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Explore, connect and share your interests with real people. Whether you’re looking for a spark of inspiration with reels or want to dive deeper into something you already love with Marketplace or in groups, you can discover ideas, experiences and people that fuel your interests and help you make progress on the things that matter to you on Facebook. Explore and expand your interests: * Shop for affordable and uncommon stuff on Marketplace and take your hobbies to the next level * Personalize your Feed to see more of what you like, less of what you don’t * Watch reels for quick entertainment that sparks inspiration * Discover creators, small businesses and communities who can help you dive deeper into the things you care about Connect with people and communities: * Join groups to learn tips and tricks from real people who’ve been there, done that * Catch up with friends, family and influencers through Feed and stories Share your world: * Effortlessly create reels from trending templates, or let your creativity shine with a full suite of editing tools * Customize your profile to choose how you show up and who you share your posts with * Turn your hobby into a side hustle by becoming a creator or selling things on Marketplace * Celebrate everyday, candid moments with stories, which disappear in 24 hours Consumer Health Privacy Policy: https://www.facebook.com/privacy/policies/health

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Book Name Facebook
Genre Social Networking
Language English
E-Book Size 319.55 MB

Facebook (Meta Platforms, Inc.) Book Reviews 2024

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Content moderation. I had a direct quote from a C.S. Lewis book titled “Screwtape Letters” removed because it violated a Facebook policy (the post contained no language, it was not directed at people, and was not inflammatory). Two months later I reported a user who had a picture of a militia saying we need to rise up against the government and Facebook told me it did NOT violate any policy. Fast forward to recent, several users with overtly fake profiles are falsifying that they live at addresses within our neighborhood and Facebook will not bring down these user profiles even after evidence is presented that they are falsifying information to gain access to a restricted neighborhood group. Facebook’s content moderation policies do not match content moderation in practice.

Ask Meta Al. Please get rid of Ask Meta Al I don’t wanna popping up on my search engine. I want to search my own searches I don’t wanna ask Al to search for me

No worries. Yup, fb is always around for me. Can’t check in every day but when I’m not doing anything or waiting somewhere I check in with fb.

Hacking. I love Facebook but my original account was hacked and Facebook has no way to recover it!

Excelente. Muy buena plataforma con tantas herramientas buenas. Gracias

Avatar. My version of Facebook don’t let me make my avatar 😡

Friendless. Too many ads and other non essential information and not enough friends on FB.

All ads. Every other post is an ad now. To anyone advertising on this platform: I refuse to purchase anything advertised on Facebook. If your ad gets in my head, I’ll pay double for another brand. This is ridiculous. 3/14/24 update: After deleting a while, the ads calmed down. Now their new scam is they put advertised products in your feed and if you try to hide the ad by pushing the X it’s not centered so you accidentally click on it. Let us pay to hide your stupid ads and political agenda! Give us filters and leave us alone! You’re what is wrong with this country. Update 4/2/24. Problems above persist. Also please stop changing my online status to visible. It is off for a good reason. Do not turn it on without asking my permission first. Update 4/18/24: I do not want Ai present in my app. Stop forcing this junk on people.

Good and not so good. What so many ads? I have hardly any of the 1000+ friends. I love FB to keep up with people yet it’s turned into a site full of ads.

Nice. It’s still a good place to keep up with friends.

Great way to keep people close. Get duped

Connections. I enjoy connecting with friends.

Too many ads. Love the concept. But more than 60% of my feed is ads

Constant updates. Stop constant updates, your not good at it Week to week have to learn all over again

Inconsiderate. The new ai is annoying and they don’t have option to turn it off, please Meta get me back old version, also the app automatically refreshes without my consent after idling in the background for a short time. Disappointing!!

Facebook review. Honestly, I cannot stand it. Only on here because of my pictures and friends. It'll expire someday. Censorship is disheartening, disgusting and goes against values of most Americans. Nothing has changed about Facebook in 15 years. Like anything, it will end and the next platform will take over. Marketplace is great, great idea and it seems successful!

Meh. Too many ads and bait click.

To sensitive. They can put videos there with off the wall content, cursing and everything ! But when you comment in the off the wall video content you get sensor for just speaking your mind!!!! Facebook surely has double standards.

