and I use this pretty often. I think this is a excellent app to use for searching.

do. the dad dc c dddz

Fix fake reviews issue. Please fix your fake reviews issue.

Mozart. Tu mai

Fix the collections, please put them back on how they were!!. Can you guys separate the tabs and the collections and leave it how it was before, it’s annoying to go to your tabs and then swipe to the collections but the most Annoying part is that if you want to check your collections you have to click on “view all collections” because if you don’t you’ll only see the recent ones that are saved and will not show you the rest. Also when you click on one of the saved pages on your collections you have to go back click on “view collections” and back to the same file you click on just to find what your looking for and is you miss click you have to redo everything again and again. It’s annoying please fix that, it’s getting to the point where I don’t want to rely on google anymore.

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-.... it would be better if it was more appropriate for kids like 9 yr olds i signed up for it to make it more relevant for my child but still once she serched 'woman with big breasts' and it came up with sexy and disturbing images. Sincerely amelie's father and mother

JUST NO. Glitches and it leaks ppls addresses

Nope, not doing it for me.. I switched to Google search app about a year ago. Performance was adequate and I started to prefer it to the browser overtime, liked the east save button and stories that show up (wish there was a feature to get the stories back once they disappear) Since the last update early Feb 2023 various tabs do not re open and they keep closing as soon as you open a tab. Also you can’t tap the address bar to start typing so you have to open a new tab so I am having to switch to google chrome browser (which is great).

Collections merged into Tabs for no good reason. It now takes 2 taps instead of 1 to get to Collections. There is plenty of room for Collections to have it's own icon as it did before. Bring it back please. Thank you.

Automatic refresh is annoying. When I open the app, and there’s a list of stories for me to read, don’t refresh the list while I’m scrolling it! Ask if I’d like to refresh the list.

I have a problem!. Google why you posting unnecessary posts on to my IPad and my I phone. It’s my prerogative to add posts when and if it’s necessary. DO NOT POST ANY EXTRA UNNECESSARY POSTS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! S. Brightman

Very good. Soo

Works fine. I’m actually very impressed to know that Google reads reviews and fixes issues so swiftly.

Can’t remove suggested Searches. Until there is an option to remove suggested searches this will receive one star. Yes there’s the option to choose between personalised or non personalised searches but I don’t want ANY suggested things.

Google Lens. Google Lens won’’t let me choose all of choose any of my Photo on my Phone only some.

Basically took over safari. Yh

Pinball. Pinball game is missing in latest version

BAD. It’s bad from my tingly toes to the screen it took TWO WHOLE HOURS to DOwnload and my phone is new so ban the hole google and hear me out I’m sewing them 999 trillion pounds

What is going on?. I have reloaded this version on at least 3 occasions now trying to get it to work properly. I think everything is fine then try another search & some details come up but not all. I scroll down & there is nothing showing at all. Then I try to open something & nothing at all happens. What a nightmare. This was working fine on the previous 5 or 6 updates but this latest one is a pile of crap.

A search engine that shows you what google wants to show you. Main reasons I wouldn’t install this is the insane amount of access it wants to your device. Just check the app privacy and select “see details” and see what it wants access to. Unacceptable in my eyes. Then there is the issue that more people are becoming aware of, and that is when you search for particular subjects, they are not the first hits or even the first page. Then there is the fact that google search shows you what IT wants to show you, not what you necessarily want or need to see. Look for alternatives like duck duck go and others.

Great Google translate helps me understand Russian +any country. Yes good game

Frustrating. Why oh why can’t the app retain the last view?! So frustrating that, even when you leave the app running in the background, you switch back to it and it’s booted you back to the search screen! If I’m in a tab, leave me there!

