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Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen Book Summary

Northanger Abbey is a hilarious parody of 18th century gothic novels. The heroine, 17-year old Catherine, has been reading far too many “horrid” gothic novels and would love to encounter some gothic-style terror — but the superficial world of Bath proves hazardous enough.

Northanger Abbey (Jane Austen) Book Reviews

Very enjoyableWasn’t really familiar with this book but decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised. I actually enjoyed this over Emma.Score: 5/5

My opinionI had only watched the movie before and feel in love with Henry Tilney. Now after reading this novel, I am convinced he is one of my favorite male characters. He makes me laugh , Catherine is so innocent , I remember when I was like that, a great read for sure..Score: 5/5

Northanger AbbeyFlowing words form the basis of this love story in a time of hints, glances and hushed conversations. The money side of love and marriage seeks to destroy lives and hearts. In the end a good love will withstand the test of time in this slow moving world. Satisfying to the end..Score: 5/5

Incredibly charming!…And well formatted! I think Catherine makes us think there’s a little bit of her inside all of us. Her constant perusal of gothic novels teaches us that we too, have the ability to wonder if life is like the media we tend to digest within our minds as well. One could only wish that our lives were like our favorite from of stories and games and shows, and endeavor into an adventure like Catherine wishes to do, but she found reality to be much more appealing. As a character who expresses a childlike wonder of the world around her when she first steps outside of her home, she represents what it’s like to still have that youthful mentality..Score: 5/5

Northanger AbbeyGreat read, love Jane Austin's heroines!.Score: 4/5

Great bookI loved this book. It was a little easier to get through than Pride and Prejudice, which I also loved. I didn't find myself having to read sentences over and over to divine their meaning with this one! :).Score: 5/5

The perfect book!I cant seem to get enough of jane! she is the best romance writter!! :).Score: 5/5

Jane Austen at her best!Jane’s humor and finesse of language is paramount in this funny and sweet novel. While it isn’t as powerful as Pride and Prejudice, it still has that enjoyable Jane Austen quality that leaves you smiling and hopeful! If only life could be a JA novel, we’d all be lucky!.Score: 4/5

Northanger AbbeyWhile not the most famous of Austen's works, it is still entertaining. It is ironic and entertaining to note that although social customs are vastly different between the 18 th century and modern times, human nature and the adventures of the heart are not. Some of the passages could be written between friends today who were experiencing the pangs of uncertain romance. Chuckle at the heroine, Catherine, and enjoy.....Score: 3/5

Nuggets of wisdomWhile not my favorite Jane Austen, I do think Northanger Abbey had many characteristics that recommend itself. The satire on British society is very well portrait in the chapters in Bath. Especially the events in the pump room. As usual Austen is able to make me swoon over the romance, but I do find it somewhat lacking in it's climactic moment of truth. When the heroine finds she is loved in return. This scene is so incomparable to other Austen's (Eleanor for example). But overall, there is a lot to be appreciated in this novel. And I think it's definitely worth a read..Score: 4/5

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Awful.There's not much to say about this book. It's really boring..Score: 1/5

Look back in NorthangerAuthor English. Her major novels critique the landed gentry and difficulties faced by women in the late 18th century with irony, humour and a style that sustains her popularity 200 years on. I should disclose at this point that I am an unabashed Austen fan, which was a bone of contention with my late father, a Walter Scott man through and through, back in the day. I concede that Emma is probably Ms Austen's best book, but I prefer Pride and Prejudice. (I like Miss Bennet better than Miss Woodhouse. Sue me.) Precis Northanger Abbey was Ms Austen's first completed adult novel. She submitted it to a publisher in 1803. He agreed to publish it, but didn't until after she'd died. 17-year-old Catherine Moreland, one of 10 children of a country clergyman (there are plenty of them in Austen novels), was a tomboy but knows she has to clean up her act if she's to be a "heroine," by which she means snag a bloke of means and social standing. She accompanies some wealthier neighbours to Bath for "the season," reads a lot of Gothic novels, becomes besties with a pretty little rich girl, whose cad of a bro is at Oxford with her bro, falls for a young clergyman (today it'd be a sports star or a rapper), whose family home is the titular abbey, yada, yada. Much soap opera television style intrigue occurs. Writing The hangover from Ms Austen's "juvenilia" (the stuff she wrote for her family when she was younger) is apparent compared with her later work (P&P, Emma, Mansfield Park), which makes this funnier IMHO. The parody of Gothic fiction of the period is priceless (and educational if you're interested). Ms Austen's use of language is, as always, sublime, and explains why her work has aged better than her contemporaries and, indeed, than many a 19th century author who followed her. Bottom line Not the author's finest work perhaps, but "The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.”.Score: 4/5

Love this bookThe shows do not do this novel justice my favourite of her books now and a must read.Score: 5/5

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Teenage girls eh?I so wanted to read a book about how annoying and self obsessed teenage girls are and Miss Austen did not disappoint. This book is so far ahead of its time. Catherine is like "I'm sooooo bored" so she like goes to Bath, yeah, with some old people and meets Isabella who's like "You're my BFF!". And Catherine's like "Me too babe." And there's this dishy clergyman and Isabella says "You so lurve him". And Catherine's like "Whatever." And Isabella's brother is such a lying toad. Anyway in order to dampen down all this excitement Miss Austen provides an essay on reading habits which does the trick very well. Then it turns out that Isabella and James, Catherine's brother, are to get married, but not for three years and then on the pittance of £400 a year which is all that James's father can afford. Isabella is way annoyed by either the timescale or the money. She starts flirting with the clergyman's soldier brother. Catherine goes off to the clergyman's home, Northanger Abbey, where she thinks evil things about the clergyman's father and the death of his mother. There are misunderstandings and overreactions and everybody's upset. Then everybody's happy. The end. Another preudo-legal document from Miss Austen where every word and sentence have been so carefully thought out. Every word and sentence are to be scrutinised for innuendo. It is, happily, short..Score: 3/5

WonderfulUnderrated book. The heroine Catherine is so likeable and the tale is very entertaining. Definitely worth a read..Score: 4/5

Northanger AbbeyThis is the first Jane Austen book I have read and will definitely not be the last! I was reluctant to read Jane Austen however I am glad I did (I have the 'A Silly Fun Jane Austen Time' team to thank for it!) this has immediately become one of my favourite books!.Score: 5/5

Northanger AbbeyAverage. Definitely not Jane Austen's best piece of work. Persuasion is much better..Score: 3/5

Loved it !!!!What a beautiful book. Jane Austen truly nailed it in creating a perfect light, romantic, and suspenseful story..Score: 5/5

Northanger AbbeyFound this book a bit hard going. Glad I have read it. Her other books are better..Score: 3/5

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