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Connect with friends, family and people who share the same interests as you. Communicate privately, watch your favorite content, buy and sell items or just spend time with your community. On Facebook, keeping up with the people who matter most is easy. Discover, enjoy and do more together. Stay up to date with your loved ones: • Share what's on your mind, announce major life events through posts and celebrate the everyday moments with Stories. • Express yourself through your profile and posts, watch, react, interact and stay in touch with your friends, throughout the day. Connect with people who share your interests with Groups: • With tens of millions of groups, you'll find something for all your interests and discover more groups relevant to you. • Use the Groups tab as a hub to quickly access all your groups content. Find relevant groups based on your interests with the new discovery tool and recommendations. Become more involved with your community: • Discover events happening near you, businesses to support, local groups and activities to be part of. • Check out local recommendations from your friends, then coordinate with them and make plans to get together. • Raise funds for a cause that’s important to you, mentor someone who wants help achieving their goals and, in the event of a local crisis, connect with other people to find or give supplies, food or shelter. Enjoy entertainment together with Watch: • Discover all kinds of content from original shows to creators to trending videos in topics like beauty, sports, and entertainment. • Join conversations, share with others, interact with viewers and creators and watch together like never before. Buy and sell with Marketplace: • Whether it's an everyday or one-of-a-kind item, you can discover everything from household items to your next car or apartment on Marketplace. • List your own item for sale and conveniently communicate with buyers and sellers through Messenger Read our Data Use Policy, Terms and other important info in the legal section of our App Store description. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Facebook doesn't run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require this.

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Book Name Facebook
Genre Social Networking
Language English
E-Book Size 301.51 MB

Facebook (Meta Platforms, Inc.) Book Reviews 2023

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Señal mala. No me deja invitar gente a mis live

Don’t get to see the posts of friends… the reason for FB. Tired of not seeing posts from friends and fam in my feed until 3-5 days after they’ve posted them… fix the dang algorithm. Why does any company ever think making things LESS useable is an improvement? Real question.

Recurring Account Restriction. My account is repeatedly being restricted despite me making no posts, leaving no comments, and my violations history showing that I’ve don’t nothing wrong. I have submitted this error to Facebook more than once (with screenshot) and received no answer. Uninstalled.

Gone downhill. Just a massive advertising company that filters things they don’t want people to know or see

The app where you can make fake profiles yet the real ones get shut down. Facebook the only social media platform that claims they are about authenticity yet allows fake accounts to be up and running to bully or harass people. We just made an account for my mom within seconds of opening the account before we had a chance to do anything to the account. It shut the countdown and said that it violated the community guidelines I do not know how anything violated the community guidelines because it hadn’t even given us a second to upload a profile picture or send out a friend request or post anything so how could there been anything that violated? We tried to download a report because they say that one of the guidelines is authenticity. But yet we confirm the email we confirmed the telephone. We tried to upload a picture, but the account got shut down so we don’t see how any community guidelines or violated. However, there was a fake account set up that’s been set up for a while now to bully and harass a member of my family. We have been contacting Facebook to get this fake account taken down. They still haven’t done that so that they haven’t broken in a community guidelines, but yet setting of a brand new account for our mother, somehow that violated guidelines, but yet never had a chance to even upload a profile picture it was open for seconds before it got shut down how exactly did that violate anything? Just a heads up to real people that you better be fast about verifying who you are. Otherwise, Facebook is shutting down your account. I’m all for security and privacy and I think that’s a very important thing to be watching out for however, there’s fake accounts out there that my family has reported many times but yet a brand new account. No that’s wrong. There’s a reason why Facebook only has 2.3 as a rating

Ugly Avatars. Why did you mess up the Avatars?

Muted. Since Meta has taken over Facebook mutes my comments on my friends live broadcasts . It even won’t let me respond to comments on my own posts . Facebook is no fun anymore.

Stop with the useless updates. Every update makes this nosey app worse and worse. Your bots suspends the wrong people for stupid reasons. Removes posts for even dummer reasons. Don't even get me started on groups that no longer exist for no good reason other than FB must be bored! Notifications aren't there, they're out of order, comments aren't visible even after changing to view all, features don't work even after uninstalling and reinstalling, I'm seriously looking for a better social media site because this one is no longer it! 😤😡

out of control censorship. Facebook has become the grand bastion of censorship. Any political or social views that don't meet Zuckerberg's approval get blocked in the name of phony community standards. Put ithis way if it's not illegal then it's none of your business to censor it. It's called freedom, try it sometime, the f in the Facebook logo stands for Facists...

Oh. Nice

Fix the Bugs. Every time I click to view a comment thread and then go back, or view a profile and then back to comments, it takes me to the very top of the comments. I have to scroll back down to where I was reading, IF I can find it at all. The last 2 updates haven’t fixed this, and it’s incredibly frustrating.

