The Essence of Buddhism Book Reviews

David Tuffley

The Essence of Buddhism by David Tuffley Book Summary

This eBook allows you to grasp the basic principles of Buddhism in just a few minutes.

Much has been written about Buddhism and how to practice it. Readers will have no difficulty finding hundreds of books on the topic. It simply focuses on the essence of Buddhism, as expressed in the Four Noble Truths and the Eight-fold Path. It is what the Buddha first talked about after he became enlightened – this is what makes it the essence.

Reading this eBook should not conflict with your existing religious belief, since strictly speaking, Buddhism is not a religion. It does not extol belief in an external God. It does not seek to replace your existing religious beliefs, only to supplement them with a practical but profound set of psychological principles.

The Buddha, in all likelihood, would rather his followers describe themselves simply as Followers of The Way.

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Book Name The Essence of Buddhism
Genre Religion & Spirituality
Language English
E-Book Size 232.71 KB

The Essence of Buddhism (David Tuffley) Book Reviews 2024

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Good, Not Dogma. This book is a good book to remind the reader of the basic concepts of Buddhism. It helps to have some familiarity with these important concepts, since the book has limited depth. I use it as a reminder of Four Noble Truths, Eight-Fold Path and its a nice, concise explanation.

The Buddha Essence. Wonderful reading and easy to follow.

The essence is awesome. So informative this is the first book I've read about this and I loved it. Awesome.

Disappointed, a little.. I loved it but it was just way too short for me. I was looking for a more in-depth look at Buddhist practices.

Best Little Buddhism Book. This is a great primer on the concepts of Buddhism. Short enough to read in one sitting but enough meat to keep you focused.

Understood. This book is perfect too understand.

Good info, bad grammar.. Good information, bad grammar. He forgets commas in a few spots which makes some of the information hard to understand.

Essense of Buddhism. So this answered a few of my questions. Pretty much sets me on the path to find out more information.

👍. Great read for beginners

Good booklet and straight to the point.. This book is a quick read however it's lessons are timeless. Definitely worth time and effort to read and study over and over again for the person who is new to Buddhism.

Awesome. I love to learn new things

An Introduction. I happened to find this ebook looking through a friend's Facebook page. I am very unsettled within and seek acceptance of self, clarity, a sort of rejuvenation of motivation, creativity and releasing my attachment to the physical. This ebook was short, easy to read, follow and comprehend. I've experienced difficulties focusing short term and long term. I used to be a voracious reader and it's frustrating not being able to read a book regardless of subject. I've often wondered about buddhism and decided to focus and read this brief explanation of what the teachings entail. I was not disappointed. I thank you for providing this basic information for a general view. I will incorporate some of what I've learned and move forward with releasing the unnecessary and learning more.

Inspirational!. selfless,timeless,genuine,inspiring,and an eye-opener to rise above our egos and recognize what's surrounding us and become more aware and compassionate towards all creatures and discipline our minds and souls to become enlightened and to end suffering caused by life's impermenace and imperfect desires

Loved it- insight into Buddhism. Really recommend the read. It's short- easy to read, and it helps bring insight into a world that can be brought into your own household. This book gives you insight into achieving enlightenment. It also talks about to correct way to meditate. It teaches you to love nature and its creatures, a must read!

The Essence of Buddhism. Great book!!! Very enlightening!!

Yup. Yup

Good!!. I love the knowledge in this book. I will use this for my everyday ventures.

Very easy to understand. Never before have I had Buddhism explained to me so clearly. I've been reading about Buddhism for a while, but the literature never really meant anything because I couldn't understand it. I was looking for this book the whole time, bug I didn't even know it existed.

The Essence of Budhism. This is a great starting place. Easy to understand, straight to the point.

Quick and easy read!. I rewad this book in one sitting. It's quick and easy. I like how it was easy to understand. It teaches the fundamental buddist beliefs. It's a great book because it gives you all the information in a nut shell.

Short and to the point. Gives a background into Buddism and let's the reader decide whether to move on. I loved the meditation part

Brief, concise and very helpful. I truly appreciate how educational this book is, aside from that it is brief and to the point. Thank you so much for the insight :).

