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Arthur Conan Doyle

The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle Book Summary

An Apple Books Classic edition.

Both Pompeii and Petra were excavated in the 1800s, and as explorers were searching for (and finding) more mysterious ancient cities, authors were finding new inspiration. Among them was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, already famous for his Sherlock Holmes mysteries. In 1912, he published The Lost World, branching out into the popular genre of adventure fiction and crafting a story that will appeal to fans of Jurassic Park.

Ned Malone is a reporter who’s just been told by the love of his life that she wants a man who embraces danger. And so, he does what any man would do: He gathers a crew and sets off on an expedition with a professor who claims to have discovered living dinosaurs. What follows is a suspenseful story with hints of science fiction and Conan Doyle’s flair for mystery. After landing on a South American island untouched by time, the crew faces a betrayal that leaves them stranded amid terrifying dangers. Will they escape—and do they ever find dinosaurs? We’re not telling. You’ll just have to read the book.

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Book Name The Lost World
Genre Fiction & Literature
Language English
E-Book Size 887.59 KB

The Lost World (Arthur Conan Doyle) Book Reviews 2024

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Excellent!!. Not ONE movie version has done this book justice. That characters, the experience. A wonderful read I couldn't put down. I'm not much of a book guy either. I may have to read it again! What I don't understand is the numerous paid versions ranging from .99 to $4.99??? What makes these different?

Robert. I’m sure that anyone with a smidge of adventure in their life will thoroughly enjoy this wonderful story. A surprise ending is there for those that read this tale.

great read!. it was so good and engaging that I read in 24 hours! now I need a new book! ;) i highly recommend it anyone, especially zoologists!

Lost World by Sir Arthur Doyle. A bit dated of course but fun. It was the book that started the dinosaur craze and was a high adventure. There were some lovely passages about the terrain and a host of interesting characters. It provided some laughs about scientific debates and some tongue- in- cheek barbs about romantic love. But as in Sherlock tales all turns out well.

Not bad. First time I read it. The adventure portion was excellent. The post expedition dispute in London is predictable and could have been summed up in a few short pages. But on the whole fun to read.

Classic. I had never read this before. Brilliant writing. Descriptive genius

Great read!. I was pleasantly surprised at how great this book was! I wasn't able to put it down

Pands. A true classic of literature. Written almost 100 years ago and still a great read.

Absolutely FAKE. The author of this book is a stupid Bas-tard

Jolly good. The original Jurassic Park! Top notch suspense.

Must read, great story. Excellent story, well written, kept me intrigued throughout. The ending was very satisfactory!

Lost world. Well written, imaginative work that is just as enjoyable in this century as last.

Great book. Great adventures. Jurassic Park, move over!

Fabulous. What a joy to finally read this story from another favorite author of mine! As stated, ‘fabulous’!

The Lost World. I never read a story by Doyle. However, this book was very entertaining. Quite an imagination, and the conversations amoung the characters were very amusing. Similar to a Tom Sawyer adventure. I recommend it highly.

A thrilling tale of adventure. Brilliantly written and captivating the entire spectrum of human emotion, "The Lost World" is unquestionably a favorite and I recommend it to any individual in seek of adventure.

Excellent. Excellent

A great adventure. We must read it through the eyes of a different time, but the basic story is good.

Wow. A great read . You can tell of hints at a Holmes manner in challengers talk. Ending was great

Simply Excellent. Simply excellent, a riveting tale of early English exploration.

Fantastic tale of adventure. I couldn’t put this down. I absolutely loved it. What a fun story and to think it came from the same author who wrote Sherlock Holmes.

The Lost World. Perfect mix of sci-fi, action, and drama to keep anyone interested. An exceptionally easy read. A classic for a reason.

The Lost World. This was a great read. They really knew how to tell a story back then. I loved every minute of it.

Amazing!!!. A perfectly adventurous book.

"Planet of the Apes" meets "Jurassic Park.". "Planet of the Apes" meets "Jurassic Park."

Captivating. I had to abandon most of my normal daily activities to read this book. Once into it, I could hardly put it down. Great book, that stirs imagination to make you feel both child and adult.

Read it!!!. I’m glad my sister persuaded my to read this! Oh yeah, you guys have to see the silent film! That’s really good too!

Great adventure. I liked the world of the plateau and the characters as well. I finished it while camping which added to the experience.

Great read. I read this through in one day- couldn't put it down. This is a fantastic adventure that belongs in a movie by the likes of James Cameron. I have become a huge fan of Sir Doyle overnight and can't wait to start into another of his classics.

The Lost World. I love old books. This one is fantastic. I thought Michael Creighton's Jurassic Park was of original thought, but this was that original creation. Jurassic Park, though a good yarn, is an imitation of this original work. Read it, enjoy it.

