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William P. Young

The Shack by William P. Young Book Summary

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After his daughter's murder, a grieving father confronts God with desperate questions -- and finds unexpected answers -- in this riveting and deeply moving #1 NYT bestseller.

When Mackenzie Allen Phillips's youngest daughter Missy is abducted during a family vacation, he remains hopeful that she'll return home. But then, he discovers evidence that she may have been brutally murdered in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness.

Four years later, in this midst of his great sadness, Mack receives a suspicious note that's supposedly from God, inviting him back to that shack for a weekend. Against his better judgment, he arrives on a wintry afternoon and walks back into his darkest nightmare. What he finds there will change his life forever.

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Book Name The Shack
Genre Religious
Language English
E-Book Size 6.53 MB

The Shack (William P. Young) Book Reviews 2023

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Great book. It pays to have an open mind when reading. As a man who has been raised Catholic and the teachings of the church I found it easier to understand. Phenomenal book!

Religious book, not mystery. I was a bit disappointed when 1/5th into this book I realized The Shack is religious propaganda instead of a murder mystery/thriller. I wish it was more clear in the description. I wouldn't have wasted my money.

A new closeness to our father. By making the Trinity be real persons you are able to grasp the work of each one in depth. It really gives you a perspective that while you may struggle with any loss you may have to revisit the pain to release it completely over to God. Faith and trust are best friends and requires you to release trust of yourself into Him.

Must read. This book about forgiveness, love and adventure kinda. Makes you stop and take a second to tell family how much you love them and thankful for them. I can't wait to see the movie and hope it follows the book

Must Read. Couldn't put this Book down. I absolutely loved it and it helped me in so many ways!

Apple. Didn’t like the book

Mr. Excellent book on the story of God.

Religious Propaganda. If you find comfort believing in a spirit controlling everyone's love. Then you will love this book. You will go away feeling good. However rational thought is strong also and finding love, beauty and joy in the natural universe does not have to be credited to a magical deity.

The Shack!!!. God has used this book to change my life. If you're in a place where you need reconciliation or if your perception on life is negative and dark, READ THIS BOOK.. I pray that it helps change your life as it has mine...

Loved it!. This novel was AWESOME! I read the book then watched it at the theater, the book is a hundred times better because it has so much more then they can put up on the screen. Loved reading and watching it!

Amazing book!. This is the most spirit filled book I've ever read. Absolutely incredible

Love. There is little doubt this book will assist millions in their breaking free from asking the question, "Why, God?" So many generations have struggled. I struggle. Reading this book has offered me a different perception - a different ability - to which I can utilize in order to make sense of life's most horrific nightmares. From within these pages I have taken forgiveness and love. I pray so many are able to do the same. Forgive those who have hurt us and love each other without question or expectation. What a world we may one day wake up to should we be able to comply.

Great book. Amazing story. I loved the messages.

Perfect read. I was transported into the story's heart. I cried, laughed and found love and forgiveness.

An Abomination. I would give a lower rating if it were possible. This is truly an abomination for true, serious Christians. There are at least a dozen heresies in this book that are against clear biblical Christian beliefs. Thus those who support this book are not filled with the Holy Spirit and are devoid of discernment.

The Shack. Let me start by saying I don't read that often. But one I sat down to read this book I found myself not able to stop reading. The story was so moving and had me crying throughout the story. I was truly blown away with this story and enjoyed it very much.

Repetitious for most of the book. Started out with an interesting story and character. Most of the book is Mack talking with the Trinity. Found this part dull and repetitive. Wouldn't buy again. Read the Bible to find out about the Trinity not a fictional book.

Too Much Breakdown of God. It feels like a true story in the beginning, then it starts to delve into who/what God is a bit too much. No longer do we have the narrative in the beginning or truly getting to the mystery of what happened in the cabin. The synopsis is misleading, had I known this would be a book all about God and nothing about a good ole story, I wouldn't have wasted my money.

Amazing. Very touching, no judgements if you don't think the same.

