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We’re committed to your safety at Uber. We’ve established a Door-to-Door Safety Standard to help you feel safe every time you ride. And with Uber, your destination is at your fingertips. Just open the app and enter where you want to go, and a nearby driver will help you get there reliably. FIND A RIDE FROM ALMOST ANYWHERE Request a ride from 600+ airports and in 10,000+ cities around the world, the Uber app is a great way to make your travel plans stress-free. Request a ride on demand or schedule one ahead of time. FIND A RIDE TO ALMOST ANYWHERE Whether you’re looking for style, space, or affordability, Uber can help you find the perfect ride to fit your needs: Enjoy elegance and premium features with Uber Black Ride with extra room (and more of your friends) with UberXL All of these transportation options and more are available in one place with the Uber app. SEE PRICE ESTIMATES With Uber, you can see your price estimate up front before booking. That means you’ll always have an idea of what you’ll pay before requesting your ride. YOUR SAFETY DRIVES US We’re committed to making every trip with Uber as safe as possible. That's why—in addition to our Door-to-Door Safety Standard—we've built new safety features and updated our Community Guidelines for respectful and positive experiences. You can share your trip Give your loved ones peace of mind while you’re on a trip—you can share your location and trip status so they know you made it to your destination. You can contact emergency services You can call your local authorities directly from the app, and your location and trip details will be displayed so you can quickly share them with emergency services. TIP AND RATE YOUR DRIVER After every ride, you can submit a rating along with comments. You can also let your driver know you appreciated your experience by adding a tip for them right in the app. Not all products are available in all markets. To see if Uber is available in your city, visit https://www.uber.com/cities. Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/uber. Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/uber. Have a question? Visit uber.com/help.

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Book Name Uber - Request a ride
Genre Travel
Language English
E-Book Size 353.07 MB

Uber - Request a ride (Uber Technologies, Inc.) Book Reviews 2023

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Thank you. We waited for Lyft for almost 45 minutes. There was no car available. A friend asked and advised to try Uber . We did and I. 15 minutes we got a ride back home. We were saved. The driver the car and the driving was excellent and smooth. Thanks to Uber and the driver of Uber .

This app good. Sometimes I need to go place far but can't because far place too far with legs I get so tired i get so tired and sleepy so i have to go fast before it's too late thank you for take me far place thank everyone

Uber driver. He was super quick , full of conversation , and very welcoming

Thank you. Mr. James was very courteous and patient during my time of crisis. I thank him for being a kind, sweet gentleman. May God bless and keep you always.

Best Uber ride ever. Dominick was the best Uber ride ever.

Really terrible customer service. I ordered from Uber Eats and one of my items never arrived, but I still got charged for it. They make it really hard to get in touch with support on the app, and basically tell you, “Please just wait for us to respond.” I’ve been waiting for four hours. No response. Really unprofessional for such a big company. I’m going to stick with Lyft and Door Dash from now on.

nice travel. nice

Got into wrong white Toyota Sienna at airport. This driver was very kind and understanding as we accidentally got into Wei g Toyota Sienna at ANC airport. The other driver took us all the way to Spenard before I realized something was wrong. The other driver brought us back to airport (also kindly) and as we were getting out of the wrong vehicle, our first driver’s fare showed up in our correct car so we both got into wrong car. We swapped and all was well.

Best Driver Ever. This was the best ride ever. She was so kind and patient with us and it was the perfect ending to the birthday festivities!! Great job getting us home safely for the night and helping get everyone out of the car!!

Calvin. Great driver very informative.

Excellent!. Professional, Polite and Knowledgeable!

Excellent. Very nice vehicle. Probably the nicest Uber ride we’ve ever had. Driver very friendly and great safe driver as well!! Thank you

Ride home. Russell was amazing, helping us home and being a wonderful ride. We so appreciate him!!

Thanks. I appreciate all you drivers!! I couldn’t make it to work without you all!!!