Booooo. VERY BAD

Why do you have to collect all my info?😩😬. Financial info?hmm location??why do u need this google Hmmmmmm:/ good search engine and quite helpful,many features,but why all my info ,google explain…

Fix maps closing!. Since the latest update, Google Maps just closes when you have it open in the background and completely refreshes the roof. This is especially frustrating for commuters needing to put phones away / flick to other apps during transport and then to check directions again coming off

Good but buggy. I always use this app to calculate all my trips but since I changed my phone to iPhone, the app keeps closing the app and I have to restart my trip a lot of times. Also, when I’m already in the trip (over bus, overground, tram, car, bike or whatever) it doesn’t recognize if I started or not the trip, so it starts recommending new options as “I didn’t get into the bus/car/whatever” yet. Which is very annoying. On the other hand, is nice to be able to know the exact time the transport will arrive with an amazing accuracy. Thank you Google for that.

Terrible. I can’t believe this! Yes I may be crazy but I kind of hate it. It signed me out when I was watching someone funny and I got really upset. So I hate it because it will sign you out and not sign you back in. OPTIMISE YOUR SYSTEM GOOGLE!!!!!

Mrs Sheila KOBEISSI. I go to Google almost every night for the important information I need. At the moment it’s the war or madman Putin in Ukrain e. I’m very happy with Google. Thank you.

Update. Constantly updates, unstable and obese software

Forced on my phone. Cant delete I don’t use it. Open choices of providers is no longer an option. You may be choosing your own phone but some choices are already made & locked in for you. A bit like China.

The safe and unsafe google. Google is really fun of games and facts however it is not safe and there are scams for robux plz update it and make the robux generator for free with no scams,nohuman verification,no promo card and no surveys

Searching with camera images.. Useless it couldn’t match the actual pictures taken on my iPhone with latest update kept showing similar products Same is Same not similar images were crystal clear & it still couldn’t figure a correct picture or search for a simple phone charger( Genuine)so I’ve deleted no use to me at all,keyboard typing 💬 is here too stay JG.

Hi. Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi

Very good. I have been using this and let me tell you it’s great

Not to be trusted. I read a news story then I had a UK Facebook page pop up in Chinese. I closed it and went onto another google search but before the page loaded it said secure connection the rest of the page was blank apart from a line Chinese writing at the bottom. After a split second the page loaded. I’ve reported this to the developer. I’ve deleted the app. I no longer trust google. What’s the tag line from The X-Files ‘Trust no one’!

Great client, too much poor quality ads. For months I’ve been bombarded with fraud in-app adds that look like an email from my bank. The ad was very well done, they tailored it both to my bank and my nationality. Thanks google for selling this data to scammers and consistently showing it in my inbox regardless of my reports. Today I found that not just the top 2 positions of the inbox are reserved to ads, but another ad has been added on every for 7th email in my inbox. It’s making the scam to hard to fight - it is reappearing instantly after being reported in a slightly different shape. This is too much and I’m moving to a different email client. It’s a shame because with no ads this is a perfect email client I would consider paying for.

f u c k your adds. :(((((((((

Google needs to lower the age you should get google. Why is google a 17+? It makes no sense.

Voice search really accurate. The voice search is really accurate and fast and without all the clutter it’s a pretty nice browser / search tool

Google, think this is ridiculous.. Bloody is considered a swear word to some people,, when I searched up it only said that it is. It did not say, some people say it is. But in reality it’s not for some people. I am very upset about this! Please fix that and say the some people think

No. It is horrible

You have everything💖. This game has everything I want iPad it makes it good but I hate how the cookie thing ruined the way I was going down on a list for center parc’s activites 💔I like how google put AN LOT of stuff in this❤️‍🩹like this is the best way to find out who your real parents are💎it’s easy to do everything it understands gatcha Minecraft and many other games. O.

ok, but annoying at times. not worth getting it if it’s unimportant

App closing itself. I’ve tried EVERYTHING!

Constant reset. Every time I close the phone (even if the app was the last used), google maps resets and I lose the route, so I need to find the route again and again and again

It’s pretty good!. I like it very much! It’s a pretty stable app to use, but the fact that sometimes it can be wrong? But apart from that small mistake, it’s the best searching app I have ever know to have I will give it a 5 star review it’s perfect I recommend all of you, ti use this app please download this app!!!!

