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Spotify - Music and Podcasts by Spotify Book Summary

With the Spotify music and podcast app, you can play millions of songs, albums and original podcasts for free. Stream music and podcasts, discover albums, playlists or even single songs for free on your mobile or tablet. Subscribe to Spotify Premium to download and listen offline wherever you are. WHY SPOTIFY FOR MUSIC AND PODCASTS? • Discover new music, albums, playlists and original podcasts. • Search for your favorite song or artist by typing a lyric • Enjoy amazing sound quality on music and podcasts across all devices. • Create and share your own music playlists to suit your mood or discover other playlists you might like. • Listen to daily music mixes made just for you. • Explore top songs from different genres, countries or decades. • Sing along to each song with our lyrics feature. • Play music from your favorite Netflix shows • Subscribe to your favourite podcasts so that you never miss an episode, then curate your very own podcast library. • Bookmark individual podcasts into Playlists • Listen to music and podcasts on your mobile, tablet, desktop, PlayStation, Chromecast, TV or wearable device. Listen to popular and exclusive podcasts like; • The Joe Rogan Experience • Modern Wisdom • 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer • Call Her Daddy and Crime Junkie Search, discover and play music and podcasts from all over the world for free, anywhere, anytime or create your own music playlists with the latest songs to suit your mood. Listen and discover the latest music from artists like; • Bad Bunny • Billie Eilish • Renzo Pianciola • The Temper Trap • Harry Styles Listen to your favorite music artists all day every day via the Popular Radio playlist feature. Here are just some of the artists we’ve already curated; • Taylor Swift • Drake • Eminem • Coldplay • Paolo Nutini • Fleetwood Mac Listen to over 40 category genres - New Releases, Charts, Live Events, Made for You, At Home, Only You, Summer, Pop, Workout, Hip-Hop, Mood, Party, Pride, Dance/Electronic, Alternative, Indie, Equal, Wellness, Rock, Frequency, R&B, Disney,, Throwback, Radar, Chill, Sleep, In the car, Kids & Family, Caribbean, Classical, Romance, Jazz, Instrumental, Afro, Christian and Gospel and Country. WHY GO PREMIUM? • Listen to albums, playlists and podcasts without ad breaks. • Download and listen to music and podcasts offline, wherever you are. • Jump back in and listen to your top songs with on-demand playback. • Choose from 4 subscription options – Individual, Duo, Family, Student. There’s no commitment and you can cancel any time LOVE SPOTIFY? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s Audio Measurement. If you don't want to participate, you can opt-out within the app settings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.

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Book Name Spotify - Music and Podcasts
Genre Music
Language English
E-Book Size 155.32 MB

Spotify - Music and Podcasts (Spotify) Book Reviews 2023

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decent app but no AI dj. no ai dj

Great music app. I think that this is a really good music app. Everything is good for now but I would like to be able to see the lyrics in a landscape mode. If that were made it would definitely help with karaoke.

Awesome. Best music app I have ever used. No ads, as many lists as I want to make and I can listen to whatever song I want, whenever I want, as many times as I want!!! All of this and live radio if and when I want it, the music 🎶 never ends 🥹 extremely amazing service…couldn’t be more thrilled. What more can you ask for…God bless Spotify!!!

not thrilled with new update. spotify has been my favorite music streaming app for almost eleven years now. i love the algorithm and the playlists they make for you, like discover weekly and the daily mixes. my favorite feature is that it also works as a social media app, as people i know love to follow my curated playlists and it makes me want to make and share more playlists. however, this new update has me using the app less. i like to curate my public playlists and make them presentable— i have maybe six times as many private playlists as public ones. the new update makes it hard to look through my own public profile. for instance, i only follow two artists on spotify but i can’t view my recently played artists anymore, as it just links me to the two artists i follow. similarly when i click “see all playlists,” it just directs me to all playlists made by me, which makes it impossible to view all my public playlists in one place. it’s counterintuitive that we can see all of others’ public playlists and recently listened to, but not our own. i think the app is leaning away from the perks of the social features, which i really don’t like. also, the update before this one made it so you had the option to add one song to more than one playlist, which i loved. when this update rolled out, they got rid of that and i have to re-click “add to playlist” each time i want to add a song to a playlist again— which wastes a lot of time when i want to add one song to multiple playlists. overall i know they’re trying to push artists and spotify-made playlists more, as well as encourage exploration. however an integral part of why i prefer this app to apple music or other alternatives is specifically that i can customize my profile. i hope they roll out another update soon to address these issues.

