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Dark Lover by J.R. Ward Book Summary

See where it all began in the first phenomenal novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series... 

The only purebred vampire left on the planet and the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Wrath has a score to settle with the slayers who killed his parents centuries ago. But when his most trusted fighter is killed—orphaning a half-breed daughter unaware of her heritage or her fate—Wrath must put down his dagger and usher the beautiful female into another world.

Racked by a restlessness in her body that wasn’t there before, Beth Randall is helpless against the dangerously sexy man who comes to her at night with shadows in his eyes. His tales of the Brotherhood and blood frighten her. Yet his touch ignites a dawning new hunger—one that threatens to consume them both...


Dark Lover (J.R. Ward) Book Reviews

Dark LoverFull of action, romance and mystery - a delicious read!.Score: 5/5

One of my favorites.My cousin introduced me to J.R. Ward when I was about 14 years old. And here I am at 26 still reading this series over and over. BY FAR MY FAVORITE SERIES!.Score: 5/5

Better vampire readBetter than Twilight series and Fifty Shades rolled into one!.Score: 5/5

ExcellentTrue romance with a twist..Score: 5/5

Dark LoverThis book made me laugh, cry and cheer in less than 5 minutes! A great read!.Score: 5/5

Absolutely love this book.I read Dark Lover about 4 years ago. I devoured it in two days. I have been looking for it ever since. The authors characters have stayed with me all this time. A must read for those who love romance, excitement, and a fast paced suspense. It will stay with you long after you've read it..Score: 5/5

:0)This might be a great read but you lost me in the first chapter with all of the football scenarios...yawn..Score: 3/5

Dark LoverThis was a great read as it has lots of drama, sex, romance and hot vampires. Loved it..Score: 5/5

Freaking great book and seriesSuper great from first book this to continued all of them and continuing plus the newer legacies books! Love black dagger brotherhood can’t go wrong. Some have to have more explanation that takes some chapters but most part it’s a thrill ride and romance you wish you could get out of your fellas lol. Just the devotion they all have w bonding is awesome!.Score: 5/5

Good readI liked the story line of Wrath and Beth. However, I skipped all the chapters that had to do with the Lessers. Didn't miss a thing..Score: 4/5

I'm a fang...er, I mean, fan!!!I was skeptical about reading a book about vampires given all the vampire craze with Twilight and all the copycat shows on TV. However, I was very happy with the BDB debut novel. I enjoyed the vampire world JR Ward created and her spin-off of the warriors. The different POV was entertaining to read, although I skipped all sections about the lessers. There was romance, passion, and I love all the warriors! I am looking forward to hearing more about Z's story..Score: 4/5

Got on a whim, fell in love!!I got this book on a whim. I've read it probably 5 times back to front. I love this story!!! My favorite vampire love story. Way better than 50 Shades of Grey, or even Twilight!!.Score: 5/5

Amazing I love this series!!!!!!!Amazing I love this series!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