This book has a horrible vision of a cruel deity. The book centers around a very young girl murdered by a psychiatric serial killer. One of the Trinity assures the father that throughout her literally tortuous and fatal ordeal the little girl knew her deity was "with" her. In this book God is truly omnipotent and omniscient. What kind of sadistic deity, who had the power to render the doomed girl unconscious, and thus keep her from suffering when she is doomed to die, neglects to do that? The horrible suffering of the 6 year old girl does nothing but please her killer. It fulfills no divine plan, it gives the victim no benefit. As a father who has endured the loss of a daughter, I found this book stomach churning in its insensitivity. Don't waste your time or money. If you have lost a child, avoid it like the plague.

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Amazing!. I love this message of God‘s gracious love which is poured out throughout this novel ; of his everlasting care for us in all life’s situations. The reading of this book has changed my mindset and views, when it comes to my relationship with The Lord, my family and people; I meet day to day. May this profound book enlighten and inspire every reader to live daily within the grace of Christ Jesus! 😇🙏🙏

Love love love. Best book I’ve read in a while.

Wow!. My mom made me read this book years before her passing. I went through a lot of the same emotions that Mack did as well. Six years after her passing I stumbled onto the book and it was so comforting

Life Changing. This book really changed my life in a positive way. It was recommended to me by my boss and I'm glad she did. You really have to an open mind and most importantly an open heart to read and fully understand this book. I've bought 3 copies in total. Two as gifts and one for me. I want to buy another copy so I can write in it and highlight certain parts. This book has drawn me closer to God and I'm thankful for it.

At least 14 heresies. I am catholic and this book is the exact opposite!! It has at least 14 heresies. The summary is; A father takes his kids camping, but while he goes and rescues his kids who flipped over in a canoe in the lake, his youngest, missy, is abducted and later murdered in a shack, by a crazy serial killer, called the ladykiller who kills only little girls under age ten. And leaves ladybug pins where his parents can find out there kid is dead. Anyways the murder is very disturbing, and I like murder mysteries but this one was bone chilling, in a bad way. The heresy part is he gets a letter telling him to go back to the shack, so he decides to go back, but when he gets to the shack it’s winter and missys blood stain is still visible near the fireplace, 4 years later. He throws stuff, and even falls asleep for a few minutes in the cold dilapidated shack, but when he realizes he dozed off he storms out, but while he’s walking away, everything suddenly turns into spring, and the shack turns into a nice little cottage, here comes the heresy, there are 3 people who live in the ‘little cottage’ and they say they are the holy trinity. The Holy Spirit is a Japanese woman who in the movie looks and acts more like a seductress, Jesus is a Saudi Arabian man, who wore flannel shirts, and the author says that God is an African American woman! She says that if she looked like the stereotypical God that he wouldn’t treat “god” the right way. I could only read up to chapter 4 or 5 I don’t remember, but it is not holy in any way honestly I think the devil was the one who took the form as the holy trinity, because that is certainly how it seemed. If you are Christian, than do not read this book, read the Bible, I hope I stated this as clearly as possible, but please save your soul and do NOT read this book. It would have been a great book if the 3 people were angels, but they weren’t so I just wanted to tell people this book is not as innocent as it seems, please do not let it deceive you. God bless you!

The shack. It helps you to put in perspective your priorities.. I love it ..

Personal Challenge. I read this book as a personal challenge because 2 Christian acquaintances hated it and 2 also Christian loved it! I did not ask anyone why until I read it myself! One could not get past the presentation of God as female and she said that ruined the whole story for her. One had a child who was murdered and she found peace, comfort and answers in this story. I myself lost a son in a car/train wreck on his 17th birthday. I too found comfort and peace and the reminder that my son was never alone! God never left him! I was shocked at first by the female God but that did not ruin it for me! I can't wait to purchase the movie when it comes out on DVD!

AMAZING. Best book ever!!!!!!!!

Moving and absolutely wonderful. This story is absolutely incredible and brought me to tears. God’s love for us is never ending. A definite must read!

A classic. Watch, years to come, people will remember it fondly. More people will keep reading it and it will be an American classic. The story makes you feel good, renewed in spirit and appreciative of redemption. Look, it's not the Bible. It's a conscious reconciliation of personal faith. Just read it.