Use daily but. Lowered stars why did you take the heart away? Bring that back if I want to add the song I’ll add it not a fan or forced added sons piling up in my library vs being in liked folder. It doesn’t so that for me anymore not a fan. Fix this.

Just wonderful. I sighed up and it was just better their is lots of ads but that’s ok I love this app a lot

Why Spotify is so stupid. It has bad songs that are not merrier for my kid

Adds.. There’s so many adds and each are like a whole minute.and you only get 6 skips?

One problem…. I think this may be a bug but after EVERY SINGLE SONG I get an ad And I didn’t mind for awhile even after listening to them all it’s just ad after ad and I’m not sure why this happens???

Music. Live and love all the classic rock and roll music. FANTASTIC!!!

This app is great✨✨✨✨. If you love music like me you should download Spotify I has all the songs you like🎧🎼

Sliding to que songs. It’s annoying being it back

Spotify is the best.. This app is amazing! I love how you can have many songs! This is my fave app!

changes tok much. love spotify, but they’ll add a new amazing feature and the remove it. if it isnt broke dont fix it

Review. Great to many commercials and need unlimited skips for free.

My favorite song on this app. Thx

clack clack. clack who cares, hate this monopolization of opinion

Best. Best app for listening to music. Chefs kiss

The app works decently. I like using the app to listen to music but why in the update you made that listening to liked music to random. That’s about it


Bring back our heart!!! 💚. Used to be 5 stars. But now a one star. New user interface is a 5 steps back in the wrong direction. Whoever thought of a plus sign should be fired from the design team!! Why do we have to press 3 more buttons to add to playlist as well. Add, click on a playlist then hit done? Before I could add and just tap on a playlist. Done. Also can no longer tell which songs are liked in a playlist. No green hearts on the side of the song titles. Fire the guy who changed that. It used to be user friendly. Now it’s just tedious to like a song, add to playlist and distinguish which songs are liked in your playlist. Going to another music app because of these annoying changes.

Good. Good

Don’t you dare. Do not be a TikTok wannabe and ruin your app

Liked Songs 👎. How am I supposed to know what songs I have liked within a playlist or album now that the like icon on individual songs was removed?

Spotify. Can not listen to any music on my playlist

Amazing. Amazing platform

Latest update was the worst. How can I come back to the version before this last one? Loved that I used to be able to listen my liked music by genres and add to queue just simply swiping right but not anymore 😭😭😭

Spotify review!. Spotify is actually so slay. I absolutely love Spotify but the only down side is the premium stuff for like unlimited skips and can listen to everything, but other than that the premium for a whole year is $99 which actually is not that bad. Also the only other problem is that you can’t get the premium on the actual app I didn’t really like that part. Other than those Spotify is SAD which stand for….Slay All Saturday which is pretty much like slay all the time but whatevs. Anyways you should totally get Spotify because it’s amazing and not musty, dusty, crusty, and trashy 🙄. download Spotify!…….now. 😜

bring back HEART!. what’s wrong with your PM

Love BUT. Hey Developers/Desigers, I live the Spotify application BUT not a fan of this new like button versus the old heart/love/auto-add to liked songs playlists. The extra time/steps it takes to just add a song to my likes is distracting to me. I also would use the old ♥️ to move songs I had liked in the past to the top of my liked song playlist and I can’t do that anymore. Thx for reading.