LOVED IT!Wow! I had heard a lot of really great things about this series, but I wasn't expecting to love it this much. It's a romance book so obviously there's more than a few graphic sex scenes. However, the book dives deeper. I was drawn into a world inhabited by vampires, humans, and lesesrs. A world where vampires are heroes, humans are blissfully ignorant, and lessers are pure evil. The Black Dagger Brotherhood series is about a group of vampire warriors who are as close as brothers. They protect the civilian vampire population, as well as the humans from the lessers, people who sold their soul for immortality. The lessers freaked me out. They were so evil; it was difficult to read some of the parts that included them. I found myself skimming over some of the Mr.X, the main lesser in Dark Lover, parts. The lesser are led by Omega, a nefarious villain. Dark Lover tells the story of Wrath, the Blind King, before he ascends the throne. After one of the brothers dies, Wrath goes searching for that brother's half-breed daughter, Beth. Vampires cannot turn people to make more vampires. They have to be born. However, they are born as a "human," and go through the change in their twenties. If Beth is going to survive the change, then she needs to be around and drink the blood of a male vampire. Beth had a hard life, from being orphaned to foster care to being very nearly raped; she takes life day by day. When Wrath shows up, she becomes captivated by him. She sees the real Wrath under his hard exterior. Wrath did not plan or want to fall in love with Beth, but he did. She not only becomes the center of his life, but also the object of the Mr. X's impromptu plan. The Black Dagger Brotherhood is addicting. I loved Wrath. Actually, let me correct that, I love all the brothers. J.R. Ward is so talented. These books aren't only about sex, but also about love. True love. Love that lasts forever. The lessers pissed me off so many times with what they did. They were/are merciless. Thank goodness the Brothers fight them. J.R. Ward made the Brothers into real, three-dimensional characters. Each of the brothers has their own personal demons they have to face. Those demons define how they act and what they do. The BDB series has a feel similar to the Underworld movies- very urban fantasy with lots of guns and leather. Ward changes POV throughout the book, even though the focus of the book is on Wrath and Beth. I don't know what I'll do when the series ends, and there will be no more books. I'm getting depressed just thinking about it. Warning: For 18 yrs and older.Score: 5/5

GooooooodddI liked the book it was written well and very…hot… But a lot of the dialog and word choice was off. The way Brotherhood spoke sometimes seemed old and etiquette, and spoke handsomely but, other times it felt as though were speaking as teenagers saying totally, whatever, bro, like,etc. The author sometimes used the word thing(s) as descriptors which I thought was…interesting. Also, hopping into the 10th chapter I decided it was too many point of views being that the only real character development we saw was Beth and Wraths. Once I got to the 20th chapter I skipped everyone’s pov except for Butch, Beth, and Wrath, and didn’t miss anything of importance. If we really need a THIRD POV, Butch’s pov alone was perfect. We didn’t need Mr.x, Beth, Wrath, Havers, Marissa, Butch, and Jose’s pov. There was too much going on. She definitely had more room to show us more of Beth and Wrath, or even Butch and further develop characters instead of the quick “this isn’t right” inner battle the 2main characters had and then suddenly in on chapter it’s “but it feels right I guess I’ll give in” to push the story further. Other than that great story. Character development in the main characters were great for how short the book is and the development of the supporting charters was just enough for you to want to read another book to find out more about their story and how they developed. 4/5 or truly 4.5/5.Score: 4/5

Fantastic!!Amazing, captivating, romantic, beautiful! I absolutely loved this book! It got you wrapped up in it. Beautifully written and very loving. Can't wait to read the next!.Score: 5/5

Dark loverGreat read. Can't wait to read rest of series. Highly recommend..Score: 5/5

1stThis was a great book.Score: 5/5

AwesomeI am a read and reread al this series and can’t get enough of their world. Great Read!.Score: 5/5

Dark loverExcellent! She’s a great writer and her work is vividly exciting to read..Score: 5/5

Hard to get into but when you do, so good!If you can stick through the beginning and some of the middle than it gets really good. But i have to say, i considered putting it down quite a few times because things just didnt flow right in the beginning stages… but once the story deepened the characters really came alive. So if you have doubts, keeping pushing through because you’ll be glad you did. I’m going to give the second one a chance because of it and hope to not be disappointed!.Score: 4/5

Loved it!Loved it!.Score: 5/5

Good series...I kind liked these new series...plot ok, interesting new twist as far as Vampires go...all of you should also check: the Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian..I loved that series! And their warriors are also to die for, but it's a little more real today- times than this one..I loved both series so far..but the Warriors of the Breed...ohhhh..man...they are Hot! Just like these BDB! Just try..when you read every single one of both series..it will be hard to top it off with anything else...both series are AMAZING!.Score: 5/5

Fell in love with the Brotherhood all over again.I’d forgotten how much mythology and history was built into this series from the very beginning. I can honestly say that I fell in love with the Black Dagger Brotherhood all over again while reading this book. I can’t wait to continue..Score: 5/5