Highlights issue. Im literally forced to share my highlights with unknown people. I cant set my highlights to my friends only. that option just disappeared!! Fix this ..!!

Bias app. It continuously pops adds and if you’re a conservative, your post won’t have much flow nor your profile be accessible for friends of friends to send you friend request. Very bias. Can’t wait to see their financial crash.

Trash. This new update is trash. I can’t load all the comments, my profile pic keeps disappearing, and my notifications wont go away unless I refresh them a couple of times

Post anonymously. So annoying thaf this feature doesn’t work for me but it does for some.

Unexpected Error Bug. I cannot do anything for more than a few seconds before getting an error message. It’s hilarious Facebook thought people would pay for this service. Read these reviews to your investors before they cut the check. This app has gone from world class to annoying to open. It’s mostly ads or sponsorships with the occasion friend post tucked away. The unexpected error issue is the most absurd.

Facebook/advertising is Wast of my time.. For the last week I’ve wasted more time on canceling ads, than the use as socializing with friends and family. I don’t like the ads and don’t like wasting my time canceling ads. So I have cancelled Facebook.

Video icon gone. I am so upset that the video icon on the bottom of the screen is missing. Fix it. Thanks. Member since 2008.

faybook for the win🥳🥳. i LOVEEEE faybook

linking to instagram is stupid. I absolutely hate that you are so encouraged to link your instagram to a facebook account. They are supposed to be SEPARATE platforms. I am embarrassed to even have a facebook account, It’s stupid and unnecessary to need to have the sites linked. Why can’t facebook be facebook and instagram be instagram.

Horrible. Horrible horrible horrible.

Terrible. The settings don’t work, there is no live support for questions, there is no way to offer specific information to report posts or comments. It is a highly impersonal app, there are no criteria for members to open an account like establishing if members are legitimate, marketplace is open to a myriad of scammers that leaves sellers susceptible to having access to personal information and the database collects info and sells it to third parties. It’s a very corrupt system.

I hate this app. Im done with it

After 13 years, goodbye forever.. I’ve always voted with my dollar. Now I vote with my data too. Eat a Richard Zuckerberg.

What a F joke. I can’t get into my own frogging account and you bet I’m the meantime someone other than me is probably using it. This is worse than the worst possible security I’ve ever experienced.

Seriously?. I haven’t even used FB, but I’ve seen everything that’s happened on here. Also, Meta, our oculus accounts email got hacked years ago, and with the migration to meta accounts, we were locked out of HUNDREDS of dollars worth of games, and guess what? Your customer service is as usual, TRASH. No one likes meta nearly as much anymore, and this is why.

Ugly Place. Feels it takes political side Not a safe place to be

Succes. Open

Crashes. Impossible to use Market Place consistently crashing, can’t believe FB can’t make an app that works!!!!

Avatar. It doesn’t matter how many times this app is updated it tells me that I don’t have the latest update and for that reason I can get the new wallpapers or make an avatar. Maaaan I been with Facebook when it was originally named The Facebook and it was originally for college students, and you mean to tell me that I can enjoy that latest features of the app???? That’s crazy. Please fix this mess.

Horrible. Now I know why he named it meta “death”. It will be dead soooon

Facebook is a very Angry Place to be. Facebook when it first came out used to be more happy, more positive, it focused heavily on connecting with others in positive ways. Fast forward to now, and I feel the app is just very toxic. I will comment something happy on a brand I like, and some random person is quick to be sassy, rude, mean. People use the laughing reaction is sarcastic and negative ways. It feels like I’m being bullied online by strangers. A lot of homophobia, transphobia. I’m from the US, but I get A lot of weird friend requests from people from Nigeria and they have no friends and it’s really weird because I don’t know anyone from there at all. A lot of brands/pages don’t moderate their content, so people will spare no expense to be rude or act very mean to each other. I usually delete a lot of my thoughtful comments because people are always rude, sassy, or bullying me with laughing reactions. Facebook’s biggest strength is the groups feature. Groups are moderated, have rules and regulations, and people treat each other a lot nicer. If I could change facebook, I would change “friends” to followers like Instagram. I would have more of a focus on groups and make the experience seem more like discord. Public facing newsfeeds should not allow comments and instead only do emote reactions. Businesses and products would instead have their own groups where people can write comments and engage in discussions instead. Those groups would also have moderation teams that can police the behavior of people on Facebook. The newsfeed would basically be a hub to discover and find new groups to be a part of. Major celebrities and brands would have official groups (with a Facebook blue check mark) and there could be related fan groups that aren’t official. Followers and friends posts would instead appear in their own section called “Social Feed”. That way, the social side of Facebook stays separate from the groups side. Basically Facebook would become a hub where businesses can have their own official groups where they can post updates and such, and then comments and exchanges happen in these official groups. The newsfeed would show you posts from those groups as well as suggested public facing groups to be a part of. BUT you can only make comments if you are a member of that group. That way there’s accountability and people are forced to be more respectful to each other when they write posts because these posts are policed and moderated by moderators. It’s okay to be negative and write criticisms and critiques, but the way people do it on Facebook right now is like a Wild West of bullying. It needs to change. Thanks for reading my review.

