The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story Book Reviews

Nicky Charles

The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story by Nicky Charles Book Summary

Elise had no idea when she came home that day that she'd end up mated to a complete stranger. A new Alpha and the need for an alliance between packs have made her a pawn

Excerpt: She lay beside him, staring blankly at the ceiling. The deed was done. They were mated. It didn't matter that she had no love for him nor he for her. Political alliances were more important than feelings...

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Book Name The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story
Genre Contemporary Romance
Language English
E-Book Size 404.3 KB

The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story (Nicky Charles) Book Reviews 2024

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Amazing. Amazing book had me hooked from the first chapter. I could not put it down.

Kind of disappointed. I read this book several years ago and remember it having more detail. I read and finished it just now and details/events are missing that I remember from the last time I read it. What happened??

I hate the update!!!!. I want the books I purchased!! This is wrong

A favorite of mine. I read this book many years ago and really liked it, and years later I was still thinking about it! I downloaded it again and finished it in two days and it really is a nice romance book :)

The Mating. Good read! Hard to put down. Plot intriguing from start to finish.

A 3 star read. All in all this book was enjoyable. For being a free read it was worth it. I just found the plot too predictable and the main character, Elise, to be impossibly naive/oblivious. I know the author gives a note about editing the steamier scenes out of the book, but it seemed a little choppy and made the omissions obvious. I can applaud the decision to omit them, especially if it was with the goal of raising the bar for the plot of the book, but I feel like every scene was then segued with “a little while later…” I feel a little more description, not of sex, but of emotionally intimate flashes, or a little inner dialogue from the characters would have smoothed over the cuts better. Having voiced criticism let me end by saying I did enjoy reading this novel. If you need to fill time it’s ok

I don’t like this updated version. I read this book previously and it was perfect. I don’t like this new updated version

Recommend. Loved the main characters. Kind of expected who the villian would actually turn out to be, still, it was a good story.

Why change the book?. I read this series years ago and loved it! But now I have this updated clean version of the first book of the series and it’s too clean. Bring back the original please.

Great book. Ioved this book. I plan to read the rest of the series.

Great read. The story was well thought out, and a good way to spend a few evenings. Will plan to continue the series.

The Mating. A very entertaining piece of work.

The Mating. Loved this book. I couldn't keep my hands off of it. So looking forward to reading all the books in the series!


Intriguing love story. Beautiful story! Loved all the characters. Each one had an important part in this story and left an opening for another addition to this storyline!

Whyyyy. Everything is gone! Why would you change a book like that, espcially for those of us who purchased the original series. I can’t believe the book would turn “unopenable/unreadable” forcing an updated version.

Feels like fraud. When originally purchased and read, there were erotic sexy scenes, now all have been removed. This to me feels like fraud as no refund was offered.

Scenes Removed. I read this series a few years ago and it was amazing. I went back to read again and noticed all of the sex scenes have been removed! Why?! I want the book I got several years ago, not some G rated book that has been edited! It’s not right!

Best series ever!. I've read all 7 books and this is the best series ever!!!!

Good but all erotic scenes erased. Great story, i enjoy the Lycan books but why does the most recent edition not have all the steamy scenes??? Such a disappointment; readers miss out on the intense sexual chemistry established between Kane and Elize from the beginning

THE MATING -- Review. Updated: originally, I really enjoyed The Mating. I didn't realize that it was about werewolves, or I wouldn't have bought it. I'm so glad I did. Loved the plot, the characters, and, of course, the sex! UPDATE: Now that the sex scenes have been deleted, the book is , well, less than. It used to be exceptional, now it’s just a good book. I’ve reread this book and many from the series, I can’t believe I won’t read it (them) again as originally written. Very disappointed!

Author edited version. Author removed all of the fun sexy scenes. If you’ve read this book before she edited it to her “beliefs”, don’t bother. So much of the story is missing. This used to be my favorite series but now I’m so disappointed.

2 thumbs up. good sex. and there's an interesting plot too

Forced Beliefs. Authors should not force their “newfound” beliefs onto readers, especially those who PAID for original version of book. Self-righteousness at its finest. Waste of time and money.

Fabulous. Truly enjoyed this book

Disappointed!. Where is the original book that i purchased? Why would you ruin a good book by rewriting it? DO NOT recommend this edited version!!!

Great storyteller.. I really enjoyed reading The Mating. At first I was somewhat disgusted by the arranged marriage of Elise to Kane, but I got over it and ended up enjoying their love story at the end. It had great romance and action.