BDBLove this book but Z my fav.Score: 5/5

FabulousGood read all the way...Score: 5/5

Moves a bit fast but within good reason.What I hate about most romance books is that they move so fast that even as a fiction novel, it’s not believable at all. This book does move a bit fast at first, but it give a good enough reason for it. Aside from that, it’s a perfect vampire romance. I loved every second of it and the sequels are just as good. It’s well worth a read!.Score: 5/5

Buy it!!!!!Best series EVER!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

LOVED IT!!Read it in olympic time. Could not put it down til I was done. Absolutely enjoyed it all!! The passion, the plot, storyline, characters, love scenes! Everything in this book was great! Bravo and Thank you!! :).Score: 5/5

I'm in, true?I have not wanted to devour a book series the way I am the BDB since I was a middle-school/highschool student reading Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles (almost 15 years ago). The nature of these vampires is like no other telling. J. R. Ward has created here a whole new world for fans of this genre to explore. Begin wih this book, be fore-warned, you will become a BDB addict, true?.Score: 5/5

BDBGreat first book. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series...this is my second time. Love the men and women of the brotherhood..Score: 5/5

Dark LoverThis series is absolutely fantastic! Couldn't put them down! I'm sad Ive read them all and cannot find anything that comes close to these! I miss the brothers!.Score: 5/5

BDB ❤️Great start to the series!.Score: 5/5

Dark LoverVery good. Had me from the beginning.Score: 5/5


Amazing!!Couldn't put it down! Interesting characters, great story!!.Score: 5/5

Stopping half way gets twice the starsI enjoyed the first half of this, maybe 3.5 stars good. The only reason I finished was because I was over the tipping point by the time it went crashing downhill. Yet another tough guy turns mushy after falling in love with a woman he just saw, not met, saw. The cheese comes on thicker the longer you read and all character and plot development grind to a halt..Score: 2/5

Interesting titleVery sensual and pleasing. Also very livable and believable in true life and love.Score: 5/5

Ok knocking off one star, true.Just coming off the world of Night huntress, I enjoyed the change of scenery. But, I had to knock off a star just for the way the brotherhood talks - it's like, you know, valley girl with a dousing of gangsta (rap kind) - it is very difficult to get past. Enjoyable story , predictable love story of a half blood and a reluctant vampire king. Gotta love the vampire books. Vampires in this world so far : Don't do sun Are bred and born not changed over Don't need much blood , but it's only of the opposite sex and mostly vampire The bad guys are obviously trying to wipe vampires out and always have. There is good vs. evil in this world . I will try book 2 and see how it goes. Not hooked just yet, unlike the Frost books, I gotta get over the bro-talk and might be unable. yo, true? True..Score: 3/5

Great read!I love it! It has everything I was looking in a book - I was a little shocked at some things that went on but all in all, GREAT BOOK! And I also love how it has several point of views.... And I'm also very curious about Zsadist!.Score: 5/5

I hate that I’m hooked on this seriesI really wanted to hate it. The cheesy names of characters and how difficult it is to tell who is who when you first start into it is mind numbing but with a dozen more books to go, I’m sure I’ll get to know them all. I can’t put them down some I MUST love it..Score: 5/5

Not the bestI feel like this booked lacked character development , emotional description of the characters. It was fast moving but without some more details felt fragmented and hollow . Not interested in continuing series but out of sheer principle needed finish the book ..Score: 2/5

