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WhatsApp Messenger by WhatsApp Inc. Book Summary

WhatsApp from Meta is a FREE messaging and video calling app. It’s used by over 2B people in more than 180 countries. It’s simple, reliable, and private, so you can easily keep in touch with your friends and family. WhatsApp works across mobile and desktop even on slow connections, with no subscription fees*. Private messaging across the world Your personal messages and calls to friends and family are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of your chats, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them. Simple and secure connections, right away All you need is your phone number, no user names or logins. You can quickly view your contacts who are on WhatsApp and start messaging. High quality voice and video calls Make secure video and voice calls with up to 8 people for free*. Your calls work across mobile devices using your phone’s Internet service, even on slow connections. Group chats to keep you in contact Stay in touch with your friends and family. End-to-end encrypted group chats let you share messages, photos, videos and documents across mobile and desktop. Stay connected in real time Share your location with only those in your individual or group chat, and stop sharing at any time. Or record a voice message to connect quickly. Share daily moments through Status Status allows you to share text, photos, video and GIF updates that disappear after 24 hours. You can choose to share status posts with all your contacts or just selected ones. *Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details. --------------------------------------------------------- If you have any feedback or questions, please go to WhatsApp > Settings > Help > Contact Us

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Book Name WhatsApp Messenger
Genre Social Networking
Language English
E-Book Size 158.54 MB

WhatsApp Messenger (WhatsApp Inc.) Book Reviews 2023

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Awesome App. It has so many privacy settings and services, it’s great. Thank you to the whole WhatsApp Team :) ❤️❤️😊

It’s like a dream…!. I left my Country in 1980, as student in Europe the worst and most horrible expenses was the price of each minute phone call to talk other counties to reach my family. Today the young generations have no idea about the value of such benefit to be able to contact friends and family in the whole world with no cost. I don’t need a cell phone but I have one because of the free access to wahtsApp.

الف. الله

Still theirs problems. 14 promax too much hanging the app also the camera becomes delayed when opening in the app also the camera focuses not responding immediately. I feel bad and ,I think i will return to my samsung 23 ultra.

The new update. I hate the new update where if you’re not online and a status is being posted you won’t see it it not helping us

Fix the status issue. Status works in web browser. Not working in mobile app, fix it asap.

Voice over when uploading a video longer than 30 secs.. When you upload a video longer than 30 seconds the second 30 seconds appears no be delayed in terms of the action and voice

way blocked without warning. way blocked without warning

WhatsApp status. Haven’t been seeing most of the uploaded status by contacts

Video. I will rate you guys 3/5. I have been facing this problem on WhatsApp when you watch a video on your status and go to another status, The audio of the previous status will still be playing with the current one all together. You guys need to fix this issue.

Ruim. Muito ruim de uns tempo pra cá

Exelente. Muy bueno

Hi. Hola WhatsApp no me deja actualizar que problema podría tener yo en este caso

Total Privacy App. Your conversations are encrypted, photos, informations, etc. This is anti hacking app. Enjoy the privacy,protection and security of your account. Plus free international calling! The best app I have ever downloaded! LOVE it!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊

Inconforme. 1. No me ayudaron a recuperar mi información, después de una actualización. 2. Las llamadas son de baja calidad. 3. Nunca prestan atención al cliente adecuada.

Status issue!. Generally the app is ok and it’s cool to have those new features but there’s a problem with the app now, if I’m not online I won’t be able to see what other people have posted (also happens when your data is on but app is minimized) it affects business owners that updates their customers on a daily basis. I hope you guys look this up sooner

Faulty app. The new app has some glitches 🤦 you will be one users status and when you flip to the next you still hear sounds of the other users status 😒

The story of an extremely useful app. Excellent app. It is extremely useful and a must for everyone using a smart phone.