Disgusting, dirty,and bad App. It is disgusting, dirty, and bad App that shows dirty, disgusting photos, and news and videos. I deleted this app forever.

Every other post in my feed is a paid sponsored.. Every other post in my feed is a paid sponsored.

No lo descarguen. No vale para pura verga

Facebook just keeps getting buggier & buggier. With the latest update, I can no longer view a full response if there is a, “See More,” at the bottom. As soon as I click “See More,” the entire response disappears and only the responder’s name shows. So I came to the App Store to seek support, only to find that there really is none. I am unable to locate any support for any issue. There is a generic, “How To Use” type search feature, but no real support. Very frustrating and disappointing.

Deberían mejorar. Deberían ver las cuentas falsas, eh denunciado y mis amigos también una cuenta que crearon con mi imagen y faccebok no hace nada 👎🏽 muy mal de su parte la verdad

Terrible help and contact us service. No “buy now” button on fb marketplace

Garbage. A waste of time… garbage app

Se está paralizando la app. Estoy intentando vender en marketplace pero no me deja hacer mi publicación porque se pone negra la pantalla, solo en la aplicación porque puedo entrar a otras aplicaciones, ya hasta reinicie el celular y sigue igual.

Horrible. Corrupt . If I could give zero stars I would

Crashes. It crashes and won’t reload on my IPhone 13

Can’t reply to comments. The update won’t let me reply to comments on my mobile device!!

Fix notifications. Getting notifications of new posts only to find out that they’re days old.

Ads. I got charged for ads onto my bank account. Which I had nothing to do with. Definitely didn’t recommend downloading Facebook.

Self modification to oblivion. My copies of the Facebook App on THREE devices all lost the “watch” icon over a few hours. I did nothing to cause this and none of the rcommrnfrd fixes would restore the lost functionality. So I have deleted the App and only run Facebook within my browser where the watch icon is alive and well. I have deleted the Facebook App with no plans to load it or run it ever again. Meta; FaceBook has become a joke. Get rid of the children and hire some adult programmers!

Awful. Just awful

Robot. I wouldn’t dare use this app they block you for saying weed plus I heard the creator not human ✌️😒

Annoying Ads. FaceBook keeps advertising porn even though I’m not interested in it. I keep on blocking all the ads and stuff and they keep unblocking them.

Worthless. I only use it because it’s still a way to stay in touch with people & groups. I hate how they censor & put their propaganda out there. Thank the good Lord there are enough patriots out there who still flood the pages with truth to counteract the lies Facebook has been putting out there.

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Fb. Luv fb marketplace

Can’t see when trying to comment.. I can’t seem to see where I’m typing when trying to comment on posts. Please fix.

Update. Mine keeps going wrong ever since the update

RUBBISH. im sick of this app,it wont let you change your name and it won’t unlink my instagram from it!!! Facebook sort yourself out!!!!!

New update doesn’t work. Every time I try to log in it tells me to connect to the internet, I have good internet connection despite the app telling me to check my internet connection.

Scam. Don’t update your app. It will log you out on all your devices and then ask for a code which you can only get logged in. The only other option is waiting 48 hours for someone to respond to you after sending in your driving license.

Promote scam, bullying and harassment. This app promote scam, bullying and harassment! Also is a US propaganda machine! Do not use it and more important do not let you children use it!

Don’t bother. Must be the biggest piece of crap going keeps crashing when looking at market place you go back and never the same what you’re looking at with all our money well it’s beyond me going back to a laptop not even worth a star

Not working. I love using the app Facebook, but for some reason and it’s only just started happened last two days. It won’t let me post reels on my phone. Can you please sort this

Once I select All …on COMMENTS. I want to see All with Most Recent at the top. When I make this selection I should be asked Just this Post? Or ALL from this Friend ? Or All posts ? As it stands now I have to do the selection dozens of times daily

Can’t open Facebook Marketplace Chats. Really disappointed from the past 2 years. Facebook and its messenger Chat is not opening Marketplace Ad’s chat at all.

Openly support CP and animal ab.. This app openly supports animal ab CP and SA. If you report anyone posting it they will tell you it doesn’t not go against their terms. Absolutely awful.

Terrible. Latest version has suddenly prevented me from uploading photos from my iPad, when it worked one day then suddenly it didn't. I can choose which photos to upload, but the option to actually upload or add it to my albums has gone. Also, when I want to post anything via my profile page, I get a blank space and unable to type anything.