Yeah!Yay!.Score: 4/5

MariaI love it!.. Already purchased the next one..Score: 5/5

Dark LoverThis was my first audio book this year, and my second audio book ever. The Black Dagger Brotherhood is a huge series and I figured it was about time to get started on it. I wasn't disappointed. The story was exciting and really held my interest from start to finish. There's an interesting mix of traditional lore and the author's own little twist. I loved the concept of the Lesser society. It was a new look at vampire slayers and demons that added a nice layer to the world Ward has created. The Brotherhood was a little over the top - and I know they are supposed to be - but they were just too "big" for me. The saving grace was that they each seem to have some serious flaw in their physical-self, personality, or haunted past to help balance out their amazing power and size. Their leader, Wrath, is quite a hard person that is very driven in his task of taking out Lessers, even more so after the one of the Brotherhood is killed. There's quite a bit of suspense and excitement in the story that revolves around this death and the rise of power in the Lessers that takes the Brotherhood by surprise. But this is a romance, and quite a good one. Beth is a unique woman, She's not a vampire, but she's not a human, and Wrath can't seem to stay away from her. I loved her fire and her spunk. She wasn't one to let a big vampire walk all over her and tell her what to do. Her introduction to the vampire world was great. I'm a big fan of the freak-out moment. The moment where someone realizes all those scary stories are real and they just walked into one. Beth's realization was great and it only made me like her more. The narrator of the audiobook took a little getting used to. Partly because it was a male, and the voice in my reading head has always been female. But he told the story well and drew me in quickly. He was quite a nice companion on my daily walks..Score: 4/5

AddictiveThe book that started it all. Couldn't put it down. At a dozen+ still can't resist JR ward's BDB and it's engaging characters. Am starting next generation of Brothers with Legacy series. Made me folllow Jim, Ad & Edy down the Fallen Angels rabbit hole too.Score: 4/5

Dark loverI loved the characters and can't wait to read the second one..Score: 5/5

Must read seriesWard does an amazing job!! The way she delivers the characters makes you feel as if you are apart of their world. Great writing, great story lines, amazing series!!.Score: 5/5

Unexpectedly loved it!I will admit that while I wanted to know what all the fuss was about, I did not have high hopes for this book. I was totally wrong about everything! I used part of my iTunes gift card to purchase the ebook on my iPad air and by chapter one, I was sucked into Ward's world and I did not want to leave. I found myself saying " one more chapter. It's only ten pages " and the next thing I know, two more hours of reading has gone by. It is my opinion that anyone can write a sex scene, it is what comes before and after that makes it a great story. While the sex scenes were smokin hot, it was the story I loved the most. Each character had their own voice, and the more I read, the more I felt the author has created a vampire story unlike anything I have read before. This is the first book I have given five stars to as well as a favorite for this year..Score: 5/5

I had high hopes!I really wanted to like this series! I know lots of friends that have read it and I also enjoy fantasy/romance BUT I couldn’t get passed the cliche character names, “Tohrment,” or “Wrath” ugh it killed me. I just couldn’t do it. Despite my cringing at the name, I like where the story was heading, but again, the description of “Wrath” in black leather... so predictable! Moody angst ridden vampire that wears black leather and goes by the name of Wrath.... I got 19% of the way through the first book and I couldn’t do it anymore. I was really looking forward to these, but I was letdown. I would not recommend this for readers who like Charlaine Harrison or Patricia Briggs. I wanted a series like either of their, “Southern Vampire Mysteries,” or “Mercedes Thompson” novels, respectively, but the “Black Dagger Brotherhood,” is not going to be on the same level, not for me anyway..Score: 2/5

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Dark LoverGot a recommendation to read this last weekend and couldn't put it down. Not a complex story, but interesting twists on vampire myth and cool to have them clearly set in the 'here and now'. Looking forward to the next book..Score: 4/5

Sexy, hot, and I couldn't put it downI'm not big on vampire books..but was told good things about this book, so figured what the heck, & I'm glad I did.This is one of the few books I couldn't put down.LOVED it.looking forward to reading the next one..Score: 5/5

GreatI really enjoy this series. I am on book six. Reread the first four books in order to continue on with the series and refresh my mind on the stories. Very adult content...love, sex and violence. You will not be able to help but feel something for the brotherhood..Score: 5/5

Best book EVERLove her stories and each couple is unique and lovely in their own way. With this book you get to know the king and fell in love with him! Very sexy! Buy now and read all!.Score: 5/5

Dark loverThis book has everything! Strong characters, great story line and a fantastic ending. Can’t wait to start on the next book!.Score: 5/5

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