🥲. amo whatsapp es la aplicación que más uso , pero últimamente no me aparecen todos los estados sin que me tengan bloqueada o silenciada simplemente no me salen y eso me estresa

Video call. Why video call is not working in UAE

Send pictures and video. I don’t know what’s going those days I can’t see anybody status I mean it’s a great app but sometimes I don’t know what happen with it ,and it’s not just me all my friends has the same issue:(

Gkgfff. Gfvydvux

Perfect. WhatsApp is very proficient, helpful and excellent for video & audio communication. Great platform and awesome quality of improvement on the network settings, saves a lot of money on international calls. Highly recommended for android and apple Users, very much protected too. Just utilize the settings and security features to make it more safer for your device. Thank you! 😊

Hola. Muy buena aplicación la recomiendo

Nice sits. It’s helpful sits thanks to all , who’s made this sits ♥️🌹👍

Can not Backup Data. I had to replace my phone but I was not able to restore data due to low storage ? So I upgraded and it still won’t allow me . I want to be able to use the app and still have my old data available. That’s why I have not been using it since Of October 2022.

Complain. Why would WhatsApp just suddenly disconnected my number from my WhatsApp why that you should stop doing nonsense ok you just banned my number from using WhatsApp that’s crazy

Family and friends. I like what app because we can stay connected with family and friends all over the world make it feel like we’re all together, way to go what app😊

Great App Stupid Update. An update where I can only get to see a friend’s status only when I’m online while they posted isn’t really an update for the well beloved WhatsApp, it’s actually a degrade

PIP doesn’t work for iPhone. The PiP feature doesn’t work even though the app update specifically mentions that PiP is included

Good app. It nice app to chatting with all family

Mise à jour non supportable. Cette dernier version mon whatsapp ne s’ouvre plus sur iOS

Good. Custom sounds, WHEN?


WhatsApp. Excellent service I enjoy it.

Status. The status update is not really perfect

It doesn't work.. It was working then it's bugged, no connection even though theres WiFi, I'm getting spammed calls from my friend but his phone is off and even redownloading doesnt work

Why can’t I put my number in not working. Need help

Cool. Super cool

It’s 2023 and no iPad support? What a joke. WhatsApp doesn’t support iPad. Meta just did another round of layoffs and has fired over 20,000 people. They still have over 50,000 employees; all these employees and they can’t make an iPad app? Fire them all and sell WhatsApp to google.

I am robot. I am robot

Garbage. Why online option has to be for nobody. Whats the point of having this whatsapp if we cant see is the person online or not! There’s shouldn’t be no option for to choose for NOBODY either everyone or for only contacts. If we use this app for to our friends family then it should be look active not dead whatsapp being ghost n chat calls with ppl. There shouldn’t be option where you can turn if read receipts there shouldn’t be option where can turn of online status for nobody either by everyone or by contact as of choice. Please fix this issue ASAP. Im getting irritated by this every update all ridiculous kee copying other social media just nonsense keep it like normal whatsapp how it used to be why so much stupid changes. Cants get calls or doesn’t appear in the notifications bar only i see when open the whatsapp app thats when i see i missedd someones calls just garbage this app became. Please bring back the old version we dont need any special update or feature just keep it like normal please thank you

Status Update Problem. The current version update whereby I can only see update status when online is really a big problem. I miss out on important updates and information when not online. WhatsApp should look into this and possibly fix it . Apart from that,WhatsApp messenger is really fun, easy to use with loads of cool features.

Share screen. Everything is great just when I am with my friends I can not share my screen and I get a little sad!

بنغازي ليبيا. بنغازي ليبيا

Call quality. My calls drop every single day

You guys are the best you can call anybody in here. Siiii

Sweet app. Best chatting app I really love it

Can you email please?. Please add email I don’t have a phone number

The new update hides some status. The new update almost caused a problem in my relationship whereby I couldnt see a particular status of my partner which I thought she blocked me whereas I couldnt see the status because I was offline when she posted the status. Please fix this up Thank you.

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Update is horrible. Whatever update was done just ruined everything! People are unable to see what I have posted on my story for some reason. They will see one thing and not see everything else cause it’s not showing that I posted on their end

You cannot block unless added as contact.. I have been getting harassed by someone at use to stalk me, and thought I could block them…but no!!! WhatsApp with being super intelligent will not allow you to block anyone who’s not a contact/or unless you open their text. One. Never open messages from unknown people. Ever. Especially when you’re in a situation like mine. This is extremely difficult & can allow them access to your certain information . That is fact. WhatsApp, I am absolutely astounded by the sheer lack of basic features. You use to be able to press on the profile picture & block them that way, now????????? Nooooo. What a ridiculous & utterly dangerous thing you have chosen to completely ignore for people’s safety.

