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Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell Book Summary

Malcolm Gladwell, bestselling author of Blink and The Bomber Mafia and host of the podcast Revisionist History, explores what sets high achievers apart—from Bill Gates to the Beatles—in this seminal work from "a singular talent" (New York Times Book Review).

In this stunning book, Malcolm Gladwell takes us on an intellectual journey through the world of "outliers"—the best and the brightest, the most famous and the most successful. He asks the question: what makes high-achievers different?

His answer is that we pay too much attention to what successful people are like, and too little attention to where they are from: that is, their culture, their family, their generation, and the idiosyncratic experiences of their upbringing. Along the way he explains the secrets of software billionaires, what it takes to be a great soccer player, why Asians are good at math, and what made the Beatles the greatest rock band.

Brilliant and entertaining, Outliers is a landmark work that will simultaneously delight and illuminate.

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Book Name Outliers
Genre Management & Leadership
Language English
E-Book Size 3.24 MB

Outliers (Malcolm Gladwell) Book Reviews 2023

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Outliers. Awesome

A very unique and creative perspective. Very good book with interesting concepts and that often lead to self evaluation and re-examination/ discovery of my past. 3.5 because it becomes slightly over done at times ( however I believe it to be done to convey the author’s passion and belief in his theory.

Thought provoking.. Outliers is a very good book that is easy to read. I love how Gladwell is able to engage the reader and is very skilled at writing. Outliers provides great concepts regarding the background success of famous people such as Bill Gates. By the end of the book the reader will have a newfound understanding at what it takes to succeed.

A Classic. It’s definitely a classic and makes you think about what you value - both your inner appreciation for your own work ethic and your situational…luck.

Eye Opening. This book is amazingly impressive. It is also reinforces many modern studies and documentaries. Look at the material objectively; someone who may be underprivileged and naturally pessimistic may find excuses to continue along the same path rather than reading for true understanding of the material.

Gbhjio. It was good

Fascinating!. Such a great book — lots of research told in such rich storytelling fashion!

Thought Provoking. A few months ago, my good friend suggested that I read this book. It sat on my "to-read" bookshelf for a long while. I was dreading the thought of starting the book because I presumed it was a "self-help" or motivational book. I was happy to learn that it was neither. In his book, Gladwell argues that there are common threads with all "outliers" and he supports his position with very well explained examples. Because he uses his great storytelling talents to discuss his "outlier" examples, the book entertains throughout. The book also had a few surprises for me as I was not expecting any discussion relating to patenting and education. At no point in the book does Gladwell begin to offer "advice" but he cleverly (i.e. under the radar) requires his readers to reflect on their own willingness/drive to seize opportunities and work hard. I highly recommend this book for young persons, but not necessarily for children under 16 (especially if they are not strong readers as the material would probably not be able to keep a younger child's attention).

Interesting Read. This is a good read and the facts are woven together like a mystery novel. As a professional who looks for patterns, it is fun to speculate on the information presented by the author.

Fantastic. Really fascinating look at the individual but more so on the environment as well. Bravo.

Enlightening!. Gladwell masterfully uses data, science and storytelling to make sense of the conflicts we all hold in our hearts about success, race, wealth, and privilege. Bravo!

Contemplative and interesting. Some unique points of view (I assume), good read. Reminds one to take stock of their privileges and work hard for what they want in life.

Fried chicken. I like chicken

Facts. Such an interesting collection of facts that has altered my way of thinking. I just wish there was more of a summation of something I could do to be more successful, it seems like these outliers had a fair bit of chance and luck to make them great.

10/10. This was an amazing book. Start to finish. I’m literally going to read at least 2 more of his books if not all of them. Highly recommend.

Best book. I'm have the audio version of this book and I have heard it many of times. I wished all parents and teachers were given this book. Buy it you won't be sorry. I am very picky and I am very empresses with this book.

Highly Recommend. I honestly could not put this book down. I found it to be an interesting read based on what seemed to be very credible sources. It will give you a refreshing new way of thinking about the cultural environment that you live in.

Interesting but Not Particularly Actionable. The thesis of “Outliers” is that we are all largely a product of our environments, and that the greatest among us benefit from being part of the right environments in addition to having certain innate talent as a prerequisite. Gladwell’s arguments are informative and salient, but if you’re approaching the book for advice, I don’t think there’s a lot of actionable information.

Outliers. Great book! It's advisable to read this book more than once, which is fairly easy to do. You will totally immerse in the meaning of the book.

Malcom does it again, such great research and insights. This guy is slowly becoming my favorite author. Was introduced to him via the podcast “Revisionist History”. This one follows his usual track record of great material backed by good research. I heard the audio book. So great to hear it from the man himself.