Facebook. Facebook support hates speech and try to hide all the posts or videos that support a humanities

Peasy. Easy easy

Annoying and obnoxious in every way.. Advertisements, suggestions and people youve never followed make up 90% of your feed. Facebook is about to be deleted

Review. Good stuff !!!

Facebook confuses me. I have to say 5 stars because you can find facts if you want to. I accidentally log on & find fun stuff, don’t search for anything & sometimes interesting stuff like reading a newspaper. 2016 proved that people who want to be stupid can also use Facebook by believing hate written about Hillary Clinton. There is no fixing lazy, people with IQ’s just below moron & supporting PutinJrtrump or people that prefers Russian propaganda like Fox News over honest reporting say of just about everyone else. So, many people thinks it’s media that mostly exists just to make money is to blame is wrong. Lack of education is much more to blame. Human beings are still primitive creatures & Facebook makes money off of them like PutinJrtrump republican cult in the White House.

Facebook. Enjoy Facebook get to stay connected to family and friends love it.

Ads. Ads are awful. Can’t hardly scroll for the ads!

El algorismo. Uno bloquea las paginas y el argorismo no lo detecta y te muestra lo mismo

Meta AI. I don’t want this feature and it cannot be turned off.

Review. your slanted Liberal agenda is certainly one of the biggest threats to liberty and the first Amendment…Your shadow blocking is particularly worrisome

So much junk!!. It used to be you could see your friends on Facebook, now I mostly see ads and suggested pages to follow. It’s practically NOT WORTH THE HASSLE anymore!! And how about the biased censorship?

“Fake Book”. I like connecting with family and friends. I don’t like all the extra stuff that shows up on my feed. I also don’t like the way Facebook “decides” what should be seen and what should not be seen. Misinformation in your eyes seems to be just what you don’t agree with. I don't want a new App for messages. I want to set Newsfeed to most recent.

Not a big fan. Super sensitive guidelines. Can’t post or share anything that hurts sensitive people’s feelings. Goes against our first amendment of freedom of speech

It’s great ❤️❤️❤️. Nice

pure. amazing

Best app. I live in this app. I connect with all my friends and family on this app. It eats away at my life and brain but I ❤️ it!

I’m glad you reset my algorithm for less adds and more of my family and friends.. Thank you!

Not Happy. Three times cFB closed my account for no reason I don’t have any eager to be in FB, beside not even not enjoying.

Bribery specialists. You sold my data to foreign countries and paid off congress to attack a competitor. When do I get paid for my data?

Crazy!. Every time I try to use my new device you folks come out with all silly questions which make me to wonder how evil doers get by with fake accounts and I can’t even sign on my own???

Get rid of the AI. Absolutely hate the AI prompts at the bottom of almost all the posts now. It’s annoying and unnecessary. Your AI can’t even help get rid of fake and scam accounts, why do you think this will help anything??

Great Show. Good Show great personality

Lovingly. I love Facebook

Horrible. Hall monitors, login issues are way too complex, the fact you generally have no support at all. When your account has an issue you just have to delete and start over. Overall if X had marketplace and messenger id be out for good. Free speech is the American way!

GOT HACKED 6 days ago. No support has been given. Please figure out how in 2024 you are still able to be hacked on of your Facebook. Please look into this.

memes. memes

Ai meta. I wish we can take the meta ai off !!!

Ug,. You won’t print this. The big brother that cares about himself and not you. you’re ultra liberal. You’re not us. Given the chance you spy on me, you do. Only because friends and family am I there. I’ll bet you don’t have the guts to publish this!

Tracey maio. To many ads

Mrs. Mitchell. I enjoy that I can talk and see my family and friends. Thanks Facebook

More spies than the Kremlin!. See above.

Facebook. It appears Facebook allows scam seller ads but disallows posts contrary to liberal views. This is censorship.

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Reels?!. Facebook isn’t TikTok, so why the heck are videos now being shown in Reel format? When I upload a video, I want to watch it in the landscape format I uploaded it in. Not portrait orientation! Or as reel. I use my iPad in landscape mode and have for years. Please give us a choice on whether we want to see reels and what format we want to watch videos in!