Car purchase. Excellent service, no pressure. Comprehensive information. Great car buying experience. Thanks Shaun

Wayyy. This is the best app I could have ever used to research. I like taking pictures and show their meanings, it never lags and is very fun. Would give a solid 10/10 and a 5 star to use

Freezes…. I give up using google to read news articles online as it just freezes,jumps to a different news article by itself or just makes the news articles unreadable by jumping up and down the page Searches are fine i can admit but every news related items it just does freezes,jumps or switches news articles when it visits a newspaper site , i have done troubleshooting but that doesn’t make it better

It’s fine. It’s fine I like safari better but ig is ok

Super bad. Com’n everyone knows safari is better, mean just look at an iphone and a google pixel. LOL the even used an iphone for the pics, the phone on the pics is iphone. OMG

Tinfoil hats. I only downloaded this so I could say to cc99 that he/she needs to go buy a fresh tinfoil hat and to stop believing in what you've written. Google is a business. It supplies you with a service. Obviously you are using it. Get a life and stop being so immature and paranoid.

Very helpful app. My spelling test didn’t delete thank you for Thai wonderful app

Update is TRASH DO NOT UPDATE. DO NOT UPDATE, someone else said this to me and I DID NOT LISTEN, I wish I did I updated to the new version and now Google Search doesn’t work at all, it won’t download on mobile data or WIFi, it’s stuck on the square with a circle around it and it’s not moving, just stuck and on my Home Screen it’s gone black, These updates are garbage and nothing less than Hassle

It is very weird. It is weird because I search up when will world war three start and it said 2026 and I am in 2023 so I don’t believe that google is correct

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Google Discover Spoilers. Googles discover feed spoils shows I’m not up to date on or if I haven’t read the source material. Absolute garbage POS!

Dinosaur. Dinosaur raw Now I can Google lense Lego dinosaurs yayayayayyayayayayay

Amazing. This app is the best app I have on my iPhone

Titi. I was looking something up and gave me flight details that is not what I want.

App is crashing after recent update. App is continuously crashing after updating recently. Also affecting my gmail app which is also crashing.

Very good app. Better Than Google Chrome Very Good Seen The Add

Whats That Song?? Again. Hreat App for Identifying Songs On Yer Radio or At A Friends' place❗️👏🏻😜🎉✅And Also,! A Great App For Identifying A Tree Or Plant That You Like & Take a Pic & It Tells Me What It is Related To? & Also The name of It👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Constantly reloading articles and new tabs. If I go to share an article to social media and return, the articles have already refreshed and I can't find the next one I was about to read. If I'm in a website or a search result and I leave google for a nanosecond I come back and it's on the home page again. Finally worked out it is creating dozens of new tabs for no reason and there is no way to stop this behaviour. Notice when reading these reviews that it's taking no notice of people's feedback. Instead just pasting a link to another location to provide feedback. But hey - the link can't be copied. Duh. And guess what - this is where people leave feedback so deal with it.

Strong chance of losing at bidding. EBay app is unable to calculate time 100% of the time so just be careful with the countdown feature. I had something I was going to bid on but lost because eBay app told me auction would end in 9h **m. Next thing I notice, 5 minutes later, the auction ends and I’ve lost. Disappointing and not the best auction application available. Seller could have made more money elsewhere.

Porn hub. Porn hub

Most unfriendly & awful app ever. Most awkward interface. Can not chat unless sending snapchat like images of ur texts in a very chaotic & unorganised manner. Can’t find contacts or add new ones, with every update all data is lost & you’re back to square one, you can’t add anyone until they call you & you hope the app doesn’t crash & saves your call history otherwise app looks like it has never been used or set up before THE ABSOLUTE WORSE

Latest update. Since the latest update on 2nd March, 2023 my collections have disappeared on my google page. Only “Home and Tabs” are on the bottom. Can this be fixed?

Doesn’t work ever since new update. Says can’t show webpage results pls fix it is very annoying

You apps no good. Wow I can’t believe that you made a app this bad I think you should quit losers hahahahahaha😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Amazing app. Amazing app. Please continue to add features. Now my go to app to view sport, finances and weather thanks to it being integrated onto the main page. Google trips consistently gives the best prices for flights and accomodation also.