A Classic in Every Respect. Being a visual individual (an artist by profession and desire), the reading of this classic reveals no special Hollywood effects, no silly dialogue, no talking animals endowed with anthropomorphic characters, but rather a delightful and exciting overview of discovery, devised in the similar and recognizable technique of the “elementary” revelations found in Conan Doyle’s famous detective adventures. I am nearly in my seventh decade and, having been a bibliophile most of my life, for some reason found myself surprised that I had yet to push aside the veil of false commercialism that film producers had used to unnecessarily “spice up” classic stories (my previous read was that of Wells’s “The Invisible Man”). While I did originally enjoy most of those films (most watched as an impressionable child), I am now drawn to discovering their even more original inspirations, and find them pure in their anachronistic (but still enjoyable) styles. I cannot recommend these classics enough. -North Dakotan Biblioneer

Best Book Ever!. An amazing an exciting book to read,I didn't put it down until I finished !! I recommended.I'm looking for a sequel :)

The Lost World. A great read! Enticing, captivating, a great adventure.

Five stars. This book is amazing and eye boggling at their adventures and thoughts. Top notch for the writings as well. Would definitely read it again and most definitely recommend reading.

Incredible. A classic forever.

Fun, charming read!. Really a lot of fun to read, especially if you are the type who dreams about living dinosaurs. Highly entertaining!

Great adventure story. A beautiful look into the landscape and creatures that is the Lost World

Adventure with a twist. Though a bit comical a times, this story takes from Edwardian London, to the vast expanses of the Amazon, to the lost world they speak of and back. At the end of the story, there might be a hidden romance! Cool.

Bloodieness. I like when the main character’s head is half twisted off

Classic. No wonder the masters are masters. This is a great read. A fun yarn spun by one of the great weavers. Even though sciences are frequently cited it never felt " old". Loved it. Fun

Rip-snorter. Although written around 100 years past, this is still a rip-snorting adventure story that is a great pleasure for readers of all ages. Enjoy!

Exciting adventure. What a joy to read this fantastic tale. Beautiful language, science, excitement—it has everything. Of course, that includes the colonialist views of the late Victorian and outright racism by today’s standards. There’s even a little sleuthing. A grand read!

The lost world. This. Book should really be a great movie, true to the book, really loved it, everyone should read it. A great read worth reading again.

Wonderful book!. This good fellow took me back to the good old times of Sherlock Holmes but in a matter that was not room for comparison; always wanted to read and it surpassed my expectations, you will love it as I did.

If you liked "Jurassic Park " you're going to love this!. There are so many classic novels available at no charge on iTunes, and I am attempting to read them all. However, none has inspired me to write a review before this one. From the very first line Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had me in the palm of his hand. His extraordinary talent for telling a complicated story with simplicity and grace spans the generations between us, and makes this a most enjoyable read. I highly recommend picking this one up.

A classic is always a classic. You cannot find such writing in this era, for the whims of pugnacious modern readers are just too shallow to appreciate this.

Jackie. This was so good, I couldn't put it down.

Lost in The Lost World. A high-energy, rollicking read, perfect for enjoying in a hammock on vacation - or just escaping the doldrums of daily life. I was impressed by the pacing of this novel: there’s thrills around every corner, which is not always the case with classic fiction. It’s an imaginative tale that transports to faraway lands and times. I seldom wanted to put it down and would become completely engrossed in the story for hours on end. Loved it!

Not a science fiction fan. :(

Good read. Classic author did more than just Holmes. This a great story. A good read. Good characters. Doyle is a great story teller.

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Excellent novel. A great read! Throughly recommend!

Quality. Absolutely brilliant

Consummate storytelling. This is "Boy's Own" stuff but impeccably written and a fine illustration that Conan Doyle's imagination ranged far beyond the confines of 221b Baker Street. The precursor to many a cinema blockbuster, "Lost World" manages to make the fantastic credible and remain intelligent whilst driving a page-turning story. A "must read" for any lover of classic literature.

This is what writing is all about.. Im not sure that I could adequately describe the experience of this book. Most have heard of this story, seen films and read books of the same or similar title, but none of those can even come close to the brilliance with which this book is written. The characters and events within these pages will live with the reader forever. The excitement and clarity with which the whole adventure is described is second to none. There are a great many lessons to be learned here for all those that wish to put their mark upon the world of storytelling. Even if you think you know this story, and can gain nothing from reading it here, in this particular book, you must overcome that mistaken thought. I can't recommend it enough. Absolutely brilliant.

Immensely enjoyable. The grandfather of Jurassic Park and ten times as good.

Fabulous book. I love reading but have spent most my time reading Tolkien and Rowling as few other authors give you that sense of being in the 3 dimensions of the story. Hail Mr Doyle who entrapped in his wonderful work 😊

Rubbish. Boring

Couldn't put it down!!. Another hit from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle! A nice change in pace :-)

Excellent read. Considering that this is nearing the 100 year old mark I was amazed at how readable this was and stands the test of time well.

The Lost World. Nothing to do with the Jurassic park version thankfully, but a real classic, very well written tale. I found a lot of the text a little more troublesome to read than the likes of Chaucer or Shakespeare, simply due to its wordiness, but overall it was worth the time. A little hard to get into, but once I was there I was certainly hooked. A good read.

Lost world. Wonderfully written engaging book. Must read

Great. Thoroughly enjoyable read, although somewhat of an abrupt end, i felt.

Fantastic story. Loved Sherlock Holmes stories. This was the first of his other books I tried. Great writing, still relevant and very enjoyable and easy to read.