Filters. I dont understand why whatsapp doesn’t hve filters dor video calls yet … so upsetting

Status. Could you guys fix the missing status thing. Important infos are missed just because you’re not online at the moment. It’s not appreciating.

Hacked WhatsApp account to be resolved!. Hard to close hacked account being controlled by the hackers. It would be nice if someone can help to close my account. All I got they my codes had been entered multiple times this is the code that am not receiving on my end instead going to the hacker. I just want my account closed for good to prevent my privacy.

zero!!. Can’t long in on my new phone it’s annoying can’t text anyone

Thank God for whatsapp. It has changed my life and kept me in touch with family and friends. A wonderful WONDERFUL INVENTION ❤️❤️❤️

Terrible. Every time I call someone it says reconnecting and makes an annoying beeping sound

Update. Status is so buggy! In the current status it starts to play the sound of the next status

Can’t create avatar. Can’t even get past the bit where you choose your hair colour. Just spins for ages.

To often asked to rate. If I say I don't want to rate the app, why continually ask me

Good but why did it do this?. So I got a new phone and it asked me for my End-to-end encryption password but I haven’t even set a password which is very bad it’s like it automatically gave me a password without telling me

What’s App. Excellent piece of App,easy to use connecting with the family world wide,from Africa,Europe & the America’s.Keep up the good work definitely 💯 recommend it.

1 problem. I have the new update but my Picture in Picture is still not working for some reason which is annoying when I’m on call with someone

Calling problem. Hi pls help me my WhatsApp is not connecting to call pls sort out asap thanks.

Won’t reply using CarPlay. Since the app updated I can’t reply to messages when using Apple CarPlay

OK. It’s ok

QR code scanning issue on portal. I cannot scan the qr code when trying to import my contacts onto my Portal. I have tried disabling and re-enabling the qr code option but no luck. I have an iPhone 14 Pro. Any suggestions?

Bug or update?. I just noticed that I see more status on my WhatsApp web than my mobile. Apparently when my mobile data or wifi on my phone is off any status update posted during that period does not appear when the network is back on. But because my laptop is always connected to wifi I get more updates on web than mobile.

Contacts status not updating. I am facing an issue from last few days with WhatsApp app. I don't see any status updates from my contacts list, even if they update it, and some times I do get them. I reached out to Apple, and they said the phone and the settings are intact, and they suggested I check with the WhatsApp app developer, which I did, but the issue still persists. And one more thing I have observed is that I am not getting status updates while my phone is in "Do not disturb" mode, but I ideally must get them after that mode is turned off, but still I don't get them. Please fix this issue

Buggier and slower than it was 10years ago. Seems to have gone the way of “bulk it up with features we didn’t ask for to the point that’s it’s now worse at doing what it did before”. Used to be very nice, lightweight and speedy way to send texts and simple media. Now the chats are visually buggy at times and each release ads more bloat. If it ent broke…. Probably just Facebook gleaning more data off us in the background.

I love this app. This app is amazing you can watch videos FaceTime take pictures lots of stuff who ever doesn’t likes it you are CRAZY!

App crashing all the time on IPhone SE. Hi Please help App keeps crashing on my IPhone SE 1gen The normal app and the business one I don’t want to reinstall the app so I don’t lose my archive messages Please advice Meta Kind regards Kamil

WhatsApp FaceTime breaking up!. Although the app has been brilliant for the years I have had it, recently my WhatsApp face times with my cousin haven’t been the best quality and they keep breaking up! I’ve had WhatsApp for a while and I haven’t had this issue before. There are also points where I can’t hear her for a few seconds not sure what’s going on but I hope somebody can help! It’s not happening with her, basically I’m not breaking up for her and I’m not going quiet for a few second for her. So basically she’s only breaking up and going quiet for me! Appreciate any help people can give! (We both have iPhone 12 she has a newer one if that helps)

Status missing. Hello I have been using WhatsApp for years now and I absolutely love it. However, I can no longer see update of my contacts status..it only shows half and half. Something is definitely wrong. Please rectify