All steamy love scenes have been removed from the update 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬. I was so excited that there were more books to this series that I hadn’t read. Thought I’d reread it from the beginning. Hmmm. Didn’t this book have hot steamy scenes?? Do I not remember this correctly?? Then read the reviews. I am so disappointed. If this author “changed her beliefs” then fricken change what you write moving forward. If I bought a hard copy it couldn’t be changed. You changed something I purchased. That should NOT happen. Well sweetie…you just lost a customer and from the looks of the reviews, you lost a bunch more. And for the record…it’s not the hot steamy scenes for the sake of hot steamy scenes. It really showed the animal instinct of the wolves and how the love grew for the characters. Btw…I’m also disappointed in Apple for letting this happen. I assume it’s in all the fine print we all agree to but that’s just wrong. It shouldn’t be legal.

Riviting. I forgot a started this series and now I'm moving right along love it?

Don’t like the Update. I just tried to re read this book. I don’t like the update! At all!! They took all the steamy romance. Is there somewhere we can buy the original version.

The Mating by Nicky Charles. I don't normally read books about wolves but this book was amazing

Great book a real page turner. I loved this book the story is told really well. Great romance but I loved the suspense and mystery around it. However I do feel like the main character Elise was dumb she didn’t make good decisions and it took her too long to catch on to things. But the book was so good I couldn’t put it down!

Changes. A decent mystery. Elise is mated to the alpha , Kane, from another pack to form an alliance. As Elise meets the other members of her new pack, a few things are happening. You will meet the other members, John his beta, Helen, Rose, Marla and more. There are plenty of twists to the story and we must not for get Ryne as he is a very mentioned character. I enjoyed the book and recommend this book.

Moderate. Very great book, enjoyed reading it. However, the alpha female was weak and annoyingly naive. The only reason I chose to not read the book 2

HATE that Author changed the books. I originally PURCHASED, these books (the series), years ago and they were amazing, I absolutely love the original versions. Now author has some sort of “belief” change and tanked the story line by taking out all the detailed love scenes. The author must not realize that these scences were/are pivotal to the relationships of the characters. Without these parts these books are not worth the read. The character and plot development feel whitewashed and disconnected. If the author can change the books after years and many people enjoying the original version, I should be able to get my money back since this is no longer the book I purchased. DO NOT BUY/READ, not worth your time!!!!!

The best thing ever!!!. Thank you nicky for this book!!!!

Great reading. Story line kept you going, wanting to read the book all at once.

My favorite so far. It's my opinion that the Mating is my favorite so far of this amazing series. I cannot stand to put the books down. I love the strength of Kane and the trueness of Elise matches him so well. A true page turner.

Whats going on!?. I purchased this series , and I love it. Someone has done a rewrite and completely changed the layout and a big part of the story line…. The ROMANCE! BRING THE BOOK BACK!

Updated versions are very different from original REFUND your readers!. This seems like fraud. I read the whole series and bought this series when each book was first released. It should be able to access the original books. When you buy a book you should get to keep what you originally bought. The original series was much better than the updated books. If such dramatic changes are to happen then refunds should be issued for the books. This is not the same book

Wow. Very dreamy....and steamy.

No fun romance anymore.. I hate the update to this book that removes all the romance.

Unfortunate update. The updates to the ebook disrupts the flow of the story. It feels like key pieces of the relationship are missing. Disappointing. To all readers: the good reviews were prior to the update. Not sure I want to read other ebooks from this author if similar updates were made. I am taking this author off my list of favorites.

Ehhh. Very predictable and the romance was okay...

The Mating. Now you need to know more

Engaging, thrilling and sexy!. Loved this book and have read Several times now! Easy to read, thrilling, engaging story and full of steamy romance!

Sure, why not. Pretty good. Actually thought the alpha character was pretty boring. Straight laced and constantly dealing with irrelevant “business.” Its a werewolf book. Where’s the animalistic attitude? Very gentlemanly. But whatever, it got better in the end.

The Mating. A good book to read . Fast , easy, a page turner. Sometimes it felt like there was some suspense coming but it never arrived! Besides that, I think it was a very good book!

The Mating. Great read, definitely a page turner!

The Mating. I enjoyed it. Kept me involved.

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The mating. A must read by anyone! I absolutely loved this book. Couldn't put it down.

Hot. Brilliant this was the first one I read not sure if I got them in the right order but still fantastic could not put them down Very hot alpha males strong females great plots fell in love with the series can't wait for the next one it's great that the characters show up in the next books lots of action great read

Absolutely Fantastic. Good gripping story cannot wait to read the next book. You will only be disappointed with this read!

