100 Quotations to Make You Think!Wolfgang Riebe

100 Quotations to Make You Think!

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100 Quotations to Make You Think! by Wolfgang Riebe Book Summary

This is a collection of quotations by authors unknown. Some are serious, others are funny. And some are very insightful. It's a mixture of new and old quotations collected from various sources over the years. The booklet is aimed at someone who will enjoy finding their own meaning from the various insights shared by these unknown authors.

100 Quotations to Make You Think! (Wolfgang Riebe) Book Reviews

Doesn’t give credit to who is originally quotedBut don’t use without permission, hypocritical.Score: 3/5

Quality contentGreat content, no question! I would have rated higher had credit been given for each quote..Score: 2/5

2 ⭐️There are a couple good words of wisdom, but nothing i haven’t heard before..Score: 2/5

It was very short, even though there was 100 quotationsSo, I am amazed that he put 100 quotations in just a few pages..Score: 3/5

100 Quotes To Make You ThinkHated the book. Not worth the 2$. Not sure what I was expecting. Thought there would be a little more substance. It’s a thumbs down for me. Rating it a 1 star because it won’t let me rate less. Zero star rating for me 😐.Score: 1/5

Can’t complain about a free download.A good time filler. Good for reading on the train. It could be longer (200 quotes?) but it’s a free download, so no complaints..Score: 4/5

AwesomeEverything is good.Score: 5/5

Extremely thought provokingDidn’t expect much but it gave me a beautiful insight on life and how I should go on living it through my own perspective good read 👍🏾.Score: 5/5

100 Quotations That Make you ThinkThese are a great selection to ponder about. They really do assist you in you critical thinking and view of different topics..Score: 5/5

MediocreThe best these get is the level of fortune cookie inserts. But with actual fortune cookies, you at least get a cookie! Anyone who has graduated from college is likely to find these true but uninspired..Score: 1/5

Makes U ThinkThis is something u could read , that if u inna situation where u need inspiration ... it’s all dere ..Score: 5/5

Love itIt's inspiring and it also helps you see life in a different point of view!.Score: 5/5

Great BookThanks for giving so much research to share..Score: 5/5

StimulatingExtremely insightful and a joyous read no doubt. Loved these 100 quotes and definitely going to enact them through my daily life..Score: 4/5

♥️So inspirational.Score: 5/5

Good bookI let my kid read this he loved it so I read this it will make you think about life you should get it.Score: 5/5

Awesome InspirationThis is a great way to get you to think about your life,and to give you hope that life isn’t that bad. So don’t get discouraged if things don’t go the right way just keep trying and you’ll get somewhere in your life..Score: 5/5

100 quotesGreat book but it was hard to focus and it was a bit boring. I bet you guys will love it though even though I had trouble focusing it was totally worth getting it..Score: 4/5

I like itThis is good stuff.Score: 4/5

Thought ProvokingLooking forward to learning more about the author, after having read the book..Score: 5/5

Great reasThis book is filled with life lessons and wisdom. Not only for attaining peace as well as happiness..Score: 5/5

HorribleThe quotes are just horrible. I could write those quotes in 2nd grade and now I am in 6th grade. That book is just horribleeeeeeeeeee!.Score: 1/5

Great Quotes!Worth the read for sure, glad I read it!.Score: 5/5

AmazingThis book has so many great, and truthful things definitely if your going though rough times and most people should remember to pass down to other people who need it!!.Score: 5/5

100 Quotes to make you thinkHey I thought that this book was amazing because of the creativity and confusing Quotes..Score: 4/5

Read me !!.For first time readers , if u looking for enlightenment then this not it ..Score: 3/5

Great Book!Eye opener and definitely worth the read if you need some guiding into your life..Score: 5/5

The ghost who stalks you at night 👻I don’t like this LMAOAOAOAO soap so 😂😂😂😐🥞💞😄😛😘😘🤣😧⛱😑😘⛱⛱.Score: 5/5

NopeAt least a third of these quotes are directly attributable to another person, and many are just nonsense. There are jokes, but it’s like they’re intentionally told in an unfunny way. Instead of giving you an interesting or ambiguous quote and letting you think about it (which is supposed to be the POINT of this book), the author explains it thoroughly like he thinks you’re an idiot. Not a fan. You can do better in terms of quote books..Score: 1/5