Have to keep resetting password. Keeps logging me out and then I have to reset password. Started about a week ago

Messenger doesn’t work. It stopped work after update today on IPhone

Marketplace. Marketplace will not let me message anyone to purchase anything and will not even show that I have messaged the person it has been since the most recent update

Horrible service. Their level of censorship of people’s free speech (which is one of the inalienable rights of people in every country’s constitution) is staggering It should change its name to reflect the lack of free speech and open-minded attitude towards different points of views. Fact-checkers lack any knowledge whatsoever to censor free speech, which cannot be censored in any way shape or form! There’s an error on this platform every 2 minutes, and when you report it the majority of times it falls on deaf years, with yet another upgrade pushed through maybe ten minutes later, honestly the quality of service not to mention the network stability is appalling

It’s getting worse by the day. Always something not running smoothly,whether it be the lives or the comments not showing or not getting notifications until 3 days later. Sadly going downhill rapidly.

MarketPlace. Fix it i cannot text a person when i want to buy something fix it asap you guys are very bad

Too much. Facebook or Instagram?

Mr Grigor Grigorov. My account was hacked i got 0 support from facebook been doing all thee steps and yet they disabled my account 12 years lost in data shame such a big company to dint have live chat and 0 support for their customers as we pay for our pages to promote them

Keeps on asking me for photo ID. I lost my account I’ve had for 9 years because I didn’t upload photo ID to prove who I am, wow.

Crap. Too many updates,, since last update I cannot message anyone on Facebook marketplace.

Cannot report comments. I can’t report comments via the app and recent update, I am just left with a small box at the bottom of the screen with a cross in it

Rubbish. Considering how much money they make the iPad app is utter rubbish. Half the features don’t work and seems to get worse every time it’s updated.

Stop turning off Apple Music. When just starting the app, not even watching anything. Auto play is off.

This app is glitching. Since the last update, the app is glitching, I can no longer click ‘read more’ or when writing comments or posts the send arrow is missing. Opening posts to read comments results in the post expanding with white space only. Tried re-installing twice and no luck!

Can’t message marketplace. The title says it all. The app updated and now I can’t message any sellers in the marketplace!

Plagued with scams. Facebook marketplace is absolutely rife with scam buyers using fake profiles. Used to be amazing, absolute nightmare now.

Why just why?. Where’s market place gone and why so slow Facebook do better please

Old and frustrated. Nothing but old and frustrated people left on Facebook. 👎🏼🤣

Account restricted for posting a joke. Made a joke about the Gary Lineker saga and got restricted from everything with no explanation, nothing I posted was offensive just a light hearted joke. All they want you to do is sit and view adverts and not have any opinions about anything remotely controversial. It’s turned into a prison for the mind. Not healthy for anyone to use I won’t be using it anymore after 15 years of use.

Utter rubbish. - won’t link properly to Messenger without ‘forgetting’ who I’m trying to message. - notifications don’t push anymore including the red notification counter is now gone. - doesn’t show who’s liked or mentioned you properly. - Instagram and Facebook no longer share stories created on Instagram. COME ON SUCKERBERG!

No avatar!. I KEEP updating the app to try and create an avatar and it doesn’t work!! It only says ‘update Facebook to create your avatar’ no matter how often I update it just won’t work!! Can someone please fix it!

No dark mode on iphone 13 pro. Literally no dark mode the only meta app on my phone with no dark mode option

Data Breach. Thousands of people have had their profile hacked - targeting people who have used a payment method, people have had money stolen, lost their business pages and groups they manage and Facebook aren’t responding to any communications, just sending people through reams of ‘help pages’ but still your account is Disabled with no further review.

No support for Facebook imposers. I’ve have had a Facebook imposer and so have many others. I’ve reported it numerous times and nothing has been done to take the false account pretending to be me down. And now I can’t get change anything on my sub account. Am using FB less and less.

Jj. I updated Facebook for the iOS 16, then tried to log in, it was saying my email and password was wrong. I am very disappointed in this app, it has really gone downhill, I tried deleting the app then tried to reinstall. But now it will not even reinstall, so I now have no Facebook at all, Thanks for nothing Facebook your not worth the effort

Upside down videos. My app updated a few hours ago and now my videos and photos are being uploaded UPSIDE DOWN! Sort this out!!!

Adbook 🤬 Enough with adverts! Delete this app asap!. Rediculous bombardment of adverts n most of thm r scams, I don’t see any friends posts anymore if I do it’s from weeks ago. App constantly snoops your offline activity even wen u turn it off it somehow miraculously keeps snooping Facebook has no shame! Your censorship is joke u ban ppl for having an opinion too many snowflakes bein pandered to get a grip. I must report n block over a couple hundred adverts a day it’s beyond a joke now Facebook!! Your adverts offend me yet u do nothin bout it 🤬🤬 supposed to b social media 🤷🏻‍♂️ f you Facebook

CRASHES ALL THE TIME RUBBISH. This App literally is the worst it crashes constantly nothing is ever fixed Meta is the worst Company ever obviously Clueless Employees that don't know what they are doing doesn't deserve the 1 star given overall App Rating speaks Volumes 1.9 That is the worst I have seen a Application Rated time for some new Developers Meta the Entire Team at the moment want sacking its a laughing stock is this Application and even more so it being the Actually Facebook App

Terrible app. Worst app to ever exist. It will NEVER compare to TikTok !!!!!

