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Warriors: Power of Three #3: Outcast

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Warriors: Power of Three #3: Outcast by Erin Hunter Book Summary

Erin Hunter's #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series continues with the third book  in the Power of Three series! The third book in this third series, Warriors: Power of Three #3: Outcast, brings more adventure, intrigue, and thrilling battles to the epic world of the warrior Clans.

A secret prophecy shapes the lives of Firestar's grandchildren, and Jaypaw believes that the cats of the ancient Tribe of Rushing Water may hold the key. But when he, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw travel to the Tribe's mountain home, they may discover secrets they never expected.

Warriors: Power of Three #3: Outcast (Erin Hunter) Book Reviews

Love it!I really liked the last one so I think I will like this one.Score: 5/5

Love!I looove the Warriors books! They are THE BEST!!!!!!.Score: 5/5


I love it!!I absolutely LOVE this book!!!!.Score: 5/5

SplatterPelt. . .She isn’t THAT old. .well maybe. .she was the very first cat in AU ShadowClan. She joined at 18 moons. She’s only like. . .30 some moons. . Also FleetingJoy and SweetWhisker are in the same litter.Score: 5/5

10000/5OMG SUCH AN AMAZING SERIES!!!! I love these books so much and I want to read them all,I have one problem tho…modes anybody else have problems downloading these books? I’m having problems and I straight out CRIED! I was so sad when I could not download the nex book in this series!😭,but I still love this book it is AMAZING if you like: adventure,longing to read the next chapter after you fished a chapter,drama,and adventure,this is the book for you! I love this series so much .I found outa about this series a month ago and ik already on this book! I love these books so mi h,I LOVE U SO MICH ERIN!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

So goodYou need to read all the series to truly enjoy this one it is great! There is so much suspense it will leave you dying to read the next chapter. All the series and books get 5 stars in my opinion! There are warrior hater they don't stand a chance against the warriors fan base best books ever I think so!.Score: 5/5

AWSOME!!!!!!!This is a awesome book!!!!....the whole series is awesome!!!!!.Score: 5/5

WickedI love the Warriors series!!! I think the books get better and better. Hope you read it!.Score: 5/5

Chapter 2!Chapter 2 Ivypaw padded alongside her sisters, trying to hide the excitement underneath her pelt. Spottedpaw glanced around curiously, eyeing a sparrow that was high up in a tree. “Don’t worry, Spottedpaw we’ll have plenty of time to hunt later.” Hollowflight assured her. “Okay.” Spottedpaw mumbled. The sun was rising slowly over the trees, almost above their heads. Mistpaw was scampering around like an overgrown kit, tripping over roots that came up from the ground. Ivypaw stifled a mrow of amusement. “I’d like to see you try to watch every root and not trip over it.” Mistpaw huffed. They approached a foul scented black path, watching huge creatures race past not noticing the cats on the side. “Those creatures you see are called monsters.” Stormshadow explained. “Twolegs are carried inside them and are taken to whoever knows where.” Ivypaw fluffed out her fur, feeling the wind from a monster passing them. Ivypaw whipped around and hissed as barking sounded from around the corner of a twoleg path. “Run!” Cloudstripe yowled. Ivypaw pounded away and dove under a gorse bush, her littermates following. Not long after, their mentors had appeared with a couple scratches on their flanks; but Hollowflight had the most damage. Mistpaw looked in horror at her mentor who was covered in blood and limping badly with a twisted paw. “Hollowflight!” Mistpaw scurried over to her mentor sniffing his pelt to see if there were any wound with gushing blood. “I-I’m ok.” Hollowflight whispered. “Let’s hurry and get back to camp so Minnowleaf can look at your wounds.” Stormshadow meowed. “All of our wounds.” Cloudstripe corrected. Stormshadow grunted then took off in the direction of camp. Ivypaw bristled in fear rethinking of what had just happened. That could have been us. She shook her pelt and trudged back to camp. Ivypaw opened her eyes to find a beautiful landscape of trees and flowers all in a neat order. What is this place? She thought absently. “Welcome young Ivypaw.” She turned to see a big black tom with ginger flecks staring at her, his pelt giving off stars and sparks. “W-who are you?” The black tom have a short amused purr. “I am Emberstar, I was the leader before Countingstar.” Ivypaw gazed at this magnificent cat in awe. “Why have you brought me here? Did I…” Die? She thought in fear. Emberstar seemed to read her thoughts. “You are not dead but you have been brought to StarClan.” He meowed calmly. Why am I in StarClan? Her pelt prickled uneasily. Emberstar gazed at her with such fierceness in his eyes that they looked as if they were fire. Everything started to fade away, as if it was all being covered by a huge cloud of smoke “Don’t go!” She pleaded. Emberstar shook his head. “The time has come for the Clans to unite once more, or all will be lost if the lurking shadow is not defeated.” Any ideas of what o should write for chapter three? And tell me if I need to edit any of the chapters! 😁.Score: 5/5

