Lover Awakened Book Reviews

J.R. Ward

Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward Book Summary

#1 New York Times bestselling author J.R. Ward’s ferociously inventive series continues as the most fearsome member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood discovers just how tempting the night can be…

A former blood slave, Zsadist still bears the scars from a past filled with suffering and humiliation. Renowned for his unquenchable fury and sinister deeds, he is a savage feared by humans and vampires alike. Anger is his only companion, and terror is his only passion—until he rescues a beautiful female from the evil Lessening Society.

Bella is instantly entranced by the Brother’s seething power.  Except even as their desire for each other begins to overtake them, Zsadist’s thirst for vengeance against her abductor drives him to the brink of madness.  Now Bella must help her lover not only overcome the wounds of his tortured past, but find a future with her...

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Book Name Lover Awakened
Genre Paranormal
Language English
E-Book Size 1.38 MB

Lover Awakened (J.R. Ward) Book Reviews 2023

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Best So Far. Has it all.

BDB. So great a book, love Z and Bella its a must read

Amazing!!!!!. This series is amazing this book made me cry,laugh,and cry again....amazing ending.

Very Good. Zsadist is a former blood slave who still bears the scars physically and mentally, and because of this he is unable to let other's touch him he equates pain with sexual arousal. In this book we got a chance to hear his story and I must say it was sad. Bella who is a friend to Mary who is Rhage's shellan who also contacted the brother's about John who is really Darius's took him to meet them. Bella met Z and really liked him for him she was everything that he is not she was an aristocratic and although she doesn't care about that he does. Bella is kidnapped by Mr. O and lesser who thinks she is his wife and he is hell bent on getting her back. There was a lot going on in this book first of all Z tries to push Bella on his twin Phury who wants her but she doesn't want him and he is having a hard time with that. Then there is John who has learned that he is the son of Darius and the brother of Beth the shellan of the King he begins his training to become a warrior and dealing with a past rape that he is very shameful of. This is the third book in this series and it went into a lot more about each of the brothers Butch who is still trying to get over being rejected by Marissa and then there is Tohr who I felt bad for because his shellan Wellsie was killed by the lesser who kidnapped Bella. After Bella is saved she is brought to the compound and although she was given her own room she chooses to stay in Zsadist's room because she feels safe and hears were she begins to get into his heart. I love the brother's they are loyal to each other and the people around them while each are going through there own personal things Vishous who feels like he is losing his gift and for some reason gives Butch his blood to drink. The book also had some very funny scenes like Bella's needing that had all of the men erotically charged and Z who is disgusted by his own penis calling it (it) or that thing and Phury and the red smoke blunts who comes to his since right before he is getting ready to smoke heroin. Bella made Z want to be a better person and he tries to the surprise of everyone and asking Mary to teach him how to read was a big start for him. This one may be my favorite I love this series of big bad rap listening vampires.

Love Zsadist!!!. Oh man this book took me by surprise! I was really excited to read Zsadist story, and I wasn’t disappointed. This book has some unexexpected turns in it. Tohr’s storyline has a twist that really made me angry. Phury I really can’t wait to read his story. He’s suffered so much in his own way for so long. John’s storyline was grea. I was so slow forgetting that he’s Dariuss come back to life. Overall it’s a great read. There’s suspense. It’ll make you cry. You might laugh a little too. J.R. Ward really has a way of getting you wrapped up in her characters!

Wow. Wow this was so good! The best far! Such a great story. Couldn't put it down!

Darkest character explained. Zsadist is probably the most twisted of characters. Forced to live as a slave and suffered physical and psychological torcher. A broken man, he tries to save a female. And she tries to save him. Easy to read. Plot moved. Good book.

The Best!. Ward knocks it out of the park with this one! Bella and Z are two of the best characters Ward has and she delivers it the way it should be! Everything from start to end rocked in this book! If you only read 1 of these books make it this one!!

J R WARD does it again!!!!. Wonderful story! well written! Beautifully descriptive!!

Never actually read the book. My mom won’t let me read it XD but the author is one of my moms best friends, they stay up late writing together. If you want more books like these then check out my moms book spare hearts (I only remember the name of 1 of them) her pen name is Dorothy f. Shaw You might like her!!!

