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The Alchemist’s Secret by Scott Mariani Book Summary


Introducing the explosive first Ben Hope adventure

'Non-stop action – this book delivers’ STEVE BERRY

Ben Hope lives on the edge. A former elite member of the SAS, Ben is tortured by a tragedy from his past and now devotes his life to finding kidnapped children.

When Ben is recruited to locate an ancient manuscript which could save a dying child, he embarks on the deadliest quest of his life.

The document is alleged to contain the formula for the elixir of life, discovered by the brilliant alchemist Fulcanelli decades before. But it soon becomes apparent that others are hunting this most precious of treasures – for far more evil ends.

When the secrets of alchemy hidden within the pages remain impenetrable, Ben teams up with beautiful American scientist Dr Roberta Ryder to crack the code.

It seems that everyone – from the Nazis during WW2 and powerful Catholic organisation Gladius Domini – wants to unearth the secrets of immortality.

The trail leads Ben and Roberta from Paris to the ancient Cathar strongholds of the Languedoc, where an astonishing secret has lain hidden for centuries…

‘Compelling from the first page until the last, Mariani and Ben Hope entertain in a gripping tale that will have you turning the pages well into the night’ MARK DAWSON

The Ben Hope series is a must-read for fans of Dan Brown, Lee Child and Mark Dawson. Join the millions of readers who get breathless with anticipation when the countdown to the new Ben Hope thriller begins…


Praise for Scott Mariani

‘Deadly conspiracies, bone-crunching action and a tormented hero with a heart . . . Scott Mariani packs a real punch’ Andy McDermott

‘James Bond meets Jason Bourne meets The Da Vinci Code’ J. L. Carrell

‘Fans of Dan Brown will love this thrilling adventure’ Closer

'Non-stop action – this book delivers’ Steve Berry

‘If you’ve got a pulse, you’ll love Scott Mariani; if you haven’t, then maybe you crossed Ben Hope’ Simon Toyne

‘Full of authentic detail and heart-stopping action – a real thrill ride’ Ed Macy

‘Establishes Scott Mariani as an author to watch’ M. J. Rose

‘Packed with dark intrigue, danger around every corner, bullets flying, sexual tension, and an endless assault of nasty villains . . . everything a thriller should be and more’ Joe Moore

About the author

Scott Mariani is the author of the worldwide-acclaimed action-adventure thriller series featuring ex-SAS hero Ben Hope. Scott’s novels have topped the bestseller charts in his native Britain and are translated into over twenty languages worldwide. To date the Ben Hope series comprises the #1 Bestseller The Alchemist’s Secret, The Mozart Conspiracy, The Doomsday Prophecy (published in the USA as The Hope Vendetta), The Heretic’s Treasure, The Shadow Project, The Lost Relic, The Sacred Sword and the forthcoming The Armada Legacy (May 2013). Scott is also the author of the bestselling Kindle eBook novella, Passenger 13. Scott’s novels have been described as ‘James Bond meets Jason Bourne with a historical twist’.

The Alchemist’s Secret (Scott Mariani) Book Reviews

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Fantastically written exciting bookGreat read and couldn’t put it down When I did I was always reflecting on the what I had read and what was unfolding Can’t say any more than fantastic Regards Brian.Score: 5/5

A really good storyBen Hope is exSAS, has a business rescuing abducted children. Get drawn into a larger scheme, visiting different countries, following historical figures, gets shot at a lot. It’s a great story, based on real events sometimes historical some current, fast paced and entertaining from beginning to end. Good/great story 4/5.Score: 4/5

Ugh hga, nu ausVuaookvjn3.Score: 5/5

The Alchemists SecretAs usual, Ben Hope is alive and kicking. Like all Scott Mariani novels featuring the ex sas major, it is a riveting read which is hard to put down. It is well worth downloading and enjoy your read!.Score: 5/5

Dis bookIs good, bud I fink da I cou b beda if dey at chicki nugge.Score: 4/5

EnjoyableA good read, though a few moments that made absolutely no sense, like how does an ex SAS legend become overpowered by God-toting religious weaklings? Really?! Still, kept my interest right to the end..Score: 4/5

The Alchemist's DaughterA very interesting book that is fast paced and extremely hard to put down. Terry T.Score: 5/5

Loved itVery Dan Brownesque- lots of twists, turns, puzzles... Couldn't stop reading it and will be purchasing this authors other books- I really hope they meet my expectations after reading this excellent book!.Score: 5/5

Great ReadThis book was absolutely thrilling! The ending has a marvelous twist that will leave you hanging on edge!! Can't to read the next Ben Hope thriller..Score: 5/5

Very very very good bookI absolutely loved the book. If you love books like Dan brown's or love to watch the tv series castle, them you will definitely looooove this book. Happy reading!!.Score: 5/5