Little suggestion…Can we make a little less of cats with the “Dark” prefix? There’s like multiple cats in the same Clan with the Dark prefix. Now, there’s a couple that have different ranks, but I’m not too worried about that AS much, cause you can easily identify them. I’ll just list them below- TC- Darkpaw (she’s honestly fine, she’s the only “Dark” prefix in TC at the moment) RC- Darkwater (also not too worried about him. He’s also the only “Dark” prefix in RC, but he’s also an elder) SC- Darkstalker, Darkfire (I’m not actually worried about this one either, cause Darkstalker is deputy, and Darkfire is an elder, but I’m hoping no more will join SC) WC- Darksight (he’s a med. cat, plus the only “Dark” prefix in WC) SkyC- Darkroot, Darkstorm, and Darkkit (I’m a little bit worried about this one just because of Darkkit, and if maybe Rosy Spotted Kitten can rename it or something, that would be great, please!) GALAXY: Lilypool is older. She is Fleeting and Sweet’s mother. EspressøMøcha.Score: 5/5

AmazingAn awesome book all around.Score: 5/5

Loveee it 🥰😃Ok I’m so glad I have read this and I’m just going to say that this is my fav book ever I love this 💗.Score: 5/5

FRIGGEN AMAZINGThe warrior series is so far THE BEST BOOKS IVE EVER READ!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎😎.Score: 5/5

From: Storm Fur 101Kiss my ashes.⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️.Score: 5/5

Warriors Power of Three OutcastAmazing book!!!.Score: 5/5

100 out of 10!These books are just straight up amazing. They make me smile, cry, laugh, and they just make me feel good inside. I started reading Warriors when I was in 4th grade, and I haven’t stopped since then. I am now in middle school and I’m halfway through the third series. I love the books Erin Hunter makes. She should definitely deserve some kind of reward. To reiterate, I love Warriors!.Score: 3/5

Amazing!I love it! Gj Erin Hunter! -GhøstNight.Score: 5/5

I can’t believe how great this series is!!I really love this deities with all my heart so much congrats to Erin u r amazing READ THE SERIES NOW OMG IT MADE ME CRY SI MANY TIMES ITS AWESOME🥰.Score: 5/5