Good. • quick at sending

Love the app. I give this app a 5 start because I like the fact you can see people are online or when they were last seen and on message apps like iMessage you chat see and I also like the fact it has statuses which is quite usesful so five star from me

What’s the. I used to believe in technology. It’s something I have always felt the world could do no wrong. A message system that was simple and easy to use had my eyes light up. Unfortunately this ungoverned and immoral platform doesn’t help you when you need you the most. I was the victim of a very serious attack to which my phone had messages that cannot be recovered because WhatsApp are adamant they aren't a message platform. What are they then ? A corporate loophole to which they undermine the very people who they say they are there for. Telegram or bust from now on

Amazing. This is amazing and gay ughhh dadddddyyyy chiillll

Timed send. The ability to write a message (particularly a broadcast message) and set it to be sent at a specific time would be very useful.

Great communication app. Used WhatsApp for years and still one of my favourites however in this time of our life’s we send so many messages/ photos. I feel a missing feature and I’ve not found this in any messaging app so far is an option to delete certain amount of messages better still to be able to select a date range. I like to keep some of the past messages for reference, but to be able to delete 2 years ago or a year ago and still keep the rest would be great. Hoping it gets added one day

Fake numbers. Whatsapp should inform who is messaging you - there has to be a mechanism by which the recipient of message must know who is contacting. Although this might have an sloping down impact upon the overall users of whatsapp messenger but this assurance of basic right of any individual would massively contribute in goodwill and confidence of the user.

Status issue. I don't know why but sometimes others people status are not showing me. Sometimes one status show but another one is not showing. Please check this problem and solve it as soon as possible.

Whatsapp Glitch. Why I can’t remove all the contacts from status only share with ? I have to leave at least 1 contact there to done my setting, i’m not happy with that

User friendly. User friendly and great app

Love it babes ❤️💅. WhatsApp is a great way to communicate with family and friends, I especially love status updates, as you can easily share something with everyone quicker than sending it to each individual person. : ) Things to (maybe) add: ・A feature to see what people have named you ・FILTERS!!!!!! ・Daily motivation? Idk lol 😂

Great but can do better. I would like to suggest to change the appearance of the WhatsApp. Clearly WhatsApp is superior to other messager apps however Facebook chat for instance has superior appearance and same goes with i message. I am sure WhatsApp can use a more beautiful platform to make the experience nicer.

Filters. Please make filters in video call

Pause Button. I love WhatsApp and I use it daily over iMessage or any other mode of communication. When the pause button was introduced in voice messaging it made life much easier, I was even able to pause the message close the app, put my phone in my pocket and then come back to messaging but now this feature no longer works unfortunately. You can pause but you cannot continue to message if you leave the app interface, the message disappears which is a pain and defeats the object in my opinion.

Desktop. I wish there was a translate feature available

Dr samir Hassbo. V good

Help needed. Hi I can’t install the app on my iPhone 14 when I enter my phone number and click done the help centre page open? Please look at it

Fantastic. A really cost effective and efficient means of communication between family and friends 😃

Most have app. WhatsApp is a fantastic messaging app that has a myriad of tools. From video calling, to sharing photos, voice notes to creating group chats to stay up to date with friends and family. The new feature to create polls is a great. There are lots of fun emoji’s, just needs a perfume emoji.

🫱🏼‍🫲🏽🔦. I find that the only thing that makes it worse is when you are on a call but you glitch and get kicked

Cannot see status uploads when I’m offline. This new version on iOS doesn’t bring status updates after being offline..

Love WhatsApp BUT needs to move up with the times ASAP. Can you make the status 1min long?? This 30secs when sharing a video you have to do it in pieces makes the lips go out of sync with the words 🙄

My honest review of WhatsApp. Best app ever👍. I use it all the time and it’s great that u can mute groups and change privacy settings and that. The only down about it is when u change a groups icon to a sticker ur stuck on that page. I love the status cos u can share things e.g holiday pics with several friends best app ever thx meta. Although I would love to be able to customise my keyboard and would love this feature to be created. Plus can u notify with the status. I love the app 💕.