The Mating. My boyfriend suggested I read this book and for once he was right! Couldn't put it down and loved the story line. Thought I could see what as coming but I was wrong. Very well written and thoroughly enjoyed it. I always know when it's a good book when it gets to the end and I wish it hasn't ended. Hate that feeling!! Going to download another by Nicky Charles now...

Fantastic. great author and all the books had me totally hooked!

Great holiday read. Really enjoyed this book. Will definately look for more.

Enjoyed it thoroughly.. Very good read and well written. I found it easy to visualise almost everything. Does get frustratingly predictable but still good enough to carry on. I highly recommend!

WOW.. What an amazing read! Such a gripping story that I have loved following! Each book is different -but still more amazing- than the last!

The Mating. Really enjoyed this book, looking forward to the rest of them ....

Great read. I couldn't put it down. Highly recommend ...

The mating. Amazing read did not want to put the book down wow what a story

The Mating. A thoroughly good read. Interesting plot and leaves room for a follow up without making one forced to buy the next book to see what happens next. A complete story in itself.

The mating. Really enjoyed this book, looking forward to reading the next one.

Ms. Just finished reading the whole series and loved each one. Great books for letting your mind escape and relax. I even began looking at the world around me through a lycans mind. Thank you for allowing us to read them and even more thanks for the freebies. Hope you write more.

Brilliant. I loved this book!!!!!! Quirky fun with elements of many genres its a great read and I have even downloaded the rest I can't wait to read them all.

Superb. Brilliant book, excellently written, loved it.

Loved it!. I was very hesitant to start reading this book, but i was curious cos the reviews were really good... thank god! Loved it from beginning to end. Couldnt stop reading. Thanks, Nicky!

Brill. Love these books :)

Miss. Excellent read

The mating. Fantastic read

It’s ok. It was a good book, I didn’t like the start but I soon got over it the best part was probably the end things started to get going and then sadly it was over.

Great book!!. Couldn't put it down

The mating. Loved this! Couldn't resist reading it every spare minute! I wanted to know more & more!

Loved it. Loved it soo much.

Wow. Great book will defo download the next, it got an edge that make you want to no the end before u can finish reading, couldn't put it down loved the twist it a good read an better than book I've brought an paid for wow

Good read. Another good read in the series. wished I had read the books in order however they were written in a way that the story could be read and understood on their own.

where’s it all gone?. decided to relive my teenage years and re-read some filth, but there’s nothing left. it’s updated to censor, and it’s the death of the story. the lack of clarification and description of the mature deeds between the main characters leaves things horribly unclear and uncomfortable on what’s going on. I am 300 pages in and still questioning if they’ve got their rocks off with each other yet. the book is a shell of itself after the cleanup. awkward, bland, and as spicy as a spoon of flour. I’m so disappointed because I remember this being such a fun, wild read and now? like I said, the spice is gone. it’s mad that I paid like 79p for these back in the day, and it’s not even the same product I originally bought anymore. absolutely insane

The mating. Great read loved it ! Fantastic book can't wait to read the rest

Great read. Loved it! Amazing book.

Ms. Great read, looking forward to the second book.

The mating. Excellent

The Mating. This book was recommended by my boss and I am glad she did because it was brilliant & I have downloaded the second book. Happy to give feedback as asked by the author. Xx

Excellent. A thoroughly great read. I was addicted to it from start to finish.

The mating amazing. For the second time I'am completely surprised how much I enjoyed this, I did find it a little harder to read than bound because of the difference in writing style but considering there is 4 years difference for the author I'm not surprised, but this is a great story and yet again can't wait to start the next one

The mating. Fantastic book worth a read!

Great book. A great read; had a bit of a 'Twilight' essence about it but that didn't bother me -it's much better! Some saucy scenes supported with an equally good plot. It was a little predictable, but nevertheless I found myself glued to it. Going to read the sequels! Thank u!

The Mating. FANTASTIC! I loved this book so much I immediately had to read the next 2. Fantastic all of them!

Brilliant. Loved it just got the 2nd one!

Couldn't put it down!. Brilliant story can't wait to read the next one!!

The Mating. This book was excellent I couldn't put it down.I didn't want it to end.The story line had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.

Must read. I loved 'The Mating' and couldn't put it down, the characters had me completely captivated and I managed to read it within a day ,which is a first ever for me, if you liked the twilight and fifty shades books you MUST read this. Can't wait to read Nicky's other books.