Very negative book. Reading this book gave me anxieties about my future. Don’t read.

Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell. How does a person pry open the mind to alternative ways of thinking, particularly a senior mind? I would suggest reading Malcolm Gladwell. This book could be a guide for a manager to help hire and more importantly train employees. It was revealing to learn that many of the generalities that are used to characterize a group, nationality etc are so limited and consequentially so misleading. What are the policy makers using as guide posts in their decision making process? I will be reading more Gladwell books. It along would appear that

Relatively speaking. Dr. Gladwell is supposed to be my most famous living relative, according to 23 and Me, the DNA analyzing company. I think there are some untested among my relatives who might beat him, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I think the answer to the super IQ test is: Teeth to a hen, is the same as Nest is to EGG. Think about it. Hens don't have teeth, concomitantly, eggs don't have nests.

Over-rated. I found some of the sentences in this book quite offensive and supremacist towards the immigrant community, including myself, an outlier.

Racist crap. “try to figure out why Asians are so good at math” ?!!! This must be the most racist line I have ever read in a book. So disappointed that I'm not even going to continue it.

Good read. I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars (special people) because I really enjoyed the book. At the beginning I did have a hard time getting into reading the book but as soon as I got into it, it had many interesting stories. This book was useful to me because Malcolm Gladwell said that to be successful, you need to have at least 10,000 hours in the area of what you want to be successful in. In the end it was very entertaining for me.

Nature vs Nurture. The debate of Nature versus Nurture is an old one. Hero culture, that idea of individual exceptionalism willed from “boot strap” beginnings, prevails heavily in the US. What this vision lacks is the detailed history and nuanced perspective on all of the circumstances that set up success in spite of all other factors. Malcolm Gladwell does another masterful job of diving into the complexities of social psychology; employing his usual story telling narrative style, along with data, and engaging anecdotes. Specifically, this book navigates through relatedness and definitions of IQ, EQ, and SQ. It builds from those foundations to ask how the odd formula of balancing those three along with “lucky” breaks help us see the true story behind success and failure. My individual perspective leads me to believe that who we are comes down to 1 part nature (IQ) plus 2 parts nurture (environment [EQ + SQ]). The bigger take away is that we have to really look at, what Gladwell calls the Cultural Heredity, of various scenarios to get to the root circumstances that filter people into successful, average, and failing buckets. Then ask ourselves, is the system itself producing outliers by way of some unseen flaw or is the playing field level and we are really seeing the cream of the crop?

Oustanding book.. This was a well-written book that is very understandable and enjoyable to read. I had to read it for school and didn't have high expectations when I picked it up, but I blew through it quickly! Gladwell illuminates the secret to success through stories, facts, and reasoning, and manages to keep it very interesting by giving well-researched backgrounds/stories about many renowned greats. His tone is not preachy or condescending, but rather inspirational, admiring, and reasonable. This is a book that, even a year after reading, has stuck with me in my every day life. His claims are now so apparent and sensible that it is impossible to see success as a random, lucky mystery, but rather as a mix of time, dedication, skill, and a little bit of luck.

Only disappointed I didn't read it sooner.... Amazing, heartfelt and melodic in telling the stories of those who've been immortalized by the rest of us.

Bad book I’m scared of it. This book looks so awful me and my friend can’t even open it or start reading because it literally seems like the most boring thing ever and we have to read it for AP summer work we’re crying in the club rn please pray for us!!!

Horrifying. Academics should never write about real life, they have limited knowledge on the vast lived experience. Binary assumptions asserted about situations with clear intersections is a key sign of limited perception. It is harmful because people will quote these limited thoughts as facts and make decisions based solely on the reputation of the academic. Do better.

Summer reading. This book was not good. I had to read it over the summer, and believe me, I would have abandoned it if I could. Don't waste your money on this

Thumbs up!. Great quick read. Enjoyed how the author correlated different pieces in the story and brought it all together so well. I’m a believer.

Simply Fantastic. His best work yet! I did not want to stop reading this book, and the times I did, I found myself analyzing what's around me. I believe we can take these ideas and create unbiased opportunity for all.

Good read. Good read

Too long for so little. The book could have made its point with far fewer pages. The auther rambled on with many stories, often getting off point to say little if anything useful.

Thanks Gladwell!. Phenomenal!

Wow. Unlike those stupid- wishful thinking - self improvement books, Outliers is actually a book that shows you how good you can be..with facts, numbers and statistics. Surely will provoke some serious thinking in every reader. Get it. Is actually a great, smart and entertaining book.