App. Brilliant app no problems like some apps

AMAZING🤩🤩🤩. I overall think whatsapp is a great app for communication. I love updating my status and is definitely worth downloading. I can text my friends and family and it always sends. WhatsApp is an amazing app and is definitely worth downloading plus photos don’t just downloading all you have to do is change one setting! And you can change your chat wallpaper for free!! So go ahead and download WhatsApp today!🤩

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Archive chats can be at the bottom. App is good. It would be better if archived group chats can be at the bottom, not at the top. people usually will put first line as important, so it distracts the attention away with notification number. since it’s archived, it’s insignificant so it’s better to be at the end.

Regarding to Story. There is a new bug on wapp that one story sound is come on other story and that’s going on one after one

Phone call. Crackling sound, call breaks up, otherwise happy

Sad. Sad

No app for Apple Watch. Unfortunately you can only use this on your phone which is quite disappointing

Fix proximity sensor issue on iphone 14. Please fix the proximity sensor issue on iphone 14 pro, it does not turn the screen off when we listen to voice messages or call... very disappointing.

I don’t know what happened to my whatsapp status are not showing please fix this bug. 🥲🥲

Bug. Please fixed bug I can’t see other peoples status

Not a fan. Not a fan of this app as it sells my metadata. Trying to move all by chats to Signal which avoids this conflict but offers the same functionality for the purposes for which I use it

Whatsap story issues. I can’t see whatsap storys

Issue with whatsapp. Lately whatsapp doesn’t show up any of my contacts, which is why i cannot call anyone.

Bugs. Hello what’s app developers, A major issue has to be addressed from your end ASAP. The camera is accessed by WhatsApp even after ending the video call. This is not a minor error, please fix before it becomes a threat to the user’s privacy.

About satuts. Hi I noticed that few times I am unable to see my friend’s status.

Accessibility. Can you please make answering a video call more easier/ accessibile. I have no problem but for my grandmother living in Ireland with no experience with technology, it is very difficult for her. I think a lot of people would appreciate this as a vast majority of people use it to contact there relatives, who may live far away from them. Thank you.

WhatsApp. My only source of connection to all my friends, family, co-workers, and everyone who I share my life with is due to having this application called WhatsApp Lovely tool to help from sundown to sunset.

Review. Amazing app

Notification names. Names in notifications are not showing anymore, just the phone number

Great tool for groups but no message management. Would like more functionality around managing conversations in a big group. It’s like it was great at start then nothing more developed. But basic messages and photo sharing is good.

It makes my p***s osculate. Very good

New glitch. After the last update, the video update option is not working well! When I upload a video there is an option to “view once” but when we don’t choose view once option, the video is not displaying for ourselves! It’s just showing name.

D. Why can’t I get what’s app on my iPad as this Would be a great on iPad ??

Amazing. I love this app I can text people went ever want and you can create group on messenger you can’t so I love this app.

App performance. Great App to use.

Issues in status. I can’t see anyones status. They all suddenly disappear. I try to email in app but they are not responding 🤨

Reliable. Easy to add, use and check👍👍👍👍👍

Status. WhatsApp status not always showing on phone

We. Ease Oi hsigh V g Ty

WhatsApp. Very good and like it

New version is worst. No doubt, this app is best but I have the problem with latest version. I cant see people stories.

Very useful. I chat with friends

Good. Useful nice connect to families

Privacy issue. After video call WhatsApp still keep using camera on my phone. Is this spying ?

Disappearing Messages. I’m unable to disable disappearing messages even though setting is set to “off”.

Whatsapp problem ask to restart always!. I don’t understand either my new iPhone problem or was WhatsApp. But I already asking to Apple Store n they said have to uninstall whatsapp apps n install back. Not Bcause new phone problem!! Done did everything but still asking me to restart whatsapp alwayssssz. Urgh

Status problem. I cant see my gfs status or friends

Status not visible. I am unable to see my friends’ status

Raj and parman and. Raj parman

Tanq whataap ❤️❤️. ❤️❤️❤️

Very good camera and perfect. Very good

Paul PNG. WhatsApp is the best

Special request for all users. Please provide status music option. Example, instagram Facebook story music option By Ambedkar hostel Rajgarh churu Rajasthan India Surendra meghwal instagram @iamsurendramehra