10 year long user. I love this app had it for a long time without premium and recently had premium now for a year and love the fact that I had all my stuff saved and even before premium the app makes little playlists of the songs you’ve liked before so that’s why I went a long time without upgrading but since I got premium I can’t see myself going back.

Remove recommend music. Please remove recommend music because it doesn’t let me listen to music

Wow. Fart

Love Spotify. Spotify has all my fave music in MY library & that’s pretty cool! I can do listen 🎧 while opening other apps, I can play games, & do social media at the same time. I love the podcasts too!

Love app just one thing should be reworked. I believe that what Spotify needs to fix is it’s lyric feature it is pretty wonky and doesn’t seem satisfying while reading.

Spotify. This is one of the best music and podcast apps ever, they show you what’s you’ve been listening to, your music history, and much more. I feel like this would always be a win-win for music and podcasts

Newest update is horrible. User experience is clunky and navigation is not streamlined

it was perfect how it was 😒. the update or whatever is terrible it was better how it was before

Pink Floyd. I love Spotify and Pink Floyd but I can’t afford premium cuz I’m a little brokie but it should be illegal to play adds during the climax of The Trial and Outside the wall for Pink Floyd’s album The Wall

Good. It is supper good and I love the fire extinguisher podcast it is shopper funny and I know that people on the podcast I go to school with them

good. It’s a very nice app but the reason I gave it 4stars instead of 5 is because of the new update. I shuffle it or play any song and spotify adds different music i don’t like that but other than that it’s a nice abb

Go back to old set up. Don’t like the new set up I need the enhance button and to be able to add songs more then once and be able to add as many songs as I like to one playlist so I don’t have multiple playlists please go back to the old set up. And please go back to the original homepage

i love. spotify has my soul tbh

Help!!!!. The new update is horrible. There’s a strange “smart shuffle” thing that adds songs that are not in my playlist to my music queue, and now they’ve made the home page just big images of playlists, albums, and podcasts I’ve saved??? It’s confusing and hard to navigate, and I can’t make any of it go away.

Ads over content. Spotify is a greedy, disgusting company whose business model seems to be "annoy free users as much as physically possible by shoving ads down their throats at every turn until they cave and give us money. And then continue to shove ads down their throats." It's also quite disgusting how the app is functionally useless for playlist streaming if you're a free user. I'm fine with popup ads when I reopen the app. Audio ads are unacceptable, ESPECIALLY when they cover actual content. Stop it. Stop advertising. It's not going to make me give you money. It's going to make me stop using your platform entirely.

Súper. Tremendo y sin anuncios

Spotify. I like Spotify but it sometimes don’t play the songs i want to play.

best app ever. i love spotify‼️

Spotify. I love Spotify but the only problem is that when you wasn’t to put a song sometimes it puts another one and you can only swipe 6 times a hour so yea .

Algo vien. Como hueso esta aplicasion

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Download. I cant download music for outside the house

Podcast Pushers. No longer optimised to your use but what only towards what Sporify wants to shove down your throat. Finally had enough and am moving to an alternative provider.

Back. I’m just back on Spotify and ifs good me duks

Quality. Spotify provides quality and a wide range of choices.absolutely brilliant

No skips, not offline, cant search up singular songs. If I didn’t like a song and I have already done 6 skips I would have to get Spotify premium. I can’t search up singular songs without it being in an album and I can’t listen to songs offline?!

Spotify review. The quality on this app is impeccable it’s so good and I can find any song(s) in milliseconds it’s amazing!!! 10/10 would recommend!!! It’s a great app and there’s also a exsplicit filter on Spotify that you can turn on and off so if you have a child then they can’t hear any bad stuff which I think is very good and smart !! 💙 10/10 would recommend!!!

Way too ad. Don’t download it if you think you’ll not buy subscription but if you do, then I’ll be the best.

Spotify. EPIC

Move the slider for explicit content. I have young kids so on occasion I need to use the explicit content slider so songs with swear words are not queued up. It would be better if the slider can be moved from settings area to the playlist, album, artist view level and also available on the play screen.

