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Short Erotic Tales 1 by Carl East Book Summary

A collection of short erotic tales that will arouse you and capture your imagination. With tales of erotic hauntings and out of world experiences, your mind will be able to escape into a world full of surprises. ***These tales are graphic in nature and are meant for adults only** Enjoy

Short Erotic Tales 1 (Carl East) Book Reviews

Get itAbsolutly awsom -crosses arms and nods- awsom....Score: 5/5

LOVE ITI get very excited when I find you have a free read. I love everything I have ever read written by you. Thank you for the many hours of pleasure. C P in Kansas.Score: 5/5

Puh-leezeNot worth it..Score: 1/5

GreatA great book, some stories I had to skip through but others I very much enjoyed. I am looking forward to the next book I've downloaded..Score: 4/5

Erotic short stories, vol. 1Excellent writing;) the way you describe and at length, detail the eroticism is impeccable..Score: 5/5

Omg!!!!!Download it it's a keeper. U won't regret it!!!!.Score: 5/5

Good bookFirst erotic book I've ever read. Not bad at all,.Score: 4/5

I'm wetI get wet reading this. I feel sexual.Score: 5/5

Free,strong,good storyIt's been a long time I don't read a book but I like this one I really don't care about grammar or miss place word as long I know what the writer are trying to communicated sow god work and it's free sow i like the book good work.Score: 5/5

What an experienceWow!! It is what fantasies are made out of..Score: 4/5

IncredibleI loved this book best erotic short stories I have ever read.Score: 5/5

Needs WorkNeeds serious a pass thru from an editor for grammar and usage errors. Situations and plot are very simplistic but slightly above random fan fic. Seems to be stuck on a few acts and position. Still, there's sensuality, some novel ideas, and a bit of potential here if he puts in a LOT of work on his craft..Score: 2/5

Wow!I must say that reading these short stories was heart racing for sexual desires! I couldn't stop reading them! I love them all especially the last story where she got these special powers. That is my favorite one!.Score: 5/5

IncredibleI could barely contain myself after the first few stories.Score: 5/5

Nice!Pretty hot stuff in this book! Makes you wanna keep reading!.Score: 4/5

WowWell done! I couldn't stop reading(and crossing my legs)!! Kirsty was my favorite character ;0)! Wish I had her powers!.Score: 5/5

Written by a 13 year old boySeriously. This was so obviously written by a guy. But guys would also like it..Score: 1/5

Wowser!Lol well I thought this was surprisingly hot!.Score: 5/5

Good storyI have read two of your books now and love that your story's are in Thailand..Score: 5/5

Ridiculous BullcrapThis sounds like a horny 15-year-old kid watched Austin Powers and Casper back-to-back..Score: 1/5

Very creativeThese short tales are hot! I wish some stories were longer. The stories are very erotic. And the erotica is good! I thought some of the stories were better than others, but overall, I liked this book. It's worth rereading....Score: 4/5

Enjoyed reading the short storiesLook forward to reading more books.Score: 5/5

Very insertingDefiantly something to read alone.Score: 5/5

WowWhat an erotic, ghostly book!.Score: 5/5

Erotic talesReally good stuff. Super hot scenes and WOW! enjoyed reading it!.Score: 4/5

ClassyReviewing your own material? Very (See Title)..Score: 1/5

SatisfyingThese stories are great. They do the trick. I really love in the dream reaper where he becomes a woman. And If you thought these were ghost stories then you have no idea what erotic means.Score: 5/5

Great read!There was a great variety in this book. The only issue I had was that some of the stories were longer than others, but aside from that the content was amazing and well written. I would highly suggest this to anyone looking for a good erotic novel..Score: 5/5

Made me wet!This book was amazing it will make you super wet or hard when you really read it!!!!.Score: 5/5

Fanfic!Stopped reading near the beginning of Chapter 2. This story is obviously fan fiction. The phrasing is stilted, the events mundane, and the grammar and spelling are awful. Even the graphic depictions of sex are no more descriptive (nor varied) than other fanfic. How did this get here?.Score: 1/5

HahaWow....Score: 1/5

UhCrap.Score: 1/5

WascuriousAt first it was fun, but then it just got too porn-like..Score: 2/5

Short erotic storiesEwwww! I'm not even 12 and I begin to read this.all i wanted was a scary book! Should've read the reviews.Score: 1/5

Very hottGave me some fun new ideas to try out :).Score: 5/5

No editor?Teen porn written by a preteen..Score: 1/5

Erotic talesI really enjoy all your stories, they are all so exciting and excellent late night reads. I not only sleep good, I sleep better. I highly recommend your books to all my friends. The stories are so intense I feel like I am a part of them..Score: 5/5