Great. So good that even someone with the iq of 21 could use it

Very good. Weather

To the other person. It's prob 17+ cuz it has inappropriate things on the images cuz if u type naughty stuff then it will show imagines of it

Stanton Brisbane. Wow, great service and delicious food, with a nice wine list, will definitely be back often

Suggestion. I hope there is a section labeled 'Reviews' that allows access to all reviews written about the product being searched for or to write a review. This is a crucial tool and I hope it becomes available soon.

Bug. Please fix the bug on the search engine. When searching for a business name, it won’t allow you to click the “call” button next to the “directions” “share” and “website” buttons.

Constantly reloads and opens new tabs. Since the new update this has become unusable. I put my phone down for one second or answer a message and the article I was reading reloads and it’s back at the Home Screen. This is a horrible feature! I want to read the articles. Stop reloading constantly.

TERRIBLE UPDATE. Why on earth do google feel the need to do unnecessary updates! The audio for “ speak” doesn’t work anymore. I much prefer to listen to the audio as appose to reading webpages. Hopefully next update address this issue.

I think it’s 💗GREAT💗. Hi I’m your biggest fan ( sorry if it’s awkward) but here’s a little story so me and my sister Mell were in the bush and got lost but luckily I have my phone so I googled how to get home and I got home safely so I recommend google

Dark web…?. So I was bored and descided to search “Dark Web” on the App Store but the first thing that appeared…was google. So I thought it was a glitched and searched “Dark Web Browser”… And Google was also there.

Keyboard is not coming on startup of application. Google search and tab management is fine but I have set google search bar in my widget area and whenever I try to open application from there it just stuck on the startup page and keyboard is not coming up either. I have tried to reinstall the app on my iPhone but still the same. Not sure if it’s known bug or need to look at something by google.

😡😡😡bad. it keeps lagging and glitches and it’s not good

17+. Google is good and all but why is it 17+ 😭💀👹✋

Noice. Noice

Google!. One of the thing I love about google is that you can click a picture of something and say it’s something in another language you can translate it, you can take a picture and let google find similar images or take a picture of a product and it will search the product for you. I just think it’s a useful tool. It helped me do my homework too.

Download google NOW. So google is the best app to do research find new things and just do anything so if u are new to your device i recommend this app so you know what to do and much more detailed stuff

The best. The best app ever to search,it’s so useful

Sooo good. Everyone get this pls

So amazing!. Google is simply amazing! I have been a loyal user of their products for years now and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed by all the different features they offer. From searching the web to getting directions, to storing my files and photos, to staying connected with my friends and colleagues through Gmail, Google has got it all. One of my favorite things about Google is their ability to constantly improve and innovate their products. They never seem to settle for the status quo and are always coming up with new and exciting ways to make our lives easier. Additionally, the user interface is sleek, modern and user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to use. Another thing I appreciate about Google is their commitment to privacy and security. I have full trust in their systems and know that my personal information is in good hands.

Age. Why is this 17+ its just a browser not inappropriate

Buggy. I use it my main search engine. But from iOS 16 it would freeze after app goes to background. Needs to be killed and reopened again to work. Fix it google.

Current layout change. Google is a great app to use, the only recent problem I (personally) have is the current change to how the tabs have been changed to be similar to a temporary tab(?). Like, for example, if I wanted to go back to a different page entirely but it is supposed to be still in the same tab, I am just unable to do so and I need to go all the way back ( if that makes sense). I would prefer the old layout back where I can both easily go back to a previous page (on the same tab) and also type in the search section at the top of the tab (which is another thing that I have a problem with). If there were a way to change tabs layout without having to de-update the app, that would be really good. But besides that, google is a pretty good app to go on.

Google tracks you. this app I have typed up YouTube and it puts on a inappropriate picture please don’t get this app it also tracks you a app that doesn’t track you is DuckDuckGo it won’t ask to track you it’s safe and secure DuckDuckGo also won’t put any inappropriate pictures on even if u type that up please guys and stay safe out there!