Awesome. I had a great interaction with my driver we sung oldies the whole ride

Mi. The best one you can’t ever get

First Driver Syndrome. This is a frequent event The first driver is very close But never arrives No messages, excuses or explanations Just no show Until a second driver suddenly appears from the cloud And normally arrives after 5 to 15 min Also no explanations, because apparently they don’t know what happened to the first driver I opted out LYFT, because the first driver never showed up and also refused to give up on the trip Because the knew that the client will call it off and will be charged with not waiting for the driver Hope this will not be the future of Uber I appreciate a feedback of this message Thanks Thomas

Bees knees. She was awesome and not only picked me up and dropped me off. She had all the info about the town I needed.

Great driver. He was very great and I am so thankful for his patience.

Recco. He was amazing. Fun to talk to and very outgoing for the late night peeeps like me. Very enjoyable

Uber. Great service. Clean vehicle friendly driver.

Thank you!!!. Wonderful!!! Thank you so much for getting my friend home safe. You have an amazing night!

Today’s experience. My driver was by far best Uber experience he was very open minded and supportive of our conversation!

Wonderful Trip. Brye had a great time

N. Nice and friendly. Clean hospitable ride

Poor functionality. I booked a friend a ride home. Now I can’t book myself a separate ride home. Maybe I can, but the interface isn’t easy enough to figure out how.. The only thing I can figure out how to do is cancel my friend’s ride or wait until they get home and then book myself another ride.. that’s poor functionality. Figure it out Uber, you’re supposed to be the app w this stuff

Will Williams. Very nice and funny guy. He’s an up and coming comic so make sure to get out there and support him! BTW- Thanks for your patience on the tip and review Will. We got to the party and I accidentally started a small fire within the first 15 minutes I was there. Things got a tad out of hand from there. Cheers!

uber. he was amazing sk nice so kind so patient

Fun ride. Guillermo was such a kind and personable driver. We had an excellent experience. 5 star review

Ride to SAR. It was smooth and nice ride , driver was a gentleman, thanks

Very attentive. Thank you so much!!!

Love your app. Love your app it’s an amazing way to get to places safe and secure.

Great service. Wonderful person!!!!!

Nicole. Thank you!

Great ride. Respectful and friendly ride

Inferior. Always has been ^^^ since their competition entered the scene

Denis the man. I have literally never had a more enjoyable experience in my entire life. Denis provided the absolute BEST experience I could ever ask for. He was THE MAN! он лучший водитель!

Gary. Gary is a good driver and a good person. Happy to have been with him. His coach was immaculate.

awesome driver. amazing. total gentleman.

Job. What a great driver and went above and beyond and we are grateful there are people like Job in this world.

Double standard. If I cancel because the wait time is far from what was stated there is a fee? But if I stick with it there’s no reimbursement for false advertising the arrival time - completely at the mercy of whenever they show up. No thanks.

Amazing. Safe driver , caring and helped me for so long to get my daughters car seat out. Bless your heart!!!

Safe, Friendly and reliable!. Julie picked me up from Colorado Springs Airport at 11:50 pm. She was reliable and arrived in two minutes. I’d hurt my back a few days prior. After telling Julie that I was hurting, she helped me get my bag out of the trunk. Julie was friendly and I appreciated the ride!

Rockstar. Great driver. :) super clean car, very friendly

Expensive. Expensive

Uber Ride. I really like the fact that someone else was driving I wish the price didn’t very so much the price later in the day kinda steep

Great driver!!. Oscar was fast getting to us, knew where we were going and suggested a few local bars to visit!!!

WE LOVE JARED. Jared is awesome. Louisiana loves you 22222

Poor customer service platforms. Very disappointing customer service, with no ability to call the company to walk through issues.

Drivers canelling. 3 drivers cancelled within 5 minutes of picking us up making us late for our appointment. Why are riders charged $$ for cancelling but drivers can do so as they please?? I’ve never had this issue with Lyft…

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Indriver is better. This app is too slow regarding requesting a ride, indriver has more options

Thanks James. What a lovely guy, relaxed journey from lime street to Formby and he was very entertaining! I loved the Mercedes and so comfy !! Highly rec

Boss driver. Clicked professionalism as an issue by mistake. Top lad.

