Looking for Alaska Book Reviews

John Green

Looking for Alaska by John Green Book Summary

The award-winning, genre-defining debut from John Green, the #1 bestselling author of The Anthropocene Reviewed and The Fault in Our Stars

Winner of the Michael L. Printz Award • A Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist • A New York Times Bestseller • A USA Today Bestseller • NPR’s Top Ten Best-Ever Teen Novels • TIME magazine’s 100 Best Young Adult Novels of All Time • A PBS Great American Read Selection • Millions of copies sold!
First drink. First prank. First friend. First love.

Last words.
Miles Halter is fascinated by famous last words—and tired of his safe life at home. He leaves for boarding school to seek what the dying poet François Rabelais called the “Great Perhaps.” Much awaits Miles at Culver Creek, including Alaska Young, who will pull Miles into her labyrinth and catapult him into the Great Perhaps.
Looking for Alaska brilliantly chronicles the indelible impact one life can have on another. A modern classic, this stunning debut marked #1 bestselling author John Green’s arrival as a groundbreaking new voice in contemporary fiction.

Newly updated edition includes a brand-new Readers' Guide featuring a Q&A with author John Green

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Book Name Looking for Alaska
Genre Coming of Age
Language English
E-Book Size 6.28 MB

Looking for Alaska (John Green) Book Reviews 2023

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Omg. iLove This Book 😍 !! It's Now My Favorite Book He Did A Splendid Job 😊💯 .. He Is Also One Of My Favorite Authors Now & iAlso Try To Read All Thaa Books By Him 😏

Great book. This book reminded me of Paper Towns. Boy likes girl. Girl is complicated. Teenage shenanigans occur. Life lessons learned.

GREAT READ. If your in the comment thinking about reading this JUST F******* READ IT 😎

Amazing. Just pure amazing this was John greens first book and he got a award and that just proves this man is a genius.

Loved it. An easy read yet compelling story. Always surprised with Greens books. Love em.

Disappointingly Corny. While John Green is an honest treasure, this books feels corny. It’s over romanticization of smoking cigarettes is cringeworthy. It only takes a few pages in to realize this is every wanna-be-deep softbois favorite book.

bayside taxi. The title of this review has little to nothing to do with the actual review. i just saw it on the back of the car while thinking of what to title this and it seemed better than anything i could think of in the moment. i would first like to say that i loved this book very much, yet i would like to know if the death of Alaska Young was in fact suicide. I appreciate knowing what happens to the characters after her death, and i know that a book ends and the characters no longer exist. you know what happened, or maybe not. nobody is even reading this. John Green will never read this. this has no point. pointless. yet this is helping to tell my feelings to someone other that my mother driving me down the road. i am hopefully going to attend a boarding school next year and hope my experience is 1/23 as great as this book.-alabama reader/ no one really

Flat. I read this on the recommendation of a young reader. I might be too old or cynical for it to have moved me. It just wasn’t as deep, or poignant as I thought it might be, and very anti-climatic.

Wow. If this ain’t the best book I ever read. Coming up on high school so I want to know what it is like. This book taut me a few things

love. tis good

amn.k. Well done John Green! Another amazing book. The character (The old Man) reminded me so much of my professor Dr. Ian in university. Same subjects about traditions, founder figures, etc. I felt I was in the classroom again. I miss his class, it was on of my favorites and I learned so much from him. 1:39 pm/ July 10th 2016

THIS NEEDS TO BE A MOVIE! THIS NEEDS TO BE A MOVIE! THIS NEEDS TO BE A MOVIE!. I had no idea this book was written 12 years ago! To say the least it’s an incredible book, way better than the Fault in Our Stars. Why this isn’t a movie I have no clue but it needs to happen!!!!

Looking for Alaska. This book was amazing!! Extremely nerve-wrecking but definitely a must read! ❤️

Great. 🤙🏿

Wow.. I have noticed how many of the reviews are criticizing this book for use of language, drinking, smoking, and sexual content among teens. But I urge you to look past this and pick up this book anyway. It was amazing. I was caught up in the mysterious Alaska and the witty humor of the book, and I could not help but think of what a spectacular writer John Green is. Worth a read!

YES!. absolutely love this book! This is my second time reading it and I’ve also watched the show they made about it on Hulu. This is a must read book.

Beautiful Read. I could not put this book down! Literally read for 24 hours straight until I finished. John Greens writing style is brilliant and I was just as in love with the story he created.