Chapter 8 of Ivywhisker’s TruthDapplenose: only one thing, Frondkit and Chestnutkit are the oldest kits. Otherwise, it’s perfect! Thanks so much! This will help with fAnFiCs!!! Ivywhisker shook her head for the tenth time to clear it. She was exhausted from meeting up with Birch last night and hadn’t slept a wink. Then she remembered- today was Thunderpaw, Reedpaw, and Runningpaw’s warrior ceremony! She quickly washed her fur and shared tongues with Blazegem, talking about their kits. She mentioned Darlingpaw’s stalking skills, and he said that she had been trained by a great mentor, making her glow with pride. Yet a little nugget of doubt nudged at her. •A great mentor wouldn’t break the code. A great mentor wouldn’t fall for a rogue.• She shook the nagging voice away and thanked him, then they both stood up and headed to Highrock when Lightningstar’s voice rang out over the camp. “All cats old enough to hunt gather at the Highrock!” Reedpaw, Thunderpaw, and Runningpaw stood in front of the Highrock. “Reedpaw, Moonwater has taught you well. You are smart and quick, and I now commend you to StarClan in your turn. By the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. From now on, you shall be known as Reedflow.” Lightningstar meowed. “Reedflow! Reedflow!” The Clan chanted. “Thunderpaw, you were the only apprentice of Jaggedstar before he passed in the harsh leaf-bare, and he has passed all of his skills onto you. By the powers of StarClan, you shall now be called Thunderleaf.” “Thunderleaf! Thunderleaf!” “Runningpaw, you have learned from Nightstalker, and you are wise and swift. By the power StarClan has chosen to give me, I now give you your warrior name. You will now be known as Runningwater.” “Runningwater! Runningwater!” Everyone meowed. “Reedflow! Thunderleaf! Runningwater!” ThunderClan yowled. Mooncloud and Cripplepaw watched from the medicine den where they were treating Rockheart, Blazegem’s old mentor. He had redcough and would die before the moon was gone, but they would at least ease his suffering. The Clan clustered around to congratulate the new warriors and then left to return to their dens. The sun was just starting to dip below the horizon. She was definitely ready for sleep. As she closed her eyes, a voice sounded in her head. She jumped up from the nest and raced outside. Nobody was in the camp, not even the new warriors who were supposed to be honoring their ancestors with the vigil. One cat padded towards her on air, paws floating above the ground. She gasped. One half of it was ravaged by something- the fur was burned, claw marks were slashed across its milky eye, and the bones were clearly visible beneath the mangy pelt. One bone was even jutting out, gleaming white. The other half was a pretty white she-cat with a blue eye. “I am Trickery,” the beautiful she-cat said. “And I am Death,” the other, scarred cat said. “We have come to give you a prophecy,” mewed Trickery. “Yes, StarClan has commanded it.” Death growled. “But when have we ever listened to StarClan?” they asked in unison, eerily tilting their head. Ivywhisker stepped back, fur bushed out. She turned and ran out of the camp, paws pounding against the ground. “You will fall before your time!” They sang in unison, the words carrying the weight of a prophecy. They sank into her fur. The ground opened beneath her paws and she fell down Down Down Past layers of color Blue Purple Red Until she fell All the way from the Sky Lower Faster Falling Into her nest In the camp Next to sleeping Snowstorm Safe at last. Ivywhisker slept as the words carved traces into her being, worming beneath her pelt and into her heart. No one was awake to see it, but in that moment black lines traced her fawn-and-white pelt, seeping together like black dye, jerking her out of her nest. The spiderweb-thin lines reached her closed eyes and they snapped open, ghostly white. For a second she hovered there in the air, with glowing white eyes, while the black flooded her pelt. Then it all vanished and the voices of Dark Forest cats spoke: “You have been granted a Dark Life.” Yeah idk where that came from. I’ll figure it out later. I don’t plan my stories so stuff like this happens… My plans have come together. I’m making a new fanfic called Frondkit’s Journey (it’s actually her warrior name for the title but I’ll be renaming it) and I am continuing shadeheart’s fanfic. The new chapter should be out right after this gets updated! ~Ivywhisker.Score: 5/5