Great service. The roads were blocked and Denis patiently guided me to where he was parked as I didn’t know the area. Great to chat to. Very good driver. Recommended

First timer. Absolutely amazing service . First time I booked Uber but defo will use again . Was With me within 1min 😳 super fast and reliable

Lovely. Lovely man. Will have a nice chat if you want. Will also leave you alone if you don’t want to chat

Arsenal!!. Absolute legend, so friendly. Best uber driver ever

Safest way to get around everywhere! Always put me at ease! Thank you for introducing this service!. Useful, ALWAYS! Especially, for a solo traveler like me! :)

Uber Amsterdam. Absolutely lovely guy! First class

Terrible, unreliable and useless customer service.. Absolutely avoid Uber, do not waste your time.

Uber ride. Very Friendly driver.

Mr. The people who are working at Uber offices are very rude and very aggressive, manipulative and untrustworthy They hold grudge against their drivers. They never solves an issue treating their drivers like slave, and expecting the drivers to go off their way and help people without getting paid so in reality uber is a slavery company.

uber driver. lovely uber driver very polite and talkative

Loveliest taxi driver ever!. His car was clean, smelt amazing and he was so pleasant to talk to.

Utterly unreliable. So many time it just hangs, public transport much cheaper and reliable

Excellent service once again. Such a polite gentleman dropped us home from the airport. Sorry, I have forgotten his name but he picked us up at about 23.05 approx

Twice cancelled so not happy to wait in the cold.. Cancelled twice and not happy to wait in the cold. After so many attempts I managed to get to the destination. When it works is good . Will use again in the future but will have in place a plan B if Drivers keep cancelling…

Great driver. Thank you so much for bringing my son safe , highly recommend .

Great driver. Lovely driver ❤️

Ramses. Very polite driver and he knew his way around hurghada thank you

Viaje agradable. Conductor muy majo

Top service and great discussions. Very good Uber chap

What a lovely journey. Thank you Enrique for the very pleasant journey

Never get a ride. Pathetically unreliable - always say a ride is near but always cancel/never accept. Just take a black cab or a bolt or honestly just a bus.

One of the best Uber drivers I’ve ever had. This man is the loveliest, chattiest man we’ve ever met

Birmingham to West Bromwich. I had a very pleasant journey to West Bromwich. The driver, I have forgotten his name, was very friendly and helpful. He is highly recommended and deserves a five star rating!

Fantastic. This guy is amazing got us to the airport with minutes to spare thank you

Excellent Trip. Our first use in the USA and he was very good prompt and helpful

Uber Easy. So easy so convenient

Happy customer. Friendly and nice driver throughly enjoyed that trip

Fast service. Driver nice chatty 😍 over all great experience.woukd defo recommend

Very good guy. Oswaldo is very friendly and helpful and safe and I recommend him.

Great Service. A great driver, clean comfortable car. Arrived a little early but explained as we had pre booked a time, that would have honored.

Uber doesn’t know anything. Reported fraudulent transaction but was told they cannot locate the transaction. Ordered to speak to my bank with no reimbursement or discount. Time to go with Usain’s last name

Mr Patterson. To expensive not enough promo offers especially for vegan food

Swapping payment methods and cancelling. If the option isn’t available for drivers to cancel a trip if they don’t want to accept the payment method you had selected at time they accepted the trip it needs to be made available because as a customer we get charged to cancel if they don’t want to accept card and take you so it becomes a nuisance or Uber needs to let you change the payment method in the middle of a trip so you don’t get charged double when you have no choice but to accept a trip eg airport trips.

James. Professional and good chat

Romania- was good become worse. Don’t ever Never use it in Bucharest airport, the drivers play game then cancel and the client need to pay , twice in 30 minutes. The driver need to wait and nit to move , but they move and you can’t find them .

Double payment. Driver caused a seen and made me pay again. He insisted the the app did not pay the money. As I did not have Egyptian I paid £4 gbp. I was there with my family.

Trip to airport. Excellent - Thanks

Very nice. The driver is very nice and enthusiastic, but I feel ashamed that I am a little tired and did not have a good interaction with the driver.

