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Foundation by Isaac Asimov Book Summary

The first novel in Isaac Asimov’s classic science-fiction masterpiece, the Foundation series

THE EPIC SAGA THAT INSPIRED THE APPLE TV+ SERIES FOUNDATION • Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read
For twelve thousand years the Galactic Empire has ruled supreme. Now it is dying. But only Hari Seldon, creator of the revolutionary science of psychohistory, can see into the future—to a dark age of ignorance, barbarism, and warfare that will last thirty thousand years. To preserve knowledge and save humankind, Seldon gathers the best minds in the Empire—both scientists and scholars—and brings them to a bleak planet at the edge of the galaxy to serve as a beacon of hope for future generations. He calls his sanctuary the Foundation. 
The Foundation novels of Isaac Asimov are among the most influential in the history of science fiction, celebrated for their unique blend of breathtaking action, daring ideas, and extensive worldbuilding. In Foundation, Asimov has written a timely and timeless novel of the best—and worst—that lies in humanity, and the power of even a few courageous souls to shine a light in a universe of darkness.

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Book Name Foundation
Genre High Tech Sci-Fi
Language English
E-Book Size 7.08 MB

Foundation (Isaac Asimov) Book Reviews 2024

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Classic. Just reread it for n th time.. now rereading Foundation and Empire

Classic. One of the books that began my love of science fiction and history.

THE “Fantastic Voyage” of Science Fiction. Incredibly detailed plot spanning a thousand years, impeccably written to make you think as you read (yeah!!), and a completely engaging storyline. This series became an instant favorite of mine when I first read it over 45 years ago, and it still packs a wonderful sci-fi punch of much-needed originality. Thank you Isaac Asimov!!!

ISAAC ASIMOV - THE MASTER!. If you've never read Isaac Asimov then start right here with Foundation. Asimov's writing style is clear and direct with characters you'll care about. The best part is, if you find you're a fan, there is so much more to read after Foundation. Foundation is just the beginning.

Brilliant. This was the first Asimov book I ever read. I was young at the time. As soon as I started reading it I knew I was in for a challenge. I thought, wow he actually wants me to think as I read. I give credit to this book, more than any other to help me become a good reader and to be able to understand complex concepts. Thanks Issac wherever you are. Out in space somewhere I'm sure.

Epic Science Fiction told in short stories. This is a classic series for a reason. Really it should be required reading for all Science Fiction fans.

Wonderful now as when I first read it. As Wonderful now as when I first read it in the 50's Asimov is my favorite!

OG Sci-Fi. Asimov gives us a tightly told tale. Like much of early sci-fi, the character development is minimal. What is necessary and no more. Side Note: The streaming movie is only barely based on the novel.

What a fantastic book and series of books. I am a big fan of Asimov!!! I started reading in my 20s and read all books that I could find. I have enjoyed them very much that I read them twice or even 3 times. Now that I’m in my 60s, I have decided to read them again. I’m still in awe of his writing skills and I am getting more enjoyment out of the whole FOUNDATION series!! I intend to read more from this GREAT AUTHOR!!! He is truly one of THE GREATS!! Michael Paul Zaza

Classic Asimov. Much more biting and thus insightful than the Apple TV series. . .

A sci-fi masterpiece. One of the best books by Asimov. Highly recommended.

A staple of any SciFi collection. The Foundation Trilogy (& it's additional volumes) is mandatory reading. In it, Isaac Asimov weaves a tale of intrigue and human interest that is timeless and classic. Set in the far future, it describes the pending fall of a galactic empire, and one man's quest to shape the turmoil into a second empire. Read the series, and I bet it is a set that you will periodically reread.

Enthralling from start to finish!. The twists and turns are always fun and difficult to foresee. The writing style is enjoyable. Highly recommend!

Great book. Read it

I got lost at the midway point.. I totally loved the initial hook and premise of the book, but by the 50% mark I realized I had no idea what any of the characters where talking about anymore. I figured it’d become clear if I pressed on, but by 90% I was completely lost. This is probably more of a problem with my reading comprehension than a problem with this book, but for now I’m sticking with the TV+ series.

Good hook initially but drags towards the end. The story has a great hook initially but gets quickly lost as the context switches from generation to generation from Seldon crisis to Seldon crisis

Foundation. This book was fantastic!

Much better than the Apple Series. A small band of Scientists armed with a plan and the task to save all knowledge and mitigate a looming fall and dark ages against the unbelieving Galactic Empire . This formula has made this one of the most enduring science fiction stories . It’s a truth that has its parallel in our earths future history and so that’s why this group of books have been so appealing through the years despite the lack of aliens characters , and space battles .

Worthy of the hype. This book is on every top 10 sci fi book list I am aware of...justifiably so. It is epic in scope. Great ending.

Brilliant. Simply amazing. I will not say more, you must experience it yourself

A must read. I will leave this simple. If you claim to enjoy science fiction then you must read this. End of line..

Foundation. Great science fiction from the Grand Master.

Classic sci-fi. Classic sci-fi at its best. Asimov with his world building is so fascinating making you want to be in the story. Spanning centuries, the foundation has interwoven characters and themes that is an amazing blend of adventure and morals.