Fun. Good jokes

Facebook. Too much woke regulation Does no do enough to police obvious AI scams. Ignores obvious complaints regarding scam ads.

Keep putting restrictions on me for no reason. Fed up with fb putting restrictions on me because someone reports me for just replying to there verbal post . I’m no bully never have been . So putting 😼 In a comment is bullying. Fb is a joke

Magic Home. Magic Place, lovely village, home well decorated, modern but with country style hart, very functional, great garden with BBQ and pond, plenty activities in the area, recommended

I Enjoy Facebook. Great for contacts

Bad algorithms. Hate that if you look at something the algorithm changes and you sometimes only see that person or group. Dozens of my friends I no longer see their posts - hate it!! Not interested in people I may know or constant bombardment of friend requests! Not interested 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Stop feeding me the same stuff. Facebook is getting incredibly boring because they keep showing me the same groups over and over almost to the exclusion of anything else. And when they do show something else, it’s generally more groups in the same category. Occasional friends’ posts are there, but usually only the ones I’ve recently interacted with. Stop deciding for me what you think I am interested in. Variety is the only thing that interests me.

Mrs. I hate not being able to block advertisements from cafes etc. it only lets me have less shown. It’s so annoying

Too many adverts. A advert appears now for every 2 posts. Go to apps and yet more ads. Whole of Facebook just continuous adverts

Guarded praise. Great app, but they keep meddling with it, and making absurd decisions based simply on algorithms

Fake posts. Tous many fake posts

Keep away from kids. Everyone hear is they/them on hear and should be put to death. :)

Great to keep in touch with everyone. Ggdtyujy

Woke. Gone too woke

Mrs. Only like positive comments!

A good way to keep in touch with far flung family and friends!. As there are photographs on Facebook it’s a great way of keeping in touch with friends and family in far flung places.

Too many advertisements.. Too many advertisements, animal kills and not much friends content.

Love Facebook. More than just photos it can be a friendly social space too and I have enjoyed joining groups that support my interests

BEWARE Facebook is the home of SCAMS!!. Meta are the scum of the internet. They are only interested in advertising revenue. A recent bank report in U.K. found 80% of scams customers lost money to started on Meta platforms. They will ban you for insulting someone but allow obvious scam adverts for creams that make you grow taller or flying cars for $19.99 I reported a facebook group trading in stolen ATM data. Facebook said it doesn’t break their Community Standards. Every girl on dating platform is a professional. I withdrew our company advertising and I wouldn’t buy anything advertised on there

Account blocked 🚫. I have had my account nearly 20 years and never had a problem. Recently I’ve had my account blocked TWICE in a week with no explanation

Function issue. This app is working alright but since the latest iPhone update came in, long posts, and blogs are shown with broken letters. This happened a few years back as well but was sorted out. This time it’s taking a longer time though. I hope you will check into it. Thank you.

Banned right away??. I got onto Facebook and I made an account, a few minutes afterwards I got told i was banned for what, 180 days?

Ocena.. Cenzura. Wadliwe działanie.

locked account pls help. sir i don't log in my facebook account in other mobile. this the mobile where i always used my account but last night someone try to hacked my account and i was try to Secure my account than my account is locked for unusual activities. Facebook says that log in by the device where you loged in the past to unlock your account. Then i try to log in by mobile but there is no possitive result. This my mobile where i used my account in the past days but still my account not unlocked pls help me to unlock my account pls,,,,,,,

Adds. Too many adds at the moment

Too complicated!. Too complicated!

Love FB. Good to interact with people from across the world with a different take from ourselves good fun !

No support for fraud victims. Having been hacked months ago I have been left speechless and frustrated by the total lack of support from meta. It doesn’t exist.

Horrible experience. Having lost my old account and all my last 10 years content abs business account I had to set up new account as old email address and phone number were attached. I couldn’t remember password and no way of getting in touch with anyone to set up new one. Now new account no posts from friends only ads that have no interest to me.