So so but pornIt is very annoying to see poor spelling and grammar but porn is porn and it still gets a guy excited to read. I wouldn't recommend it to an adult but a teen would love it and get lots of use out of it. What? No pictures? What a shame..Score: 3/5

Erotic talesInteresting that the author combined Syfi into his erotic tales. Though not thought provoking, each tale is certainly sexually provoking. Each tale is very good for setting the mood and tension for the reader..Score: 4/5

Awesome bookLove it!! Couldn't stop reading. Gave me great ideas. Want more like this, any other recommendations???.Score: 4/5

OkFull of sex. If thats what you want than this the book for you.If not wrong book dont waste your time the spelling is off and the storys it self are all over the place..Score: 5/5

What in the world!This book is something that the guys at my school may read! I started reading the sample thinking this was a ghost book; next thing I know the guys talking about getting a girl laid. Then he starts doing it with some ghosts! I was like 'Oh My Gosh! This shouldn't be in the free books section!' I don't think I'll ever think of ghosts the same way again..Score: 1/5

Edit... At least proofread.The stale words and misspelling are very distracting..Score: 1/5

ExcellentI absolutely loved the short stories. They made me want to read more. Thank you!.Score: 5/5

AwfulSome of the most poorly written stories I have ever read..Score: 1/5

Good readGood book, each story keeps you intrigued and wanting more..Score: 5/5

High school erotica?Bad high school erotica..Score: 1/5

Amazing!!!I am so horny. I love love love this book. 😍😍😍.Score: 5/5

Erotic, but not much else.The title says it all. If you're looking for a book that'll make you horny, get this one. But if you're expecting anything more than that, look elswhere. The storyline and dialogue in this book is similar to the poor acting in porn videos. And who watches porn for the acting, anyways?.Score: 4/5

Short erotic tales 1Good book. If your into the girl on girl thing then you'll love this. This was the 3rd book by this author I have read and am looking forward to reading more..Score: 5/5

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HOTI guarantee these stories will turn you on..Score: 5/5

Great, just greatI have never read something as good as this one. Very intriguing and nice to follow. It was incredibly stimulating but had an intrigue unusual for this type of books..Score: 5/5

Mind ReaderVery well written and very interesting. It was very fun to read.Score: 3/5

LameIf I wanted to read crappy stories from a failing college student I'd read the bathroom walls. Riddled with spelling errors and unimaginative. No way i recommend this drivel to anyone, let alone consider buying the sequels..Score: 1/5

PulledYou better believe apple will be pulling this as soon as they find out. Good luck.Score: 1/5

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Love itI had so much fun reading because it cut to the chase and was exactly my fantasies!!! Wet for hours!!.Score: 5/5

Great short readsFantastic stories, all different! Builds each scenario, and characters with skill and perfect pace. What a fantastic imagination. I have to read more.........Score: 5/5

Imaginative and very detailedI loved the style and erotic tension of every story..Score: 5/5

It's free, so why not?I didn't actually download this book because I don't want people to see it in my library, but I read the sample. It pretty much just cuts right to the chase and doesn't hold back with the language. Very good book if you want a bit of a giggle like me, or are into erotic novels. Very well written. I only found one mistake, and that is when the author used 'your' instead of 'you're'. So yeah, if you're bored and wanna read something dirty, go for it. You won't regret it, unless you forget to delete it afterwards and someone sees it... =P.Score: 5/5

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PoorTerrible spelling and grammar, it's like it's written by a 14yr old boy in his bedroom with a wanking and ghost obsession!.Score: 2/5

Not goodOne word… dreadful.Score: 1/5

Mr wigstarVery good book !.Score: 3/5

AveragePoorly written but a very good read :).Score: 3/5

Just saying the truthYo Mr if u think it's people who r desperate to read it then u must be too since u reviewed it as 'dreadful'.Score: 1/5

MrDisgusting, degrading, vile, it's sad people are desperate enough to read this rubbish. Get out and get a girlfriend, fiancée then wife! Our country is so immoral it's worrying..Score: 1/5

AwfulPoorly written.Score: 1/5

Forbidden loveExcellently written.Score: 5/5

LolSums it up :L.Score: 1/5

Utter tripeStumbled on by accident and read for a laugh, and that's what I got. Clearly the ramblings of an incredibly sexually frustrated and illiterate optimist! In your dreams young sir!.Score: 1/5

GoodPoorly written but veryveryveryvery arousing.Score: 4/5

TerribleThis is awfully written. So many spelling and punctuation mistakes it's unreal. I gave up halfway through..Score: 1/5

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