Great quotesThere are some really great quotes in here.Score: 5/5

100 quotes… taken from the web.These quotes from supposed unknown authors are not really thought-provoking. You might even find them on the Internet somewhere. Many pages were taken up by words telling you about Wolfgang Riebe. Basically, given this book is free, you get what you pay for, which is nothing!.Score: 1/5

WowReally good quotes!!!!👍.Score: 5/5

AmazingThese quotes are spot on.Score: 5/5

This book was terrible.This book of quotes was corny on its own and when it wasn't it borrowed worn out corny phrases by others..Score: 1/5

Short and informative!Really good quotes!.Score: 5/5

WOWThese are amazing life quotes! I loved this so so so much!!!.Score: 5/5

Makes me thinkI love these quotes, best things I’ve read for a while..Score: 5/5

Great quote of Hazrat Ali A.SGreat book , worth reading it, Few of quotes were already in my mind aa they are from Hazrat Ali A.S.Score: 5/5

Thanks!Life has been a struggle lately. Many of these quotations caused me to readjust my mindset..Score: 5/5

I feel bad for this authorIf u need this book, then i need to let u know that theres better stuff out there. None of this advice makes sense. Because this stuff sounds clever and rhymes, doesnt make this advice any good. Self help books are snake oil. Be careful and know that youre smarter than this advice. If you do enjoy this book and disagree with my opinion, than i suggest you lean into your demise and just join a cult. Itll move this process along faster for you as self help culture is a stones throw away from patty hearst..Score: 1/5

100 Quotations to Make You ThinkThis is an inspirational book. I love to read quotes and I enjoy collecting good, sound quotes..Score: 5/5

GreatVery helpful.Score: 5/5

Amazing and Life ChangingThese quotes changed my life. Instead of looking at the negative aspects in my daily life, I was able to laugh at them. Life just became so much more enjoyable just because of one single book..Score: 5/5

OkI didn’t love it, or hate it. Mediocre, but was a bit enjoyable..Score: 4/5

AmazingI think these quotes will inspire future stars.Score: 5/5

Amazing insightful and totally wittyAuthor is has brought a lot of deep thoughts in a very witty manner!!.Score: 5/5

The book speaks factsIt has double meanings like, “if you can’t help worrying, then worrying can’t help you.” And that’s facts. Live life to the fullest, obstacles are meant to be overcame, and if that obstacle is death, then that’s fate. You can learn something from this 💯.Score: 5/5

Just OKA few quotes were profound but most were just eh!!.Score: 2/5

These are NOT quotationsI’m sorry, but these are not quotations. Quotations are attributed sayings, documented and authenticated. These are just 100 random sayings which may or not be authentic (the original writers aren’t identified), nor are they in any logical order. Thus the entire 2 page book consists only of a brain dump by the supposed author, who didn’t invest ANY time and probably did all his research while sitting on the can. I find it insulting that anyone would consider this brainfart to be an actual book..Score: 1/5

Quote WorthyThere is nothing like a good quote at the right time..Score: 5/5

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100 Quotations to make you thinkJust as the title says "quotes that will make you think. These are excellent and I have started to use them these in my business and everyday life!! Thank you..Score: 4/5

LolLol.Score: 5/5

Nh mmI would say this is an interesting read if you're looking to kill some time and may be useful helping to write a speech. Lots of good and some inspirational quotes..Score: 4/5

No.Just.... NOOOOOO0000ooo..Score: 1/5

Nice quick readGood for a Sunday afternoon read. It was inspirational.Score: 4/5

YeahI love the.Score: 5/5

BoringBoring.Score: 1/5

🦶🏿🤜🏿.Score: 1/5

100 QuotesMade you ponder the thought..Score: 3/5

100 Quotations to make you think!I read this book in 15 minutes, and although the quotes were short, they made a lot of sense. I clearly think those quotes opened my eyes..Score: 4/5

AWESOME BOOKIt brighten my day. It made me both cry and laugh. It is worth your time to read it 😊.Score: 5/5

GarbageReally...garbage.Score: 1/5

It badWitch kids want quotations its a waste.Score: 2/5

AwesomeIt is awesome because well it just is My dad wanted me to download an educational thing so here it is and it really made me think.GET IT.Score: 5/5