Review. Face book can be useful stay tuned in with useful information and people but more so also be a pain/ waste of time with useless information. Also when deleting keeps on. Reappearing???? 🙆‍♀️🤦‍♀️👀👍

No security problems since deleting it.. Three times in three months I and over 50,000 others had accusations of posts going against community guidelines. I was banned on my birthday and over the Christmas period yet without being active on FB. No security issues in one year of accessing it through a browser although it doesn’t work on Safari or ios very well.

Safeguarding. Please act urgently on reports of fake accounts and fake news, quality not quantity of profits please, you don’t need blood on your hands to be successful, people really like your products and they’re part of our lives.

Adverts. After a number of years using FB thinking about unsubscribing. I don’t see posts from friends now, 95% of my feed is now unwelcome adverts.

Not worth using anymore. FB used to be a place for friends to stay in touch. Now it’s just a place for company’s to advertise. 7/10 posts are adverts of things that have no interest to be I’m so tempted to just delete it I don’t use it anymore anyway.

Rubbish. There are too many ads and fake news stories. Where have my friends and family gone? When Facebook started it was a way to see what was happening in life and stay up to date with people you know. Now it’s all ads and rubbish.

Awful app full ofcensorship -free speech is not allowed-will be deleting shortly. Don’t bother if you value free speech Go to Parler, MeWe instead

Pff. Hey facebook idiots, before cramping even more ads into the platform, sort out market place, it has been a mess for a while, especially vehicle search…also get rid of all of the scammers, every second ad is a scam!!! Since when your ratings gone from 1.3 to 4.3?! Surely those are fake reviews, as there have not been an improvement in years, with every new update there’s something more messed up than ever! Can you not set your bots to ban all the scam ads on the marketplace?! There’s literally 3 out of 4 ads are scam! They steal peoples accounts and then post copy/paste texts in fake ads!!!

Scammers. Fed up with all the scammers on her other wise I really enjoy Facebook

Your letting too many scammers on here!. Why is Facebook banning loads of users for doing nothing wrong!! Facebook you are useless!!

Facebook - helpful but convoluted. I am an occasional user of Facebook and like the freedom to make longer posts than allowed on X. However, finding material and navigating Facebook is not particularly easy or intuitive, perhaps because I am an infrequent user.

Facebook ads. I don’t see any activity from friends . It’s just groups and ads

Too many adverts. Facebook started as a connection to friends and family. I hardly ever have posts from friends and family. 4 out of 5 are adverts. From China and USA. Thinking about shutting mine down!!!!!!

Shocking. Every time I use it , I get suspended

Fake advertisement on Facebook. Most of the advertisement is a fake. They show the product and send you a different product which is cheaper one I tried to contact with Facebook but there’s no option to email them so I think the Facebook is involved with these scams. Thank you

Ms Tulay French. Facebook is not a freedom land anymore I am very sad about this. Some of my shares being criticised by meta.. On the other hand of course it is nice to be in touch with good friends.

Review of Facebook. To many adverts You can’t see any posts because it’s all adverts Can you not cut your millions of profit and have less adverts ?

Lewacki belokot !!!. I wszystko jest nie zgodne z zasadami społeczności 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

Chamber of secrets. Probably the best value 40 euros (£35) per person we’ve ever spent, these guys should be super stars but are happy to stay as they are, can’t rate them highly enough, all inclusive drinks and unreal entertainment 🙌🙌🙌 brilliant 👌👌👌

Not what it was. Im so fed up with FB. I can’t set the order of preference, I get bizarre and inappropriate commercials. FBs idea of inappropriate and mine are very different. I’m constantly trying to get rid of certain pages which constantly resist and stay put. I get old posts, posts from people I’ve never heard of, nothing seems to come in a logical chronological order. Nothing is intuitive and the language is sometimes very confusing. Friends of mine have had accounts suspended for no logical reason. I myself had my account blocked for a month, with no possibility of being able to contact someone about it. The only message I got was “you must lo log into your account to proceed” D’oh!

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Psychological dopamine trap. The app is designed to psychologically manipulate the dumb masses whilst simultaneously rewarding the pleasure centres of their brains with dopamine.

Helping me through a hard time!. I’ve been going through a separation and the reels have been a real help to me. I haven’t been on Facebook for sometime Reels have helped me through the day Thankyou 🙏

Great. Great

New Owners. Facebook now has too many inserted posts, friends are cut out. Not like it used to be.