A masterpiece!. Like The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and Stranger In A Strange Land, the Foundation series (especially the original trilogy) are books that I have read many times over the decades since the late sixties when I first 'discovered' them. These books, along with a few 'honorable mentions' such as Songs From The Distant Earth have become wonderful stories that continue to offer me the reader just a little more each and every time I read them. These are all great works that rely on great dialog rather than mere action to carry the story. Although Lord Of The Rings also contains a lot of so-called action, it is the dialog that truly Makes it great. I love the way characters in these stories cut their teeth on each other, and at the same time bring the reader along for the ride. If they ever do finally make the movies on the foundation series, I can only hope they realize that Peter Jackson's approach was successfull not only because of the wonderful special effects, but because he honored the spirit of the trilogy (as well as the dialog!), I can only hope they don't make the same mistake they made with I Robot, while not a horrible movie, not anything like the novel, and therefore not... I Robot! Thank you Issac for so much pleasure throughout my lifetime!... RIP.

Timeless sci-if. I picked Foundation up on a whim in college at the university bookstore. I had been dabbing in sci-fi since I was little, but this book blew me away. The story's are timeless, woven together, span thousands of years and the plots and endings are unexpected. As other posts have commented, Asimov's entire universe is a must read: Robot, Empire, and Foundation series. I would recommend reading them Foundation series first then Back to Robot and Empires series.

Foundation. Well done

Great read. Great read, even if I preferred the Apple TV Series adaptation with more diversity than the book. Still recommend reading!

Epic Must Read for all Sci Fi fans. I reread this after reading it by chance in college back in the 80’s. The story and concept is engaging. You see how it influenced Star Wars and other greats. Also keep in mind this was written circa 1950 and Asimov had to create a universe on his own from scratch. It’s part of one of the greatest epics ever written. This book is a great place to start the thousands of years of Galactic history he created in the Robot, Empire, and Foundation series. If you start here and read the original Foundation books then I would advise going back and reading the Robot novels and short stories then Empire then the Foundation Prelude Novels. Alternatively start with the Robot “Caves of Steel”.

Weak Plot. I was really disappointed with this book. I had heard a lot of good things about it but I basically started disliking the story from about chapter 3 or 4. Was this Asimov's first book? Because it is poorly written. The dialogue is not believable (people don't carry on conversations that way). His use of italics seems almost random at times. The whole "foundation" of this novella (psychohistory) makes for a lame story where it doesn't matter what anyone does because the further has already been determined. The main characters are not likable, especially Hardin. I hated him. And worst of all, it blurred the lines of religion and science and asked you to put blind faith in a single scientist. Ugh. I hated it.

Foundation. I discovered the foundation series because as a science fiction fan who has read various sci-fi novels randomly, I decided to "go to school" and read what most consider to be the master works in the sci-fi genre - Asimov. Reading a sci-fi novel which was written over 65 years ago took some getting used to for me. The plot, characters, and concept are all outstanding. The depiction and descriptions of space travel and the concept of a "Galactic Empire" was very well conceived. The only thing that took getting used to were the personal technologies we have today which when reading "Foundation" makes it an obvious dated read. I had to constantly keep reminding myself this was written in 1951 and move on. Other than those small details, the book was fantastic.

3-Dimensional Chess. I started to read this again when the Apple released the teaser trailer for the adaptation. I read it first in middle school, but a lot of the details faded with time. Like with the rereading of Dune, our social progress highlights many of the patriarchal and white savior narrative in these books that has gotten stale. But the central message and theme remains timeless. This passage from the book summarizes the struggle neatly, “it could be considered that science, as science, had failed the outer worlds. To be reaccepted it would have to present itself in another guise—and it has done just that.” Science as state craft, as religion, and as an economic tool would be the means for preserving scientific advancement and social and political surviving crises. These are objectives that can’t be played out in a single story, which is why it is fitting that the foundation series is so expansive in volumes and in the narrative style. Jumping half centuries in some moments and drilling down to minute interactions in others. The book and series do a great job of demonstrating a philosophy of governance where the actors use a mix of inductive and deductive reasoning beautifully. Leveraging the right details to steer a course in keeping with a macro vision of a future prosperity they themselves will not enjoy.

Foundation. Every bit as engaging as when I first read it 35 years ago!

Foundation's a winner. What a clever and sweeping expanse of future history. Asimov's writing is as much sociology, politics, and psychology as it is science fiction. Clever characters and politics carry the story as much as the visionary view of a technological future with ideas that are still relevant 60 years on (and many of which have come to pass).

Foundation series. I read these as a teen. Great epic tales of a future that is fascination and wondrous. A good read for anyone who enjoys science.

Fine Sci-Fi!. This is my first foray into Asimov’s writing, and I can see why he is so revered! A very interesting read and well recommended.

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Summary of Foundation by Isaac Asimov

The Foundation book written by Isaac Asimov was published on 01 October 1991, Tuesday in the High Tech Sci-Fi category. A total of 1,953 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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