#3. Another great book

Love Z and Bella ❤️. Best book in the series!

Lover Awakened. If I could give it 6 stars I would. I am thoroughly addicted. Ward is a master story "shower", not teller. I can only pray that her publishers allow what the Brothers continue to bless her with continue to be graced onto the page. Genius!! I know WriterDog is proud of you, Warden!!

Love Zhadist. Who know the meanest! Baddest vampire would have the most touching story. Loved it. Didn't want it to end. Mr. O terrified me though. Love Bella.

Freakin awesome. Love the series it's fantastic great read

OUTSTANDING!. This series is exceeding my expectations!! Very captivating and satisfying! Thank you!

Favorite of the Series (so far). Really enjoying the series. The author does a good job allowing the reader to really get to know the characters. I laughed at the witty conversations, often sat at the edge of my seat while reading, got angry, got teary-eyed and was blind-sided by some things revealed. This combination doesn't happen often to me. Read the series in order so you can appreciate the timing of events and have the chance to be pleasantly surprised!

Love!!. Loved it!

Amazing I love this series!!!!!!!. Amazing I love this series!!!!!!!

Lover Awakened.. I’ve read all the Brotherhoods Books. I love Wrath, Rhage, Z,V and Butches stories the most.

Favorite of the series so far. 😍

Best book of the whole series.....period!!!!. Love this book a huge fan of Wards Blackdagger Brotherhood series, I have read them all including the latest The King , but this book is my absolute Favorite and Zaydist is my favorite of all the characters!!! Great book super series spectacular read!!!

Excellent. Totally engrossing. This book, with its twists and turns, got under my skin and left me raw. Awesome.

Not a fan. This book was too dark for me. Zsadist's past was explained in too much detail. I wish the plot focused on the two main characters more.

MY WARRIOR!!!!!. Zsadist is by far my favorite book character. He was emotionally scared yet he loved her from the first time he saw her. The Warden captured the story beautifully. This is a book I will always run back to.

FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!. Best book ever!

Best of the series. Couldn't put this one down! I love the characters. Not too happy about the Tohr twist though.... Z is my favorite and I LOVED his story! The ending is epic! Must read!

Good read. Good story. I really liked Zsadist in this story. He and Bella are a good match. The plot was quite bizarre. David or Mr. O, was completely nuts. He was all over the place crazy. So many secrets brewing within the vampire community. Now the drug addict and drug pusher were related. Bella has no clue about her brother, The pimp, club owner and drug dealer. I did not understand why Welsie had to die. I would have accepted injured, but die. So much unnecessary tragedy for John. But everyone of the Brotherhood has drama in their life. Including Butch. I believe John is Darius reincarnated. Although the timing is weird. Definitely longer than it needed to be for me, but a good read.

The best book in the series!!!. Of all the books written thus far, this was my favorite! J. R. Ward does a wonderful job setting the stage for a love story that shows love really does conquer all! She does a great job developing Zsadist's character by going into his backstory as a blood slave and then shows how Bella begins to tear down the protective walls around his heart. I LOVED this book!!!!!

Best book. Have re read this book 5 times if not more

Probably my favorite BDBH. It’s really hard to pick which is my favorite BDBH book, but I think it might be this one. It’s a beautiful story that leaves you in awe and tears.

My favorite of the series. Z’s story is my favorite of all the brotherhood. His struggle and then ultimately his salvation are so well described. His story brings me to tears each time I read it.

Lover Awakened. Excellent!!!

Great read. I'm enjoying the Brotherhood books truly! This was a great suspenseful, full of drama novel. My fav so far, but I'm only on the 3rd. I was so emotionally connected to this as I share some of the circumstances that Zsadist went through and it has me in tears. I really loved how Bella took her time with him durin the sexual parts of the book, she had an immense compasion and patience with him. and I felt like Ms Ward wrote out the feelings of being a person of that abuse. Good book and will continue the series as I'd love to find out everyone's story!