15 + Facebook user. Too many adds, I would delete it and move to another platform that doesn’t bombard me with adds and fake news and fake post, if I could transfer all my data I would say chow Facebook.

Get rid of ai search bar. Get rid of the ask ai anything in the search bar please

Ruined. Too many ads and unwanted features, you report scams and they don’t care

Community standards and rule. If other target hindu religion then its not against community standards rules of facebook , if m replying on that then its against community standards rule , totally wrong thing . Banned all Khalistan protests video because that people always disrespect indian flag and abusing all hindu and indians . For you kind information all people whomis spreading hate and wrong comments mostly belongs to sikh religion . One another thing if i am playing any video other video music playing together. Pls remove all wrong banned on my account I promise this will not happen again.

Scam. Marketplace scams and sell your private information

Ads. To many ads

Review. Your biased and Orwellian censorship on your platform is actually in breach of many local , federal and human rights laws. You silence the truth and condone lies, allowed so called peer reviewed fact checkers to hide information which is factual. These fact checkers are far from any qualified people. You allow pedophiles to have a platform, you have degenerated into a biased tyrannical discriminatory platform by allowing far left radical agendas to be posted unchecked yet heavily sensor any opposing content THAT is discrimination in anyone’s language and it beggars belief how you haven’t had countless human rights charges against you. You have a biased discriminatory platform now Facebook that is all it is … Shame on you . Thank you for the opportunity to let you know my thoughts and I can guarantee millions think the same as I. Have a nice day much love.

To many ads. To many ads

Boring, tired and repetitive. Sick and tired of seeing the same old memes being promoted time after time. I want a button that says I’ve seen this before and do not want to see it again.

Messenger. Messenger voice messages need more improvement

Jacob pink. Terrible can’t access marketplace even though I’m 18

Hi. Why am I getting messages in some other language when I am Australian.

spam overload animal sales. tickets for concert's businesses with fake offers fake jobs all business related should show business name and abn animals for sale dogs cats no microchip vaccines hidden within body or comments of ads reporting does nothing

Stop the dam adds. Hating the adds. Not looking at FB as much as hate the adds

Too many adds and scammers. Not seeing any friends on Facebook and way to many scammers and adds

Forwarding reels. When I try to forward a reel it will only go to what’s app. Why can I not send it via messenger ❓ thanks

Can be difficult to use.. Can be difficult to use software

It’s all just adds now. Adds are out of control, only use it now to get sporting group updates.

Love Halcyon. Halcyon is an amazing place to live . We are so happy that we decided to sell our house and move to Halcyon

Censorship. Facebook censors news🤮 during the convid scamdemic and forced vaccination programs Facebook was vile. Facebook allows scammers yet censors news Facebook has a social and moral responsibility to be factual and allow free speech

Unreliable. Getting out

Full of scammers or blocking genuine posts. Every 2nd comment gets some scammer responding. Got suspended once for a week for a picture of a boiled egg - apparently it was sexual. Idiots.

Censorship is unconscionable. It is so obvious now #2020icanseeclearlynow Having posts removed from 1year ago is getting beyond ridiculous

Too many unsolicited ads. There’s way too many ads now being presented, Meta pull your head in

Privacy. Keep your nose out of were you are not invited

Reporting of scammers. Need to be able to report scammers selling cars, bobcats, tracktors, shipping containers etc for half price or less, when the item is not actually for sale. Just a scam to get people to send a deposit!! I’ve reported plenty, yet the reply comes back “we didn’t remove the listing, as it doesn’t go against our community standards” So Facebook condones the scams???

Rashedul. Review

Ads. It’s all adverts. Can’t get friends feed getting worse no wonder people are dropping out more and more

Timeline. Things disappear at will doesn’t seem I’m I. Control of my timeline

.. .

Ads ads ads. Too many unwanted ads have spoiled Facebook.

Bugs bugs bugs.. There are so many bugs that it is getting frustrating using Facebook.