Wonderful!. Excellent book. Intrigue and romance and werewolves!

The mating. Thoroughly enjoyed this book, read it in a day, couldn't put it down. Now on to the next... Thumbs up from me x

👏👏👏👏👏👏. This book was goooooood! Obviously it was a tad cliche, in that the story line pretty much followed what is expected of a werewolf romance. At the same time however, it was a breath of fresh air as it was written tastefully and the action and blood and gore wasn't particularly heavy handed. The Author's Note at the end was so adorable,and is pretty much the only reason I'm writing this as I tend to be a bit of a sideline reader. The only thing I'm slightly miffed about is that I'm reading the series out of order, but that isn't really your fault. Anyways, thank you for a great read.

The Mating (The original Law of the Lycans story). Give you a lot of the inside info of the Lycans and their backgrounds. How their pack works in every aspect.

The mating. This book took over my Sunday and I started to read in the morning at 9:00and didn't finish it until1:00in the morning on Monday thoroughly enjoy it.

WOW!. Brilliant!

Brilliant. Was fantastic read it in one sitting

Married or Single. What a booked Loved the First one as well as the Second one 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Great. Great story, really great

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The Mating. Loved it. Love the whole series

The mating. Great read I couldn't put it down. Loved all the twists and turns

The Mating. Great read, couldn't put it down!

The Mating. Could not put the book down!

The Mating. Great read.

The Mating. Y The Mating 6.5/10 Full length ebook. An arranged mating has occurred between Elise, daughter of one pack Alpha, and Kane, the new young Alpha of an adjoining pack. While they have physical attraction they don't know each other, so Kane holds off initiating a blood bonding where they bite each other and can sense each other's thoughts. Elise is adjusting to a new pack and Kane has many crises that occupy his time, plus there's Marla, an ex of Kane and his brother Ryne, who is trying to cause trouble.

5 stars is not enough.... If you only read one book this year I hope that it is this one. I have never read a book more than once but this one I've read 5 times over and the love of the characters, the storyline and the general feeling you get from reading this book is like nothing else! I could and probably will read it another 5 times, I couldn't recommend this book more!

The mating. Very enjoyable

the Mating. a free download an a great book to read. interesting easy storyline and easy to follow. Looking forward to reading other books that I have downloaded by this author. Thanks for A good enjoyable story

A lovely easy read. I really enjoyed disappearing into this story. Thank you for a good read to escape to

The Mating. Very entertaining, can't wait to read the sequel to this book. Thanks very much for sharing. Hope you keep writing more sequel to this book.

Very engaging!!!. Well written! Thanks for sharing!

The mating. Refreshing, with the advent of vampires and suchlike, all over the place, I found your book very enjoyable and novel. Thanks!

The mating. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Light reading but very well written, kept me engrossed right through..I didn't want to put down my iPad while reading it.

A nice read. Good plot, with some romance, nice!

The mating. Exciting

Hard to put down. She is a very talented writer

The Mating. Great read. Did not want it to finish. Quite easily visualised it as a series! Next book please...

Law of the lycans series. Have enjoyed them so far

The Mating. Great read, could not leave the story until the end in one sitting. Thank you

*******. Thumbs up :)

Excellent reads !. Thoroughly enjoyed all of the Law of Lycan Series - could barely put them down to sleep! If you enjoyed Nicky Charles, would also recommend Maree Anderson & Elizabeth Hunter.

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The Mating by Nicky Charles. I was hooked. Loved it. Just started reading 'The Keeping'.

Good read. I enjoyed it.

Loved it!. Great read, I'm not much of a reader but this book has a great story that I could just read on and on and on!

Great series, I've read every book.. A must read for anyone who is into werewolves.

Fantastic. LOVE LOVE LOVED this book!!!!! I am not into the whole twilight vampires and werewolves thing, but this book was amazing! It is a great written book with everything from passion, romance, a little erotica. I am now converted into wanting to read more werewolve type books. The author is so talented and can't wait to get more :):):)

The Mating. What a great read!! Couldn't stop reading it. Looking forward to reading more of your books.

The Mating. A great read! Thoroughly enjoyed it! I've read all the Lycan books now and can't wait for Damien's story!

The Mating. This was a great story I loved it! A different storyline but well written and I couldn't put it down!!!

Great read!. This is a different romance, because it starts with an arranged marriage. A great storyline and characters you like make this a great read!