Best series true?. Z and Bella are my favorite book, next to Rhage and Mary of course. If you start this series you WILL NOT be able to put it down. You will get lost in the characters and their stories. AWESOME writing, HOT characters, Great love! Wins all the way round. Do yourself a favor and keep reading!

Lover Awakened. Awesome I laughed, I cried, just could not put The book down. Looking forward to next book Of this series.

My Favorite Book In The Series. This is my favorite book in the series. Ward reveals Zsadist's background and character in a way that you can't help but fall in love with him, that's why he remains my favorite brother in the series, sorry V. A combination of being deadly, capable of so much love and change, and gorgeous despite his tortured past, of course! It caused me to read Father Mine the short story next, wanting to get more of him and Bella, who you also can't help admiring as a character after she heals both herself and Zsadist after her kidnapping. Only a few spoilers reading Father Mine out of order but it was worth it to follow these to lovely characters. Still my favorite in the series and truly have loved them all. I think this one was different because we see Zsadist start to open to Bella early in the book but it still feels natural in reading it, and he remains true to himself as a character outside her presence until his ultimate transformation. And giving Zsadist and Bella, Nalla out of all the couples she could have chosen, was just perfect and AMAZING!!

Soooo emotional. I don’t know how much further I can read into this series. It’s sooo good but I’m getting way too attached to the characters. I love Z’s transition and that I get to witness that he has a family without Bella dying during childbirth. However, Tohr’s issues makes things so sad for me. What a good writer man.

Genius. I loved the different levels of emotional recovery that the twins had to overcome to be able to start enjoy life

Lover awakened. Loved it!! Just want to keep reading more........

I truly loved this book!!. The story of Zsadist is sad, painful, at time hard to read but also relatable. As a sexual abuse survivor, some of the details were hard to read but I also know by experience that yes people are that sick and perverse. Ward, made me relive my own trauma along with Z and we made it through. Is his life perfect, no! Which is what I liked about this book she is raw and unfiltered when describing his self hatred, and after I’m reading the words. I say to myself how sad that a man can feel that low, less than or unworthy of love! But, girl you went through the same struggles and although I’ve healed for the most part, like Zsadist, I have to work at it every day.

Zsadist is one of the best tortured souls!. If you like tortured vampires (Acheron, Edward, and Zarek to name a few) you will LOVE Zsadist's story!!

My Favorite.. This is my favorite of the series. I revisit this book time and time again. Highly recommend.

Loved this book. Just as good as the others! Can't wait for the next one!!!

Z and Bella are More Amazing than I Remembered. Zsadist was always one of my favourite characters from this series, but this time through I love them all. I’m not sure I can pick a favourite. Z is certainly up there though with his past, and his strength to eventually push through it all. I didn’t remember so much if this book, but all those details made the book even better than I remembered it.