Alright, I guessIt was a good book in general, even though it only took me 10 minutes to read. I would have liked to see some better formatting and grammar. I found that some of the quotes were a bit cheesy and that for about 10 of them the author was just using the same start line "I learned..." it was boring. I think that if he had spaced them out then this would have been a bit better, like one of those quotes ever five or something like that. The final thing I have to say is that it has no rhythm or flow. It was just like the author was going through some website and copying and pasting the quotes onto a word document. It should have had more of a story like flow, if you ask me. The editor and/or author could have changed these terrible mistakes..Score: 3/5

UIt's ok. Expect more from this.Score: 2/5

Wwwooonnndddeeerrrfffuuullll🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😜🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😵🤩😵🤩🤩🤩😜🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩.Score: 5/5

QuotesLove it, a lot of the quotes are so true in my life. Unbelievably ironic.Score: 5/5

InspirationalMany quotes were beautifully said!.Score: 5/5

Worth your timeEveryone will find some quotes they can relate to and find important!.Score: 5/5

BadBad.Score: 1/5

😶Meh. A little sexist. Format wasn't too great. Kinda looked like they just copied it straight off of a BuzzFeed article. Oh well. Took me 5 minutes to read. Not worth it. -Sophie.Score: 3/5

Typo in the first one."Of" instead of "off.".Score: 2/5

ReviewQuite a bit of these quotes are really true. It's fairly interesting..Score: 3/5

Good but similar to lots of other quotesIt took me around 15 minutes to read this book. I liked some of the quotes and a few were funny, but overall the quotes seemed pretty similar to ones you would find just scrolling through the internet. I’m not sure these really made me think but it might for some people..Score: 3/5

Loved itA lot of great advice in these quotes.Score: 5/5

GoodGood for a free download.Score: 4/5

Very well done!Good quotes!.Score: 5/5

100 quotationsVery cool.Score: 5/5

Very good but needs workPro: Some really good quotes for becoming wiser. Also some generally fun/funny ones. Con: Formatting.Score: 4/5

InspirationalThis book helped me to take a look at things differently. Apply this practical advice to day to day life. You will feel a difference too..Score: 1/5

Something deeper was revealed!Hello everyone, This book clearly provides the greatest quotes ever out there, even on internet! So go ahead and enjoy them! Kindly Abhishek.Score: 4/5

BestBest book ever it made me sad but cool I red the whole series and I'm doing it agin.Score: 5/5

Free, but still crap.I don't think the creator of this even looked at the product. Terrible formatting that could've been so easily fixed. Lots of better free books..Score: 2/5

Awesome.This is a great little book of many truths..Score: 5/5

Not worth the effort to downloadPoorly written. Very little insight..Score: 1/5

Witty & WiseVery cool, wise, and sound quotes. It didn't blow me away but I enjoyed it and recommend it..Score: 3/5

Here’s another quotation...Don’t buy this crap.Score: 1/5

Inspiring qoutes!Amazing ideas, learned something about myself!.Score: 4/5

One hundred quotationsHow the world would change if more people took these gems to heat.Score: 5/5

ReaderSo refreshing !.Score: 4/5

Good bookExellent collection of quotes.Score: 5/5

Good ReadA quick and easy book that puts life, thoughts attitudes and our own power into perspective. A nice reminder for daily living.Score: 4/5

GarbageIt made me think that I just waisted my time downloading this book, and the spelling errors were pretty bad..Score: 1/5

NoSeriously, no..Score: 1/5

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THANK YOUDear writers of this book. - I am severely hungry, so please send over any food that you may have. THANK YOU.Score: 5/5

😊So great.Score: 5/5

Good readSome great quotes to use in the future :).Score: 5/5

Great read. InspiringGreat read to evoke thought.Score: 5/5

101Quatations to make you think By Wolfgang Riebe.Fantastic book VERRY inspiring ,positive thinking,& more.loved reading it!!!!.Score: 5/5

GreatThis is very good.Score: 5/5

:)Definitely the most life pondering quotes I've heard.. :).Score: 5/5

ReviewI was expecting something completely different but I still enjoyed it :) this book really does make you think twice :) I LOVED IT.Score: 4/5

Absolute minceThe author has the cheek to ask you to buy your own copy rather than borrow...... I have a quote " he who compiles 100 cliches by other people should better consider his own sentences".Score: 1/5