Marketplace not working. With the last update you can't see the messages you send on marketplace.they just disappear....I think you don't event sent them

Professional mode. Hi i’m using facebook since 2012 And now I can’t get professional mode and reel options Noone is replying to my reports and I’m reporting the problem from past 6 months They don’t care about their users Seriously really disappointed Here is my link of profile If facebook team want to help me Please do asap Thanks facebook.com/TamiFarazOfficial

Can’t message sellers on marketplace. After iPad app update can’t message any sellers in marketplace.

Paradise for Scammers, trolls, bots and propaganda. Facebook is infested with scammers, trolls, bots and propaganda, which moderators are not willing to take down. Don't believe me? Try reporting an obvious scam and see that it will be ignored because theyv"prioritise resources elsewhere".

Fact checkers. Feels rather like being in a prison with the fact checkers constantly checking government released information, expert info and personal statements as false. Sick of being put in the naughty corner and Facebook prison. Anyone would think they were trying to control our opinions 😡😡😡😡

Scam Artists. Working in collaboration with well known UK child trafficking group, carrying out illegal operations. True story, I can prove it !

Whyyy u are forcing me to install Messenger. Very very irritating I don’t understand why Facebook forces the user to install Messenger separately which this chat function supposedly comes together with Facebook.

Astonishingly buggy. They need to write this version off and start from scratch. Marketplace UI/X functions as it should perhaps 10% of the time. It’s like a pre-alpha not-ready-to-demo first draft version put together by someone half asleep 😴.

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Fix the common glitches. There is a common glitch that happens a lot where if you’re trying to type a comment the keyboard covers the section where you see what you’re typing and the post button so you can’t reply to comments in the thread you have to comment on the main post and tag them

Please fix!. Facebook won’t let me up load photos from my iPad to Facebook! Please fix this!!

2023 updated review. I am so tired of how FB handles the feed, it is all groups and pages and I barely see anything from my friends. Sometimes I see their posts 3 days later! Plus the ridiculous system that gets you banned for a while, just because you made a spelling mistake!

Amazing. This is a 5/5 app for me, there are no glitches at all and I love the linked messenger. Marketplace is definitely one of the best second hand shopping places I’ve ever seen. I love being able to see school posts as well! Overall 100% definitely recommend!!

Stupid. My stored information and password disappeared every time stupid trash updated.

Spying you all day. Spyware in disguise. Disgusting all. Should be banned like Tiktok.

Trash. Would give it 0 stars if I could so glitchy . Every account I make seems to get deleted within a day . 👎🏽

Latest update. Slow to load and continually get login notifications to check it’s me

Can’t post images. Can’t select images to post on mobile iOS Fb app since the latest update; no options for feedback in App Support

Ads. What is going on in ads I. Everything you are watching now. A 2 min clip has two ads. Who’s bright is was that!

Pathetic. Still doesn’t have a dark mode after all these years…Losers

Marketplace. Please get rid of the is this still available instant msg on market place. Most annoying feature..

App updating. For a number of days app has been updating but not updating at all. It can’t be stopped Facebook app just keeps on spinning and I’m not able to stop it. Ridiculous!!

Ridiculous. Unnecessary changes leads to the worst app ever created

Hay! Democracy is existing!. But don’t forget about tolerance robots not sleeping!

Meta c’olla. The app and services are fast going to c’olla. Way too much propaganda being key through and trolling is outrageous x Facebook, meta what ever you want to call if has been a detriment to society.

Another Update. Another update today and still doesn’t work properly.

🤬. Whenever I log on it just says unable to fetch this data is so annoying please fix this I’m sick of it I’ve tried everything

Glitchy and constantly freezes. Current app is glitchy & freezes constantly - ghost notifications, constant switching between apps & can’t make its mind up between business and personal

Good bye privacy. Glitchy

Farcebook. The owner is a evil person, stay away

Too many adds. There are too many adds and especially ones that re-appear after I chose the already purchased option. Very annoying. I want to see what my friends post not want to constantly have to close adds. It’s getting worse than free to air TV.

Pretty stupid.. Waited awhile for the first update only to update again! Just wasting my data tbh

Enough of the ads. Please stop with the “suggested for you” and “sponsored” ads every single scroll. I just want to see my friends not unnecessary ads every post. You should really limit the ads. It’s becoming very annoying!

Stop “Suggested for you”. I’m so sick of my news feed being polluted with “suggested for you” pages. If I want to follow a page I will follow it. You make it impossible to stop the suggestions.