Amazing. Great story for anyone who is struggling to have faith or who already does! Beautiful! Keep an open mind and enjoy.

It's authors own personal beliefs not backed by scripture. I almost read the whole book until I got to the point where it was talking about being a Christian. Pretty much saying everyone will go to heaven and there is no hell. It also says that Jesus is the best way to heaven and not the only way, which if you know the Bible, Jesus IS the only way. I do not recommend. Please do your research on this book before purchasing.

Great book. It was even better than the movie

Before you download. I found this story inspiring and revealing. However, do yourself a favor and read it instead of listening to the audio book. I found the narrator to invest way too much acting instead of reading and allowing the listener to design the image of the words. In respect to the author I will recommend the book but the audio book narrators attempt to read as the character (emotions way overdone) was enough to bring me to the point that I didn't want to finish it. Books should be read for the readers imagination. This narrative nearly destroys the perfect metaphor the author brings. Audiobook writers should heed this advise when determining narrators because, as in this case, the poor narrative ruins a great book. Nicely done Paul Young. I would have paid $40 for the book had I known the $20 I paid for the audiobook would ruin the entire experience. Peace

The best. This book is uplifting & spiritual filling, it helped me understand the depth of God's love for all His children.

The Shack. The guy that said do not read the book.... is...... full of it. The book stands alone.... He is combining book and movie and the movie was butcher. To the person who gave the book a poor rating. Don’t go to Walmart and rate Target.... I’m trying to be nice.... that person is an idiot!!! It’s a fictional book.... Read it. Enjoy it or not.... but you are judging it based on your on bias ...... that is wrong!!!

Love it!. I fall in love with God every time I reread this book. Truly a beautiful story and heart melting encounter with God.

A profound life-changing book. [I pulled this out for a third re-read after it was part of PBS Great American Read, and sparked a controversial give and take around its inclusion on the list. Very few of that group actually liked the book and it’s premise at all...] I originally read it in Seminary when it was first released and met the author at a forum in Ohio many years later. My book is yellow with age and full of dog-eared pages. The setting always draws me in for that eastern edge of Oregon near Wallowa Lake is where my first parish setting was. I know the area quite well. It also reminds me of the fantasy book “What Dreams May Come”. The book can be seen as a Christian fantasy and/or allegory. What gets me is the “down to earth, no bull theology” that it posits. A man-Mack- lost a child to “The Ladybug Killer” and Missy’s loss has obviously colored his and his family’s lives moving forward. His story of going back up to the scene and his encounter with The Living G-d in the form of three very approachable aspects and the discussions and actions related to it are both wonderful and transformative as he begins to let go of the nightmare his life reflects. For me, this has always been a book of hope. It has always made me weep, and it has profoundly influenced my theology and interaction with people in my parish and hospital work, as well as my own life. And, I have to say, in this instance, don’t watch the the book. Very highly recommended. 5+ Stars

Amazing. I think this is an amazing movie and everyone should watch it. It touches you spiritually and emotionally.

The Shack. What an extremely powerful, moving, and emotional roller coaster of a book.

Sappy as hell. Do yoursellf a favor and read Nietzche, Shopenhaur or Julius Evola instead....this is just syrupy Hollywood drivel....

The Best Book Ever!!. When my husband first mentioned the book, I decided that I would read it because it's his favourite book. It was such an amazing book! It actually changed my thinking on a lot of things... it's changed me in the couple of days it took me to read it... I'm so glad that I read it and gave it a chance... I WOULD DEFIANTLY RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE!

An Undiscovered Love. I am utterly wrecked by the power and beauty of this novel. 1st the anointing of the story and 2nd the prowess of the literature standard! Stunning. I've been told about this book for years and I finally read it this year and it's because God intended for me to be transformed in this season of my life right before I marry my fiancé! I will love her, our children, Humanity and God in ways I didn't think possible in the coming years. I am eternally grateful to Wm. Paul Young for being obedient and writing this masterpiece for generations to behold and consume for decades to come!

The Shack. Poor writing. Preachy and predictable!