Not user friendly. In a foreign country very difficult to find pick up point

Rome. Quick easy brilliant service as usual

Great driver & great music!. Our driver was so lovely Arrived promptly & communicated where we could find him. He asked if we wanted music which we did - safe steady driving Thankyou so much Alison & David

Mrs. Amazing travel and very friendly and safe ♥️

Awesome driver. Best driver and great chat ♥️

Needs improvement rapidly. App seems to be getting worse / not updated enough There’s a glitch where when a trip is completed iPhone 14’s don’t complete the trip, constantly drawing on GPS and running battery down. I’ve now got the Uber app running in notification window and it won’t quit. Not even if I close the app or restart the phone, friend also has exact same issue so it’s not a specific user issue. The confirmed booking with a time that goes from 3min then to 8min then doesn’t go down for 5min and there’s nothing you can do about it, more often then not the driver then “cancels” is not on. If the driver isn’t going to get there in the initial allotted time and then arrival time rises any more than 2-3min the user should be allowed to cancel. Even worse going back to app after a cancellation there should not be a price increase.

Lovely smooth ride.. Very nice & polite driver.

First time. First time use of Uber and the ease of use makes it great

Good ride. Pleasant driver, neat car and arrived early

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Good Uber driver. Very professional and friendly a1 service

Worse drive service. These drivers don’t get checked. The amount of times I’ve almost been in a accident and the drivers are pricks and don’t want to drive you because it’s not where they want to be they will wait until you cancel. The Uber customer service is even worse. Would recommend DiDi as they pay their drivers better too. Not worth 1 star but obviously the lowest.

Amazing Person. Inderjit is amazing person. Car was very neat and tidy.

Wry friendly and informative. Great service

Excellent customer service. Lovely service

Very friendly and efficient driver. Lovely gentleman, very friendly and good driving skills.

Excellent. Good driver

Excellent driver and fantastic human being.. Driver was super courteous and drove steadily and carefully all the way. Totally enjoyed the conversations that were far more than just small talk.

Ride share does not work. Frustrating to have to attempt to ride share with 5 others multiple times and it just doesn’t work at all! Everyone had updated their apps, and still doesn’t work, please fix this.

Adelaide Airport. My Uber arrived very quickly at Adelaide Airport. The driver was very friendly and competent.

Fantastic friendly trip. Daniel we thoroughly enjoyed our quick trip with Daniel. His car was spotless and he was a friendly conversationalist! Highly recommended

Easy safe relaxing drive! Thanks Ken.. Thanks

Uber returned lost phone. Uber driver was amazing he drove back with my phone I left in the Uber I wish I knew the reg he was amazing

Love it. Great and easy app to use to get a ride

LOVE THE APP. Best app

Stop asking me to write reviews. Please stop it.

Driver. Our driver was a very nice man, clean car and friendly.

Suitable vehicles for the application. When we order an XL and we have 5 people plus luggage to shift please do not offer compact cars like Holden Captiva. We do not fit. We order a XL expecting a van or a suitably sized vehicle to transport us. It’s annoying when we can’t communicate to get someone to understand what we need. Make sure your booking appt only has real XLs and put cars such as Captivas and Mitsubishi Highlanders and even Toyota Klugers in the compact car option. They are not XL vehicles.

Service. Best service Best car Driver was wearing suit. Car was immaculate Best ride share service ever.

Pleasant driver. Enjoyed the trip and conversation. Nice person.

Jay. Good driver very good customer service indeed.

Return trip from the Bay. Mic was great , tip top , enjoyed it 👌

Nice chat, great history lesson. Amin was very friendly & cheerful, he gave ys a great history lesson of the Afghan camps that we’re bought to Oz.

service. Very patient and excellent service

Top trip.. Prompt arrival with a very experienced and smooth driver, in a state of the art electric vehicle.

Thanks. Really good

Driver failed to show. Last week I was charged for a ride that didn’t take place. Following the driver’s trajectory, he went nowhere near my pick up or destination point. Apart from that instance I’m a very satisfied customer but find the rates a little confusing.