No. If I click a song it doesn’t play it it just plays a different one

Best app ever. Great quality music FOR FREE🤯. I 💕 LOVE the playlists made for me. Highly recommended. I would give this 10/10.

Hmm 🤔. It’s a really good app but the down sides are when your trying to listen to your own playlist it will put different song on that you didn’t add to that playlist and add but they can be fixed(it’s my fav music app but that all I have to complain about)

5 ⭐️. It makes me happy and gives good vibes 😎

It’s spotify. Nothing more to add

I can’t breathe without spotify x. not to be dramatic but this is only app i need, the maker whoever that is: i am more grateful to you than you will ever know. i can’t go 5 minutes without hearing music and this is the best app possible for it in the entire universe ever. you guys get a million stars out of 5 and i bless everyone one who went into making it. well done guys you are my life ❤️

Why I love Spotify!. I love Spotify because the songs are the same u want them to be and it has millions of songs u can listen to.I also love Spotify because it has many many different songs because some people have different taste in music so that is so great! So yeah! That’s why I love spotifyyy!!!!!!! In my opinion my favourite songs are : #love stay by stz and deep end and maniac and all sorts! I mostly MOSTLY likeeeeeeeeeee……. Drum roll pleaseeee………….stars! By J.UNA he is a great Korean singer and I love his soft voice it just helps me go to sleep so quickly. So yes I loveeeee Spotify so much thank u Spotify for making me addicted to this app I’m so glad I downloaded this app. I should of downloaded it sooner! I love it so much . If u are reading this and u made a song or own Spotify , ur great! I love ur songs and ur voices and EVERYTHING!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ keep it up Spotify!! , Thank you for reading this with patience , god bless u all 😊 amen 🙏 written by, charm

Bring back the old likes. First app I’ve had for years and happily paid the premium. It keeps getting better the duo bundle ideas are perfect if multiple people want to use it at the same time. I love the 2022 wrapped content too found it really interesting showing which were my top artists and songs for the year. However this new updates really impractical, I think the idea of being able to add to playlist quicker is good. But now you can’t see which songs in a playlist you have liked without playing it which is really annoying if your trying to find a specific song in an album for example.

Fabulous! Recommend!!. I love this app so much and there is nothing bad that I have come across so far and I don’t have Spotify premium and still haven’t experienced any adverts!! Certainly recommend

New update awful. The new update is terrible. It has replaced reasonable functionality with endless scrolling and auto-play videos. Avoid

good but bad. it’s really good but premium is really expensive and you can’t do much without premium

It’s a ok app. It’s a ok app but I would be better if you could skip more than 6 times

Music to my ears. This app is such a vibe whenever I’m going out from music of any genre to listening ti my fav podcasts. I’d definitely recommend this to someone who prefers listening online rather than buying and using old CD’s

Music. Grrreeaaatt Algorithm suss me out 🤘

Listen to Conner price. Best music I have heard in 12 years

Not exactly intuitive is it?. Poor guidance. E. g. Where is “shuffle”?

Podcasts. No idea why new podcasts was removed. There are some podcasts from a few months ago I was waiting to listen to and can now no longer find them.

Enhance. The Enhance function is gooood please bring it back

New like feature. You’ve added an extra step to like a song. Why!!!!??? Stupid concept

Bryan Cox KC. Brilliantly funny

music. well its spotify isn’t it, what else is there to say?

BRING BACK THE HEART!. So annoying to have to add to playlist. Please back the heart “liked song” option!!

Spotify love is gone. I really in my heart love Spotify an my fav song is ur love I gone o been crying over this song

Crap. To many ads😢😢😤

My review. I think they should let u listen to the full song I’m phone

Wow 🙈. Personally Spotify help me with my health these songs give me the best time and helps me at sad times 5/5 🙈💗🧪

👍👍. i love spotify but sometimes the ads are to much sometimes

Bad update. This is like the worst update ever now they made it that you have to pay for premium to listen to the songs you put on your playlist I remember when it was free but now Spotify ruined their app we need that update REVERTED!