Insightful. Great explanation of the basics, wish I could meet this guy.

jannette. it was good

Amezing book.. When I was reading this book, I felt very peaceful in my mind. I felt very calm and happy.

Short and to the point. Nice easy read whilst I was drinking my coffee today. To the point Simplistic Honest

Not well written. While the author seems to have an understanding of the subject, the writing is flawed and the text contains many errors. This paper needs editing as well as proof reading.

Simple but immersive introduction to Buddhism. This book is a great read for those who are curious about Buddhist philosophy. This book sparked my interest in it and I have since gone on to take Buddhist philosophy classes at my university and I am happy to say this book is very accurate to Siddhartha’s core beliefs. The four noble truths and the eight fold path are introduced in Buddha’s first sermon after his awakening under the bodhi tree. These are the core values that are accepted in all forms of Buddhism around Asia. If you are interested in the philosophical point of view and not religious, this book will tell you everything you need to know happy reading!

The shortest and most profound introduction to Buddhism. A very intelligent book which simply yes girlie explains the route and basis of Buddhism an introduction that will have the reader asking and looking for more

Outstanding Primer for the Beginner. This easily readable outline provides all readers with the basic facts about Buddhism. With this simply guided text, many can find the basis of a lifelong journey of awareness and inner peace. 'May all sentient beings gain merit, joy, and happiness from the Three Jewels.'

Short. Short, direct and to the point. Extremely thought provoking.

we can be one. We are one

Great read. Short and to the point... Great starter book for understanding buddhism, I recommend.

A start. This book is a great Plc to start if you are interested in learning the basics of Buddhism. It doesn't dive too deep, but exposes you and makes you want to learn more. Can be read in one sitting.

Changed my life. This simple and succinct introduction was enough to inspire change in my life and start my journey in learning more about buddhist teachings. If you start anywhere, it's here.

❤️. Loved it.

Essence of Buddhism. As the description states this is a short book describing the essential points of Buddhism. It is interesting and well presented.

Literally "The Essence" as in "The Gist". There is a very well explained concept of "the essence" of Buddhism for those looking to discover the basic overall concept in 28 short pages. Although this book is indeed very helpful in explaining the basic concept of Buddhism. It lacks a more thorough description of Buddhism and how to apply the underlying philosophy in one's personal life. I recommend this book to anyone who knows very little about Buddhist philosophy. It will definitely help understand how to begin looking at Buddhism.

Jst a taste. Very simple read, short and covers basics. Deff worth the time.

Great introduction. A great introduction to the principles of Buddhism. Short, yet it contains a hefty load of information.

Buddhism Review. I found this short, to the point book interesting & enlightening while also being informative. This gave me a quick look into Buddhism which in turn supports my desire for further study & practice.

Good short book. I liked it wish it was longer tho

Great read. I have believed for awhile I should read into and begin practicing Buddhism and after reading this explanation of what it consists of I think I will

Great. Easy explanatory and very helpful. I recommend this book to other readers. Im learning the Buddhism life style and i learned a lot with this book. Amazing work

🙏🏽. Loved it

Great Overview To Buddhism. It is exactly as the author explains in the very first page. It is a book about getting you to understand basically the core values of the Buddha's teachings and how to have effective meditation sessions. It's a great book to give to someone who has questions about Buddhism or wants to incorporate the practice into their daily lives.

Thank you David!. I see there are a few free Buddhism books out there and I paid for one a couple years ago, but this one is so short and concise, I was able to understand, absorb and get started meditating the same day...perhaps previous reads conditioned me to be more receptive, but seemed so logical and natural this time. In any case I'm very grateful for this resource being made available.

Awesome. Good read!

Nice VERY short summary. How much was I charged?!!. Nice VERY short summary. How much was I charged?!!

Buddhism. This is a great quick read that is worth the time to read.

