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The 50th Law by 50 Cent & Robert Greene Book Summary

In The 50th Law, hip hop and pop culture icon 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) joins forces with Robert Greene, bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power, to write a “bible” for success in life and work based on a single principle: fear nothing. With stories from 50 Cent's life on the streets and in the boardroom as he rose to fame after the release of his album Get Rich or Die Tryin’, as well as examples of others who have overcome adversity through understanding and practicing the 50th Law, this deeply inspirational book is perfect for entrepreneurs as well as anyone interested in the extraordinary life of Curtis Jackson.

The 50th Law (50 Cent & Robert Greene) Book Reviews

God Is GoodGood Book.Score: 5/5

RecognizeIf you haven't read the book and are making predicated comments based on the fact that 50cent is a part of the book then please take your dumbass comments somewhere else. To say that a book is bad because you have a biased opinion of the author takes stupidity to another level! I have read Robert Greenes books (48 Laws of Power and the Art of Seduction) and believe him to be an accomplished writer as well as an informed individual. His writing style is perfectly suited for my tastes and the side stories are entertaining and I formative. This book is all the more practical as it relates current events to historic events and shows the correlation between the two. A must read for anyone looking to strengthen their work ethic and position or for anyone looking for an interesting read. If your bad mouthing a book based on the author, I'd suggest starting an art farm and not coming out of your mamas basement!.Score: 5/5

KnowledgeIs power but only if you choose to use what you have learned.Score: 5/5

Amazing!At times my morning started with this book and my evenings ended with it. I was so surprised by the examination of how 50 cents utilized the 5 basic human emotions in a positive way. Good read and well written. Love this book!!.Score: 5/5

J nah uj u u. Uhh. Hbu. U. BBB hNun no nhjhhnjh nun. In. B. B. HHey jhnnnnnhjnbbb. J. I huh hubby by. Huh. Uhhh Ubuntu huh bbh has u huh. Hi In. H B.B. I Hey. Hey nun. H. Hhey h bbbbuhas to . Hi. Juijiju. B. Nun. By on u non hung. Nun hbu. U. Hi uh hey HhHey bhhhhn. Hubbub h. Uhuhu un p h to.Score: 5/5

This is a extended version of The 48 Laws of Power.This is a very interesting read, there are so many haters out in the world today that some people hate on anything that has 50 Cents name on it,truth be told the same people that hate now was all on this mans Jammy! Writer Robert Green did a good job adding this novel, until you've walked a mile in another mans shoes, you can't speak on that man. Cause you don't truly know where that man comes from! Buy this book. " In order to understand a thing,you must first know the nature of a thing! ".Score: 5/5

BEST BOOK IVE EVER READ!Truly was.. Taught me how 2 Overcome fear..Become a great Powerful leader..And become completely self reliant. Quit my 9-5 Dead end job, And pursued my Real estate Wholesaling Buisness Full-time while Continuing College courses My Life is finally on the Right track People are Truely Respecting my Decisions and Character I am Living for Myself Finally.. Thanks Robert Greene and 50! Best Book ever.. Recommend it to each and EVERYone I meet BUY THIS BOOK..You wont regret it...Score: 5/5

Good book butYou can tell that this is clearly written by Robert Greene, and definitely 50 cent didn't write a sentence of it. Bob used 50 cent's name for little bit and then the rest is from his mind, not 50's. that's why it's a #5 by wallstreet, the other books by 50 wouldn't be #10 without help of Robert, so take the authors name, 50 cent, off of the book.. . The book is great, I like 50 cent, I look upto him ever since I was a kid... I never liked reading books but this book made me like reading and specially with the iBook app, double awesome. Good way of spending my 10 bucks :).Score: 4/5

WowThis book is simply amazing and very educative. I was mearly Arroused when i read it. Understanding piece og litterature-art..Score: 5/5

5 StarChanged my whole perspective on life! Always hears about this book and also read 48th law of power, but this one was awesome. Highly recommend !.Score: 5/5