Highly Recommended. First things first: Black Dagger Brother series by J.R.Ward is OUTSTANDING! Okay, got that out of my system, now on to the review. This book was hard to get through. Zsadist rescues Bella after she was kidnapped in the previous book, Lover Eternal. Zsadist was the only one who didn't give up. Everyone else assumed she was dead since she was kidnapped by lesser. The lesser who kidnapped her, David, wanted her to be a replacement wife since she looked so much like his dead wife. When Zsadist finally finds her, she is beaten to a pulp, unconscious, and has David's name etched into her stomach. The brothers bring her back to the main house. There they try to get Zsadist to leave her alone, but he won't. He insists on caring for her. After Bella awakes she tries desperately to get him to want her. Zsadist does want her! His past keeps him from doing anything. The other brothers are also hesitant to allow Zsadist to spend time with Bella. The other story arcs are also in this installment. Phury's character and history are discussed. J.R. Ward also shows life in the Wellie-Tohr-John Matthews family. J.R. Ward wrote such amazing characters in The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. All the characters are so complex-especially in Lover Awakened. For romance novels, these have a ton of depth. Zsadist is a very tortured character. Having been a blood and sex slave (I'm leaving out all the gruesome details....and believe me its quite horrifying) before being rescued by Phury, Zsadist finds sex revolting. He is mentally as well as physically scarred by his past. The abuse he suffered caused him to think he was dirty, evil, and impure. When Bella wants to be with him, he refuses. He thinks she is too pure, good, and beautiful to be soiled by him. Over time, however, Bella breaks down most of the walls that Zsadist built. This huge change, from feeling hatred to love, causes Zsadist to become confused. He spends most of the book sorting through his issues. J.R. Ward also used a bit of symbolism in Zsadist's eyes. The eyes are windows to the soul. His soul and state of mind were reflected in the irises of his eyes. Phury, Zsadist's brother, also loves Bella. He is torn between his love for his brother and his love for Bella. She is the only female that has ever threatened his vow of celibacy. However, when he sees the transformation happening to Zsadist, he backs off, but not happily. After being kidnapped, Bella has some issues, although no where near as terrible and complicated as Zsadist's. While she was being held captive by David, she prayed, hoped, and wished Zsadist would come for her. After ending up with the brotherhood, Bella tries everything to be with Zsadist. At first she's not that successful because whenever she gets close to him, he pushes her away. David, the main villain in this story, was sick and twisted. Ugh! I hated him....awful...terrible....evil.....I could go on forever. Before becoming a lesser he was married. He was physically and emotionally abusive to his wife. When she died, his insanity got worse. After joining the lessers he started looking for his "wife." One day while searching Mary's house for her he saw Bella walking across the yard. Since she looked like his dead wife, he kidnapped her. He never raped her, because, well, he can't really feel anything like that down there so it would be pointless. But he did use her as a punching bag. He's very violent so whenever he was upset, or angry he would take it out on her. He would then follow the abuse with an "I love you." Poor Bella. This series is amazing! I've been getting these books from the library, but after this one I've decided to go ahead and by the whole series. Every time I had to return one of the books, I wanted to cry. Lover Awakened is my favorite in the series so far. Zsadist, who was more of the villain on the good side, turned into the true hero-so touching. This book is very emotional. You might find yourself crying, laughing, and screaming. A side note: Zsadist and Bella's story reminded me of a rated R and slightly altered version of Beauty and the Beast. I highly recommend this series. It's just to good not to read-although for 18 or older audience.

Addicted. I am addicted to this series

Great read. Each time I finish a book, I think there is no way the next one could possibly be any better. I have been wrong each time! Zsadist is thus far my favorite character!! I can't wait to finish this series....

Who was the editor?. The characters are intriguing and the story is totally absorbing, but the editor has done the writer a real injustice here, much more so than in the previous books. "As night creeped over the landscape...."...seriously?? Creeped?? Not a word folks...not even a real word.

Love these books. I just finished this one and loved it. I'm really enjoying this series of books. So glad there are so many of them so I'll be reading for a while.

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Lovvvveeeeee. I’ve read this series NUMEROUS times. It is one of my favourite winter reads. Second favourite series of all time. Not only for the beautiful and powerful bonds of unconditional love, but also for the overall plot line of the series. I find it to be exciting, captivating and so much fun to read. So very well written. Well, so anyway, Zhadist and Bella’s story has been my favourite book since I read these stories first, about 10 or so years ago. I always go back to that book first most times. Then read it again after I read the first and seconds. I am so drawn to both characters. It’s such a beautiful book. ❤️‍🔥

Hard work. As usual another wonderful tale about the changes one special individual can bring to ones life, with strength an Hard Work one can better for it. As for the writing I love the strength of the tone she has used for the brothers speech pattern, you can tell by that alone, that these men are not the norm. Thank you for another inspiring story J.R Ward

Wonderfully captivating. couldn't put the book down. Found myself waking, instantly wanting to read more.

Manowar. Zadist is my favourite character, in the series,,,,,,,,so glad Bella loves him and he has his “girls” This book made me feel deeply, go figure. J.R. Ward can really create characters that draw you in:):) enough said. Thank you, R Jenkins J.R. Ward. P.S. Now just give the Bourbon Kings some more testosterone please:D

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Summary of Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward

The Lover Awakened book written by J.R. Ward was published on 05 September 2006, Tuesday in the Paranormal category. A total of 2,372 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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