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ESV Classic Reference Bible by Crossway Book Summary

The ESV Classic Reference Bible combines the ESV Bible text with an extensive system of more than 80,000 cross-references in the center column on each page. With its readable type, color maps, and a major concordance, the Classic Reference Bible is the first choice for personal Bible reading and in-depth study.
Recently updated to ePub 3 format, this version offers improved navigation featuring pop-up windows for navigating between passages, as well as for viewing cross-references. 

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Book Name ESV Classic Reference Bible
Genre Bibles
Language English
E-Book Size 11.85 MB

ESV Classic Reference Bible (Crossway) Book Reviews 2024

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Brilliant.. This eBook is formatted perfectly, and makes cross-referencing really easy. Looks good, feels good, works good - it's just really really good. My only complaint is with the recent update - all of my highlights and notes (five years's worth) are missing from the text! :( I can see them in the notes section, but I cannot share them, anymore, and they aren't reflected in the text when I click on them. Someone help?

What happened. The most important aspect of my bible has been the notes and highlights I have made over past couple years. The new update...wiped clean all of that. The fact this bible did not have much notation was less important than my own notes thru my journey. Thanks for taking that away with what is really not much of an update.

Patty. Can someone please tell me how to delete this from my icloud, I don't like it, and I can not get rid of it, please help me.

Updated - no back button. The back button has been added. Thanks, makes this actually usable. Old review: I'm guessing this book is slow because of its length, so I blame iBooks for that issue. But when following a link there is no back button in this book. And I'm assuming its the same in the study version as well, which means I will have to stick with the kindle version. I hate the kindle version because their organization of bookmarks and highlights are terrible, but with no back button it's impossible to use this effectively.

Blessing!. Helpful and wonderful.

Frustrating. How can this be a study bible if half of the chapters get skipped, just makes it useless

Bible, English Standard Version (ESV). I have used this iBook for several months and find the functions very useful. It is quick and easy to refer to cross-references, easy to highlight and add notes. Easy to mark locations for future reference. Also an excellent translation. I also accidentally discovered maps at the very end of the book, following the concordance. The maps are not listed in the table of contents. I suggest you identify the maps in the TOC so users will be aware of them and to also speed navigation to their location.

Update bugs. I like the pop-up cross references and footnotes. However, after updating, all my previous bookmarks are messed up. They don't lead to anything and I can't remove them.

Don't update! I lost all my notes and highlights. :(. So sad!

iPhone iOS 12. Red letter not working.

Great resource. Appreciate this free resource. Read it often. Easy to navigate and notate. Can't beat the price. Thanks again for those who put this together.

Slow. I used to think that the problem was IBooks. Now I'm wondering if it's the book itself. Here's the problem. When you add notes and highlights (like you would any textbook) it really gets bogged down. In fact today I opened up the table of contents and selected a particular Psalm. It takes 20 seconds to open up. I'm not experiencing this lag on other books. I deleted the iBooks app, re- downloaded it. Then I deleted the actual bible from my library and then re-downloaded it and still the same problem. I think it's the book. Uggghhh...

Disappointed. I only downloaded the sample because I wanted to see how easy it was to navigate through each chapter because I bought one version of the bible that would default to the last page read and found this version does the same. When I read a verse and went back to the table of contents then returned to the library. I went back to the book and it automatically defaults to the last page I read instead of the table of contents. I was hoping this version would be different. Very disappointed.

I will not beg for bread!. I would have liked the text to be in red when Jesus is speaking.

Words of Jesus in red?. I keep trying to get the words in red, I press the button to turn on red...but no red.

Fix links please. This is by far my favorite translation, and I really have loved having this on my iPad. However, since the last update in November, the pop ups and footnote links have not worked.

Excellent!. Excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed this translation. I was also able to conduct a daily Bible study and mark and store notes on my studies. I plan to continue using this translation for my future studies.

Awesome. Thank you for making this book it helps me read the bible at school instead of taking the bible to school!

You can’t blame God. Many people say when they were younger they went to church and the people just weren’t nice. Some people say they were hurt. But honestly there are many churches out there that just have a name and don’t really follow. You can’t blame God for something people did. He gave us an option and many choose to walk away from God. I hope you will choose to read this and realize that God loves you weather people do or not. God loves you!