A really good book !!!!. I'm loved this book it shows what could happen to real life people and it is very real love the book so much ❤️

Good. Weird ending

Looking for Alasks. It was a great book and how people work as a team to find clues on what really happened to Alaska. It had lots of suspense and adventure.

Wonderful, Exciting, Deep Read. I read John Green’s Looking for Alaska as part of a school English class. Overall, it is a book with many facets. On the surface, it is a teenage novel that follows the adventurous life of a high school junior named Miles “Pudge” Halter as he begins school at a new boarding school called Culver Creek. When one looks deeper however, it exhibits the author’s expert ability to incorporate important life lessons into a casual and easy-to-read story line. Additionally, the novel seamlessly changes its tone and theme throughout the story to reflect the mood at that moment. Therefore, the reader essentially gets three stories in one: a teenage lifestyle/adventure novel, a tragedy, and a mystery novel in one. While reading this book, the reader experiences a wide variety of emotions. The reader can also appreciate the clear transition of theme and tone. The book expertly demonstrates excitement, sadness, love, hate, and many rich emotions that the author is able to expertly capture using his rich vocabulary and impeccable sentence structure. Additionally, this book impacted my own life. Since I am a teen reading about teenage lifestyles in a novel, I can easily relate to this novel. The book makes many assumptions about teens, but they are often correct. Alaska Young famously says, “I may die young, but at least I'll die smart” (Green). This quote exemplifies the teen values demonstrated in the novel. This book is excellent in a mature school setting due to its relevance. In older novels, students can analyze symbolism and grammatical structure till their eyes glaze over, but they often cannot relate to the ideas in those books. In Looking for Alaska, the same amount of symbolism and complex grammar exist, but the concepts discussed are more relevant to today’s minors. On the other hand, even though the story is great in many ways, it does, like anything, have its drawbacks. For example, the book seems to be very predictable. For example, the novel is structured around a single, plot shifting event. While the event itself was unexpected, an immense amount of foreshadowing made other, more insignificant events very predictable. The only other drawback to this novel is some of its content. The novel suits teenagers perfectly, but may be inappropriate to other ages. The topics addressed in the book include sex, drugs, alcohol and pranks with some serious life questions and violence involved. Therefore, while the book is ideal for its target age group, it might not go over well with younger children. In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and even with its shortfalls, John Green’s debut novel is one to read and remember.

SHOOK. I read this book a couple years ago and I was hesitant to read it but I'm so glad I did!!! I read it within a day, highly recommend

Amazing Coming of age story. It’s a classic. It’s hilarious and emotional. It’s a story of growing up and having new happy experiences as well as grief.

Best book I've read in my life!. This book is a really great book and opens your eyes to the struggles of an American teenage kid with heart break and troublesome times. Recommended.

Great read!. This is a great read especially if you’ve seen the show.

Rarely do I. Give a book 5 stars but this tender and shocking coming of age story made me laugh and cry. A must read for young adults and adults of all ages.

Terrible character build-up and no plot. This book was a serious disappointment. John Greene, has no character feelings in any of his book. You can't put yourself in the character's shoes. You don't feel them. It was so predictable, too. Come on, it's John Greene, of course it's a love tragedy. But it made no sense at all. Pudge was so lost in a fake love, that he lost himself through it. He was in love with Alaska's appearance. Yet, you couldn't feel the actual connection between them AT ALL. nothing. Seriously, of course alaska's gonna die. She smokes, she drinks, she's in a car, drunk, at night, what do you seriously expect? There was so little character build-up, that you didnt feel sad when she died. Did i cry? No, what the heck. Nothing. Totally disappointing. For goodness sake, pudge barely knew alaska, and the only time that he truly was connected to her was right before alaska's phone call to her bf. Seriously? Pudge is so desperate and obsessed! Many parts of the book was really inappropriate and too much. This was trash. Don't waste your time.

Beautiful book and great read!. By far one of the best books I’ve ever read. The story is natural, realistic, and fun. The dialogue is intriguing and eloquent but simple and flowing. I think the best part of this book is how easily the characters are able to relate to the reader and also he details and descriptions of people and scenarios. Just subtle things. A quote from this book actually brought me on to the read. I’m sad I read it all. Highly recommend.

Extremely Moving. Greene does a good job of moving the readers emotions in this heart-wrencher.