The 50th lawGood book.Score: 1/5

LolBad book..Score: 1/5

Open upKnock knock Who’s there Your mind but of course! Great read.Score: 5/5

50th lawThis is my favorite book I ever read so far. It's very inspirational and helpful... I'm glad I read this book! I look forward to reading more books written by 50 and Robert..Score: 5/5

Great BookGood reading. Have learned quiet a lot. Thanks..Score: 5/5

Straight, no chaserThe book constantly removes you from your natural inclination to develop safe excuses. It forces you to take full responsibility for your life regardless of circumstances. Riveting and refreshing at the same time..Score: 3/5

Great bookThis book is a blueprint to move up in life..Score: 5/5

Great bookThis book like many of Robert Greene's enlightens us around the world we live in. This book focuses so much on not fearing and how this puts all of the 48 laws of power in play. Giving the book a urban spin, made this a good and easy read. This is my fifth time reading as I have the hard copy also. Can't wait to start on Mastery..Score: 5/5

GreatA lot of raw truth.Score: 5/5

Very Inspiring!I had a great time reading this book. 50 Cent and Robert Greene really showed me the power of being Fearless! Definitely recommend to anyone!.Score: 5/5

Great ReadEveryday I read this book I could relate it to something currently happening in my life. Many great lessons and insights of life. Enjoyed the read..Score: 5/5

Simply PhenomenalI have a new found respect for Curtis Jackson as an artist and a writer. This book is a once a year read for anyone that wants to take life to the next level. The book definitely will allow you to look closely at your own fears. It shows you that you can conquer any fear that is in your path. The only thing that stops you truly begins in the mind. An Awesome book, a must read!.Score: 5/5

50th Law of PowerGreat book a must read! Both 50 Cent and Robert Greene calibrations brought together two worlds that are very similar in detailing perspective that will open your mind..Score: 5/5

Undeniably the TruthThis book is undoubtedly fantastic. I highly recommend reading, there are real jewels embedded into each page. Last chapter is an eye opener👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.Score: 5/5

Incredible read. A must have for your library.This book has changed my way of looking at certain aspects of life and given me a new sublime objectivity towards life itself. For those in search of greater meaning of self, buy this book..Score: 5/5

Surprised!Worth the $ and the read. Good info and inspiring. Never was a 50 fan now I'm all in..Score: 5/5

Great readLife changing..Score: 5/5

Sometimes you need a stepping stone to reach the stars,..Medicine is only good if it's accessible, in the same way knowledge is only good if it can be understood. I've read the first three of R.Greene's books and this book is as powerful if not more potent than his prior books because it is a doorway of greatness for those who need hope and a pathway to begin their walk towards greatness. It can be medicine for those who hustle and grind in the hood. Savage Skulls.Score: 4/5

Highly recommend!!A must read for anyone who is self motivated and wants a look inside the mind of a survivor. Reading this changed my outlook on people, business and my life. I highly recommend this book!.Score: 5/5

5*I didn't read it yet but when I do I will write a review. I just want to see If you can post here without purchasing the book first.Score: 5/5

Dope bookGreat book.Score: 5/5

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍This book is amazing period.Score: 5/5

The 50th LawThis book is interspered with stories from the past, applicable teachings in the present, and hope for the future. It takes the great knowledge of historical leaders and successful people like 50 cent to weave a potent narrative about how to become a better version of yourself. It's a book of empowerment that goes beyond the scope of any self-help book..Score: 4/5

Never too late..I wish I would have read this book when I was 12 years old. My life would have been completely different. But it's never too late, I'm 27 now and I will change my life I will have the fearless approach.Score: 5/5

TremendousThis book was outstanding every chapter was fill with motivation and good advice on how many should look at life and that is with a Fearless approach..Score: 5/5

Great readPut together great.Score: 5/5

Thank You!Truly an Amazing Book!!! With 50 Cent street wise story and Robert Greene's keen writing style couldn't put book down!.Score: 5/5

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