True story of success. Outliers will make you rethink what you thought you knew about success. When someone asks you, "Why was Bill Gates so successful?" Most will respond with hard work, ambition, and intelligence. These are three qualities that are required, however, not many people have the insight to look beyond that and see the tremendous opportunities given to him as he grew up. It made me completely rethink why I've been so successful. What advantages have I had in my life? What was it about my parents raising me? It makes you reflect and appreciate the opportunities that you have been given. Very well done.

Paradigm shift. I love this book, I will forever see the world differently because of it!

Redundant. Full of fluff.. It’s so so. The same stories to back up his claims. I get it. The book could have been just two chapters to get the point across. Too many stats to keep me interested. I had to skim through a lot. Unenthusiastic in many ways. It’s not going to be a favorite.

My 10,000 hours.. I found "Outliers" to be a very life applicable read. As a 28 year old working professional, it empowered me to become more aware of my up bringing, what may, or may not, help me en route to my own version of "success". I became empowered to seize opportunities and time to receive my 10,000 hours and help others reach theirs. Since starting and finishing this book (which is a total of less than one week), I've had multiple conversations about this book, and other relevant topics, with co-workers, individuals with whom I can network, and members of the organization that I serve. Had I not "had the strength and presence of mind to seize” my opportunity to read this book and be around those individuals, I may not be where I will be tomorrow.

I have never hated a book more. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. This book made me want to rip my eyes out so that I wouldn’t have to read it. While some parts were interesting, the rest of the book made me feel either very angry or discouraged. It basically says that a lot of lucky things have to fall into place or else you will be a failure. As I read this horrible book, all I could compare it to were the reading sections of a standardized English test but an ENTIRE BOOK. I should sue Malcom for the lost time and happiness in my life.

Good but not like Talking To Strangers. This was a very interesting audiobook. Gladwell looks at success through a different lens. He examines success not just by hard work but by timing. Gladwell explains the 10,000 hour rule - it takes 10,000 hours of intense practice to become an expert at something. But success is also a product of timing. The majority of professional hockey players are born at the beginning months of the year coinciding with the youth league age cutoff. Wealthiest men of the Industrial Age are born within 10 years. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, & Bill Joi born within months of each other. Gladwell also examines how culture plays a part of success too. However, I felt that Chapter 7 on plane crashes which examines cultural reasons for communication breakdowns during flight emergencies didn’t really fit into this book about “success.” After reading Gladwell’s book Talking to Strangers, this book was a bit of a disappointment. Overall it’s a good book but not at the same caliber as Talking to Strangers.

Epic waste of money. The book is a bunch of Mumbo jumbo. I wouldn't even give it one star.

Am I an outlier, too?. Provocative reading which explains how our circumstances support our gifts.

Interesting Read. Not great but interesting.

The problem with logical fallacies posing a books.. If there was a way to reward negative stars this book would’ve been a good canidate for them. I have a great love for reading but this book inspired a poignant hatred inside me that would not go out. Utterly uninspirational this work attempts to give credit to the philosophy that it is not hard work that matters and personal effort but everything aside from that. To quote the esteemed Gladwell “if the resources of the grocer, the fruits of those riots, the possibilities of that culture, and the privileges of that skin tone had been extended to others, how many more would now live a life of fulfillment, in a beautiful house high on a hill?” In this startilingly disjointed book readers will learn oh so essential lessons like how (again to quote Gladewell’s exact words) “the Asian worldview was shaped by the rice paddy.” But not to worry this book is more then just racist bigotry (though that does remain a major aspect) it also follows important and completely unfounded ideas about how essenital cultural ancestry and farming practices are to the educational capiblities of future generations. Make sure to pay attention to his theories on how the reformers of the ninteenth century (who were more focused on temperance and utopian societies then education) based their reforms on western agricultural patterns.

awesome. .

Outliers: the story of success. It’s very interesting. I like it.

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Awesome. This was the best read out of his published material in my opinion. Not to take anything away from his other books.

Great read!. Another thoughtful and enlightening read by a talented author.

Good stuff. A very interesting look at success and it’s associated factors. A tribute to the value of hard work

The Outliers. Great book! Highly recommended.

Just Keeps Getting Better. I raved about TIPPING POINT. When I read BLINK I professed it to be my new favorite...now, after completing OUTLIERS I have to say, it just keeps getting better! A very enjoyable and thought provoking read. Malcolm is a master story teller. Do yourself a favor and download it now.... Enjoy, I know you will!

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Summary of Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

The Outliers book written by Malcolm Gladwell was published on 18 November 2008, Tuesday in the Management & Leadership category. A total of 3,215 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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