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Fast paced, very convincing and thoroughly absorbing..Score: 4/5

Great storyLike the book, similar plot of the vinci code..Score: 4/5

Worth a read!!I'd never heard of the author before buying this book for 49p. And it was worth every penny if not more. I will definitely be reading more from Scott Mariani. For me, he seems like a British Dan Brown. Excellent stuff..Score: 4/5

Great ReadCan't believe how quickly I read 829 pages of this book. Probably within 2-3days. Really interesting book and what is even more interesting the story is based on facts but the actors are fictional. Worth every penny..Score: 5/5

Great book!Really good read and kept me interested right up to the end..Score: 4/5

Amazing book!I got into it because of the adventure and action and was surprised with a little romance, and as the hopeless romantic i am, rooted for them and helped me love this book even more :D so glad i got this for free.Score: 5/5

The alchemist's Secret.A thoroughly enjoyable fast paced thriller. The historical references are well researched. Love the Ben Hope series and can't wait for the next instalment..Score: 5/5

The Alchemist’s SecretThis is a tremendous piece of writing.It excited me so very much and was very difficult to leave down. It was an excellent plot,with great characters.The unveiling of the story,bit by bit was full of suspense and written superbly to create the double denouement. Obviously a lot of research had gone into the plot,and expanded by the author’s great imagination and talent for language. I have seldom given 5 stars,but this novel so richly deserved it.The Alchemist’s Secret comes highly recommended..Score: 5/5

The Alchemist's SecretThoroughly enjoy this book, fast paced keeping interest to the end..Score: 5/5

Gripping Read But Poorly WrittenI actually really enjoyed this book, I believe it was paced very well and kept me interested throughout, but I will say that the writing is like that of a G.C.S.E English student. It gets the point across easily but uses some truly awful cliche phrases that makes me wonder how this was a best seller. I'm no grammar snob, believe me, but even I could notice it, but I liked the story and this is the first fiction book I have finished in about 2 years..Score: 4/5

Good fast paced bookRead overview of book and expected it to be a bit like a Dan Brown... and it was... not quite as good but still well worth reading..Score: 4/5

FantasticAbsolutely fantastic read!! The story had such a twist to it. Loved every page of the book!!.Score: 5/5

BrilliantAn exciting thriller with real twists and turns. We'll researched and interesting subjects. I couldn't put it down.Score: 5/5

Brilliant!I wish this book was longer, i enjoyed it so much! I hoped the ending was different as I'd have really liked to know if the elixir of life really did work but overall a good read.Score: 4/5

Fantastic - couldn't put it down!Like other reviewers, I downloaded this as a freebie on iBooks with little expectation of the great reviews being plausible. Well, this book has been my undoing ... reading it on my phone at every given (and more often stolen!) opportunity to the detriment of my sleep pattern and social life :). The pace is blistering and there is never a dull moment in the plot, which is superbly crafted with lots of tiny markers/subtle clues (which the reader may either pick up upon or remember with 20/20 hindsight) and the characters are expertly drawn and engaging. This really was a thrilling read and I'll be keeping an eye out for this author in future..Score: 5/5

The Alchemist's SecretGreat characters, a fast moving plot and excellent descriptions. I could not wait to get back to it each day..Score: 5/5

GreatBought this for 49p to try iBooks, was that good I've now bought another of his books full price and will read the lot.Score: 4/5

BrilliantBrilliant read! Definitely will be buying the rest of the series!.Score: 5/5

Bourne meets Bond meets BrownI picked up this book as part of the free book of the week promotion that runs on iBooks. It isn't the first time I've done it and when they're churning stuff out of this quality, it won't be the last. I had never heard of Scott Mariani and wasn't sure what to expect from his writing. What I found out quickly was how engaging and aware he is. His characters are very vivid and it doesn't take somebody long to visualise a character, location or situation from the story as a result of his storytelling. It's detailed enough to make it substantial and grounded in reality, yet not overly self-appreciating. The genre itself was an interesting combination of Dan Brown's world of conspiracy and intrigue (much in the vein if the Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons), with Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne-esque lead character. Ben Hope is a great protagonist: layered and well-thought out. He's also believable, which will always be the tough thing to achieve when you have subject matter that mixes espionage with action and drama with a pinch of history and conspiracy. It would bet very easy for Mariani to lose the realism of the character to his very out-of-the-norm circumstances. Instead, what the reader should find is all of these avenues being explored and embraced. I don't want to spoil the story in any way by detailing my favourite bits or shedding vital plot moments. All I will say is that the ratio of action to drama is like that of a Hollywood blockbuster, and it definitely has a 'big film' feel to it when you're reading. Hollywood better snap up this as a franchise. With the right treatment it could be huge. Can't wait to read book number two now, The Mozart Conspiracy..Score: 5/5