Swiftstreams vowSwiftstream kind smart stubborn fast black and white she with brown eyes. Parents:unknown Siblings:unknown Mate:none Kits:none Prologue: The tom looked at the beautiful or what he thought was ugly she cat. “Do we have to keep the ugly one?” She asked. “No. Let’s take her to riverclan they owe me.” She replied looking proud that she had just got their so called ‘ugly’ daughter off their paws. Riverclan could not refuse such a pretty and adorable kit. She was givin to a queen with kits the same age. “The poor little thing!” She murmured. “Please take her in your the only queen with kits her age!” The leader practically begged. She looked up determination in her eyes. “Why would I not? She’s a beautiful young one with much to offer I would be pleased to have her as my daughter!” The tom looked happy. “Thank you turtlescale.” He murmured as he quietly walked out as the kit snuggled into her new mothers belly warmly. Chapter one: “I’m gonna become a warrior!” “No in the one getting my warrior name not you!” Her sisters were in an argument. Her and her brother,fishpaw were sitting at the camp entrance wiggling. “Come on!” He mewed impatiently.”now now stop being so impatient if you want to be a good warrior you must find patience.” “Your sisters right.” She jumped at her mothers stern voice. Her mothers gaze changed from bright, to dark the clan looked nervous. “Now now if you pass your assessment I have to speak to you and your siblings.” She said quietly. “Okay!” And she raced off It was a very easy yet hard hunt they had to hunt land prey instead of fish. She looked at her two sparrows and three mice. This was great! Suddenly she realized that it was time to go back. She caught the squirrel that she was stalking and ran back to camp when she got back she saw the other apprentices were already back. “Sorry,” she panted “I was just catching a squirrel when I realized the time.” “It’s okay you passed.” Her mentor replied. “Let all cats gather beneath the high rock for a clan meeting!” His yowl rang through the clearing. “We are gathered here for a very important moment, welcoming four new warriors to the clan!” He beckoned the apprentices with his tail. “Greenpaw do you promise to uphold the warrior code even at the cost of your life?” “I do.” “Then from this moment on you will be known as greenstem!” He said the same to her and her siblings except naming fawnpaw, fawnwish. Fishpaw,fish dawn and her, swiftstream. “Greenstem,fawnwish,fish dawn,swiftstream!” Her clan mates screeches roared through the clearing. “Swiftstream” her mothers voice was very very hesitant.”I need to tell you something…” “well shoot at me.” She replied. Her mothers eyes were now filled with tears. “Y-your a-adopted.” She somehow choked out. “NO YOUR LYING!” She screamed hoping she was. “I’m not…” “AND YOU KEPT IT FROM ME MY WHOLE LIFE I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY MOTHER!” She yowled. “I am so sorry I really am please forgive me!” Her mother or adoptive mother, begged. “I don’t think I can forgive her but I guess I can forgive you.” She murmured. Chapter two: It was a cold a rainy night but thankfully it was over. She had had her drama. “It’s over you can talk now.” Featherfox meowed as he walked out of the warrior den. “Thank you.” She murmured. Featherfox pushed his muzzle into her fur. “I know you thought I was your father for so long but I still want to be.” He walked into the leaders den. She knew why, he was the deputy of riverclan. She shook her fur out yawning. She walked into the warrior den guided by the cat she had once thought of as her mother now she was just the cat that had adopted her. She slept for so long that it was now the next day. She walked out and went on a border patrol. She was walking near the thunder path when she smelled shadow clan she growled and followed the foul scent. Chapter three: She growled at the rat eaters. “Get out of our territory!” The tom stepped forward. “Make us.” She hissed and chased them all the way to the thunder path and the border patrol at her tail. She ran into it without thinking and was hit by a speeding monster. “Goodbye” she whispered and woke up in a sparkly place. “Where am I?” She asked. “Well well, welcome to starclan. Sincerely, Hazelstar of kindclan see description in into the wild bye! ✌🏿✌🏾✌🏽✌🏼✌🏻✌️✌🏿✌🏾✌🏽✌🏼✌🏻✌️✌🏿✌🏾✌🏽✌🏼✌🏻✌️.Score: 5/5

Warriors is the best <3I love the series so much I think they should make movies starting with : Warriors # 1 Into the Wild Staring; Rusty ( the kittypet), Graypaw ( the apprentice), Bluestar ( thunderclans leader), and Tigerclaw( the warriors/ traitor).Score: 5/5

BEST SERIES EVER!!!!!!!Love it!!!!! Need to read series!.Score: 5/5

SweetI love the series but I have no money to buy any of the books :( but I can at least check them out at a library or something like that :).Score: 5/5

GreatAwesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Warriors power of 3 book 3Awesome book would recommend it to everyone. One of the best books In the series so far I think..Score: 5/5

Best series ever:-)Love the series I wish they came out with more cat series like this..Score: 5/5

Sweet catty!This book series is so awesome! I've read the past 14 books all in a row, it just keeps getting better and better! Keep going Erin!!!.Score: 5/5

5 Star!!!!Omg this the best series of books I have ever read! I’m always in a hurry to find the next book! When BlueStar died I think I cried for about 1 hour!🤣 But FireStar is even better! I just love this series!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

AMAZINGBy:helpmyknee It’s a great book I take it for granted :)!.Score: 5/5

LolIs it just me, or does Breezepaw look REALLY evil on the cover?.Score: 5/5

WarriorsBest series ever can't get enough.Score: 5/5

I love this bookI read 5 book in need more books to goo=).Score: 5/5

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Awesome :3This book was awesome i luv these books :3.Score: 5/5

His momHi.Score: 5/5

Love itI Looooovvvvvveeeeee these series 😍.Score: 5/5

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Great, the price tho?Why like $7 when the half the books are $4 and a couple others are $5? What about you keep the price at like $3? Anyway except for the strange pricing great book 👍.Score: 4/5

It’s pretty overpricedI mean it’s a great book but 8 dollars is quite a lot...Score: 5/5

WowIt’s a lot cheaper than buying it at the store.Score: 5/5

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Fairly Good :)I've read better Warriors books. This was a little slow for me..Score: 4/5

Boring....There are much better books than this, you would expect because it has the tribe of rushing water in it to be good, but wrong. It seems as if the warriors are a bit full of themselves in this book, by teaching and MAKING the tribe have borders, patrols, etc... It was a bit disappointing to see the cats in such a boring non exciting story..... :'(.Score: 3/5

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