Dani. Really Happy to listen with no annoying ads interrupting all the time.

It’s so great. You can listen to any music you want as long as it’s on Spotify and when you’re out jogging or in school you can listen to Carol music loud music and the music you want so I give a five star review

Amazing. Spotify gets me going with all my fave songs and if I did not know the song the lyrics are there to . I connect to the car and have fun.

Words. Great music great stars 👌

STOP COPYING TIK TOK. Terrible home homepage!! Stop trying to copy tik tok!! Just give us quality sound music and stop trying to do everything.

A joke. This app is a joke I buy i new iPhone 14 and this app works for two day and now it will not open any more i and very annoyed I am lucky my SoundCloud works and I think SoundCloud is away better app than Spotify

BRILLIANT!. It’s really good and you can play all the songs you want! I recommend Thumbs by Sabrina Carpenter♥️

It’s alright. I like premium Spotify but I’m on trial so it obviously doesn’t last forever. Premium Spotify does come with what it says it does; no ads , unlimited skipping, you can actually pick what song you wanna listen to not an entire play list you didn’t ask for. However, free Spotify is not as pleasing. Ads are not much of a problem, but 6 skips an hour? I’m sure that only 6 skips an hour surely can’t be enough when Spotify gives you an entire playlist waiting for the song you originally searched. I rate this 3 stars because overall Spotify is a good music app, but it’s very limited in my opinion

Loving it. Always “handy” when want to elevate my mood or just to move my body or speed up during running hills 😂💫

18/03/23 Saturday Spotify is not connecting with any device - Alexa or Google TV. 18/03/23 Saturday Spotify is not connecting with any device - Alexa or Google TV

Podcast speed. Please bring back podcast speed setting for any speed. Options available now is only 0.5 0.8 1.0 1.2 I need 0.7

Spotify. It’s so great, all the music you can inhale, wonderful.

Not too bad. I liked listening to songs and all that ,but one thing that put me off was that you can’t just play the song you want over and over again.It has to be a playlist and most of it I don’t know.The update is sort of strange but so far it’s pretty good!

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Spotify. Excellent App. Great choices of Daily Mix

Dope AF. Wayyy better then Apple Music.

Bro just let me play songs in playlists. Not everyone who uses Spotify is rich, ok? Is it too much to ask for a convenient way to plays songs and games at the same time? You already give me ads how is actually being able to use playlists such a crime?

😑. Why is it so hard to “like” a song now???

All I needed is the like button. Please bring back the like button

Useless app. Wanted to download songs to my Apple Watch. Trying to figure out why it’s not working. If you don’t allow us to download songs if the app isn’t up to date, here’s a thought, put a prompt in to download an update

Better. Need better playlist

Uhhhhh. Great app!! But. Give artist more money and, please bring back the like button qwq

Yum. Taste good. Needs more salt.

<3. I absolutely adore this app, I have nothing to comment on that could be improved though I believe it would be really funny if we could add comments in songs.. other than that I don’t have anything to say about this app!!!

Bring back the old home page, or make the new one optional.. I can’t think of a single reason why I would want an autoplaying tiktok feed instead of a homepage on an app for listening to podcasts and music in the car.

Stop trying to be something youre not. Spotify you are a music app for people who want to enjoy listening to their music and podcasts. You don't need to create a TikTok like feed which only lets us listen to 15 seconds of a song its ruining the app which used to be so SIMPLE and great for finding new artist, but now even that is difficult since the discovery feature while it allows you to scroll, artists can pay for their songs to get more coverage which is ridiculous. Also bring the like button back because no one can find their liked songs anymore since it doesn’t show up

Thank you. The best music service ever lyrics and slick ui it has it all


Love. I love Spotify so much but it has adds but anyways I ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

No ads for free ❤️. I love Spotify but I think you should do no ads for free! ❤️

Soo good. It’s the best music app of all time

Advertising!. Just joined with a months free trial, I was under the impression it was add free - this seems to be not the case! Dissapointing.

married. guys spotify and i just got married we're in love x about to head to the bahamas for our honeymoon!