Two factor authentication code not receiving in my phone. Hello dear Facebook team my Facebook account has the problem two factor authentication login code required I can't able to get my my account I provided my son contact details please contact me and I will provide you my personal details so that you can verify and help me to access my account

A lot of room for improvement. The only real plus for Facebook these days is how many people are using it. Between having accounts, posts and comments flagged for innocuous phrasing and lingo, the constant glitches that affect the entire usability of the app, and the essentially defunct reporting system that assures you bigotry isn’t against community rules, I spend most of time using it just being frustrated. The only draw as I’ve already mentioned, is the people I want to talk to only being on that platform.

So I take it if. If Mr musk told you to go and jump off the highest building in the world without any protection I suppose you'd follow suit because your promise to the people of the world was no one would ever have to pay for fakebook well of course you'd jump off

Getting worse. Introduction of ads in videos is awful! Particularly when an ad plays & the video restarts, meaning you’ve just sat through an ad for no reason! Am making a conscious effort not to engage with any brand through FB ads now… After latest update, app keeps randomly closing.

Can't even log in.. I've been trying to log in for ages now. First it kicked me off Messenger, and wouldn't let me log back in. Then I got kicked off the FaceBook app, and haven't been able to log in since. Always says "An unexpected error occurred." Never specifies what this error is or anything. And "Please try again later." How much later do you want? Because a month isn't long enough apparently. Stupid.

Can barely scroll the feed. Watching videos is a pain on the mobile app, all around extremely clunky and the fact it refreshes your app randomly mid video is very frustrating. Trying to reply to comments is also a disaster, the “most relevant” feature is absolutely atrocious.

Marketplace Access. Absolutely disappointed that my marketplace access has been revoked without any unknown reasons. I’ve tried everything to approach Facebook but nothing seemed to work

Hate speech. Hate rate

Not what it used to be…. My account was hacked… it took me forever to try to get back to my account…. Poor customer service for when it doesn’t work. They kept asking for my issue, then telling me I needed to log back in to do something about it. When I tried they said my number or address weren’t linked to any account….. of course not the hackers changed it all… Impossible to change my name after this… Ended up deleting my account.. now just hope and pray no hackers come back and get the account again… Too much false info and ads. Only positive point about Facebook was market place … but that’s about it

Total trash. Total trash. The only thing Facebook seems to recommend these days are boring short videos that nobody wants to watch. The marketplace is even worse - it's absolutely disgusting to see all the sold items cluttering up the listings. And to make matters worse, they hide buyer scores mandatorily, so you can't even trust the people you're buying from. Crash out all the time. Save yourself the headache and avoid this app.

Latest update. Latest update crashes

Inappropriate ads. If the app is 12+ allowed, then how come gambling ads are allowed in ‘Watch’?! Tab66 has been implanted in almost all videos on posted on Watch for a few months. It doesn’t look like the users’ business cooperation. It can be FB’s irresponsible decision.

iPad app regularly crashes while browsing Marketplace. I can spend about 10-15 minutes checking items on marketplace before the app crashes completely. If I’m just scrolling Facebook it doesn’t have this problem. I’ve updated but still the same issue.

Facebook. When you try to remove notifications they come back they don’t get removed


Transparency overlays, :-(. Transparency overlays went out with windows ME, what are they doing in fb?

Privacy issues. Location in fb is not in a right location

Woeful. When are you clowns going to get it right, do you actually test before you release an up date, because the worst thing is, you don’t have a choice in updating, as soon there is an update, there automatically seems to be issues with this app, so your forced to update , then when you do, other things don’t work properly… .. FB need to find another provider that can offer better stability of this app

Unstable as anything. Constantly closing itself. Doesn’t always load saved items on Marketplace. Just a horrible app to try and work with. Totes unstable.

Barely usable. Barely usable frame drops to like 10fps within 5 seconds on scrolling and then its just broken from there on, how has this happened when it has been working perfectly for years

What a total load of rubbish. What a joke you are trying to tell me that users get a black mark against your Facebook profile for posting historical history facts what sort of tyranny dictator are you people at this Facebook and for someone who when to war for all of even your children today maybe we shouldn’t of given up our friends and families lives in wars just for people like you to destroy democracy so real legitimate video footage of biden is classified as fake video footage this entire social media is the real fake of this world maybe your fake checker should also be outlawed as soon as trump gets back as president

Ads, ads and more ads. What on earth has happened to Facebook? It seems to have become an endless stream of ads. I used to love catching up with my friends’ news. Now Facebook has become an amazingly frustrating experience of trying to find the posts amongst all the ads

Facebook is so boring. I don’t have Facebook lol

No iPad dark mode. And still the only app on iPad with no dark mode support. Why?