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A nutshell. This book was shorter than expected with more on meditation than Buddhism itself. That is why I deducted a star - I was expecting more information on Buddhism. The meditation section was really good though and all in all I would recommend this book, even if you're not into exploring Buddhism or spirituality. In my view; I takes ten minutes to read and quite possibly will give you "food for thought" for life!

Quick & easy. A good book to quickly read. Good introduction to further reading

Excellent. Great little book

Beautifully written. A great introducing in Buddhism. Found it very helpful, easy to follow and a great read 👏👏👏

Great book. A simplistic insight into Buddhism. Would recommend

Easy to understand. I read this in 20 minutes. Everything explained so well, was very easy to understand the basics of Buddhism.

Good one. Crisp and to the point

Fab little book. Brilliant book; really good handy insights into Buddhism a religion/philosophy which at first glance can seem daunting. Thank you David. James.

Very enlightening!!. A worthwhile read... Almost like something that has been missing and now found. Very insightful about techniques for meditation - thank you.

An insightful read. Whilst this book is rather short it gives a broad overview of Buddhism and meditation. I'd recommend this book to anyone who is curious about the Buddhist path.

DB. A nice little brief insight into Buddhism basics and Buddhism meditation practice.

Good.. Very interesting, makes me view life in a different perspective.

Mini Meditation. Get the Gen on the Zen Men...Concise, precise with some very sound advice!

Interesting summary. A nice intro to Buddhism. Might probably attempt it if it is THIS simple to get started...

Good intro. A nice succinct introduction to the basic tenets of Buddhism

Great Intro. A great introduction to Buddhism. Short & informative. In other books I've read meditation sounded complicated, but in this book it's explained in simple terms & am definitely going to give it a try this time thanx

Buddhism the essence.. Good introduction to Buddhism .

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How every free book should be..... Author went out of his way to preset really practical advice on meditation (end of book), and an absolutely essential 101 guide to Buddhism. Will be reading at least 10 times.

Comprehensive. A good introduction to Buddishm

Great summary. If you want a summary of Buddhism in plain English this book is it. Great into into Buddhism. Read it, try to understand it and live a happier life.

Start or reassess. Some great pointers to start or reassess your meditation practice.

Wonderfully suscient. Thanks David for a wonderfully suscient introduction to Buddhism. It has enlightened and inspired me to dig a little deeper. Well done!

Great introduction. This is a great introduction to Buddhism. It is only short, but long enough to provide some good insights and even a practical exercise. Thanks.

A good start. This book is a great start for someone looking at the morals and foundation of Buddhism. It provides no information on meditation and practicing Buddhism, just what its about.

Amethyst. Nice book a little hard to read need to reread at times but otherwise a nice short starter and gives a good overview of Buddhism

Brief but to the point. I'm not big on any religion but it's nice to be reminded that Buddhism is different. Easy to read and if you don't know what Buddhism is all about just read this.

I will pursue another book after reading this. This book was a very easy read for a man that doesn't have much place for religion I enjoyed the book and it's introduction into the principles of Budhism

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Got too many copies I don't know how to stop this. I've got about 15 copies trying to download I don't know how to get rid of this do you have any ideas. Why is it multi copying copies I don't understand. Why it's doing this.

Wow.. That was great i loved it

Snap Shot of Fundemental Buddhism. Provides a valuable and concise overview of the cornerstones of Buddhism. An enjoyable read.

Buddhism. This is an excellent touch on the surface in to buddhism as a lifestyle. Love it!!!

Essence boudism. Nice nutshell

Wanted More. Just as I found myself getting really involved, it was over . From this book I am now interested in learning more about Buddism.

Review. This book is what it sets out to be an introduction to Buddhism I recommend reading this book again and again.

Great short read. Well written, enjoyable short read on Buddhism foundations...

It is..... AWESOME!!!!!!!!

A truly enlightening book. Awesome book that opened my eyes, very concisely and easily teaches the essences of Buddhism

Thanks!. Excellent

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Summary of The Essence of Buddhism by David Tuffley

The The Essence of Buddhism book written by David Tuffley was published on 06 October 2010, Wednesday in the Religion & Spirituality category. A total of 2,650 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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