Amazing. I'm someone who doesn't like reading a whole lot. I'm a 16 year old guy and I enjoy other activities than reading. However, about 2 weeks ago I was on a 6 hour flight and decided maybe I should give this book a try. It was the greatest thing I've ever read. It's an amazing novel with a moving story. If you haven't read this, I highly recommend it to anyone! It totally changed my opinion on reading in general. I loved it

:). gkor

Ehh. Definitely an easy read but never really did it for me.

Great book. Favorite book on this whole earth

Fantastic. Such a sad book but really really good!

JustARegularSquid. I thought this book was great but DEFINITELY for older and more mature people. There is a lot of alcohol scenes and other situations where the explanation would involve "The Talk" So I'd only read this if you're over 12.

Worth the money. I'm not someone who loves reading but I loved this book, I highly recommend you get it.

Looking For Alaska. Beautiful, heart wrenching, amazing. Just a few words to describe this tale of love, friendship, and the great perhaps.

Love!!. Love this book so much!! Such a great author!

AMAZING. I have no words. This book is just too amazing in every way possible.

Amazing book!. Definitely an amazing read. I’m not the type to be able to read a book more than once but I’ve reread this book several times. It’s fantastic.

Amazing.. John Green has a very captivating, impossible-to-put-down, way of writing. This is my favorite book of his, so far. It’s so honest, and relatable, and heartbreaking. I recommend it to literally everyone.

Made me cry. Read this whole book in one sitting on a plane ride over seas. It was an emotional trip.

Hasty. Ending was super symbolic but a bit hasty

Good book. The girl get drunks and dies from drunk drive to her moms grave

GOOD READ! MUST READ!. Granted I haven’t read a book in years, but this book peaked my interest so I said whatever I’ll read it. Maybe I can start reading some more, it’s good for the mind and the soul, plus it sounded good. And let me tell you, good was an understatement. This book is relatable, funny, sad, and a happy read all in one. If you have ever lost a loved one, you will feel for characters. If you ever were a little anti social in your teens, it’s like Miles is you, walking through the hell we call our high school days. As well as if you wreaked havoc as a rowdy teen, there’s a place for you in it as well. And the philosophical questions in this book... don’t even get me started. All in all, I feel different about many aspects in my life after this book. Mr. John Green, you are a genius. Enough said.

Amazing book I got it for free. This book was just amazing it honestly was the first book I've ever read and I love it.

john green with another fascinating novel. i was truly captivated by this book. it was a great concept. had such good messages. taught us that savor the moments and people while we have them, they only last for so long...

Phenomenal. Another excellent John Green novel. I purchased this after reading the 122 pages iBooks offers for free. I have no regrets in my purchase. This story is heartfelt and inquisitive. It's beautifully written (of course) and impossible to put down. Although the ending still leaves me with many unanswered questions about Alaska, I am thoroughly satisfied with the entirety of this story.

Kept me engaged. Novel coming of age story.I’m not very interested in teenagers but the perspective was so richly described that I did enjoy the book very much.

Looking For Alaska Review.. I have read Looking For Alaska with very high hopes, and my high expectations were met with more than I expected. I was looking for a great perhaps, and I found it. This is about Teenagers searching for the meaning of life; and they found both the great perhaps and the way of the labyrinth. This book is truly a great book and I would recommend it to anyone 14+. :)

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PERFECTION. Wow, this book has inspired me so much. Almost everyday I encounter something that makes me think about this work of art. This book is worth your reading,trust me John Green will never let you down.

Perfect. I don't read often but decided I'd give this one a try and I absolutely adored it. It inspires people who long for meaning in their lives, it touches on the hardships that difference people experience and develops a good comforting understanding towards difficult times. It is perfect. One of my favourite books of all time.

Before. The before part is really good the "after" part isn't :(

Beautiful. This book has changed me. I read it when it first came out and I feel in love with john green and I fell in love with his stories. I definitely believe that this is his best book despite TFIOS. Looking for Alaska is beautiful in every way. John, you made it.

Flawless. This book was undeniably magnificent! It was impossible to let go of. John Green has rocketed his way to the top stop of my preferred author list. I recommend it to anyone 14-25 without a doubt!

The best. His is the best book ever in history

Good. I like it

YES. This book was actually written with such depth that you can really understand the way each of the characters look and how they look at themselves. Its very well written and I am not one to always get into books but I found myself drawn to this one after two pages. THANK U JOHN GREEN. You've done it once again.

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Summary of Looking for Alaska by John Green

The Looking for Alaska book written by John Green was published on 03 March 2005, Thursday in the Coming of Age category. A total of 4,589 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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