Bad Book 0/10 :(. This book was just... odd. The story wasn't half bad and I really got attached to that Jesus fellow, but the book just seemed hateful. First, I saw the "benign" god kill way more people than the "evil" Satan. Second it seemed like the whole book was one "don't do this" after another. It seems like God had surprisingly little tolerance for being a protagonist.

Problems. Good luck trying to read revelations. Every page is page 1. Every link in the Revelations index takes you to page 1, like a twilight zone movie. You can never go further than page 1. Needs to be fixed.

Yas. This book is great YAS Queen love Jesus boo yas this book is facts love this book it's fabulous -homo

Not working. I'm not sure what you did in the last update but it won't highlight correctly. I was able to go onto the next page by a word or two now it does the whole page. I can't highlight what I want or need. Now I have to highlight more than I want. Or it highlights something that I'm not trying to highlight. You messed it up. Need to fix it. I don't like it.

Okay. The book is okay.

Book of Life. I love having the book preloaded in my pocket. It’s always good to have a way to reference chapters, re-read my favorite stories and share the gospel with others. Thanks for making this book free.

Doesn't work. Poor app. It doesn't flip the pages and jumps verses. Glad I didn't pay for it.

Scripture numbers missing. Worked great for a year and then the scripture numbers disappeared. If you could please fix this without erasing notes or highlights already recorded it would be a blessing.

Won't show verses. Doesn't show verse numbers makes it hard to find where u are update please. Other than that its absolutely amazing.

Red words. Words of Christ will not stay read under preferences

Ok. It needs to have the verse numbers

The Bible is the truth.. The bad reviewing people are idiots. 1.God is not a “character” he is real 2. Doesn’t matter if you don’t like the story. 3. Can’t rewrite the Bible. 4.Written by God at the beginning of the universe

I Love That This is Free. I have a physical version but having a digital version is really nice especially if it is free. Thank you so much.

Lost Bookmarks on latest update. New update stated improved navigation. NOT! I hadn't had any problems should have left it alone. I'm just over 100 pages from a cover to cover read thru of the Bible, bookmarking favorite verses along the way. All bookmarks lost their titles and no longer point to original page/verse/chapter. Very unhappy with what I was very pleased with. No way to get them back as nothing remains to cross reference. Ken

Energy hog. I appreciate the app, but it is VERY SLOW to open in iBooks (up to 10 minutes) and drains my battery relatively quickly compared to other books, especially while opening.

Loss of notes and highlights. I see more than one person mentioned that they lost notes and highlights. Same with me. I had years of notes and highlights I made in the book, and a majority disappeared. I can’t pinpoint the loss to any date or any action on my part, but I know it has happened more than once. Some of my work is still in the notes section, but not visible on the actual page. And some pages have notes, but they do not belong on that page (for example, if I made a note on a page of Exodus, the note might appear somewhere in Ezekiel). Has anyone been able to figure this out? I have spoken with Apple multiple times, but just get a generic response that Engineering is looking into it. As I go on and continue to use this book (I write this review in Jun 2019) and make notes and highlights, my most current work displays as it should, but definitely lost stuff pre-Sep 2018, and more and more work (let’s say Sep 2018-Apr 2109) shows in the notes section, but not on the page it should. I give this review because I am wondering if the issue is this book, and maybe not the other possibilities I have discussed with Apple, ie iOS or iCloud. Any help appreciated. Would love the following: - if I could get my pre-2018 data back - if notes and highlights could display reliably and consistently on the right page - if this book were reliable moving forward

Changed meaning. I like the King James Version better, it doesn't change the meaning like this bible or NIV bible does.

Preferences don’t work. I like the translation fine but when you set preferences for how to view the text- verse numbers , footnotes etc- it doesn’t keep them. Why not?

Simple translation. An accurate, modern translation that stays true to the original language of the Bible. Also a great study Bible. Can’t go wrong with this book!

Great!. I love this app, but I have been having a problem since I updated to iOS 7. I can no longer click on the cross references within the text. What happened? That was one of the best features. I hope that gets fixed.

