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Charles Dickens

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens Book Summary

The novel traces the life of David Copperfield from the time of his birth to his mature manhood, when he is married and familiar with the vicissitudes of life. His early years are enjoyable with his mother — who was widowed shortly before his birth — and with her servant, Peggotty. Life is happy for David until his mother decides to marry Mr. Murdstone; afterward, life becomes unbearable for David. He is soon sent to a miserable school where he becomes friendly with James Steerforth, a fellow student.

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Book Name David Copperfield
Genre Classics
Language English
E-Book Size 820.44 KB

David Copperfield (Charles Dickens) Book Reviews 2023

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David Copperfield. Too wonderful! Read it to laugh and cry.

David Copperfield. I’ve never read his books until this one. What an amazing author. I’ve really been missing a lot of great reading.

David (Doady, Trotwood) Copperfield. Turnoff your television and devote an hour a night to read Dickens masterpiece, David Copperfield. Written beautifully in an era when reading was one of the greatest joys (and skills) a person could enjoy. Rich characterization, detailed descriptions and colorful dialectic quotes make this a story for the ages. Success and failure, love and loathing, kindness and abuse, fidelity and betrayal, this partial autobiographical tome is wonderful. Give yourself the gift of reading it.

Worth the effort. This is definitely a 19th century novel. At times a little syrupy and Mr Micawber is verbose. But it is an engaging story and hard to put down. I think the most stunning section of the book was how DC was treated by his stepfather Mr. Murdstone. Though not graphic by current standards, I can imagine how shocking it was to read at the time. Victorian England could be very brutal. This is a good read. Can’t beat the price either.

Good book. Heart touching book. But too long.

Great Classic - Excellent writing. Dickens writing style reminds me of a van Gogh painting. He writes in swirls. The first brush of words paints the general background upon which he layers more details until the reader can finally 'see' what the artist intended to share. Wonderful style. But, I must say out of 2500 pages, he didn't share even one magic trick!

Stupid iBook defect prevents reading to the end.. This iBook would not let me read the last few paragraphs, by blocking them with suggestions about what to read next and begging for a review. I had to find the last chapter online in order to finish the book. As for reviewing the content, of course it’s wonderful, it’s Dickens at his best. He would probably get a kick out of this version’s making it impossible to finish reading in order to sell me something else. He knew avarice when he saw it.

David Copperfield. This book is absolutely brilliant and beautiful. I feel as if I have been living in 19th Century England. Dickens has a remarkable ability for getting at the essence of human nature.

David Cooperfield. One of the best books ever written

Still a great read. Captured by Dickens in my youth, I decided to reacquaint myself with one of my favorite characters in fiction, and it was a great pleasure to read it all again. Good literature is timeless.

Awesome book!. I got this book from my grandma for a Mac book air 2, I had to read classics, 15 of them including Great Expectations and Oliver Twist. David Copperfield is an exciting story and I recommend it 1000 stars. Be careful, it is 1430 pages lol.

Read it when you are older.. Not a book to be read by young students. Should be read when the reader has some years and life experience under his/her belt. Then one can really appreciate it.

Amazing. Absolutely fantastic. What a gem.

David Copperfield. One of Dickens best. It is hard struggling through any Dickens book due to the flowery speech, the excessive wordage, and the overly dramatic ways of that time, but the story told hear is interesting and absorbing. Tough to read but equally tough to put it down.

Great Book. Excellent!

Good but long. A nicely rounded story. Sometimes heart-breaking, maddening and funny. It's hard not to fall in love with David Copperfield. It's a very long read (took me 5-6 months) but I'm glad I put the time into it. I'm looking forward to seeing a movie version.

My favorite of Dickens. It's not Dickens' most dramatic or intense but, for me, has the greatest characters and best plot line. The story is not so much about Copperfield as it is about the people that formed his life. I've read it twice and look forward to reading it again.

David Copperfield. this book is great. it was hard because i am only 12 but it will blow your mind once you get in to it.

David Copperfield. No one ever has written more eloquently than Charles Dickens and the best of all is David Copperfield. The range of emotion, adventure, and intrigue is unmatched even by modern authors.

Thrilling!. As insightful in 2012 as it was in 1860. Brilliant piece, worth the time to read!

Well worth reading. This is a heart warming story told as only Dickens could. The characters become old friends or despised acquaintances before you're through.

Great writer. Loved this book each time I've read it. Dickens is wonderful!

Different. I have the real book its different I read it any ways

Long but good. I very much enjoyed the characters and story. Sometimes the description or dialogue would get to be too much and I'd skim over some but I did fall in love with Mr. Copperfield and his tale.

Loved The book. Dickens ability to take the reader into the life of David Copperfield, is magical. This is one of the best works of literature of all time.

Worth the time.. It took quite some time to read this classic work. But it was well worth it. It is a great study of the human condition with key insights into Dickens' childhood and life growing up in the early 1800's England.

