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Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson Book Summary

An Apple Books Classic edition.

When Billy Bones first walks into Jim Hawkins’ family-run inn, the prevailing sentiments are fear…and curiosity about what’s in his oversized chest. After a band of rogue pirates comes looking for him, Billy dies, leaving Jim and his mother in possession of his belongings, which contain a map leading to the treasure of the dreaded Captain Flint.

Robert Louis Stevenson’s swashbuckling adventure story plays out on the high seas-and it’s packed to the gills with heart-pounding suspense, double crosses, mutiny, mayhem, and even murder. First published as a magazine serial in the 1880s, Treasure Island set the standard for action-adventure thrillers. Hop in and prepare for a wild ride, complete with peg-legged pirates and their trusted parrots, casks of rum, tropical islands, and X marks the spot!

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Book Name Treasure Island
Genre Action & Adventure
Language English
E-Book Size 320.22 KB

Treasure Island (Robert Louis Stevenson) Book Reviews 2023

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Wow. Hollywood and we can memory have done a disservice to this great work. The language is exquisite and horrible at the same time. It is a good and well told tale. I would love to see more of this quality of work coming from authors in my era. This is perhaps one of the first or at least one of the better earlier pirate stories. You can see how pirates of the Caribbean stood on the shoulders of this work.

Treasure Island. Very good read. I’ve been wanting to read it since I was in junior high school. I was transported back to day s of adventure on the high seas and the lure of treasure! I’m 63 now!

Oh, to have been young Jim!. Reading this again much later in my life is a pure joy. I can see why Mr. Stevenson found the sea and the pirate nature so alluring. One day I must might go to an antique shop, scour about until I find a treasure map and off I will go!

YoHo. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

It’s amazing!!!. You should also try this book?

Treasure Island. Excellent read. 👍🏼

Great. I loved this novel. It really did pick up after they set off to the Island. 5 stars for the great adventure.

Delightful tale. How did I get to be 60 years old without having read this classic? Enjoyed this tale of the sea and pirates and adventure very much.

Good book. I read this book for school and I really like the storyline and how there is always something coming around the corner that you would have no idea was possibly going to happen.

A classic masterpiece. An exceptional work of fiction. The very story that has kindled the love and lore of pirates for generations still has the air of adventure on the high seas after so many years. A must read for any human being on planet earth.

Treasure Island. Treasure Island is a great book.

Pretty good. Pretty good overall book with a good story to tell. Lots of excitement and action, but it was considerably long length, and at some parts hard to understand. But besides that it was good.

Treasured. Great classic

Treasure Island. It was a great book!! 👍 But at parts it got very un interesting and boring but the adventure was just amazing!!!! 👍😃

Good. Classic book

Fun read. Loved it !

Great book!. I loved this book, has a lot of action

Treasure island. The quintessential pirates tale!

Treasure Island. The love of money...the root of all evil, and the basis for an incredible adventure for young Jim Hawkins, who proves more than a match for a crew of cut throat pirates.

Treasure Island a classic for all times and all ages. I have read this book three times in two years and it still never fails to fascinate.

Good. Good old book

Don’t hesitate. This book is gripping. I’ve read it twice and listened to the audiobook at least twice. It’s written in such a way that, in reading, you feel you ARE Jim Hawkins. I can smell the salt. Enjoy!

Excellent writing. I had heard some of this story but to read it all is profound. The emotions from the viewpoint of a child makes you feel you are experiencing it for yourself.

Classic. What a fantastic read. Not too difficult to follow for the most part.

Awesome. Hey great book i also got The Black Arrow too cant wait to read it

A new perspective.. It was enjoyable reading this book again after watching the "Black Sails" series that was the prequel to this story.

Enjoyed the read!. Good book, however it can be challenging the part where the narration moves through multiple characters. Still a great read!

Amazing book! A perfect classic!. It is a very nice book.

5/5. Absolutely loved it, would definitely recommend to just about anyone.

If only there were half a star. I'm in a sixth grade reading class and had to read this book. It started off ok but it gets very very boring. I would only suggest reading if you have too. I would've rated half a star but ones the lowest 😡

Good!. A little hard to follow, but I understand most of it. This got me into adventure stories!

Love this story. Excellent!

Bad. Couldnt understand it

Treasure island. A very good book. Gets interesting starting a little bit before the middle. Kinda boring at the beginning. But overall a very good book.

Interesting. I think it is a good book

Worth the read!. A great tale of adventure!