Amazing vibes. 5 star vibes

Don’t like the update. All my podcasts used to be automatically updated in one list. Since the update the list has disappeared and it’s very annoying

Chris Aitkin. I love your music it reaches into my soul my heart Lynda Wabbis 💋

Everything. It’s just amazing

The best. Worth every penny

Wonderful Feedback from Listeners. It’s been an amazing journey to share my journey of Creativity out of Trauma. For those suffering, in time the light will shine just a little bit and hope slowly starts to return. An unenviable club to be a part of but you will know what love is and the love of your children is the greatest of them all.

problem. it is not allowed in afghanistan

My opinion on Spotify. This is probably one of my favorite music apps. It’s just perfection. Friends, family and whatever you want to name them is just a perfect app for them. I’m always driving in the car, I put Spotify on and it’s just the perfect app to travel, play games with and honestly is just music I guess. The ads are just perfect, the quality of the video is perfect and the shuffle for music is honestly great. This is without premium by the way. I just love the idea of a music app for example Spotify. I would highly recommend this to any other people of yours and suggest it. For obviously the people that are reading this. Don’t forget this is my opinion of this app. Thank you for your time and take care :)

J. Hi,

Joe rogan. Love some joe rogan

Great app but. Great app but can you please add the volume to the music player , also a music player widget

Every update seems for a simple Feature to be removed.. Why get rid of the sorting in personal playlists?

I like Spotify. Spotify is pretty good and I’m enjoying listening and the easy way to find songs is great. Inspector Gadget!

Like list. I love my like list

🎼🚿FABULOUS SHOWER OF MUSIC 🚿🎼. HI When you step in the shower and adjust hot water to perfection , with Spotify you adjust tracks to perfection and get showered with great music , fabulous service Fantastic not shower but thunder storm downfall of music from decades ago to todays downfall

Spotify Fabulous!. The more I listen 2 Spotify the more I love it! Go Toby Beard , go Freo girl! U are wonderful & inspirational! 👍❤️💜💖💛

Where did enhance playlists go?. Why can’t I enhance my playlist anymore? I LOVED that feature

Spotify💞. tbh it’s overrated but jokes aside the ads get annoying and they can get up to like 7 ads that u need to wait 5-15 seconds to skip sometimes the full thing which is 30seconds

Epic fail of the New home page. New home page is a product owner’s wet dream - designing for the company and forgetting about the user. Made it 200% more difficult to browse playlists and find music. This is a music player, not tiktok.

THE BEST APP. If you love music to much like me get this app now!

bring back the ‘liked’ hearts!!!. i LOVE spotify don’t get me wrong, it’s my go to music streaming app and the only one i like enough to pay for a subscription but i HATE how the new update has taken away the little hearts for liking songs. i liked that the ease of being able to see the little hearts next to songs i’ve saved to my ‘liked songs playlist’ it made finding songs i like in assorted playlists much quicker. while i appreciate the effort made to make it a little easier to add songs to multiple playlists at a time by adding the plus icons instead, i actually find it quite annoying. i regret updating my app ://

Heart. Removing the heart feature was the worst update ever!!!

Awesomeness. I love it

Nice. I love my music Spotify made easy for me

I love it!!!❤️❤️♥️♥️🥰🥰😍😍☺️👌. You can listen to all of your favourite songs and podcasts and so much more it’s so much fun I spend hours on Spotify 😍 it makes me so much better than I was when I listened to iTunes. Some songs make great music for games and when you drawing you can listen to songs and even sing. If you don’t know all the words some have lyrics so you can sing along 🥺😻😇🥰😍

It only gets better. This must be the best one ever. Fun but informative loved it

Music. Beautiful music at my fingertips, thank you, Bill.