BRAVO DICKENS!. Here are the typos: Pg. 387, M r. Micawber (SPACE), Pg. 468, coming to speak to HER herself on (HER), Pg. 563, Mrs.. Gummidge (multiple periods and space), Pg. 1142 - 1144, Mr. jorkins (J is not capitalized, numerous times), Pg. 1508, Mr. james’s (J is not capitalized), & Pg. 1929, I forgive her her bad conduct (duplicate HER). Please fix the errors. It is a classic Dickens’ novel, long but worth the effort.

David Copperfield. I feel so lucky I have rediscovered Dickens. I was absolutely lost in this book: the characters, the stories, the drama, the great writing. When I was not reading it I was thinking about it. Even though it was a long book, I was sad to see it end. But it was a good ending, and I couldn't help but wonder how much of the character was Dickens himself. That made it even more interesting to me than his other works.

Another reading. This is my forth reading since my childhood and remains a compelling novel!

What a wonderfully articulate read!!. It took a few chapters to adjust to the mastery of Dickens' eloquence, but it was well worth the effort. He takes you into the intimacy of thoughts through such deft subtlety while maintaining that British politeness and propriety. A master storyteller; always leading you into the next vividly crucial scene. Excellent! Excellent!

WOW!. All loose ends tied! Each character described masterfully! I now know each one well. What a journey with Trot!

Nothing beats Dickens. I have never read David Copperfield before. I thoroughly enjoyed the details, the characters and the complications of the story. It is not considered essential to "tie up all the loose ends," these days. But I found a certain satisfaction in that last chapter. I did get weary of Macawber's loquacious manner, but that was just an aspect of his character. I loved watching the transition of a con man becoming a pillar of society, and maintaining the depth of affection of his wife through it all. Her faith in her husband never failed. I thought it a little to neat to have so many characters die, but perhaps this was not uncommon in the old days. I saw pearls of Great Expectations and Oliver Twist blended neatly into this tale. I'm not aware of their chronological sequence, but clearly Dickens is drawing on his personal experience of these dark days to paint a full Rembrandt of imagery in his writing. I felt satisfied with the overall story. All of Dickens' stories point to the great loss our technologically driven society presents. Our evenings are gathered around a screen rather than each other at a fireside. We have lost the full spectrum of communication and socialization to an inanimate object. The fall out of this alienation is a severe reduction of our language skills in general, and our narrative skills in particular. Dickens is becoming increasingly difficult to read because of this reduced language. Many of the terms he uses are not longer referenced in the dictionary. If this story were to be made in a modern film, much of it would have to be reduced to be accessible to the modern mind. The stories within Copperfield, however, are timeless.

Perfection. One of the best books I have ever read

Love this book. One of Dickens' very best!!! Love it, love it!!!

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David Copperfield. What a fantastic book. So full of characters that are wonderfully described and brought to life. It plays on you emotions until the last chapter.

David copperfield. An unexpected pleasure! I first read this years ago while studying and had forgotten what makes Dickens one of the best authors in English literature.

Classic. I think that this book is a total classic and full of history.

Fluidity, opportunity and being true. The temptation to list all the things I learned and was reminded of in this wonderful story is staggering, but I shall resist and leave you to discover its values as it embraces you. Enjoy!

Davidcopperfield. Excellent

David Copperfield. A long story but well worth it, excellent.

Classic story. At times longwinded and wordy I nevertheless enjoyed this story and would recommend the book to others.

Awful. No mention of any memes! Also didn’t mention Sub2Pewdiepie

Dickens best. Excellent. I believe it’s Dickens best. Must be 4th time of reading. Never fails to stir emotions.

David Copperfield. I was inspired to read this after watching the film adaptation ‘A Personal History of David Copperfield’ (2019). Although Dickens style of writing can be a little hard going at times I thoroughly enjoyed it. Despite being familiar with the key characters and the storyline, I have read little else whilst gripped with the next turn of the plot.

David Copperfield. A masterpiece without equal!

David copperfield. I have just reread this after some years and find that there is much In the story to cause me ,and no doubt other readers ,to reflect on The choices we have made In life and how they have shaped the way we have lived. Some events we can not change, but as we reflect we may change Our attitude to people and situations and so allow our remaining time To become more fruitful ?

Apple thinks I should review Charles Dickens. LOL. HOWEVER, being a conceited person, I shall. It was alright. Actually, it was unputdownable. The plot devices were kind of see through, although I’m not entirely sure that that isn’t because Dickens’ mastery of storytelling and style hasn’t become part of our culture so deeply that it’s as difficult to see and detect as air. I have never before read Dickens. I will again.

Great Dickens read. Excellent. i have read the book before more than once

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A classic. Simply awe inspiring- a must read

Great book!. An awesome classic that I absolutely loved!!!

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A great classic. Another wonderful classic by Charles Dickens. The phrases and wording a little hard to understand but well worth it.

David Copperfield. So old but so current. Good for the heart and hard to put down

Eothen. Eothen

A Great Story. I wish it had had more appreciation for this in high school. Mrs Ross would be happy that I read it. I had hoped Mr Murdstone and his sister would end up in jail.

Hi. A great book.

My favourite book. One I can read over and over. Exceptional characters. Love it!

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Summary of David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

The David Copperfield book written by Charles Dickens was published on 01 January 1934, Monday in the Classics category. A total of 1,505 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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