Becoming more and more stupid. All other apps are becoming better and better, only Google Map goes the other way, becoming worse and worse over last decade, was a perfect app ten years ago but now it's really stupid, route suggestions are just studid.

Easy to use. Was sooo easy to Find Kayo Marbilus on Instagram and his new music !! Amazing !!

SO GOOD. l love this bc you can find like every thing in this app

Gogle. Idk I was bored so I did this, idk why I did it but… good app

Google app. Refuses to download update.Will NOT respond to instruction to download supposed update.

Saving. I love google Because I can save my soccer teams so I can get notifications when they played and with the scores

very good. it’s very good.

Google is Good. Google is awesome but sometimes I can’t make a new tab

I’m 16 lol. Hi

Help. How does one recover an account when you don’t have a mob number and you’ve forgotten your password. Not to mention you can’t sign into YouTube to get the confirmation notification. And when try the help page there is no other way to recover, contact anyone or assist so it seems. Left in the lurch trying to find answers

When a default browser option. Hi Google, when can you add a default browser option like I downloaded Firefox and the default browser option shown. But with the Google app it didn’t show it at all. Google it would be appreciated if you added that feature Thanks Anonymous person

Google. I’m happy 😃 thank you

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Did you know…. Guys, I used to use google all the time! everything is completely safe-Or so I thought… GOOGLE IS WATCHING YOU!!! I am not joking! Use DuckDuckGo instead. SERIOUSLY!

Not saving my place. Lately, this app has not been saving my position when I exit without closing the app. Swiping out of the app, or even just locking my phone, causes the app to revert to its home screen. I lose my place browsing the internet every time I have to tend to something else. So frustrating.

Does not close incognito tabs. Forced me to download. Otherwise it shows up on my Safari all the time when I tried using Safari google. After downloading, it always stops loading content when other browsers load fine.

Make me a mad. Make me a mad

I love Google. Google is the best!!!! It’s waaay better than Safari!

Great for cheating. During a test in highschool i had a substitute. And the night before I didn’t study. So I pulled out my phone and I used google and I passed that test. With the power of google!! Great app btw.

Google Search Lover. This app has been very much fun. Many options with it that I am discovering every day. However the abundance of pop up ads and ads that bounce and twitter around are a HUGE PROLEM and take away from the experience greatly. You developers should allow people to place an ad blocker for Google that actually works, if they want one. As it stands now an ad blocker doesn’t really work here at all. It’s like Google has installed in their app, some kind of blocker to block out an add blocker. Please fix this issue so people can get rid of the god damn ads permanently, and enjoy their experience better. I’ll look for an update in the very near future solving this problem.

Not secure. How is google secure if it’s constantly trying to track my activity? Now google is trying to block websites. Since when is google the arbiter of free speech. Screw off, google.

Very helpful. Good for finding songs you don’t know the name of 👍

Gros bug impossible de faire des recherches. J’adorais mon google agenda mais maintenant je ne peux plus m’en servir comme avant. -Impossible de faire des recherches Impossible de retirer de vieille catégorie d’agenda. J’en suis très peiné

Get woke go broke. Deleted.

Wonderful search engine. I love how much effort they put in this when you click tabs and shapes start coming from the bottom swipe hard downward for a bit and you will get a fun little pinball mini game just like the dinosaur game on computer google

What for?. After years on my phone I still could not figure out why would I need this application. How is it better than browser?

A good app 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀. I love this app😃😃😃😃😃😃

Was perfect, now uninstalled.. Was my only source of news until it geo-fenced news to a national region.

Always forgets current navigation. You always have to look for the place you want to go after the screen locked or change the app for a second. It’s really annoying. Navigation without ist not working anymore like that. How about caching the search for a little time??

Not working. Not working as of feb23 2023 after update, please fix the issue.