ExcellentLove it!.Score: 5/5

Quote of the DayGrammar checks are useful.Score: 3/5

Good book.This book actually makes me think.Score: 5/5

Changed MeIt's so great it made me read even when I never liked reading, it made me read the whole book!.Score: 5/5

Book r/vWat a Good book ! Love it !.Score: 4/5

Pretty goodThis book is great and it is also free!!! Bonus.Score: 4/5

Loved it.This book totally changed my life for the better. Must-have..Score: 5/5

A bit boring :lEven in the sample book it only gave you 2 to see what it’s like, I feel like there could be more quotes in the sample and they’re not really quotes if you don’t have the quotation marks(‘ ‘) and who actually said the quotes..Score: 1/5

100 QuotesThis is a very insightful and interesting book which lives up to the title 100 quotes "to make you think". I know it got me thinking. As well as that, I also found it thoroughly entertaining as there are many funny quotes in there too, such as: "never judge someone before walking a mile in thier shoes, that way your a mile away and you've got thier shoes!" I strongly recommend this book to anyone of just about any age. It is easy to read and teaches you a few life lessons along the way. Four Stars!.Score: 4/5

Thx for the Great book!This book has changed the way I think for ever and the last one really did so if u r reading this to see if u should get the book I say go for it if u just want something to read or if u want a life changer hope u all have a great day!.Score: 5/5

Read thisListen up all you complainers (quote of the day) if you don't like this then just delete it..Score: 5/5

👍👍👍This is a good book.Score: 5/5

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.After reading this book I am inspired to change. Brilliant, I must return to being a positive thinker & plan my goals..Score: 5/5

Not the usual quotesAlthough some of these quotes are lame. The good ones are good and not the same ones you Gond on quote sites.Score: 4/5

Sample??Hardly call the title page a sample.Score: 1/5

Amazing!Beautiful.Score: 5/5

100 good ideas. YESLike a well endowed pizza there is an item to tantalize every one..Score: 4/5

BlehRead up to 5 and couldnt stand anymore. How did anyone get to 100?!.Score: 1/5

Saccharine drivel.I think I got this book for free and I believe I still got ripped off. This is sickening quasi-philosophy at its worst..Score: 1/5

Worst book everThis book is terrible. It is full of cheesy, stupid quotes that make no sense. Do NOT buy it.Score: 1/5

Thank youIt's a good read. Thank you Wolfgang Riebe..Score: 5/5

GoodJds.Score: 5/5

Lame drivelThere's a reason this book is free. The quotes are not funny when they're meant to be, sexist towards women and offer nothing insightful. Absolute rubbish..Score: 1/5

100 Quotations that makes you thinkEnjoyed. There are some real good quotes that do make you think!.Score: 4/5

This is pretty goodIt's really useful information thank you:).Score: 5/5

HiI really liked this book but some of them I didn't get all of them (still great) plus it is free 😄.Score: 4/5

InterludeIt's free, so that's good..Score: 2/5

AwesomeGreat motivational book. All should read..Score: 5/5

AwesomeI love quotes and I didn't read one that I've heard before thank you for compiling such awesome wisdom. much appreciated..Score: 5/5

It's awfulUseless drivel.Score: 1/5

Bear..!!!I reckon more people should read dis book, an a under standing about them self an life.....!! Great book can read heaps more......Score: 5/5

Quotations to make you thinkThis book was not good because I did not have to think about any while reading the book.some are motivational but not to think about it.as the book is named.Score: 1/5

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Elementary schoolThe author must try harder on both content and format..Score: 1/5

The fact I can get it rightThis was really bad.Score: 1/5

UpliftingUplifting quotes.Score: 5/5

My opinion on 100 Quotes To Make you Think.I just wanted to show that I absolutely love this book. Some of the quotes are true and completely relatable to me..Score: 5/5

Work at life-this will helpExcellent- helped me through the.Score: 5/5

100 quotes to make you think5stars.Score: 5/5

Gets you thinkingReally enjoy this book. Just pop in read a few quotes now and again, so many good ones and it gets me thinking, puts me in a good mindset. Def worth downloading :).Score: 5/5

100 quotations to make you thinkHonestly part mind boggling and part literally thought provoking!!! All in all an absolutely excellent read 😃👍🏼.Score: 5/5

DireRubbish quotations.Score: 1/5

Don't botherPretty cliche, I wouldn't bother wasting time on this. I could of done a better job myself. Poor.Score: 1/5