I want more. Amazing, couldn't put it down!

Sexy and fun to read!. I Really enjoyed this! Lovely characters and great story telling. I particularly love reading about small own and forests of north America, since they are so different to my home in Australia. Thanks for writing and sharing your world with us!

Loved it!. I read this book in a day, I loved the drama as well as the romance! You are a great writer and im looking forward to reading the keeping ! Thanks again for the great read!

Awesome. Loved the story, the imagery is amazing, had trouble putting it down, would love to see more

Loved it!!. I'm not usually a huge fan of fiction but this book had me addicted!! Very well written & great characters. Can't wait to read more from this writer :-)

Awful writing. the plot was fairly good but was definitely let down by the poor writing

From The Mating till the last book betrayed by the Rogue. Nicky Charles, what a story teller you are. These books are absolutely fabulous. When I first read the mating I was instantly hooked. I could not put the book down. I was addicted. This is how fantastic your writing is from Romance to erotica to mystery, drama, history and suspense. You had captured my fantasy through and through, in this paranormal love story series I did not want you to stop.i wanted the stories to never end. I actually miss the characters. Please don't ever stop this paranormal writing. Love your work.....😊

Captivating. Loved all the books, from the first page to the last, couldn't put them down. Looking foward to Betrayed!! Keep them coming Nicky. Wouldn't mind seeing what happens for Daniel and Tess??Cant believe you can DL these for free (I would have paid to read these!!)

Omg. This story was amazing!! Although 'slightly' predictable in parts and that's the teensiest little slight bit , I can't believe iTunes doesn't charge for this book because seriously I would have paid to read it !!

The Mating was fantastic!. Thank you Nicky. I couldn't put it down. Can't wait to read the next one. Best book I've read this year, and I have read a few Thanks again

The Mating. Once I'd embraced the theme of "The Mating" I found the book very entertaining and well written. I hadn't read fantasy for quite a while but will seriously some more by this author.

Enjoyable read. Couldn't put it down! Loved every minute of loosing myself in this story.

Brill read. Found myself not being able to put if down, sneaking a few pages on mid conversation, even invaded a few of my dreams. Over all I was engrossed and enjoyed every aspect of the book, I want my own Kane or Ryne, I'm not fussed

Slow read. The storyline is great but would be better if it wasn't so drawn out. Had to stop reading not going to wait for 800+ pages to find out what I already expected by page 300

the mating. Engaging reading, exciting and spellbounding

The mating. Really enjoyed the book, liked the complexity.

The Mating. Well written werewolf waffle I don't usually like fantasy, but this was well written with good character development Cheers xx

All of Nicky Charles. BRILLIANT. Can't wait for more !!!

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Excellent series. I really love this series of books. Like a good movie you can watch over and over again I have read these books several times. When I have a few days of down time that is - because once I start them I can't put them down! The characters, the plots, I love them all. More every time I read them. The only - I'll call it negative about this series ( and I really wish I could think Of a better word, less harsh) is that the series is "the law of the Lycans" and while I love love love all "others" I wish that the characters from the first three books could have been carried over into the later books a bit. Would love to know what happens to them. Maybe Nicky could "bring them up" in the next books she writes for this series? That said I recommend these books to anyone who enjoys hot shifter stories. You would be doing yourself an injustice by not reading this series.

The mating. Enjoyed it very much, real page turner cannot wait to read an other from this author.

Amazing!. This was an awesome book! Like everyone else that read it I finished it quite quickly! I love the relationship the author showed between the human and wolf form, the meaning of a werewolf as part human part wolf, was perfectly blended. I think the author really established the werewolf perfectly and this book takes you inside their minds and culture as no book or author has ever done before! I think this book set the bar for all other werewolf books to beat! A warning that there are a lot of detailed & descriptive sexual encounters; however, those can easily be skipped over if you prefer not to read those and enjoy a “cleaner” book as I do. It’s definitely worth just glossing over those scenes, because the rest of the book is still too great to miss. I'll be downloading the sequel to The Mating as soon as this review is done. And thank you so so much for bringing us such a wonderful book for free!

The Mating. Great book had shard time putting it down

Great Book! Great writing! Great Story!. I couldn't put it down and immediately searched for every other book in the series. Cannot wait to read the rest of them!

The Mating. Very good, very different, loved it"

The mating. Interesting story but what happened to the key villain Marla?

Mated. Good read and pace along with not having been overtly predictable. Enjoyed story line, characters and length of book!