Bring back ‘Liked song’ heart icon. The recent update where heart icon was merged with ‘Add to playlist’ icon, doesn’t make any sense.

Love the concept. Hooked for life

Bio to profile. Can you please add bios to Profile ◡̈

Won’t work!. Won’t work or load properly.

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Shuffle is terrible. A good library but the shuffle will play the same song multiple times and only a small amount of your saved tracks. If you’re not already trapped with a library of saved songs in Spotify it may be worth trying other services.

Adding and un-addinng a song annoying. I love Spotify but the newest feature to save a song and also add it o multiple playlists is very annoying because it now takes longer to do.

DJ Feature. I NEVER write reviews for Apps, but after 30 minutes of using the DJ feature I just saw on my Home Screen, I just had to come and say this is the best thing ever. If there’s one app I can’t live without its Spotify, and it’s worth every single penny. This is a great experience that beats radio, because it’s made for me, and it’s just one notch above the usual playlists you customize.

App would be good if it worked properly consistently. make is so I don’t have to manually redownload all my music every other month, it seems to work less than when it doesn’t. make it so you can pay annually not monthly even if it requires full payment in advance.

You ate. Very good, love it

Pick your song. It’s stupid that u can’t pick your own songs and it’s also dumb that u have only 6 skips that’s stupid please fix

Spotify review for the chicks. This app is great! I love it! I listen to music on this app! I listen to podcasts on this app! This app helps me connect with my inner peace! (Kung fu panda style) I’d rate this app five stars because it brings me 5 stars worth of joy… 1

Liked songs. Bring back the heart to like songs, not with this add to playlist and then clicking liked songs to add it. It’s making more steps to do something which was so simple, same thing with removing songs from the likes playlist. Why try to fix something that isn’t broken.

Awesome. So good it gets the music you want!!!!!!!!

Stop trying to get me to listen to Jordan Peterson. The guy is a washed up hypocrite. I don’t care about his podcast. Give me the option not to see it front and centre on my main page.

Love it. So I love this app so so much but it barely pay there employese

The JoeRohan Experience. What an amazing and informative show, I am hooked!!!!

Spotify Music. What an amazing APP. There are so many options for music, relaxing, single or personal preferences. I am going to a Shania Twain concert and have been able to learn her new music through Spotify.

Spotify is the best. Spotify is the best web player

Removed the heart. And added a plus instead. Don’t mess with my music interface.

Epic. Easy to use and helps find old favourites

Spotify Review. Hey everyone Spotify is a cool app, lots of music but you can’t play clean versions and they do not play the song you want sometimes when you click on a song it plays a totally different song. I do NOT recommend this app.

It’s okay. Love the app but hate the advertisements sorry

Music app. This is by far the best music app. I have premium and pay for it. Well worth it. Thanks Spotify ❤️

Rukka bolega. Good song


Pls change preuimun to free for all. I would want spotify to be free like we could choose pur songs without premium that would give it a 5 star but for now its a 3

Musique. Trop de publicité


Best Music App ever Invented!!!. Loved Spotify wrapped every year😍😍

Recent update. Why would they change the new episode category and relocate it it doesn’t function the same and it’s less convenient to find new episodes as it’s limited, before I could scroll through hundreds of new episodes based on most recent release, now I only see 7 this is an absolutely useless change and I’ll probably find an app that is more user friendly if it doesn’t switch back to the way it functioned before. Great app otherwise

Can’t open it!!!!!!. The app won’t open since the new iOS update.

Ok. Pretty good

Merci Nicole. J ai appris récemment une nouvelle bouleversante. Merci d être là . Tes outils m aide à accepter les changements qui arrive bientôt. Tes outils, tes messages. Me recentre sur ce que j ai contrôle et se que je doit laisser aller. Même en laissent aller , tu me done les outils pour l accepter. Merci Nicole Merci. Claudette amour

4/5. I would kill myself without music blasting in my ears

nearly impossible to navigate.. just made podcasts HARDER to access. by getting rid of something that didn’t need to be removed. i will be switching to a different streaming service because the new changes have made navigating and using the app insanely challenging for me. upset.