Can I put zero stars.. This book is BORING!!!!!!!!! That is all I am going to say.

Awful. Dont read

Must-read for anyone. This book is an absolute classic in and of itself, and is essential for any who wish to fully appreciate much of today’s literature, especially action and adventure.

Boring. I thought this book was going to be an interesting story with a good plot line. I was wrong. This is extremely dull and mind-numbingly boring. It was hard to continue reading it without falling asleep. The premise of the book is interesting, but the book itself is written very poorly and not very easy to follow. I understand that this book is a classic and is well known, but I just don't understand why!

Treasure Island. What else can be said about the most iconic pirate swashbuckler ever written? Although the language is very dated for modern readers, the story is every bit as riveting as when It was penned. An all-time classic!

Classic.. Classic.

Treasure Island. Fast read! Adventure, great story & character development. Nautical terms were somewhat difficult at times. A classic.

5/5 Would Read Again. Is book. Book is good. Mmmmmmmm.

Treasure island stinks. It is really hard to understand they use old old English

Treasure Island, a true classic. I enjoyed this book even more than I did 50 years ago.

Always a classic. This is a must read over and over

Treasure Island. A wonderful story that keeps the reader's interest. The spoken language of the mid 19th century is at times almost unrecognizable to an early 21st century reader. The sometimes ugly nature of men is laid bare and makes this book unsuitable for children under 12.

Great adventure. This book was a joy to read!

Treasure Island. A true classic. Third time reading it, still a great read.

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Fantastic Book for Adults & Children. I never read this as a child, however I have now read it three times to my young children and they love it as much as me. It's exciting, at times scary, and a great story of Pirates and Treasure. Give it a try!

Completely charming. Brilliant book, just draws you in.

good. great book but can get on your nerves because of complex language

Treasure Island. A very familiar tale but one I hadn't yet read as the author intended. Exciting for not only the story but also the number of pirate references that colour our view of the fable of pirates today. Long John silver is a character whose duplicitous nature keeps us guessing whose side is he really on? Excellent.

Good Read. Excellent book - exciting story

A true classic. Some of the narrative can be hard to understand as it is written in an older and seafaring form. However this adds to the flavour. It’s not too long so do yourself a favour and add this classic to your list of “books I have read”

What an Adventure. Still stands the test of time as one of the classic adventure stories.

Treasure Island. This book is a classic Boys Own adventure and plenty of morale learning for today's readers. I liked using the dictionary to learn some of the old seafaring words.

It's great!. My 7 year old daughter and I have just finished reading a chapter a night, and have loved every minute. We liked the way it was haunting and atmospheric. The characters were well written. We have been thrilled by all of Jim's adventures. We wish there was a second one to follow!

Wonderful!. Such a fantastic adventure story, can't believe it's taken me til now to read such a classic & enjoyable tale!

Treasure Island. Read this years ago as a Year 6 with my favourite ever teacher, Alan Cook. Then again this summer on the beach. Long John Silver - what a character. Only Fagin can match him.

Treasure Island. I never read this as a child and am thrilled to have found such a great book. It is deservedly a classic.

Wonderful Read for Children and Adults Alike. This book will keep you enthralled from beginning to end.It is packed with adventure and chilling suspense.It is just a thrilling read.

This book. Excellent book my opinion

Best book ever. This book was the best I have ever read

Mmmmm it's ok'd. Yeah the books ok. Not exactly the best I've ever read but I suppose I'm actually lucky to be able to read and actually have a book to read because in places in the slums the kids don't have books to read.

Pieces of eight. Whilst the nautical action scenes can be tricky to fathom, the pace and characterisation of the treasure hunters makes for a page turner, you may lay to that.

Great read!. Would recommend to anyone looking for a book to get into took me awhile get past the old English but I got there in the end :)

Treasure Island. I remember this story being read to me by my mother on holiday by the sea. It was probably an abridged children's version but has always been in my memory. This is the real deal; the language is slightly quirky but of its time. The art of storytelling by a master is plain to see; the Admiral Benbow is wonderfully evoked as a sleepy country ale house until the appearance of Flint and the tension gradually ratchets up with the "sea wolves" beginning to circle. Long John Silver emerges as a Machiavellian character willing to change sides to survive and uses all his cunning to survive. Disappointingly, the story fizzles out when they successfully return to Bristol. What happened to Jim ; surely he didn't return to run the pub with his mother! He is no country bumpkin and is the ringmaster for the whole show.