Too many ads | Not seeing everyone’s posts. I sometimes look at Facebook and all I get is a reel of ads. Then I’ll find posts days or weeks later when I go to a friend or family members page and I’ve not seen their posts. Some people I literally never see any of their posts. The AI behind the scenes isn’t working well for me in relation to seeing all my connections posts, but it’s definitely listening to everything I’m saying because the ads certainly update every day depending on my conversations…

Awesome. Cool only been on 3 months and love it great to catch up with old friends

FakeBook views. I disagreed with your leftist viewpoint

Still fanning the flames of Facebook. I'm a happy Meta Man and would like to remind people that FB is a tool, free and fun.while the navigation seems random

Too many ads. Once upon a time Facebook allowed you to engage with your friends but now it’s a mission to see a friends posts. Advertisements clog the feed. Facebook popularity is on the slide.

Great for interest groups but.. You allow to many scammers to operate from Facebook with impunity.

Adds. I don’t like being bombarded with advertisements or not being able to see all my friends news.

简单,原味. 正宗

Do better.. It’s just one big commercial now!

Videos and photos don’t mix. If I have a video in my post with images it jumps out to the video mode with black background. I would rather it stayed in the same format as the images to browse together.

Have 5 pages. Love the freedom to be myself that Facebook/ Meta gives me!

Marketplace. Yeah good app don’t use it that much but I got banned off Facebook marketplace for no reason

No. I want to go back to fb.

Myrnakiss POV. It is so much easier to use compared before and i can say it is totally safe than before I could say

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Bad connection. Very very very very slow

Love Facebook but hate the Censorship. I use Facebook a lot as a life journal and family contact. The lack of commitment to free speech means one star.

Unsafe environment. Facebook is filled with fake accounts and fraudulent publicities.

Not what it was. All click bait ads and tiktok. Rarely do I use this anymore bc I don’t see anything from anyone I know.

Over the top too much adds. Way way way too much adds. Considering other media.

Facebook connects us all. I think this platform is great, having a reach that it has and you can talk to people all over the world sharing your thoughts. This day and age technology makes us that much closer so thank you Facebook.

Settings. There should be an easier way to understand and set up privacy control. I stopped sharing content on this social media platform (Facebook) for that very reason. I don’t trust it anymore.

Review. My 3 stars are only because I can keep in touch with family and friends BUT AS FOR THE REST OF THE GARBAGE AND ALL THE INFORMATION THAT I HAVE NOT REQUESTED It IS THE PITS! I do not enjoy fb like I use too.!

Moveable fence to table for neighbours visiting. So cool!

Dear Facebook. Your format is a great tool, however someone needs to not allow posts that are false or hurtful

Get rid of Meta AI search bar. Don’t want it

Needs news. Works. Sort of. Needs news content though. So I don’t use it often. Bluesky has better news.

Dès que je l’aurai vendu je n’y manquerai pas. J’eu de la difficulté à enregistrer mon annonce tout de même.

Not intuitive. As an admin for a page I find it so frustrating how it works differently on different devices. Features you think should be there aren’t I’m always trying to figure out where things are and I used to work in networking and computers for 40 years. Consistency would be good

Facebook..NOT for “friends” now. I’m SICK of Facebook!!! It used to be a nice place to “meet” with friends, but now there’s more advertising posts than friends’ posts!! I’m NOT interested in being sucked into buying stuff!! In fact, I look at FB less and less and I’m considering deleting myself from FB!!!

Biased terrorism support by Facebook.. Facebook is biased as hell, it allows heat speech to float through posts and comments if you are Israel supporter without any fact checks, while it blocks and bans any other content even when based on facts. Facebook is unreliable and not trustworthy worthy.

My account got disabled and I never got help, I tried requesting for so long!. My account got disabled and I never got help, I tried requesting for so long! I still want my account back! Contact me!!

Good but glitchy. My feed is okay and I love seeing peoples pictures and funnies (not so much political stuff!) Try as I may I can’t seem to get ‘the most recent’ posts in order of time/date, which is a little frustrating. A lot frustrating is that on my IPad (my iPhone is okay), if I am searching Marketplace, it kicks out and shuts down my IPad after only a few minutes, no clue. Also it would be REALLY HELPFUL if there was a way to specifically address issues or questions with Meta itself instead of the generic ‘checkboxes’ where you can’t add a note or explain your concern further, just a blanket reason or answer with no opportunity to clarify in further detail and get any kind of response!

supression. supression de mon ancien compte et de tout mes souvenirs sans aucune raison , un gros zéro a facebook !