Blocking sites?. A few weeks ago I had issues with Google not allowing me to go to my local grocery stores websites and when I sent in a review in regards to this HOPING to receive some help from the developers instead I received a response that basically stated that I should try posting the issue I was experiencing on a public help forum and see if anyone could help me out. This is pretty damn lazy on Googles part! It’s an issue with their developers NOT bothering to fix bugs in their software even when reviewers email in. Now I find when I try to do a search for some other businesses I get the same damn notification stating that my internet isn’t working. Funny thing is not only is my internet connection just fine but I’m able to use a different browser with NO issues whatsoever! I absolutely ‘love’ the endless stream of updates that Google does that do NOTHING to solve these problems! It seriously makes me wonder if the developers even bother trying to fix the bugs? Maybe Google needs to hire more efficient people.

It’s Good. Google is in short words for me everything just don’t take up so much space

I. Da f

I didn’t like it that much. It never would load

Camelo. Camelo

Doodland #13. Doodland #13

Sucks. It randomly does or doesn’t correct me WHEN IT SHOULDNT AND IT doesnt have the button that lets me see what I damn searched

Feed sensational claptrap. The news feed in the app is just sensational garbage largely rather. Than more local stuff or personal stuff. A better reimagination needs to be taken for this app, because more of late it’s full Fox News style garbage rather serious truthful journalism. It’s just American propaganda.

wow. wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

Google. Pretty good

It is amazing. I love google and it does everything I need it to. Sometimes it kicks me out but otherwise it’s a 5

Not responding on my iphone 14 pro max. Have to relaunch to get it back working. Not responding have to relaunch to get it working

De Googling. King of Censorship. De googling due to censorship and biased info that Google supports .

Google mon entreprise. Aucun service pour les pages entreprises, il émettre n’importe qu’elle information sur ma page vraiment c’est déplorable..

Great. Google is great and they keep updating to better the app! 👍👍👍

Great. I love it it crashes but it’s still good

Not responding. The app on my phone. If I use it to google something and then exit, I come back to google something else and google won’t respond, until eventually it crashes or I restart the app. Thought maybe it was my phone but it does it on my other phone as well. Bug???

Worse than before. Google and YouTube are worse than the worst apps ever to most people: TikTok, Facebook and Snapchat, don’t even download google if you can avoid updating the application.

Freezes. Freezes every once in awhile

Bugs, bugs,bugs. App says they can’t find places, large cities etc

It’s a 10 out of 10 but. I want to play gacha mod’sI’m really obsessedAnd make it kind a kid friendly

So bad. Not sure who is doing the ads on Google but they’re so bad borderline illegal you try to report them they keep showing you the same ads even though you’re not interested I swear they would advertise Megan Markel‘s stupid podcast like nobody cares about that nobody wants to listen to that we want Joe Rogan how come I never see Joe Rogan podcast advertised about his elk elk meat or DMT these are things we want to listen about not some washed up actress doesn’t have many brain cells in her head never seen her talk about anything informative about Covid just another sheep you would think that Google could advertise things to their audience that they actually care about especially during a global pandemic no Megan Markel‘s podcast is more important it’s so ridiculous we all had to stay home for two weeks to slow the spread and now look Biden is having campaign rallies with at least 10 people standing close to each other because that’s all that shows up how the heck did he win an election which a few goofballs voted for a decrepit old senile warmongering man

Censoring at its finest. If you enjoy censorship on behalf of the corrupt turdeau liberals then this app is for you!

Bing chilling ice cream Goggle we need bing chilling. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

…whyyyyyyyy!. Why no yandere simulator

Never receive notifications. Trash

Stop google popup on safari. Stop google popup on safari its supper annoying. I use google search on safari and this app popup thing is super annoying.

It’s crashing. When I wanted to go on Google, it doesn’t work when I tap on it and it’s annoying

Hol. I love ittttt!

Dog Crap. It Sucks On Apple

Worst update ever. Like what is wrong with google cause this is the worst app ever I tried downloading it and it wouldn’t download and I have enough storage to get it

River park dental. I forgot to say that myself, my husband, son and daughter all go see Dr Goolcharan. He is an amazing dentist.

Just terrible. Such a cluttered app - trying to steal your data in any possible way

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