RubbishDoesn’t make u think.Score: 1/5

OkWas ok, bit short.Score: 4/5

Miss DidoGood!.Score: 4/5

HariGood1.Score: 5/5

What theIs the book good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It should be £99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999900999999999999999999999900999000000855764757857886898998990.669999999999999p.Score: 5/5

InspiringGood read.Score: 5/5

Great BookInspirational.Score: 5/5

ReviewReally good insights and quotations It is lacking in depth a little but that's the only fault I can think of.Score: 4/5

100 Quotations to make you thinkIt made me think. Why am I wasting my time reading this rubbish ?.Score: 1/5

I deWe all Ryan Wantsesqzxwwsyzsrwwgcuwsx equestrian day ktrf and a.Score: 5/5

QuotationsVery good, food for thought.Score: 5/5

RevLiked only few phrases!.Score: 2/5

100 quotes to make you thinkI love this book. At the end when I was finished I started reading it again 💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️.Score: 5/5

SuperbI will get a thesaurus and look for perfect..Score: 5/5

Learned something new.Considering the time it takes to read it I found five quotes that I saved so it was worth the read 😊 xXx.Score: 2/5

MediocreThe quotes in this book are mediocre, some are grammatically incorrect and a few are sexist and offensive.There are more well written and thought provoking quotes on tumblr and possibly other websites. They would be more suited to primary school children..Score: 1/5

Some witty quotes worth a read!If you look past the grammar issues, these quotes are half decent. Not too deep, not too lighthearted. They just make you think. I can't pick a personal favourite, some are really clever..Score: 4/5

IshyIt is alright but not meaning full I love quotes but not these this book is crazy boring I nearly fell asleep please answer.Score: 3/5

Phoenix ZepherzThese quotes, really do make you think, Love most of these fabulous, interesting & inspiring quotes. Worth downloading. :).Score: 5/5

Good appsI like this book very much.Score: 4/5

MrSome good, mainly rubbish. Some are clearly stolen..Score: 1/5

😴Why you got to be mad? ONLY GAME!.Score: 1/5

It's the worst book ever apart from 50 best jokes by JaneYeh just don't read the book by Jane it's useless.Score: 1/5

Useful BookThis is a very useful book with lots of quotes that I have not encountered before. I do a lot of Mixed Media Artwork and am always on the lookout for original quotes..Score: 4/5

OkSome of these quotations were good but others were just boring and a few of them I disagreed with eg 75.Score: 3/5

I love it:))It's very helpful :)) I love it xxxx thanks.Score: 5/5

Wouldn't buy itIt's okay for free, I would be quite disappointed had I paid for it..quotes are all over the net for nothing so there u have it!!.Score: 3/5

Good bookThis book gives some specific inspirational quotes... 👏👏👏.Score: 5/5

For childrenNot for anyone looking for intellectual quotes. Features quotes like, walk a mile in someone's shoes, then when you criticise them you have their shoes. The only thing that makes me think is not to waste my time reading anymore of these. Good for children I guess. I know it's free but you can go online and get better..Score: 1/5

MisleadingWhen I downloaded this app, I thought it would provide intelligent quotes although it only contained humourless quotes that attempted to be funny. If you have a cheesy humour then these quotes are for you. If you expected quotes from wise historical figures then do not download. Don't get me started on the grammar mistakes..Score: 1/5

A must for allPERSPECTIVE is such an amazing thing ... More people really ought to try and see how your World becomes so much more enjoyable ... Need to know more? Then read the damned book !!.Score: 4/5

CoolAmazing.Score: 5/5

BadI didnt think i just read none of the quotes mad sense! I couldnt understand most of them..Score: 2/5

100 Quotations to make you think!It is an interesting & thought provoking read as the title says! 😊.Score: 4/5

Things I never knew I still don’t know….Score: 5/5

Sooo badSo bad.Score: 1/5

AwfulFrankly your more likely to get wisdom out of your dog. If you don't have a dog, go find one in a park..Score: 1/5

100 quotations to make you thinkCrap.Score: 4/5

Quotations bookOk for a freebie kept me busy for half hour and did make smile so 5 star ..Score: 5/5

Oh gollyPerhaps insightful for a ten year old, but utterly banal, unintelligent and sprinkled with cheese for anyone who has educated themselves in life beyond the idiots guide to perception. No Descartes..Score: 1/5

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