Life changing novel. Words cannot describe the feelings this book gave me (good ones of course). I will never forget the impact it has made on my life. As a Christian, this really puts the relationship that we are to have with God in to perspective. I had no idea how miserably that I was failing in growing my relationship with Christ.

Awestruck. Amazing

what a great book.. This wud be the 2nd best life changing book i ever read in my life, this is a must read

Rob Keister. Simply loved it! Was refreshed as I read! Love all the “Trinity” in a new special way!

One of the best books I’ve ever read.. Incredible and moving read.

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The Shack. I just finished reading The Shack. This book made me cry, made me hold on to my children tighter, made me look at myself & the judgements that I have chosen to so carelessly make, & in certain parts made me feel....from the moment I began to read it I could not put it down. So I have had a few sleepless nights :-)

Thé Shack. I have read this book 3 years ago and as others have said also thought it was one of the best book I've ever read. No one on this earth can judge the descriptions given to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit by the writer. He has made them so beautiful and so heavenly that it gives us a hope for the afterlife. I have a sister who lost her 20 year old daughter to a horrific murder and I bought and gave her this book 3 years after. She said she also loved it and gave it to her husband for him to read as well. They are still having problems with the lost of their daughter but that this book has given them hope and know that their daughter is in a very beautiful place. God bless.

The Shack. Rubbish. There is no possible reason for this book to have been written and even less reason for it to have been read. Predictably, God could never live in a shack so he and the other two inhabit a lodge. The 'walking on water' is laughable. But the most wretched aspect of this book is the manipulative use of the little girl as the central theme of the story Unforgivable! My advice is to steer clear of this religious claptrap.

The Shack- a delightful surprise. Life changing!. I am not Christian, nor am I religious. This book walks me through understanding the bible in ways I've never thought possible. This book changed my life. I believe in a God who does not judge you by the color of your skin nor your status in life. A kind, loving, and forgiving God who does not react with rash judgement, discrimination and anger the way we humans by our nature do. That's what makes him God and us so human. I sense much has changed in me now. This is a God I can believe in. I was raised Buddhist with an open mind to other religion. I struggled with understanding the bible and believing God could exist. The Shack helped me understand more than I ever could from attending church and speaking to ignorant, judging, and discriminating Christians. The Shack has enlightened me deeply and made me a believer of that kind of God. There just may be a God after all!

A book about love while being offensive and prejudiced.. The author was flippant while writing such a horrible crime and being horribly abused as a child. He talks about being sad but it doesn’t come across that way in the story. What’s with the Jews have big noses? That doesn’t sound very loving, or religious. Had to stop reading it. Hypocrisy at its finest. I am sad that so many people thought it inspiring.

The Shack. Good book

BEST BOOK I'VE EVER READ. Remembering that this is an inspirational work of fiction, I have to say that this is my best read ever and have bought it for two of my friends already. The down-to-earth way that the author brings Christ and hope into a traumatic events is amazing. I struggled with the loss of my own daughter for 4 years before reading this book. This story was the bridge that brought me from the daily fight to move on, to a final, and complete peace. A huge thank you to the friend who initially bought me my first copy.

Bordering heretical... actually it is.. This book is very disrespectful. The Father is a African American women? Jesus is a middle eastern labourer? The same guy who created everything also says "Oops" !?! It's a completely inaccurate representation of God (the one of the Bible at least) and is an insult.

The Shack. My heart and soul have experienced a feeling of true and deep love for The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. The book made me cry tears of pain and tears of that can not be expressed by words. Nothing tangible, but something very real..the love that comes from being.

Beat book ever!. I love this book and it's message so much that I have read it 3 times so far. I am so sure that I will rad it again that I have bought the e-version for my IPjone i want it handy and close all the time. I have also bought 3 other copies to give to 3 of my friends who are struggling. I pray that it will fill them with peace and joy as it has me. A truly inspired gift to hearts that are open to His love and forgiveness! J.A.C.

Life altering. A beautiful message, I hope to be able to learn to love a little more moving forward.

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Summary of The Shack by William P. Young

The The Shack book written by William P. Young was published on 20 June 2008, Friday in the Religious category. A total of 4,069 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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