Slow and somewhat boring.. There were stretches, particularly at the beginning and the end, which were a slog. The main narrative is a decent adventure with interesting characters.

Amazing!. This is one of the best books I've ever read. It has a great plot line, engaging characters and lots of amazing description with effective imagery. It's a fantastic read and I'd recommend it to everyone!

The lost world. What can I say the lost world was great . It made me feel that I was with them

The Lost World. A great romping read. There are many holes in the plot but ignore those and just go along with the inventive mind that dreamed up this improbable scenario. This is a story so oooular that it has been rehashed as the wonderful cartoon Up. The creators went to this land in order to experience it themselves and found it eerie and inhospitable. Great fun!

One word.. DINOSAURS

the lost world. a beautiful read, entertaining and intelligent from the first page to the last. Could not get enough of it, the characters come to life with an element of ironic humour woven masterfully beyond the words for the quick witted to devour. A must read for anyone who appreciates classic literature.

Must Read: 5 out of 5. I downloaded this book not really knowing much about it, but just by chance, it caught my eye. I can honestly say that this is a gripping and facinating book which I could just not put down. Must read!

Pretty weird. I did not understand it very well.very boring and to much complicated language.i gave it one star because I thought that it was ok but it could be disrespect to the author intended.

Old stories die hard. This is one of the first classic stories I have read and I will probably not read a modern one until I have read all the great authors of old times could take me a while

Incredible!. I loved this book, could not put it down. A beautifully written classic. Was very sad to come to the end of it

A true classic. I've read all 50 odd Sherlock Holmes stories so thought I'd give thus a whirl. So pleased that I did! As to be expected from the author, it was wonderfully written in the flowing language of a bygone era, that modern Edwardian costume dramas can only attempt to emulate, mostly with limited success. The beautifully eloquent writing of the era really does capture the mood of an age of wonder, when the world had still so much yet to be explored, and access to the more remote parts was tantalising, distant dream. The subtle humour is consistent, in the misplaced pomposity of the professors, the gung-ho iron nerves of the adventurer and the dry wit of the journalist. I can't recommend this book highly enough. For me it is up there with Wells' "The Time Machine", and to, for once, use appropriately use a much mistreated phrase: a true classic!

Great read!. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book

Timeless. Nearly a hundred years old and still as engaging as any of today's adventure stories. One to be read again an again

The Lost World. I can't imagine how I managed to read this book when I was a teenager back in the fifties as it's language is somewhat archaic. But never the less a great story and one most obviously used in the "Jurassic Park" movie. Worth reading again.

The Lost World. A wonderful book to lose yourself in. It is often interesting how writers were able to write back then with words that would be seen as inappropriate!!! But great.

The lost world. A very good read, from the old school.

Unexpectedly engaging. I didn't think this story would be so well told. It was really interesting and cleverly well imagined.

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The Lost World. It's amazing to read a book about ninety years after it is written and find it still able to entertain. From an author who isn't known for anything else but Sherlock Holmes this book is probably his best. A must read for anyone who like's adventure, mysterious and science.

The Lost World. One of the great adventures. Totally absorbing and satisfying to the end. Loved it.

The lost world. A fantastic and wonderful book , a real pleasure to read

Great story… but definitely dated. A cracking story from start to finish. Just try to ignore the racist caricatures (they’re pretty bad even allowing for the age of the book)

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What a writer. An absolutely ripping yarn!! A masterpiece.

Wonderful!. A good old classic at an even better! You can't go wrong. Hard to find stories like this anymore. Enjoy.

Adventure, Romance, Action, Intrigue.. Novels from the late 18th century, to the early 19th century have always fascinated me. The style if writing, is almost rhythmic in it's flow. These novels, remind me of a time, when the English language was actually used. People wrote, as they spoke and I fear that this eloquence is lost in many 21st century novels. When I read novels like THE LOST WORLD or THE ISLAND OF DR.MOREAU, I realize that we, as modern readers and writers, have evolved, yet have devolved linguistically. I would like to see a writer capture the romance of these novels, with vistas of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and other dangerous and exotic locals, as the backdrop for new adventures. In the immortal words of professor Challenger "vestigia nulla retrorsum. Never look rearwards, but always to our glorious goal."

Very good climactic book. I loved this book. I wasn't sure what to expect as books from the earlier days tend to bore me, but it was full of adventure and I have no complaints about it. Well worth the read!

AMAZING. Awesome story, you will not put it down.

Awesome!!!. Great classic!!

Highly Entertaining. Loved this book! Kept me reading late into the night!

The Lost World. A great Jurassic adventure that allows us to live it in our dreams

What a racist diatribe…. This book exemplifies the whole of colonialism: its eugenic beliefs, appeals to manliness, the British stiff upper lip, and over all, imperialist behaviour. It’s an accurate rendition of the immeasurably cost caused to us today, by those who took their supposed superiority literally. I should think it’s required reading in certain political camps today.

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Summary of The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle

The The Lost World book written by Arthur Conan Doyle was published on 01 January 1925, Thursday in the Fiction & Literature category. A total of 2,821 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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