Serious fault with Version This latest update has inexplicably cleared all of the blocked contacts in my privacy settings, allowing all previously blocked people full access to my profile & activity again. I am a survivor of DV, and as many fellow survivors would know, the abuse does not stop just because the relationship ended. I have (had!) very specific privacy controls setup to help manage the risks, with specific contacts blocked. I updated the app as normal, then by chance, many days later I find that the update cleared all of my blocked settings & I’ve been completely exposed during this time. Hugely concerning! Sort this bug out asap

The best great program Thanks. Thanks WhatsApp

Notification issue. I have six unopened messages but no notifications. (No red circle number). Ive checked that notifications are on on settings, Ive updated the app in the App Store , Ive switched on snd off. Can you please contact me for further assistance as to how to display the red circle number.

Use WhatsApp in two device. I’d love to Use WhatsApp in two device with the same number, as we have different d peoples using the same WhatsApp to answer same clients… the users are part of business, it’s a nice function for WhatsApp business.

Reliable international connections. When all other options failed to keep us connected globally WhatsApp saved the day in every country. Lou and Myra.

Me Mac. Great easy to use app . Very fast and great 👍 chance for me to catch up with friends and family . Very professional. Keep up the good 😊 work guys .

Cutout copy to custom stickers no longer working. Really annoyed that they disabled this feature. It was so much fun to do this.

Audio not working. Audio messages doesnt work anymore , could not send them - says restart the phone if it keeps not working - really annoying iPhone 12

Good. Good

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Excellent. Amazing to use

Très utile. Très bon appli surtout pour communiquer avec des gens à l’étranger

Meta is trash. They are racist, anti sex worker, homophobic and transphobic. So glad to not be using their apps.

status. i am not able to see anyones stauts

Stickers folder. It would be cool if one could have personalized folders for stickers

Statut. Depuis que j’ai fait la mise à jour je n’arrive plus à regarder les statuts, quand les gens publient les statuts et que je ne suis pas en ligne je ne vois pas après m’être connectée

Rayhan’s-6-s review. 5 stars for Rayhan’s five year old review!

wish i could rate lower. I only downloaded this app to find an old friend and every time I add my number it wont send me any messages and tells me to wait. why make it request a number anyways? this is annoying and uncanny.

Unsending texts. Just like instagram has an option to completely unsend a text, Whatsapp should actually have that option. On Whatsapp, when you delete the text from everyone it still leaves that text “YOU DELETED THIS TEXT”. It should not leave that text up there. It should just completely un send the text from both sides. That will be much more useful. Because if we wanted them to read it we would not delete the text at the first place!

Bug. Depuis quelques jours j’ai remarqué que qu’il y a un bug au niveau des statuts, ils ne s’affichent pas tous. Je pensais que c’était un problème de connexion mais en fait c’est l’application qui plante.

Make the recording audio bigger and more reliable. Ugh I'm so frustrated. I love what's app EXCEPT often the recording function glitches and I lose my audio message. Make it better please! Bigger button would do it instead of that tiny icon. I tried to contact support and it was an automated nightmare.

Awful support. I’ve been using WhatsApp for over 10 years. Recently tried to setup the app on my new iPhone and all it keeps saying is “couldn’t send a verification sms to your phone number”. Since I’ve had an account with WhatsApp for years, I contacted the support about what to do. All they said “we can’t help you with this”. WHAT?! Like what?! I have no words. I guess I’m not using WhatsApp anymore??! My phone is working, my plan is working, the problem is WhatsApp clearly and all they say is “not our problem”??? Unbelievable…

Honest review. Everything is good but it need a feature of clear all in WhatsApp chat. No hate WhatsApp.

Hi this is a WhatsApp user. Can you please remove spam and in appropriate pictures

Poor service. Why does my WhatsApp calls always get disconnected?? It’s so frustrating. It’s got nothing to do with the signal. On Face time or Signal is have no issues

Meh. It’s okay. Like an average messaging app

Status not showing. Status not updating anytime I’m inactive on WhatsApp especially during the night when I’m asleep even though data is always on

Voice messages. Dear developers i would like to ask for one thing which is when a user recorders a voice message they could listen to it before they send it. I hope this one is possible.yet nothing is impossible for you guys.keep whatapp legit :)

Cannot view status. There seems to be a bug that doesn’t allow me view status except I’m online at the time it is posted. Fix this please

بعض الوقت لا يوصل لي اشعار الرسالة. الصوت

Can’t access account. I’ve used WatsApp for years. I got a new phone and tried to use my account and got kicked out and it won’t let me sign back in. It says that it can’t send an sms to my number to verify… Can someone help?