Freedom of speech control. You try to tell me my freedom of speech in relation to the queens guard being harassed.my comment was-they should shoot one of them then the problem will be solved.the problem nowadays is the control on everything.you want to silence freedom of speech fine but I will just quit this Facebook app as it’s not any good if the corruption corporations want to persist on me I will delete the app and go back to the retro phone no controls there.no internet freedom.the phone even has a removal battery cell to not be tracked so easy the ignorance and arrogance great job suckerburg

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Sucks so much of your data it drains battery. Installing this app on your phone is the same and putting a leach on your skin

Bad app delete ur app ok. If I could give it 0 I would ok it’s too complicated I only got it for my family on a another country. OK so tell me why you have to post about me editing my profile even the minor the changes and u don’t even have an option to disable it or delete it without deleting the actual thing I added on my profile it’s sooo stupid fix ur ugly app stupid hags!

Terrible. Terrible social media platform with entirely too much censorship. Received a permanent lifetime ban from Marketplace for trying to list a compound boy (violates their “Policies” for “weapons”). Yet you can list kitchen knives or baseball bats, and there are a ton of pages specifically for selling hunting equipment (including firearms and bows, which are NOT considered firearms). Also received a 7 day ban over Christmas for wishing my friends and family a Merry Christmas. Zuckerberg, you seriously need to reevaluate.

Why is it so bad!?. A company this large should not have such a horrible product that can’t do simple things like post a photo. You are better off just going to the site and skip this useless app

Photos. I just updated your app now I can’t post any pictures, I also don’t get notifications anymore? Please fix..

Schedule. In this digital world. Lots of people using this online platform to post content. In my experience, it is hastle not having a scheduled option to post REELS. Hoping to get a SCHEDULED FOR REELS. Thanks.

Deleting the unavailable content from my memories page. Your Facebook content says something went wrong from deleting the unavailable content. And it’s saying that you’re working on it as soon as we can. How soon is now? I always keep getting that notification page on my iPhone. If you’re going to fix, plz do it now not later until I die. DO IT NOW!

Updates often make it worse. There are so many updates, and quite often, the update breaks something else. Right now, reporting spam doesn’t work, and it seems like previously reported spam is showing back up again. Annoying when 35 different people are telling you to invest in a scam.

Scams. Facebook show you mostly scammers its hard to connect with honest people there i tried to sell my monitor some guy send me a message and by saying he is gonna send me the check before pickup it was obviously a scam not only this there is a lot more but they dont all fit in this review majority of people are scammers be carful guys

Censorship to its purest form. With a rating of 2.5 stars out of 5 it says it all… Wasted time nothing else, being blocked, censored… and manipulating what you should be viewing.

Keeps crashing on my iPad. I only use this platform for contacting old friends and for marketplace mainly, but keeps crashing on my iPad

smd. this app sucks sm

Not a good app. Everything about this is inefficient

FB updates. Would be nice if we could choose each part of the update we want. Lots of these updates are not wanted or used by everyone. Glorified unnecessary crap that uses more data and serves no purpose. Also wondering why there is so many updates lately. There is a new one every couple of days..??

Why should I get this app ?. Don’t make any sense What’s the point ?

Stop frequent updates.... Every time u people update the app now the newest is u can’t use translate...quit unfixing things😡😡update:: now when i scroll through group posts it will go to the top and remain on one post as if there’s no more...wdf fb stop making it worse🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ now the constant ads are back….u guys are destroying this app🤦🏼‍♀️why does my group newsfeed hardly load alot? I miss out on alot of my groups news….get a grip and fix things right already🤦🏼‍♀️

One star. Horrible social media. You will get banned from any small “suspicious” activity you do. I just got marketplace and I got banned twice. Anything else, instagram is better… since getting it, my life is ruined please just do everyone a favour Facebook and ban yourself.

It keeps suggesting post of people I don’t fallow.. Even if I snooze post for 30 days I keep seeing other people’s post I’m not friends with. They just keep popping up. I don’t have time to snooze every single one of them. I’m considering deleting the app at this point.

Could be worse. Some of the stories are interesting but they should fact check the stuff before they post it not after, and then giving me heck for reposting it. That just doesn’t make sense.

SSO. Dear Hardworking People, I once remember when warrior Steve was alive there was an option within the iPad or iPhone to sign-on to all social media including FB from the comfort of your hardware. This can apply to buying magazine and/or TV subscriptions. Correct me if I am wrong but I have not seen this feature anywhere so far. I am sure you will sell better, more efficiently and more reliably. Just like how you sell music. If late Steve was alive he would have run it differently may PBUH. Keep that mind, thank you!

Needs quality of life work. Not sure why when I have a video paused and change it to portrait mode the video plays again if I wanted to hear the video I’d have left it on Another issue with videos why in the hell does the app always pause my music even when I have auto play off?? If I was going to watch the video with auto play I wouldn’t mind that but I was about to keep scrolling and ignore the video.

Watch shortcut gone. The watch shortcut is completely gone after this update. Super disappointed. Will just use YouTube now.

Can’t add pictures to albums. Not sure what happened but I can’t add pictures to albums anymore.

