iPad Survival Guide: iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro from MobileReferenceToly Kay

iPad Survival Guide: iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro from MobileReference

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iPad Survival Guide: iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro from MobileReference by Toly Kay Book Summary

The iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro introduced many new features, which redefined the iPad. This guide will introduce you to these new features, and show you how to use them. These features include: 

- Interactive notifications
- Predictive typing
- Enhanced Siri functionality
- Time-Lapse Videos
- Improved email application
- FaceTime Call Waiting
- Apple Pencil
- Side-by-Side Multitasking
- Watching a Video While Using Another Application 
- Enhanced Siri functionality 
- Low Power Mode to Improve Battery Life 
- Improved photo management 
- Search Upgrades 
- Move to iOS Application for Android Users who Want to Switch 

And many more... 

The iPad Survival Guide for iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro gives task-based instructions without using any technical jargon. This book is very helpful for those who have difficulty using electronics, such as phones, personal computers, and tablet computers. Learning which buttons on your iPad perform which functions is useless unless you know how it will help you in your everyday use of the iPad. Therefore, this guide will teach you how to perform the most common tasks. Instead of presenting arbitrary instructions in lengthy paragraphs, this book gives unambiguous, simple step-by-step procedures. 

Additionally, detailed screenshots help you to confirm that you are on the right track. This guide also explains Secret Tips and Tricks to help you accomplish your day-to-day tasks much faster. If you get stuck, refer to the Troubleshooting section to isolate and solve the problem.

iPad Survival Guide: iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro from MobileReference (Toly Kay) Book Reviews

UselessThis is useless do not waste .99.Score: 1/5

Good at the basics...Great overview as well as details..Score: 5/5

Nothing new.I did not learn anything new from this book..Score: 1/5

IPad Things You May Not KnowI consider myself an "iPad pro." After all, I have two of them--a WiFi version at work and a 3G version at home. I use them both nearly every day. So what could this little reference guide possibly tell me that I don't already know about the device or couldn't figure out by myself? A great deal apparently. For $.99 I figured that it would be only a small loss if this iPad reference guide told me what I already knew about the device, so I downloaded it. However, within five minutes of downloading it, I learned about using voiceover to read books in the iBook app. Then a found a largely undocumented tip showing how to take screen shots in just about any app. Now how cool and potentially useful is that? In just a couple of minutes, I got my money's worth and probably will find many other helpful and useful tips as a scan through this ebook. Sometimes surprises come in small inexpensive packages..Score: 4/5

Fine for basicsThis book is fine as a resource for iPad basics, but don't purchase if you're expecting to find anything profound. The book doesn't even touch on the more advanced features of iPad...which was rather disappointing to me..Score: 3/5

Not worth $.99This book isn't worth 99 cents. It doesn't tell you anything that you don't find readily apparent when first finding your way around your new iPad..Score: 1/5

Step by step instructionsThis is a great tool to have! Get this manual and save yourself lots of time having to search online for the same tips. The ebook is very easy to navigate. Within 10 minutes of downloading it, I learned about using voiceover to read books aloud in the iBook app. Then a found a tip showing how to take screen shots in just about any app. Absolutely amazing! This is an excellent reference to have for anyone, from a first time user to an experienced iPad user!.Score: 5/5

CrapCrap!.Score: 1/5

Thank you...For the tip on saving screenshots !!! This app's worth is directly proportional to the knowledge base of the reader. For me, I need all the help I can get and this 99 cent tuition was well worth the expense. nd49.Score: 5/5

Inexpensive investment, well worth it!I'm not sure what's included in the free sample, and I don't understand why people comment and rate on just the sample, but this contained a lot of good information not included in the free Apple guide. I have and use both, for different reasons. I hope it's updated soon, I'm sure there are more tips and tricks to be discovered!.Score: 4/5

IPad survival guideThis looks very good to me. Many people will be buying the iPad who have no experience with touch screens or wi fi and need this kind of basic instruction. Two people have already asked me if you needed a computer to use the iPad. Thank you for the piece of the app..Score: 5/5

Get the free oneNo need to say more..Score: 1/5

Great reference!This is a really well-written how-to guide. It is very easy to follow and doesn't assume the reader knows anything about the iPad. I didn't even know you could make calls with the iPad using Skype or buy ebooks without ever going online. Great reference!.Score: 5/5

Waste of moneyIf you are a geek, you will read the manual and try to figure out the various ways the iPad can be used. Then this book is a waste of money and offers nothing beyond what you can read and intuitively figure out. If you are not a curious technology us, this book still offers nothing. Don't buy it..Score: 1/5

GreatOk, I read the reviews before buying this app and let me tell anyone buying this it is very helpful!! The ones who said was useless is probably very young and knows how to do gadgets. I know how to use the iPad but this app is so very helpful and showed me things I did not know. It is well worth the 99 cents to have for quick tips..Score: 5/5

Good app for .99To respond to the comment about managing photos. I managed my photos from my pc without the use of iPhoto or a Mac..Score: 4/5

High-pricedI got it for 99 cents and it was barely worth it... The free version from Apple is just as good..Score: 2/5

Price gone upEveryone is talking about 99 cents, but it looks like $2.99 to me. Kindle still has it for 95 cents, but I wanted it on my iBooks shelf. I haven't seen the book yet, but it looks like I can't submit unless I give a rating..Score: 3/5