Alchemists secretExcellent gripping book just couldn't put it down , true life epic story!!!!.Score: 5/5

Good readEnjoyed this from beginning to end. Lets go see what else he's written....Score: 5/5

Great readIf you like dan brown, Mat Reily and andy McDermott you will defiantly like this. Good use of true history and interesting theories. Action sequences also great. First book of scotts I have read and already got two more..Score: 5/5

:)Really really enjoyed this book! Although I thought it was such a good read I probably wouldn't read it again hence the four stars instead of 5! But can't wait to read more of the Ben hope stories!.Score: 4/5

The Alchemist's SecretAn excellent read.Score: 5/5

Good readHad never heard of this author before, but I will be reading his other books. Thoroughly enjoyable read.Score: 4/5

The alchemists secretThis book read like it was written by a teenager and one for whom building a believable character is a totally alien concept. I struggled through it but the story didn't flow well, there were 'shoe horned' explanations of plot lines, totally unexplained and unrequired plot deviations. To compare to Lee Childs books is a total insult. I'm only glad I didn't take all the reviews at face value and buy the series. Total disappointment..Score: 1/5

Mostly goodGood story told well with good momentum but some character flaws which left an annoying lingering..Score: 3/5

The Alchemists SecretI thought the book was well written but had some obvious holes in the plot which at times prevented you from buying into the story. Having said that I stuck with it and would say it was an enjoyable read.Score: 3/5

The Alchemist's SecretFast-paced exciting story. A good read!!.Score: 4/5

Worth 69p thoughI thought the plot of the story was not particularly strong as I could guess every other step of Mr Hope and I am usually not very good with predicting. And the way alchemy was portrayed here it was more from the gold hunters view. Not impressed mucky but will do for 69p and time to kill on the beach ....Score: 2/5

A ripping yarnGreat read. Interesting historical facts and another version of the da Vinci code..Score: 4/5

Good old fashioned adventureI enjoyed this much more than I thought I would, it has a slow burning start but develops into a really good traditional adventure. Only slight flaw is you will guess all the twists before they happen, but you will still enjoy them nevertheless. The author would need to leave a few set up scenes out to give the reader some real surprises..Score: 4/5

Enjoyable and InformativeHad read a couple of Scott Mariani's books and enjoyed them so thought I'd read the first. This, too, was good other than what seemed to me to be a glaringly obvious lapse on Hope's part from the very beginning! Hence 4 stars rather than 5..Score: 4/5

Good easy readThought there were a lot of likenesses to the davinci code but still a good gripping story and likeable interesting characters..Score: 4/5

Loved itSuperb book, great story that kept me hooked..Score: 5/5

Certified page turner!Got it even though I was sceptical abt all the numerous reviews. Believe the hype, its a WICKED thriller..Score: 5/5

The Alchemist's SecretA fantastic book, no more needs to be said..Score: 5/5

Decent and well-pacedThe plot is derivative, and the characters are pretty stock, but the pacing is good. I can't vouch for the research, except for the bits pertaining to the Albigensian Heresy and the crusade against the Cathars, but it's a good plot device. Not something I'll follow up on, though..Score: 3/5

Top book !!Great read,not to heavy going,good plot..Score: 5/5

The Alchemist's SecretGreat read, twists and turns in the plot and characters, this book has you guessing all the time highly reccomended.Score: 5/5

BrilliantI read it in 1 day it is absolutely brilliant Get it.Score: 5/5

A great puzzler with a strong castI really enjoyed this book. The characters were exciting and well developed, the twists were fun and often unexpected and the action was well paced with plenty of build. A really great, engaging read..Score: 5/5

AmazingSuch a good read so exciting really hard 2 put down.Score: 4/5

Loved itGreat book, got totally caught in the moment. Didn't want to put it down.Score: 5/5

Alchemist secretFantastic read well though and believable a must read.Score: 5/5

The alchemists secretI bought this for 49p not expecting too much but discovered a fast paced, gripping and well written book. I have now downloaded another Scott Mariani book with high expectation!.Score: 5/5

The Alchemist's secretA poor mans Da Vinci code. For some odd reason the "T" is missing throughout the book numerous imes. A weak plot with a superhero and a Disney ending. A lighthearted read..Score: 3/5

A real page turnerBrilliant thriller. Fabulous characters, great plot, historical themes and absorbing atmosphere. It's also disturbing with some very violent moments. Strangely romantic as well. This book won't disappoint..Score: 5/5

The alchemistA very good alround book.Score: 4/5

Enjoyed this bookThis was a really good book with a great plot! Would like to write more but it would probably spoil it as the small criticisms I have would give the plot away. Enjoyed this..Score: 4/5

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