Great read. Love this story, easy read that keeps you locked in. Thank you Nicky Charles for loving shelter animals!!!

Really good book!. I could not stop reading. I didn't want the story to end.

Fantastic. Love love loved it!! Kept me up into the wee hours of the morning reading!

The Mating. Loved this book!! Can't wait to start reading The Keeping!!

Awesome. Great series!!! So well written. Why aren't these being made into a movie?!?!

Mating. A little predictable but overall not bad.

The mating. Exciting....!

Love it.. Amazing book. Was hooked I couldn't put it down

Excellent book!. I really enjoyed the story line for this book, it was very entertaining.

The Mating by Nicky Charles. First book I've read by the author. Awesome! Looking forward to reading others.

So good!. I usually don't write reviews, but this author certainly deserves one! I could not put this book down, which explains my lack of sleep the past 2 days! I can not wait to read the rest of the series! Very exciting and effortless read.

The mating. Very good book could not put it down until I was finish. CA.

Fabulous Read!. Wonderful book, looking forward to starting the next one! Thank you Nicky !

The mating. I couldn't even put this book down for a week need more lol. Wish it never ended ! Thanks for the read

The Mating. Read this book on fiction press, still love it!

Absolutely amazing!. I loved this book! I brought my iPad everywhere with me until I finished it! Such a great story and so different from anything else I've read! I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could! And best part...there's more books in the series!

The Mating. Cool story line, interesting characters. Fun read!

The Mating. Great characters....couldn't put the book down until I was finished...especially the sex scenes were very well written.....I highly recommend this book....

Best series ever. This series is amazing! Never read books so fast. Can't but them down!

Loved it.. I absolutely loved it. I couldn't stop reading. I downloaded the next book as well, the story of Ryne. Can't wait to start that one.

The mating. I enjoyed this book, the twists and turns kept me in suspense as the story unfolded. It is a great read, and very detailed.

Great escape. I enjoyed so much I Am downloading whole series. Very nice read thank you

Fast Read. For a free book it is really well written. I am looking forward to the next book

Mated. Good book wasn't sure at first but the story line really drew me in. Now I want to read about Ryne

Loved it!. I couldn't stop reading. Such a nice book for free, that's a really nice gift. Thank you for that wonderfull story. :)

The Mating. Awesome book! Thanks!

the mating. I really enjoyed this book! I downloaded it onto my iPhone, and I haven't been able to put it down!! can't wait to read the next one. I definitely recommend this book if you enjoy romance as its mostly about that and not the typical werewolf book.

The Mating. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel.

Great book!. Loved this book so much I had a hard time putting it down! Can't wait to read the next one!

The Mating. Loved it! I enjoyed this book so much and wanted to know what was going to happen. Read it in a day.

Stimulating read. I downloaded this book for the erotica but actually enjoyed the story. At times I was yelling at the main character to get a clue but aside from that and a few over-repeated phrases (not nearly as bad as 50 Shades) it was a great bed time read and got me in the mood for fun with the well described sexual details.

Great read!!. Loved this book, easy to read and if you like twi-light-esq books, this is for you

The Mating. Such a fun read, thank you for making my summer coffee in the sun so enjoyable!!

Series. Loved the first three books about to start the forth one now! I read the three if them in four days! Could not set them down!

A great, sexy read.. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book- it has a little bit of everything! I have read the series and I love getting to read from various characters' points of view. Excellent work, and I hope to see more!

Bonded and the Mating. These are riveting books. I couldn't put them down. I am soon going to start another one. Thank you for your adventurous writing. D. Lewis

Page turner. Loved it!!!

You are my role model!!. I love this BOOK! It is a real page turner having you, clenching your toes the whole way, I honestly love the length of The Mating, not ending when I become immersed in it, and leaving me satisfied with the ending. Nicky Charles is a god among writers!

The Mating. Loved this book! If your looking for livable characters, a classic mystery plot with twist and some good old fantasy romance, then this is the book for you!

A satisfying read. I enjoyed this book. My daughter recommended it to me. It's a well written spicy romance with a solid story. If that's your thing don't be afraid to give it a try.

Disappointed. I read this a while ago and it was a good book, i unarchive again this year and all the steamy scene are removed! The scenes were so well done! Now it’s lime a bad YA novel. Disappointing.

The Matching. Great Story with interesting twists. Real good raining day read!

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Summary of The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story by Nicky Charles

The The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story book written by Nicky Charles was published on 26 February 2010, Friday in the Contemporary Romance category. A total of 18,997 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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