Why?. When I try to play a song it goes to a random different song but the overall quality is not that bad but please make it so we can listen to the song we picked

HORRIBLE SHUFFLE ALGORITHM AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have over 2000 songs in my liked playlist yet on shuffle I continue to hear the same hundred songs. Contacted customer support over the issue. Spent three hours chatting with multiple agents doing all possible repairs, including resetting deleting and rearranging my app. Problem persists, but customer service is avoiding the fact that the algorithm is the issue. There are dozens of Reddit threads online about people having the same issue yet the problem is not fixed

I LOVE SPOTIFY. I really like Spotify, but there is some flaws. There are some songs I searched up and it didn’t show. The only thing I’m asking for is more songs! (Everything else is perfect)

Ads are more frequent than every 15 minutes. The free version often has ads more than the 30 minutes intervals.

Its not the best. Can we listen to music with out internet and can we have way more skips then 6 please like 20 maybe please

I love Spotify, BUT. Recent iOS update changed my podcasts to a “What’s new” sections and it made 3 things worse. First, I now have to enter into a second menu (three dots), then I can select if I want to set an episode as “played”. So it added an extra step to something which was previously one step and I quite liked it that way. Second, when I set my podcast as played, they show up in the list as my non-played podcasts, WHY, it just makes me scroll for longer to get to what I actually want to listen to which is the stuff that is new. It was perfectly fine sitting in a ‘played’ section like they had it before. Third, the made the icons so fricken huge. Before I could see 3-4 episodes on my screen, now I can only see 1-2, again, why change a good thing. This whole update made my user experience more inconvenient than before, on what planet does that make any sense. Why change a good thing.

So slow right now. After the last update everything is so slow to load in. I just want to close the app and do something else by the time it loads. It’s so frustrating.

Awesome. It’s great

Now unusable. Latest up date has made the podcast section unusable, I am out

This app is so garbage. It was good when I initially installed it I used to be able to pick songs now I can only shuffle and I used to be able to rewind but that changed with the new update I can’t even see the songs I can only preview them and shuffle. Spotify stop ruining everything I’m begging you

Issues. I can no longer play my downloaded songs through my USB cord in my car. Can this issue be fixed?

Newbie here..but. Asked for twilight zone, got car… speech recognition messed up…plus, complaint gives me black text on black background…guess they don’t wanna see it

Great quality. Great quality

Removed the like button. Lol. The developers are terrible for removing this feature. For no good reason. Bring back the like button. More junk on my home page too— don’t want to see “suggested for you” or “hot hits” playlists. I don’t listen to mainstream trash. This app is getting worse.

Uh pc better. Pc version better ngl

Zero customer service. Weekly playlists don’t update. Zero contact for help besides a useless chat feature which every agent abruptly leaves every five minutes.

Pus rien marche. Je ne suis plus capable d'écouter ma musique si il na pas de réseau le but de payer pour un appli ces que sa fonctionne! Je désinstalle et retelecharge mes liste decouter et sa fonctionne toujours pas

Premium…. I gave it a 5 star because I love that we could add any song to a playlist we could make. You could also listen to your favourite songs! My sister recommended this app since I love listening to music. But I always have to play it on YouTube. Ever since I started using Spotify more, the more it changed my life and love for music. I hope that is the same for you when you download it! But there is one problem that some might not like. You get a FREE premium(Listen to music not in order from your playlist(s) WITHOUT WIFI! And you might think that that is good, but no. It’s only for a shot time(not that short). It’s like a limited thing once you start using Spotify. After all this typing tho, this is a good app to use for music lovers!

New feature /discover your genre. It’s like a Spotify version of TikTok called discover your genre it’s so good plz keep it I love it

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