I love it!!!. It's the bible it deserves a five and nothing less!!

Nice format. Great

Please fix it. I so much want this to work. I deleted and downloaded twice, restarted my iPod, waited patiently for indexing by iBooks, but the Bible does not work. I can read all of the intro material fine, and see the table of contents. But there are just 2 pages of each book: the title page with chapter links, and the first page of chapter one. Some books also have the first page of random sections. I have 4th gen Touch (just before the newest one) and iOS 5, so this really should work without trouble. I'd be super grateful for a working version, as the iBooks format is so nice.

Bible. This is an awesome bible every one should have ESV bibles.

Best reader. This book saved my life!

I love this book. It sets a good story about God

I'm confused.. This is a lovely Bible, but I've seen reviews say that it dose not mention Jesus' name. I have skimmed through the first five chapter of Matthew and I have seen his name mentioned at least nine times.

God is the true god. There is no other god before him or beside him. He has no evil and is righteous and holy. We should all be Christians.

Excellent App. Good source

Excellent. Very easy to navigate even on a phone. The quality of the writing seems quite good.

Tad Bit Disappointed. Downloaded the ESV Bible and I thought it would be great. Not so much: Problems with preferences. I cannot get the words of Jesus to show up in red. I cannot get the cross references to hide when I want them to hide. I cannot get the cross reference pop up box to show when I want it. The cross reference goes to the book of Leviticus most of the time when I wan to cross reference. The above comments in my reading with a sea of blue links that I don’t really care for and I have no way to correct that. If I have not installed the ESV Bible correctly on my iPad which is running the most current update, please let me know what I need to do to correct these issues.

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Horrendous problems with latest release. Crossway, please provide assistance. Having downloaded the latest version all notes made over 2 yrs have lost connection with passages & when selecting a note it takes you to an entirely different passage. It is a nightmare.

A great effort!. Very interesting and easy to read Bible...

Very good book. An excellent translation.

Bible. A book written by 40 authors by the hand of God.

Brilliant. Best free full bible on the market.

ESV Classic Reference Bible. Sorry - I find it irritating to use. No indication of book or chapter on page. Cross refs lead to further confusion, with requiring to return to contents to return to original page. Poor, poor for ref use. Try the NIV study bible app for iPad. What a relief after this one. A bible of all books should be intuitive to use. This one is tiresome. JC

ASV Bible with iBooks. Good and nice day Chiza Lebon

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Excellent. Best & most important book we could ever read as it is how God speaks to us and reveals himself to man in our world. We meet God the sovereign creator, His Son - Jesus Christ and the person of the Holy Spirit.

Gf. The best free bible I've found in iBooks or free books - for iPad. At least it's indexed....

Mr. A great modern translation that stays true to the original text, well done crossway!

Neglecting GOD is fatal!!!!. I absolutely love reading the Bible because GOD talks to me and the counsel keeps my path straight. The narrow road is the best road. Amen. If you neglect GOD HE will neglect you. GOD bless you all🙏

Ms. Thank you for making it so easy to read the bible.

Tiresome.. The plot was a little dense and in parts seemed utterly unbelievable. Also, it is quite rough on gay fellows and lady-folk. One star.

Yay. I am a strong Cristian and a good believer, Any one wold love it

ESV Bible. Great to have God's word freely accessible to all. A great read

Useful Study. I haven't looked into this much yet, but it looks like a useful study text. Looking forward to digging deep.

Hello. Here we have three factions: 1 stars atheists and gays (woop woop :) ) 5 stars Christians (sometimes woop, sometimes Karen’s) 3 stars The weirdos like WTH??

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Boring. This book is really boring honestly. Not at all what it’s cracked up to be. I have to say that I was expecting more from the number one most sold book in the world. Really disappointed, huge waste of time :(

Easy to understand.. Tried many bibles but this is the only one I understand.

Ok. Its the words

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Summary of ESV Classic Reference Bible by Crossway

The ESV Classic Reference Bible book written by Crossway was published on 31 October 2001, Wednesday in the Bibles category. A total of 2,047 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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