Incessant login alerts. I repeatedly get login alerts every time I log into my account using my usual device and on the same location that I’m in. I repeatedly confirmed my identity and checked “Remember App” yet the issue persists. I wish Facebook would get their act together and sort it out.

What happened!. I can’t seem to reply to comments on my posts since the last update

CRASHES MARKETPLACE EVERY TIME!. Every Single time I scroll through marketplace on my iPad it CRASHES the app, and sometimes the entire iPad shuts down and reboots. I thought I was because my iPad was a few years old, so I went out and spent a fortune on a new iPad ONLY TO FIND OUT IT STILL CRASHES! Google says millions of other people have reported the problem over the YEARS!!!

Fix Marketplace. New Problem as of last March 2023 update. I can no longer upload photos to FB even though there is full permission to access all photos in my library. I can select a photo but there is no Add button. This is an app issue only. If I go directly to the web, I have no issues. I much prefer the Facebook app over going directly to the website. Except for the Marketplace portion. I constantly get bumped out of for no reason. Just scrolling, hit something to look at it more closely and the whole app shuts down.

Removed the video tab??. Probably the only thing keeping me from deleting this app and now the video tab is gone and can’t find it anywhere. Do you all just try and brainstorm ideas every day on how to make this app even worse?

Newest Update. The newest update to the app sucks. Get rid of the “ choose a layout “ before you post a picture from your photo collection.


Terrible. When I stopped using social apps, Facebook was the very to go. The app is huge on censorship and hates independent thinking. If you don’t follow the crowd on here, you will get strikes and eventually banned simply for thinking differently.

Trash. The app is just garbage, it’s been running for a while but sunset is just around the corner. What’s up next??

Won’t let me sign up. I deleted my Facebook account 8 years ago and now I can’t sign up for a new one because I still have the same phone number. Tried the customer service number but no help at all. I guess they don’t want new accounts…?

Dark mode.. The dark mode feature is completely gone. I have deleted and re installed the app twice. Checked to see if my phone needs updating, checked my settings and still nothing.

.. It asks you for identity and does not log into your account for a long time

Traduction svp. Je suis un peu tanné de voir apparaître des pubs et publication en anglais alors que j’ai un facebook en français! Il ne m’est même pas possible de « voir la traduction » seulement

Disgusting. Why is Facebook allowing people to send Porn links, and make groups on Facebook with people having sex and they’re spamming group chats, and on messenger and I have been recording and nothing has been done at all. Please increase and get rid of all of the disgusting spam porn on Facebook and violent animal abuse and sexual abuse

New update has made it almost impossible to post a single photo. The only way to post photos is in groups or with a background that crops the photo. I am now NOT using my iPad to post photos due to update. Instead I use my Samsung phone. Way to break something that was working fine.

Constant bugs and glitches. “No notifications yet” appears everytime I get a new notification. I send friend requests, and they don’t send. I send messages and a red exclamation mark pops up, stopping me from messaging. Facebook is horrible. Now, I can’t even log into my account, despite my account not being banned.

Censored. Facebook is great as long as you don’t post anything that goes against the Democrat/Liberal woke thinking🙄

Facebook sucks.. I tried to log into my account many times but it wouldn't let me it said error or sum, so I was like okay and cane back the next day. Still wouldn't work. I tried again and again and again. I tried making an account. Still wouldn't work. Sucks.

I am disappointed facebook adding facebook friends to instagram without my permission. To instagram and facebook I am getting very disappointed that facebook and instagram without my permission sharing my profile to my other account. my instagram friend is instagram friend. but why u put my facebook friends into my instagram account without my permission. i don’t know to delete to followers from instagram that facebook adds automatically. All i want is my facebook friends remain in Facebook. Instagrams friends remind instagrams. Sincerely, Wai Ling

Ringer doesn’t work when watching videos. So my mother just pointed this out to me, and I’m sure we are not the only ones with this issue as she brought it up to an Apple Associate who said there is an issue with the app that doesn’t allow the phones to ring when watching Facebook videos. My mother has been having this issues for months, please fix it.

Phone will not ring. If you are watching videos on Facebook be aware that your phone will never ring through to make you aware of incoming calls. Very annoying!!!! I have missed many calls because of this. I took my phone to the Apple Store to see if it was my phone and they said it is a Facebook problem.

not working. I do not know why my facebook won't open. I tried reinstalling and everything, but it just won't open on my phone.

Chiropractor Katie slims Middleton. Great treatment! Always makes me feel better. Keeping up the maintenance!pattymargiesore back no more

Marketplace doesn’t work on iPad. Keep getting “Unexpected Error” when I try to anything on marketplace with my iPad.

Facebook. This app is very strict and won’t let me do anything

Badge notification from messenger. Badge notification from messenger does not go away on the app even if i have no messages on messenger

google cambridge anylytica. facebook is evil use anuthing else plz

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