Canceling. Hey Uber - I literally hate you. The only time I can use you is when the world is slow. Go on cancel on me, cancel again and again and again. The reason? Because of your price surge. I can’t rely on you to get me to my wife on time. Thanks for nothing - hope taxis break you on the basis or reliability.

a. Iûiuh Ttttt sawit guy vاw

So so. Ubers been questionable sometimes, a lot of drivers don’t know what they’re doing and it’s a shame they’ll accept anyone and then those people feel entitled to do what they want driving

Cranebrook to Penrith. The driver only took about 5 mins to pick me. I had been waiting one hour for a taxi. He was a pleasant guy.

Not reliable. Driver keep canceling after accepting the ride which is very inconvenient especially when we have to reach somewhere on time.

Great Uber. Lovely clean car and love driver. Highly recommended and thanks for lovely trip!

Great trip. Great trip

Great Driver. Excellent service

Compliment to Abdul. Lovely man So easy to do business wirh xx

Rip off. The driver did not turn up And then charged me $35 for cancelling my trip The actual trip with other driver only cost $12 Scammer

Hi. Very comfortable car, great music and conversation

dear uber people. i really enjoyed my trip with mario, i wish he blew me a kiss. Thanks, anna.

Thank you!. A super nice driver!

Drivers. I use Uber a lot. I have more positives than negatives. My only complaint is the amount of drivers that cancels on their riders, especially when they’re close

Thanks. Clean car, friendly driver who smelt good. Pleasant ride.

Pricing. Not impressed that price doubled when trying to book, was $15 would not load so had to refresh and went to $33

Music.. The music played was inappropriate for older folk. Swearing in songs . Otherwise perfect trip .

Regular user. I gave up my car so I can save on Tolls Petrol Registration Servicing Wear and tear depreciation Speeding fines Parking fines Don’t have to worry about driving while on the phone Uber is reliable and the discounts are great for regular users

Good trip. Excellent driver and vehicle. Good trip. Excellent driver and vehicle Mohammed friendly and professional

Fabulous. Thank you so much for doing the extra drop. Much appreciated

Poor quality ride.. Unfortunately, even though the correct destination was put into the app, I was taken way past the correct point to turn off the highway and it wasn’t until the vehicle was turning to the right that I realised something was seriously wrong I had to put the address into maps which then required that we do a U-turn and go back the way we came from to turn right off the highway towards the hills in the correct direction to my destination In addition, the driver did not speak a lot of English In summary, I got charged an extra $20 and had a loss of my time for a problem that was not my fault. I had to solve the problem for the driver because he didn’t know what to do and would’ve blindly kept following instructions from your app

Decent. Occasionally there are drivers who cancel pick ups, or even show up at my house and drive away because they recieve a better deal… Is there a way these drivers can be reported?

one off the best. great driver , safe trip,

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Faical deserves Diamond rating. Professional, courteous and respectful to customer, just to name a few

Trips. Huber make trips expensive even though my location is near to where I want to go. Please let it be some logic cause this is none sense!!!

Excellence. Excellent chauffeur merci!

Uber. Ubers a great app and cheap when it isn’t bar hours 1-3 am when it’s 125 dollars plus for 20 I’m drive but the drivers a great other than they rarely pick me up in my small town but they always get you to your destination safely !

Great Ride. Nice little conversation with him for the short drive .

Clean car gentleman driving. Keep doing it same thing wish you the best

Friendly service. Overall great experience. Arrived at our destination as expected.

Payments blocked during travel. I’m absolutely disappointed in the sheer incompetence of Uber nowadays. Leaving me, long time customer, stranded in a foreign country even though I have 4 different methods of payment. And the lack of support training is ridiculous.

Thank you. Thank you for a good driver

Friendly. It was a perfect way to end our vacation with the friendliest Uber driver ever. I’d reserve him every time if I could.

Excellent in every way.. Beautifully kept car in every way. And excellent driving.

oh yeah. super chillen

Amazing. Just a wonderful person, thank you for being my lift home. :)

Ride. Very patient and only driver that didn’t cancel Thanks again for the ride home😀

First time Uber trip!. Thank you for making my first experience with the app so smooth. I didn’t have cell reception so I popped into Starbucks for wifi and within 5 minutes my Uber driver was there to pick me up. So reasonable and so straightforward. Thank you!