To the words " ulimantly fail" go together?I this so it's useless don't buy thank god I only got sample!!! the words to describe it is PEICE OF SH*T!!! :(.Score: 1/5

Super basicNot worth .99 thank god that i just downloaded the sample.Score: 1/5

UselessI bought this because of the price, hoping there would be some hidden gems I hadn't figured out yet while using the iPad, but this book is useless,you could have owned the iPad for less than a day and figured this stuff on your own. It's all basic stuff, nothing special.Score: 1/5

Surprised...It is stated clearly in chapter 7... 7. Importing Pictures Using a PC The iPad does not allow any photo management without the use of iPhoto on a Mac. You may wish to email yourself any pictures you wish to add to your iPad. You can then save the attachments to the Saved Photos album. how about using ITunes??? how about accessories like camera kit??? Personally I'm using ITunes on my PC with no problems at all..Score: 2/5

Too basicI thought it would have more tips and tricks. Stick with free one. So not worth $0.99..Score: 2/5

Professionaly written guideSpeaking from the point of view of an avid reader and writer, I would have to wholeheartedly disagree with the negative reviews people have offered in the iBooks store. Open any other reference material for the iPad, or for any Apple product at that, and you will not be able to find the information you need without reading an entire novel of useless drivel first. Apple’s manual is no exception to the rule. I feel that the negative reviewers just love to whine. I have personally purchased other manuals for the iPad and wish I had stumbled upon this sooner. Who wants to read a story about the author’s personal opinions? There is nothing extra in this guide, every chapter and section is organized logically to fit the needs of the readers, and readers are never left confused or without answer. The iPad Survival Guide is professionally written and it shows..Score: 5/5

Read the friggin manual!Woooow a book that tells you all about your device and how to use it? This is revolutionary! Oh wait, I got a manual!.Score: 1/5

A stupid bookYou teach me how to turn on the iPad and set up it. ............ if i don't know,how can i read your book?.Score: 1/5

Print from your iPad?I was thinking about buying this because I want to know how I can print from my iPad!.Score: 3/5

Listen....Anyone who say a this is not worth .99 has not looked at the book.It is full of useful stuff. Snobs are snobs. This is especially great if you just bought your brand new iPad and would like some info like where should I start. If know where to start, cause it 's really easy, you will learns learn a great deal..Score: 5/5

Almost knowledgeMost things you already know and a few that you might have forgotten. A lot of app suggestions without a guide to the apps. Worth 99 cents but not really a lot of help for veteran iPhone users.Score: 3/5

Worth the price of tuitionTo learn a few irreplaceable things, but the style is as dry as the Manual. Who has the memo on the cute guide to using Apple' mobile devices?.Score: 4/5

Nothing SpecialThe FREE Apple iPad Guide provides everything you need to know about the iPad. This guide doesn't cost much, but don't waste your money..Score: 2/5

UsefulThis book is worth the price if only for finding out about eBooks from MobileReference. Active table of contents make books so much easier to read. The Kindle is pitiful compared to the iPad. (I have both so I know exactly what I'm talking about.) I bought the book on Kindle so I could read it on my left and experiment with my iPad on my right. After reading this book, I'd buy another book by Toly K. It is also useful to know, even if you don't learn much that is new, to now know you haven't missed anything obvious..Score: 4/5

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Okay?Who would buy this.Score: 1/5

NimrodsScroll down and there will be a free apple one.Score: 5/5

Fail1. What he/she said below 2. You can get a free eBook BY APPLE called iPad user guide and it's over 700 pages long. FAIL.Score: 1/5

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You don't need this.Honestly I can't see why anyone would need this. Most people would learn this after playing with an iPad for an hour or so. At one point it tells you that you can only put photos on your iPad from a mac and not a PC which you can actually do..Score: 2/5

Are you seriousWhaaaat, if anybody needs the content from this book they shouldn't own an iPad.Score: 1/5

Good readIt's a good read tells you how to print from the iPad.Score: 5/5

PointlessAdmittedly this app is ok/under average but iPad user guide is much better and is free also the publishers are apple Inc. Which is also a bonus and considering most of the people buying this book will be owners of a ipad now this doesn't effect me but if you purchased a iPad and you were low on money but you were totally lost on what to to you wouldn't have a quick way to find out if the apple Inc. Didn't exist you could phone apple but still that would cost money or go to a apple store but that would take time and money so that is my review of iPad survival guide by toly k.Score: 1/5

UsefulI found this more useful that Apple's guide because it had a couple of hidden things. When getting a guide it is important that we are told things we might not know. Anybody who has used an iPhone or iPod touch knows how to use the iPad, but we need to know the things that make it worth owning an iPad..Score: 3/5

WowNot worth the time and effort. The £1 is disgusting.Score: 1/5

Pointless!What a totally pointless book. Anyone buying this beware: if you have an iPad then you already know everything this book has to offer. AVOID.Score: 1/5

Rating systemHow can a book with 3 single star rates and 1 two star rating result in a three star rating???.Score: 1/5

BenShould be free for iPad users.Score: 1/5

What a rip-offWhat a rip-off! This is advertised as follows: "From Getting Started to Advanced Tips and Tricks". But all it covers is the absolute basics and not even all of those. I've paid MONEY for this - I'm furious..Score: 1/5

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