Review. The best App ever Thank you WhatsApp!❤️

Worst. U guys keep updating and making things worst. I can’t view uploaded status if I’m offline. That’s not fair WhatsApp. Pls fix this

Kicked out. After an update I can no longer access my app and it’s because it’s registering to an old phone number. I had changed my number but it’s not being recognized to receive the authentication text. I’ve emailed support and received no response. Can’t say I’m impressed with the apps ability to access assistance

Problem. There is a problem in WhatsApp messenger, whenever I m in a chat with someone and directly close the app and open the app it automatically get back to the same person’s chat even I remove it from the ram. Please fix this even I don’t want to chat with someone I have go through its chat

Thank u Whasapp. Asad

Not happy. I can’t see stories on whatsapp of my friend in my iphone.. but all of that stories showing on my laptop.this happens when I faced this problem only when my internet data off and someone put story that one not showing. Some of my friends also face same problem who have a iphone. I tried nd check everything still facing the same problem

Unhelpful support. Support not helping or responding for issue

Can’t see status on my iphone. I don’t understand why I’m not able to see status posted by my contacts on my iPhone, when I login into my MacBook’s what’s app web, I can see status of my contacts. But at the same time when I switch to my iPhone, I can’t see any status

Avatars. The avatars all look like men. Literally.

New upgrade. The new upgrade is not good for business owners, only the people on line can see your post make it make sense pls

Will not set up. Refuses to send set up code to my number

New Status update. The new update of not being able to see someone’s status if you were not online when the person posted. What’s up with that?? It’s not cool at all. Please revert to the original version !!

Whatsapp status. I have too many numbers but I’m not be able to see status of all numbers in last few days.

Display on phone calls. When you are on phone call by the service provider e.g. Rogers or Telus and in the meantime someone calls you from Whtasapp then you even won’t know the call bell even any notifications from this App. Archive is very prominent on contacts list.

Status lagging.. Since the last update, there’s been a serious lag with status update. There are fewer status update known as against the number of active contacts on my account. Fix this!

Force stop. App keep stopping and forcing user to restart iphone

New update. Can’t understand why I can only visualize my statues in WhatsApp web and not anymore on my phone. It’s annoying… REALLY ANNOYING

Coco ut blobie. C’est comme si je rêvais

Download the app. I’ve been trying for two days now to get WhatsApp to download onto my phone but it keeps saying they can’t send me an SMS and try again in an hour. So annoying!!

Terrible user support. This app can’t manage its own SMS verification service for accounts and offers zero user support with canned responses that don’t do anything to address the issues. If you really want to use this terrible app, pray you don’t experience any of their network unavailable errors. If you want to have a hassle-free experience, use anything else - Telegram, Signal, iMessage

The new feature. The new feature where while you on video call it shows while using ur WhatsApp like Face Time isn’t it, take the feature away it takes up a lot of space on the screen and you have to keep on move it to see what you typing and while watching status it’s there and it’s really annoying.

Not user friendly for newbie. Not self explanatory from get go. Shouldn’t have to do a bunch of research to figure out how it works. The opening window should have an obvious starting point to start messaging. Would like to strangle to developer.

Useful app. This app is very useful. Good to have when travelling .

Fails to send SMS Cerification. Fix the SMS Verification.

Je peux pas entrer sur WhatsApp. WhatsApp cesse de fonctionner

Cut off. Experiencing. Disconnect connect. Interruption Low quality

WhatsApp Status issue. WhatsApp status of some of the friends are not visible in mobile app but can be seen in the web.WhatsApp when login via laptop. This started after the latest update

Issues. Cannot login to my account for hours And and frustrated because cannot contact anyone.

Good one but need some fixes. Need some improvements into the app

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