Policing comments. The Facebook police are crazy. A person can post near nude posts but when someone comments unfavourable but TRUE, they punish us! Get it right Facebook

Thanks. This service has helped me so much

Government should go. When Facebook follows our government’s rules to not allow freedom of speech, you should stand up and ask the people that use it instead of allowing them to make the rules. They work for us and our PM and all Liberals along with Jagmeet are idiots.

To much stuff I don’t want. There is far too much in my feed that has nothing to do with who I am following. I have blocked ads, deleted things, used settings, but nothing stops it. Within a week it is back to endless scrolling of quotes, ads and memes that I don’t care to see. I only keep it so I can go directly to my own groups but I can’t trust fb to provide what I want to see.

Facebook. It’s Facebook

Videos reel glitch. Video reels stopped working after update… fix it

Problems. Why can’t someone APPEAL if they are put in Facebook jail ? Many of my friends have been out there simply for having conservative values. I won’t comment anymore on anything political. Facebook should be a place where differences of opinion can be politely debated. Banning people only divides people further

Contenue, trop de pub. Pas assez de nouvelles des amis et toujours les mêmes amis. de pub. Pas assez de nouvelles de mes amis

Infos. Dommage pour nos réseaux d’informations plus disponible comme radio Canada ou nos journaux nationaux qui sont des sources d’information importantes

to far left. to far left wing

POOR SUPORT. i was hacked and fees got charge to my business account and facebook refuses to recognize that i was not me that did the transaction to reimburse me i am strongly disapointed i will be opening a police investigation with this case also

Great experience!. I highly recommend Steve! The shop was super clean and Steve was very patient with me, I was nervous but he put my nerves to rest! I’m definitely going back to continue my treatments with him!

Data mining pos. Title says it all

Not all advertising and selling pages. I have a page for people following my dogs and I have a page for animal items I make but don’t sell on line. Keeps asking me to boost and it’s annoying as I’m not selling things on either page.

Perfect. Amazingly

Fb. Censorship platform is very one sided. Posts are removed with out any intelligent conversation and no true fact checking at all. I verify my sources yet fb constantly states my info is wrong.

Facebook is trash. You penalize people for defending against scammers and the scammers run rampant! Tiktok way better

FB. Trop de fausses annonces.

Will fade away soon. Facebook is way to censored. The fact checkers are completely bias and prob are nothing but teenagers that know nothing about anything . People are waking up to what’s going on and Facebook will soon be a thing of the past .

Boring - Too much ads. Too much ads

Trop de publicité. Trop de publications indesirables, trop de publicité. Trop d’arnaques. Je pense quitter.

Bad adds. I’ve paid for many adds that got me no results

Facebook disappointed. All I see is advertisements,seriously thinking of removing Facebook.

Why I no longer enjoy FB. Too many reels, too many ads, no option to just see friends posts. Chronological posts would be so appreciated.

fix it. stop censoring... let people decide what they wanna see and stop shoving silly ads and scam ads down our throats! also do better in removing the scammers they are everywhere if we can spot them we know you can spot them...

Excellent Service. Melissa helped me create a beautiful bridal package, she is very patient, help me match all the products in the bundle to make the perfect basket for our dear friend.

Bots!. Bots everywhere!

Best app. App is against free speech

Can find friends. It is hard to find friends post which is why I am here. You are constantly devaluing your product. I tried to block advertising and it does not work.

Trop de censure et contenue plus où moins intéressant. Trop de censure Depuis quelques mois je ne suis presque plus fan je préfère d’autre plateforme

Scammers on Marketplace.. There’s always selfish and inconsiderate & rude & scammers who ruin a system for everyone else. I don’t trust much I see on Marketplace anymore. It was once such a great place to sell items.

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The Facebook book written by Meta Platforms, Inc. was published on 05 February 2019, Tuesday in the Social Networking category. A total of 10,542,229 readers of the book gave the book 4.34514 points out of 5.

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