Nice Read enjoyed it!. It was like bing transported into a different era! Enjoyed the read

Treasure Island. What a pleasure to read this book after so many years. Yes, It was the old school days about 35 Years ago. The intrigue is still there and will have you turning the pages till the end. Happy Reading!

Treasure Island. Read it when I was a young boy just read it again at 75 . A great book.

A classical favouite. Pirates, intrigue, adventure, plot twists and treasure - what's not to like?

Treasure Island. Treasure Island is page turner for all those looking to write a great thriller. The plot and sub-plot is delivered with equal measure. Character are colourful with just enough to keep them interesting. The ending is left on a cliff hanger of a question, room for another tale of the high seas. A classic that deserves to be re-read often.

Tales from boyhood. This the classic tale of adventure and danger. A must-read for anyone aspiring to write their own novel.

GREATGREATGREAT!. it is alright but it is quite hard to understand.But overall its a good story,and that my friend IS WHAT COUNTS!

Treasure island!. Great book it kept me guessing and was a real page turner! Shiver me timbers!!!

Treasure island. Excellent

A Rollicking Tale. This book is a rollicking tale of pirates, hidden treasure, and Jack Hawkins' adventures at sea, told with great passion by one of Scotland's finest writers - Robert Louis Stevenson. The writing is colourful; beautifully crafted; full of colourful descriptions and lively seafaring language. A great yarn suitable for children and adults alike.

Very good book. This a very good book. Would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure and/or pirates

Classic. It's a book that you must read I couldn't put it down, a absolutely thrilling reaf

Treasure island. The book is good with a bit of alright stuff in it

Treasure island. This book is okay. Felt it started to drag halfway through but picked back up towards the end

Best book. Best book ever

Treasure island. Read this for the first time as an adult. Kept me entertained enough, but clearly would have enjoyed it more as a nipper. Nice to get to the source of so much the pirate that exists in everybody's imagination "Jim lad!".

Compelling and enduring classic. Whilst not the best story I have ever read, in terms of structure, grammar (excluding those parts that are necessarily intended as historic slang) and execution, this enduring classic is still a compelling tale for children and adults who did not discover it earlier.

Treasure island. If you are going to read a classic read this. You will not be disappointed.

Oscar. Great would recommend

Great book. Excellent reading

Amazing. Fantastic book I read it for the first time when I was 10 and I absolutely loved it

Treasure island. 'twas rubbish it's hard to understand needs to be modernise it it bad okay

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3/5. I feel it is a bit difficult to read, cause of all the slang terms and the different ways the characters speak, I’ve had to reread a lot of the sentences. If u like this stuff then you’ll like 👍

Epic!!!!. It is a great book and I recommend it for anyone.

Jameison's review. I like this book a lot, like all the other ones. (7 years old)

Treasure island. The best ever pirate novel, written with blood and thunder. Ah haarrrr!

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Mr. Great old book

Stupid.. Stupid. Stupid. Hate it don't buy it

Amazing. A must read for the ages; one for the whole family!

Treasure Island. Best book I've read. A good classic.... MUST READ!!!!! ( that's if you love mysteries and adventure)

Enjoyed the story. It’s a slow start and picks up near the end.

Arrrr(gh). In terms of the download, there are a few annoying typos; letters get cut off at the edge of the pages and in other instances incorrect letters appear in words. This makes it tricky to figure out if it is a typo or an old English word, but then later it is written correctly. Regarding the book itself, I enjoyed reading this classic; it was fun and full of adventure. (spoiler alert) However, I was disappointed with the abrupt and lack luster ending; what does Jim do with the Admiral Benbow? What about his mother? Etc. Arrrgh. But hey, it's free.

Did not like. I did not like that there caption was going to die

Delightful read. I thoroughly enjoyed this classic read.

Great. Very awesome to have this for free. It was very useful in school. In terms of the story, I found it fun to read.

A classic for a reason. Great story, only wished it was longer because I enjoyed every moment.

It is great. It's just simply great! Fabulous!!

Fran on Treasure Island. I read this book as a child and thought I’d revisit it as a 70 year old, so glad I did. Excellent Adventure😵

Treasure island. Awesome story, a must read for all boys....

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Summary of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

The Treasure Island book written by Robert Louis Stevenson was published on 28 January 1882, Saturday in the Action & Adventure category. A total of 5,893 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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