Update app with road closures!. The QEW was closed completely fir bridge construction and the Uber app did not alert drivers coming west from the airport doubling travel time. Company’s fault not driver.

Professional and Excellent Service. Carlos was extremely professional and curtious. He is a great conversationalist and took time to point out things to see and so while in Miami. He car is amazing and so clean.

Going back to cabs. Waited at the chicago airport for 40 minutes. 6 drivers cancelled. And the price went from 20 to 70 dollars. Some sort of price manipulation going on.

Nice driver 😁. Lovely driver ! Was a nice experience 😁

Excellent. Prompt, pleasant , would recommend 😀

Professional and Courteous. Uber Ambassadors have been awesome now for ten rides

10/10. I was raw dawgin my girl and I got hungry, my food got delivered in a timely order and I was able to continue destroying her guts

Fake offer. Fake offer I try to drive with 20% offer but no response that not good for Uber

Great. Thanks for the ride! Great service nice guy!

Wonderful. Thank Thank you

5 star service. Clean car, friendly driver, excellent service. Thank you Mohammad.

Great. Great ride with a new driver. I’m certain that he will become a fast favorite with many customers!

Vikas. I would ride with Vikas anytime. He was a real gentleman and keeps his car in good shape. Thank you Vikas. I have you as a Gabor Mary

Great. Really a good gentleman

Neat and Clean Car. The ride was smooth and the driver was nice.

Best driver!. Perfect driver, very helpful, responsive, got us in the best possible way!

Very helpful!. This was our first time using Uber and Brady was super helpful, talkative and informative during our ride! 5stars!

Terrible customer service. I only ever used Uber once and they automatically signed me up for “Uber One”. They then proceeded to charge me monthly for a service I didn’t even know they had signed me up for. When I finally realized months later, they refused to reimburse me for all the months they had charged me for. Their customer service is terrible and seems to be run exclusively by bots. I kept getting identical messages from different ‘people’ every time I tried to open a claim. Very disappointing. I honestly expected more from a big, worldwide company such as Uber. The least they could do is reimburse me for their mistake. I would honestly give them fewer stars if I could.

Can’t change payment option for reserved ride. Cannot make the changes in app. Had to cancel to reserve again. Can’t send support messages online

Asian Customers may be discriminated. I am a Chinese student study in Canada. I always arrive the point on time, see hello, Nice to meet you sir. And have a good day, thank very much every time. At the beginning, my rating looks good, I get 5stars for 5 times, but after that, I get two 2stars with no reason. Now my rate is 4.14. I think this is because some drivers rasicm. I almost want to cry, I have try to be friendly to everyone, but it doesn't work , I even want to kill myself because I am a bad guy.

Great. Super service!!!

Kindest driver. I would recommend to anyone..

Great ride. It was very pleasant ride by ubat

Great first experience.. Thanks. We thought it was so efficient.

Nice person. 😅

Great driver. Driver pulled over briefly and attended to our needs. Much appreciated, thank you sir!

Friday night. Pedro was on time and knew where we where going Car was exceedingly clean. Kudos

Mexico City fun. Ricardo was our Spanish only speaking driver and we are 1 year on duo lingo. We quickly shared stories and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of driving together for an hour. Uber allows cultures to connect seamlessly without borders of any sort. Great fun “muy divertido” when the system works.

Great service. Friendly and nice drivers Will definitely use again

Would recommend. Always been there for me ✌️

Cancelation. Too much cancellations from your drivers

Never works for me when trying to book. I have given complaints many times that I am unable to book the ride. Each time they say it is technical and need to reset the password and after which it works fine. However, all the time it never worked. Unfortunately, we can’t check whether this works or not unless we are in need of booking a ride. We are having UberOne subscription, in spite of this, the service is pathetic

Efficient and superb. Great drive, great company and pleasant all the way. I would highly recommend.

Amazing ride. My Driver was amazing and I want to thank him! First time I took an Uber

Wrong info. Instructions from Uber for being picked up at term 3 at fll were wrong

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The Uber - Request a ride book written by Uber Technologies, Inc. was published on 21 May 2010, Friday in the Travel category. A total of 4,136,051 readers of the book gave the book 4.83843 points out of 5.

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